yeah what a good ship

renora is so pure? they’ve been best friends since, as toddlers, they found each other hiding from a village-murdering monster. they’ve been protecting and caring about each other for like 10 years!! they’ve been by each other’s side for that long! they love each other so much! it’s one of the sweetest, most wholesome relationships in the series and i absolutely loved the importance they had in volume 4. i honestly dont care whether they end up dating or not, as long as theyre together. platonic or romantic, they will never leave each other’s side and i just love them so much.

  • Yann: I have an idea. It's very uncool.
  • Yann: It's not illegal, technically, but it's still a dick move.
  • Rose: I love it.
526. The teachers at Hogwarts enjoyed placing bets on which students would get together. Professor McGonagall was the reigning champ on betting which students would get together. The pots on these bets used to get huge (Ron & Hermione's had a few hundred galleon payout). There were only three times she lost for pots she'd bet on. When Bill married Fleur (she’d guessed Tonks), when Tonks married Remus, and when Neville married Hannah (she’d guessed Luna).

Well, he’s technically your boyfriend…

For those who do not speak German, Johann says “Who is this dirty person? Ah, stay away from me!“ I don’t know how to translate the word “Schmutzfink” in English. It literally means “dirt finch“. :3

@lewinlight, @occultxprincess y’all mind if I…?

Nicholas Wilde and Judy Hopps



 Now i know what grief feels like, now i know what anger feels like, i might even know what love feels like, i’m not a fan. I’m out.

I finished Voltron Legendary Defender

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I miss Allison, I miss Isaac, I miss Danny, I miss Derek, I miss even fucking Peter. I’m sick of this OOC crap. Are these the same writers that we had at the beginning of TW or did new ones come in with the new characters? 

Yeah, I ship Stydia. So fucking what? I also ship history, development, and GOOD, CONSISTENT, ORIGINAL, CREATIVE WRITING. I think you all should.


Double Dates

Late night visits with the little one. (Per request of @mrpink627)

Aye I used the search function to look for ishihime bc I’m parched and spotted some homebody saying and I quote;

“ishi/hime should have happened bc uryuu deserved better !!”
why do you never talk about orihime”

places a hand on me cheek

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Reylo shippers are trying to seem like the most popular ship online, and it's just making them look like jerks. It has always been a bad look for them. This is the ship that have become stormpilot shippers to seem like they're not racist, and don't realize that all they've done is ruin what was once a really good ship.

yeah i can see that. too bad they’re not even the most popular ship online no matter how much they wanna think they are. here’s some fun data:

google searches finnrey have risen to the highest point they’ve been since the dvd release surge while reyIo…

has been on a steady decline since december, aside from the dvd release surge.

and while reyIo has a lot more search results when tumblr is included, if you exclude tumblr in your search, finnrey has more results:

and if you the ___ x ___ format, the difference is even greater:

so…nice try, i guess?

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shout out to you because you tag my notp even though you love the ship

yeah man i know some people don’t ship what i ship, it’s all good. please stop shouting