yeah well


Amelia dropped by to hand over a gift to a fellow nerd.

Woah, it’s a really big box! She seems really excited for you to open it.

You wonder what-

it’s Lucy with a pink bow tie on her head and a letter expressing her love for you

You weren’t sure what you were expecting but Ame seems extremely happy about it.

(She hopes you are too.)

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Within the reading community I've noticed that there are some instances where people push for more diversity, then when an author does attempt a novel with large diversity they become angry and criticize it without even reading it. I think that diversity is great but i see it as bit hypocritical when people shame authors for writing what they are familiar with and then shame them when they attempt to write diversity. Have you ever come across this and if so whats your opinion on the matter?

Let’s take SJM as an example on how diversity is done badly (because I wrote a thesis on it and I know ACOTAR backwards and forwards. Sorry, not sorry). She’s what, 30 something? She is presumably wealthy and has means to do research on diversity prior to putting it in her novels. The problem with someone like her is that she brags about writing 50,000 word novels in 3 days, writes inherently racist things, and then expects us to sing her praises. Not gonna happen (I also blame publishers and editors too, but I won’t go into that).

Now, if we talk about other authors who do write EXTREMELY racist or problematic things (for example, that new book coming out The Black Witch, not to be confused with The Bone Witch) and minorities have said that it’s problematic, then it’s not for me, a white, straight, reader to read the book and say “umm yeah that’s not problematic.” If it hurts someone it’s problematic, end of story (think about all the backlash that came from Carve the Mark. That book is problematic. It triggered people and still does. Did the author apologize? NO. Did anyone stop that book from going to press? Well, maybe, we don’t know, but it still went).

Not to always bring up SJM, but ACOTAR was triggering for me. The ”drink this wine, be my slut”/non-consent scene was extremely triggering. I’m not going to get into why, obviously, but it was. It hurt me. It was written badly. It was lazy writing. Her inherent racism hurt me too. Not to the same level as POC who are seeing it through a different lens (another thing I won’t get into because I won’t speak for them), but it still hurts. I don’t want to live in a world where micro-aggressions are acceptable in YA (or any) lit. 

I also think there’s a difference between, like you said, an attempt to write diversity and writing diversity. An attempt is not the same as doing it well. I’m really sick of hearing that we should leave authors alone. Writing is their job. It is not easy. If they want to succeed and not have people jump down their throats about writing diversely in a bad way, then take the time to do research, have sensitivity readers, listen to your audiences, etc. 

I truly believe that some authors may want to relive the “golden days” of publishing when the worst thing said about their books was that it was just plain bad or boring. Well, too bad. If your writing is hurting someone, then it deserves to be called out. 

Remember: it costs $0.00 to be a good person, put your own privileges aside, and just listen. Obviously, I’m writing this from a place of privilege. OBVIOUSLY. So, it’s in everyone’s best interest to listen to everyone else who has said that they are being misrepresented. 

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How do you think SAL Jack and TGATNW Jack would be if they switched places? Or SAL Pitch and TGATNW Pitch?

Are they switching into the SALverse? Or the TGATNW universe? Or both?

Honestly, not really sure. TGATNW Jack would probably shut down if he was switched into a new universe with new rules that seemed to have very little structure or discipline. His entire life has been constrained to the point where expressing himself and so on has been narrowed to fit that ‘bandwidth’ of societal control.

SALverse Jack would probably have been ‘fuck this shit’ a long time ago and tried to destroy the Tsar and been killed in the process, lol.

And I mean, like, if you switched them at birth, there’d be pretty much no difference, because I’m more a fan of nurture over nature. Their personalities aren’t embedded into them at birth, but shaped by experience.

So I’m imagining a situation where one is yanked out of their universe and a swap happens. It’d be disastrous for both Jacks. I’m certain SALverse Jack would just not be equipped to handle the TGATNW reality at all, especially if he went with his centre still being Fun. He’d be screwed. And TGATNW Jack maybe wouldn’t shut down forever? But he’d lose his sense of purpose pretty much entirely. Especially if he felt he had nothing to fight for anymore. Since he’s prone to depressive episodes already, that could be it for him. The Guardians would have to be really supportive, and of course that would freak him out.

TGATNW Pitch on the other hand is pretty much who I imagined SALverse Pitch as being. There’s not huge differences between them both except time. SALverse is the ‘well I’m really zen now that I’ve lost everything aside from that deep down bitterness and grief but whatever I should be dead and I’m not so I’ll try and make the most of it I suppose…’ version of TGATNW Pitch, lol.

And, vice versa, I think SALverse Pitch would handle the TGATNW universe pretty fine. He’s not easily shocked. He’s seen a very great deal, and there’s minimal differences between their characters. The main differences are that TGATNW Pitch had Fyodor and Seraphina is still alive, and also, that SALverse Pitch can read fears (TGA Pitch can’t) and lost Seraphina. But not huge variations in life experiences to create massive abysses between each of them.

I can almost imagine either Pitch being like: ‘Oh, I’m in a different world now?  Typical. Do I have a weapon? All right. I’m going to lie down after making some tea. You do have tea, don’t you? Then I’ll be fine.’

Whereas Jack - as the lead narrator - I wanted him to have some really fundamental differences in nature while still somehow expressing what I feel is his essential self (or is progressing to what I feel that is) in TGA vs SAL (because otherwise I’d be boooored). So he is a rigid, inflexible character with an inability to adapt to new situations with ease or grace, esp. at the moment.

Might change by the end of the story though. Jack now vs. Jack later would handle things differently. Jack at the beginning of the story vs. Jack now would handle things differently.

Okay I need to stop before I talk about how Jack last week and Jack this week would handle things differently compared to SALJack last week and SALJack six months ago and SALJack two years ago and so on. :D It’ll break my brain and you’ll be left with like a hundred permutations in which most Jacks probably still couldn’t handle it.

(I honestly think SAL Jack is just that confident in his powers at the moment that he’d go off half-cocked to destroy an ‘obvious’ dictator, and he would absolutely not survive it).

now all I need is the other two In Solitude albums, every single Ghost album and whenever MCC drops their next full album aka my wallet is crying for me…

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.

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Are you sure about this? - make it fluffy! 🤗

“Are you sure about this?” Mulder’s voice is warm and quiet, causing Scully to open her eyes; she must have dozed off about the same time as William, who is no longer in her arms, but right next to her in his crib.

“Hm?” Scully stretches, feels the exhaustion and soreness through her whole body and blinks at him. Mulder is holding something in front of her face. Another moment, another blink, and she recognizes William’s birth certificate.

“Are you sure about this?” He asks again with more emphasis.

“I thought we talked about it,” Scully swallows hard; her emotions are all over the place, clearly not where they should be – in check – and she feels tears well up, “You said it was fine. I can change his last name to Scully, just give me a-” another, louder sniff, “pen.”

“What? Scully, no. I’m not talking about his last name.” Mulder assures her, one of hi hands on her cheek, the other on her thigh. They’re wearing matching expressions of confusion.

“I’m talking about this.” Mulder points to the line with William’s first and middle name. 


“Exactly, ‘oh’. So now tell me, are you sure about this? I said you could pick the name but Scully,” he bites his lip, trying to convey his message without having to actually say it. Much to his chagrin, she starts to smile.

“I like the name.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do. You just never let me call you F-” he puts a finger on her lips, raises his eyebrow, and receives a small kiss in return.

“It’s a strange name, Scully. It never did me any good.”

“It’s a middle name, Mulder.”

“Your heart is set on this, isn’t it?” She nods, her smile turning into a grin. Mulder leans over to look at their sleeping son. William Fox Mulder.  He wants to put his foot down, scratch out Fox and leave the space empty. But he trusts Scully. She knows what she’s doing, no matter what it is, so he remains quiet. Tries the name out again in his mind. William Fox Mulder. His son, their son. Mulder turns back to her and nods, sealing his and little Will’s fate.

“If he ever complains about his middle name, you’re explaining it to him.” Scully kisses him softly. It’s a deal.

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Gavin wraps himself in every blanket and broad clothing item he can find, sits in the middle of the group bed, and sobs-Foster Gavvy

(ima ramble, just because)

Gavin is fine.

He tells Geoff as much before the coms give out, as they all pile into the nearest safehouse as the storms start. Maybe they should’ve paid more attention to the weather as they planned their heist, so they wouldn’t have ended up in safehouses, separated as the storm started. But they didn’t so they ended up apart but at least they are all safe as their communications shut off. They’re all alright. They’re fine.

Gavin curls onto the couch, buried in all the blankets he could find in the house. He couldn’t be in the bed, it would hurt too much to be alone on it. He turned on the TV, blasting some random movie to try to drown out the howling wind outside. He curls tight and decides that’s how he’s going to wait out the night. He has food and water and alcohol, he’s going to be fine. He’s safe, they all are. He’s fine.

He isn’t sure when he started shaking. At some point the storm became too much, the lack of communication became too much, and the knowledge that he was well and truly and alone became too much. He was shaking under the blankets and then a sob rips through his chest, tears starting to fall. He was being stupid, he knows. He’s acting like a child. The others are fine, they’re safe and they’re coming home. They aren’t leaving him. They’re aren’t abandoning him. But the screaming wind and the hollow house was surrounding him, devouring him and he’s sobbing.

He passes out on the couch at some point. As his sobbing drains him out and the movie eventually ends. He lays there, buried in the blankets and the darkness. He doesn’t sleep peacefully, waking to cracks of thunder and nightmares. He isn’t sure how much sleep he actually gets, but it’s very little, only catches an hour or so at a time. He curls further and further into the blankets as the night goes on. But the blankets smell like the other and it only makes his heart hurt more, only makes him miss them more.

But Gavin’s fine. He’s fine. He can wait out this storm and wait for the others to come home They are coming home, aren’t they? They have to. They have to come back to him. He can hold himself together until they get home. He is going to be fine. He’s fine.

No he’s not.

i rewatched ‘smile’ and noted down all the emojis, because, why not:

The Doctor: 😕🤔🤔😕🤔🤔🤔🙂😦🙂💡😠🤔😟😦💡🙂

Bill: 😕🙂🙂😰🙂😰🙂🤔🙂🙂😦😯🤔🙂

Emojibots: 😄😓😥💀🙂😒👋😄❓😄👍😄😄😒😄🙂😄😥💀💀😥😒💀😒😒😄🙂❗️❗️💀 🗝💀😊❗️😄😊😒😄😒😓💀🔫❓💡❓😄💷

  • crush: *acknowledges my existence*
  • me: wow our children are going to be so pretty and trilingual

I upload this video as a fan of music, I understand that DBSK is a group that has a lot of controversy ‘cause the fanwars (ot2,ot3,ot5), but I’m not interested in being part of it.
I love this song, the way in which the five sing it seems unique and because of it I wanted to make this video and also I wanted to share it, if you want to watch it, otherwise you can ignore it.

I also hope that my followers are respectful people, I think many are fans of DBSK so I hope you enjoy it.