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conversation I overheard between two bros in my class
  • bro 1: man I bet we'll end up fucking one day
  • bro 2: haha yeah man that'd be so funny
  • bro 1: I'm serious like imagine when we're wasted it'd be awesome
  • bro 2: yeah like out of everyone we're so the most likely to bang
  • bro 1: ... but we'd have like a girl between us man
  • bro 1: ... so it's not like... gay
  • bro 2: yeah obviously man there'd be like ten girls
  • Ruby: Wow Jaune! Since when did you learn how to fight like that?
  • Nora: Yeah, you we're doing these awesome back flips and twist and turns I've never seen you do before!
  • Lie Ren: Those moves did seem familiar however.
  • Jaune: I know but Pyrrha never taught me any of those cool tricks before she...y'know. It was almost like I was possessed or something.
  • *The ghost of Pyrrha materialises by the three of them causing them to scream*
  • Pyrrha: Hello again!
Supergirl 2x02
  • Writers: So, you know how last week we brought our A game?
  • Fandom: Yeah, that was awesome.
  • Writers: Well, this week, we're just gonna fuck you all up.
  • Writers: You want Supercat?
  • Writers: Here, have tons of it, with extra angst sauce.
  • Writers: You want Clark and Kara being cute Kryptonian Puppies?
  • Writers: Here you go!
  • Writers: It's gonna fuck with Kara and Alex's relationship.
  • Writers: You want Alex to drag Clark's ass for abandoning Kara?
  • Writers: It's about damn time!
  • Writers: You want Winn and Alex bonding?
  • Writers: No.
  • Writers: Here, have it anyway. You'll love it.
  • Writers: You want J'onn angsting over the death of his people.
  • Writers: Here you go!
  • Writers: You want a better Fortress of Solitude set!
  • Writers: We got that shit too!
  • Writers: You want Cadmus to legitimately be the stuff of freaking nightmares?
  • Writers: Damn Skippy!
  • Writers: You want an absolutely awesome fight scene?
  • Writers: Here you go!
  • Writers: You want Alex in the exoskeleton?
  • Writers: Have that, and her kicking ass in a two on one gun fight in an abandoned warehouse with a dramatic last might save by Kara!
  • Writers: You want cute Kryptonian Puppy standing up for herself?
  • Writers: Sure, let's throw that in too!
  • Fandom: Oh my god, we're all dead.
  • Writers: Not yet you're not, but here, have a preview of Maggie Sawyer.
  • Fandom: *Spontaneously combusts*
Hey Dylan (SkellyDun)

You seem to have a lot of experiences 

But, why is it that I’ve yet to see this?


We’re waiting.

Chloe Beale and the Night of the Lustful Subterranean Cave Outlaws (3/?)

Pairing: Beca/Chloe 

Words: 323

Summary: smallandsundry and I are doing a thing where she draws this EPIC AU comic about Archaeologist Chloe and I write tiny little drabbles to connect the pages. So here’s part 3! Parts 4 and 5 should be along sometime soon! (Yeah, I know, this is basically just a lame little preview to the good stuff by Smalls​.)

Parts 1 and 2 can be found: here

“So we’re…?”

Chloe tries not to smile as Beca struggles to maintain the unconcerned air she had (more or less) worn since the moment she picked Chloe up from the motel.

“Uh—you know—close. We’re close.”

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nslayton  asked:

Hi Wil, I hope I'm not prying, but I saw a tweet of yours that had me a bit worried. Are you okay? I know you're open about mental health, and I'm not trying to intrude, but things will be okay in the world. Please don't give up. You've helped me and others keep going. You're a good person who brightens the world. We're here for you. Stay strong. Stay awesome.

Yeah, I’m doing fine. I was just quoting The Violent Femmes song Add It Up.

  • Volume 1 op: We're Awesome and we're gonna win! Yeah Victory! Yeah!
  • Volume 2 op: It won't be easy and we'll have to make sacrifices but we'll do whatever it takes...
  • Volume 3 op: ... WE'RE FUCKED!

anonymous asked:

Hey darlings~ Let's twist thing around, shall we~? What if EXO, VIXX and BTS are regular K-Pop fans and then they get to meet your/the reader's idol group in an exclusive fanmeet? So it's like the tables are turned: they're the fans, we're the idols, yeah~? :D Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work~! ^ ^

This was so fun Anon, omg~ But I feel like the reactions are mostly the same to some degree so sorry about that~ ^^ Here’s the BTS reaction~ and the VIXX reaction~


Minseok: “They’re even prettier/handsomer in person, my whole life is a lie”


Yifan: “It’s them~ It’s actually them!”


Yixing: “I never thought that I would be able to meet them in person, and now I actually have”

Baekhyun: *ready to get anyone told who cuts in front of him*

Jongdae: *to whoever is talking when a member of the group is* “Will you please be quiet”

Chanyeol: “I love you~ I love you~ I love you~”


Zitao: *overwhelmed with emotion*

Jongin: “I need to take as many pictures as I possibly can”

Sehun: *gets shy in front of them*

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predictions for the upcoming canadian federal election
  • conservatives: there are attack ads everywhere. you are slowly drowning in them. you will never escape the abyss.
  • liberals: we have pierre trudeau's son. remember how awesome that guy was? yeah.
  • ndp: we're the only decent party in this godforsaken political system but no one will vote for us because they think we'll lose
  • green party: trees