yeah we're really that crazy

INTP staying over at ENFP's
  • ENFP: hey would you be able to stay up all night? I don't feel like sleeping
  • INTP: yeah i'd be ok
  • *11.30pm*
  • ENFP: *skyping with her friends*
  • INTP: *watching youtube videos*
  • ENFP: i need to sleep i have a quiz tomorrow
  • *1.30am*
  • INTP: let's cook
  • ENFP: intp i need to sl-
  • INTP: let's c ook
  • ENFP: ...ok
  • *3am* *after eating*
  • ENFP: let's walk outside
  • INTP: sure
  • ENFP: wait really
  • INTP: yeah why
  • ENFP: ..we're crazy