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Two years ago I had a request night based on the Alternian Ancestors. On every post I added, “May 23rd is Ancestor Night in my inbox!” so people would know better than to send more requests later.  But the other day I was like, “I didn’t include the year…does that mean every May 23rd is Ancestor Night?” and everyone was like, “Why not?”


On May 23rd, make a post announcing that you’re doing Ancestor Night and tag that as well as any requests you fill as “#HS Ancestor Night” (emphasis on the HS).  That way we’ll all know who’s doing it and we’ll get to see all your lovely art/writing!


Pfff, yeah of course!  Here are some additional requirements you could try out if you wanna do more than just “ASK ME TO DRAW ANCESTORS”:

-Beforan Ancestors (Karkat and Co. as they might have been pre-scratch!  You can have fun making up titles and designs!)
-Pairings (Pretty straightforward)
-AUs (Requests must contain AU settings as well as specific characters)
-Cross-Generational Shenanigans (Ancestors meeting descendants or pre/post-scratch selves!)
-Hemoswaps (How might the legends have played out differently with shuffled blood colors?)
-Other standbys: Expression/pose practice, palettes, fancy clothing practice, busts or fullbody only, different headcanons from the ones you usually use, etc.


Mark your calendar and spread the word!  If you wanna!

Remember this parallel? 

Now remember who Maya religiously calls a “huckleberry”?

Now remember how the character in the movie sings a song about her “huckleberry friend”? ‘Moon river’. Maya also sings a song to her ‘huckleberry friend’.

Now let’s think about how as far as we know, from ski lodge forward Maya and Lucas want to label themselves ‘friends’? (If that particular spoiler is accurate). Now let’s also think about how the character in the movie and her “huckleberry friend” do friendship. 

Yeah, that friendship worked out real well for them. 

This is so random but it came to me and I went for it. Patience Lucaya fans, they’re coming! The journey is just a lot muddy as of right now. “I can’t see you.” “All this stuff is in the way.” 

This scene occurred for a reason ;) it’s gonna happen!

Credit to all the owners of the gifs and caps. 


“Hey, boo, what’s up?”

Dean, nobody says ‘boo’ anymore,” you laughed, your words passing thought the speaker and filling up the library of the Bunker, making Sam and Dean smile as they stood over the phone.

“Okay then, kiddo,” Dean sighed, rolling his eyes, “how’s everything going?”

“Well, apart from the fact that I’m about to just quit and head out to become a hunter, everything’s good.”

“Y/N, don’t worry. This is your last semester, remember? We know you can do this,” Sam smiled, continuing as he heard your small whine from the other end. “Look, you’ve worked so hard for this and you’re almost over. You’ll be finished in no time, and even though we’re already proud of you, we do want to see your diploma too.”

“Yeah, boo, don’t give up yet. It’s just one more semester and you can come here for a little while. We want to see you already, sweetheart.”



How sick of each other are you?

EO: Not! It’s like seeing your brother!

ATJ: Yeah, I must say when I found out that we were going to work together again it was a delight…

EO: There’s a potential for disaster.

ATJ: Yeah, it made me feel safe and it was like, Well that’s good.

Story time.

Today I went to my Art lesson (which is kind of a ‘workshop’) we are a group of people of all ages starting from 16 years old upwards. And there is this two sisters that are about 13-14 years old that stayed a bit longer after their group finished. And their two parents come in to see their finished paintings. And they were kind of ashamed of their daughters work, pointing out all the errors and stating how much better it could be. And my teacher is all like “it’s not meant to be like a photograph, they are just kids and did it very well”. But the parents are all like “my cousin is an artist and he makes reference grids so much smaller to make all the details”. Like what the hell, yeah he IS an artist an not a kid! After they leave we are all really surprised and outraged because they put a lot of effort. But that isn’t the worst of all. Apparently both girls actually want to do crafts and stuff but THEIR PARENTS WON’T LEND THEM. So basically, I want to give a shout out to all artists that have somewhat 'assholes’ for parents that don’t appreciate art and that make you feel like crap instead of encouraging you in a positive way. Don’t you dare let them (or anyone else) crash your dreams nor make you feel guilty for doing what you like and enjoy.

So I realized something

It’s regarding this guy

External image
Specifically, his music video. As we all know by now, Kano had some kind of deal with Ayano back when she was alive. While she was off studying the heat haze and trying to figure out how to save Takane and Haruka from her father, Kano was supposed to stay behind and take her place at school. As her. 
External image
Yeah, for a while Ayano was actually Kano using his ability to make himself appear as Ayano.  However, as we know…
External image
Ayano determined she had to die in order to carry out her plan (That didn’t work anyways so she really died for no reason). “Hah, thanks for rubbing salt in old wounds. Now what does this have to do with Kano’s video?” Well, you see, after Ayano was gone, Kano still had to keep the fact that he filled in Ayano’s space and that her knew her plan to commit suicide the whole time a secret. He couldn’t tell anyone, not even Kido or Seto. In addition, I’ve been hearing from online that some kind of ‘Great Snake’ came into contact with Kano after Ayano died. This information was in the newest novel (which isn’t translated and I haven’t read it) and says something along the lines that Kano had to do what the snake wanted or it would hurt Kido and Seto. I’m not sure exactly what he was supposed to do, but I feel it was probably something that worked against them. And he had to keep all of this a secret.  Meaning he had to live more of a lie than he already did.
External image
“Well, then, can we talk a while? I’ve been hiding my strange and unsightly parts. I’ve pretended to be normal, but constantly kept worrying about it. Then one day, years ago, I heard a voice inside me A monster gulped down my heart And told me to keep lying.” It makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it? But that wasn’t the main point I was trying to make.  Focus on Kano’s past - he considers everything that happened to his mother his fault. He thinks he’s a monster. He hates himself. Pile this on top of this secret he has to keep from the two people closest to him in the world and he’s going to be a pretty guilty feeling person. That’s what I just noticed in the second verse (and truth be told, it’s a little shippy).
External image
I’m sure you were confused when Kano turned into a girl in the second verse, seemingly randomly. I was. At first I thought it was his mom. And this image really confused me too
External image
Why are there two Kanos? Why is one crying? Why is he a girl?!? That’s just it though. There aren't  two Kanos here, and that isn’t Kano as a girl. Let’s look back a bit

Bebop, to the girl who seems to disappear, And really hates the nighttime.”  

Beat two, and the boy who hates lies, and is always about to cry.” Look in the background when it changes. It’s obvious enough who he’s talking about. That means that his girl form is supposed to symbolize Kido, and the him with the hairband is supposed to be Seto. Now check this out
External image
External image
“My Selfishness” and “This Lie” As I said before, Kano is an extremely guilty person, and these are the two things he feels worst about. He has to lie to Seto, his brother, and possibly put him in danger all the time.  With Kido, not only must he lie to her, but there is some sort of greed of his revolving around her. It’s not clear what it his yet, but he must treat her in a selfish way, acts in a way that must seem selfish to her, etc. What I think (because of my shippy mind and my eternal love for KanoKido) is that he feels selfish for loving her as more than family. He’s a terrible person, and he's always lying to her. He doesn’t deserve any iota of affection from her. He doesn’t even deserve his feelings regarding her. But he can’t stop those 'selfish’ desires, and therefore feels even more guilty.

I’m so disgusted by myself That I can’t help but laugh.”

Poe running into an ex— maybe a handsome officer, and they laugh and talk and trade familiar “hello” kisses that verge on PDA

 Poe introduces the man to Finn with the adoring, slightly awed reverence he always has when he’s talking about Finn…

As usual, the clear signs of Poe’s enormous esteem and love escape Finn’s notice, he’s too humble, or too self-deprecating to see them, and he finds himself terribly jealous of this handsome older man who obviously knows Poe VERY well…

“So… he’s an old friend of yours?”  Finn asks later on, trying to be casual.

“Old flame.”  Poe says brightly,  “We dated for… wow, about a year.  He’s still a good friend, it just didn’t really work out.  He wanted to play the field, we were never exclusive… and I guess at heart I’m a one-man kinda guy.”  Poe smiles, just a touch wistfully.  “Different people.  You know how it is.”

“Yeah…  Completely.”  Finn nods in sage understanding, having absolutely no idea “how it is.”  

He’s not as ignorant about these things as some of the Resistance seems to think he is (someone had actually asked him the other day if he knew what sex was, imagine…)

But he’s NEVER seen someone talk so frankly about a same-sex relationship, much less one that didn’t seem to follow any rigid rules of conduct and propriety. 

Poe’s words “I’m a One-Man Guy” keep repeating themselves in his mind over and over until they don’t even sound like words anymore.
What must it be like to know yourself so well?  
And why do the words make him ache with both hope and despair?

He feels now, more keenly than ever, his difference from Poe, from the rest of the people in the Resistance…  He has no fucking clue what Normal People’s lives are like, how to have a regular relationship, what people DO…

He wishes Rey were here, for all that their upbringings were so dissimilar, he knows she would be able to understand.
He imagines Rey WERE here, and not pursuing her destiny in far-off lands.  

Then he would ask her what Poe MEANT when he said this or that, if she thinks Poe might… like him… the same way Finn likes Poe…

He can just see her face, the cartoonish, horrified grimace, and her laughter:

“How am I supposed to know that, you moony twit, ask him yourself!!!”

Colour Theory

Wait wait wait … is Donald Trump’s campaign airplane actually painted black and red?  (Preliminary Googling says ‘yes’.)

This is basic biological colour-coding, you can’t rewire this:

Production Design 101:  When was the last time you saw someone in red and black and thought ‘ah, here comes a good guy’?

Hmm, nope … how about

… um …

… well …

Wait, wait, I know!

Yeah, that worked out SO well.

At least, in the future, we won’t be able to say we didn’t see it coming:

Imagine it is Sebastian's birthday and he just returns from Ireland.

‘Hi love!’

'Hi Seb. Happy birthday!! How are you?’

'Thanks, Y/N! Fine. As I told you before, Ireland is so beautiful. Tonight I have a little celebration with the rest of the guys of the movie. They are so nice people. I miss you. I would really like to be with you at this very moment.’

'I miss you too, Seb. At least, we will see in three days. So, have a great night. I will go out too. I will celebrate your birthday from the distance.’

'Great idea! Yeah, why not? Celebrate for me there in New York. Yes, just three more days in here. How are things going there?’

'Fine, everything is OK. I just have a lot of work to do. Hey, Don has asked me when you return to the gym.’

'Well, tell him that next week I will be there again.’

'I will tell him so. I do not bother you anymore and let you work. I love you so much.’

'It is OK, Y/N. I love you too.’

'Have a great day!’


The day finally arrives. You have been busy these days. Not only did you buy Sebastian his presents (one of the books he wants the most and clothes), but also you baked a chocolate cake (his favourite.)

After work, you go home and smarten up. Once you are ready, you drive to Sebastian’s apartment.

It has been two months since you two saw for the last time. You are so happy for seeing him again and so nervous at the same time. You do not know why are you nervous, but it feels good. It is nervousness and excitement at the same time. 

You ring the bell of his apartment and Sebastian opens the door almost immediately.

'Hey, Y/N. I am so happy to see you.’

'Hi Seb. I missed…’

Suddenly, he gives you a passionate kiss. He shows through the kiss how much he missed you, how much he needs you.

You are breathless. 'God, how I missed those kisses too. Wait! Before we continue, take your presents.’

'You remember the name of the book I told you before! Thank you!! Oh, I really like this sweater. Not only do you have good taste in boyfriends, but in clothes too!’

'I am glad you like the presents. This is yours too, your favourite.’

'This cake must taste delicious. But I have another plan. I will eat cake later. Now my favourite dessert is in front of me.’

Before you could react, you are already in Sebastian’s arms. Again, he gives you a passionate and hard kiss but this time, he takes you to his bedroom.

'Give me the gold baby’ is the last thing you say before the action begins.

A Bullseye In the Sky Over Texas

When we see patterns in the atmosphere from space, they tend to be in the clouds of powerful storms. These all have roughly the same form: they look like a spiral galaxy with arms spinning out from the core. 

But meteorologists have detected other organizational principles at work. Like, take the fascinating image above. It shows …. well, I wasn’t sure exactly what it showed. A meteorologist’s blog post described them as “convectively-generated mesospheric airglow waves,” but that did not quite explain how they worked or what they were.

So I got in touch with Steven Miller, senior research scientist and deputy director of the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA) at Colorado State University. Miller and his colleagues discovered these concentric rings while working with the newish satellite Suomi satellite’s next-generation low-light sensor. (They published a paper on the discovery in PNAS.)

Miller told me I was looking at glowing ripples in the atmosphere itself!

“These are literally ‘ripples of glowing atmosphere’ whose structure is the result of a train of gravity waves that is passing through a thin layer of the atmosphere that produces a very faint veil of light called 'nightglow,’” he said. “These are not clouds (although they were forced by the thunderstorms below), and they do not occur in the troposphere, where our 'weather’ is. They are much higher up—at the interface between the mesosphere and the thermosphere—about 90 km [55 miles] above the surface! The glow is revealing important dynamics of our atmosphere that would otherwise be completely invisible to us.”

Read more. [Image: Suomi]


*cough* Uh, yeah, been QUITE a while since I’ve updated anything. I don’t have a good excuse just, well, fell into a weird art rut and had a lot of distractions that weren’t exactly helping it either. ^^; Guild Wars 2 has been a recent one. I’m working on stuff again though! 83 And, actually, I’ve been considering doing some paid commissions or selling some adoptable characters at some point too on DeviantART. (I’ve got several critters doodled that I think look really nice… but I know I’ll never do anything with them.) We’ll see how everything plays out. X3 Until then, enjoy this adorable threat to every lactose intolerant criminal out there!

EDIT: Transparent version on one that is easier to see compared to a white background

My lab partner is a casual OUAT watcher, and I really like to talk to him about the new episodes every week, because it’s nice to hear more objective opinions on the show for a change. Don’t get me wrong, all the deep discussions and theories I see on tumblr are wonderful (I do contribute, after all), but you can drown in them if you’re not careful.

Anyway, he said something the other day, and it was just like an ‘AHA’ moment for me. 

We were talking about Rumpelstiltskin’s current situation and how the hell that was going to play out, and he was all,

“Well, what about Belle? She kissed him that one time, and it almost broke his curse.”

I agreed, of course. However, I also mentioned that her kisses hadn’t seemed to work since then, to which he replied,

“Yeah, but that’s just because he’s never been vulnerable enough again, right? That one time, all his defenses were down, but, ever since that moment, he’s never let them down again. If she kisses him when he’s completely vulnerable, it’ll work.”

Obviously, this isn’t a terribly new idea; I mean, all us rumbellers are hoping this season will end with TLK. But I guess I just never heard it put so simply before? 

Since their first kiss, Rumpelstiltskin really hasn’t let his guard down again, not even in their most tender moments. He wasn’t given a chance, there’s always something hanging over his head: f e a r ; his curse; finding his son; trying to get Belle back multiple times; the whole Henry prophecy; Cora, Hook, Pan, and fucking Zelena; also Ingrid; cleaving himself from the dagger; and, now, his darkening heart.

My point? For TLK to work, Rumpelstiltskin is probably going to have to reach the end of his rope, and resign himself to his fate. That could mean a death scene, that could mean the author is unable to help him; it could even mean losing Belle seemingly for all time. There are countless ways this thing could go. But, if he’s not fighting anymore, he’ll have no reason to keep his defenses up, right? 

The other thing about TLK is it always seems to be unexpected. Rumpelstiltskin didn’t expect Belle to return to his castle. Emma didn’t expect to wake Henry up when she kissed his forehead, in the same way that Regina didn’t expect to bring back his memories. So, if it’s going to happen, Rumpelstiltskin won’t be expecting it, perhaps because he’s ‘past hope.’ That doesn’t mean the audience won’t see TLK coming, mind you, just that the parties involved won’t see it coming, even if it is completely predictable

Sorry to take up so much of your time with shit you probably already knew, but I figured I’d share it, because it renewed my hope in this arch big time. 

In conclusion, I recommend that everyone have at least one casual watcher friend. They can be inspiring, and they pretty much keep the show fun, which it should be, despite popular belief!

Shit my mum has said while playing the SIMS. Sentence Starters.
  • “Alright, well, she better have a piss before she stands there for nine hours.”
  • “You better go off and do that since your missus is still talking to the bloody alien.”
  • “How do I stop him from moonwalking!?”
  • “Ah, now the baby is playing the xylophone. Excellent.”
  • “Yeah, play that fuckin’ xylophone. Bash the shit out of that musical instrument!”
  • “Okay, go back and stare at the statue now.”
  • “Jesus, grow a plant, first.”
  • “Before you do that, go and cheer up the pets.”
  • “Lets go and see what Horsey McHorseface is doing.”
  • “Good God, I can buy a unicorn!”
  • “He’s got three trees in his garden! Greedy bastard.”
  • “What keeps making that jingly jangly noise?”
  • “Well. I/we can’t do anything else now, everyone is at work. Except for [name]. Fucking [name].”
  • “Look, you need to grab your puppy, mate.”
  • “I was trying to get the toddler in the bath and.. Obviously [name] is required for that, so I brought him/her/them over but.. He/she/they ended up getting in the bath instead of the toddler, I’m in despair.”
  • “Are you still fishing?! Well.. Okay we have to change that.. Because that’s stupid..”
  • “Oh. Is she still alive? Ah, yes, yes she is. Thank heaven’s for that.”
  • “There we go! That was worth wrestling the bastard for, wasn’t it?”
  • “Alright I’ve.. I’ve got a bald girl here, it’s pretty fierce, she looks good. But when she puts her hat on, she.. She has a ponytail.. Where did that even come from?”
  • “What does [name] do? …. Oh, he’s/she’s/they’re a ‘Master Baiter’ ahaaaahaha.”
  • “Right. Now have a shower, you smelly git.”

anonymous asked:

I actually wonder if he'd have a dream like Eren's when he first transforms like Eren had. Well... the second time. I just wonder how that'd work because Eren's first transformation wasn't very intentional and he wasn't in control at all. None of the characters have become spotlight stealers in the story so far and I'd feel kinda out of character for the story in my eyes, so I have faith in terms of that, but we'll see. Still, very curious what will be done with Armin.

The return to, “Oh yeah, it takes time for you to learn how to not kill us all,” could be pretty darn funny.

…See. I want to believe that I’m being needlessly melodramatic and gloomy about a potential shift in character focus.

I sort of also remember that my favorite character, whose family is arguably at the center of this world’s universe, only started mattering thirty-seven chapters in. I love Historia, and I’m not going to complain about her atmospheric rise, but the only reason you could argue that it isn’t spotlight stealing is because she pretty much came to own it.

More positively, all of this probably means major Shiganshina Trio love incoming.