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Alright guys so I’ve seen something happening over and over again on posts about Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot and I am caving and making an entire post about it.

This has to do with claims that she is a Zionist and that she’s an awful human being because she served in the IDF (the Israeli Army) and yada yada.

FIRST OF ALL: Serving in the Israeli military is required of all citizens. She served for 2 years as a combat TRAINER. She was badass enough to be a combat trainer in one of the most deadly armed forces in the world (these are the people who created Krav Maga, okay?) and she did not engage in active combat. She killed no one. Her service was mandatory and after she got out, she went to law school because she is very passionate about justice and social issues. The most noteworthy thing about her views on her time in the military is that she says quite frequently that she wishes no country had the need for a military. She is very much a proponent of peace.

As for the Zionism claims… there you get into the debate of what Zionism actually means. Does it automatically mean you are anti-Palestinian, or does it simply mean you believe in the Jewish state of Israel? I’ll let you decide but…

Here is what I do know about Gal: She is an Israeli. She was born and raised there. She believes her people have a right to their homeland because they, like her, were born and raised there. I have seen NOTHING of her saying anything hateful about Palestinians. You can argue about history all you like but the important thing is actually THE PEOPLE. The moment we side with a government over people is the moment we lose. Most people alive today in that area were born and raised there and so it IS THEIR HOME, regardless of them being Israeli or Palestinian. It is home to them both. (Again, not arguing the HISTORY of the people. But the actual people who are alive there today.) The goal should not be to take sides with either government, but to hope that the people themselves can coexist peacefully and happily. That is what Gal believes in. She wants the conflict to stop and for peace to be achieved. Just because she is a proud Israeli and a proud Jew does not mean she is automatically anti-Palestinian or anything else. Personally I think it is amazing and beautiful that an Israeli Jewish woman is portraying Wonder Woman, one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. 

Other things about Gal? She is most proud of being a mother to a 4-year-old little girl named Alma. Her daughter loves princesses but Gal says Alma has told her that princesses seem weak and that they always need a prince to save them. Gal said that broke her heart because she wants her daughter to grow up knowing that women are amazing and can do anything, and so can she. So being Wonder Woman has come at the perfect time for her because her daughter is watching her every move and she says Wonder Woman embodies everything that is wonderful about women. Not only is she strong and brave and fierce… she is compassionate and kind and intelligent. Gal says she hopes women AND MEN will see Diana/Wonder Woman and understand and appreciate all the complexities of being a woman and how powerful we are just by being ourselves. She’s also a real goofball and loves to joke around and dance on set. AND she gained… wait for it… 17 lbs of muscle for the role! That is INSANE! Not to mention that I’ve never heard anyone more coherently understand the true nature of Diana the way Gal does. She understands that the best thing about Wonder Woman is how truly GOOD she is… how much she cares and believes in mankind, and yet that compassion does not undermine her strength and power. Instead it enhances it. She really GETS the character and that’s why I’m so excited to see her portrayal.

So yeah… can we please stop blindly hating on her because someone somewhere made some claim and we think it makes us smart and politically superior to believe it and support it? It doesn’t. It just makes you look like a weak-minded jerk. Do your own research. This goes for other things as well. Don’t jump on hate trains just because you want to seem cool or smart.

GAL GADOT IS AMAZING AND IS GOING TO BE AN AWESOME WONDER WOMAN! I leave you with this gif of her being adorable on set of BvS.

one of my favorite things about malec is that they’re an adult, interracial lgbt couple. i know for many people in the lgbt community, coming out and coming into themselves didn’t happen until adulthood, especially poc. this includes me.

it means so much to me to see magnus, a man of color, and his recently-out boyfriend alec, living openly while cultivating their careers, managing familial relationships and making a home together. 

well… I just want to point out that in 2x01 we saw in this frame Magnus’ hand already holding Alec’s, but in this new kinda-BTS video we can see… yeah, you’re welcome!


Team machine - Sameen Shaw

“I did work for the government and I do want revenge. But if that work taught me anything it’s that how you do matters as much as what you do


Getting to hell is easy. The rest is where it gets hard.

Okay but the new Power Rangers movie was actually amazing?? I did not go into it expecting it to get me so emotionally invested, thought it’d just be nostalgia and goofy, but that shit had plot and cute scenes and was campy and just?? so?? good?? Also can we talk about how amazing the Blue Ranger is?! My boy is the heart of the film and he’s not only a leading black character but he is also an autistic superhero which is huge. And Trini!!! Oh boy, don’t even get me started on my little yellow sunshine ranger. I’m so stoked on her character. Yes she is queer, that’s made clear with a tender exchange around the fire with Zack and the others, but the thing I loved about the movie is that it’s not her ~defining~ characteristic. She is caring and brave and incredibly fierce- that girl is a little spitfire let me tell you, first one to straight up jump up a mountain and fling herself across a canyon like gottdamn- and an amazing, loyal friend and she just so happens to be LGBT (it’s not clear yet if she identifies as exclusively lesbian, bisexual, pansexual etc or forgoes labels all together but fuck yeah). It’s refreshing to see that we can be represented like that… you don’t have to be in a relationship to be gay, you don’t have to have it be something that is tortuous and portrayed as a burden and source of constant conflict to the character. There’s something so nice about normalizing queerness. Yes we exist in all arenas of society, we are everyday people doing everyday things, sometimes we’re single, and sometimes we’re superheroes with a kick ass group of friends. Go go POWER RANGERS!!!!!

sometimes I’ll find myself wishing I was older so I could have experienced mcr in their prime except then I realize how lucky I am to be exactly as old as I am now - we get to enjoy every song mcr recorded and everything they did and yeah we won’t see them live anymore but we can go see Frank and his bands in tiny fuckin clubs and see such intimate and energetic shows and probably get to hang out with him afterwards; we get to see Gerard living his other dream, his original dream, we get to see him happy and healthy (I would much rather support him like this than how he felt during a lot of mcr), and we get to read his comics while still enjoying everything he did before; we get to see Ray living a happy chill life, hanging out with his family and still making amazing music; we get to see Mikey also happy and healthy with a beautiful new family and also still making music; and I don’t know about you but I’m fucking happy that I’m a fan exactly right now.

Justin gets jealous over Clay - part 2

A/N: I’m debating on either leaving this imagine as it is, or making it into a longer series and writing a part 3. It’s up to you guys, so let me know what you think down below in the comments.

I was sitting in English class beside my project partner, Clay Jensen. The two of us were happily discussing what we could do for our assignment, but Clay kept fidgeting in his seat. 

“Are you alright Clay?” I ask him gently, laying a hand on his arm comfortingly.

Clay clears his throat. “Y-Yeah, I’m-I’m fine.” He stutters out. 

I look at him skeptically. “Are you sure?" 

"Mhmm.” Clay hums, but as soon as the bell rings, he darts up from his seat, bolting out of class. 

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Kathy Griffin: Does something wrong, apologizes, CNN parts ways, we move on.

Bill O’Reilly: Does something wrong, hides it, denies it when it’s uncovered, FOX News denies it, the President defends him, sponsors start dropping out, FOX news lets him go with several million dollars in severance.

BTS Reacts: Please Don’t Leave Me

Request: I read the request of @yona–hime that you wrote (the “it was only a bet” one) and I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your writing and creativity. But it left me a little sad and hoping for more. So I wondered if you would be willing to write an apology bts reaction thingy… you know what I mean. It’s in your hands how it’ll end… but I would love to read a bts trying to get you back/apologising type of writing💕

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Seokjin (Jin)

A/N: Kimchi jjigae is kimchi stew in Korean

You pushed around your stew, chewing on the inside of your cheek, gaze lost somewhere between your small plate of kimchi and your bowl of rice.

“How’s your kimchi jjigae?” Seokjin’s quiet yet anything but calming voice rang through the awkward silence.

“Fine,” You winced at your too hasty response and peered up through long eyelashes to catch a glimpse of his reaction. “It’s good,” you added, almost as an afterthought. You mentally kicked yourself.

You set your spoon down and folded your hands neatly in your lap, eyes still trained on his broad form sitting across from you. “What did you want to talk about, Seokjin?”

Your mind ran through the possibilities once again. Since he had texted you this morning out of the blue about meeting up and talking, it was all your mind could focus on, making work and the drive home almost impossible to get through. Your brow furrowed as Seokjin shifted umcomfotably in his his chair, languid fingers coming up to rub soothingly at his forearm.

“I wanted to apologize.” His words fell slowly, almost as if he was forcing them out, dragging them tooth and nail into the deafening silence before him. Before you knew it, words were tumbling so fast from his lips, it was almost hard to make sense of everything. “Look, I’m sorry, (Y/N). I know our relationship didn’t end on a good note, but I thought that maybe, if we worked out some of our bigger issues we could give it another try. Give us another try. You were the one person at the end of the day, I enjoyed talking to, to unload all my stress on, to rant to about, if the other boys were getting out of hand. Hell, you’re almost like a second mother to them, and they miss you, so I was hoping th-”


Wide brown eyes met your hard gaze. You sighed.

“You ended our 2 year relationship over a text while you were away in another country touring. I had no feasible way of contacting you, unless you called me, which you didn’t, not even to explain yourself. All I got was a lame ‘it’s not you, it’s me’.”

You dipped your head to catch his gaze steadfast on the kitchen table, jaw set tight. “I loved you with everything I had, and I still do, but the last 6 months have been a living hell. Because I was convinced that no one else would want me. That my love wasn’t good enough for anyone. Do you know how that feels, Seokjin? To watch the man you loved so fucking much just carry on with his schedule like he didn’t just break someone’s heart?”

“(Y/N), please believe me when I say I am so fucking sorry.” His lips parted, chest rising with emotion, eyes searching for the words that just wouldn’t come.

Tears streamed down your face, ruining the makeup you had worked so meticulously on. “I agreed to meet you tonight to show you that I don’t need you. Just like you showed me that you didn’t need me.” You breathed deeply, throwing your napkin on top of your unfinished dinner. “Forgive me when I say this, Seokjin, but I will not let you hurt me again.”

You stood from your chair, and headed towards the kitchen door. You turned back towards him, almost regretting catching a glimpse of his fallen face. “Thanks for dinner, Seokjin.”

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Yoongi (Suga)

[8:33pm] You: you almost here?”

[8:35pm] Yoongs☕: what are you talking about

A disbelieving snort and an eye roll later, you typed the frustration into your phone. You readjusted in your bar stool.

[8:35pm] You: Yoongi

[8:36pm] You: you promised me drinks tonight.

[8:36pm] You: remember???

You set your phone down on the bar and resisted the urge to rub your face in irritation. You faked a smile at the bartender and held up your hand for his attention. “A Jack and Coke, please.”

You phone lit up in the hazy light of the bar and you immediately answered it with a sigh.

“(Y/N), don’t hate me. I completely forgot about tonight.”

Yoongi’s deep timbre rang through your phone. Namjoon’s low voice barely registered through the back noise and your heart sank. He wasn’t coming tonight.

You nodded at the bartender as he set a napkin and your drink down. “I’ll start a tab.” You forced another smile.

Are you already there?”

You swallowed hard. “Yeah. I am.”

“Shit, baby, I’m really sorry, but I can’t make it tonight. We’re almost finished with this track and-,”

Save it, Yoongi.” The calm in your voice surprised even yourself. You sipped at your mixed drink, the burn easing your nerves only slightly. “I think we need to talk.”

An almost impatient sigh came through and irritation sparked anew in your chest. “Can it wait, (Y/N)? We’re a little busy and the PD’s want the vocals recorded by tomorrow.”Burning hot anger burned it’s way through your logic and reasoning.

“Whatever, Yoongi.”

[12:03am] Yoongs☕: what did you want to talk about

[12:17am] You: loose my numberrr

[12:17am] Yoongs☕: are you drunk?

[12:18am] You: I’m mildly offenddedd

[12:19am] You: but a little yes

You groaned at the vibrating of your phone staring at the too bright screen. “What?”

“(Y/N), why did you want to talk? And why are you drunk?”

“I’m drunk because at least the bartender will pay attention to me. At least he can pretend to give a damn about my day.” You tried your hardest not to slur your words, to control your volume as much as possible. You exhaled a deep breath. “I think we should split up.”

“Baby, you’re not in your right state of mind.” What little patience Yoongi had at the end of a long day was wavering. “Go home, get into bed, and I’ll call you in the morning while you’re trying not to puke up your breakfast.”

“I’m being serious, Yoongi.” You prided yourself in how sober you sounded in that moment.

Silence. “Is that really what you want?”

You nodded before realizing he couldn’t see it. “Yeah,” was your quiet answer.

“Can we at least have coffee tomorrow afternoon to talk?”

“Yeah, if you don’t flake out like all the other times,” you snorted too loudly into the phone.

Yoongi uttered his words, dull pain laced through them. “I’ll see you tomorrow,(Y/N).”

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

You watched your iced coffee with feigned interest as you spun the straw in circles, chewing on your bottom lip.

“So, um…how’s work going?”

You cringed at the awkward ice breaker, conversation so dead you could beat it with a proverbial bat. You stopped your straw, picking up your beverage and taking a quick sip as if stalling for more time. You set it down on the outside table with a thunk. “Fine.” You managed out. “Busy, as always. How about you?”

Hoseok nodded as if it would single handedly cure the awkward tension. “Same.” A stiff chuckle forced itself from his lips. You sighed.

“Look, Hoseok.” You met his normally larger than life expression now replaced with a deep set frown and a nervous twitch of his lips.

“Hobi is fine-”

Hoseok,” The look of hurt that washed over his face was hard to take in, but you pushed through. “I’m not sure why you called me out of the blue like this, but your voicemail wasn’t very clear. What did you want to talk about?”

Hoseok expelled a deep breath, running a hand through his unstyled hair. “I wanted to talk to you about…us.”

“Hoseok, there is no us. You made that clear when you left me.”

“(Y/N), I messed up. I thought that I would be fine after we split, but I’m not. I’m not as happy as I used to be, even the fans have started to notice.”

You rolled your eyes. “It’s still about the fans. It was always about the fans. That’s what tore us apart, remember? You said I was too jealous.”

“Look, I know, but if we could just give it one more chance, I think we could really work out. It was so easy to be with you and you made even the little things so fun and-,”

“So you’re bored now, is that what this is?”

“No, (Y/N), just listen to me!” Hoseok’s brows furrowed further in frustration as he reached for your hand in your lap. You closed your eyes, willing your heart to slow at his touch.

“Hobi,” You hated the pleading in your own voice. “We’ve had this argument so many times, it’s painful at this point.” You met his large eyes with your own. “Your fans are important to you, as they should be. We broke up for a reason, and maybe later on in life, when things have settled down, this could really, really work. But right now, we can’t.”

Hoseok blinked back tears at the finality of your words. He nodded, at nothing in particular, as he let go of your hand and stood from his chair.

“I’m sorry, Hoseok.” Your voice barely broke a whisper. “But this is the way it has to be.”

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Warning: Intended mental health issues

“Baby, just talk to me. Tell me what’s on your mind.” Namjoon’s soft words made your skin itch with irritation.

“Don’t,” A soft warning that you prayed would carry all your mixed feelings. You pulled your knees up to rest your chin lightly on them and closed your eyes with a sigh.

“How can I make you feel better if you won’t let me inside your head?” He ran his large hand up and down your leg soothingly.

“Shit, Namjoon, don’t you think if I knew, I would tell you?! I can’t even fucking explain the shit that goes through my brain, let alone try and make someone else understand it!” You stood up from the couch, letting his hand drop and paced in the small room of his studio.

“How am I supposed to make you happy when I can’t even be happy myself?” Words that were meant for only yourself carried over to Namjoon’s place on the couch easily.

“What are you saying?”

You stopped and turned towards him, heart stampeding through your chest. “Maybe it’d be best if we took a break.”

“Baby, if you would just let me help you, just…try! I don’t want to lose you; you don’t need to be alone at a time like this.” His brow furrowed, hands flailing in front of him, desperately trying to get his point across.

You laughed dryly. “Namjoon, you could have anyone you ever wanted, yet you chose to stay with a screw-up like me. You can’t be happy in this. I’m not happy in this.”

You searched his dark eyes filled with nothing but confusion and a desperate need to understand you. Tears prickled at the corners of your eyes.

“Just give me some time to figure myself out. That’s all I’m asking.”

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“Jimin, there is nobody else!” You threw your hands in exasperation, your phone settled between your place and his on the couch.

“Then who is Jaehoon?” he shot back, voice dripping with accusation.

You stared blankly, lips parted. He can’t be serious, right?

Jimin,” You sighed and rubbed at your forehead. “That’s my dance instructor. You’ve met him.”


You looked up, his eyes focused hard on the space between you. You cocked your head to the side, a learned irritated habit you had picked up from one of the boys. “’Oh’? That’s it? No ‘I’m sorry’, no ‘I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions so fast’?”

“Look, (Y/N), I’m really sorry, I’m just under a bit of stress-”

“This isn’t the first time this has happened, Jimin.” You desperately wished he could understand how frustrating it was to always be accused, to always be questioned. “We’ve had arguments so similar to this, I can almost predict when and who you’re going to accuse me of being with, or why you think I don’t love you or whatever it is that day. I know you’ve had trouble with others in the past, but I just wish you wouldn’t doubt me. It hurts.”

Jimin’s gaze never left the couch cushion. You pushed on quietly.

“I think it would be best if we took a break until you can get yourself straight.”

Your boyfriend’s head shot up, usually soft eyes filled with surprise and hurt. “What? I can work through this (Y/N), just give me some time, but please don’t leave me like this. I can change, I swear.”

“Then prove to me you can. I still stand by what I say; a break would be good for us,” You hated the hurt that was written plain as day on his face, the glossed over eyes that refused to shed tears. “It’ll be good for you.”

“You don’t get to decide what’s good for me, (Y/N),” Jimin’s low growl was barely audible.

You squeezed your eyes shut, shoving down the irritated tone you hoped wouldn’t come through. “Then do it for me.”

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Taehyung (V)

You sighed deeply, eyes trained to the carpet. You didn’t know how much longer you could do this; your self confidence was deflating.

“But I don’t understand, (Y/N).” Taehyung’s deep voice sent chills down your spine, pain almost palpable in his question. “What did I do?”

Fresh tears streamed down your reddened cheeks. “Tae, you didn’t do anything. It’s me.” Sobs escaped your throat on your last words, You felt Taehyung’s hand rub soothing circles in your back. You gulped back the rest of your sobs, desperately trying to calm yourself. This was only going to get harder.

“I can’t make you choose between me and your career. I can’t do this anymore, Tae.” You looked up to Taehyung with pleading eyes, hoping he would understand the position you were in. “All the secret meetups, the covering up, I….it’s too much. I’m ready to settle down, and you can’t do that just yet.”

Taehyung’s chocolate brown eyes searched yours for any kind of solution. “I…I can change, (Y/N). I can make more time for you, I’ll talk to my manager about us being public.” He licked his dry lips. “Just please….please don’t leave me.”

You played with your fingers, more than anything wanting to reach out and comfort the man you had been in love with for the last year. You closed your eyes and sighed softly.

“Taehyung,” You called out his name, no honorifics, no nickname, just him. “You’ve given me the most amazing year of my life. Seriously, you’ve given the chance to experience things I could have never dreamed of.” You smiled at him, full of gratitude and fondness. “But I think it’s time we went out separate ways.”

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Jeongguk (Jungkook)

Warning: Mention of issues with self worth

You pinched the bridge of your nose, frustration clouding your judgement. You puffed up your cheeks and blew out air.

“(Y/N), I thought we were happy?”

“No, Jeongguk. You were happy. You were too caught up in your job and your own self to see how bad it was. How much I’ve suffered through this. I’ve been called every name under the sun by people who don’t even know me. By girls younger than me. You told me the fans would respect our relationship and I truly believed that, because of how loyal they are to you. But you were wrong. I was wrong.” You breathed raggedly through your nose, trying to calm yourself down. “You may be used to this life, but I’m not. I can’t.”

Jeongguk’s wide eyes narrowed slightly, trying to find the words he desperately wanted to say. “(Y/N), I-I can fix this. Just tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do it. I’ll deal with the concequinces later.”

Your heart shattered at his words and you knew if you didn’t do it now, you’d never have the courage.

“Jeongguk, I don’t think you can fix this.”

Jeongguk’s eyes widened, dark orbs hiding nothing of the emotions running through his head. “W-what? But you said you loved me; how can you just…?”

Tears fell from your cheeks. “Kookie, I did. I still do-it’s just that all those comments have hurt me worse than I ever thought they could. I used to be so confident and happy with who I was, and now…I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror because all I can see is their negative words.”

You wiped the tears from your cheeks with the back of your hand. “I’m really sorry, Jeongguk.”