yeah u girl

seriously why people always wanna talk about how patriarchy affects men

like how do you hear something like “you throw like a girl!” and not realize that while one boy is being teased, literally the entire female sex is being told they suck at physical activity.

how can you look at that and just want to say “see! patriarchy hurts boys!!” No it doesn’t, not systemically. It tries to train them into actually being stronger than women, meaner to women. It teaches them that weak, and stupid are Girl things, and therefore all things girls do are stupid, inferior to things Boys do. How you want to look at that and say “yes, and look how that can hurt boys’ feelings!!” ???

Like no. i don’t wanna talk about boys. I don’t want to hear how their feelings got hurt when they got called a girl, as if their feelings getting hurt somehow overshadows the fact that being female is a shame, an insult, a curse. And I don’t understand why someone would want to make a boy’s feelings a priority in feminism. It’s a side effect, one that can be easily fixed if men wanted to fix it. They could start standing up for women, the women and girls in their life, they could teach their sons that women are not inferior, that the people who use ‘girl’ as an insult are in the wrong. 

But for some reason it has become feminism’s job, women’s job, to take care of boys’ and men’s feelings and comfort them. Just like always. Color me shocked.

someone: oh my god were you CRYING???

me, not even 4 minutes after a full on breakdown: 


queer aesthetics: harley and ivy

tbh i really dont get why we need legitimate canon ‘evidence’ to say a character is trans?? u can headcanon all u want but as soon as ur like ‘idk i think this character is trans’ theres this whole army of cis people ready to rise up like yES BUT WHAT ABOUT IN EPISODE 7 AT 26.3456654 MINUTES THAT PROVES THEYRE CIS damn son maybe i just like the idea of josh washington being a trans dude step off


1. teenage girls - bleeding knees club // 2. i just wanna die - fidlar // 3. post break-up sex - the vaccines // 4. boyfriend - best coast // 5. teenage kicks - the undertones // 6. teenage dream - katy perry // 7. teenage dirtbag - wheatus // 8. teenagers - MCR // 9. kids in america - the muffs // 10. teen idle - marina and the diamonds // 11. supermodel - clueless soundtrack // 12. long hair - drowners // 13. teen lovers - the virgins // 14. teenage icon - the vaccines // 15. best of friends - palma violets // 16. girls - the 1975 // 17. bad reputation - 10 things // 18. toothpaste kisses - the macabees

someone called me cute today, i’m dying and i may combust



vanessa + lily (penny dreadful)


im sorry fOR BEING SO INACTIVE school is kicking my ass… but i made more antags *tired jazz hands*


Boy Meets World (5x14) // Girl Meets World (3x09)

dumbspacemarines  asked:

1 + 24 ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿฆˆ

i already did 24 girl. Get With the Times.

but “ what inspires you to write ”
honestly YOU i love you and your incredible writing who the fuc gave you the right to write like that 🙄🙄

and also i’m super inspired by the music i listen to?? certain songs will get me in the mood, lana del rey inspires me especially because her music is probably the best there is to write to hands down it’s good for writing succ, angst, or happiness pretty much anything tbh

the idea of growing as a person/writer inspires me so much because i feel i’m improving a ton in the way i write and that makes me so happy!! gotta go FAST to be the best there is

no but that’s all that inspires me honestly its 4 am i cant think of anything else right now ,, leave me b ,,,,

in total i bought four yugioh movie gold packs to get dark magician and dark magician girl