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YOO here is yours trully once more! This is the finished giveaway portrait @overworkedunderwhelmed requested!

Probs the cutest marinette I made since I entered this fandom one year ago


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Punishment (m)

Word count: 4,881

Content: Jungkook smut - blowjob, fingering, hair pulling, ass slapping, dom!Kook, cop AU

A/N: I know this took a looong time to post since I’ve been busy with school and work (which is just delightful… ugh) but I hope this scenario makes that up for you. After all, it’s over 50% smut for once because GOD DO I HAVE A THINK FOR KOOKIE AS A COP. I’M WEAK OKAY?? Sorry.

When it comes to getting pulled over, you might have the worst luck in the world. After all, is there anyone else who has had to flirt their way out of a ticket three times in one month? For some reason, you just happened to be that unlucky. You could be in the Guinness World Records.

And as if it couldn’t get any worse, it’s the same cop every time.

He had dark hair that always looked like he’d just brushed his fingers through it - messy yet stylish in a way - with a few strands falling down his forehead. Eyes like those of a fox, clever and arrogant. That same attitude he showed in his posture, too, always pushing his chest forward so you could clearly see that he exercised frequently.

Jeon Jungkook, is what he introduced himself as every time.

“Yes, I know that,” you said that third time, forcing a smile.

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✨ huevember is coming ✨

I couldn’t manage to do inktober this year, so I’m gonna make Huevember! Since we got a bunch of gems this year I’m gonna make it each hue based on a gem! And I sincerely hope we get to see a sneak peek with emerald by the end of November otherwise I’m making a floating head. So basically this huevember will be that “you never draw x Gem!” for me hahaha


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“The thing about acting is that you want to do roles that stretch and challenge you. You want to do roles that are outside your comfort zone.” [x

Elle Woods is just like “I don’t need a back up, I’m going to Harvard” and she fucking works her ass off and does it?? Like people tell her she can’t do it or not to and she just smiles and says “I’m going to Harvard” like she is never deterred and tbh I am now taking that stance in life whenever I get discouraged or something I’m just going to smile and say “I’m doing this”

shout out to autistics who are accidentally rude to others without knowing why

it hurts so much to hurt others and not understand why, but be gentle with yourself and give yourself grace

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"I can't do this"

Harry dropped his bag, letting it sprawl out messily on the ground beside Ron and Hermione. He fell back and landed onto the couch, draping his arm over his eyes dramatically.

“Harry, honestly.” Hermione rolled her eyes as she quickly shoved an array of parchment and quills back into it.

“What’s with the the theatrics, Mate?” Ron asked through a full mouth. He seemed to have brought a to-go plate with him from the feast.

“I can’t do this.”

“Do what?”

“I made a bet.”

Ron’s eyes widened. He scooted closer, looking eager. “About what?”

“It's…” Harry hesitated.

Hermione sighed and turned back to her homework. “Just tell him, Harry.”

“You know?” Ron asked, sounding slightly offended. “Well, gee, thanks for letting me in on it.”

“I just heard it as a rumor. Don’t get mad.”

“I’m not mad…” Ron said, although he was pouting a bit.

“Wait, its spreading about the school?” Harry sat up straighter.

“Apparently.” Hermione said nonchalantly, still scribbling on her parchment.

“What is?” Ron said exasperated.

“Dean bet that I… That I couldn’t get Malfoy to go on a date with me by the end of the week.”

Ron blinked, at a loss for words. “… You-”

“Here it comes,” Hermione said under her breath.

“You’re trying to ask out Malfoy?” Ron exclaimed a bit too loudly. A few students turned their heads, but otherwise the common room was relatively empty.

“Ron!” Said Harry.

“Sorry, sorry.” Ron looked around, slightly ashamed. “But I thought you were dating that other bloke I set you up with. Also,” His face contorted in disgust, “Malfoy?”

“I know, I know.” Harry mirrored his expression. “But Seamus said that I could get any guy I wanted, which made Dean mad, so he said I couldn’t get anyone. Then Seamus said, ‘Name one bloke he couldn’t get,’ so Dean bet him I couldn’t get a date with Malfoy.

“And, I’m sorry, Ron, but I never ended up going on the date you set up.”

Ron looked hurt, “Why not?”

“I just-”

“Wait, wait,” Hermione intervened, the conversation finally piquing her interest. “This isn’t even your own bet?”


“Oh, Harry.”

“They forced me into it!”

“You couldn’t gotten out of it, mate.” Ron shook his head.

“Maybe he didn’t want to,” Hermione ventured.


Ron wrinkled his nose, “Harry, tell me it’s not true.”

“It’s not!”

Hermione smirked, “Of course.”

“I do not want to go on a date with-”

Suddenly, Hermione squeezed his knee tightly, making him yelp.

“Merlin, Hermione, that hurts!”

“Shush!” She whispered, glancing towards the common room entrance.

Harry turned to see Malfoy ducking in, a few school books in hand. He caught sight of the group, but quickly stuck his nose in the air, walking towards the dorm rooms.

Harry heard Ron whisper behind him, “Think he knows about the bet?” and watched as the pink in Malfoy cheeks brightened to a deep red. He quickened his pace, disappearing around the corner.

“… Yeah.” Harry murmured.

There was a pause as Harry continued to stare at the spot where Malfoy vanished. Hermione cleared her throat.

“So… What now, mate?” Ron asked.

Harry turned back to them, a slight pink creeping up his neck.

“I think I need to help Seamus win that bet.”

Hermione literally says “I knew it” 0.00001 seconds later

EDIT: Part two for you beautiful people