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Kara: So last night was…

Lena: Interesting.

Kara: Interesting, yes.

Lena: … It still kind of smells like burnt popcorn in here.

Kara: Yeah… it could also be the cake I just over cooked but you know… they say it’s good to experiment!

Lena: A bit like we did last night?

Kara: Exactly! Yes. So, uh, you mean the kissing, right? Because that was… an experiment. Or maybe more of an experience?

Lena: Yeah, of course. Would you say a good experience?

Kara: So good. Uh huh. Really, really great. Nice. Perfect. All the… positive adjectives.

Lena: Okay, that’s a relief, Kara, because things went a tad awol and that’s totally fine, but it’s good to know that you’re feeling okay about it.

Kara: Of course. I’m super okay about it.

Lena: 😄

Kara: 😄



Kara: … I’m sorry about the whole almost setting the kitchen on fire thing.

Lena: I was partly to blame. We were distracted. I was very distracted.

Kara: Yeah. Me too. And that popcorn just went crazy, right? Just like woah… ahh! Popping everywhere!


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Ravenclaws probably have, overall as a house, the worst grades in the school tbh. 

A follow up...

I’ve seen a lot of talk after the video I did today and I’m trying to get an overall picture as much as I can. Some people agree with my video, some really don’t and some agree with half of it. No one is wrong and I definitely appreciate the variety of opinions because as I said, I’m not right and I am open to discuss it further.

My main regret for this video was focusing too much on what Felix did and whether I agreed with it or not instead of elaborating on the media side of it all. I did this initially because I wanted to avoid the “youtubers vs the mainstream media” narrative that’s been going around but I can see now that that wasn’t a good idea. It made it seem like I was defending them more than Felix and I was throwing him under the bus. Absolutely not my intention. I think because I’m close friends with Felix that I thought I could criticise him a bit more and explain it to him if he disagreed but to the outside viewer this isn’t apparent and looks like I just blasted him instead in front of a lot of people. 

I do think there were some unethical practices at play with the media, a lot of misquoting and misrepresentation and then other articles taking that and doing their spin on it which muddied the waters more. As I said in my video, it got very messy. Also yeah, it’s a little strange that WSJ would focus on a youtuber making jokes (good or bad) rather than bigger real issues, as Felix put it “I expect it from The Sun maybe but not Wall Street Journal”. 

When I said “WSJ weren’t wrong to run the story” I meant that technically it’s in their rights to do whatever they want. I don’t have to agree with it however and some parts of it did feel a little overly critical of everything while other sections flat out lied about him. Some articles literally called him “Racist” which I mentioned I knew wasn’t true. 

I felt like most of this had been said by everyone else and better, so I made it a shorter talking point in my video which now I see wasn’t a good idea. It paints a picture that isn’t true. I think fear of backlash got to me a bit and I’m inexperienced tackling such large issues so I didn’t get specific. There’s no one right answer to everything but I’m not arrogant or stubborn enough to not listen to others on this and discuss it or even admit when I’m wrong. 

I still stand with Felix as my friend, in fact now more than ever because he needs it. I’ve been in contact with Felix privately over all of this and have shown support since the very beginning. The insane endless attacks on him and witch hunt are out of control and going too far. We all make mistakes and should be given an opportunity to learn from them. 

Today, I drew fanart for my favorite blog @dailyskyfox! This character is just too cute, and it makes me smile with a new cute drawing every day. If ya ever need some cuteness and positivity in your life, go check this blog out!

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Is there a bag of mix gummy fazbears? Because I think all the Bear Animatronics are all true gummy bears in the world! :D


jealous + jeff atkins

plot : y/n is jeff’s secret girlfriend but she gets jealous when other girls talk to him and has to show everyone/and him, who’s he is

word count : 1270

notes : jealous!reader


Walking into school, your eyes searched for someone in particular.  You found him with his friends, leaning again his locker surrounded by his usual group of friends. He caught your eye, quickly looking away but a smile burst onto his face. You strode past him, moving to your own group of friends. You could feel a pair of eyes on you and you knew who they belonged to.

“Hey, Y/N’s here!” your best friend, Kat hollered.

Your other friends all turned and smiled at you. You returned it, but furrowed your eyebrows. They were acting odd.

“We have news” one of your other friends chorused.

“We think Jeff might be into you. You know the one on the baseball team? Hot Jeff?” another blurted.

You were stunned for a mere second before you regained your composure and laughed.

“Guys, there is no way Jeff Atkins is into me” you glanced at Kat, with a sly smile on your face.

Kat was the only one of your friends that knew about you and Jeff’s relationship. Kat tried to hide her smug smile,

“He’s been looking at for the past few weeks and you should’ve seen how he smiled when you walked in this morning”

You smacked her on the arm for feeding into this gossip and she put her hands up in surrender.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to do something about that then” you winked at them playfully, making all of your friends laugh, unaware of the truth.

“Oh, better act fast then because, Tracy’s on the same mission”

You turned around to see a girl leaning against his locker. They were laughing about something. She was pretty, prettier than you in your opinion. You trusted Jeff, you knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you but you couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling of envy as you watched him openly laugh with that girl. You two had agreed to keep your relationship a secret until he got his grades up since his parents thought a relationship would distract him. But seeing him talk to that girl so freely, laughing and joking, you realized that could’ve been you instead. But you were used to this feeling so you brushed it off.

“No but Tracy and Jeff would be kinda cute, I mean they’ve been working on a chemistry project together for the past weeks and they’re adorable in class” one of the girls in your circle, thought out loud.

“Have they now?” you muttered.

“Yeah and I reckon they would be a pretty good couple”

You glared in their direction,

“I bet”


“Hey Y/N, so I have this chem- ”

Jeff yelped as you pulled him into your room by the front of his shirt, swiftly shutting the door behind you with your foot. You pushed him into the wall next to the door, pressing your body to his, trapping him between you and the wall. Jeff’s eyes widened at your position, looking at you questioningly with big eyes. 

“Y-Y/N what’s going on?”

You didn’t reply verbally, simply pressing your lips to his instead. He instantly reacted to the kiss, moving his hands to your waist, squeezing gently. You let your hand rest on the back of his neck while another sat on his shoulder. He mumbled something incoherent and you ignored it. You shoved your tongue into his mouth, but he pulled away as soon as you did.

“What’s up though?” he whispered, leaning his head back onto the wall. 

You dodged the question, answering with another question.

“You’re okay with this aren’t you?” you responded.

“Well yeah of course…” Jeff stopped for a second, gathering his words but you had already taken that opportunity.

You untangled yourself from him and lifted his shirt over his head, You smiled slyly at the sight of his bare body. You couldn’t help but smash your lips back onto his. He accepted you for a few heavenly seconds before pulling away again.

“No seriously, what’s going on?” Jeff asked, worry in his eyes.

“Does it matter?” you panted, looking up into his eyes, getting restless. 

“It does, I don’t want my girl- oh my god”

You had attacked his neck with kisses, sucking a bit longer than necessary with each. You ran your hand up the dips of his toned abs, getting a groan in return. You moved up to his jaw, pecking his lips before making a path down again. You hit just the right place, near the crook of his neck, making Jeff moan in response.


You smirked at this, trailing your hand down to his belt buckle. You pulled him closer to you but before you could proceed to undoing it, Jeff pulled away for the third time.

“I’m serious, what’s going on with you? You’re not like this normally…” he muttered, breathlessly.

You took a deep breath, you didn’t want to tell him the real reason you were all fired up. You hated being the typical jealous girlfriend.  At your silence, Jeff spoke again.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s super hot but I just want to know if there’s anything wrong and I want to help if there is”

He tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, looking at you with those concerned eyes. Those adorable eyes that you fell in love with. Jeff was so different from the other jocks that he called his friends. A normal guy wouldn’t have questioned this but Jeff, being Jeff, was always thinking about your well being.

“I got jealous” you muttered.

You knew from the surprised look on his face that he heard you. You never really got jealous. Girls always flirted with him and you didn’t blame them.

“What was that?"he asked with a cheeky grin.

That little-

"I got freaking jealous okay?!”

And then he burst out laughing. The nerve of him. You looked away, anger bubbling in you.

“Of who?” he got out in between fits of laughter.

“That girl you’re doing the chemistry thing with”

You finally looked back into his amused eyes.

“Worried that we had chemistry?”

You slapped his chest at the terrible pun. That’s when you finally noticed the red and purple marks all over his neck and collarbone. It was your turn to laugh now.

“Well I won’t have to worry anymore” you smirked.

He eyed you suspiciously before following your gaze. You watched as his eyes widened dramatically and he looked to you like a gaping fish.

“Y/N, how the hell am I meant to cover this up? Everyone will notice!”



“Jeff, man it’s like 500 degrees out, take that scarf off” Jess groaned.

“Uh, no I’m okay” Jeff replied awkwardly.

“Well, I’m getting sick of it” Marcus stated, ripping it off Jeff’s neck before he could protest’

The whole group silenced. Why did Jeff have to wear a v-neck today?

“Oh look who got some last night” Bryce cheered.

“Aww, look at our little Jeffrey growing up. I thought you didn’t do one time things” Justin teased.

Jeff had turned a bright shade of red.

“Damn dude, do we know the girl? Because she’s pretty hardcore” Monty chuckled, eyeing the marks that covered a large portion of his neck and shoulder.

Jeff took a deep breath, playfully glaring at you from across courtyard. You caught his gaze, laughing and winked at him.

God, he loved you.


Angel (Cafe Ver.) // Haechan

hear me out: donut actually sitting down and learning more spanish?

1, it would break up his haha oblivious gay stereotype, n 2 he could communicate w lopez (the person he striaght up confessed his love to) better!! what’s not to love?

building off of that: he can still make funny mistakes (he’s only human), and he can still translate lopez wrong, even on purpose! lopez likes his ability to secretly shit talk, so donut can make something up, and everyone would still take donuts word for granted. 

nothing really changes, but donut grows as a character and he and lopez bond, it’s a win-win

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dark rc would you please consider writing about how victor (and the rest of the Russian skate team) had a feud with the Russian hockey team bc of their constant flirting and attentions towards yuuri (who was completely oblivious at the war waging for his heart)??

This has been sitting in my inbox for over a month and I apologize for that, nonny! I wanted to try my hand at breaking through this writer’s block and this prompt was ripe for the taking. It’s not my best work by any stretch, but it’s something at least! I hope you enjoy.


There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

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if greg and his team hadn’t been there, sherlock and john would have gone up those stairs, still laughing and amazed and incandescent, their giggles trailing off into something quieter, something closer, and sherlock would have stuttered out, breathy and blushing, i didn’t mean– i’m not– you, um, you asked before and no, i really don’t, uh, have a boyfriend, and john would have smiled and ducked his head, good, yeah, that’s– that’s good, and stepped in closer, slipping a hand along the curve of sherlock’s jaw and the other into the warm dip of his waist, pressing up until their lips met, soft and surprising, the start of something electrically new

“So… Correct me if I’m wrong here, but you did mention that a human and an angel aren’t supposed to…” Dean doesn’t finish his sentence, instead he glances over his shoulder and suggestively wiggles his eyebrows to refer to their earlier activities, gesturing with his finger between himself and Castiel.

Castiel, who’d been reverently tracing the knobs of Dean’s spine, his fingers gliding along freckled skin, rolls his eyes.

“What?” Dean asks as he shifts onto his other side, now facing Castiel and smiling up at him with the toothy grin that might have been part of the reason why Castiel had fallen in love with this infuriating human somewhere along the way. “We just broke the law, Cas! We told Heaven to go screw itself!”

Castiel settles for tracing the freckles on Dean’s chest and collarbones instead; There’s no need for him to even look at Dean’s face in order to see his expression, seeing as the smugness in his voice gives it all away, revealing that he’s not sorry at all.

“In case you need an update on how the male body works, I’m fairly certain that what we did won’t get you pregnant.” Castiel teases, pausing to press a light kiss to Dean’s shoulder. “It may be frowned upon by my brothers and sisters, but we’re not endangering entire worlds. Separating us is far from their priority.”

“Huh… Guess it’s a good thing that I’m not a woman, then.” Dean huffs jokingly, his arms finding their way around Castiel’s waist, pulling him against his chest.

Castiel goes willingly, burying his head in the crook of Dean’s neck. He considers Dean’s words, but smiles to himself as he confidently answers “Even then, or no matter what other circumstances would’ve been different… We would’ve found a way, Dean.”

It’s silent for a moment, and Castiel thinks he feels Dean’s lips, brushing the top of his head.

“Yeah…” Dean mutters eventually, sounding nothing but earnest all of a sudden. “Yeah, we would have.”

At that, Castiel says nothing, merely hums in contentment. It’s good to know that Dean believes in them as much as Castiel does.

also yes ok i totally want a plot where for once it’s the female who’s really sexually experienced and popular, and this nerdy boy has a crush on one of her best friends, and she needs tutoring and he’s the only one who could do it- so she offers him tips and advice on how to get her friend to notice him and seem cool, in exchange he’ll tutor her.

but as her best friend gains interest, he realises how inexperienced he is, so it becomes a trading of tutor- he teaches her maths equations, she teaches him how to kiss, and go down on a girl.

and oh no- she’s starting to really like him???? she doesn’t want him to date her friend?? maybe he could date her instead?????

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Can all of Karasuno have shirts about Daichi like Hinata and Kags "If lost return to Daichi" or Tanaka's "One time Daichi punched me in the face" and on the back it says "it was awesome"


Imagine giving Jungkook a massage

Imagine giving Jungkook a massage while sitting on top of the counter with his head resting in your lap. “Aah that feels so good” He would say while closing his eyes. “Mhm yeah… You´re so good.” You would start laughing by how wrong it all sounded while he turned around giving you a confused look. “Yah, why are you laughing?”

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