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Did you see that Tumblr Staff deleted logicd? Such fucking bullshit!

Yeah, he uploaded the video that shooter took while he murdered those people. Which is violating tumblrs policies. That’s why when I debunked the “soldiers run over Iraqis” post in which I showed photos of the aftermath of grisly suicide bombings, I provided links rather than posting the pictures.

I love how Briana Wu continues to try and defend the fact that she took an out-of-context snippet of conversation (pictured above) to prove her “Samus is trans” idea. Instead of admitting “yeah, I took something out of context, I apologize,” she continues to say stupid shit such as “suck it up, it’s canon” and “the denial and anger over my piece proves how much transphobia is in gamer culture.”

While I would have literally no problem whatsoever if Samus were trans, it’s pretty damn clear that she’s not. Stating that she is and backing it up with an out-of-context quote rather than actual facts or evidence is just plain idiotic, especially when she can be disproved by her own provided source:

In short: Briana, stop trying to force your fucking headcanon on everyone else.

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I firmly believe they got the image from that video. Took me a while to come to that conclusion but yeah. That was the only time they were "together" or in the same vicinity for all of SummerSlam week. Plus her hand is behind her back in the fan selfie... -Shai

Yeah. I believe it was too. Not to mention that the cab is identical to the stock photo.


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Just another case of a mess the companies make when they’re trying to work with video while being paid for it (as opposed to people doing stuff voluntarily).

Originally released many years ago on DVD, this PV among many others got re-released as an upscale in Kotoko’s 26 stories BD. Video had a combination of DVD and BD interlace, sometimes resulting in horribly low vertical resolution, but worse of all, it got combined 24 and 30 fps content.

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One Cipher is deposited on a couch back in his home.

Magolor proceeded to put a sign around his neck while he slept.

‘I went all the way to Delaware to get run through by a swordfish.’

Yeah, the smell plus things going viral like the crazy video of a kid zooming into the ocean using a jetpack didn’t make it hard to figure out what he did.

She took a couple photos and left.

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❝ um is hollaback girl playing on the pop station?❞

things my sister has said while playing sims starter sentences

Mani inclined his head, turning his focus away from the passing scenery and towards the car stereo. It only took a few lines for Mani to identify the slightly-familiar tune and confirm that Afon was right. “Uh… yeah, I think it is. Isn’t it supposed to be though? I thought it was a pop song…”
When Dominicans And Haitians Sit Down And Chill

August 31, 2015 at 01:29PM

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[In my grandmother’s voice] Ala bèl bagay. While the news is reporting on border and nationality issues between Dominicans and Haitians on Hispaniola, two celebs from that island chilled together.
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Garcelle Beauvais and Dania Ramirez attended a party last night thrown by Republic Records at Los Angeles in honor of the MTV Video Music Awards. Don’t they make a cute picture? Aren’t they kreyolicious? Yeah, they are?
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The Republic Records party took place at Ysabel in West Hollywood. The ladies chatted and laughed together, and posed for photos with photographers on hand. When Dominicans and Haitians sit down and chill, they manage to make quite a kreyolicious picture. Photo Credit: Rachel Murray

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Okay so it’s been a while since I last blogged.
See this lady next to me?
Yeah. This woman is my Mom.
Not only is she my Mom, but she’s my hero and she gave me the best birthday present I could ever have.
She spent time with me. She listened to me. She watched me play video games and laughed when I raged. She took me to eat my favorite foods. She went swimming with me and didn’t give me shit when I was freaking out over the fish in the lake nibbling my feet.

This woman is the best mother I could ever ask for.
She took me in under her wing and is showing me what love really is.

Everyone in the world needs to clap for my mom.
Cris Carter Told NFL Rookies To Get “Fall Guy” For Legal Struggle [VIDEO]

Hip-Hop Wired

Anybody famous should have a proper “weed carrier,” but Cris Carter took it to a whole new level, publicly. The Hall of Fame receiver told NFL rookies at a 2014 symposium to make sure they have a “fall guy” in case they ever get in legal trouble. Yeah. Reports Deadspin: While wearing his Hall of […]

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