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im kinda starting to get over those mean tweet videos because they’re all about sending a message but at what expense? like yeah its moving to the people seeing it but its so damaging and gross to the people reading it like there’s way better ways to address those issues instead of trying to make a shitty psa thats really damaging to the people in them

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This idea has been bouncing around in my head for a little bit so I decided hey, why not make an actual good quality video about it, I haven’t done that in a while. So here is me rambling about being 17. (Edited a lot, cut a lot of stuff out, other wise you would have been watching me stop and think for about half the video.)

Hope you enjoy!

New video! Took forever to upload, but here it is! Hope you guys enjoy ow o

You guys know I don’t do daily vlogs right? because we’re just doing Monday through Friday, like every once in a while like December I’ll be like ‘Yeah everyday in December let’s do it party!’ & we’ll have a good month. But Yunno I need some time. That doesn’t mean I’m stopping making videos. I’m gunna be doing podcasts, Shayloss, Shaycarl videos I wanna up the frequency of those videos & it’s just hard doing daily vlogs on the Shaytards.
Yesturday I missed it was MLK day I took all the family skiing, I just needed to be with my family yesterday & there was no service at the ski hill so I could’t upload a one take & I thought 'yunno what, I’m gunna spend time with my family today’ & I know 97% of you understand that & I love you for that. I appreciate the support you have given us for so long & have been a part of this….I will most like do Monday through Friday vlogs but every once in a while I will miss a day & I don’t want people to freak out about that
—  x

Okay it took me ridiculously long to throw this here on Tumblr, but, yeah, anyway.
An animation project I never got to finish, but it’s okay. I’ve learnt a lot while working on this and I’m sure I’ll find use for all skills and knowledge I’ve obtained during the past year! ´w`

I hope you won’t be too disappointed this animation won’t be finished ;w; Thank you for everyone’s support and thank you for understanding ♥

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Song: Poets of the Fall - Locking Up the Sun

I think one of the biggest things I missed as a sign of the Netjeru’s presence when I was new was just thinking of them. Not in the “oh yeah, that god” kind of way, but the “I should be working but I’m thinking about ____, I’m walking home but I’m thinking about _____, i’m playing video games but I’m thinking about ____”

It took me a while to figure out that signs don’t have to be external and that if a god is persistently on my mind then they probably want something.

It's not normal - On digestive autoimmune diseases

So I recently watched marykatewiles’ video on celiac disease. And… it’s important. There’s a lot of stuff like that out there dealing with different diseases, but Mary Kate says something that’s really important in her video that applies to more than just her specific illness and one of her specific symptoms (ice-chewing): it’s not normal.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease a few months ago. I’ve been going to doctors for years and years while they unsuccessfully tried to rule out Crohn’s. It took almost four years to finally have a doctor sigh and say, “Yeah. Okay. It’s Crohn’s.” after every single symptom and test result had indicated the disease.

Crohn’s and celiac (and colitis and other autoimmune diseases) aren’t the same in either symptoms or impact or ultimate life-changing-ness, but if there’s one thing I’ve realized, it’s that they all take too long to get diagnosed. I once spoke to a girl who spent five years undiagnosed (with celiac), while dieticians told her to eat lots of pastas and bread. This advice - which is perfect for a Crohn’s-y like me - was obviously terrible for her.

Part of the problem is that we usually don’t know what’s normal. When I was a kid, I always had stomach issues which I downplayed. As I grew older, the issues went from the occasional bout of diarrhea and propensity to car/air/sea-sickness and became chronic anemia and other vitamin deficiencies, frequent bouts of diarrhea, and most importantly chronic vomiting. I would vomit several times a month, and I convinced myself that it was normal.

But like Mary Kate says in her video: it’s not normal. It took me years to understand this, years to be able to recognize that I need to go to a doctor and figure out what the issue is. It then took me years to realize what my symptoms were, what was relevant for the doctors to know, what details beyond my bloodwork could ultimately influence diagnosis. It took a long, long time, because I just never realized how weird a lot of this stuff was.

Part of this is because of social taboos. We’re not supposed to talk about our “gross” digestion. We’re not supposed to talk about vomit, or diarrhea, or constipation, or weakness, or tiredness, or depression, or a million and a half other symptoms of real, life-threatening diseases. People get uncomfortable when I talk about my disease; they outright turn away when I mention any of my symptoms.

We need to be okay talking about this stuff. Autoimmune diseases are significantly more common than we think, and there are a lot of people out there who are as of yet undiagnosed and suffering for no good reason other than the fact that they don’t realize that it’s not normal. Whatever those symptoms are, they’re not normal. We need to be okay discussing that.

  • Preston:Whoah, whoah, whoah, watch out man, you don't wanna bring back Veston, alright? We haven't come back in a while, we've been in hiding 'cause last time the police took us out for killing too many people!
  • Vik:Yeah, right...Wait, when did this happen? I was asleep.
  • Preston:Yeah, exactly

tell me if this isn’t right please

updated on July 18

Daddy Series

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Run (part two)

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Lazy Day

Literally still cannot believe this happened. Met Matthew Lush and Nick Laws while waiting for my dad to pick me up at third street promenade. I screamed Matthew’s name and they turned around and I was like “hi. erm I watch your YouTube videos” and Matthew immediately started walking over to me and gave me a hug. Then we took this selfie and talked for a few minutes and then I cried. So yeah, thank you for inspiring me and making me feel happier with myself and my sexuality. Much love.

5SOS Preference : Who Do You Truly Love?

Luke: You sat next to your loving boyfriend of the past eight months, but then you looked over and saw his best friend Calum playing video games on the other side of the room. The way that Calum was so intensely focused on the game in front of him, just made your heart flutter like a million butterflies took your heart as their new home. “(YN)” Luke says, and you jerk your gaze from Calum to look at him. “Yeah?” “Everything okay? You seemed to space out for a second there.” You sigh. “Sorry, just had a distracting though.” “About what?” “I’m not even sure, sorry.” He went back to watching the screen while you went back to staring at Calum. Thoughts coursed through your head as to who you really loved. Luke was your boyfriend, but there was just something about Calum that had your brain questioning your heart.

Calum: “Thanks for coming with me Ashton, Calum said he couldn’t for whatever reason.” Ashton laughed as you guys continued to walk throughout the Titanic Artifact museum  "It’s no problem, (YN), i knew it interested you and when you said that Calum couldn’t come i knew i had to come, couldn’t let you get disappointed about something i know you love.“ He then took a couple steps ahead of you and you froze in the spot. He understood you so much more better then Calum did and he dropped something so that he could come with you and yet Calum couldn’t drop his thing and come with you. Smiling to yourself, you caught back up with Ashton and started to look at him with a new light. Maybe, just maybe things with Ashton could be better then things were with Calum.

Ashton: "I can’t believe they left us alone.” Michael groaned and you groaned with him. “This is unbelievable, all because Calum’s sister did what?” Michael shrugged his shoulders. “I have no clue, it’s hard to believe Ashton left you here with me without a second thought.” You sat up from the laying position you were in and gave Michael a long hard thoughtful look. “You’re right, he did just kind of leave me here. I don’t hate you Michael, but it’s still kind of weird how he never even asked if i wanted to go with.” He chuckled. “It’s quite alright, (YN), well it seems we have time, what do you want to do?” You walked over to the couch where he sat and curled into his side, and he put an arm around you. “Something that i haven’t been able to do with Ashton for quite some time Michael.”

Michael: “Michael, help me with this?” you suggest and he shakes his head over the video game he was playing and went back to it, ignoring you. Sighing, you turned away getting ready to go and finish the cleaning yourself when you saw Luke walk towards you with a sympathetic smile on his face. “I’ll help you.” “You don’t have to.” you say and go down into your basement and Luke ignored you coming down anyways. “(YN), you need help and Michael refuses to help you, so i’ll help you. I’m not a mean person, i can’t be mean, i’ll help you out with this.” You lift another box and begin to sort through it while you smiled at Luke. “Thanks Luke, i really mean it.” He nodded and started to lift another box, you continued to stare at him even when Luke snapped his fingers in front of your face. “(YN)? You there? Hello?”

Part 2?

Letmelarryyou's April Follow forever! (April 1st 2014)

These are the most incredible people I am currently following and stalking. They may or may not acknowledge my existence, but they are all worth a follow. 

My Wife:

First of all I would like to give a shout out to my wife. we may have completely different blogs, but our interest are the same. I love her posts on teen wolf and her videos are fucking beautiful

The wonderful person is!!!: eternalstereks 

Now these are the lovely people I currently follow and will probably
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Happy Birthday my second beloved! …stillcan'tchoosebetweenEdoorJuudai//slapped.
Edo/Aster Phoenix’s birthday is today, the 19th of December~~~ 
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It took me a while to draw this, but it was well worth it! (I can’t draw clouds/skies ;~;“)
Oh, and the pose he’s in is definitely not a snowboarding pose, what are you talking about? ( ゚▽゚) But yeah, I needed a lot of reference on the pose… 
External image
Somewhat inspired by this video →  「イヤッッホォォォオオォオウ!」(≧ω≦)b

My photos of the Sebastian Stan signing at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 6/21/14 Part 1. (Yeah, I took a lot of pics of him signing. Don’t judge). I had to do something while I waited for Anthony Mackie since he was 2 hrs late…

thisismywarface  asked:

hey i felt like i should say something about the hello games thing -- while it may not have been totally their fault, it certainly wasn't totally sony's fault either. hello games may have not been outright liars, but they were certainly deceptive as all hell and definitely took advantage of video game hype culture while not actually following through on much of anything they tried to hype up, actual confirmation or no. 1/2

“i also wanted to say i’m not at all trying to be combative! and i’m sorry if the first message came across that way. I’ve just seen that post going around today and after giving it some thought i feel like both sides are kind of missing some key points there. 2/2″

Yo no prob dude, yeah I’ve seen a lot of the post too, and I’ve actually gone out around all these websites to try and find out what happened cause gameplay of it seemed to disappear outta the blue??? Which was a bummer since it seemed like a really rad concept.

I certainly don’t know what happened behind the scene and neither do other people, but yeah I can agree that something went wrong here, and that nobody is wholly not to blame.
Overall it’s a big bummer what happened and pretty unprofessional.

(Idubbbz/Reader) Chapter four

(Just putting it out there this is a couple months BEFORE the leafy drama.)

Yet again it was another day of filming. You both decided to get your lengthy videos over and done with. Yours being a cover and his being a content cop. As you both had very limited knowledge about both things you decided to roast your bestfriend and Ian being the awkward person he is at some points in time asked you if you could just sing the song and he’ll just copy what your doing in the video.

So now you were sat with a content cop hat on flicking through your music to find something you would both enjoy listening to for like three or more hours when you edit it.

You both stood in the office you were currently wandering listening to songs while Ian leaned in a wall occasionally muttering yeah it no to certain songs.

You both just could agree on anything so you took to Twitter for requests and the some with the most favourites is the one your going to have to do. Even if you both hate it.

You noticed Ian was a little moody today but brushed it off as normal as you didn’t know him that well. You were spending two weeks with him though so you never know.

His phone buzzed and you heard him groan. Probably Max. From what you heard Max his teasing him a little about you staying with him and at first it was funny but now the joke is getting repeated.

“Oh that’s new.” Ian held a genuine tone of surprise as he read the text from his friend.

“What is?” You interrogate eyes narrow as you pondered in what Max could have said.

“Max and Joji are planning to fly out here next week.” Ian glanced up. “They want to meet you I guess.” He gave reason to the sudden information and you raise your brows in surprise eyes wide a smile began to form as your face settled back into it relaxed state.

“Your friends want to meet me.” You were actually pretty shocked. Well you were shocked Ian even wanted to collaborate with you and now you’re living together for another 12 days but his friends wanting to meet you. That was a whole new level.

“Wait what about chad?” You were curious. You had heard a lot about Chad and wondered why we wasn’t tagging with the guys.

“I think he’s busy with personal matters.” Ian replied texting Max back. Before closing his phone again and placing it on the side. You were both waiting for requests but none were really getting voted more than the other so you were just stood about talking.

“We should probably start filming the content cop video.” You shrugged considering you and Ian had been waiting a while for favourites to raise up.

Ian quirked a brow a little and you shrugged. “Well be waiting a while for suggestions.” You shrugged on the oversized shirt staying in your dark blue jeans though as you didn’t need the full uniform for a 7-10 minute video on your best friend.

“I guess you’re right.” Ian moved to his set up and retrieved a picture of your bestfriend trying to find the most cringy one. While he did this you had rolled you the sleeves of the shirt as it was a bit big on you considering height difference

“Seriously does this girl not have a picture of her with two chins or without the cake face.” Ian questioned.

You looked over his shoulder seeing your bestfriend tiled everywhere with her bright neon or pastel hair and pale complexion most pictures were from her Instagram or screen caps from videos one of them being with you.

You held an evil glint in your eyes as you took the key board and mouse from him.

Scrolling up and deleting what he put into the search bar you typed Faye Rourke and (Y/n) (L/n). You waited for the results and when they showed up you suppressed a laugh.

One of the pictures of her you had chosen was you laying back covering your face as she glance at you with half hidden eyes, no brows, flared nostrils and a double chin her hair pulled back and all ratty at the back and her makeup smudged.

You remember filming the video and it was a laugh but it had been a few months after she’d gone behind your back and slept with your ex when you were with him so you remember it taking forever to get the video finished as you would both be silent for most of it.

As Ian set it as his backgrounds you sat in the office chair Ian starting up the camera as you began to go on a little tangent muttering about things while looking at the screensavers. You acted as if the camera was a person and acted surprised when you turned to it.

As Ian watched you rip your friend to shreds he couldn’t help but notice the hint of honesty your voice held when you spoke about how certain parts of her content didn’t make sense or how it was just plain shitty.

He wondered if you still hated her for ruining your relationship but was still amused by the small tangents you would go on while you filmed at one point you nearly fall off the chair you get so hyper during a tangent.

“Hey Ian I have and idea for the ending.” You spoke breaking character as he knew while editing there were certain parts you both were going to need to take out as they were either irrelevant or so bad not even Ian could see that in a video of his bad unboxings.

“What is this idea?” He raised a brow and you began to think through the idea really quick before speaking

“We get a cardboard box stick a picture of her on it and with something like a bat or whatever I hit it off the table and say something like.” You twist your hand a little thinking “Greasy cunt or whatever.” You wait to hear his thoughts and he seemed fine with it but was worried that she might get offended and you both might have an argument.

“But won’t she get offended? I’m all for it, sounds like a great idea I’d do it myself if I was roasting the boys or someone else but she is your super sensitive bestfriend.” He held his brow high out of concern and you just chuckled.

“Ian she may be my sensitive best friend but she can take shit.” You justified your idea and Ian mentally cheered.

“Well in that case! He moved to the other side of his room to a large green Tupperware container finding a empty square box from his last bad unboxing video.

He threw it to you and you caught it just in time before it hit your face. You gave it a check over before placing it down searching for an image of your friend.

You screencapped her most recent Instagram picture and paste it into a word document printing the picture. While you were doing this Ian picked up a large dildo a fan sent in a swung it a little to see if it would be strong enough to hit a empty box off a table.

He agreed that it was and when he retrieved the hot glue gun he had thrown away in his draws from a previous video when he parodied DIY channels making a diamond play button. He returned to where you were and you began to laugh at the giant dick in his hands which drew a grin onto his face as he tossed it onto the table with a loud thud you exchanged the paper clippings you had left over from the hot glue gun and plugged it into the extension lead waiting for it to heat up.

You had both exchanged small talk as you glued the picture on and when it came to the end Ian silently laughed at how you tried to do cool tricks with the flexible plastic and it wobbled about as you then hit the box it flying off the table.

"Greasy cunt.” You muttered with a straight face throwing the dildo in the same direction the box had flew before leaving the camera and bursting into laughter “Oh my god being you for a week is going to leave me with no friends if I continue.” You smile drawing one from Ian. That bright smile paired with the content cop shirt that you one had to tie up and two roll up the sleeves made his mind wander a little.

‘Honestly I wouldn’t mind if she arrested me.’ He thought as you tossed the hat to the side checking your phone for replies to the recent tweet you put out. He was mostly out of it

“Because it’s you they had to choose the most meme song.” You chuckled turning the phone to him “It either ocean man, Dancing in September’s or never gonna give you up.” You face palmed with a goofy grin.

You were the one that had to sing it Ian just had to follow everything you were doing. As he smirked he thought of the most annoying song out of the list

“Hmm I think we should go with the dancing in September song.” Ian watched your face scrunch up as you tried not to laugh.

God you were really doing this

“Alright.” You sighed and began to search the song listening to it Ian then realised that he plan kinda back fired onto him as he had to hear the song for a while. On the first listen you began to joke around and dance to the song. Ian watched as you squat a little raising your arms shaking forwards and backwards before standing exaggerating you hype by throwing your arms in different directions.

Ian would have caught the moment on his snapchat if there wasn’t a camera in the room recording just about everything for the vlog at the end of the week. While you danced you began to loose your breath and dramatically fan yourself falling to the floor.

“Nawh is some one tired?” Ian sarcastically questioned and you shot a glare at him.

“The fuck I look like.” You put on your ghetto voice and gave a lazy smile before sighing and standing. “It is hotter than the demons in Africa and Haiti.” You fan yourself more and Ian just watched your movements with a small smile.

After a while passed you were now getting ready to film the cover while Ian sat back in his chair. As the beat of the song played in the background you had to hold your self from laughing as you started to sing the most meme’d song on the planet.

You could tell Ian was doing something stupid behind you and you couldn’t help but glance at Ian with a somewhat disturbed face but you pressed on knowing he’d have to follow your every movement but in classic Ian fashion a lot more exaggerated. So to annoy him you began to do silly little dances instead of the usual hand gestures you would do during a cover.

When you finished you caught your breath letting go of a heavy sigh Ian gave a exaggerated applause and whistle making you laugh.

As you played with the small ball at the front of the content cop shirt Ian moved to the camera and microphone turning it off for you.

You were currently downing a bottle of water as you throat now felt slightly dry and irritated but all was good.

You shifted the video and audio onto your laptop displaying the video onto a monitor so Ian you see what you were doing and shittly copy it.

You noticed the time and sighed “wow it’s already two in the afternoon” you point out and Ian looked somewhat surprised also.

“Should hurry this could finish filming in time to go out and get food this time.” Ian grinned and wave him off “Before you do the cover you gotta have signature bright ass makeup and  wig.” You let out an evil laugh as Ian groaned whining “If I have to create a big ass forehead in all my mock videos you then you’re wearing the fucking eyeliner.” You tried to sound serious and slightly intimidating but of course you never can be co soldering you’re 5'5 and against a skinny bean pole giant

After a few hours of slip ups multiple counts of laughter and just plain fuckery you and Ian finish filming for the day.

You both left editing for later and switched back into yourselves. You did find your make-up work on Ian quite amusing so you did take a quick Snapchat of it putting a crown emoji on his head before posting the picture. Screenshots flooded through like usual and you just continued on with your day putting on a small amount of make-up as Ian took his off at times he would nudge you while you did your mascara resulting in large black marks across you eye and eyebrows and when doing your eyebrows he would pull faces behind you to break your concentration. You pushed him out of the bathroom after a few moments and when you had finished you acted as if you had just stepped onto RuPauls drag race set. Ian watched you with a amused curiosity as you strut in your ripped skinny jeans and clumsy cut off acid wash tee.

“Shoes may be a good idea at this point.” Ian pointed out as you stopped your strutting and cleared your throat watching him twirl his keys around his index finger.

“Yeah…” Your awkwardness kinda slipped back and you retreat to your room to collect some black creepers. When you walked out phone in hand texting your bestmate, Ian chuckled.

“And you’re still shorter than me!” He teased making you pout as you slip your phone back into you pocket. “Hey I wasn’t that shorter than you when I was wearing heels like I was like that.” You punched your fingers away before creating a small space between them “much shorter than you” finishing your sentence standing on the tips of your toes to emphasise your argument.

Ian just rolled his eye before turning away “We getting food or not?”

“Hell yeah cunt!”

You both walked along the seafront yet again eating from small plastic containers as the sun began to set families, teenagers, couples and wannabe athletes pass you two by as you both spoke about random things that happened in your lives.

You were currently on the story of how you and your friends were in the woods walking one of their dogs and your older brother decided to terrify you and them by dressing up as clowns and witches as a Halloween prank then for month you tried to get your brother back and then you did by releasing a giant spider into his room.

“Wait so you, you caught the spider in a jar and then put the jar in the room and ran downstairs to tell him there was a giant spider in his room.” Ian repeated your stories end and you nod your head laughing.

“He screamed so fucking loud the neighbours actually came over cause they were concerned one of us were getting killed or something.”

“Remind me to never meet you and your brother at the same time I’ve had enough shit thrown at me thanks to Max and Chad.”

You smiled taking another bite of food covering your mouth as you spoke words slightly muffled as you did.

“It’s hilarious when we get together he’s much like you.” You tried to make your brother seem cooler than what he was and Ian glanced at you.

“What a cunt with a giant forehead.” Ian chuckled to himself.

“That and hilarious.” You added nudging him a little. You two hadn’t even know each other that long but to people looking from the outside they would think you two had been friends since birth.

You fell into a comfortable silence walking towards a wall and sitting on it as you both just ate in the silence listening to the whuring of cars and small talk of others that passed.

October was your favourite month to go out with friends as there seemed to be more of an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to you.

You sat up crushing your empty tray and getting up to throw it away when Ian grabbed your arm and pulled you back. You fell back onto the wall and narrowed your eyes at him confused.


“It’s fucking freezing.” He whined and you began to laugh.

“Oh so when I was cold the day we first met it wasn’t?” You laugh and Ian groaned.

“Whatever I’m cold and we need to finish editing.” Ian persuaded to get you to start walking back to his apartment but you just stay put on the wall as he stood up taking your tray and putting it in the trash can across from you. He turned back to you to see you sat there smugly.

“I’m not cold though.” You called and you chuckled seeing the visible groan as he turned his head upward before lazily sauntering over to you.

You quirked a brow when he took your hands into his “c'mon.” He whined before pulling you up off the wall and pulling you to the crossing into the less busy town. Your feet were forced to move.

“Alright alright Jesus christ!” You laugh as you crossed into the town centre most shops had now closed and the homeless took to sleeping under covered doorways or in alleyways of those shops oblivious to the people rushing home late from work or rushing to get into a club or a bar for the night.

You heard a sigh beside you and turned to Ian who was staring at his phone. “Whaaat?” You questioned in a sing song tone glancing at his phone.

“It’s Max they’re staying for Halloween and they’re bringing a lot of alcohol because Chad’s coming along.”

“That’s a shame I don’t drink a lot.” You admit feeling a little embarrassed to admit it but Ian just raised a had for a high five and you raised a brow waiting for his reasoning.

“I hate the hangover I rarely drink heavily.” Ian answered and you then smacked your hand down on his outstretched palm.

“Guess we’ll be baby sitting them the next day. That great cause I have to go back the next day.” You sling an arm over Ians shoulder and laugh lightly. “And yoooou have to take care of them until they leave.”

“Don’t remind me.” He groan and you leaned on him reading the text Ian sent to Max

“You love them really.” You joke and Ian smiled a little.

With a sigh the walk turned into yet another comfortable silence Ian had nudged you off of him as he continued to text max he groaned at times and you would grow curious of what they were talking about but never questioned it.

When you reached the apartment it was only quarter to nine so you both headed to edit your videos you of course shared laughs about certain moments in videos Ian had been reduced to tears over a joke you made and seeing that much joy within him brought you to laughter as you remember seeing in one of his earlier videos he seemed so stressed and uncaring it was unreal to see him this happy right now

You had finished your video as all you had to really do is cut the mess ups and the parts where the two of you just pissed about for the hell of it. You also added the actual recording of your cover and the music of the song and edited the thumbnail before letting it upload.

You leaned over Ians shoulder as he edited your video adding in a few things taking a few things out as the usual.

As he began uploaded the video yours was now up and ready to go. Memes and many other comments flooded through and you laughed.

“Yes notification squad I see you bitches!” You tweeted. Answering a few tweets you had gotten from fans and friends.

Placing your phone in your lap still on you swivel to face Ian seeing him swivelling from side to side “oi alien!” You called a smile on your face as he turned to you with scrunched eyebrows and a pout “What.” He groaned a little and you take your phone in your hands standing from your chair and walking over to him.

“Notification squad love you.” You show him the flooding support from you fans and Ian smiled a little. “I think the prepubescent children that watch my videos hate you.” He replied and you gave him a confused and offended look. “Fucking rude.” You chuckled and watched some of the comments from his viewers flood in. “The older ones find you funnier than me dunno how you’re about as deep as a puddle.” Ian joked and you gasped hitting his arm. “Fucking cunt.” You laugh as you lock your phone placing it back into your pocket.

Your phone buzzed a second later and you groaned taking it back into your hands

Tyler: Oi cunt who’s the guy you’re living with atm?

“Oh for fuck sakes Tyler” You groaned earning a raised brows from Ian and he looked up to you. “Tyler is trying to act like he doesn’t know who you are.” You chuckled.

“Tyler?” Ian questioned

“Oh shit yeah. That’s my brothers name should had put that information in somewhere.” You began to type your message back to him.

You: Tyler you’re part of his notification squad for fuck sake you know who he is you practically screeched down the phone when I told you I was going to meet him.

Ian stretched and stood staggering a bit and you glanced up from your phone chuckling. “Where was I when the alcohol was introduced?” You joked and Ian rolled his eyes with a small smirk. He ventured to the exit and a small panic returned to you. “Uhm well I think if you want we could watch some random shit on netflix considering we finished Rick and Morty.” You smiled trying to brush off the fact you were a little freaked out of being alone with your thoughts and Ian shrugged. “I’m gonna piss first.” Ian comfortable shared and your face turned into an amused cringe as you laugh. “That’s fucking bold.” You pushed him out of the room as you turned off the lights and let the devices die out themselves. You separate and you fall onto the couch turning on the T.v and flicking through T.V shows. As you read the description to a film a small weight landed on your chest as a large body collapsed onto the couch with you. you pick up the bag seeing Ian had gave you a bag of popcorn.

“Fuck yes.” You yelled and accidentally started the movie. “Shit I didn’t mean that one!” You yelled sitting up fast enough to make your head rush. You began to feel dizzy and fell back onto the couch. Ian just watched you concerned but nonetheless amused by your actions as you held your head groaning in pain.

“Guess we’re watching this then.” Ian claimed and you nod turning onto your side. “Poof ball!” You called to the large dog Ian owned and you laughed as the large animal slid under your hand ready to be pet as you watched the film. As you watched the film you played with the tufts on the large amount of fur in front of you and Ian glanced at the two of you occasionally. You seemed to be a lot more calm as you stroked up down and around the tufts of the dogs fur as she slept peacefully below your hand. He was almost concerned that you hand been brainwashed by the four legged being but at the same time was happy that you enjoyed the company of the two.

His phone buzzed and he quickly scooped it up into his hands as he glanced at you who’s eyes still remained on the film.

Joji: Fuck she’s hot

Max: Ian how the fuck did you end up with her in your house.

Chad: Wait we can actually have a responsible person around when we film!

Max: Chad if she’s with Ian she’s not responsible

Ian groaned at the three of them. What cunts.

Ian: Max what have you told them?

Joji: You two are fuckin


Chad: George you’re so fucked

Ian: Max I’m going to steal your cats and give them to an adoption centre you fucking cunt.


Joji: She’s still fucking hot tho. Even if you two aren’t dating she’s fucking hot.“

Ian: I can’t believe i’m friends with you all jesus christ.

Chad: You love us really you’ve kissed George before and the sexual tension or murderous rage between you and Max is strong

Ian: Petition to throw chad into a well!

Chad: Oi cunt!

Ian sighed and turned his phone off knowing that all night the three idiots he called friends would be setting his phone off all night. It  took him a moment to realise you had fell asleep on the couch and the film had ended and with a scoff of disbelief he stood to get you a blanket and head off to sleep himself.

He tossed the fabric over you making sure you were fully covered before flicking off the T.v and lights. As he reached his room and instant flood of fatigue washed over him and as soon as he fell onto his bed the blissful abyss of sleep welcomed with open arms.

fuguhui-8 replied to your post “This is not a dig on anyone who likes to gather errata btw– I just…”

you can say my name ya kno, i’m not offended, i’m just ragging on you good naturedly anyways, or at least i’m intending to… but on a sidenote not everything is always going to be laid out in front of you, sometimes creators intend for you to look further, and then there’s the things that just get ditched because they weren’t popular enough (if we took everything at face value where would be today i wonder)

no no, I have many followers that really enjoy going diving for errata, not just you. My girlfriend included btw.

While yeah some creators intend for you to look further, that intention often can’t or won’t be known unless they state it outright. compare/contrast a common manga tie-in that is basically subcontracted to someone who doesn’t know much about the source material (video game tie ins especially) and a purposeful ARG. 

A lot of content is created just for marketing and its just that. marketing. And marketing that values earned media (your effort in digging for information, participatory strategies that want you to ‘look deeper,’ spreading the media online, to an extent fanwork, fanart, etc) is comparatively rare and also not related to how good a piece of work is or how much we like it. This is vs. marketing materials that are based on owned media (interviews, concept arts and material, expos) and paid media (ads, multimedia side content like commissioned tie-ins, etc.)

It’s not so much ‘taking everything at face value’ so much as ‘knowing that this stuff, while it has some level of craftsmanship, is also a consumer product. the enjoyment we get from it is generative, not necessarily hidden within deeper layers of promotional or paid material.’

basically while its super fun to go diving for new information, the act of getting that information, and the meaning we personally attach to what we find, is often more fun than those materials originally were intentionally designed to be. I personally can get demoralized by navigating these environments. Not everybody does! For some people it’s the thrill of their life to collect trivia and see an alternate presentation that someone else on the other side of the world got that wasn’t part of their original experience. and thats ok!

President Obama grooves to Hotline Bling with Usher and Janelle Monáe

Barack Obama has got the moves, there’s no question about that. We have seen him waltz with wife Michelle, boogie with a 106-year-old fan and now the US president has been caught on camera dancing to Drake’s hit track Hotline Bling.

Usher captured the video while on a visit to the White House where he performed at the BET’s Love and Happiness: A Musical Experience on Friday, 21 October. Janelle Monáe, Jill Scott, Common, and The Roots also took the stage at the event.

After the show, the artists and Obama got on to the dance floor where the No Limit singer captured the POTUS letting loose. “Yeah, this is happening,” the singer said in the video, which he posted on Instagram.

“Over the past eight years, Michelle and I have set aside nights like this to honour and celebrate the music that has shaped America. This has been one of our favourite traditions and it is with bitter sweetness, our final musical evening as president and first lady,” Obama said in his event-opening speech.

“This is one of the perks of the job I will miss most, along with Airforce One and Marine One. But you know, If you could just call up Usher, and say… hey, come on over to my house… sing with us… it doesn’t get any better than that,” he added.

Obama joked that “there will also be no twerking tonight. At least, not by me. I don’t know about Usher.”

He added, “This is the People’s House and it ought to reflect the amazing diversity, and the imagination, and the incredible ingenuity that defines the American people. And while much of the music that you will hear this evening – gospel, R&B, rap – is rooted in the African-American experience. It’s not just black music. This is an essential part of the American experience, it’s a mirror to who we are, and a reminder of who we can be.”

The president went on to thank the Marine bands for their service to the country, both as musicians and as active soldiers.

Watch Obama’s full speech and some of the performances at the BET event below:

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