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Based off this prompt -  We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????) x jeongguk

“Get out of the way Jeon.”

“No, you stop trying to get ahead of me. Just stay back, I’m the stronger one here.”

“Pfft, really? Is that why we’re losing here.”

“Hush (y/n).”

“No fair! I wanna take part too. Why am I the only one not moving?”

“Because you suck at gaming.”

“And we’re dead. Congratulations Jeon! I hope you’re satisfied with your hard work.”

“I shouldn’t have teamed up with you. You’re a terrible gamer (y/n),” Jeongguk huffs, eyes glued to the bright ‘GAME OVER’ sign that flashes on the screen, mockingly.

“Well atleast I’m keeping you company,” you retort, slamming down the controller on the couch.

Two hours ago you arrived at the dorms with a fresh batch of homemade cookies only to find Jeongguk alone. Not intending to stay long, you silently placed the batch on the kitchen counter and excused yourself to be stopped by Jeongguk who was bored invited you to a game he was hooked on.

Having nothing to do when you get back home, you accepted his offer with an air of nonchalance. Admittedly not an avid gamer you warned Jeongguk about your lack of skills which he promptly brushed off, shoving the controller into your hands and excitedly staring at the loading screen.

A few minutes into the game and it is enough for Jeongguk to realize that teaming up with you was a terrible mistake. Angry retorts and curses directed at each other made the atmosphere tense as Jeongguk desperately tried to keep his character alive and yours too. Furiously making wild actions in the air, he looked the most determined than you’ve ever seen him.

Chuckling, you get up from the couch as Jeongguk slumps down further into it, his face dark with the realization that he lost. Walking to the counter you grab the batch of cookies and make your way towards him. Offering him, you sit down again.

“Come on it’s not the end of the world, Jeon,” you tease, placing the bag between the two of you.

“I lost (y/n). Me. Jeon Jeongguk,” is all he says, head thrown back and eyes staring at the ceiling.

“Relax. It’s just a game Kookie,” you reply, hoping to calm him down. Jeongguk only huffs in response and begins devouring the cookies. Minutes later the pile is gone and so is his frustration. Jeongguk sloppily sinks down further into the couch, closing his bleary eyes and in seconds is fast asleep.

Not having the heart to wake him up, you opt to take out a blanket from one of the rooms and tuck him in. You are just about to get up and leave when Jeongguk catches your wrist, mumbling incoherently in his sleep. You try to free yourself from his tight grasp but soon give up knowing that it would only drain you more. 

Scoffing at your luck, you push Jeongguk further back to the couch and sit down in the little space you created. ‘Great! All I wanted was to give some cookies and now I’m stuck here with one.’ But you can’t deny the warmth that seeps in your caged hand all through to your heart.

You don’t know how long you slept or even the fact when you had actually fallen asleep; but you do. Opening one eye you take in your surroundings, off white ceiling greeting you. A messy mop of raven hair shoots down and you gasp, eyes focusing to a grinning Taehyung looking down at you. 

“You guys are back,” you say stifling a yawn.

“Oh we’re back but I think we should've​ stayed out a bit longer,” a voice chimes in the background which you recognize as Namjoon’s.

Now moderately awake you try to get up only to be stopped by a force clamping down on your stomach. You attempt to shove away the weight that rests on your stomach, hands making contact with something hard. A soft tingle by your ear doesn’t go amiss amidst your vain struggles.

“I think he’s going to wake up soon,” Jimin’s voice echos as he appears beside Taehyung curiously looking down, eyes are fixed on space next to you. Confused you turn your face towards the possible source that had so obstinately kept you down.

‘Wrong move’ your mind immediately screams as you find your face dangerously close to Jeongguk’s. His eyes struggling to open and his soft breath fanning your face. You swear he’s so close you can count his lashes. Jeongguk finally opens his eyes, dark irises staring into you and your heart thumps wildly in your chest. Jeongguk however is only numbed by the close proximity​, his face absolutely blank.

Then with what seems to be a strangled screech Jeongguk pulls back, head colliding with the back of the couch. You cough and motion towards where his arm which is still wrapped around you. He looks down briefly before swiftly retracting his arm. The atmosphere feels hotter than before and you cup your burning cheeks, getting up abruptly and facing anything other than him.

You feel a shift and the couch dips down beside you. Glancing you see Jeongguk gazing down at the floor, face devoid of emotions and you can’t say you’re not the same. Because right now the only thing you can hear are your roaring heartbeats.

“Ahem,” an annoyed cough from Yoongi grabs everyone’s attention. He looks far too tired and bored with everything that had taken place in the last ten minutes.

The six of them had come home, silently hoping that Jeongguk would be asleep;  the boy barely rests, all he wants to do is practice, practice and more practice, or to find him not doing gym workouts ‘Jungkookie your muscular enough’ they would say to their maknae, or not gaming. But what they did not expect to find is you and Jeongguk dozing off on the couch. His arm wrapped around your waist and fingers tangled in your hair, faces practically glued next to each other.

“So much for the being the youngest,” Yoongi thinks​ aloud, earning a soft slap on his arm by Seokjin. Jeongguk who looks like he’s in the middle of losing another game speaks a rough “hyung it’s not what you think.” Yoongi rolls his eyes leaving a curt ‘yeah kid, we believe you’ and goes into his room.

“Congrats Jeonggukie,” Taehyung speaks up, his voice hyper as ever.

“Hyung it’s not wha-”    

“It’s not like th-”                              

Both of you simultaneously utter, wanting nothing more than the awkwardness​ in the air to dissolve.

“Relax, we know it’s nothing like that,” Seokjin flashes a comforting smile, getting the situation under control.

Giddily you explain the events that lead them to find you both sprawled in the living room. There is a frozen pause after your explanation and Hoseok looks up, his gaze shuffling over you and Jeongguk.

“Then this is the first chapter of Jeongguk and (y/n). Our maknae is all grown up,” he gushes, clapping his hands excitedly. Taehyung and Jimin join in eagerly, Namjoon who watched the whole ordeal, amused, smirks in acknowledgement all the while Seokjin looks on helpless.

“It’s no use (y/n), they’ll never understand,” Jeongguk says with a sigh, an air of resignation around him. You hum in agreement and lean back on the couch.

-Two weeks later-

“So are you guys….going out now?” Taehyung curiously tugs at Jeongguk’s sleeves with Jimin and Hoseok flanking on either side of him, looking strangely hopeful.

Jeongguk only turns around and walks off, hiding a smile, “I’m sure you guys can figure this out too.”

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A/N: So this is one of the requests I’ve been meaning to write! I’ve finally got it finished and honestly, I’m proud with how it came out. This was requested a while back by @clairebear322. (For some reason I can’t tag her? I’m thinking maybe she changed her username since it was requested.)

Author: Becca (@totallysupernaturaloneshots)

Word Count: 1,743

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Castiel

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Warnings: self body hatred, mentions of fat shaming, jealousy, nudity(no smut), fluff

Your name: submit What is this?

Summary: When Sam finds out how the reader truly feels about her looks, he does everything in his power to make her feel beautiful.

Originally posted by soluscheese

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David Pastrnak #1

Requested by Anon: Could u write some David Pastrnak smut please? U two are friends and then he finally tells u that he’s in love with u and then u know what happens😏 If u don’t do that then it could just be fluff lol I’m just so whipped right now omfg thanks

Warnings: Talk of sex, there is sex but not smut, talk of feeling self conscious and not good enough. cussing 

Word Count: 1661

Author’s note: This response was so fun!!! It was so fantastic to write! Also I didn’t actually write smut. I don’t get into step by step detail. But I do get steamy and talk about how the sex went with them :) I’m sorry :( I wish i was more comfortable writing it but I couldn’t and half of that has to be because I have never been in a sexual relationship before so I’m not really sure how it feels. But it gets steamy and it’s a fun and hot read! Hope you like it as much as I do! 

Originally posted by dad-marchand

You walked into your best friend’s apartment wearing your sexiest clubbing outfit. Your best friend was the one and only David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins. He was wearing some black jeans and a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a classic European look. He stared at you for half a second longer than usual. His eyes lusted over and then flared with anger causing you to be confused. You knew David thought you were good looking, and you also thought David was good looking. It was just your friendship, two good looking people. You both were very proud of each other as if you were siblings. Except you weren’t siblings and to say if David were to ever try to push for a relationship, you wouldn’t deny him, but that was unlikely. You both were in the friend zone. “What are you wearing?” David asked with judgment laced in his voice. Your heart dropped a little. Did he not like your dress? It was your favorite outfit and the fact he didn’t approve hurt. You automatically got defensive. “No I wore this just for you and brought a something else to change into,” you sarcastically responded. When David didn’t take to that you decided to just be blunt. “Yes, I’m wearing this out. Do you have a problem with it?” You pushed. He looked you up and down again. You wondered where his mind was going. “Yes, it’s too tight and too short. We’ll have to stop by your apartment so you can change,” he said as if that was the most logical course of action to take. “I’m not changing,” your anger flaring, “I wore this for a reason. It’s my favorite. And who are you to tell me what to wear. Dad!” You added for affect. “We are going out with the team. I don’t want them to look at you and automatically think you’re a slut,” he said while his voice growing louder. You scuffed at him. How dare he, “you and I know just well that the other players’ ‘girlfriends’” you paused to emphasize what you were saying, “are going to be dressed even hotter than me. And this isn’t the first time I’ve been out with your team. They all know me.” He rolled his eyes at you. “Fine let’s go,” he walked away from you. Now it was your turn to roll your eyes.

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Stars in the Night: Chapter 9

Lol I’m sorry I’m horrible. 

Anyway! Here we go. The train has left the station. 

Also cryptic af.

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Hey Di,

I hope you’re doing okay up there. Partying with the Astrals no doubt? There’s no way your lurking around this hell whole of a world. Eos is pretty… messed up at the moment. I’m glad you don’t have to witness it. Though, I think you’d take down the Empire single handedly when Insomnia fell. I can’t stop thinking about the garage. Ugh. You’d be more pissed than me. Once all this crap gets sorted out, I’ll open the shop again. Maybe convince Cindy to work with me. I know you’d like that. If she’s too preoccupied, I can probably go solo. Maybe I should draw a picture of you and pin it to the wall. Boom. Not solo anymore, right? That sounded more depressing than intended, I’m sorry. I can see your disappointed stare now.

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It’s an Economic Downturn, Timmy

Happy Birthday @generatorcat! Yay for 23!!! You are one of my favorite authors in this fandom and I wanted to show some appreciation!!  I hope you have a fabulous day and that this little piece can possibly get you off to a great start! <33

(S/O to @drabblemeister for being my cheerleader when my self-esteem is feeling especially delicate haha ilu)

AO3 Link

Pairing: JayTim (mentioned CassieKon)

Rating: T, for discussion of mature themes

Word Count: 3.7k


As far as first impressions went, Tim’s was sudden, unwarranted, and above all, intensely embarrassing. In fact, he might even go so far as to say that never in his life had his mind been so utterly at odds with his body. If he could have redone a single moment in his life over again, he never would have woken up today. Instead, he would have slept in, skipped class, and been blissfully ignorant of the way the life of his unlucky doppelganger from an alternate universe changed so dramatically in the space of ten seconds.

Because let’s be real for a moment here; getting a hard on out of nowhere because the new TA did nothing more than walk into Econ 405 and run his fingers through his hair while he introduced himself , literally nothing else, was possibly, probably, most definitely the epitome of humiliation.

“I’m so screwed.”

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Those Aren't Your Wings (NC-17)

(Note: You can check out my other one shots on my master post.)

Castiel felt different. He even smelled different. You know, not that Dean spent a lot of time being a creep and sniffing his friend or anything - a word which made him want to laugh like a madman. Friend. He no longer had a grasp on their reality anymore. Constantly sending Castiel away when what he actually wanted, apparently, was something very unacceptable between men like them.

But when Castiel appeared at the bunker again, claiming to have become an angel, the most private secret that existed between them exposed itself like a live wire after a storm. Dean knew immediately that he’d swallowed someone else’s grace.

“I-I know, Dean,” Castiel stammered. He seemed to shrink right there, the shame running so deep that he tried to hide himself.

“Those aren’t your wings,” Dean said so low as if speaking up would shatter them. “What did you do to yourself, Cas?”

Defiance ignited his blue eyes. “I did what was necessary to prepare for war. They want me dead, Dean. They want all of us dead. As long as Metatron controls Gadreel and Sam needs rescuing, I need my powers.” His words softened slightly, repeating, “I did what was necessary.”

“But–” at a loss, Dean groped for the right question, “–are you … are you still you?”

“Yes, of course. Only the color changed.” He stepped closer, hesitantly at first, but bolder as their natural, unspoken magnetic pull drew one to the other. “Touch if you don’t believe me. You’ll know.”

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'Worth It' (SNK; JeanMarco) NSFW

Okie dokie, so after the warm reception Number Seven received, I had numerous requests for a sequel, most of which were asking for some NSFW. So since my birthday is tomorrow, I figured I’d post this as a little gift back to you guys, as a thank you for all the love & support. :)

Notes: Let’s just say both boys are 18 here, since seniors CAN technically be adults, and since this is really NSFW.

Title: ‘Worth It’ (Sequel to ’Number Seven’) SNK; JeanMarco - NSFW


“Let’s go, number seven,” he said between messy kisses. “We’re on a tight schedule, remember?”

In which cheerleader!Jean & jock!Marco enjoy some locker room alone time.

Warning(?) - This is a little rougher than I usually write, but OH WELL WHY NOT? 

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ETA: I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who liked/commented/tag-chatted with me on this. I’ve been sick since Monday, and writing fanfic is always what I do when I’m sick. So the reaction has been very nice, and while it hasn’t actually made my cold go away, as such, it has made it take a a back seat. So thanks, you guys!

On Some Planets, You Realize, This Means We’re Married

An unabashedly fluffy Whouffaldi one-shot. Well, a bit abashedly, actually. I have never written anything this fluffy, ever ever.

“Oops,” says the Doctor. Clara narrows her eyes at him.

“Seriously,” she says. “Seriously. You bring us to a planet where they tie us together within the first five minutes of sighting us, then put us in a place that I can only describe as a cell, all whilst yelling at us in a way that can only be seen as hostile, and leave us alone after cackling like crazed chickens about how this’ll show us, and all you can say is oops?”

“You’re using rather a lot of italics,” says the Doctor, “are you feeling well?”

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Fic: Burning Bright (Chapter 2 - The Price)

Title: Burning Bright (Episode 2 - ‘The Price’)
Rating: G
Summary: What if Neal had survived to the start of Season 5, and Hook was the one to die? An attempted rewrite of the fifth season, episode-by-episode, with Neal in the place of Hook as Emma’s main love interest. Swanfire + all the canon relationships.

A/N:  Neal survived Quiet Minds and was the one to accompany Emma into the past at the end of season 3; Ariel didn’t show up in Poor Unfortunate Souls, so Hook drowned. Assume everything else is the same unless stated otherwise. Warning for pre-fic major character death. 

All chapters

The yellow bug gleams in the streetlight, and for a moment nothing has changed.

Neal can’t remember the last time he was in Emma’s car, but he’s fairly certain it was back when it was their car, their home, with their belongings a jumble in the trunk and the whole world open before them. There’re a lot of things Neal can’t remember now, it seems, and he’s pretty sure that’s Emma’s fault. They only got back to Storybrooke an hour ago, and Henry’s already bundled up in bed at Regina’s, a thousand wards up to keep Emma out. But Neal couldn’t think of going back to his own bed, of sleeping at a time like this.

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A Million Questions

Coven and its characters aren’t mine, I’m just playing with them. Foxxay smut/fluff.

Read on 

Misty tossed and turned in her bed for what seemed like forever before she finally sat up and checked the time. Midnight. It had been nearly three hours since she’d gone to bed and she hadn’t gotten a second of peaceful sleep. She hated being alone in the dark, empty room, and decided to see if Cordelia was awake. She’d felt an immediate connection with the headmistress ever since she first entered the doors of Miss Robichaux’s Academy, though her feelings for her sometimes confused the swamp witch. Something about being with Cordelia made Misty feel protected, safer than she’d felt in a long time. She tossed the sheets aside and tip toed quietly down the hallway, careful not to step on the creaky boards for fear of waking up the other girls. She didn’t even want to think about the shit she’d get from Madison if she were to find out.

It was an unusually late night for Miss Robichaux’s headmistress, and she didn’t retire to her room until nearly midnight. After laying in bed for a while, unable to sleep, she became acutely aware of a familiar ache between her legs. She sighed, her mind wandering to how unpleasantly long it had been since she’d been with anyone. She sighed and slipped her robe off, tossing it to the floor and allowing her hands to slip in the fabric of her lacy black panties, beginning to tease her clit. She slipped two fingers inside herself, her body arching involuntarily, and rubbed her clit more urgently.

She didn’t hear the door as it clicked open, didn’t notice Misty standing in the doorway for several seconds, but when she opened her eyes for a split second she saw the ethereal woman standing there, a confused look on her face. “Misty!” She half exclaimed, half scolded. Her heart raced as she quickly removed her hand and scrambled to pull a blanket of her exposed body. “Misty, what are you doing?” She was out of breath, her tone more accusatory than she’d intended it. 

“I’m- I don’t- I- I’m sorry, Miss Cordelia, I didn’t…” she trailed off, puzzled as to what Cordelia was doing, or what she herself should say. “What were ya doin’?” Misty asked after a few moments of silence punctuated only by Cordelia trying to regulate her breathing.

Cordelia looked perplexedly at Misty for a moment, contemplating how to deal with Misty’s question. The newest member of the Coven wasn’t that much younger than she was - she had to know about sex, didn’t she? “Umm, can you give me a minute? To get dressed?” Misty nodded and stepped into the hallway, closing the door and waiting in the hallway.

While she waited, Misty tried to comprehend what she’d seen the other woman doing. Her momma had told her that the parts between your legs were only for having babies. When she was married and it was time to make a baby, her husband would know what to do. She’d said that was all Misty would need to know, besides the fact that it was wrong to touch yourself there and that it would hurt. But what Cordelia was doing didn’t look wrong, it didn’t look like it hurt her. Delia looked like she was having a damn good dime. 

As Cordelia hurriedly pulled her robe back on, she mulled over what she could possibly tell Misty, how she was going to explain this. Cordelia found it hard to believe that Misty - a grown adult woman - was so clueless on this topic; but then again she grew up in a community that burned her at the stake for witchcraft. She stepped into the bathroom, hastily wiping her juices from between her legs and glancing in the mirror, embarrassed at how flushed she was. Her feelings for Misty confused her, but she knew she’d never felt like that about anyone before. She approached the door and opened it slightly. “Misty? You can come back in, if you like,” she uttered softly, opening the door farther for her. 

She nodded slightly and stepped inside again, her arm brushing against Cordelia’s and sending a spark through both of them that each wondered if the other felt. Cordelia sat on the edge of her bed, patting the spot beside her. Misty followed her lead, perching a couple feet away form her friend. Both were quiet for a while, Cordelia occasionally glancing over expectantly at Misty, wondering silently what she would ask.

“What were ya doin’?” Misty finally blurted, turning even redder than before. 

“It- eh…when-“ Though Cordelia considered herself close to Misty, and cared about her more than she’d cared bout anyone before, explaining this to her was still incredibly uncomfortable. Misty was so pure, so innocent and sweet that Cordelia felt as if even using certain words in her presence would ruin her. “Its called masturbating,” she stated finally, fiddling with her hands and avoiding eye contact. 

“Whats that?”

“Its having- sex… with yourself,” she explained, her words uneven and choppy.

Misty contemplated this for a second, confused as to why somebody would have sex with them self. Did people really do that? Sex was only to conceive a baby, and you can’t do that with yourself. “Well, uh, why?” She felt her cheeks get even hotter, hating it. She probably looked like a complete in front of a woman such as Cordelia, but her curiosity had gotten the best of her. 

“ feels good,” she replied eventually, her tone almost questioning.

“But I…was supposed to hurt.” Misty had said the word aloud maybe once in her life, and even with Cordelia, the only person with whom she could share everything, it felt uncomfortable. 

“Who told you that?” Cordelia inquired, a slight laugh evident in her normally stable voice. She finally gathered the courage to look at Misty, her mismatched eyes meeting the swamp witch’s beautiful blue ones. 

“My mama,” Misty said shyly. “She said ya only have sex when you’re married an’ you wanna have a baby, and that it hurts and girls don’t need to know anythin’ else cause they’re husband’ll know.”

Cordelia didn’t know quite how to respond to something like that. Since she was very young, sex had always been a matter of fact thing - its existence was rather unavoidable given her mother’s parade of men at the breakfast table. “Misty that is not what sex is,” she said gently, her tone more relaxed. 

“Well’n what is it?”

“Sex is…sex is great. It doesn’t have to hurt and its not just for conceiving, and women can control it just as much as men. Sex is wonderful, it feels good and it is good.”

Misty processed what Cordelia had said. Cordelia wouldn’t lie to her, but she still hadn’t made sense of everything she was being told. “Well when does… does it end? Do ya just stop when ya get bored or somethin’?”
“Oh. Uh, well, for women…you have whats called an..orgasm.” She swallowed hard. The fact that she hadn’t had one had made itself obvious between her legs, though she tried her best to ignore it. 

“What’s that?” Misty questioned. 

Cordelia bit her lip, trying to figure out just how to explain this. “Well, its, uh- its a release. And it feels…very, very good. Does that make sense?” She looked to Misty, hoping she’d done at least a decent job of explaining.

“Uh, yeah, I guess. But I still don’t get how ya do it with..yourself. What’d you call that? Or why.”

“Its called masturbating,” she repeated, still incredibly uncomfortable with saying such words in Misty’s presence. “And people do it to have…an orgasm.”

“Ok. But how do you do it without the man?”

“Oh.” Cordelia quickly pushed her bubbling feelings for Misty from her mind, reminding herself how inappropriate and off limits it was - and besides, someone like Misty could never fall for someone like her. “Eh, - women - don’t need men to have sex. When you masturbate, you rub your…” This was undoubtedly the most uncomfortable few minutes of Cordelia’s life. She wrung her hands, told herself to push through. “Well women have this thing called a clitoris and its where a lot of nerve endings…down there…are located, and stimulating that is how most women have orgasms, along with..fingering yourself.” Misty gave her a questioning look, and she knew further explanation was needed. “Thats when you- enter your…self, with your finger..or fingers.” 

“So girls do all that stuff with themselves?” 

“No, they can do it with other girls too,” Cordelia blurted before realizing she shouldn’t have. Misty looked puzzled for a moment, contemplating. A girl could do that with a girl? Maybe the strange buzz she felt in the pit of her stomach whenever Cordelia was around was normal. Maybe it was even love. She looked over at the headmistress and took a deep breath.

“Miss Cordelia?”
She reminded herself to breathe, inhaling and exhaling a few focused times before continuing. “Can I kiss you?” Her question was nearly inaudible, and part of her hoped Cordelia hadn’t heard.

“Can you kiss me?” Cordelia asked in disbelief. Misty nodded and Cordelia’s whole demeanor softened. She closed the gap between them on the bed and took one of Misty’s hands in her own, the other reaching to cup the side of her face. They leaned in, their lips meeting softly in an unmoving kiss that neither wanted to end. Eventually they pulled away, and Cordelia tucked a lock of Misty’s unruly hair behind her ear, a contagious smile spreading across her lips, then Misty’s. The swamp witch leaned in for another kiss, pulling Cordelia’s body flush against hers and pressing her lips against Cordelia’s plump ones again. The headmistress felt every inch of Misty’s body pressing against her, sending shivers down her spine as her tongue pushed past the other woman’s lips to explore her mouth.

“I want you to show me,” Misty managed nervously, breathily between kisses.

“Show you what?” Cordelia questioned, resisting the urge to let her hands explore Misty’s body and instead keeping one around her back and the other on the back of her neck. 

“What its like.” Another deep kiss. “To have an orgasm.” Misty pulled back from the kiss and stared into Cordelia’s mismatched eyes, an unfamiliar feeling in the pit of her stomach and between her legs. 

“Ok,” Cordelia mouthed, her hands finding the buttons on the front of Misty’s night dress and beginning to unbutton them. Misty grabbed her wrists and pulled them away from the dress. “What?”

“Aren’t ya gonna, I dunno, turn the lights off or somethin’?”

“Why? Misty, I want to see you,” she said sweetly, gently lifting her chin so she could look her in the eyes. “I adore you.” Though in her mind she said love, she was still afraid of coming on too strong. 

Misty’s heart swelled at Cordelia’s words and she pulled her into another searing kiss, becoming more comfortable with exploring the other woman with every passing second. Cordelia decided to take it slower, instead gently pushing Misty back on the bed and straddling her, their lips remaining together. Cordelia ghosted her hands up the other woman’s sides and let them land on her breasts, gently squeezing and playing with her hardened nipples through the fabric of her night dress. Misty’s sudden intake of breath told Cordelia she was doing something right, and she began trailing her kisses from Misty’s lips to her jawline and her neck. She sucked on her pulse point, biting gently and then soothing it with another kiss. She spread Misty’s legs with her own and pressed her thigh against Misty’s core, delighted to find her already wet. 

Misty moaned at the unfamiliar but pleasing contact and bucked her hips into Cordelia’s leg, her eyes hooded with lust as her lover continued her kisses. She reached to continue unbuttoning her night dress and continued to grind herself into Cordelia’s leg. Sat up and undid her own robe, revealing black lacy lingerie that Misty noted was a gorgeous compliment to her flawless alabaster skin. The other witch followed suit and pulled off her night dress, revealing a flushed chest and plain panties. Cordelia dipped her head and took a nipple in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the hard peak before sucking on it. Misty let out another string of moans as Cordelia continued sucking, licking and biting her nipples, her hips canting against the other woman.

Cordelia pushed Misty back again and began another trail of kisses down Misty’s stomach, sending shivers down the swamp witch’s spine. She stopped just above the woman’s panties and looked up. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” Misty nodded with a slight smile. Her heart was racing a thousand miles a minute and even though Cordelia told her it didn’t hurt, she was still scared. Nevertheless, she knew that she wanted to be with Cordelia in this way and every other, and Cordelia wanting her in the same way made her heart race even more

Cordelia placed another kiss above the band of her panties and slipped them off, taking a shaky breath and explored Misty’s slit with her tongue. Having never been with a woman before Cordelia was self conscious of what she was doing, every moved careful and deliberate. She licked up to her clit, lazily circling it a few times before sucking gently. Misty moaned and bucked her hips; Cordelia surprised herself with how much she loved the feeling of the other woman writing beneath her. She slowly slid a finger into Misty’s wetness, staying attentive to her noises and movements to make sure she wasn’t hurting her. 

“Oh my god,” Misty gasped and wove her hands into Cordelia’s hair, her hips rolling to meet Cordelia’s every thrust. Her breathing became erratic and she moved her hands from Delia’s hair to the sides of the bed for fear she was pulling too hard at her blonde strands. 

Misty’s moans became more frequent, her body arching off the mattress as she suddenly feel like floating a million feet off the ground. Her thighs locked around Cordelia’s head and her toes curled as she moaned Cordelia’s name over and over. She didn’t need to ask; she knew what that was. 

Eventually, Cordelia withdrew her fingers, sucking off the remaining juices, and placed one final kiss on Misty’s mound. She rolled off of Misty and crawled up beside her, leaning over her and planting a soft kiss on the breathless woman’s lips.

“Delia,” Misty breathed, now quieted. She tucked a strand of Cordelia’s straight, slightly messy blonde hair behind her ear, caressing the side of her face. “Delia, that was amazing. It didn’t hurt or nothin’ an’ you feel so good an’-“ The older woman silenced her with a kiss and pulled the covers over them, turning off the lights with a flick of her hand and wapping Misty in her arms. “I could fall in love with a woman like you, Delia,” Misty murmured into the darkness. 

“I already fell in love with a woman like you,” Cordelia replied without a thought given to being too forward. Misty grinned at Cordelia’s words, placing a soft kiss on Delia’s head. 

“I love you too, Cordelia,” she uttered back, her tone almost surprised. “I love you,” she repeated reverently.

Late morning sun streamed through the drapes when Misty woke up, her head buried in the back of Cordelia’s. She glanced at her alarm clock - almost eleven thirty. She never slept this late, but the feeling of Cordelia’s soft body perfectly pressed into hers made her want to stay like that forever. “You awake?” She whispered.

Cordelia looked back at Misty with a tired smile, her eyes glinting with something new. Perhaps it was love. “Yeah.” She entwined her hand with Misty’s, which had been resting on her hip. “I didn’t want to wake you,” she added after a moment.

“I love you so much,” Misty confessed with a small laugh, pressing her lips to the place where Cordelia’s shoulder and neck met.

“I love you so much,” Cordelia replied, Misty’s kiss leaving her skin tingling.

“Thank you…For allowin’ me to stay here an’ spendin’ time with me an’ teachin’ me so much…an’ for last night and whatevers gonna happen between us…”

Cordelia sighed contentedly, relaxing into Misty and rubbing her hand, an almost teary smile spreading across her lips. “Misty, whatever happens for us, I know it will be wonderful, because you’ll be there with me.”

To Kill A Heart #5

Summary= When the life of Heartfilia’s heiress is put in danger, Jude resorts in hiring the best hitman for bodyguarding. The problem? Lucy knows now her heart is the one in the edge of being destroyed. [Bodyguard AU]

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= M.

Chapters= Multichaptered.

Word Count= 2363.

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

Thank you so much for your reviews on last chapter! It makes me so happy since this is te story I like writing the most <3

chapter five: nights

At the end, Lucy decided to help Natsu with cooking dinner, because she couldn’t stand a single minute more sitting on his couch without doing anything.

He said he’d prepare spaghetti for them both, and as he took care of the noodles, Lucy made the sauce.

His kitchen was normal, with everything they needed to cook. For the time being, it smelled about the delicious dinner they were about to have.

But, what annoyed Lucy the most, were his constant warning of ‘don’t touch there’, 'avoid that drawer please’, 'everything but that’. It kind of sent an uncomfortable feeling up her spine, but somehow she understood his alarm attitude.

Who knew what an assassin could have hidden on the kitchen.

She couldn’t help but picture him like an angry nanny pulling out a big, sharp knife, which amused and frightened her at the same time.

“You ready there?” Natsu called, snapping her out of her trance.

“Yes,” Lucy replied, taking a sip of the hot sauce with the wooden spoon. It tasted delicious.

“Great,” Natsu said. “Leave it to me. You can prepare our table if you want to.”

Lucy turned off the hornalla and smiled at him. “Sure.”

She took off the apron he’d landed her and put it back where it was hanging previously. She grabbed two glasses and put them over the glass table. Then she proceeded to put the dishes and cutlery for both of them.

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Once Upon a Birthday Party

Captain Swan, ~5,600 words, T

Summary: When Emma hires a kids’ music performer who calls himself “The Prince of Somewhere” for Henry’s 8th birthday party, she ends up with more than she bargained for.

Note: Modern AU very loosely inspired by “Johnny Karate” aka Andy Dwyer on the sitcom Parks and Recreation (which is an awesome show and you should all watch it) and also a very sketchy spoiler going around. Anne made me do it.


“Well, clowns are out,” said Emma, staring at the screen of her laptop as she sat beside her best friend and one-time foster sister Mary Margaret in their favorite coffee shop. “Henry’s too old for clowns.”

“Good,” said Mary Margaret, “because I couldn’t bring Leo if you hired a clown. He’s terrified of them.”

“Really?” Emma raised a skeptical eyebrow. Even at just six years old, Mary Margaret’s son, Leo, never seemed to be afraid of anything.

“Really.” Mary Margaret nodded. “Clowns are creepy.”

“Okay. That’s decided, then. No clowns. How about a magician? Henry likes magic. Look at this one. The Amazing Mr. Gold.” She slid the laptop over to Mary Margaret to show her the website.

“Maybe,” said Mary Margaret. “His Yelp reviews look pretty good. Or—how about that place that brings snakes and turtles and frogs and whatnot to your house? I’ve heard they put on a fun party.”

Emma wrinkled her nose. “Yuck. No. I don’t care if he only turns eight once—I am not filling my apartment with creepy creatures for his party.”

Mary Margaret shrugged. “Fine. But the boys would love it.”

Emma ignored her and clicked through a few more websites of magicians and jugglers instead.

Suddenly, Mary Margaret snapped her fingers. “I have the perfect idea,” she said. “I just remembered. About nine months ago Leo went a party for a friend of his from kindergarten. His mom hired a singer-slash-storyteller who calls himself The Prince of Someplace. He does the whole medieval prince, knight in shining armor thing. Henry likes that sort of thing, right?”

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Fic: Diplomatic Relations and Intelligence Failures, pt. 9

((AKA The Lady Sif asks Maria Hill on a date.  The first parts of this can be found on AO3, or here on my tumblr.  Sorry it’s taking so long to finish, but I’m getting close, I promise!))


Darcy considered her mostly empty glass. “Maybe,” she said after a moment. She looked up. “I’m on a stipend.”

The bartender considered her, a faint smirk on her face, her arms crossed over her chest. Her biceps were impressive, even to Darcy, and Darcy lived with Thor. She knew some quality biceps. “Kiddo, I’d say it’s just as likely that you’re on an allowance,” the bartender said.

“I showed you my id,” Darcy pointed out, unconcerned. She bit the swizzle stick between her teeth. “That’s how I got this drink.”

“And I was pitying enough to take it.”

Darcy pointed the swizzle stick in her direction. “I am legal.”

“I know. But fun to tease.” The bartender gave her a warm grin. “Let me know if you need anything else, darling.”

Darcy arched an eyebrow. “Anything?” she asked, her teeth sinking into her lower lip.

“You’re like twelve. Cute, but twelve,” the bartender said, and headed up the bar, her hips swaying with each step. Darcy watched her go, perfectly happy with the view.

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