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“Jack,” Bitty whines, throwing his head back. “I am so tired. I can’t do this anymore.”

“Come on, Bits. You’re almost there,” Jack says encouragingly.

“But I’m so sleepy,” Bitty complains. “My arms are heavy. My fning—ah!” Bitty huffs. “My fingers hurt. Listen, I’m slurrin’ all my words.”

“Look at me.”

Bitty spins the desk chair to look at Jack, and pouts.

“You do look tired.” Jack gazes at him, eyes narrowing.

So tired,” Bitty professes. “I’ll finish up tomorrow.”

Jack sighs. “That essay is due at nine am.”

Bitty bites his lip. He’s well aware of that. “Sleep though, Jack. Sleep.”

“You hate waking up early,” Jack points out with a raised eyebrow.

“Once every now and then is fine.” Bitty tries to say it with conviction.

Jack puts his bookmark in his paperback. “How long until you’re finished?” Jack asks. “Referenced and proof-read finished, not first draft finished,” he adds before Bitty can reply.

Bitty shuts his mouth against his automatic response of twenty minutes.

“Uh… Maybe an hour?”

Jack checks the time on his watch, which he’d placed on the bedside table earlier.

“Alright.” Jack stands up and stretches, then gestures for Bitty to come over to him.

“Thank god,” Bitty mutters under his breath, saving his document and shutting the laptop without powering down.

He drags his body over to Jack’s and falls into him. He wraps his arms around his boyfriend and presses his face into Jack’s chest, breathing deeply. He loves how Jack smells. Like soap, and his deodorant, and a little bit of sweat.

Jack’s hands crawl up Bitty’s back, under his shirt, and he rocks Bitty gently side-to-side. Bitty swears he could fall asleep just like this.

Then Jack’s hands start to wander; down to Bitty’s ass, slipping under the elastic of his track pants. Bitty shivers as Jack’s nails scratch the skin, and when he leans back to ask Jack what he’s doing, Jack kisses him.

Normally, when Jack initiates, it’s soft—he appreciates a slow build up. Tonight is different. Jack pushes against Bitty immediately, leaning into him and over him so that Bitty’s body curves back harshly, and Jack seems even taller than normal.

Jack kisses and kisses, his lips moving and sucking on Bitty’s with fervour. Bitty matches him, suddenly wide-awake, and his hands move to bury themselves in Jack’s hair as he attempts to meld his lips to Bitty’s.

“Oh my god. Jack,” Bitty pants and Jack moves on, kissing harshly down his jawline. Bitty’s lips feel swollen and tender when he bites down on one.

Jack pulls back and smiles down, flushed, eyes alight. “How do you feel?”

“I don’t know,” Bitty confesses breathlessly, still reeling from the enthusiasm and spontaneity.

“Awake?” Jack asks.

Bitty nods frantically. “Oh yeah. Definitely. Yes.”

“Good.” Jack steps back from Bitty, and grabs his shoulders to turn him around. He leans in close, chest pressing against Bitty’s shoulders, and puts his lips against Bitty’s ear. “Now, go finish your essay.”

Jack shoves a speechless Bitty back toward the desk.

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Sunlight lights the freckles on Dean Winchester’s nose. They always get more obvious in spring, and Castiel loves it. He likes the little brown sprinkles covering Dean’s nose and cheeks, going perfect with the bright green of his eyes. Dean doesn’t see him staring, he’s focusing on his homework.

Castiel, who is normally the one to be concentrated, keeps looking at Dean next to him. It was a perfect day to sit outside, so they decided to get their boring work out and lay on the grass in Castiel’s garden.

It smells like spring; flowers and warm sunlight, just warm enough so they don’t have to wear jackets. Dean’s barefoot, his toes playing with the soft grass. Cas smiles when he sees it, then quickly returns to his work.

“They think we can like… stop time or something,” Dean complains and nods at the pile of books with him. “How are we going to finish this in one weekend?”

“We don’t,” Cas huffs. “And then we fail all our classes, get kicked out of school and go live out on the street.”
Dean’s laugh is as bright as the sun that’s currently creating speckles of light peaking through the leaves of the trees.

“Oh man, y’know what?” Dean softly pokes Cas’ bare arm. “As long as we’re homeless together, I’m cool.”

Cas smiles and quickly turns to his work so Dean doesn’t see him blush.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

They work for a while, exchanging questions and answers as time passed.

“Ugh,” Dean groans and rolls on his back, leaving his work next to him. “I’m dead.”

“Condolences.” Cas says and smiles as well when he hears Dean’s happy laughter. He puts his pen down again, too. He lays on his stomach and starts picking daisies, carefully, and begins to thread them together.

“Whatcha doin’, Chuckles?” Dean asks. He’s closed his eyes and lets the sun warm his skin.

“Surprise.” Cas smiles.

“If you’re trying to feed a bee again, I’m gonna kill you.”

“Bees are very important creatures, Dean, and I wasn’t feeding it.” Castiel continues his thread of flowers, making it longer until he can create a crown.

“You were guiding it to the biggest flowers. I call that feeding.”

Cas finished of the crown and shifted over to Dean.

“Don’t move.” He gently places the crown on Dean’s hair. “There.”
Dean opens his eyes, smiles when he sees Cas above him.
Cas moves away so Dean can sit up, gently feeling his hair.

“You made me a flower crown?” He asks with surprise. “Dork.”

“It looks great on you, Dean. Very natural.” Castiel says half-joking, half serious.

Dean looks like a fairy, or one of those aesthetic models.

“Yeah, y’know what’s very natural too? Walking around naked with a leaf hiding your dick.”

“Would go great with that crown.” Cas laughs, rolling on his back. Dean chuckles and flops down next to him.

“Oh, you know you wanna see that.” He turns his head and gives Cas a lopsided grin. He grins back.
“Totally. I’ll make sure to take pictures, for later blackmailing.”

Dean playfully pushes against his arm and smiles, turning his face back to the sun.

They lay together in the grass, happily ignoring the books and essays unfinished at their side.
“Cas- have you ever stolen something?”

They always play this game. One of them asks a ‘have you ever’ question, the other answers, then asks a question. The only rule: be honest. It sounds like a lame thing, but it has been helpful to both of them during difficult times, cheering them up.

“No,” Cas says after thinking. “Well… maybe a pen, at school- but never intentional.” He thinks. “Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?”

He could see Dean smile from the corner of his eyes.
“Well- Miss Talbot was pretty hot, but I didn’t have a crush.”

Castiel remembers the teacher they had last year, that got all the guys in awe- except for Cas, who had always been more interested in the handsome science teacher’s biceps.

“Did you ever think about kissing a teacher?”

“Nope,” Cas says proudly, “Did you ever think about… kissing a guy?”

He makes it sound so light, but his throat is closed and itchy.
Dean’s answer takes a while.

“Yeah,” He says softly. “Did you?”

“Yes, plenty.“

Castiel doesn’t know what to ask, but Dean goes first.

“Did you ever think about kissing me?”

When Cas looks to his side, Dean is looking at him. He can’t help but smile because of the flower crown in Dean’s hair and the expecting, nervous look on his sun kissed face.

“Yes.” Cas admits.

“Okay.” Dean seems happy, proud even. “I- uh, kinda thought about that too. Few times.”
He doesn’t look away from Cas, who feels frozen in place. Dean sits up and leans in, a little unsure as he places his hand besides Castiel’s head. “Should we, uh-”

“Yes.” Castiel repeats, but he feels out of breath as Dean’s freckled nose moves closer and Dean lightly bumps it against his.

His lips taste as sweet as the air of spring, filling Cas with colorful butterflies, saturating him with warm happiness. He expectantly leans in and pulls himself closer to Dean, to savor more of those plump lips. Dean’s hand is still next to his head in the grass, his other tracing an invisible line over Cas’ arm.

Castiel’s own hands find a place on his lower back, and Dean smiles against his lips. They pull away. breaths full of each other.

“This okay?” Cas asks, though Dean’s smile says everything.

“Very okay.” Dean hums, already leaning back in.

Castiel now pulls himself up and turns them around, carefully rolling Dean onto his back in the grass and flowers. Dean’s crown is still somehow on his head.

Cas kisses him again and realizes Dean even tastes like nature. Fresh and new and delicate, yet anciently rough and strong. The perfect balance, having Castiel amazed with every new second he kisses and tastes.

He gently takes Dean’s bottom lip before Dean makes a soft sound and takes Cas’ lip in his own, glad to pull him closer, deeper into that feeling they’re so new to.

Maybe spring fever got them both hypnotized, but they forgot about their schoolwork, everything they had to do.
Dean is running his fingers through Castiel’s hair, pulls him close until they’re both completely out of breath. One moment Castiel is on top, testing and trying Dean out, the other moment Dean is hovering over Castiel, careful and hesitant though knowing how to make him surrender.

The spots of sunlight through those leafs create a magical feeling, as if they did stop time and are all alone, with no one else in the world.

Maybe both of them have waited too long for this to end already, maybe they only now realize how much they wanted, they needed this.

It could’ve been hours before Dean softly pulls way one last time, rolling on the grass next to him.

For a moment, he’s quiet, then his fingers reach for Castiel’s.

“I meant it.” He says.

“What?” Cas frowns.

“As long as you’re with me, I wouldn’t mind being homeless.”

Castiel smiles and squeezes Dean’s fingers.
“Even though I agree, I think doing some more homework is a better idea.”
It takes them a little more time to get back to work, but after a while, the books are reopened and they try to focus.
But with their new experiences of each other, the rest of the afternoon isn’t that bad after all.

send me 3-5 emojis and I’ll write a fic based on them

You’ll Be Fine

Request: hello friend!!! Could you please do a sister!reader fic where Sams in college and reader is about 15-16 and its it first day of highschool. Shes like really nervous and dean conforts her and stuff. She find a quick salt and burn with the guy she sits next to? Idk i thought of a whole story but i think you could write it better, thanks soooooo much!!! @rosiesstanderds

A/N: I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. I have been dying at college. I hope you enjoy this!! And again, I am sorry I have been dead to the world for like months.

Characters: Dean x Sister!Reader, John Winchester, OC, Sam (mentioned)

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence, mention of blood/gore, sadness, let me know if i missed anything!

Tagging: @percussiongirl2017 @leenasleena-blog @winchesters-favorite-girl

Originally posted by dontlookatmeitwashim

Another stupid day. Another moment where you wake up and forget for a second that Sam is gone, that he left you and Dean, and won’t even answer your texts or phone calls. Another stupid hunt. Another week or two of wondering if Dad is okay, if he is alive. Another stupid school. Another month of hearing Dean complain that Dad left him behind on this hunt to watch poor little old you.

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|| Girls Chase Boys ||

{summary: a love story based on mixed signals and a dash of miscommunication.}

i reached 700+ followers! this is such an amazing milestone for me and honestly, i’m so fucking happy! as a thank you gift, here’s a full story based on my ‘imagine peter parker falling in love with you…“ prompt ;)

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53

peter parker only tags: @wavy-ley , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none but extreme fluff

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine!**


{all the broken hearts in the world still beat/ lets not make it harder than it has to be/ ooooooh, it’s all the same thing/ girls chase boys chase girls}

“Doesn’t it ever annoy you?” You hear your best friend, Melody, ask while you were doing your homework in the library. Only half listening to her since you were so engrossed in typing out your essay for English Lit, you were in the midst of editing a few paragraphs when you respond with a half-hearted, “Does what annoy me?”

“The fact that that Parker kid keeps staring at you.” Recognizing the surname as belonging to this cute boy named Peter who happened to be a good friend of yours while sharing nearly all of your classes, you frown at Melody’s words and look over to your right where she was sitting, “What? Peter never stares at me. What makes you think that he’s staring at me all the time?”

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Reggie Mantle x Reader - Loners

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Reggie imagine that’s just a lot of fluff? Please and thank you!

Reggie Mantle x reader


Word Count: 3,039

There you sat, looking across the quad. He never seemed to really be enthralled in conversations at his table. Always looked like he had other things on his mind. Maybe he followed the herd, but there always seemed more to him. There was more to Reggie Mantle.

Your back was against a tree, slowly picking at your lunch while reading a book. Your continuous lunchtime routine. It was easier to not have friends. No drama, no worries about being something you weren’t. Lonely maybe but it could have been worse. You were just too different for most people, you felt older in a way. As if you knew that there was much more than typical high school drama waiting for you in years to come. While others, like Chuck - who sat beside Reggie, thrived on their high school experience, you looked forward to a life of your own beyond the one with your family. The family that didn’t really feel like one.

You heard a giggle. Your eyes drew to another table. A table filled with friends and lovers who seemed to have it all together. A friendly blonde with a brutish outsider and a red head football star with a raven haired city girl. While you wondered what it would be like to have that, someone to get you, you figured that you weren’t one to be noticed.

You read a few more pages until you heard Chuck making remarks to Cheryl as she passed by. You saw Reggie’s face - it seemed a little mad in a way. That he didn’t reciprocate Chuck’s approach to women. He tried looking away and caught your eye. You gave a breath and went back to your book. No, there was nothing to look forward to besides the future.

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Biscuit | Alfie Solomons

This was just going to be a snippet but i love dogs so much it turned into a full blown essay. Also, I feel like this is the same girl from ‘The Messenger Boy’ imagine.

“Alf… you’ve got a dog.”

“I do love, yeah.” Alfie half mumbled in return with a toothbrush lodged in his mouth. You could smell the peppermint from where you leant in the doorframe. He was half dressed and there was a dog sat to his side turning its head with every movement Alfie made.

“Since when.”

“Oh, ages.”

“Ages? Was he here when I stayed over last?”

“Yeah, love, he was, yeah.”

“Why didn’t I see him?”

“Oh, he comes and goes as he pleases, don’t he.”

“… so he ain’t your dog?”

“No, he is, right. He just lets ‘imself in an’ out.”

You looked at Alfie a little baffled as he leant down to spit out toothpaste and rinse the sink.

“What’s his name then?”


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Sweet As Pie (Ethan)

Summary: Requested by a few. Ethan is a barista at your local coffee shop and he writes stupid puns on your cup every time you drop by.
Word Count: 2,326
Warnings: None.
A/N: I’m still reeling from 1k followers ughhh, you guys are everything. Hope you enjoy this! Let me know if you want a part two, might make it smutty. xx

It had started last semester. You had been sleep deprived during finals and had studied all night, eventually feeling like you had to go and take a walk outside for some fresh air. It was nearing 6AM by the time you had found  yourself outside the deserted coffee shop, so you had shrugged and walked in to grab something to drink. Maybe sugar and caffeine would keep you awake.

The barista that was standing behind the counter was utterly gorgeous and you had lost your voice for a second as you saw him walk around, wiping down the counter and pushing his long curls from his forehead with a rough hand, humming. His nametag had said Ethan and he looked gorgeous in the obligatory white shirt that clung to him in all the right places. You had marveled at the stripe of red at the front of his hair, stuttering out your order when he had smiled gently, greeting you.

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anonymous asked:

oo now write a long post about klance

I’m gonna mix this up with some hopeful optimism and practical sense. lol

Realistically the way their relationship is set up is questionable. Many of their interactions fall under a lot of the romantic tropes used in television and writing. At first you can argue that their banters started off sort of harsh but you can’t deny that it slowly grows into more teasing and fondness (plus Lance and Keith are natural opposites). Which a lot of friendships or even relationships start out with because you don’t know the person too well. Especially because who knows how long these guys were at the garrison and interacted with each other beforehand, imagine getting thrown into space with people who were in one of your new semester college courses. It probably feels like that. They’ve barely had anytime to actually hang out and get to know each other. I think with Shiro’s absence it’ll really make the team as a whole grow closer because not gonna lie, I think Shiro as a leader did too good of a job which didn’t allow them much room to grow, because they didn’t have to.

But now with Shiro gone, personalities and feelings will clash. Just like in S2EP8, Lance calls Keith out about being a hothead and if you look at Keith’s face, my interpretation is that he can’t even argue with that because it’s true. There will probably be a big klance arc next season, which is why I believe they didn’t heavily focus on it in the second season. “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check”[X]. now that Shiro is gone who will keep Keith in check? Who is the only person that calls Keith out on his rash and impulsive moves? Lance. They will probably argue and it will probably be emotional but it’s going to make Keith and Lance grow even closer to one another. They are setting it up big time for future seasons.

Okay I’m gonna talk about the classic bonding moment, what gets me here is the juxtaposition in every aspect. You first see Shiro and Pidge but they are framed in the corner to not be the main focus of the entire scene. The lighting, the hand hold, the soft smiles! “We are a good team”. There is no doubt in my mind this is foreshadowing to something, at least to the great space ranger parters theory, especially now that Shiro will be gone for who knows how long. You see how well they actually work together like during the balmera arc, there was little bickering and they made an excellent team. They balance each other so well and they aren’t showcasing it for nothing. Plus after the whole “bonding moment”, Keith is super eager for Lance to come out of the healing pod and it’s not like Lance was in there for a week. Allura literally said “He should be fine after a day in here.” Allura has to swipe Keith’s hand away from tapping on the glass and being impatient because he wants to see Lance that badly.

We have to remember in animation even the tiniest things aren’t put there for nothing. There are some minor things that make me believe something will happen between Keith and Lance. “Is the princess with you, with you?” In S2EP6, Currently in the series it could be hinting at confusion for Lance because it’s never really specified and it’s important to take in those small details (they could have easily just written in something like “wow don’t touch the princess", but we got a very vague thing twice in the same episode. “You don’t think they’re sittin in a tree?”) We know Lance only flirted with Allura a few times in the second season and if he really cared that much of Allura’s possibly status (although she’s clearly not interested) he wouldn’t have cared that deeply or hit on other aliens. So why would he care that much? To me, It’s more like “Jealousy thy name is Lance.”

As for Keith, in S1EP6 he is straight up being playful with Lance. Having the softest smile while talking to him and then proceeding to tease Lance about not hearing him yet whose lion is not seen at the very last shot of the episode because he went to go rescue Lance from being chained to a tree? Then again with the cute space asteroid fight when Keith throws a snowball at Lance’s face. “Huh, like that?” It’s fun and playful. You could also interpretate these as innocent flirting, but it also shows them getting along and being dorks.

Bonus: Not to mention that every time Lance flirts when Keith is around they just happen to always show Keith’s reaction.

“But I think there is, to some extent, at some point you’ll find that one person that above all you kind of fall in love with a little bit and realize that it’s nice to have that one person than kind of just going all over the place. Not spoiling too much, but yeah. He’ll mature in all ways” [X].

I know this wasn’t a super deep “love” analysis on klance but it fuels the space ranger partner theory I’m kind of hoping for in season three, plus partners can be interpreted in every way. Enemies turn into friends all the time and friends can turn into lovers. Jeremy has called them bromance, partners, frenemies and the fact that he said the creators are aiming for a slow burn says that yes, klance still has a chance.

Whisper to a Scream

I have no request for this but it’s an idea that popped into my head. 

Warning for violence. 

“Good morning, Sunshine,” Jughead murmured into Betty’s ear, placing a light kiss on her temple. He handed her a to-go cup filled with coffee, just as he had every morning since they started dating.

“Good morning,” Betty smiled. She closed her locker and held her textbook under her elbow. “Where’s your darling roommate?” She quipped. Jughead and Archie always showed up together.

Jughead shrugged as he sipped on his own coffee, his book-bag slung over his shoulder. “He said something about Veronica wanting to show him something before class, so they’re probably in the janitor’s closet making out.” 

Betty burst out laughing. They turned away from the bank of lockers and started towards their first class.

“Did you finish the History essay? Archie’s light was out pretty early last night.” 

Jughead readjusted the strap on his shoulder. “Yeah, I finished it in the kitchen, Archie passed out and was snoring, so I let him get his beauty sleep.” Jughead quipped as they entered the classroom. 

Archie and Veronica rushed in behind them, just as the teacher started her lesson.

When their first class was over, Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Kevin all had a free period. Because it was raining heavily, they decided to go to the library.

Archie sat at a round table near a bank of windows and opened a notebook. He started to scribble down song lyrics. Jughead looked through the bookshelves and found The Killer Book of Serial Killers to pass the time. Betty did trigonometry homework, as did Kevin. Veronica read Romeo and Juliet for English.

They weren’t allowed to play music in the Library for the consideration of those studying; all you could hear were pencils scratching paper and keyboards clacking. 

That’s when they heard it - Betty looked up from her textbook in confusion; Jughead knew exactly what it was and it made his blood run cold.

“Was that…?” Kevin whispered.

Another shot rang in the hall, louder this time, closer.

Students started scrambling around them - books and papers went flying, chairs toppled over, some students around them ran for the shelves in the back of the Library. 

Jughead pulled Betty off her chair and shoved her under the table they were sitting at. “Everybody get under the table!” He hissed to his friends.

Chairs toppled over above them. Veronica and Kevin scrambled under the table next to them. 

This is a code red - repeat, this is a code red.” A voice read over the PA system.

“Archie!” Jughead hissed.

Archie slowly knelt down. “Jug, I think we should move something in front of the library doors.” His hands were shaking.

Another bang. This time there was screaming. 

“Okay,” Jughead murmured. He crawled out from under the table. 

“Don’t,” Betty whispered. A single tear rolled down her cheek - she swiped it away furiously.

Jughead squeezed Betty’s hand quickly. “I’ll be right back, I promise.”  

Betty watched Archie and Jughead sprint away from them quickly. She had Kevin and Veronica on either side of her. Kevin was biting his lip so hard, blood had formed. Veronica was rolling her pearls between her fingers.

A single tear rolled down Betty’s cheek. She slowly started counting in her mind. Was she waiting for the next gunshot, or for Jughead and Archie to come back to the table?

Another scream in the hallway.

Betty made it to twenty-one in her mind when she heard muffled footsteps. She opened her eyes to see two pairs of shoes - she knew they belonged to Jughead and Archie.

They both scrambled under the table - Jughead wrapped his arms as best he could around Betty. “Shh,” He whispered in her ear. “It’s okay.”

“D-did you see anything?” Veronica whispered.

“No,” said Archie, his voice breaking.

Betty squeezed Jughead’s forearm. She could feel her nails breaking his skin, but she couldn’t move.

Jughead’s breath caught in his voice as they heard a fresh round of shots followed by a blood curdling scream. The room was silent when they heard the library door handle jiggle.

Veronica sucked in a breath as they heard thuds against the door. They grew louder and louder until they heard the door crack open.

Kevin was taking shallow breaths. He slowly placed his hand over Veronica’s.

“Come out, come out wherever you are.” A haunting voice called out.

Betty gripped Jughead’s arm tighter, fresh tears welling in her eyes.

“I said come out!” The voice yelled angrily, knocking a stack of books over.

Veronica shook next to Betty. Betty closed her eyes, trying to control her breathing.

“Chuck?” A voice squeaked above their table. It sounded like Ethel Muggs. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Back the fuck up, Ethel.”

Footsteps. Betty squeezed Jughead’s arm tighter. He gently brushed his thumb across Betty’s hand. He hoped she couldn’t tell he was shaking.

The smell of urine filled Betty’s nostrils. She didn’t know where it was coming from.

“Have you seen that little bitch? I know you have.” Chuck hissed at Ethel. “Where is she?” Footsteps as he moved closer.

Ethel screamed, but no shots went off. It sounded like she was gasping for air. 

Betty turned slowly to look at Jughead - even making the smallest of movements terrified her. Jughead’s eyes were red rimmed, but she saw no tears. His face was hardened. 

Ethel’s body dropped to the floor in front of them - her hands were clasped around her throat; she was gasping for air.

Betty choked back a sob. She released Jughead’s forearm, barely noticing the bloody marks she left behind, only to grasp his hand instead. 

“C’mon bitch I know you’re in here!” Chuck yelled again as he flipped a desk on the other side of the room. 

A fresh round of shots went off. They heard someone gasp.

“I love you,” Jughead whispered in Betty’s ear. He slipped his hand out of her grasp.

Before Betty could fathom what was happening, Jughead crept out from under the table.

“Chuck, stop this.” Jughead said, voice unwavering.

“Ha,” Chuck spat. “I should’ve known if I was looking for Betty, her little bitch would show up instead.”

Betty’s blood ran cold.

“Why are you looking for Betty?” Jughead asked. “She’s never done anything to you.”

Betty felt a warm hand cup her palm. Veronica squeezed weakly.

Chuck laughed coldly. “Never done anything to me? She almost drowned me. She got me kicked off the football team. She got me suspended. She ruined my life! So now, I’m going to ruin hers.”

“I can’t let you do that,” Jughead said firmly.

Betty peered under the table to see if she could see anything. Two pairs of feet, inches apart. Books all over the floor. Tables flipped over. Chairs pushed aside. There were two students across the room, hiding under a table. She couldn’t tell who they were.

Ethel was lying on the ground, in front of the table Betty was hiding under. She was facing away from them, breathing shallowly.

“Yeah?” Chuck said menacingly. “And what are you going to do about it? You’re what, 120 pounds? You need to step the fuck back and tell your girl to get out here. I’ve got a gun, remember?”

Betty heard the sound of the gun cocking. She wimpered audibly.

“You want her, you’re going to have to get through me.” 

Betty saw the feet step even closer together. 

“That won’t be a problem.” 

The sound of the gun firing ripped Betty through her core.

“Jug!” She screamed. The force felt like her throat was exploding.

“Found her,” Chuck murmured. She heard footsteps.

There was a sudden flurry of movement as Chuck turned towards their table. People in masks and suits tased Chuck and tackled him to the ground.

After what seemed like an eternity, they cuffed him and lead him away. Betty crawled out from under the table and over to where Jughead was laying on the ground. He was bleeding profusely.

“Jughead,” Betty murmured, tears streaming down her face. She placed both hands over his wound. “Jughead, please, open your eyes.” She hiccuped.

Officers rushed over to them. Sobs were wracking Betty’s body. 

“Jughead don’t leave me. I’ll be lost without you,” She whispered, cupping her hands over his wound. Blood was still rushing out of him. His breathing was shallow.

“We need to move him, Miss, and you need to come with us.” Someone pulled her up by her underarms. 

“Betty,” Veronica sobbed as they were rushed away from the scene. 

“I can’t leave him,” Betty whimpered brokenly. ”Please.”

A/N: So, I only made Chuck the gunman because the only person he was the only person I could think of, other than Jughead, that would have a motive.

A Choice

James Potter x Reader x Sirius Black

Hey! Can you please do a one shot where both James and Sirius like the reader and Sirius is like “But didn’t you like Evans, Prongs” and they get so competitive and that stuff. With lots of fluff please. Who ends up with her it’s up to you :) thanks

Originally posted by spaceythangs

Originally posted by nellaey

As soon as Y/N leaves the dormitory stairs, she is accosted by Sirius. “What’s up, Pads?” she asks, readjusting the multiple heavy books in her arms. She’s taking so many classes that all her books don’t even fit in her bag.

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Between the Pages - A Tree Bros WIP

Evan just needed a book to finish his essay. 

Hey, guys!! So I made a little post earlier about the fic I’m in the process of writing. I realize it’s going to be a bit longer before I’m ready to release it on AO3 so I decided to post the first little bit. I hope you guys enjoy, and I hope that I don’t leave you guys waiting too long after this!!

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listen though I love this scene so much?

Because up until now we’ve had the very newly blind, stumbling, tentative-ish Iggy who’s doing his best with his newfound injury but there’s limitations and he has to rely on the guys and there’s no getting around that. So we see him kind of curled in on himself, walking with his hand out, tripping and falling a lot, etc

Then this scene, which isn’t even that far in time from his injury (a few weeks, I believe) and even less from the stumbling Iggy we see in the mines and yet he 

hears Noctis’s voice “clear as day” while they’re in a whole other room, which means he’s getting so much better at distinguishing sound which is going to be the sense he relies on most. He picked up on conversation on the train but this is a whole new level of being attuned and because he’s been able to improve on what he can do instead of what he can’t?

He can help?? Look at him go?? He just whirls around and takes off and gives Gladio a heart attack in the process because we haven’t seen Iggy like this since the injury?? Look at his posture, boy just turns and strides off. That is a stride. I mean it’s almost a strut. Look at that determination. Look at that purpose. No uneven gait. No fumbling in his darkness. He just goes. That stick isn’t even touching the ground. And Gladiolus is just like omg Iggy plz but Iggy is literally, 100% Gladio, I got this.

We see him start working with magic and that’s a scene on its own as far as Ignis’s progress goes, but this?? is just? so good??

yeah so here’s more meta (is this meta. it’s just my meiwhgeEGWJ screaming into the abyss really.) that no one asked for but I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELS ABOUT IGNIS’S ARC AND THEN VERSE 2 HAPPENED i’m so happy this scene just makes me so so happy and proud of this ray of sunshine

How to succeed in high school

We were doing this timed essay to prepare for the AP language and comp test. They aren’t usually for a grade but I’m generally pretty good about doing my best. Thing is…we do these timed essays A LOT and I have been getting bored. So one day we had to analyze this excerpt from some dudes memoir and I was NOT having it so instead of writing it I just wrote the entire Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and just turned it in. Apparently she decided to take this one for a grade. I got a 100%. Hickle DICKle yis

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Hermione Granger x Pansy Parkinson
Warnings:  HP spoilers

Pansy Parkinson felt lonely.
And she never thought she actually would be.


After the war, there was a small percentage of students returning to Hogwarts to finish their schooling. Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, and The Golden Trio were some of them.

It was mid-September when Pansy realized Draco wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. She had tried, for days, weeks. Poured her effort into a friendship that had developed into being tragically one-sided. A relationship that was probably damned from the start.

And when Draco began dating Harry Potter, it was if Pansy has never even existed to him at all.

That’s when the loneliness began to settle in her chest - like a helpless man trapped in quicksand.


By the end of September, the staff at Hogwarts decided that because of the underwhelming number of students attending school this year, all four houses would be bunking together, additionally to provide a sense of closeness and house unity.

Pansy considered it a bad omen when she was placed in a dorm with Hermione Granger - and only Hermione Granger. 

The two girls completely ignored each other for five days.


The thing that had finally caused a conversation between Pansy and Hermione had been, interestingly enough, literature.

Pansy had been sprawled across her bed, laying on her stomach, quill scratching against parchment for a Transfiguration essay with an approaching deadline.

The Great Gatsby?” Hermione suddenly blurted out from her side of the dormitory, causing Pansy’s head to snap up, her short hair brushing alongside her neck.

“What?” she said, peering at the bushy-haired girl across the room.

“You’ve read The Great Gatsby?” Hermione reiterated, bobbing her head toward the old paperback resting on Pansy’s bedside table.

“Oh,” Pansy said, glancing at the book before turning back to Hermione. “Yeah. I think it’s the best book ever written - that I’ve yet to read.”

“Really?” Pansy found Hermione’s surprise a bit amusing. The dark-skinned Gryffindor pushed herself up on her own bed and folded her legs underneath herself. “I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but easily in my top fifteen.”

Pansy couldn’t stop the smile from creeping onto her lips. “Top fifteen? You’re insane, Granger.” She sat up and pushed her essay aside.

“I’m not insane, I just like books,” Hermione said, pushing a strand of brown hair out of her face. “And apparently you do too.”

Then they talked about books, amongst other things, into the night.

That’s how the two formerly opposing roommates became an unlikely pair of friends.


Pansy eventually opened up to Hermione about all her regrets. How she felt it wasn’t fair - it wasn’t fair that Draco had seemed to be completely forgiven by almost everyone - and she had received the short end of the stick.

It had always been hard for Pansy to communicate her true thoughts and feelings - but Hermione had managed to draw it all out of her.

And Pansy was trying to convince herself that she wasn’t developing feelings for her.

But it was so damn hard - Pansy was enthralled by so many aspects of Hermione Granger. 

The way she would gently bite her lip as she diligently completed her homework. The way her bushy hair would bounce as she walked across the room. Her utter fascination with books, and her constant push for Pansy to read all of her favorites. The way she would pour her heart into things she felt passionate about.

The way she had forgiven Pansy for who she used to be.


Pansy decided to do it one cold winter afternoon.

She was going to kiss her.

She didn’t know how; she didn’t know when. But she wanted, no, needed to do it.

And it was rushed and sloppy, the way that it happened.

Hermione was slightly bent over Pansy’s sharp shoulder as she explained a potion they had to make for class. Pansy’s pale fingers clutched the duvet of her bed as she watched Hermione’s lips move, bend, curve, press -

She leaned over suddenly and kissed Hermione hard on the mouth.

And she felt the other girl’s surprise, and worried for a moment that she had made a huge mistake. Ready to apologize, Pansy started to pull away -

But Hermione grabbed both sides of her face and kissed her back, even harder. Pansy grinned against Hermione’s silky lips.

After all, Slytherins have always had a knack for getting what they want.


After speaking to Hermione in depth about it all over several weeks, Pansy was finally convinced to do the thing she had been itching to do every since they all returned to Hogwarts.

It was a Wednesday, and Pansy had approached Draco and Harry at their spot in the Great Hall, an encouraging Hermione watching from not too far away.

“Hey,” she said hesitantly, glancing between the two boys. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Draco blinked at her, and then cleared his throat and abruptly stood up. “Yeah, sure. I -”

“Sorry, not you,” Pansy blurted, not actually meaning to sound so rude. “I meant Harry.”

Harry looked surprised as he stared at her, but nevertheless obliged right away. “Alright,” he said, placing his left hand on Draco’s shoulder as he stood up. The blonde boy sat down slowly, all whilst looking at Pansy as if she had sprouted an extra head.

Harry followed Pansy around the corner and out of the Great Hall, and she could feel Draco’s eyes digging into her back like sharpened daggers.

“What’s up, Parkinson?” Harry asked, crossing his arms over his chest and peering at her with his emerald green eyes.

“I just wanted to say-” she began, before realizing how difficult it was to actually say the words. “Erm, I, um…”

Harry Potter grinned at her, and she couldn’t help but envy his easiness around everyone, even her. His smile did seem to put her a bit more at ease - maybe it was contagious.

Pansy pressed her lips together and returned the grin. “I wanted to apologize. For everything I did, how I acted before the war. I just feel horrible about who I was. And, um-”

She began to get flustered, so naturally her fingers brushed through her thick hair. She just had the words a moment ago, but they had managed to fall into some abyss, unreachable.

Harry sensed it. “It’s okay, Pansy.” That stupid, effortless grin was still strewn across his face, but this time Pansy could tell it was wider.

“But it’s not,” she said. I almost turned you over to…”

She couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Really, it’s fine,” Harry reiterated, uncrossing his arms. “I forgive you.”

She had never heard those words before. They echoed in her ears for a moment, and she felt like a weight had lifted off of her shoulders. Her slightly chapped lips cracked into a smile as she replied, “Thank you. That means a lot.”

“Of course,” Harry said. “And, if it means anything, I’m really glad you’re with Hermione.”

Pansy’s grin grew for miles.


They were intertwined.

Figuratively, and, quite literally, as Hermione’s head rested comfortably on Pansy’s chest, their ankle bones clashing as their feet twisted together underneath the cotton sheets of Pansy’s bed. A low-hummed song was pouring from Hermione’s lips, and Pansy was inhaling the sweet scent of her hair.

Pansy’s fingers trailed lightly up and down Hermione’s arm, and she could feel the goosebumps protruding from her skin.

Even Pansy wasn’t expecting the words to fall off her lips.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

A stifling silence filled the room then, as Hermione abruptly stopped humming. Pansy’s fingers lingered over one section of Hermione’s arm as she realized what she just said out loud.

“Really?” Hermione whispered, barely audible.

Pansy swallowed. “Yeah. I, uh, I didn’t mean to say it right then and there, but… I meant it.”

Hermione turned her head to look at her then, and Pansy’s chest filled with relief as she saw the enormous smile on her love’s face.

“You’re a dork,” Hermione said, smile not fading in the slightest.

Pansy knew that was just as good as I love you too.


Soul: Why’re you wearing my old jacket?

Maka: W-What’s wrong? It’s not like you wear it anymore, so there’s no problem, is there?

Soul: … You look cute in it.

SoulxMaka(SoMa) Week 2017: Day 3 - Clothes

Jeez, my handwriting sucks…

Heeeeeyy! Have some cruddy photos taken on my phone of my sketch for Day 3! It’s so stupid… Eugh, and they’re so out of character >.<

I didn’t have time to digitalize, it, ‘cause my English teacher gave us a writing assignment today, WHICH WAS THE SAME DAY WE JUST TURNED IN AN ESSAY…

So yeah, I had to skip Day 2 because I was working on my essay. I’M SORRY!!


dp rarepair week 2017

“Tell me about green, Valerie.”

Valerie paused in typing up her essay, and turned around to see Danielle staring out her window at the green leaves slightly tinged with brown of the crisp autumn wind on the ancient oak tree outside her window.

She got up and sat quietly next to the other girl, the coach sinking under her weight, and wrapped an arm around Ellie’s middle.

“Green is the color of plants and life,” She started. “It’s your color too. When you use your powers you glow green, and light up the world with your color.”

“And your eyes are green, right?”

Valerie smiled. “Yeah. My mama had green eyes.”

Ellie gently placed her hand across Valerie’s arm, the tiny flecks of glitter in her purple nail polish glinting.

“I think green is my favorite color.”

“Grey is mine.”

“But why? I see it all the time and it’s boring.” Ellie sniffed. “I want to see colors like how you see them. Vibrant and bright. Not barely there.”

“Grey is good because it’s neutral. I can blend into a crowd while still looking good if I wear it. I don’t have to listen to rules if I’m grey, ya’know?” Valerie smiled.

“‘Sides, if I wasn’t Grey, I wouldn’t have met you.”

“Bae that’s really cheesy.” Ellie smiled, sky blue eyes shining in the dim apartment lighting.

“I know.” Valerie cupped her hands on those soft cheeks, placing a kiss on Ellie’s eyelids softly. “I know, boo.”


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Summary: Changkyun always sees the girl in the coffee store but has never done anything about it until one day

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. i’ve literally just made this up.

Members: Changkyun from Monsta X x female reader

Rating: PG

Words: 913 words

a/n: there aren’t many POC writers out there so I thought why not? we need to someone to represent because not everyone is aryan. 

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