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You know what I love in rewatching when Percy gives Vex her title - watching exactly when the cast reacts.

Matt obviously never breaks fucking character.

Marisha knew from the previous episode so she’s got this sort of smug smile the whole time like ‘yeah that’s right - he ‘bout to do That’

Travis kinda waits to the end like ‘oh shit he did That’

Sam gets A Look the second Percy says “it’s Lady Vex’ahlia” because, like much of the shippers, I’m pretty sure his mind went straight it ‘are we about to do a fake married trope???’ 

But Liam and Laura I love most, because Liam and Laura don’t react really (I mean Laura reacts a little to “it’s Lady Vex’ahlia” like ‘yes you have my attention’), but they don’t really really react until Percy says “Whitestone”.

Liam’s eyebrows shoot up and that, that is where Laura’s jaw just drops

And that’s just… thinking of those reactions in terms of characters it works so well. Like I think both Vex and Vax were aware that Percy was being a Pretentious Dick on purpose to fuck with their asshole dad, and they were cool with it. And I think both of them wouldn’t have been THAT surprised if Percy had gone ‘fake married’ trope, or just pulled a convincing-sounding title out of his ass for the conversation. 

But Percy gives her a part of Whitestone. Whitestone, which means everything to him. And it’s no wonder that Vex tells him (well, tells his dead body) that THAT is why it meant so much to her, THAT is what made her fall in love with him. He didn’t just give her a title, he gave her a part of him. 

That Thing You Do (William Nylander)


Word count: 492

Fandom: NHL (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Warnings: None just fluff

Summary: You work on some homework and Will gets distracted by something you do

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“Stop that.”, William whined from the other side of the couch.


You looked up from your computer and instead turned to see your boyfriend of 4 months who was smiling at you. He was originally watching the Oilers game (as the Oilers were the Leafs next opponent), while you were doing homework for one of your college classes.

“That thing you do when you concentrate.”, he insisted.

“That thing?”, you laughed. Will joined in, your laughs filling your Appartement.

“Yeah, that thing. You’re playing with your bottom lip when you concentrate.”, he explained.

“Oh. I didn’t even notice.”

You focused back on your work and finished writing your essay when you realized that he was right. You caught yourself biting your bottom lip and even slightly twisting it. And after you realized it, you also realized that Will’s eyes were practically glued to it, as he watched you with a big smile on his face.

“Now you’re doing it on purpose.”, he claimed playfully. 

“Totally not.”, you grinned.

A muffled scream of surprise escaped your throat when suddenly, your computer was placed on the ground and your lips were sealed. Will didn’t intend to let you continue your work anytime soon. This was his personal revenge, although you didn’t have anything against it.
The kiss you shared was long and sweet and when you separated, your forehead was leaned against his. 

“I warned you.”, he whispered.

You were practically lying on your back and he was hovering over you, leaning in for a second kiss. It was deeper than the first, and this time you were actually able to react. Your hands found their way to his shoulders while you felt his touch on your waist and on one of your cheeks. The warmth of his body reminded you that it was freezing cold outside and that you were lucky to have someone as wonderful as him stay at your place just because he liked you.

“No more working.”, he requested after you had separated again.

“Agreed. But only if you cuddle with me.”

“Everything to make the lady happy.”

You giggled a little as he was retreating back to the other side of the couch. But you were soon to follow after you saved your file and closed your computer.
You ended up lying with your head on his chest and his arms around your Torso. You knew how happy you were, but hearing the sound of his heart beating steadily reminded you of how much you really loved him.

“Babe?”, you asked.


You waited for a second since you had never said it before. But you were so sure. You gathered all of your courage before you spoke up.

“I love you.”

Your heartbeat increased and blood was rushing through your ears. It felt good to say it but deep down you were afraid he’d shoot you down. 

“I love you too.”


Note: An imagine to end the weekend. Just a fair warning to those who might be looking for new imagines, I have 5 midterms this week so I’m going to try to not write or post because it takes a lot of time and is something I always find myself doing instead of studying. So this will probably be the last one for a week or so, please don’t hate me. 

Summary: You have an essay due soon, but Shawn keeps interrupting your focus because he just wants to be close to you.


“Baby?” You hear Shawn’s voice from across the room.

You’re seated at the desk at the hotel you two are staying at for the night. You’re trying to finish a paper that’s due at midnight. “Yeah Shawn?” you answer, not looking up or turning your eyes away from the screen.

“Can you come lie down?” He requests.

You turn around now. He’s sitting up in bed, shirtless, looking over at you expectantly. You bite your lip just looking at him. You want to, so badly, but this essay is worth a huge part of your grade, and it’s due in an hour. If you lie down with him now, there is no way you’re going to finish it.

“I want to…” You trail off, really considering it.

“Come. I just want to be close to you.”

You make up your mind. “Babe, you know this paper is huge and if I don’t stay here and work on it, I know I’ll get nothing done.”

“Okay, fine.” He concedes.

You’ve tried working on it in bed already, but it doesn’t work. You can’t focus, and Shawn definitely does not help. You really need to focus on this paper. You console yourself with the fact that you’ll just have to work really hard for an hour, and then you can spend the rest of the night with Shawn. It’s a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things, and as much as you want to, you just can’t afford to turn in a half-finished paper for this class.

You finally gain your focus back, and you’re even more determined than ever to get this paper over with. Not even five minutes later, you feel Shawn’s hands on your shoulders. He’s standing behind you, but you were so focused you didn’t even hear him get out of the bed. He starts massaging your shoulders. “Mmm, that feels good babe, but what are you doing?”

“I missed you.” He replies, still massaging your shoulders.

“I’ve been like twenty feet away.”

“Too far.” He states. “Are you almost done?”  

“Not really,” you admit.

“How can I help?”

“I don’t think there’s much you can do, I just need to finish it up.”

He stops massaging your shoulders, leaning down and lightly kissing the top of your head.

“Do you want food?” He asks.
You give him a strange look. It’s past eleven at night, and you guys had a big dinner not too much earlier.

“Coffee?” He asks next.

“No thanks, but thanks for offering babe. Could you just maybe grab me a bottle of water?”

“Of course.” He says before retrieving one from the fridge. You thank him and take a long sip. Putting the bottle down, you return your attention to the words that have been taunting you on your screen. Now you have forty-five minutes left to finish this. You have no choice, no more excuses, you’ve just got to finish it.

You’re typing away when Shawn grabs your hand away from your keyboard, forcing you to look up at him questioningly. He knows full well that he keeps interrupting you, and he looks a little sorry for it, but not very sorry.

“Can you sit on my lap?”

“Shawn,” You’re about to say no because he always distracts you from getting your work done. And the closer he is, the more distracted you get. That’s one of the reasons why you’re in this time crunch in the first place.

“Please, I’ll sit right there,” He says, pointing to the seat you’re currently sitting on. “And I won’t bother you. I won’t even talk. I’ll be good, I promise.” He says, and you almost laugh at how much he seems like a little kid right now. “I’ll let you finish your paper. I won’t bother you. I just want to hold you.”

“Okay,” you agree. There’s no way you could have said no to that. You stand up so that he can sit down. As you get situated on his lap, you remind him, “Shawn, I really need to work on this. I don’t have much time.”

“I know.” He wraps his arms around you. “I’m not going to bother you at all, I won’t even talk from now until midnight.”

You give him a skeptical look, not really believing him, but you just say, “Okay, thanks babe.” And you get back to work. The ticking clock is stressing you out, but Shawn’s now silent presence calms you.

Forty minutes later, you finally submit it with minutes to spare. “Done!” You say happily.

“Yay!” Shawn replies, speaking for the first time in forty minutes.

You shut your laptop, and stand up, suddenly exhausted. You’re mid yawn when Shawn picks you up off your feet and carries you towards the bed. “I still have to brush my teeth and get ready for bed.” You inform him. So he carries you to the bathroom instead, setting you down gently in front of the sink before walking back out. He had already brushed his teeth and gotten ready for bed a while ago. Once you’re done, you find Shawn in bed again, and this time you can actually join him. You turn off the lights and crawl next to him in bed. He wraps his arms around you, and you snuggle into his chest, breathing in his scent, and treasuring the feeling of being close to him before you finally let sleep take you.

To the Extreme

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Young!James Potter x Reader

Words: 1229

Prompt from:

“I don’t feel good…”

“That’s probably the guilt, you’ll be fine.”

Why? Why did you have to agree to this? You knew it was going to be bad! Why did you do it? Oh yeah, ‘cause you have a crush on James Freaking Potter, that’s why!

James came up with the brilliant idea of starting a prank war with Sirius whilst you two were working on your potions essay. He asked you if you wanted to help him out and for some reason, that reason being his dreamy eyes and mischievous smirk, you agreed.

You two were currently looming over Sirius’ sleeping form in the boys’ dormitory. James had the idea of using a spell to turn Sirius’ hair into different colors depending on his mood. At first, you thought it was going to be fun, but now that you were standing over Sirius, you weren’t feeling right.

“I don’t feel good, James.” You whispered to him as he readied himself for the spell.

“That’s probably the guilt, you’ll be fine.” He whispered back. You held your breath as he muttered the spell. Your eyes widened as a rainbow mist flowed from the tip of his wand and landed onto Sirius’ hair. You watched as his hair changed from black to yellow. You chuckled at the sight.

“See,” James nudged you, “Nothing bad. He just looks bloody ridiculous.”

“Okay, but why did I have to help you in the first place?” You looked at him curiously.

“So I’m not the only one taking the blame.” He smiled and winked at you making your heart flutter.

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remember that essay i felt really bad about submitting? yeah i got an A on that ? ?? iDK HOW ?? but i did and my theory is that its because of my intensive interest in literature that in turn made me have to be excellent at essay writing. so even when i feel i’m underperforming i’m still doing about B or A- quality work  

dreams {smut: m.e.}

“Do a Matt smut please please.”

plot twist: you get caught in the act 
It was peaceful in the Espinosa house. Both Matt and your little 2 year old daughter, Isabel, were sleeping. You were sitting at your desk in your room, typing out an essay and sipping on your hot tea. “YN,” Matt whimpered, you turned back around to face him. “Yeah, babe?” He was still sleeping peacefully, you got up and looked over to him. His hand was in his boxers, like always. But only this time his hand was moving. “YN, fuck..” He groaned, his hand picking up pace. You’re eyes widen as you realized what was happening. “Aw, you’re dreaming about me, baby boy?” You took his hand out of his pants and sat on his lap. You slowly ground your hips into his. “YN,” he moaned rather loudly. “Matthew!” You whispered yelled. His eyes snapped open and he almost screamed until you covered his mouth. “If you want me to fix your boner and make your dreams a reality then you need to shut the hell up before you wake up Isabel!” You whisper yelled and he nodded. You bent down and connected your lips with his, continuing grinding. You kissed down his neck, your hands lighting pulling on his hair. “YN,” he whimpered softly. He was so hard underneath you. You pulled your oversized shirt up and off. He bit his lip at the sight of your chest. You pull his boxers down and wrapped your hand around his shaft and pumped a few times, “Ready?” You questioned. He nodded quickly you laughed quietly and slipped your underwear off, sliding onto his dick. “You’re so beautiful, YN. I’m so happy I married you.” He smile and so do you. You start to roll your hips, causing you both to moan. “S-so beautiful.” He groaned. You slid up and down his dick. Light moans falling from your lips as you started bouncing. “YN,” he whimpered, gripping your hips. A signal for you to go faster. You nodded and bounced a little harder. “M-Matt,” you moaned quietly and bit your lip. He began to rub quick, hard figure eights on to your clit. You groaned and went faster. It was getting harder and harder for you to maintain your moans and you knew Matt was close by the way he held the pillow over his face. You picked up your pace quickly. You bite down on your hands to muffle your sounds and right as Matt’s orgasm racks through him you hear a soft, little voice in the doorway. “Momma? Dada?” Isabel questioned, pushing your door open. You found the closest shirt and slipped it on quickly. You went to get off but Matt, grabbed your hips and shook his head no. He wasn’t done yet. “Matthew! Out daughters right there..” You whispered as Isabel came tottering in. “Hi momma!” She smiled, her cup in hand. “Hi, baby.” You smiled and looked down to matthew. He let of a sigh of relief and you knew he had finished. You pulled the blankets up around you two and slid off of his dick, pulling his boxers up. You then pulled the blankets down and took the corner of one and wiped the inside of your thighs. You got up and walks over to Isabel. “What are you doing up, baby?” You questioned. “I heard daddy make noises and I wanted to come in here and play with you guys!” She smiled happily, sucking on her thumb. Matt laughed and you blushed. Well, this was a first.. “Well, we aren’t gonna play any more… Were going to bed. And so should you.” You said carrying her out of the room. You laid her down and tucked her in again. She said her goodnights and quickly fell back asleep. When you walk back into your room Matt was up and smiling at you. “I can’t wait to have another one.” He says happily. “What are you talking about, Matt?” You asked, taking a sip of your now warm tea. “I didn’t have a condom on, you ran out of birth control last week and didn’t get a refill and voila! In 9 months we’re gonna have a little Isabel 2.0!” He exclaimed. You groaned deeply. “Matthew Lee Espinosa! I’m gonna kill you.” 


Keep Your Place

Boys will be boys, and he’s only mean to you because he likes you. Don’t get mad when he catcalls you; don’t you know how to take a compliment? A girl who looks like you should take what she can get. And a girl who looks like that? Well, she’s only getting what she’s asking for. Let me show you how to dress so you don’t look like her. Surely you weren’t planning on actually leaving the house wearing that. Cover your shoulders, darling, that’s far too much skin you’re showing. Your skirt is way too short; why don’t you go put on a nice pair of pants? Oh, wait, not those ones. They’re too tight. No, not that shirt either - too low cut. You’re just asking for it leaving the house like that. But…hold on a minute…jeans and a t-shirt? Girls are supposed to be hot, not look like they just rolled out of bed. Surely you can do better than that. Spice it up a little, honey. You’ll never get a guy looking like that. Oh, here, let me show you how to wear your makeup - how to make yourself beautiful.

Everyone wants a girl who looks like a doll, but no one wants a girl who wears enough makeup to actually look like a perfect porcelain angel. You have to look natural, but never makeup-less. Oh, and don’t forget to style your hair; they can’t see you with even a strand out of place. Wait. Hang on. Is that a new haircut I see? Why so short? God, you’re not gay, are you? Are you trying to get mistaken for a boy? Grow it out. You’re not feminine enough. No boy wants a girl who’s that masculine. Speaking of which, shouldn’t you have a boyfriend by now? If you’re not careful, you’ll end up alone. You don’t want that, do you? Okay, no, stop. I take it back. Now you just look desperate. Everyone knows he has to hit on you first. Don’t you know anything?

Hey now, hold up there, young lady! Just where do you think you’re going so late at night? Go out alone like that and we might never see you again. Haven’t you learned by now that you’re just not safe on your own once the sun goes down? There’s pepper spray hooked on your keyring for a reason. Oh, you’re going to a party? Make sure you never let your drink out of your sight, or it might end up being the last one you ever have. But surely not every guy is like that, right? Surely you won’t be the girl who becomes just another unsolved case - a file shoved into the bottom of a drawer somewhere. Surely you couldn’t possibly be that unlucky. But don’t people say the same thing in a game of Russian Roulette? You don’t call the shots, love, and if you don’t follow these rules, the world might just chew you up and spit you out. You might end up being just another girl who couldn’t learn to stay in line and keep her place.

I Promise (Jonnor FanFic)

Prompt: AU where Jude has bad dreams of his past foster homes where he was hit/treated poorly. These nightmares cause Jesus and/or Connor to wake up and comfort him.

Warning: POV Change; slight abusive scene

((will also be posting this on my instagram: jonnor.fics ))

<Third Person POV>

“Dont you two stay up too late. Jesus has an early practice and he needs to be there on time since he has a meet later this week. Goodnight boys,” Lena left Jude and Connor in Jude and Jesus’ room. Jesus was on his laptop, headphones in, typing up an essay for school.

“Jude?” Connor asked.

“Yeah?” Jude turned to his boyfriend. They were sitting practically on top of each other on Jude’s bed.

“You think we could get away with sleeping in the same bed tonight? I just really wanna cuddle with you,” Connor looked up at Jude with a pout on his face. Jude giggled and kissed his cheek.

“I think we can get away with it,” Jude mumbled.


~~~Two Hours Later~~~

Jude and Connor were cuddling together, just talking, when Jesus started to get ready for bed.

“Hey, lovebirds, im going to sleep now so turn off your light and shut the door, please,” Jesus said from his side of the room. Jude stood up, flicking the lights off and slowly shutting the door. Jude climbed back into his bed with Connor. Connor kissed Jude’s forehead and mumbled a sleepy “Good night” before pulling Jude closer to his body and soon falling asleep, Jude close behind him.

<Jude’s POV>

I was in my last foster home before coming here; to the Fosters’ home. I was doing dishes. Callie must have been in juvy at that time. I dropped a bowl while trying to get it on a high shelf. It shattered to pieces and i heard my foster father coming from the living room.

“What the hell did you do?” He shouted. I cowered and started picking up the shattered pieces.

“Im sorry. I was trying to get this on the shelf with all the other bowls and i dropped it. I’ll clean it up,” I said quietly.

“Damn right you’ll clean it up! Come here. I said come here, boy,” He yelled. I slowly stopd up and walked over to him.

“Yes sir?” I looked up at him and he slapped his hand across my face

“Dont ever drop my stuff again, got that?” I wanted to answer him, but i couldnt find the words. “Excuse me?” He waited a moment longer for me to answer before slapping me across the face once more, pushing me to the ground, and kicking me a few times. I apologized over and over again until he finally let up, leaving me on the kitchen floor as he got ready for bed.

<Connor’s POV>

I woke up to Jude rustling around. I smiled down at his sleeping form. He looked so innocent and painless in his sleep. When awake, he was tense around people he wasnt comfortable with and he always had a layer of hurt in his eyes. I tightened my grip around Jude and buried my face in his hair when he whimpered. I froze and waited. He kept whimpering; getting louder with each one. I looked over when Jesus started rustling in his sleep. I looked back down at Jude and gently kissed his forehead. Jude then cowered away and tried to push me away. I guessed he was still asleep because he would never do that when awake. I tried to wake Jude up, but he just let out quiet scream and pushed me off the bed. Hearing the loud “thump” my body created when connecting with the floor, Jesus bolted awake.

“Whats going on?” He asked, coming over to Jude’s side of the room.

“I dont know,” I said before looking at Jude. “I-I think he is having a nightmare. We should probably get him awake.” Jesus nodded and kneeled down next to Jude’s bed. I kneeled next to him and looked at Jude.

“Hey, Jude. You got wake up, bro. You’re okay. We’re not gonna hurt you. I promise,” Jesus said soothingly. I placed my hand on Jude’s cheek.

“Jude, please wake up,” I was starting to get worried. I climbed into bed with Jude and slightly shook his shoulder. Jude slowly woke up after a few minutes. When he saw Jesus and I looking at him worriedly, he immediately sat up and threw his arms around my waist, whimpering with tears cascading down his cheeks. Jesus climbed in next to us and wrapped his arms around his brother and slightly around me.

“Shh. Jude, its okay. Just tell us what happened. Did you have a nightmare?” Ive never seen Jesus so kind towards his younger brother. Ive never seen him so kind in general. I guess he really does love Jude. Jude slightly nodded, still clinging onto me for dear life.

“I was in my last foster home before coming here,” Jude started shakily. “My foster father, he was abusive. Callie was only in juvy in the first place because he had hit me and she hated it when i was hurt or sad or anything bad. She tried interfering, but he wouldnt have any of it. She ended up beating the hell out of his car. But, in my dream, Callie must have been in juvy because she wasnt there. I was doing the dishes and I dropped a bowl while trying to put it on the top shelf and it broke. He- my foster father- started yelling and hitting me over and over again. Then he left me on the kitchen floor. It wasnt the worst he had done to either me or Callie but it hurt, a lot. Im sorry for waking you, it was just a stupid dream.”

“No, Jude, it wasnt stupid. Your past is not stupid. You went through some bad things and thats okay because now you have a good life and youre so safe. Jude, no one in this house will ever hurt you and we will all do everything we can to make sure no one will ever hurt you again. Im sorry you’ve been hurt before, but i promise i wont hurt you. I swear on my life i wont ever do that to you. Never apologize for what you have gone through. We wont ever judge you for what you have gone through. You dont have to tell us everything, but if something is bothering you, please dont keep it to yourself. I’ll do everything i can to just make you feel a little bit better, I promise,” I kissed Jude gently on the top of his head after my little speech. Jesus looked over at me and smiled thankfully.

“We all love you, dude. You can trust us. Now, get some sleep,” Jesus ruffled Jude’s hair and went back to his bed. I laid back down with Jude still in my arms once i hear Jesus settle down in his bed.

“Thank you, Connor,” Jude whispered. I looked over at him and smiled.

“Anytime, Jude. I’ll always be here. Even if you dont want me, I’ll stick with you,” I said truthfully.

“You’re the best,” Jude said, snuggling into me.

I kissed his forehead and let my lips linger there, “I know.”

Jews in Modern Media: A Discussion

A friend and I had a conversation which I have edited and turned into a sort of essay. Explanations are indented in this manner.

Friend: Can I complain to you about represtation of Jews in media? American Media, that is.
So, I was watching this Idea Channel video ( and I was like, yeah every minority is getting their time in the spotlight, by Jews are still off to the side. It’s like the world is saying “The world is diverse! But Jews are still all white and assimilated” /Only defined by the Holocaust (i.e. Magneto)and/or Israel. But that’s totally untrue! If, Ms.Marvel is awesome for being the first Muslim character to headline a comic (which she is), why not so with an openly Jewish Jew?

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Oh, right, I got a new job.

Will officoally start tomorrow but since I am still hired at my summer employment I can’t really start working until the 22nd. (I still get paid during the days between the 11h and 22nd though?!)

So what will I be doing from now on?

Well, the principal at one of my internships from the beginning of my education (we’re talking 3 years ago) emailed me and offered me a fulltime position. I had to turn her down because I am still writing my final essay for the teacher’s program this fall - but then she offered me a 50% position instead, and a paycheck that kind of blew me a way a little bit, considering that I don’t even have my teacher’s lisence yet…

But yeah, long story short: I am officially hired as a history teacher at the high school I was most eager to apply for a job at! I haven’t got any English Language courses this year, but five different history classes and a group of students who I will be mentoring.

Am freaking out a bit (or a LOT - AAAAHHH) about all this still but I am also incredibly excited to finally get to start the proffession I’ve been studying for over 5 years to take on!