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Vocaloid Songs which were singing by Seiyuu

When I listening to my favorite playlist, I just think why I don’t post my favorite vocaloid song which were singing by seiyuu. I think this post it is not restrictive with EXIT TUNES presents ACTORS, even EXIT TUNES presents ACTORS is specialized with vocaloid songs.

Vocaloid song has their own way to convey amused stories. I always find Vocaloid genre is more into me, especially with the dark, horror theme. Well, I prefer song that makes me think than so occasional song or western song. They convey the story with really intriguing yet the story is more into sensitive case for society.

PS NOTE: I don’t listening to whole of vocaloid songs, so gladly you can tell me something lacks or missing.

  • Lost One Weeping – Neru feat. KENN (EXIT TUNES presents ACTORS)

This is one of my favorite songs ever. Lost One Weeping has meaningful thing for me. I had written about this song on my instagram, when I think up this song. The story is about questioning the burdens of education. This song is conveying the reality of education. For more you can look up this link.

  • Pomp and Circumstance – Umetora feat. Nojima Kenji (EXIT TUNES presents ACTORS)

Even kensho ono sing this song too, I will choose Nojima Kenji ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ version. Yeah, it’s not about my top three seiyuu list, but what kind genre of this song. This song is kind seductive with assertive tempt. Believe me, when you listening to the cover or utaite version, they are seriously ‘moaning’ for this song. That’s why I just laughing all the time for listening to Ono Kensho’s ‘Pomp and Circumstance’. Nojima Kenji was nailed to be cool guy who flirting the girl, even he with a little assertive and kind ikemen type.

  • Yoshiwara Lament – Asa feat. Ono Yuuki (EXIT TUNES presents ACTORS)

Ono Yuuki can represent the melancholy feeling of this song. This song is more stories about geisha who was lost his love and was sold by her parent to pay the debt. Even the moaning in the part of bridge is kind cute for Ono Yuuki, but I get the feel for his singing.  

  • Kanzen Hanzai Love Letter – 150 feat. Takuma Terashima (SHUEN NO SHIORI RE:write)

Shuen no Shiori is series which inspired by urban legend in Japan. So yeah, murdering case, not… mostly is occultism. But I don’t know why Takuma Terashima can bring this song with conveying scared feeling. Because yes, a lot of whispering for this song. And the prologue was bringing by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. My favorite part is reff when actually I just feeling it was scared, or more into screaming. You have to hear bridge part, more like whispering and asking why. And yes screaming part is still one of my favorite.

  • Romeo – HoneyWoks feat. Lip x Lip ~ Kouki Uchiyama x Nobunaga Shimazaki ~ (HoneyWorks ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai~)

First time I listening to this song is “Kya… wait, Kouki as Kouki Uchiyama ???? I never heard his singing, why this song is too good…” That’s my first impression for this song. Yeah actually I am following “Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai”. But it’s not something sensitive case; typically HoneyWorks always brings cheerful yet beautiful youth story involving romance. This story is more idol type which is bringing by Lip x Lip unit. This song is would be new chapter for new heroine love story.

  • Garaguta Innocence –Last Note feat. Hosoya Yoshimasa (Mikagura Gakuen)

I put Garaguta Innocence as my favorite song from Hosoya Yoshimasa. Because yes, this story is about his misfit in society and I am glad that Hosoya Yoshimasa can sing this song into really good pace. For more, you can look up this link.

  • Ima Suki ni Naru –triangle story- - HoneyWorks feat. Hanae Natsuki (HoneyWorks ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai~)

Well, yes actually this song is another version for the same song, “Ima Suki ni Naru”. But with Stellar talent of Hanae Natsuki and this song is piano version. Whoah…. I kind love this song, better than original song. The story is about kouhai who looks up the senpai, like “senpai notice me” and having crush with her senpai. It would be spoiler for me to tell you since yes, this story is main story of Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai.

  • Mono Poisoner ~Dokusen’yoku~ – Deco*27 feat. Arthur Lounsbery (EXIT TUNES presents ACTORS)

Yes, even Arthur is new seiyuu, he is talented seiyuu. Have you heard ‘Limited Sky’ from High School Star Musical ? That’s really first song that he had singing, and yes he can convey the feeling. So yes Mono Poisoner is another song that him. This song is having some of tricky note, yet he can hit the note very well. The chorus is really something most like rage. There is part like being addicting about his abusing, yet well he can show it really good.

  • Ama no Jaku – 164 feat. Ono Kensho (EXIT TUNES presents ACTORS)

This is me who like Kensho or because I like how he sing this song. Even yes, he is not really more into like expressing much, but actually Kensho is really good with Rock song than his “Pomp and Circumstance” version.

  • WAVE – niki feat. Ono Kensho (EXIT TUNES presents ACTORS)

Yes, another Kensho Ono version. But yeah this song is kind addicting especially with the BGM. Kensho can convey the song better than another song. But who is not love BGM with addicted voice?

So, do you have your favorite from Vocaloid ?