yeah this pic is bad and i hate my hair


I was tagged by bonjovigunsnroses to post 6 selfies.

Fuck you xDDDD

I hate myself on pictures, and every selfie of me looks like shit…i look way better in real life i swear. Searched for some pics that are not thaaaat bad in my eyes, so hear we go ! Sorry that there are not 6 buuuut, yeah…3 is also good i think xD

Im gonna tag: god–hates–us–all  harmony-instead-of-apathy overdosed-brain abwartenundlieben drag-meto-hell gablle under–a–funeral–moon pespers carcsass

(I know that i tagged many of you, but wanna see some faces out here xD)

after a like… three month long? art block i finally managed to crank out a decent draw of my sharkratgremlin revenant