yeah this may have been my favourite scene

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do you have favorite team 7 moments mine are when all three put there fingers on there mouth to do summoning jutsu but I like them just standing there too plus the reunion at the end with kakashi and sakura crying they look all beat up but there smiling and crying well sakura was but it was beautiful of course kaguya fight

I have a few favourite Team 7 moments.

  • When they charged into battle with their familiars as the next generation of Sannin, while their peers where looking on with awe, marvelling at the power of the original Team 7:
  • When they defeated Kaguya together by all landing a strike on her, while Kakashi was looking on and saying how he loved them:
  • But my favourite has to be the scene in 699, where after all they had been through, Sasuke had finally been saved from his hatred, and they were finally smiling again. This was one of my favourite panels in the entire manga, solely for its significance and what it represented:

So yeah. Team 7 may not have been the most functional team, and they may not have had the best natural team work (Team 10 has them beat), but my goodness were they by far the most interesting to watch! :D