yeah this killed me p much


so i was thinking abt how the Reveal™ changes things (whats new) and im just. laughing so much. i laughed at this scene the first time round cause he sounds so pouty and offended and i thought that was because yeah viktor he has confidence in himself and just assumed yuuri would like it etc etc but now its even funnier cause viktor’s just going “you stripped and grinded on me and asked me to be your coach and i flew halfway across the world to accept the offer and???you dare????to look like you didnt enjoy it???????? i came here to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now” im dying please send help

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you reblogged a gifset about 'Sam the slayer' and it made me realize: as much as the BMOL are interpreting him as the brains of the operation as opposed to Dean's brawn, he's been the one doing a lot of the killing lately. do you think that's an intentional disconnect we're being shown? tho it could just be an incidental result of him actually being a *gasp* multifaceted person with varied skills.

Yeah, definitely (that it’s deliberate - though obviously it’s deliberate BECAUSE he’s a multifaceted person with varied skills :P). 

The show is always really careful about who gets the kill. Look at 10x04 with Sam with his arm in a sling having to take out a werewolf Dean with the Mark was not allowed to kill for plot reasons so they had to find a way to make that not happen… God I remember that was awkward :’) Immediately followed by like Sam² taking down the baddies in 10x05, just in case it wasn’t clear, so by 10x06 there’s a real tension about Dean killing anything because he hasn’t since being a demon, and, surprise, when he does it’s awful.

I think in 12x15 it was really deliberate that Dean had done all the kills off-screen in the back to back to back hunts and Sam was shown purposefully clean (And I’ve written about that a few times so I’ll just link this and wander off). But then when it comes to the big game of Ramiel, the Alpha Vamp and Ramsey, Sam gets the big dramatic kill, even to the point of removing Dean from being anywhere near it so Sam has to figure it out on his own (side effect of twins, maybe, but serving a point they’ve decided to develop while Sam’s in the spotlight). I was keeping track of the group effort kills in the first part of the season and I guess 12x12 transitioned us neatly from that to Sam doing the dirty work… 12x14 also made a pretty good point that the BMoL sucked because they partitioned the work between thinking and killing. Mick tried to win Sam over with the thinking, while Ketch tried to win Dean over with the killing. In reality what MAKES Sam a top shelf hunter is that he does BOTH - same as Dean.

12x15 also played off 8x14 which again had Sam and Dean aggressively complementing each other about how great they were at hunting AND lore, especially coming right off of discovering their MoL legacy status, they’re really thinking about how they’re the offspring of “the brains and the brawn” and while they seem to have their preferences to how they work, you can’t say either of them is ONLY smart or ONLY good at hunting, though it takes them a good deal of arguing back and forth about that. Dean calls Sam the brains of the operation and insists he retire and become a MoL without hunting, undervaluing that Sam is a total fucking badass, who manages to kill a Hellhound later that day, which is probably at that point the biggest feat of strength we see on the show. Sam counters that Dean isn’t a grunt, he’s the best hunter ever, because he’s clever and knows the lore etc. 

All of this is in the background of this arc in season 12 anyway but this episode really dug it all up and made them talk about it and really think about their roles. Over season 8 they contemplated their endgame in so many different ways, from Cas announcing he wanted to be a hunter and at the end being told to “find a wife” when he was human, to Sam starting the season seriously thinking he could get out of hunting, go to college, even being tempted with another shot at retirement in the midseason when he has his final chance with Amelia… I mean, even, like, Benny, has a few different shots at a desired endgame before tragedy strikes (Hi I’m actually watching season 8 now and it’s terrible :P) Dean is still thinking about how he dies bloody but 8x13 and 8x14 show him a home and a new sense of belonging in the Bunker, and he barely gets to entertain it but I suppose it is at least teased in 8x14, mostly in that moment where he’s settling down in his room which is the part I talked about being darkly turned on its head in the start of 12x15 - in 8x14 the best Sam can tell Dean is not anything about the future but describing how in the immediate moment he has friends, family, and his own room now as immediate reasons to not take on a suicide mission. Which I guess is progress for DEAN :P

Anyway 8x14 goes to show that they’re totally wrong about the surface level interpretations of each other and themselves, and the BMoL are making the same assumptions. I think retreading this ground at this point is a good reminder of how they came to these conclusions like, 4 years ago - long enough ago that it’s worth repeating. Obviously Dean too isn’t just the guy who kills everything, but in the opening scene they’re shown living up to the expectations the BMoL have about them, then the rest of the episode is a far more nuanced look that subverts these expectations. So Sam is clean in the start of 12x15 but at the end he’s the one splattered in Hellhound blood again, also neatly reminding us of the same reversed expectations in 8x14. And Dean doesn’t kill anything but spends the episode mostly just being really sweet, arguing about the importance of telling the truth, thanking Crowley, and wearing his great big nerdy glasses to make it really clear he is not just a grunt :P 


@ampharos98 said: Okay so like remember FOREVER ago when you asked for d&d characters and if we could create some? Well i chose to create a fairy and i never got around to finishing her character but its finished now and her name is terra and i love her and also some p&p au is there for you too but its not finished soooo yeah


OKAY SHE IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!  Oh man I love her precious design, with her shimmering pink wings and dark hair that glows blue OMGGG!!  And I love the way she’s colored and her adorable personality omfggg I just adore her design so much :3 Can I use Terra in a campaign sometime??  <3333

AND JFKDLAS;JGRA IS THAT AHIRU BENNET BECAUSE I’M ALREADY DYING she is so precious and that little hat and her hair braided into an updo omfg I’M SLAIN

What a lovely thing to log back onto :D :D <333 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING AAAAAA

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My god Himchan is my absolute favourite and I completely fail to see how anyone could possibly think he is in any way irrelevant or unimportant. If he wasn't there, who'd step in and take care of everyone while Yongguk wasn't there? Who'd be the one in charge and taking care of the boys? He does so much and his importance is delegated to how many lines he has in a song? That's just insulting to him, to his fans, to BAP themselves. Wow that anon pissed me off.


fucking people are dumb always over sub vocals, no matter the fandom, people ALWAYS like to shit on sub vocals and it’s like??????????

and EXACTLY, Without Himchan B.A.P would have probably killed themselves last year (truss dae is the second oldest but mentally one of the youngest YOU WANT THAT IN CHARGE? yeah he’s good at MCing and talking but LOL REALLY? Youngjae? HES GREAT AT DOING THE ENTIRE MOM THING BUT BE ABLE TO CARRY THE GROUP FOR 3 MONTHS? LOLOLOLOLOL I love them please, they’re just not mature enough to lead the group ight) 

Plus He’s just as hard working, he’s the groups mood maker, he’s beautiful, he’s the talker of the group which helps with their interviews and junk, he’s like a mother figure to these kids like he keeps an eye on all of them and makes sure they’re handling their shit and being good in public, also he and yongguk are like the closest, how tf do you think Yongguk would feel if he lost one of his greatest friends? 


Bless himchan, fuck the haters B) 

This Is Why

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Requested by anonymous:  Hi hi That’s my boy was great! :)))))))) Could you pretty please do one where Stiles and the reader go home after a pack battle with Theo and the reader gets hurt (twisted ankle and light scratches) and Stiles cuddles with the reader and they watch her/his favorite movie and there’s lots and lots of fluffiness and cuteness. Pleasee? I’d really appreciate it!!! But no rush if you’re working on other things!! :D <3


WORDS: 241


A/N: Thank u so much! I hope u like it!

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Stiles put me on his bed and I smile at him.

“Thank you.” I look at him.

“No problem. I’m so glad you’re fine now.”

“Yeah, me too. My ankle was hurting so bad.”

“I’m going to kill Theo next time I see him.”

“He did that to hurt you not me.”

Stiles sit next to me and I kiss him.

“Do you want to watch a movie?”

I nod.


I lay on his bed and gets his laptop, he turn the lights off and lies next to me. We choose Star Wars and I hug him.

“Thank you for protecting me, Stiles.”

“I didn’t protect you. He hurt you.”

“I’m fine now, that means that you protected me.”

He looks at me.

“Scott helped. I’m not a hero.”

“I’m happy he helped. Because I know that you would try to beat Theo and if he hurt you…”

“At least I will have tried!”

“You’re my hero.”

“I could have done more.”


“I’m not a werewolf, I can’t fight with him, I know it, but if I need one day, I will.”

I look at him; his eyes were focused on the screen.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“You’re changing the subject.”

“I’m not.”

His eyes meet mine and I smile.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Thank you for caring me.”

“You were hurt I wouldn’t let you walk.”

“This is why you’re my hero.”

He smiles.

“Thank you.”

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I was just thinking about the Wall Series and I cry. The ending just killed me so much! Ugh I need to chill. I want to ask if you ever thought of making another final final chapter, but I know that that's the way you want to end it and how you planned it. I support you and all I'm just so heart broken lololol but yeah. P.s your are a great writer :)

Hiiii baby girl!! Thank you so much for showing constant love and support for the Wall Series! I am so sorry if I broke your heart with the ending, I seriously have tried to think of an alternative ending or smth but I just can’t seem to do it. 😭😭😭 I might reconsider though but no promises 😭😭 Again thank you so much baby ❤💋

Saudade // chapter seven

Please don’t kill me for this chapter. For some of you it might not have sense and so on but yeah it does in my head ;p not much is going on in it but some things are said and done sooo…..


Since you’ve been warned now enjoy! :)

“Hi.”  Val said as he opened the door.

“Hey.” Zendaya replied smiling at him warmly.

“You look beautiful.” He couldn’t help his eyes roaming up and down her body.

He leaned in and kissed her cheek softly.

“Thank you.” She said before he even managed to pull back.

“Please come in.” He stepped away letting her in. “And don’t feel to stressed but everyone is expecting you, especially…”


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im honestly laughing abt how chill tony is being with the inhumans fucking all his shit up. on the one hand good on him for being all ‘yeah probs deserved it bc of the ulysses thing medusa’s right’ and on the other hand….,,,…,,,. p much an average tuesday for tony stark?? this has happened already??? multiple times??? 

destroy his house, his reputation, his fortune, w/e destroy it all lmao ‘the one thing u can’t take away from me: i’m iron man’ etc. he’s legit just going to pick himself up again and rebuild and THAT is not something u can ever kill or destroy

about ‘Keeping It Together’

Garnet p much immediately recognized that those gems were crystal gems, and they were clearly confused and messed up, and definitely alive if not also conscious. But imo it didnt really look like they were actually attacking Garnet.

To me it looked more like they were seeking for help and wanted to be saved, whether thatd be by being unfused, or by being killed.
Like yeah one hand slapped her in the face, but they were clearly unstable. They were grabbing onto her and just pulling her towards them, and they were p much screaming/crying. Maybe they even recognized Garnet. 4 eyes popped up after all but idk. Either way i think they were trying to communicate with Garnet and Steven. All the small fusions were just climbing onto Steven (and Amethyst later too).

idk i dont think this is important, but it sure as hell makes the ep more fucked up for me  damn