yeah this is why i don't animate things


Ok so I made this ages ago and I never posted it because it was bad but I’m posting it now because it bothers me to see this crappy video in my computer without getting posted. Also I dared to post crappy Weeabootale “animations” so it can’t be worse lol (r-right????)

also the animations aren’t fast enough since my phone app couldn’t make it faster so here are better gifs:

voilà voilà.

oh yeah, here’s the original video btw.

No I didn’t die 23456765433456654 times against him why do you lie.

well it doesn’t matter since now I became a real pro against him hon hon hon

Edit: wow 100+ notes?? Thank you so much!! Even if it’s an old thing, I’m glad you like it!! (Because it was still long to make…xD)
Things I've noticed after watching ML again
  • Marinette: she is a horrible problem solver
  • Adrien: how does anyone think he is sinful he's so freaking innocent he still probably says H-E double hockey sticks
  • Chat Noir: oH I tAKE iT aALLL BAACCK
  • Ladybug: part of her transformation scene is a booty shot
  • Chloe: the best thing about her animation model is that her hair has physics to it
  • Sabrina: surprisingly her hair does too
  • Nathaniel: my tomato child has a lot deeper and sexier voice then I remember him having
  • Mr. Pigeon: why is this guy a thing again
  • Alya: Alya has better curves then like everyone
  • Nino: I don't know why but Nino seems like so innocent too, he probably is one of those people that says toot instead of fart
  • Rose: why do I think she's a lesbian again?
  • Juleka: oh yeah now I remember
  • Mylenne: oh yeah she's a thing
  • Ivan: oh yeah he's a thing too
  • Kim: Kim is a dick to animals
  • Max: Max seems like the type of guy who would use a pedal powered computer because he had to prove a point
  • Alix: why does Alix seem like she could probably beat the shit out of everything
  • Alix's dad: some people think this guy is Hawkmoth.... Some people need to stop
  • Alix's brother: I remember when I watched "The Pharaoh" with my friend he GAGGED when he saw this character
  • TV announcer: this guy is a French, and black Chris McLean from Total Drama Island.
  • Manon: I have to turn down my phone volume when I watch episodes with Manon in them because I'm afraid her voice is going to reduce my life expectancy
  • The Bubbler: when I watched the Bubbler I questioned whether this show was really worth obsessing over
  • Mylenne's dad: this guy is tall

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have you ever watched firefly?

I have yeah but why does no one ever ask what firefly watches

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As an artist, do you have any types of design choices that just annoy you? Like for example, I absolutely hate it when like anime or people who design characters that have real animals ears on their head. Yet still keep the pair of human ears with them, so they end up having four ears. And I'm like why, why do you need four ears? But yea, any design choices you don't really care for?

I always think about this when I draw characters with animal ears (commissions or etc) and if their human ears are covered by hair. I always think if they have normal ones under there or not.

But yeah… um… Everyone can do what ever they want because art is suppose to be fun but certain things I try to avoid in my own art are.

Same simple face shapes. While I have gotten some criticism by doing this, I love cartoon and caricature type of drawing style thus I like fooling around with faces. Round faces… Sharp faces… Big noses… Small noses. Different shaped lips. All that is a lot of fun! I suppose this boils down to myself striving away from typical anime/manga style where people have perfect faces with small noses and so on. They sure have crazy ass hair styles that make them stand apart but take that hair away,  you usually can’t tell the characters apart.

And speaking of anime/manga, one thing I don’t care for is the “cheek mouth”. You know, the one where you have  side view of a character and their mouth is on their cheek. That’s not how it works! Haha!

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kid! nigel and adam discuss sex from what they've heard about it

‘My uncle said something really fucking weird to me last night.' 
'Niiiiigel, you can’t say bad words! Miss Gillespie-’
'I’m ten and a half, Adam! I’m over half and a half of a whole adult! I can say things I want. Besides, it’s the playground. This is where we have fun.’  
'Can’t you have fun without doing things you shouldn’t?’
'What are you, my mom?’
'No but Adam, this thing my uncle said to me, it’s…I don’t know.’  
'What was it about?' 
'Well…what do you know about sex?' 
'Yes. I read about it. It’s how animals produce offspring.’  
'Why? Is that what your uncle told you about?' 
'Yeah, but he said more about people doing sex than animals.’
'People are animals.’
'Yeah but its different for people! My uncle said!’
'I mean I guess.’
'My uncle said that if I’m anything like my dad I’ll start chasing skirts in no time.’ 'Chasing skirts?’
'Yeah I think that means sex.’  
'That doesn’t sound like fun.’
'I know! And then he asked me if I had my eye on anyone pretty and I said yeah.’
'Why’re you making that face? It’s you!’  
'Oh. Ok.’
'And he said that I shouldn’t pull your hair or put gum on it or do anything mean to you.' 
'I don’t think pulling hair or gum has anything to do with producing offspring.’   
'Adam! Listen! And then he explained that I might want to do things to you.’  
'If you want to produce offspring with me–' 
'What the fuck? Who said anything about producing offspring?’  
'Well, I just want to tell you that we can’t produce offspring.' 
'Uh, we’re both male. Biologincally. Boys can’t-' 
'But then why was my uncle talking about not getting you pregnant?’  
'Nigel, are you sure?' 
'He was very serious about me not doing that. His face was really serious.’
'I don’t think your uncle knows a lot about sexual reproduction, Nigel.’   
'Are you sure you can’t get all babied?' 
'And I can’t either?' 
'Nigel, we’re boys!’  
'My uncle is weird.’    
'Yeah. Even I think so.’     
'He also said that I shouldn’t touch you at all unless it’s ok with you. He said I could be like his half-brother and go to jail if I don’t…sooo…can I hold your hand?' 
'You always hold my hand.' 
'Yeah, but is it ok with you? I don’t want to go to jail.' 
'Yes, Nigel. And you’re not allowed to go to jail anyway. Only bad people go to jail.’
'And I’m a good people?’
'Person, Nigel.’