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Kisses {Harry Styles Smut}

WORD COUNT: 10k y’all!!!

this is my longest one shot, it took up like 20 pages on microsoft word lmfao !! anyways it took me a bit longer than usual bc i went through a slight block (rip) but it is finished and i’m quite proud of it!! feedback is much appreciated, it rly motivates me!! ok that’s it i hope u enjoy :-)


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Wait are there,,,seriously people who are saying Mike Faist doesn’t deserve to have a tony nomination???? 

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college/modern au: okay so hamilton is playing truth or dare with the hamilsquad and someone (probably lafayette) dares him to seduce thomas jefferson, hamilton's longtime rival and enemy - but to sweeten the deal, laf offers something that hamilton really wants (i.e. money, rent, etc.) if he goes through with the dare - cue the Messed Up Shit™ that is jamilton, and the dare goes horribly wrong when the two of them start to FALL for each other, etc.

This is going to be a two parter because I can’t stand leaving stories with unhappy endings.

Send me a prompt if you want me to write something for you! If you use a list just specify old list or new list.

“All right French Fry. Truth or dare?”

Lafayette gave his most mischievous grin and, because he had no fear, chose dare.

Hercules thought for a moment, stroking his goatee. “Hmmm, I dare you…” He glanced around the room for an idea. His eyes landed on John and lit up. “I dare you to switch clothes with John.”

Laf’s face was one of pure horror. John was wearing a paint-splattered hoodie that was three sized too big and baggy plaid pajama pants. Compared to Laf’s fashionable silk pajamas, John’s clothes were rags.

John stood up and smirked at Laf. “C'mon, Frenchy. You dug your grave, now lay in it.”

Laf swore in French and followed Laurens to the bathroom. They returned a few minutes later with John looking very comfortable and Laf very disgruntled. The hoodie was actually near the right size for him, but the pants were far too short. Laf kept pulling them down self-consciously, which did nothing to stop Alex and Herc’s laughter.

“This is humiliating,” Laf huffed as he sat down. He suddenly pointed a long finger at Alex, silencing the boy’s giggling.

“Mon petit lion. Truth or dare?”

Alex hesitated. He had to be cautious; when it came to Laf the choice might as well have been “reveal your darkest secret or face your worst fear.” He could feel the expectant looks of his friends, so he decided to just let his mouth run and see what came out.


Well that didn’t work out. Laf’s mouth curled into a malicious grin.

“I dare you,” Laf paused for dramatic effect, “to seduce… Thomas Jefferson.”

Alex screamed. Even Herc and John looked shocked.

“Woah, Laf,” John said. “That’s a little too far, don’t you think?”

“Yeah babe,” Herc agreed. “That was uncalled for.

“There’s no way in hell I’m doing that,” Alex said. He had never once had a pleasant conversation with Jefferson; he couldn’t imagine trying to… he couldn’t even think it.

Laf was not phased. “I will pay your share of the rent for the next two months. All you have to do is get Thomas to kiss you.”

Alex bit his lip and considered his options. He did need the money. His laptop had broken a week ago and with two months’ rent he could buy a really nice one. But was it worth kissing his mortal enemy? It was only one kiss. And Jefferson was objectively attractive, right? He could act like he thought so for long enough to get a kiss out of it.

“Fine. I’ll do it.”

Laf squealed, dropping his cool exterior. Herc and John let their jaws fall open.

“Alex, man, are you insane?” Herc asked at the same time John demanded, “Are you high?”

“You better make good on your end,” Alex said to Laf as he stood up. “This is the worst thing you’ve ever asked me to do. And I want to make this clear: I’m doing this for a new laptop.”

His friends followed him as he padded barefoot out the door. Jefferson and James Madison lived in the same apartment building as them, just a floor down. They took the stairs, then the others stopped as Alex turned the corner to Jefferson’s door. They hid where they could watch what happened without Jefferson seeing them.

Alex tried to figure out a game plan as he approached the door and knocked, but his thinking time was cut short when Jefferson opened the door, smirking and wearing nothing but pajama pants and a wife beater. His expression quickly fell when he saw who had knocked.

“Oh, it’s you,” he drawled, disinterested. “Would you mind keeping the noise down? I don’t appreciate all your screaming up there.”

“Sorry, my bad.” Alex tried to make his voice sound as pleasant as possible. The apology seemed to catch Jefferson off guard.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “You’re acting weird.”

“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just,” Alex took a deep breath, hoping he sounded flustered. “Look, I don’t really know how to say this.”

Jefferson raised an eyebrow. “You? At a loss for words? Something really must be wrong.”

“Jeff—Thomas, I like you. Like, really like you.” Alex had to fight to not gag on the words. “I like… I like your hair and your muscles and how you’re the only one who can keep up with me in debates. And your laugh is really kinda cute and you’re so smart and I just like you okay?”

Alex was shocked at the words that had come out of his mouth. He had never thought of Jefferson in any of those ways before, but now that he had said them, he wasn’t sure he was lying. Jefferson was very intelligent, and Alex always enjoyed their debates. And now that he thought about it, his hair was pretty nice and his laugh was pretty cute, and wow, was he built.

Thomas’s face was as red as Alex’s. There was a hopeful gleam in his eyes, which confused Alex.

“Is it—Can I kiss you?” Jefferson asked quietly.

Alex nodded, surprised and Jefferson hesitantly moved in. Once their lips touched, he became less hesitant and Alex realized with horror that he was actually enjoying it.

“Wow,” Alex breathed when they pulled apart.

“Yeah,” Thomas agreed.

Alex started to move in for another kiss, but the mood was shattered by a loud “HOLY SHIT.”

Alex looked on in terror as his friends emerged from around the corner.

“I can’t believe you went through with it,” John said.

Lafayette shook his head. “I suppose you get your new laptop after all.”

Alex tried to wave them away, to do anything to get them to stop, but his words weren’t working. He turned back to Thomas, whose eyes were filled with hurt and possibly tears.

“Y-you said all that to get a new laptop?” he whispered.

“Thomas, I—”

Thomas shook his head and turned back into his apartment, closing the door to cut Alex off.

Alex turned back to his friends, who had fallen silent. For once Alex had nothing to say to them. He only gave them a disapproving shake of the head as he trudged past them and back to their apartment, where he locked himself in his and John’s room for the rest of the night.

Coffee Shop Rescue IV

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1340

Summary: You’re enjoying your time with Peter, and start making connections. (I’m so so sorry this has taken so long. I just graduated college and had to move and I’m working on finding a job, and I got a one week job at a summer camp, and I got rear-ended, and yeah, life has been hectic, but I’ve missed this story so much! And mostly I miss you all! But I also wrote myself into a corner that I just figured out how to get out of, so here it goes…)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

You learned a lot about Peter over the following weeks. He was right - he was a nerd, absolutely, but so were you, just about different things. He knew photography and science, you knew literature and grammar. The common ground came to movies and tv shows, which you were both pleased to find out you had a lot in common on that front. You were more into Star Wars while he preferred Star Trek, and he liked Narnia to your Lord of the Rings, but you both loved Harry Potter possibly more than should be considered reasonable (and were both able to realize that Snape is a controversial character but not exactly a good one, which was the most important thing in regards to that fandom). You could debate the two for hours - and had - without actually getting angry at each other.

T.V. was a little different, neither of you had much to get heavily involved in shows, but you were still clinging to the ones you’d had time for in college. Peter, on the other hand, tended to jump between shows sporadically.

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"You're an idiot. I've met smarter sandwiches." Namjin

39. “You’re an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches.” Namjin

Seokjin gasped in panic, running over to the to the microwave that was currently containing an alarming amount of flames. He slipped on some oven mittens and ripped open the small door, revealing a small glass bowl from their kitchen as well as burnt food halfway covered in aluminum foil.

Snatching it out of the microwave before it got too bad, Seokjin hastily runs it over to the sink, throwing it in and cranking on the water, effectively putting out the flames. Seokjin pants over the sink with a hand shakily placed over his heart as he watches the water slowly kill the fire.

Shit,” He gasps out. That was close. Too close.

He slowly slides off the oven mitts from his hands, putting them together and placing them on the counter, still reeling with shock from the incident.

Not a moment later, the door to the kitchen swings open and in walks Namjoon clad in a t-shirt and some sweatpants, indicating that it was a lazy day for him. The younger glances at Seokjin  who was frozen at the sink and threw a ‘hey babe’ in his direction, heading straight for the microwave.


Seokjin is surprised at his own outburst. He swears that Namjoon skyrockets three feet into the air at the sudden explanation.

“What! Me?! What??” Namjoon babbles out in fear.

The older jabs a finger towards the microwave and continues. “It was you!”

Namjoon’s face crinkles in utter confusion, turning to the direction of where Seokjin was pointing and realizing it was the microwave. He instinctively pulled it open to find nothing in it.

“Wait what? Where’s my food?”

Seokjin points at the counter next to him. “In the sink!”

“What? Why? Why is it in the sink? Did you do that?” The younger was completely lost at this point.

“Because you, burned the food!”

Namjoon reels backwards. “What? That’s impossible, I put it in for like two minutes. How could that happen? I couldn’t have possibly fucked up microwaving food…could I?” Namjoon murmurs to himself, contemplating if he really was that bad of a kitchen fuck up.

“Yeah! Yah fucked up alright. Namjoon you can’t put aluminum foil in the microwave!” Seokjin bites back.

Namjoon’s eyebrows shoot up to his hairline. “You can’t???”

Seokjin almost pulls out his hair. “No. You really fucking can’t! Didn’t anyone ever tell you that??? It caught on fire, Namjoon. Aluminum foil catches on fire in the microwave.”

“Fire?! What the fuck—”

“Yes on fire! And to top it off you left it unattended in the kitchen. You’re lucky I was here to put it out.” Seokjin rubs his hands down his face.

“Shit. Fuck, hyung I’m so sorry,” he says walking over to him apologetically and taking his hands in his own.

“You’re a fool.”

“I know.”

“Completely ignorant.”

“That too.”

“A dunce.”

“Okay yeah.”

“You’re an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches.”

“A little uncalled for, but well deserved yeah.”

Seokjin sighs, relaxing once again, anger completely vented out. Namjoon starts talking again lightly.

“At least I’m your idiot, right?”

The older’s eyes soften, and he nods lightly, pulling in Namjoon close to press a kiss to his temple. He couldn’t stay mad at him.

“I guess so, yeah.”



Genre: smut-ish (implied smut)

Word Count: 3,198

i know this was supposed to be short, but i have thing with elongating stories, i’m sorry !! also sorry in advance for spelling mistakes. enjoy !

Mark POV

“so,” I said, plopping down on the couch in front of Y/N. Y/N looked up from her phone, slightly surprised to see me. But then she put away her phone and smiled warmly. “What’s up with you and Ten?”

Y/N looked taken back, a sour expression on her face. “What do you mean?” The expression gave it away; she was faking too much. 

“I know you two have something.”

“It’s nothing,” Y/N finally confessed. “It was just a one time thing.” She shrugged and continued. “It was after his dance practice…”

Y/N walked down the hallway of the third floor, where NCT’s practice room was located. In her hand was a milkshake that she had proudly made all by herself. It was a DIY recipe she had read online and it turned out perfect, even Doyoung had asked her to write it down for him. 

As Y/N passed the practice room, she could hear a groan. She retraced her steps and stood on on her tiptoes to look through the small window at the top of the door. Ten was sitting there on one of the sofas, his head buried in his hands. Concerned, Y/N knocked the door and walked inside.

“Are you alright?” she asked, approaching Ten. Ten looked up at her. His skin was glistening with sweat and his hair was stuck to his forehead and the sides of his face.

“Do I look alright?” he asked her, a sullen expression on his face. He must have been there for a long time. Y/N handed Ten her drink and he took it with utmost pleasure. “I just can’t get this one move right, its really stressing me out,” he said, taking a sip. 

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okay so this is the ONLY thing i will be posting addressing the ship hate going around. and i’m not gonna be answering any asks about it (publically. i’ll answer non-anon asks about it privately). this is my opinion on the matter and it probably is not going to change.

as you know, this blog has never tolerated ship hate of any kind. even for ships that i personally do not like, even for ships that personally squick me, i simply blacklist them and do not reblog them. i never post hate.

so i am absolutely appalled by the new surge of hate the antis are spreading against sheith shippers. because of one line: “you’re like a brother to me”

and like? i get why that could make some people - both shippers and antis - uncomfortable. trust me. but you know what other pairing said that? katara and aang. she canonically viewed him as a brother for part of the show. and then, due to the fact that they were - y’know - not actually siblings and were not raised as such either, her view of him eventually changed from that of a friend, to that of a brother, to that of a very close friend, to something more. things happen. people change. bonds change. feelings change.

shiro and keith are also not actual siblings. he says “like” a brother. if they were actually brothers - even adopted brothers, as so many antis like to believe - he would’ve straight up said “you’re my brother” not “you’re like a brother to me”. have they been very close for a long time? yes. but i think this is evidence enough not just for “#brotherzoned” as antis like to put it, but to say that they were not raised as siblings in any way. so that’s that about that. him saying “you are like a brother to me” does not erase all future sheith possibilities. nor does it negate all of the wonderful moments they had together this season. things happen. people change. bonds change. feelings change.

but, what really strikes me hardest is that if klance were ever to get a “you’re like a brother to me” or even a more general “you’re like family to me” moment, antis would be up in arms trying to defend the ship. and before any of you jump down my throat and say “but klance didn’t get a moment like that sheith did!” yes. i know. i’m saying if. i’m speaking hypothetically. but anyways, i’m 100% sure that if klance were to ever get a moment like that antis would defend it to the death. 

but because it is sheith - something they’ve been attacking since day one, even before any legitimate controversy over ages began - they attack it, put it down, spread hate within the fandom, invade tags and blogs, go on a massive witch hunt fueled by mob mentality and venom.

it’s disrespectful. it’s hypocritical. it’s hurtful. it’s spiteful. it’s shameful. and it is completely uncalled for.

so yeah, that’s my stance on the matter. if you’ve reblogged any #sheithisdead posts, i ask that you reflect on your actions, and if you disagree with my above statements, i ask that you unfollow me. and if my stance on things makes you uncomfortable, the unfollow and block buttons exist for a reason. i do not want anything to do with spreading hate within the fandom. so yeah. bye.

to the anons than are sending me hate about why i’m a ‘disgrace for liking pewdiepie’, you’re making it all seem like i worship the ground he walks on and support all the offensive jokes he sometimes says which i don’t. yeah, some of the jokes he makes are uncalled for and yeah, he shouldn’t say them. 

also, i really don’t understand why you anons decide to hate on everything i do/say. i may be coming off as it doesn’t hurt but it really fucking does and i don’t get why you’re wasting a few minutes of your day to send me hate??? is it really necessary?? :/ you know, i have feelings. there’s a 17 year old human being that you’re sending hate to… I obviously know that i’m not going to be liked by everyone and i know that people won’t like the au’s i make which is fine, i don’t expect everyone to like me but for the love of god, stop sending me hate. just close down my page and carry on with your day, that’s all you have to do. 

it’s now come to a point where i’m deciding whether to deactivate my account or stop people from inboxing/messaging me which i really don’t want to do because i love talking with you all and meeting new friends. so to all the hate anons, please stop. please.

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could you do 1, 9, and/or 16 with anyone from BTS please😊

1. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

     “Well, what do you think?,” she asked with a quick twirl.  Jungkook looked up from his phone with a sigh, still annoyed at the fact that she was taking so long to pick an outfit. “I think it shrunk in the dryer,” he responded dismissively.  “What?  What do you mean?”  She looked down at the item of clothing, assuming that he meant it was too tight.  “I mean that I doubt that’s the length it’s supposed to be.”  “The skirt is supposed to be this short, Jungkook,” she said flatly.  “No,” he said, folding his arms.  “What do you mean, ‘no’?,” she asked incredulously. “No.”  “You’re an adult, Kookie.  Let’s hear a complex sentence or two.”  He rolled his eyes and said, “I would very much appreciate it if you would change into something a little more modest to conceal your aesthetically pleasing figure.”  “Sure. As soon as you change out of those tight ass pants.”

9.  “Quit it or I’ll bite.”

Originally posted by toughchim

     ‘Furthermore, the feminist movement of the-,’ her train of thought came to an abrupt halt when she felt something poke her in the stomach.  Letting out an involuntary giggle, she looked up to see her boyfriend.  “Can I help you, Tae?,” she asked.  “I think you should take a break.  You’ve been working on this term paper for hours.”  “I know, but I can’t quit until I reach my next word count goal.”  “How much do you have left?”  “350 words,” she replied, causing him to groan in frustration. “It shouldn’t take me that long.  You can keep me company while I work as long as you’re not too much of a distraction.”  He nodded and took a seat next to her.

     Five minutes later she was stopped again by repeated poking in her side.  “Tae, would you mind not poking me in the side?”  “Sure, no problem,” he responded, moving his finger up to poke her in the cheek.  “Quit it or I’ll bite.”  “Ooh, is that a threat or a promise?,” he smirked. 

16.  “I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.”

Originally posted by the8-carat

     “You’re upset.  I know you’re upset, _____,” Jin said firmly. “Fine, I’m upset.”  “Tell me why.”  “Jin, it’s really not-,” she paused, seeing his stern expression.  “Alright, alright,” she sighed.  “I got into a heated debate with this guy in my poli sci class about classism and he started making…personal comments.”  “Personal comments?,” he asked, eyebrow raised as the corner of his mouth twitched in anger.  “Yeah, just really rude…and uncalled for personal comments.  But it’s nothing to worry about, I promise.”  “Are you sure? I’ll kick his ass if you want me to,” he said in all seriousness.  She giggled a bit and responded with, “Jin, you can’t even fight.”  “You’re right…But I can call the school and file a complaint.”  She laughed harder, protesting the idea as he reached for his phone.  “I’m serious, _____.  I’ll have him expelled by next week!,” he laughed as she reached for his phone.  

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Good news! Two of what I assumed were anons, came off anon and apologize. They apologize! Because of my message! I'm happy right now and proud of them! Anyway, all the people that supported me yesterday, they are lovely. And I'm greatful for having them and you in my life <3

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really really glad they did, what they did before was uncalled for and not okay. But yeah, I’m proud of them too - people can change and I’m glad that they realized that they were wrong and owned up to their mistakes^^ Annnnd I’m also really proud of the people that sent you a nice message, you guys are great!!!!!!!! :D <3

  • Bakugou: "Can I be a hero too?" Oh yeah, sure! ...When you grow some fuckin' talent.
  • Kaminari: Bakugou! That was totally uncalled for. Now they'll just waste their lives in a futile struggle to measure up to their peers until they're nothing more than a crumpled heap of countless failures and broken dreams. Right, Midoriya?
  • Midoriya: I can't feel my arms...

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a shiny: did i hurt your feelings, commander? cody: well, yeah. that was very rude, mean, and uncalled for. a shiny: but i just said it was a joke! you wouldn't get it.

Cody: explain it!! I’m not that old

You guys

Miles was still staring into Tristan’s eyes when he asked if Miles still had feelings for Maya.

He didn’t look away.

He didn’t say anything.

He shook his head.

he shook his head.

Which was so subtle, not even Tristan noticed. 

He’s over Maya. Matlingsworth has been done for months.

Miles was always defending his feelings for Tristan. Jfc if you think triles is over because of some angst I am starting to question how you “ship it so hard” because damn, that boy was overwhelmed when Tristan set up a picnic for him.

Being caught staring at Maya across the hall was no damn mistake. Miles knew. I could’ve sworn that he gave Tristan the subtlest glance before looking back over and giving Maya that fake smile.

He probably broke down after Tristan left.

He lost the last person who cared about him.

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Could you do Carlos/Evie head cannons

First things first: thank you for asking :) also sorry for the delay but here you go.

As some of you (not a lot) may know, my brotp name for Carlos and Evie is fashion siblings so let’s start here: 

  • from the moment they met Evie approved of Carlos fashion style and so she asks him about it and that’s when Carlos tells her he actually makes his own clothes. From that day on, when Cruella is out at the spa, Evie and Carlos hang out in his room and design and make new clothes for themselves. Also, they share some tips with the other since they’re not used to work with the same material.
  • they’re the ones who hang out the most together, doing things: sewing and designing, studying, experimenting, they always have something to do together. Carlos is the first one to know that Evie is smarter than she looks.
  • as stated in the book, Evie sees Carlos as her little brother and he sees Evie like an older sister too but the kind who supports and advises you, not the one who annoys and teases you (that’d be Mal)
  • Evie not only brought Carlos a pillow to make him more comfortable, she ends up providing him with a mattress and cozy blankets. They both act like it’s not pure acts of goodness (they’re villain kids, obviously, it’s not)
  • Evie made Dude’s matching sweater/jacket to Carlos’ one
  • when Evie’s not feeling good, Carlos will just go and hug her, even when they’re surrounded by people, because he knows she needs it
  • Evie makes him a huge chocolate fondant with almonds for his birthday and he almost cries (that’s how much he loves chocolate)
  • they have a Friday tradition which consists of watching Project Runway reruns together, since they couldn’t watch it when they were on the Isle. Usually, Jay appears during those at some point and squeezes in between the two of them on the couch. Oddly enough, he knows everyone’s name and gets really involved when his (’No Evie, they’re not my favorite, I don’t even watch it. I’m only staying because you have pop- (…) What? that was totally uncalled for! He deserved to-… Yeah, whatever’) “less disliked” candidates are in danger

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I'm sorry,I have to rant. Today I saw a girl talking about how 'straight people are disgusting and shouldn't exist, they are all rats' and I'm just like??? Excuse me? Just as you didn't choose to be LGBT+ straight people don't choose to be straight?? I'm disgusted, and I'm not even straight myself

Wow, yeah. That is just uncalled for. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t a whole buttload of straight people out there who don’t deserve to be smacked, because there are. The narrow mindedness of those who are considered “normal” by society is just embarrassing, but it’s not a reason to wish for mass murder. I’m technically “straight”, but I never saw that as a reason to look down on others or be cruel, but that chick thinks I should be killed anyway? Wow … just wow.


submitted by Stray!anon:

A/N: Hey! I know it’s been literally ages since I submitted anything to you, but I FINALLY wrote a SU fic, and I wanted to share it! I hope you like it! - Stray!anon (formerly bfanon)

P/N: It’s great to see more from you again! This is o cute and comfort-y I need more SU fics! /thebest-medicine

Pearl was starting to get the hang of this sleeping thing. Steven had pushed her at first, and the dreams were completely bizarre, but there was a certain kind of peacefulness to it. Her mind slowed, her body relaxed, and she just drifted off. If she was any less aware she might have receded into her gem.

She had constructed a bed in her room, taking one of the outermost pools and making it into a large, squishy, pillow covered nest, instead of an undisturbed lake.

Pearl snapped awake, feeling a presence burrowing into her arms. She was about to draw her spear when she recognised the familiar mane of lavender hair. “Amethyst?” She asked quietly, though there wasn’t really another option.

The young gem tensed when she realised Pearl was awake, but didn’t stop burying herself in her embrace. “I don’t like sleep anymore.” She mumbled, voice softer than Pearl had ever heard.

“What? Why? Amethyst, are you okay? Are you hurt?” No gems had ever slept before, maybe they weren’t meant to. What if sleeping had injured Amethyst?

Pearl pulled away to look at Amethyst, to see if she was hurt, but all she saw was the tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. A second later Amethyst buried her face in Pearl’s shoulder, and she noticed that she was trembling.

“Amethyst?” Pearl tried again, bringing her voice down. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

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Silence (Elise & Sakura)


Elise couldn’t find the right words. But she had to do something for Sakura. Here in this tiny room in the newly conquered Fort Jinya, where the little princess was kept in isolation, Elise had to search her mind and find the right words: something, anything to console the poor girl.

“I brought you some food,” Elise started, “uh, I don’t know what you like, but I hope you like it!” She set down the tray of leftover steak on the ground close to Sakura. The priestess was completely silent. She sat by the wall, hugging her knees close. She made no sounds and never once acknowledged Elise’s presence.

Ever since Izumo, Elise could not get the Hoshidan princess’s words out of her head, the words she had given Corrin:

I was just, um…th-thinking…it’s really nice to finally see you again. I’m glad you… I’m glad you f-found a way to be happy…

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I could rape you if I wanted

Okay listen. It’s one thing to hate me or dislike me because of a valid reason. Or to just not like my blog at all. But to go as far as to say you could rape me if you wanted, is completely uncalled for. Okay yeah I’ve said some pretty dumb things. But I highly doubt I’ve ever said or done anything that would justify me being raped by someone. Wtf kind of person are you? How fucked up in the head do you have to be to say that to a person? You are not being funny. You are not being “edgy”. You’re being a fucking psychopath. There is no need for you to make such comments to ANYONE. I mean seriously what the fuck is wrong with you. I’m genuinely concerned for humanity.