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One drink became two and a third toast to l’amour that no longer felt like a foreign language. In fact, the level of fluency cursing through Serena Campbell’s veins would be borderline offensive to a so-called native speaker.

Who taught you, they would demand. Desire, she would offer, lust.

They would most likely accuse her of appropriation. They would almost certainly give her permanent residence in their peripheral vision, mouthing words at her elapsing existence – crude, vulgar, cheap.

Once upon a time she would have cared. Once upon a time she would have recoiled in shame.

Undeniable sexual chemistry.

It had opened her eyes to a foundation that had its roots tangled in the which part of I need my car today are you struggling to understand that had replaced shit with shift is going great.

Devotion had been professed an eternity before lips had met – a seeming continuity mistake that had instigated quite a hindrance in all matters of production. They had failed to realize theirs not to be just another story – theirs was not a revised script, but an altogether novel one. Linearity was not compulsory.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

A statement as broad as the emotional spectrum.

Serena’s though I’ve never seen the point in just one had brought Berenice Wolfe to her front door.

You shouldn’t be here.”

She had stood up at the words but had remained perfectly aligned with the course of Serena’s eloquent stride. The to all appearances stoic posture was of no consequence, had no effect on the brunette’s pace.

They all but collided, the distance lingering between the two the perfect depiction of the zero dot one missing to the whole hundred, of how it feels.

Unbearably incomplete.

The silence would have had the world gone deaf had it not stopped existing the moment their eyes had met. The atmosphere was electrifying, their breaths growing labored by the millisecond, their breasts brushing at the rise of their chests, the punctuating fall becoming agonizing.

The brunette’s tongue darted out to wet her lips and the blonde yielded, groaning as her eyes dropped to follow the path being enticingly traced.

“I’m here.”

They came together, obliterating every single doubt, every single fear, every single shadow resembling anything other than a meant to be, in their wake.

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Some random work in progress pics again. Yeah, existing bridges and embankments don’t fit in the concept so I ended up creating additional ones from scratch. And there’s even more to come! So there will be awful lot of special hood decos.
Road layout is taking shape quite well. Not sure if I should leave real road visible or totally replace it by custom made pieces. The thing is that new pieces are almost ground level. It’s about 0,040-45 above the ground level and still z-fighting a little bit when zoomed out at maximum. But it’s okay with me. So comparing to these pieces original neighborhood road model is floating in the air as hell. So I’m thinking about to make it invisible and add decorative pieces instead.

And, oh well, the whole thing will take some time.

I just wanted to thank @the14thscion again for hosting the DGMH sub stream. It’s been 13 episodes / 13 weeks and the experience of watching all those episodes together while suffering & also laughing was just great and I’m greatful that you made it possible - thx <3

jeenflawrence replied to your post:Paps photos of jen in new York yesterday (even if…

He was seen in Madrid today ��

Yes by someone who then gave so many details that it went beyond what is considered a normal sighting.

They. tried. to. hard.

All they needed to say was “it didn’t look fake” to really seal the whole deal.

Pics or it didn’t happen. 

(I expect pics but you should know how this works by now)

The leech was desperate with her instagram comments (text next time dumbass but oh yeah, you needed to imply you were with him) and that “random” person had too many details.

It’s fake. Most people realize that, few admit it freely, no one likes it but 12 year olds. 

Hopefully it will end soon.

The submitter's defense of his knifu waifu "Osaka"

The reason I submitted her into this site is so that the detractors gets put down for their petty hate. I mean yes she has tons of love to begin with but still, I want to see some defense being made and I’m not disappointed. Also there’s a certain pet peeve of mine that I need to address which happens to be the petty hate I have mentioned. I meant to write this earlier but had been sidetracked.

Okay, here we go!

Pull the strings…

Ditz and Random:

Yeah but it’s also why we like her to begin with. Now and then she would space out and we get to she what was in her head. It gets to the point that one would be surprised if she and J.D. from Scrubs aren’t the members of the same species. She’s the important cog of what happens to be an already somewhat random series. If Osaka is normal and intelligent, she would have been a boring character in my opinion and we kinda have that in Yomi (whose association with Tomo helped made her interesting enough).

Not as exciting as Tomo:

Osaka provides a nice change of pace that helps keeps their antics fresh. If the series is about Tomo and Yukari being hyperactive jerkasses picking on their opposites in Yomi and Nyamo, it would have gotten old after a while. Osaka on the other hand is “different” as she provides the…I don’t know how it can be described but the other characters can play off her kind of atmosphere which had been done several times. She adds in the unusual mix to the balance of “Tsukkomi” and “Boke” that is present in the series, giving it the kind of humor it needs to help make it work.

Especially with the knife scene…and the time she told a story about killing everyone with a creepy grin on her face…and trying to scare Chiyo with a firecracker…and having a fantasy of a huge cat thing with Cell’s voice being Chiyo’s dad…dreamt that she killed Chiyo by mistake after pulling off her pig tails…that’s Osaka for you.

Now for my pet peeve that came from the comments sections of sites including MyAnimelist…

Shares the same seiyuu with Orihime:

I’ll keep my rage in check so I can address this issue. When it comes to voice acting, no voice actors would be casted as every characters that are liked by everyone. Now and then they would have some characters that are hated, either for a good reason or bad.

For example, one of my favorite seiyuus, Emiri Katou have voiced some of my favorite anime characters such as Kagami Hiiragi, Disk (though somewhat moreso in the manga due to being ongoing when the anime series ended), Ryuuko, and Pham (R.I.P.).

She also voiced Kyubey and one of the Ageha Squad kids, among the most hateable characters in anime. Does this means I should hate her just because she happens to voice these two? No!

Then for the western example, guess who voiced the Mr. Jellybean in “Rick and Morty”? Exactly!

*chuckles at the thought of Spongebob trying to rape Morty*

The point is you can hate certain characters all you want but don’t go and drag down a voice actor’s entire body of work along with it!

That’s as stupid and petty as it gets.

Something worthy of getting knifed…

Plus I felt the hate toward Orihime was unfair to begin with and was actually glad that the ending of Bleach settle that shipping war which much of the hate stems from, partly because of that. I’ll leave it at that since that’s for another topic.

So here you go, my defense of Ayumu Kasuga a.k.a. Osaka. Whether you’ll like it or not but I’m glad to be able to let out my thoughts on the reason she was hated.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this.

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Tomorrow as in the 28th kst? Or...?

28th kst yeah. 

Anonymous said: um wdf apparently preordered albums will be distributed at random and you only get to choose the version you want after the release date????

i know asdkjfhasdf im stressed out over this tbh?