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still cant believe i met josh devine at disneyland the day after he and niall did their twitcam (back in 2012). everyone was messaging me telling me to look for the band, but i was like “??? there’s literally thousands of people here? im not even gonna try lol i’ll just be disappointed”..but then i walked right past him near the bar and I was like “wait…. that guy looks like josh?” and then i realized it was and we got to talk to him and the touring crew for a good 10 minutes. it was just me and my sister and then two other girls i believe…but yeah. random nostalgia i felt the need to share…


They gossiped more and flirted more after their pillow fight, and Meadow ‘subtly’ asked if she was single. She is! (not that I made double sure she hadn’t already been matched up by SP, nope)

Tala : So hey, you wanna sit down and watch the stars? You’ve got plenty of open space

Meadow : Heh, sure. One advantage of having no house, I guess?

dearest celebrities,

we allotted the last few days as a passing time to get used to your surrounds, settle in with your roommates, and meet everyone you’ll be intimately spending the next six months with. but america has spoken, and they’re practically dying to see you begin your weekly challenges. let’s hope that none of you’ll be quite in their position by the end of the first challenge, considering your life will be on the line. and remember, you have approached dangerous waters, so proceed with caution.

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I'm so happy about the Zerrie disengagement, but I know they're still gonna have Zayn attached to them and use his name a whole lot in general, which is really annoying

Yeah, we’re gonna get loads of breakup press, and random Zayn mentions until the eternity, but we’re finally here. :)))))


I’m not sure what this is exactly but I’ve been noticing a few of the people on my blog, constantly reblogging. So in return, I thought I might do a little promo.

They are amazing!

Their bio, ‘Okay, this started as a troyler but then I just started reposting random things so yeah >•<’ fucking perfect.

Beautiful. Goddamn beautiful.

Currently my no.1 on here, apparently. Always reblogging <3



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drug, immigration, and the vision for the future. (yeah those questions seem kind of random).

Land of Wind/Fire More Like Land of Bros
  • - The Last-
  • Sakura:Hinata, there you are!
  • Sakura:Why don't you sit in this verrrry convenient chair next to Naruto, kay love?
  • Naruto:
  • Hinata:
  • - Shikamaru Hiden-
  • Shikamaru:Sai is missing??
  • Shikamaru:Oh man, I gotta save Ino's future husband-
  • Kakashi:Wha?
  • Shikamaru:I mean
  • Shikamaru:That poor, pure-hearted man. And valuable asset to our forces.
  • - cut scene-
  • Gaara:Shikamaru is in danger?
  • Gaara:Crap, come on Suna forces!
  • Gaara:No one touches my future brother-in-law and gets away with it.
  • Temari:But isn't he a Konoha ninja-
  • Gaara:I mean
  • Gaara:That valuable member of the Shinobi Union.
  • - cut scene-
  • Sai:I can't believe I got so duped.
  • Sai:I'm pathetic.
  • Shikamaru:Lol, no new brother of mine is pathetic.
  • Sai:Wha-
  • Shikamaru:Oh look, here's Ino. I'mma conveniently leave you two alone now.
  • - cut scene-
  • Shikamaru:Wow, it was really nice of you to go out of your way for a Konoha ninja like that.
  • Gaara:Konoha. Suna. I have a feeling we'll be more connected from now on.
  • Gaara:Especially with those wedding bells I hear in the distance.
  • Shikamaru:Huh?
  • Gaara:Oh look, there's my sister who was totally worried about you!
  • Gaara:See ya!
  • Temari: