yeah this is kinda terrible

Its coming along well. The only problem is I have no idea what sort of dress to draw for Marco. 


♕ shadow of the moon, sea of the shadow }]

The rich smell of the ocean surrounded her, a smell something like the smell of blood. The sea was in her veins. That is why, when she closed her ears, she heard the distant roar of the ocean.

So, I had this crazy idea in my head where Blanche gives one of her eggs to Spark because, apparently, her inventory was full. And in the process, Spark unintentionally grasps her hand– which leaves our little miss genius super duper startled. And the convo goes like…

Spark: Don’t worry, Blanche. *looks at the egg* I’ll take care of you…

Blanche: *looks at the egg, then to Spark* Wait, what? .///////.

Spark: *looks at the egg, then to Blanche, then laughs* I said, I’ll take good care of this. ;)

Blanche: … O-Okay. .//////.

I’m kinda terrible with cliches and stuff, so yeah. I leave the rest to you. 😂

Full Hi-res + (hopefully) a digital coloured version will be uploaded on my DA and Tumblr… Soon. 😙

scarletdarkholme  asked:

"What's with all the... Pink?" Scarlett said, frowning at the bow pink Great Hall (Rp when they're still in Hogwarts? Sorry to bother you! My Valentine's was kinda terrible like every year so... Yeah.)

(I never really celebrated it cause I’m always single, but I’m sorry)

Lilith sighed “Valentines day”

being kind of good at many things but not exceedingly good at anything is exhausting.

like, yeah, I suppose I can kinda draw a little bit, I’m not terrible, but I’m never going to paint a masterpiece, or even draw anything that breaks a thousand notes overnight and has people swooning in the tags. Sometimes I go months without even thinking about picking up a pen, or I try, and spend half an hour staring at an empty canvas.

yeah, I guess I can put words together in a way that makes some semblance of sense, but I’ll never write a groundbreaking book, or even have people screaming at me for an update to a fic, because I just have nothing of importance to say.

I have pretty good grades and I like my field of study just fine, but I know I’m never going to make a career out of it, because I’m just not good enough at any of the skills it would require, and frankly, I don’t care enough to dedicate my whole life to it.

Sometimes it feels like I’m just coasting through life as an insignificant, nondescript entity with no real presence in the universe, and while in the micro sense I know there are people who care about my existence, I also know that on the macro scale, I make absolutely zero difference to the rest of humanity. I might make a person or two smile on a good day, and that’s nice, that should be enough, but it’s just… not.

I have many interests, but they are all lukewarm at best. I dabble with hobbies, but none of them keeps my attention for long.

I have no dreams, no desires, no driving passion in my life, and that’s somehow really exhausting.

After having been told that I can be anything I want my whole life, that I can do anything I set my mind to and I can achieve all my dreams if I just work hard enough, it’s exceedingly hard to come to terms with my own mediocrity.