yeah this is a failure

I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;

yeah but sherlock didn’t go from double kidney failure and almost strangled curled up in a hospital bed right to being babysat in 221B, where’s my month or so of sherlock in hospital having an Awful time and john just…staying. just staying next to him. bringing rosie in and holding her sitting in the room for hours while sherlock sleeps. where’s my moments of sherlock being out of it and having nightmares and john getting him to calm down and go back to sleep because “it’s okay, sherlock, go back to sleep. do it for me, okay?” and sherlock closing his eyes and just going “anything for you, john” and why have i been thinking about this for the past several hours someone write it i don’t have the energy

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What's your thought on role reversal between Tony and JARVIS?

… huh. That’s, hmm… interesting. Jarvis Stark and his AI, ANTHONY. Thaat’s…

 Okay I can’t really wrap my mind around it, sorry, it’s just not coming to me.

Failure is so important — it doesn’t get spoken about enough. We speak about success all the time, but, you know, I do not know any — I haven’t met — and I’ve been so fortunate and met extraordinary people through Harry Potter, and not one of them didn’t have their failure — more than one failure. And it’s the ability to resist failure, in many ways, or use failure that often leads to the greatest success, isn’t it? So, yeah. Failure. I’ve often met people who - who are terrified, you know, in a straight jacket of their own making because they’d rather do anything than fail. They don’t want to try for fear of failing. Well that’s the rock-bottom thing. Rock-bottom wasn’t fun — at all. I’m not going to romanticize rock-bottom, but it was liberating. What did I have to lose?
—  J.K. Rowling

Do you sometime just, idk try real hard to not think about how you failed your whole purpose of living, and managed to actually trick yourself into thinking that you’ve moved on and is making new plans…
And then, something just HAPPENS to remind you what a fucking failure you are.

Tokyo Ghoul: re 112


In this chapter we basically realize that out of the first generations of Qs, Saiko truly was the only success.

Mutsuki crossed the line between human and ghoul by starting to eat humans. As of now we don’t know the state of his frames but I personally don’t think he is or will be de-framed.

Urie pushed himself to the limit and de-framed. He probably is the strongest just in raw power, but he can’t control it anymore. He doesn’t know what he should fight for anymore.

Shirazu… yeah, let’s move on.

Saiko is in most senses a failure as an investigator. She never wanted to be one yet she became one due to her mother. In missions she tends to be lazy and joke around. She isn’t aspiring to become better or to learn more, she is just herself.
Saiko is a kagune genius as we saw this chapter, able to change the shape of her kagune freely.

The “supposed” purpose of the Qs was for humans to have an easy to access weapon at all time and to increase the physical abilities of investigators without them loosing control. Under this definition Saiko is probably the best.

Props to you meme lady, now save emo Mutsuki.

Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano: Hufflepuff

“Don’t let your victories go to your head, or your failures go to your heart.”

Yeah, I know what you’re thinkingn but Reyna gave up everything that she held dear for the greater good. She is loyal to her people even when she seems like she’s not. This girl is definitely a Hufflepuff.

Bleach vs naruto : Endings/pairings

Naruhina is no ichihime and narusaku is no ichiruki that said bleachs ending is nothing compared to narutos. In terms of pairings.Firstly hinata cares about naruto, pein fight and proud failure moment anyone ? Oh yeah the obito slap scene is in there oh yeah hinata confessed to conscious naruto that doesn’t count does it ?.In terms of bleach when ichigo was fighting ulquiorra did orihime do anything besides cry ? No she was not hinata she was afraid for her own life hence her screaming for ichigo to help her not to help himself. And the grimmjow fight was orihime cheering for ichigo no she started being afraid to the point she didn’t recognize ichigo even though he shielded her from grimmjow attack WITH HIS BODY it took NELIEL to tell her “ hey this is the guy you love protecting you would it hurt you to support him ” never mind the whole unconscious love confession scene that’s sad. Ichiruki on the other hand has the man in my heart speech she stopped the rain in his heart, ichigo learned bankai in a short time just to save her he risked his life not to pay back a debt but to save rukia.

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“Since it’s a new year, I thought I would you know give up a guilty pleasure and I tried giving up chocolate because…well I have a terrible sweet tooth and I already failed. My assistant gave me a chocolate cake for my birthday and yeah, mark me as a failure.”


Hank Rizzoli Autistic Moments (2/?)

Discovering He’s On The Spectrum 

“Look at this, right there - ‘difficulty expressing emotions’. Yeah, here. 'insensitive to nonverbal cues of others’, 'taking directions literally’, 'failure to read between the lines’, 'uncomfortable with the eye contact’! Everything. Check, check, check. You know, I’m seeing my life here. I’m seeing my life. I’m seeing everything, the whole thing. Why stuff happens." 

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If Amon as a floppy was so fast that people are predicting he was running on water. I guess his potentional as a successful ghoul or at least fixed ghoul is higher than ever.

yeah, he was very successful honestly. Kanou only said he was a failure because he couldn’t control his kakuja :O

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you feeling bad? :c

Tbh yes, mostly because of school, I feel like I have no break anymore, I’m always stressing and that leads to negative thoughts and me thinking I’m a failure and yeah. I feel a little better now though, just had a Pizza and gonna watch some Thomas Sanders now to cheer myself up.