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Older brother Namjoon + rest of BTS scolds you PT.14 END

BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst

Namjoon’s Sister AU

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Y/N’s p.o.v

I was waiting patiently for their arrival, I was early. I never liked being late, I hated the thought of making others wait for me, so I stood there waiting. Half an hour passed and I was still waiting. They’re only five minutes late I thought to myself, maybe coming so early wasn’t the best idea.

I was startled when I felt someone give me a back hug. I was ready to start swinging my arms until I heard familiar voices. The person who was hugging me had let go, and turned me to face them.

“Princess, how are you? It’s been a while.” Jin had his hands on my shoulders staring right at me, I felt a little flustered but I managed to smile.

“I’m good, how have you been?”

“I’ve been good too.” He said and ruffled my hair.

“Y/N.” I saw Joonie have his arms out wide open. I hesitated at first but gave him a hug anyway. This was nice, I missed it.

I pulled away and looked at everyone, I didn’t know how to face Hoseok or Jimin. I didn’t know how they felt about me still and it did make me feel slightly uncomfortable. Neither of them smiled at me, or even greeted me so I take it that they’re still mad. Jimin was my best friend, and it hurt knowing that I’ve lost him because of my stupidity. I understand why they may not like me anymore so I suppose I’ll just have to move on and pretend nothing ever happened.

“Let’s get going!” Yoongi piped up and we headed towards the entrance. I walked behind them still feeling some sort of awkward aura between us all, but Taehyung held back and waited for me.

“Y/N…” He called my name softly whilst walking and not turning to look at me.


“I’m sorry.” He turned to look at me but I shook my head.

“Why are you sorry?”

“Because I betrayed you, I never should have told them to come and I’m sorry because you’ve probably lost all trust and faith in me.” He looked guilty, and I admit that at first I was mad but how could I stay angry at him when he never meant any harm?

“It’s okay Tae, I’m not mad at you. Actually I’m thankful to have you in my life, you didn’t betray me. You only did what you thought was best but I was too stubborn and childish to see that, so for that I’m sorry. You’ve only ever done what you could to help me and I pushed you away.” I admitted.

“No don’t be, how about we just call it even?” He said and stopped, causing me to stop beside him. I nodded and he pulled me into a hug. 

“Hurry up!” Joonie complained and we pulled away and rushed towards them again. I was about to walk off when Jin stopped me.

“Are you really okay?” I nodded, reassuring him. But was I really? My best friend hates me, Hoseok doesn’t seem to want to be here, I just wanted to make everyone happy. “So why do you look so conflicted?”

“Does Hoseok and Jimin hate me?” I questioned bluntly. 

“What makes you think that?” 

“I’m just getting this vibe off of them. But it’s okay if they do, I completely get it, this was all my fault anyway so if they do then I understand.” I was hurt, but I didn’t want to show it. I don’t want to continue being that same old weak Y/N who acts like a child and needs to grab attention from everyone. If they don’t like me anymore then I’m just going to leave it.

Jimin’s p.o.v

I overheard her conversation with Jin hyung. Idiot. I don’t hate you, I’m just embarrassed and too stubborn to admit that I was wrong. Too afraid to apologise for being a shitty best friend. How could I even claim that title after what I had put her through. Knowing her, she believes that all this was her fault, but it wasn’t. We all played a part in hurting her, I was someone she trusted but I took advantage of that, I ruined the friendship we had once I had messaged back in the group chat. I should have never said those things, but I did. 

We walked around and had food, I still wasn’t speaking to her. She looked like she was having fun, especially with Taehyung. Did she replace me with him? Not like I can stop her from doing so, but I was jealous. I shoulder barged into Taehyung, who was standing next to Y/N. I continued walking ahead until I heard.

“Oh my gosh, Y/N are you okay? I’m so sorry.” I spun around and saw that Y/N was now on the floor with a scratch on her leg. The force of me walking into him must have caused a domino effect that knocked Y/N over. Now I felt even guiltier, I rushed over to her side as did everyone else.

“Are you okay?” I questioned, she looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes but nodded shyly and looked away.

“Ya, why did you walk into Taehyung like that Jimin?” Hoseok hyung glared at me. “Yeah I saw everything.” 

“It’s okay I’m fine don’t worry about it.” She smiled at us and got up. 

“Small, lets go get you cleaned up.” Namjoon glared at me whilst walking past holding a limping Y/N by his side.

“What the hell is wrong with you hyung?” Jungkook questioned me. “And you Hoseok hyung, why are they two of you so bitter? Can’t you see how hard Y/N is trying? Can’t you see how much she’s hurting? And I don’t mean physically, but emotionally.

“What did I do?” Hoseok complained.

“Exactly, you didn’t do anything Hoseok. You arrived and hadn’t said a single word to her.” Yoongi confirmed.

“She asked me if you two hated her.” Jin confessed.

“What? No I don’t, I’m just guilty for being so mean so I don’t know how to be around her.”

“She’s trying to push it aside and pretend that nothing happened, she’s trying but the two of you aren’t doing anything to help her and Jimin hyung, why would you knock into Taehyung like that?”

“You’re jealous because we’re close aren’t you?” Taehyung interjected.

“She was my best friend, but now you come along, I don’t even know how to apologise to her and you’re making it more difficult for me.” I said in such a bitter tone, I’m sure everyone realised that I was just jealous.

“You don’t know how much she misses you Jimin, and Hoseok hyung you have no idea how bad she feels for lashing out on you. Just have some decency and apologise for a change and stop making her feel like she’s in hell because the both of you are incapable of saying a simple sorry.”

“She misses me?” 

“Isn’t it obvious? She keeps stealing glances at you and after realising you don’t even care enough to look at her face just drops.” Jungkook said whilst rolling his eyes. 

It was silent between us all until Y/N came back, smiling.

“Are you okay?” Hoseok hyung asked her, which took her by surprise because her eyes widened. 

“Yeah, I’m definitely much better now.” Her smile was so genuine, you could tell that she was sincerely happy that Hoseok acknowledged her.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” I apologised.

“Oh no, it’s not your fault I’m just really clumsy I mean I must take it after my brother, I can’t even stand properly.” Namjoon hyung flicked her on the head.

“Not just that, I’m sorry for everything.” She looked like she wanted to cry, but instead she just wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

“It’s okay, I just want my best friend back.” I nodded and hugged her back.

Namjoon’s p.o.v

After a few hours, we parted our ways. Y/N and I headed out to grab dinner whilst everyone else went home. Although we practically spent the whole day together, we barely even spoke because of the guys. 

“How have you been small?” I say whilst looking up from the menu.

“Pretty good I guess, how about you?” 

“Same, just busy I guess.”

“You don’t have to have dinner with me if you’re busy you know, I mean you’ve already spent the whole day with me and that’s honestly more than enough.” She looked guilty, how and why does she look guilty for asking to spend time with me? Her brother.

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Right, I’m sorry.”

“Why do I still feel so distant from you?” I asked her. 

“I - I don’t know, I’m sorry.” 

Y/N’s p.o.v

I felt like I wanted to cry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t know how to act in front of Joonie. I don’t want to do anything that will make him mad at me. 

“Why do I still feel so distant from you?” he asked me, that’s something I never wanted to hear, because it’s not what I want and if that’s what he’s saying then it’s my fault he feels this way.

“I - I don’t know, I’m sorry.”

“Will you stop apologising? You’re not doing anything wrong. What happened to you?”

“Nothing happened to me.” 

“Then why can’t you be comfortable like you were before? Like the old times? Why have you changed so much? It’s making me feel awkward and uncomfortable.”

“I, I guess I’m afraid of doing something that you don’t like that will aggravate you. I don’t want to do something that you don’t like. I want to be that good younger sister that you loved before, but I didn’t know that it was making you feel uncomfortable.”

“Why does what I like matter so much? What about the things that you like?”

Namjoon’s p.o.v

“Last time I did something like that, this huge mess happened. I don’t want that again.” She said so quietly I could barely hear her.

“This is because of me?”

“I’m not blaming you oppa, it was my fault. I should have been more careful, I should have looked out for you more and I shouldn’t have done those things that could damage your career. You’ve worked so hard for it, I can’t be the one to ruin it for you.”

“How do you think that makes me feel? I feel like I’m ruining your life because of what may or may not even happen.”

“You’re not, it’s what I chose to do.” 

“But why?”

“You’re my big brother Joonie, I don’t want to let you down. I promised that I won’t let you down but I already broke that promise so I really have to set myself straight. It’s what I’ve always done for you so I’m sorry that I messed up that one time, I won’t let it happen again, I don’t know what came over me because I never got myself into that kind of trouble before but I promise I’ll go back to how it was before.” 

“But you’re not happy.” 

“If you and the boys are happy, then I’m happy too.” she smiled at me, so genuinely. How was she so selfless? How have I never noticed? All I thought about was myself the past few years that I had no idea she was hurting.

After all this time, I’ve finally come to realise, my image, the scolding. Non of it was worth it. All this time Y/N did everything she could to protect my image like she had promised to. But when she slipped up that one time to be a normal teenage girl, we scolded her, we hurt her. I finally realised how hard it must have been for her to neglect a fun life, where she could do whatever she wanted. She was never able to be herself because she didn’t want it to affect us. She put us before herself and we selfishly put ourselves before her, or more like I put myself before her. Is our image really that important if it made those around us miserable? All this time she was looking out for us, for me. But I never did the same for her. 

END!!! thanks for reading!! 

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hi! could you do a harry imagine where he comes backstage after the gig with stevie and hes all happy but he starts crying (in a cool way) because he loves her sm and you comfort him, thank you!💖💖

Hi! So in honor of Stevie’s birthday, I just had to write and post this one. I hope you like it :) x.

Leather and Lace

I’d been trying to hold it together for the last twenty minutes. The show was over, the crowd for the most part was dispersing and leaving the Troubadour, with a few clusters of fans here and there chatting. The music was still ringing in my ears, the feedback from the guitar now long gone yet still managing to vibrate and shake throughout my body. I stood frozen in my spot on the balcony where I’d sat next to James to watch Harry. The stage was now empty, the spotlights now making it seem more like a distant memory, or a time capsule from a completely different era - one that I’d seen in old magazines from decades ago.

I couldn’t believe what I’d just witnessed. Harry had just sung with Stevie Nicks. Stevie fucking Nicks! To say I was a fan of hers would be an understatement. Stevie was my idol. My queen. The reason I’d wanted to be a musician since I was twelve.

I hadn’t known she would be there. Harry hadn’t told me. Whether it was because he wanted it to be a surprise, or because he was afraid I would freak out and be nervous for him, therefore making him all the more nervous, I didn’t know. But maybe it was a little of both.

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

A/N: Part two! Literally couldn’t think of how this story could have gone any other way. Just a little more insight of how the reader and Sebastian feel about this situation, basically a filler chapter. Just don’t want things to move too fast, you know? Like the feelings and all that… Wanna build up to them a little bit. I can’t guarantee when the next part will be up. I’m a little lost with the plot.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 3,823

Warning: mentions of sex, some talk about Seb looking like a “creepy uncle” when filming I, Tonya, hopefully that isn’t triggering, didn’t mean anything bad by it,  just meant a dude who’s a little weird, creepy, whatever.

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Minhyuk - would kiss you over and over until you smile and giggle. Then he would be so cheesy and a little bit inappropriate! He would say things like “that was so nice, let’s do it again” “I don’t know what I did to deserve you” “You’re very cute naked”

Wonho - would tease you to make you feel at ease with him again. He would make you blush so hard by telling you that you have a sexy body, kissable lips, etc. “You are so beautiful y/n.. no need to be insecure.. and I’m definitely going nowhere..” 

Kihyun - would shake his head at you then run his fingers through your hair. He would look at you lovingly and tell you “I can’t keep my hands off you~ you’re irresistible. Remember that yeah?” 

I.M. - it would probably be his first time too so he would be shy as well. He would watch you and analyze your every move. He would say things like “how was it for you?” “did I hurt you?” “I promise it would be better next time…”  

Jooheon - would be very patient with you. He would talk to you and ask how you are feeling. Then he would admit that he was very nervous too and that now he’s worried that maybe you didn’t enjoy yourself. “I just hope I did it right?” He would joke. 

Hyungwon - would be very cheeky and probably make you feel relaxed by tickling you. If you start to cover yourself up, he would only take it away again (blanket, clothes). “Stop hiding. I want to look at you. All of you.” 

Shownu - would assure you over and over. He would wrap his strong arms around you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. “Babe, that was incredible. You’re amazing and I love you…” 

Steve x Reader x Bucky - Competition

A/N - this is rubbish but yanno

Warnings: None??

Plot: Bucky and Steve meet reader at the coffee shop downtown, a competition ensues to win over reader’s heart.


Steve sits down in the coffee shop across from his best friend Bucky. It’s been a year since Bucky joined the team and a while since they’ve been able to relax as normal friends.

Bucky smiles at him, “did you see the girl at the counter?”

Steve nods and bites his lip, “Yeah she’s…definitely something.”

Bucky nods, looking over Steve’s shoulder at the girl, her H/C hair flowing down her back and her pretty E/C eyes lined with long lashes blinking at the customers she’s taking orders from.

Steve bites his lip, “You should go talk to her.”

The man opposite him chuckles and shakes his head, “Nah, she wouldn’t be interested. Besides, you seem more interested.”

Steve smirks, “So what you’re trying to say is that you think I’m better looking than you and that I have more of a shot with her?”

Bucky rolls his eyes, “Stevie those words would never, ever leave my mouth and we both know that. We have an equal shot, just wouldn’t wanna steal your shine.”

The blonde smiles, “Funny. How about we make this a competition? The first one out of us that she shows interest in gets to ask her on a date.”

Bucky returns the smile, “You’re on.”


I sigh to myself. Working as a waitress in possibly the busiest cafe in New York is tiring, but it has to be done. I have an apartment to pay for, food, clothes, so I can’t complain much.

I look over at the door when I hear the small bell ring, sighing to myself and getting ready to serve the customers. It’s mid-afternoon, very rare we get customers at this time, they’re all either at work or shopping.

I notice the customers are two men, one brunette and one blonde. Both tall, and both pretty ripped.

I bite my lip as I watch the brunette man sit down and the blonde make his way towards the counter.

I put on a smile, “Hi, what can I get you?”

He grins at me, his blue eyes staring into mine, “I’ll take a two caramel lattes, please.”

I nod, entering the order into the cash mashine, “Anything else?”

He leans against the counter, a shy grin on his features, “I…uh…yes, actually.”

I furrow my eyebrows at his actions.

He clears his throat, “A name and a number.”

My eyes widen and I let out a small laugh, “Smooth. Very smooth. The name’s Y/N, and I might consider giving you my number another time. Is that all?”

He nods, biting his lip.

“Well, that’s $5 altogether.” He hands me the money and I put it into the register, picking up two cups.

I look up at him, “Can I get your names?”

He nods, clearing his throat, “Steve and Bucky.” I write their names on the cups in my best hand writing, with an ‘x’ at the end, I may as well make the most of two hot guys being interested.

I smile, “Your order will be ready shortly. Thankyou.”

He nods, looking down and stands to the side.


Bucky smirked at Steve as he sat down with the drinks, “How did it go, Prince Charming?”

Steve rolls his eyes, “I got her name, which is Y/N by the way, and she said she may give me her number.”

The brunette raises his eyebrows, “So basically, you got absolutely nowhere, but you’re just gonna pretend you did?”

Steve sighs and nods, “I guess you could say that, but do you have a better plan?”

Bucky shrugs and bites his lip, “I’ll make my move when the time feels right.”

Steve smiles and sits back, “Whatever, Romeo.”


I pick up my note pad and pen, coming from behind the counter to take orders from customers that want food instead of a drink.

I look down at my apron, smoothing it out a little before I suddenly collide with a body.

I bite my lip and look up, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I-”

He shakes his head, “No, don’t be. It was my bad.”

My eyes widen when I realise who it is, the other man, the brunette one this time . I’m guessing this one is 'Bucky’.

I sigh, “I should’ve been looking where I was going….”

He lets out a small, breathy laugh. “But if you were looking where you were going then I wouldn’t have ran into a beautiful girl like yourself.”

I feel a blush creep onto my face and scoff in an attempt to cover it up, “I’m…I am not beautiful.”

He raises his eyebrows at my response, “Are you kidding? Doll, you’re the most beautiful girl in this whole city.”

Blushing darker than before and looking down, smiling, I manage to squeak out a 'Thank you’ in response.

“What’s your name?”


He grins, “Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl. I’m Bucky.”

I nod, “Yeah, I know. Your friend kind of introduced you earlier.”

He smiles and nods, “Any chance I could get your number?”

I nod and open my pad, scribbling my number and handing the paper to him. He looks down at the number and grins wider than before. God, he’s handsome. Thinking about it, so is his friend. No, Y/N. You can’t think that about both of them. You’re most likely gonna only end up with one of them. Wait….you could end up with none….

I snap myself out of my thoughts quickly, “I should go… do my job.” I look up and he nods, folding the piece of paper up.

“Nice talking to you.”


Bucky slams the peive of paper down on the table, “And THAT is how you do it, Stevie.”

Steve furrows his eyebrows, “Wait, wait you actually managed to get her number…? Jesus what did you even say to her?”

Buvky shrugs, “Called her beautiful a few times and asked for her name and number, somehow it worked. Apparently she likes old fashioned guys.”

The blonde lets out a chuckle and nods, “Cmon we should get going, we’re gonna be late.”

Bucky rolls his eyes in response, “You’re a workaholic.” He grabs his black leather jacket and puts it on as he makes his way to the door, steve behind him. Both men freeze when they hear me calling Buckys name. They turn to face me, Bucky smiling and Steve biting his lip.

You smile at them, “Bucky, do me a favour and give my number to your friend, too.”

Steve’s eyes widen and he laughs loudly at Buckys limp jaw, pushing him out of the cafe playfully.

I smike and shake my head, watching them push and shove each other down the street, a smile plastered on both of their faces.

Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star Of Ceartais Ch.7- The Things We Keep Hidden

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais. First off I’d like to thank everyone who has supported this fic and protested against the Troll Mafiaguy2017, whose hurtful rhetoric has no place in the zootopia fandom. And to Jill Fine, if you’re reading this please know I’m sorry for the online bullying you’ve endured and that I will always have your back. Thank you to everyone who, liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed the last update. A big thank you to the development team for this fic @nick-and-judy-daily, @raykamino , @senny74 and @alexboehm55144 who helped me structure this upcoming chapter and gave lots of ideas for future chapters, also thanks Alana for beta reading this, all you guys are AWESOME! So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

here’s the link…

Chapter 7- The things we keep hidden.

“Last chance ass hats; leave.” Robyn said, standing her ground.

The horse with the bolt cutters had heard enough and swung the bolt cutters down at Robyn, she dodged them easily and kicked the stallion in the gut with such a force he was knocked into the side of his pick up truck with a visible dent….that was impossible Robyn was around the 17 pound mark in weight yet she managed to kick and launch 1500lb horse with little effort, The medicine!? She thought it gave super strength too! When Robyn realised what she had done she felt a surge of energy course through her, she was going to teach these thieves a lesson she bared her canine like teeth and grinned at the other horse who looked terrified and simply said “Playtime.”

“What the hell are you!?” The thieving horse babbled.

“I’m not sure myself.” Robyn tittered, loving the petrified look on the horse’s face.

“Little freak!” The thief crowed before throwing a punch down towards the much shorter hybrid.

Robyn saw this move coming and easily sidestepped the equine grabbing his arm as she did so, she flipped him on his back with a judo throw then like flash but him in a crippling arm lock “You really are as a dumb as you look.” Robyn sniggered, unaware that Kodi had gotten out his phone and started recording what was transpiring.

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Batman VS Spider-Man [ Harry Holland ]

Anonymous said to peteypxrker:

Could you pretty please do a Harry imagine where you go to his school and you LOVE Batman so you two get into a cute argument about who’s better Batman or Spider-Man and then at the end he asks you out? If not, it’s okay!!

it’s short, but I hope this is good :)

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Kiss It Better

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 686

A/N: This punk has to stop invading my dreams. 

Originally posted by steverogersdaily

“You didn’t have to do that, you know?” you mentioned, cleansing up the wounds on Steve’s face as the both of you resided in the living room. “You didn’t have to get yourself into a fight because of me. I’m okay. I’m over it.”

“He hurt you. He cheated on you with another girl. What did you expect me to do?” he argued back, wincing from the sting of the antiseptic. You sighed and continued cleaning up the injuries, disregarding the pair of blue eyes that watched you longingly. Although words were left unspoken, you knew how Steve felt about you. He felt that way about you for a long time, but you never reciprocated those feelings. You weren’t sure what exactly stopped you, but you always thought it was better just to be friends. It was better, right?

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so i picked Bioshock back up after not playing it for like… a million years. yeah i havent ever played the Bioshock games through and i should probably be ashamed of myself, but better late than never right?

In my head, video game protagonists always look a little bit angry, a little bit confused, and a whole lot of done with all this nonsense. Jack is definitely done with all this nonsense. I love that he wears a cable knit sweater so stylish

I swear that every word you sing,
You wrote them for me.
Could I be the one you talk about in all your stories?

Can I be her?

~ Bias Moodboard Tag ~

Thank you @dabwons for the tag! ✨ Definitely inspired by my pcd after Beautiful in LA. I love & miss all of MX Minhyuk so much & I wish I could give him the universe. 💕

I’m tagging you all, if you’d like to❤️:
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nerik flowershop au headcanons for @yalocalesbian and the @aftgexchange!

this is so late but i hope you like it!!

  • nicholas esteban hemmick has always loved flowers
  • he used to pick them for his mom every sunday before church and would put them in a vase tied with a little ribbon that matched and he learned both the common and scientific name for every flower he picked
  • naturally, luther hated the hobby and tried to discourage it because “men simply did not play with flowers” nicky only gets away with it because he isn’t keeping the flowers, but giving them to his mother
  • besides, they go absolutely excellent with the decor. luther always picks ugly flowers for maria and nicky can only stand for supermarket roses for so long before he goes fucking bonkers

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About the aa anime, sure, it was pretty not great, but atleast it had that cheesy opening with the golden chains. Also the kid episode was pretty cute.

yEAH it definitely had some goods moments (the kid episode/signal samurai keychain thing is Pure and the openings are fun) and honestly? I really loved how in-depth it went into how much the class trial affected phoenix

like the original games didn’t reeeaaally delve into it all that much tbh, while the anime took some very much appreciated time to explore how deeply it affected phoenix (anything that would inspire you to change your entire life path had better be big lmao), and the constant foreshadowing snippets leading up to the class trial ep/the nightmares and comfort phoenix found by remembering exactly why he’s here as a lawyer now was done really damn well imho (the scene where he jolts awake from said nightmare and just.. looks….at his keychain… helps calm him down…. gd that was GOOD, it’s still stuck in my head even now)

so yeah, there were some definite nice additions/improvements BUT still, the anime is something I would only watch if I was already a fan of aa/knew its source material - more of a way to pick out the good and the bad if u will 


[[ Request: imagine seeing Chibs after work wearing a tight pencil skirt and have to hike it up high to get on his bike. And everyone is like how did he get that fine piece ]]

“Thanks for the ride!” you called, waving to your co-worker as she pulled out of the TM parking lot. You could see how wide her eyes were as she peeled quickly out of the lot and raced down the street. Your co-workers all knew your old man was a Son, but something about actually stepping foot onto SAMCRO property seemed to make them all a bit squirmy.

“Hey, sweetheart,” Jax greeted, spotting you as you walked towards the clubhouse. “We’re almost done. Chibs’ll be out in a second.”

You nodded your head and smiled. “Thanks, Jax.”

Your car was in the shop. Ironically enough, it was in the TM shop, but it wasn’t supposed to be ready for a few more days. You had been receiving rides from Gemma to and from work most of the week, but she was busy today and couldn’t pick you up. So you had hitched a ride with a co-worker. You wanted her to just drop you off at home, but Chibs absolutely refused. The way things had been with the club lately, he didn’t want you home alone, even if it was just for a few hours. So here you were, waiting at the clubhouse for a ride home.

“Shit, brother,” Tig sighed, slapping a hand on Chibs’ back and watching as you walked to the table outside of the clubhouse, your skirt tightening around your ass as you took a seat. Tig sucked in a deep breath and shook his head. “I don’t know how the fuck you landed that fine piece of ass.”

Chibs flashed Tig a stern look. He knew Tig was only kidding, but he still didn’t like the idea of anyone talking about you in such vulgar terms. Chibs turned back to look at you, watching you with a light smile on his face. You had no idea what kind of conversation was going on at the moment, and you definitely didn’t know it was about you. “Better watch the way you’re talking about my old lady,” Chibs warned.

“I think you’re the old one,” Jax chimed in, an amused smirk on his face. “I don’t know how you do it, man. You got a good twenty years on her.” He shook his head, his smirk growing wider. “I don’t know how you keep up with that.”

“Yeah,” Juice piped in. “I mean, I’m like, her age, and I don’t even think I could keep up with that.”

All the guys exchanged glances. They were only joking with Chibs, but they knew they were already pressing his buttons.

“She’s hot as hell, man,” Happy added, shaking his head as his eyes traced up and down your body. He turned to Chibs and jokingly grinned. “No idea why she’s with you.”

You sashayed up to Chibs, your skirt hugging your body in all the right places as you walked. “You ready to go, baby?” 

He smiled at you and placed a loving kiss on your forehead. “Aye, my love. I’ll be over in a second.” 

You nodded your head and walked towards his bike. The guys all watched you with raised eyebrows, all thinking to themselves that Chibs was one lucky son of a bitch.

“Shit,” Tig muttered under his breath.

“Yeah, man.” Jax shook his head. “She’s somethin’.” His smirked widened. “Too bad she’s into old men,” he kidded, exchanging glances with Tig, Happy, and Juice who were all trying to hold back their laughter.

“Aye, boys,” Chibs crowed, nodding his head at his brothers and smiling smugly. “Laugh all you want.” He turned his attention back to you. All the guys watched as you hiked up your tight little skirt and climbed onto the back of Chibs’ bike. A mischievous grin spread across your old man’s face. “I’m the one she’s goin’ home with tonight.”

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Love @ first sight headcanons for Tsuna Enma and Xanxus?? Like them seeing someone and going 'yeah they're the one time to work my magic'


~These… seemed so much better in my head…~

admin adelheid


  • He will definitely take advantage of his good looks. He had been alive and experienced enough to know that appearances are everything.
  • He will start with the typical gifts such as flowers and candy. Just to keep you interested.
  • Next, those gifts will turn into something more expensive and classy. Like tickets to that play you wanted to see or that ball you wanted an invite to. Of course, he’ll be your date for each and every one.
  • Gradually though, those gifts will confuse you when they come in flat, brown packets.
  • Opening them will probably shock you since each of them contains papers to property. Like cars or real estate.
  • About to be late for work? Can’t get a ride home? Forgot your lunch? Well since he has you on twenty-four hour surveillance, sending a limo, a helicopter or a meal from your favorite restaurant was as simple as a flick of his fingers.
  • It won’t be all flashy showmanship, though. He’ll sometimes pop out right from out of the blue and surprise you when he sits down at your table while you’re chilling at your favorite café, charming you with his conversation and charming smile.
  • It’s hard not to adore him when he acts like a laid back boy when he was with you and not the solemn faced Mafia don that he usually was in front of others.
  • He would sometimes playfully kidnap you himself and sets up a nice picnic by a lake, his bodyguards all out of sight and at least half a mile from your current location.
  • Tsuna does not deal well with rivals. He will not hesitate to destroy and discredit each and every one of them until he could make you his.


  • Enma will stalk you. No question about it.
  • He will plant himself near you at all times, willing to take on the mantle of a dependable co-worker who spent too much attention on you and create a double life for himself just to be close to you.
  • Enma might not look it and it may seem out of character for a Boss like him but he will not hesitate to use trickery to make you fall in love with him.
  • He will not hesitate to create opportunities where he could use the ‘Suspension Bridge Effect’ in full force.
  • Creating scenarios where you will fall and he would gallantly catch you making you incidentally look into his eyes will be a thing whenever Enma is in the vicinity.
  • He’ll make sure to brush his skin against yours with seductive subtlety every once in a while and pretend that he was too busy with whatever he was working on to notice whether or not he had flustered you with the contact.
  • He’ll be your convenient ‘Hero’ for anything and everything. It’s a move he had learned from Julie a long time ago.
  • Cat lost? He’ll go find it. Mandatory overtime? He’ll take half your work. By force if necessary. Late night out? He’ll walk you home. He will be a regular knight in shining armor for you while wearing the sheep’s clothing of a meek guy who leaks out enough dark mystery to keep your curiosity peaked even though you can’t understand why.
  • If you’re the kind who spooks too easy whenever a guy shows you any interest he will sneakily ask you to sit around outside a cafe or hang out in a park. Just places where it wouldn’t feel too romantic but will still allow you guys to bond. An opportunity to make you see the sides of him that were not meek and clumsy.
  • And when he knows you’re ready, he’ll kiss you on your front porch next time he takes you home.


  • He’s in love with you so he won’t just grab you by the hair like a Neanderthal and fuck you in a cave.
  • He will do his research on you first. Xanxus may be reckless but he can be a thorough man when he needs to be.
  • After finding out everything about you he will make sure his entrance in your life will be loud, flashy and absolutely unforgettable. Like, say, barging in on your workplace just to tell you you were now going to be going out with him from now on.
  • Surprisingly his gifts might be simple things you like but they will be presented in a dramatic fashion. Lussuria mostly acts as his messenger boy. So better get used to the sight of the Varia Sun Guardian sashaying through your office and dropping off that double layer cheesecake you keep missing from the cafeteria.
  • He’ll have you kidnapped just to have dinner with him at your favorite restaurant among other things.
  • If he feels like having you near him, he will have your boss threatened to give you vacation time and you brought to him so he could treat you to something nice. Like a trip to the Bahamas, for example.
  • You might think a gentleman was the ideal kind of man but Xanxus will make you realize that just because a man’s polite does not mean he’s any less of a pig.
  • His interactions with you will make you see that rough and gruff men like him knew how to treat their women right despite the cussing and glaring.
  • He will not care if you see but he will warn (shoot) all competition away.
  • And if that doesn’t make you understand just how serious he is about you and you try to protest his violent behavior, then he’ll kiss you deeply and thoroughly until he melts all your objections away.

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8, Kol and Caroline pretty please?

8:  “There’s only one bed.”

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS SUCKS?! HA HA HA…I’m sorry??? It’s Koroline, and I should’ve focused more on them and I don’t know lol I hope it’s not too bad??? On ff.

Also, if you want one!

Just Friends, Sleeping Together


Caroline had basically been kidnapped by Kol; an excuse here, an excuse there, and somehow she had ended up on a car trip with him, going to god knows where, to do something? No idea, and he was being same old Kol, whistling, singing, being a secretive asshole - the usual. Still, better than his destructive moods, which would happen sooner or later; Caroline was not looking forward to dealing with that.

“Kol, I am tired, and I look like crap. You’re gonna stop this car, and get us a proper place to sleep.” she demanded, knowing that if he truly didn’t want it, it would be very hard to persuade him.

“Hmm, you do kinda smell a bit, darling.”

“Kol! I do not smell.” she said, gingerly taking a whiff - ok, maybe she didn’t smell as fresh anymore.

“It’s fine, we can’t all be bloody amazing all the time, like me.” he grinned, always enjoying her feistiness. At the roll of her eyes he gave up, “Very well then, I’ll stop. We’ll sleep, or do other rather enjoyable activities, whatever you please.”

“Yes, sleep sounds great. I’m sick and tired of your face, and the sound of your voice is giving me a migraine.”

“That’s just rude Caroline. My voice is alike an angel’s, and my face - well it’s just gorgeous, much better than Nik’s.”

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Short Imagine

Request: OOO I have a request. I want just like a lowkey summer day spent at the Curtis house or somewhere around Tulsa with either Dallas, Two-Bit, or Soda (or all three if you want to do a more platonic/friendly piece of writing). I really want to read something low-key and not all hyped up like some “generic day” stories end up being. You’re free to do what ever I just want something that is not so vivacious and more mellow, but sitll happy-ish??? idk sorry if this request is confusing my dude

a/n- one of my favorite requests by far. thanks for requesting! I hope this was what you were looking for.

You woke up on the Curtis’ couch with a small hangover. Last night Dal had invited you and the rest of the gang excluding Pony and Darry to one of Buck’s infamous parties. You gladly accepted his invitation, eager to kick off the summer with a little bit of fun. Two-Bit and Soda were the only two of the boys that actually made it, Steve had a date with Evie and work in the morning, and Johnny wasn’t into the whole party scene. You weren’t a huge drinker, a single beer would give you a buzz. That night you drank 3 or 4, leaving you with a hangover the next morning. 

You squinted your eyes and groaned before noticing Two, Soda, and Dal all sprawled out awkwardly on the floor. You stood up head pounding and started towards the bathroom to take a shower. Ponyboy and Darry were nowhere to be found, meaning they probably went out to run errands or something. When you returned to the living refreshed and feeling a little better, all three boys were awake and looked like hell. They’d partied a lot harder than you had last night, and it definitely showed. “Y’all wanna go grab some breakfast? I’m starving.” You asked, already knowing the answer. 

“I’m down for some food.” Dallas said while standing up to stretch. “Yeah me too, just lemme comb my hair real quick!” Soda agreed. Two-Bit just nodded, and looked at Dallas. “Carry me” He whined arms out stretched. “Yeah no.” Dallas chuckled, walking out of the front door with Soda who’d returned from the bathroom. “Go to Buck’s to party they said, it’ll be fun they said.” Two mumbled while following you out the door. 

“What’ll you folks be having this morning?” The waitress asked, setting down setting down a pitcher of water. “Uh we’ll have your family size of pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and bacon.” Dal ordered looking at all of you for your nod in approval. 20 minutes later she came back with at least six plates piled with food. “Oh sweet jesus come to papa.” Two said digging in. Not surprisingly, y’all had polished off all of the food. “So what now?” You asked. 

“Lake day?” Two suggested. “Sounds good to me. You guys in?” you replied looking over at the other two. “I could use a lake day.” Dal said. “Yeah, same here!” Soda agreed. You paid and left to go get everything you needed. At the Curtis house you convinced the rest of the boys to join you, and everyone  eager to cool off happily agreed to tag along.

“Never again.” Soda said from his floatie. “Next time we’ll take it easy.” Two-Bit agreed. “Yeah right Two-Bit, you taking it easy? I don’t think so.” Dallas sassily replied. “Well I for one am not doing that again!” you chuckled. 

The next weekend, you guys did the exact same thing and ended up with even worse hangovers than before.

Josh Dun Imagine:

I finished slipping on my shoes before I headed out the door. I got in my car and plugged the address to the wedding into my gps. My old child hood friend, Jenna, is getting married today and I promised I would come even though I hadn’t even met the groom before. By the time I arrived, most of the people were already there. I headed to the back to say hello to Jenna before the ceremony started. She was in the back room getting the final touches to her make up done. “Y/N!” She squealed as she jumped from her seat and over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tight. “I am SO happy you made it! I’ve missed you so much!” She said as she continued to hug me. “Hey, Jenna! I missed you too! But I’m also happy to finally meet the guy my childhood best friend is marrying.” I said, nudging her shoulder. She smiled widely. “Tyler’s amazing. But there’s someone who I’d rather you meet first.” She said, wiggling her eyebrows. “Oh no. No no no. Not after what happened freshman year of high school!” I said sternly. “Okay, I hadn’t met him before! Jack said he was really cool!” She whined. I rolled my eyes at the memory. God that guy was a freak. “Yeah whatever.” I said jokingly. “No but seriously, Y/N. Josh is amazing. He’s super funny and sweet and pretty attractive, too! He’s Tyler’s best friend.” She said with hope in her eyes. “Okay. I’ll meet him. At the reception. But now I have to go watch my best friend get married.” I said as I hugged her before heading to the room to find a seat. I sat down next to some friends Jenna and I shared. The groomsmen and bridesmaids began to walk down the aisle when I saw a guy with bright red hair walk down. That HAD to be Josh. Jenna knew I had a weakness for that rocker look. But she also wasn’t wrong, he wasn’t bad looking at all. Then I saw Tyler. I knew what he looked like from her Twitter/Instagram/Facebook pictures. After about an hour or two, the wedding ended and everyone headed to the reception dinner. Everyone was dancing on the dance floor while I was sitting down texting my friend about the wedding. She couldn’t make it due to being sick and I knew it was destroying her. “Hey.” I heard a voice say. I looked up at who I had presumed to be Josh standing in front of me. “Hi.” I said back. “I know you’re probably not here to get a man at your friend’s wedding but…” Josh looked over his shoulder at Jenna and Tyler who were staring us down from across the room, “they won’t leave me alone until I at least try and talk to you.” Josh said. I smiled and signaled that he could sit down. “I’m Y/N.” I said as I shook his hand. “Well, Y/N. What do you do for a living?” Josh asked. “I’m undecided.” I say. Josh smiled and told me about how him and Tyler were in a band even though I already knew that. “What are some funny band stories that happen on the road?” I asked, wanting to talk to him more. “Well, I don’t know if you’ve met Tyler, but he’s a pretty funny guy. Well, he thinks he’s funny. He likes to kick me out of the band every other week or so. But as like stories, well Tyler and I are pretty crazy guys. We like to party man, like after shows we head to McDonalds and if we’re really feeling crazy, we get DOUBLE cheeseburgers.” Josh said. I busted out laughing and Josh smiled at me. “No one usually laughs at that one.” Josh said. I shrugged. “Probably cause I haven’t had the chance to hear your better stuff.” I said. Josh laughed. Josh began to tell me more about him and Tyler and they both seem to be great guys. After about 30 minutes of stories and laughing, Josh and I decided to get a drink and stood up to walk to the open bar. We both got beers before walking to the back wall and leaning against it. We continued to tell each other stories from our childhood, just trying to get to know each other better. “Hey, do you wanna dance?” Josh asked. I bit my lip and turned and walked out the door leaving Josh confused. He followed me out the door and I lead him to a room back away from everyone else. “So you don’t wanna dance?” He asked as he closed the door behind him. I shook my head and took a step closer to him. “I have a better idea.” I said as I pressed my lips against his. Josh’s hand landed on my hips as he pulled my closer to him. I placed my hands on his neck and pulled him even closer if it was possible. Josh pulled away. “I’m sorry… I just really like you and want to take it slow. I don’t wanna mess this up.” Josh said as he looked into my eyes. I nodded and we opened the door only to see Jenna and Tyler fall into the room. “REALLY!?” Josh and I both yelled. The two stumbled to their feet and straightened out their clothes. “Hey. This isn’t the umm…. Coat room?” Tyler said rubbing the back of his neck. “Really, Ty? That’s the best you could come up with?” Josh asked, rolling his eyes. “Okay, well we didn’t mean to eavesdrop, okay? We noticed you guys were gone and we were about to start the dance for Jenna and we went looking for you guys and then we realized you were in here and didn’t want to interrupt if you guys were…ya know… Yeah… So we just pressed our ears against the door and then next thing we know we’re laying on the floor.” Tyler said. Josh and I began to laugh and followed them back into the room. “I actually have a meeting tomorrow so I should head out.” I said to Josh. “Oh…” He said looking at the ground. “But it ends at 12:30 so maybe we could go to lunch afterwards? Here’s my number.” I said, writing it down on a napkin and handing it to him. Josh smiled and nodded his head. “Yeah, I’ll call you. See you tomorrow.” Josh said as he kissed my cheek. I hugged Tyler goodbye and then hugged Jenna. “You definitely redeemed yourself, Jenna.”


This is absolute shit I’m so sorry… It was a lot better in my head I’m sorry I suck.