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I'm really happy to see you enjoyed the episode. I kind of hated it myself. Or at least the Emma parts. Im disappointed in her writing, and I was wondering how you see it?

The way I see it is Emma has a long history with abandonment. Like an entire life’s worth of it. And the one person she’s finally certain would never abandon her suddenly ups and leaves? After she told him to basically go until he could be who she needed him to be? It’s her ugly history of ‘not being worthy for anyone’ rearing it’s ugly head… and what’s interesting is Gideon was ready for this. He literally used Emma’s biggest weakness against her (while exploiting Killian’s last episode).

You know how even the littlest, seemingly innocuous things can set off someone’s long history with trauma (and abandonment is a trauma - one I know all too well, honestly. A big portion of my own emotional problems stem from that)? The argument between Captain Swan might not has seemed like much, but we know it upset Emma and then Killian’s just gone afterwards? No indication of where he was going, with multiple people having seen him at the docks ready to leave? That’s gonna trigger Emma’s abandonment issues. That’s gonna bring her walls right up.

You wanna know what I think was a perfect indication that she was projecting all these feelings onto this one seemingly ‘minor’ fight they had? The instant she heard Killian’s voice, her walls came down. She didn’t doubt what he was saying. She trusted him right off the start that he hadn’t meant to leave and that he never would. Because she knows that. Only her lifetime of being left behind and not being good enough clouded that and made her react in a way that might have seemed unfair to Killian. Trauma and a long history of something causing you to feel lesser than good enough is insidious. 

That’s how I look at Emma all this episode and why her reaction to the situation didn’t bother me… I hope my explanation helps a little? I’m sorry you were disappointed with how she was portrayed.

Logical part of my Brain: Connie is wearing Steven’s T Shirt because she wants to wear a star like a crystal gem


Yeah this how my Brain works 😌

Please give me a game with all the Themis Law Academy brats. ;3;

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20 with CEO! Yoongi? Pretty please 😇

✎ things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear ✎
1.4k words ; fluff [ pg-13 ]

Originally posted by mn-yg

a/n: a little late happy birthday to baby yoongi our soft precious rapper, may you be prosperous and wonderful this year as well <3

Yoongi and you had grown up together, both with silver spoons practically glued to your asses. While Yoongi had followed after his father’s footsteps, venturing into finance and accounting to continue his father’s legacy, you chose to step away from the family business to take up photography, a “hobby” your father had scoffed at. However, when their only daughter was talented enough to step up into the spotlight with landscapes and portraits featured only in the best of the best exhibitions and magazines, they didn’t have another choice but to support you. The two of you were far from like, your feigned politeness masking Yoongi’s blatant bites.

Yet, somehow, the two of you always knew that you’d end up together.

When you looked back to the countless days you spent mulling over your major in Yoongi’s apartment near the university as he studied up for his international economics exam, you thought about how easy things were with him, how smoothly the two of you transitioned from being friends attached at the hip to lovers who tied for ‘most likely to succeed.’

It would be an understatement to say that you were in love with Min Yoongi. The man was everything you’ve always dreamed of. The ideal type you always described to him (determined, hardheaded, strong-willed, handsome but also cute), you never thought that it would all come in one package in him.

“Yoongi-ah,” you scrunched up your nose, picking up his slacks from the floor. He rolled over in bed, his pale back seeming to glow underneath the afternoon sun. How he managed to sleep in late when he had piles of work to finish, you’d never know. “Stop leaving your clothes around when you come back at night. It’s gonna smell.”

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  • Kenny: hey can i have that m&m?
  • Lee: *gives m&m to clem*
  • *10 years later*
  • Lee: hey ken, can you give me a hand?
  • Kenny: what? no. fuck you, lee. you think i don't remember the m&m thing?
  • Kenny: how can i even trust you anymore?
  • Kenny: we aren't friends.

A drabble inspired by a song that came on the radio while I was driving home today.

Dean Winchester is a terrible singer.

Or at least, he pretends to be. And he pretends to be a terrible singer all the time.

More often than not, if they are in the Impala, Dean is singing. Loudly. Off key. Messing up the words and making odd sounds in attempts to sing along with the guitar solos.

Sam finds it incredibly irritating, because it loses it’s charm about five songs into any road trip and Dean just won’t stop, dancing around and drumming on the steering wheel as he drives, growling out dirty lyrics at the top of his lungs.

“Can’t you make him stop?” Sam asks Cas finally. “Withhold sex or something?”

Dean snorts a laugh. “Cas wouldn’t give up a second with this sweet ass just so I’ll stop singing. And didn’t you say we weren’t ever going to mention me and Cas having sex again?”

“Yeah, well. I’d deal with a conversation about my brother and my best friend getting it on if it meant you’d shut up.”

Cas stays silent. He’s learned his lesson about getting in the middle of these types of arguments.

Besides, he doesn’t mind Dean’s terrible singing.

Because Cas has heard Dean’s real singing voice. It happens sometimes when they’re driving alone, late at night, when everything is still and quiet and it feels like the whole world exists solely inside the metal frame of that car. The radio will land on a cheesy soft rock station, and Dean doesn’t bother to change the station, because that would mean pulling his hand away from Cas’, and well, that’s just unacceptable.

So instead, Dean will roll his eyes and leaves the station where it is. And then Cas hears it. The low, quiet humming that slowly turns into actual words. Deep and sultry, and much more on key than it ever is when the sun is up.

There’s one song in particular Dean sings to him, a soft ballad about “turning your angel eyes my way”. Cas knows the general public probably thinks it’s saccharin and a little cliche, but he loves it. He wants to answer the questions Dean sings, to tell him exactly what he did to win Cas’ love. But he also doesn’t want his own voice to interrupt, so he never does. He just listens, lets Dean’s voice flow through him until he’s dizzy with it.

Dean and Sam continue to argue, but this is one fight Cas can’t help Sam win.

He wouldn’t mind if Dean sang every minute of the day.

INTP, INFJ: 2:08 am
  • (INTP texts INFJ)
  • INTP: ugh
  • INTP: i ate like half the rice and beans i cooked for class tomorrow
  • INTP: and i just ate my body weight in chichacorn
  • INTP: i also just finished my 4th glass of apple cider
  • INTP: i could be sleeping but instead i'm eating everything in the pantry
  • INFJ: you have a concert tomorrow what are you DOING
  • INTP:
  • INTP: well,, eating, currently
  • INFJ: jesus i'm going back to sleep please go to bed soon, i honestly don't know how you're still alive
  • INTP: i often wonder the same thing
The Outsiders Conversations (based on actual conversations I've heard at school)

Ponyboy: I spent an hour on my hair this morning and now it’s messed up!
Johnny: …. Because you slept on the bus..
Ponyboy: Yeah but I used aquanet so it should’ve been fine, I thought


Steve: Wanna fight bro?
Sodapop: Do what?
Steve: Ya wanna fight.. bro?
Sodapop: I beg your pardon?
Sodapop: I’m doing my algebra homework. We can in Spanish next period
Steve: Alright lit


Dallas: Why the fuck are the peanut butter cookies 3 quarters but the chocolate chip ones are 2? They’re both the same size!
Two-Bit: Ain’t that called discrimination?


Darry: Homie what the matter?
Sodapop: that girl I was talking to bro
Darry: what about her?
Sodapop: she got someone on the side
Darry: shit fam
Sodapop: yeah she got a girlfriend
Darry: bro


Just Shy [Tim Drake x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Could you do one with Tim where the reader is really shy and because of that people think she’s a snob but Tim and her get paired together on a project or something and they get to know each other and he finds out she’s not really a snob”

A/n: I hope you like this! I made it a bit fluffy lol. 

Warning: Mentions of bullying.


You have never been a person who has wanted to be the center of attention. Being the center of attention makes you uncomfortable, often times you prefer to just keep to yourself in the back of the classroom. People may try to attempt conversation, but your shyness just makes you clam up even more.

Many of your classmates think you’re being a snob or feel as though you think you’re better than them. But they couldn’t be more wrong, if they attempted to get to know you and be patient with your shyness, they’d learn you’re just not good around new people, when you are more comfortable around people you can actually be rather outgoing. However, no one has made that attempt. Making school a living hell.

Group projects were your worst nightmare, meaning the words “You’ll be in groups for this assignment” made your blood run cold. Your Physics teacher just announced you’d be making rockets out of water bottles, the groups were groups of two. Dread grew in you as the teacher began to list the pairs.

“Finally the last group will be [F/n] and Tim” the teacher announced, glancing you saw Tim Drake looking back at you, a kind smile on his face. You didn’t mind him, he’s always been nice to you. He’s even stuck up for you before when some kids were talking shit about you. You didn’t witness it but heard it through the gossip of the high school.

As soon as the teacher finished the explanation of the project the bell rang. “Alright everyone, this is due by Monday. Have a great weekend and stay safe.” Your teacher yelled as students began to file out of the room. It being last period and everyone was eager to hang out with their friends.

Packing up your things, but noticing the figure come up in front of you. Peering up you saw Tim standing there. He smiled at you, “I guess we’re partners.” You simply nodded in response, your books hugged to your chest. “Um, if you’re not busy today we could start on the project tonight.” he offered, unsure of how you’d respond.

“I uh.” Your voice was barely audible. “I don’t have plans”

“Alright, will it be okay with your parents?” He asked, nodding in response he grinned wider. You could tell he was excited for this project, Tim was probably the smartest kid in the school. This was right up his alley. “Awesome, I can give you a ride if you like? My ride should be here.” Tim pointed out of the classroom door.

“S-sure” stuttering before he lead you out of the school. You followed him up to a black town car with a older looking man standing outside of it.

“Hey Alfred” Tim called as you lagged behind him. “Hello Master Timothy, are you prepared to return to the manor?”

“Sounds good, oh and Alfred this is [F/n] we’ve been paired up for a project. She’s coming over and we’re going to work on it.” Tim explained while gesturing to you. Alfred’s eyes fell on you, “Oh, it’s a pleasure to meet you Miss [F/n]” he nodded to you. Though your voice caught in your throat as you diverted your eyes. He seemed a bit shocked at your reaction, but Alfred must have known it was due to shyness. He smiled at you softly, “No need to be shy Miss [F/n], we don’t bite. As long as you steer clear of Master Damian.” Alfred said as Tim let out a laugh. Your eyes widened as you looked over at Tim worried. “Don’t worry he’s kidding” Tim assured before showing you into the car.

You watched out the window as the car drove out of the city. Blocking out the conversation Tim was having with Alfred. Nervously you fiddled with the hem of your skirt or the button of your uniform. You felt as if you should say something but just couldn’t, you were scared you would say the wrong thing. You’re currently in a town car with the handsome son of a billionaire. What were you going to say? You’re simply the the daughter of working class parents who is going to Gotham Academy on a academic scholarship. This isn’t really your normal.

Tim noticed your nervousness, he always heard from classmates that you’re a snob. Though you don’t seem that way. A snob wouldn’t have averted Alfred’s gaze the way you did. A snob would’ve rolled their eyes at his gesture, you just.. shrunk. Tim doesn’t know much about you, only that you’re smart. Second in your class, him being the first. He always had found you intriguing. You’re an unknown variable that he could never solve by just observing you. So, the minute you sat in the car he decided he would make it a mission to get to know you better.

When Alfred pulled through the gate of the manor he noticed you tense. The sheer size of the manor was enough to make you uneasy. What are you going to do about its occupants? Tim cut into your nervousness, “Don’t worry it’s not as intimidating as it looks.”

“Says the one who lives there” you whisper to yourself, catching Tim off guard. You didn’t mean for him to hear it, and he realized that you didn’t notice he had. Though he felt you must be getting a bit more comfortable for you to say something sassy. Hell, he’s barely heard you speak. After putting the car in park Alfred opened your door, you held onto your bag strap tight. Anxiety beginning to fill your body.

Hesitantly you followed Tim up to the door. Alfred left again in the town car, saying he had some errands to run. He pushed the door open only to hear the sound of arguing. Tim showed you in before looking in the living room to see Dick pestering Damian as Jason sat by laughing. “What are you guys doing?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“Grayson will not stop his incessant singing!” Damian yelled glaring at his oldest brother. Dick only began to sing ‘Hakuna Matata’ even louder. He must’ve recently watched Lion King. Jason just laughed, enjoying the pain this was inflicting on Damian. Though they were both shocked when they heard Dick come to a stop, following his stare behind Tim.

“Oh my god! Tim brought home a girl!” Dick cheered, making you jump. “Wow Timmy Bird didn’t think you had it in ya” Jason teased.

Tim’s face caught fire at his brother’s comments. “It’s not like that!” he yelped, embarrassment flushing over him. Your state not much better. “Well you should make it like that, she’s cute!” Dick whispered with a wink. Tim only groaned before facing you, “Sorry about them, we can work in my room” apologizing before showing you up the stairs.

You were embarrassed yes, but for some reason you were beginning to feel more comfortable. Maybe it was because of the fact you weren’t the only embarrassed one. “Sorry it’s a bit of a mess” Tim said before throwing some scattered papers on his desk. You took note of the amount of coffee cups he had scattered around. “I-it’s okay” you answered, only with a slight stutter. Hey! Progress!

You cleared your voice, deciding to face your shyness a bit. “S-so, you like coffee I see.” Tim was caught off guard, were you making conversation? He smiled before chuckling, “Yeah, my family thinks I have a problem. Do you?” Asking while placing his bag on his desk. You shrugged, “Sometimes.”

“So uh, let’s get started” he said while pulling out the assignment and his laptop. Hesitantly you sat next to him. He began to explain different designs and ways to make it go the farthest. You both fell into a rhythm. Beginning to become comfortable with him, your amount of talking increased by the minute. It didn’t take you both long to hash out an idea and begin to building process. You were done by the time Alfred was back from his errands.

Alfred came to the door at one point but heard you both talking. Deciding to leave you be he let you both continue. You and Tim had gotten to talking about things outside of school, learning a lot about each other, and that you have a lot in common. But he was waiting to touch on a certain subject.

“Hey, um, I mean you don’t have to answer this but [F/n] what makes you so shy?” Tim asked curious yet uncertain. You looked away, hiding your face from him. “I um. I was bullied in middle school, vowed when I got to high school I wouldn’t do anything to get myself picked on again. Gotham Academy didn’t have any of my old classmates so I just didn’t attempt to make friends. I was scared if I did history would repeat itself.”

Tim nodded in understanding. “I get it, but [F/n] you’re really amazing. You’re smart and talented, you shouldn’t be afraid to be who you are. I mean I’m smart to and people are usually kind.” He smiled, trying to reassure you.

“People are more comfortable around you! You’re smart, and funny, and cool, and good looking.” Blurting out without thinking. Immediately embarrassed you covered your mouth blushing. His face was just as crimson, scratching the back of his neck nervously, “You think I’m good looking?”

Blushing more you threw shyness to the wind and nodded. “I uh I do. Sorry that was weird for me to blurt out. I guess I’m just not used to talking.” laughing nervously. “Oh no no don’t apologize! I um, I actually feel that way about you.”

“You do?” asking him astonished. He chuckled at your shocked expression, “Yeah I do. What would you say to doing something this weekend? Since we already have the project finished.”

“I um” smiling sheepishly “I just.” You looked up at him, meeting a hopeful look in his eyes. Gulping down your nerves, answering “I would love to.” He allowed a wide grin onto his face, nervousness flushing out of his system.

You both were grinning at each other before a knock on the door interrupted you. “Master Timothy, dinner will be ready within the hour. Should we expect Miss [F/n] to be joining us?” You and Tim exchanged a look before you spoke, “I uh, I should actually be getting home soon. My parents will be expecting me for dinner.” Your more comfortable tone catching Alfred off guard.

“I will happily give you a ride to your home Miss [F/n].” Alfred smiled at you, happy to see you’ve come out of your shell. “Master Tim I suggest you prepare for dinner and for tonight” Alfred said before going to get the car.

You packed up your things before pulling your bag over your shoulder. “I guess I will text you” Tim questioned, walking you to the front door. “Yeah, I’d like that” smiling shyly at your feet before he opened the door for you and allowed you out.

He beamed when closing the door. Looking into the living room to see Dick and Jason smirking at him, “Timmy’s got a date” Jason teased as Dick laughed. “He took our advice for once, and now he’s got the girl. We should have an advice column”  Dick looked over to Jason who chuckled. Tim just shook his head and rolled his eyes, “I hate you both.”

|| The New Girl ||

{summary: “the other students call Peter ‘Penis’ Parker.”}

this whole story was inspired by a snippet in an ign article that i screencapped and posted yesterday x))))) it was the best prompt for me and i just had to write something short and sweet for it!

this is dedicated to all of my readers out there who have given my stories a chance and followed this blog. i really love you guys and i thank you so much for making this personal blog of mine so much fun to run!

warnings: none

**Please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!**


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Jealous confession (NCT Dream’s Jeno scenario)

Anon said: Could you do a soft jeno scenario which includes a jealous confession;-; IM SO SOFT FOR NCT DREAM

I’m so sorry that I’m not super familiar with the dream members except for maybe Mark and Donghyuck but I tried my best!!

Originally posted by princerenjun

“Hey Mark, could you pass me my soda?” you said as you sat on the couch in NCT’s dorm livingroom. Almost all the members were out, except for you, Mark and your best friend and crush Jeno who were all watching TV together.

“Yeah sure, Y/N” he said as he reached over to the table situated in front of the three of us before handing it over to me. I thanked him with a quick smile before drinking the last of my glass and putting it down closer to myself this time.

“Hey, Y/N, when was it that English class starts tomorrow? I totally forgot” Mark wasn’t actually in the same grade as you, but seeing as you both spoke English fluently you were in the same English class. Every other class you had, you fortunately shared with Jeno.

“Huh? I’m not sure actually.. Maybe around 2PM?” you said as you looked at him, not realising you were both speaking in English and accidentally leaving a certain someone out of the conversation, you both started getting into a very intense discussion about how awful your English teacher was. How there they give you both C’s when you both deserved at least B’s?!

Jeno, feeling a bit jealous over how Mark could talk with you about almost anything in English without him understanding, all of a sudden decided he wanted to be a part of this conversation as well.

“Oh my god, yeah”

Silence was the only thing in the room as the two English speakers turned to look at Jeno who was now blushing slightly before they giggled as the youngest’s cheeks reddened more than before.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Jeno, we totally forgot you don’t speak English!” you said as you smiled at him and took his hand, making his heart beat slightly faster as he just looked to the ground.

Pay more attention to me, Y/N…

“I have a pretty big test tomorrow in chemistry so I’m gonna go study now, ok guys? I’ll see you later Y/N!” Mark said as he got off the couch and into the room he was sharing with someone else.

It was quiet for a moment before Jeno suddenly spoke, still holding your hand.

“Hey… Y/N… Do you.. Have feelings for Mark hyung..?” He said, almost whispering as if he didn’t actually want you to hear his question.

You turned your head to watch him as he once again looked to the ground.

“N-no.. I.. Only see Mark as a friend.. Why?” You said, trying to get him to look into your eyes.

“I.. You.. You both just seemed like you.. Liked  each other or something just now… But if you don’t then… Would you maybe consider… Dating me?” He said softly, still looking down, not daring to look you in the eyes.

“J-jeno..” you whispered.

“I just… When I saw you two like that I just wanted to tell you that I’ve liked you for so long. Ever since the first time we met I’ve felt like you were special and.. You really are..” He said.

“Ya, Jeno look at me”

He slowly turned his head to you, cheeks pink and eyes slightly watery, probably scared of rejection.

“Of course I’d love to date you” you smiled at him, making his eyes go big before smiling back at you.

“Then, let’s go to the cinema tomorrow like a real date!”

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Nobody ever said being my friend was easy…

Will submitted a colored comic to my surprise and i felt left out. For the record i still hate coloring but this one was surprisingly fun.

So yeah…this one came out of my constant conversations on Dre’s posts and an old joke i’ve been meaning to draw for ages. I’m still getting the hang of drawing Dre to point i’m considering making my own reference sheet (I do this for anything i have trouble drawing). Like is her head a cube or a sphere?

I dunno, man.


Rafael Barba made it a habit of coming home late. Not that you usually minded, you knew how important his job was and made it a point to hide your disappointment at your frequently cancelled plans. Tonight was different. In the past few weeks, you’d been feeling out of touch with your friends. The recent work assignments you’d been allocated had kept you incredibly busy and away from your support network.

Rafael smiled as he climbed into bed beside you. “Cariño, how was your day?”

“Fine,” you said dully, not looking up from the book you were hiding your face in.

“Is everything alright?” Rafael asked, concerned by your lack of enthusiasm. Normally you’d have pounced on him with your contagious smile by now.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?” you tried to deflect his question with one of your own.

“Nice try, cariño. Talk to me. What happened?”

“It’s nothing, Rafael. It doesn’t matter.” You’d kept your nose buried in that book.

“Sweetheart, if it matters to you, it matters.” He put his hand on your arm and gently pulled the novel out of your hands. “Por favor, cariño. I hate to see you like this. Let me help. Digame (tell me).”

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So, I had a retail job in a very Jewish neighborhood from late December through mid-February. I promise, calling it Jewish is relevant to the story. It was alright, my coworkers were nice and my manager was cool, but some of the customers were really something else.

One of them was telling me all about his travels and he had some pretty cool stories about going abroad and seeing the world for his entertainment job. I chatted with him for all of 20 minutes or so while my coworker put his order together (it was a super slow day and part of my job was relationship building). At the very end, when I asked him how he got into the entertainment business, he basically just summed it up with “Yeah, perks of being an Aryan.”

…This conversation led to me decidedly telling my dad that no, I will not be wearing my Star of David necklace to work to try and make new friends.

Seriously though, I used to help Jewish people at that store every single day, they came in all the time and this person comes and straight up says he’s Aryan? I mean, I guess I’m glad he warned me, but wow.

About a week later another guy came in, told me I probably didn’t like Trump (just by looking at me, he could somehow tell. You’d think that if you could stereotype a young woman as anti-Trump, there might be something wrong with the guy), and then proceeded to talk at me for about 15 minutes about his virtues while I just sort of smiled and nodded.

I didn’t work in politics, I worked in a retail store for goodness sake! If I did work in politics though, someone would be getting an earful!

Me *trying to open up about my problems for once*: so yeah, I guess I’m just struggling with some things right now and I really needed someone to talk to and-

Friend: mhm that’s sad, anyway my day was pretty good :) 

Me: but-