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You know how a few chapters ago kirishima did whole cool full body hardening thing. And then afterwards he said that he had to go on cool down afterwards. And his hair started falling down at that moment as well. what if he doesn't gel his hair. What if he just hardens it?

Hmmm… It’s definitely an interesting notion. I’m just not sure about the proper extent to which Kirishima can harden.

Like yeah his hair did seem to be in a hardened state during his Unbreakable form, but I’m not sure if when he’s just in “normal” Kiri mode if he uses his quirk to harden his hair. Because logically speaking, Kirishima can’t sustain his quirk full-body for longer than 10 minutes without taking a break, so if he is hardening his hair for an entire day, you’d expect for him to feel some sort of fatigue right?

I’m not discrediting this headcanon/theory, but there are a few instances in canon that do - like the scene in the Sports Festival arc in which Katsuki is “knocking” on Kiri’s head, his hair visibly flattens. And I think the reason Kirishima’s hair starts falling back into “soft” mode after he goes Unbreakable is because, well, he’s just been in a fight and I imagine that hair gets pretty messed up in battle.

But it’s definitely an interesting idea. 😊