yeah the watermark is huge

public service announcement

hey yeah okay

so for future reference if anyone wants to use my art for something, at the very least… ask?

i mean, it’s polite, and I know that my answer is often yes to other people for 8tracks covers and fanfic accompaniment and icons or whatever, but don’t assume I’ll just say yes to you.

and never never alter the content of the drawing.  I don’t care if you want to write in new text because your idea needs a picture, make your own damn drawing, don’t co-opt my work into your message.  It looks like I’m endorsing you and your message when I’m actually not aware of what is happening.

And never crop out or paint over my signature.  I know I tend to put it in an easy to smudge out spot because I’m nice and I don’t want to obscure my hard fucking work, but it’s very easy to change that in the future.  i can be incredibly obnoxious about watermarks. You haven’t seen paranoid teenage artist kyo.

I’m just saying.

and at the very least, I’d like to be informed.

I mean that’s common courtesy, is it not?

Firstly, sorry for the sorry excuse for an “animation”, and secondly the HUGE watermark :P But yeah, a quick little thing for inthelittlewood birthday! Some day, when I have money to buy the program so theres no watermark, I’ll maybe finish this and export a less shit version xD 

EDIT: Managed to reduce the watermark size (i know, I dont endorse editing watermarks.. THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON) Just for the purpose of actually seeing what is happening.