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Like… I know that Scott’s power isn’t just “shooting lasers out of his eyes” or whatever, but it’s easier to say and a lot more fucking fun

Plus, correcting people every time they say it wrong makes you sound like one of those guys who accuse girls of being fake fans

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How to Plot A Complex Novel in One Day (It WILL take all day)

Now first, I have to say, that the plot you’re able to come up with in one day is not going to be without its flaws, but coming up with it all at once, the entire story unfolds right in front of you and makes you want to keep going with it. So, where to begin? 

  • What is your premise and basic plot? Pick your plot. I recommend just pulling one from this list. No plots are “original” so making yours interesting and complicated will easily distract from that fact, that and interesting characters. Characters will be something for you to work on another day, because this is plotting day. You’ll want the main plot to be fairly straight forward, because a confusing main plot will doom you if you want subplots. 
  • Decide who the characters will be. They don’t have to have names at this point. You don’t even need to know who they are other than why they have to be in the story. The more characters there are the more complicated the plot will be. If you intend to have more than one subplot, then you’ll want more characters. Multiple interconnected subplots will give the illusion that the story is very complicated and will give the reader a lot of different things to look at at all times. It also gives you the chance to develop many side characters. The plot I worked out yesterday had 13 characters, all were necessary. Decide their “roles” don’t bother with much else. This seems shallow, but this is plot. Plot is shallow. 
  • Now, decide what drives each character. Why specifically are they in this story? You can make this up. You don’t even know these characters yet. Just so long as everyone has their own motivations, you’re in the clear. 
  • What aren’t these characters giving away right off the bat? Give them a secret! It doesn’t have to be something that they are actively lying about or trying to hide, just find something that perhaps ties them into the plot or subplot. This is a moment to dig into subplot. This does not need to be at all connected to their drive to be present in the story.  Decide who is in love with who, what did this person do in the 70’s that’s coming back to bite them today, and what continues to haunt what-his-face to this very day. This is where you start to see the characters take shape. Don’t worry much about who they are or what they look like, just focus on what they’re doing to the story. 
  • What is going to change these characters? Now this will take some thinking. Everyone wants at least a few of the characters to come out changed by the end of the story, so think, how will they be different as a result of the plot/subplot? It might not be plot that changes them, but if you have a lot of characters, a few changes that are worked into the bones of the plot might help you.
  • Now list out the major events of the novel with subplot in chronological order. This will be your timeline. Especially list the historical things that you want to exist in backstory. List everything you can think of. Think about where the story is going. At this point, you likely haven’t focused too much on the main plot, yeah, it’s there, but now really focus on the rising actions, how this main plot builds its conflict, then the climactic moment. Make sure you get all of that in there. This might take a few hours. 
  • Decide where to start writing. This part will take a LOT of thinking. It’s hard! But now that you’ve got the timeline, pick an interesting point to begin at. Something with action. Something relevant. Preferably not at the beginning of your timeline - you want to have huge reveals later on where these important things that happened prior are exposed. This is the point where you think about what information should come out when. This will be a revision of your last list, except instead of being chronological, it exists to build tension. 
  • Once you’ve gotten the second list done, you’ve got a plot. Does it need work? Probably. But with that said, at this point you probably have no idea who half your characters are. Save that for tomorrow, that too will be a lot of work. 

After you’ve plotted the loose structure of your novel from this, see my next post to work on character


Dale Cooper + Disheveled Hair

0139 - signs' favorite kinks
  • aries: spontaneous sex, d/s, angry sex
  • taurus: foodplay, receiving oral, lots of foreplay
  • gemini: phone sex, dirty talk, cooperative masturbation
  • cancer: spanking, roleplay, sex toys
  • leo: exhibitionism, being filmed, erotic photography
  • virgo: humiliation, submission, public sex
  • libra: dressing up (lingerie), voyeurism, threesomes/orgies
  • scorpio: bondage, erotic torture, master/slave
  • sagittarius: one-night stands, adventurous sex, limitless sex
  • capricorn: s&m, power exchange, desire for authority
  • aquarius: cyber sex, unpredictable sex, (more) open sexuality
  • pisces: pleasing their partner, prolonged teasing, roleplay
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I understand that John Simm is the version of the Master that most people - myself included - first became familiar with/hold close to their hearts, but Michelle Gomez is actually a much more faithful reimagining of the character's beginnings and so anyone saying shit about "the REAL Master" being back can sincerely fuck off
And then I realized Prompto was my spirit animal: by someone who hasn’t finished chapter 4

+ riding shotgun is practically a necessity 
+ ♫♪ I. WANT TO RIDE MY CHOCOBO. ALL. DAAAAAY ♫♪ “Can’t get it out of my head!”
+ gun
+ “That’s right, you hate bugs” “Yeah, can’t stand ‘em”
+ why did you bring me along on this crazy ride again?? what is my purpose here alongside your private tutor/maid/mom friend and personal bodyguard???
+ photo hobby
+ super queer
+ “We’re alive! Let’s celebrate by eating something DEAD! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
+ CHocObOs!!!1!!1!
+ HOPELESSLY PINING [I see you looking in the side mirror boy (¬ ⌣ ¬)]
+ *sigh* “Why do you have to be so photogenic?”
+ precious cinnamon roll, to good for this world, too pure™
+ but also potential to be a little shit

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Prompto  Argentum

musicians au for @fightlikeleia

She was into classical music he was into rock music. They hang out in completely different groups, but a chance at meeting at a party (that they both didn’t want to go to) was the start of their love story. They share their love for not only music but each other.

Cassian would secretly watch Jyn play her violin or piano through the cracked door in the school musical room. He loved how she got so lost in her music.

Jyn would listen to Cassian play his guitar and sometimes he’d try to teach her how to play his favorite songs. He even wrote her a song once.

No one would have expected them to be together, but somehow they fit perfectly.

i know i’m in the minority on this site, but i’m actually happy about the disney remakes

Silly Until Dawn things...

- Hannah running out into a snowstorm wearing only light clothing after getting embarrassed, rather than just running to her room.
- Jess bringing an erotic novel to a trip that’s supposed to be in remembrance of the twins’ disappearance.
- Josh being out in the snow in only a vest and button shirt. Like damn, weren’t you cold?
- Emily and Matt never finding her bag.
- Jess somehow holding onto her phone the entire time she was dragged, with her fav song being heard when Mike found her
- Mike spending so long out in the cold in only a tank top. And that military jacket didn’t look like it gave much warmth either!
- Jess being covered in bleeding wounds in her underwear in the cold mines for hours and somehow surviving.
- Chris claiming the power wasn’t on when they found a mysterious light, even though Chris/Sam checked the answering machine earlier.
- Josh somehow getting back to the lodge from the shed and luring Sam to the basement before Ash and Chris got there.
- Josh somehow converting recordings of Sam in the bath and himself getting ‘killed’ to be played in a projector before Sam made it to the theatre room.
- Matt being inactive for at least four or five hours in the game.
- Sam being promoted as the main protagonist even though she spends two and half chapters in the bath, and one chapter unconscious or in the vents.
- Mike suddenly having a bunch of cuts and dirt on him when he was unscathed beforehand, even before nearly getting blown up.
- Mike saying he got Jess’ blood on himself even though he didn’t touch her.
- Hannah not being able to find her way out of the mines for a month despite Emily doing it within an hour, and yet still somehow finding her way to the waterwheel to bury Beth.
- Chris wanting to rest after hurting his leg, even though Emily can go through a lot more mental and physical abuse and still be going strong.
- The door to the sanitarium having a board blocking it when Sam looks for Mike but not when Mike escapes by himself.
- Sam suddenly having a bruise on her forehead and a lot of blood on herself, even though there’s nothing that could cause either.
- Sam splitting up from Mike and Josh to go up a steep and high cliff.
-Mike somehow getting to Sam at the lodge entrance despite her route supposedly being a quicker way out than his.
- Mike lying about Josh dying (he didn’t say that exactly but he heavily implied it), and if they knew he was alive, they could’ve got to him in time, especially once the Wendigo was dead!!!!!

Asche: “…”


Asche: “Well…”

“You look really alike to a friend of mine. The species, the eye’s color… you even have freckles too!”

“Are you family or something? Nah, you two can’t be related, you’re way cuter than my friend!”

Asche: “I think I have something like that somewhere…”

“Oh, here!”

Asche: “Isn’t it awesome?”

“I got it from an egg two nice Pokemon gave me earlier! I’d prefered some cookies instead, but this bell is cool too!”

“It makes me feel relaxed… happy… nice… in peace.”

“I hope it isn’t some kind of witchcraft though…”

Asche: “Hmmm…”

Asche: “Really!”

“I really appreciate this information!”

“I think I’m one step closer to evolving soon now!”

<Asche has equipped the Soothe Bell!>


also yes ok i totally want a plot where for once it’s the female who’s really sexually experienced and popular, and this nerdy boy has a crush on one of her best friends, and she needs tutoring and he’s the only one who could do it- so she offers him tips and advice on how to get her friend to notice him and seem cool, in exchange he’ll tutor her.

but as her best friend gains interest, he realises how inexperienced he is, so it becomes a trading of tutor- he teaches her maths equations, she teaches him how to kiss, and go down on a girl.

and oh no- she’s starting to really like him???? she doesn’t want him to date her friend?? maybe he could date her instead?????


“Now, follow my lead. Step where I step. Swag where I swag.”
“Swag? I have no idea what that means!”
“Did I not just tell you to follow my swag?”

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i don’t want to sound snobby you ever just think about how good doctor who used to be??? like, it was a show that was easy to watch from week to week w/o having to see all the episodes, the characters were all unique and flawed and so terribly human, rose with her easy smile, martha and her unrequited love (and growing /past/ it), donna and her sharp wit, jack and his obnoxious jackness.. just frick my peeps, i just love it so much