yeah the cosplayer is a boy

  • Guy #1 from LeetStreet Boys: damn did you see the Assassination Classroom on that cosplayer
  • Guy #2 from LeetStreet Boys: aww yeah i'm so gonna Slam Dunk (Japanese: スラムダンク Hepburn: Suramu Danku) that

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Can I request an imagine with 69 and 7? Thank you very much ❤❤

Prompt request: “You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.” + “Can I kiss you?”

Pairing: Taehyung/Reader

Genre: Humour + Fluff

Summary: You arrive at the convention with your best cosplay yet–Cardcaptor Sakura. Only, you weren’t expecting a new rival in the form of Kim Taehyung.

Word count: 1k words

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You walked into AnimeCon with a confident smile on your face. This year, you had decided to cosplay as Cardcaptor Sakura, paying homage to your first beloved anime series. It was probably your best cosplay yet. You had spent weeks sewing the school uniform (you didn’t have the resources nor the skill to make the pink dress).

A few hours into the convention, you were taking pictures with a small crowd of people. A girl around your age stepped forward, her eyes widening in recognition.

“Are you Y/N?” she asked excitedly, at which you nodded. “I follow you on Instagram!”

“Wow, really?” you exclaimed, smiling back at your apparent fan. “That’s awesome! I’ve never actually met any of my followers.”

“Yeah, I’ve been a longtime fan,” she replied. “Do you know the cosplayer Taehyung? He goes by V.”

“No, I haven’t heard of him before,” you said, fiddling with the stuffed Kero toy in your hands. “Is he popular?”

“Yeah, I’d say. And he’s really cute,” the girl explained with a cheeky grin. “He’s here, actually. And I’m pretty sure he’s cosplaying Syaoran.”

“Oh, cool! I’ll go look for him and maybe we can take pictures,” you laughed, perking up at the prospect of meeting a cute boy (who liked anime).

“He’s wearing the school uniform, too!” the girl informed you. Her friend gestured to her camera impatiently, and the two of you hurried to pose for the picture. The flash blinded you momentarily, and you prayed that you didn’t blink.

The girl ran off with her friend, waving goodbye as she left. Eventually, the small crowd around you dispersed, and you were left with nothing else to do. Shrugging, you figured you would look for this Taehyung character.

You strolled past numerous vendors, wandering aimlessly through the second level of the convention. As you were nearing one of the back corners, you noticed a group of girls circling someone who was very tall.

As you approached, you could see a boy wearing the same uniform as you–minus the skirt. If this was Taehyung, the girl was right. He was very cute. The boy had long, dark eyes rimmed by sweeping lashes. His nose was pointed and high, his smile was rectangular and endearing. In short, he was model-worthy.

You reached the front of the crowd, and Taehyung’s gaze landed on you. His eyes sparked in recognition, then flashed in anger.

“You!” he barked, pointing a long finger in your direction. “You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.”

“Excuse me?” you asked, taken aback by the boy’s sudden rudeness. The girls around you were, too, and they fell into a stunned silence.

“There can only be one Sakura,” Taehyung continued solemnly. He paused, looking at the blank expressions on the people around him. His voice took on an extremely offended tone. “Wait, did you all think I was Syaoran?”

“I mean…yes,” you admitted. “The school uniform is identical except for the skirts and pants.”

“Fuck, I knew I should have worn the skirt,” he muttered, mostly to himself. Taehyung looked down at his cosplay with a crestfallen expression on his face.

You understood his sorrow. Making a cosplay was a trying an arduous process, and it seemed like Taehyung thought his efforts were in vain.

“Hey, it’s still a cool cosplay,” you said, stepping forwards and patting Taehyung’s shoulder companionably. “Syaoran’s a good character, too.”

“I guess,” Taehyung pouted, adjusting his cap sheepishly.

“Wait, oh my god!” someone from the crowd squealed. “Can I take a picture of the two of you together? Sakura and Li were my first ship ever!”

A few other people voiced their support at this idea, whipping out their cameras. You looked up to Taehyung to gauge his response. He shrugged at the girls and looked down at you.

“You up for it?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine with me,” you replied. That was why you came to look for him, anyway.

“I’m Taehyung, by the way. Sorry I was mean to you earlier,” he apologized, a faint blush appearing on his tanned cheeks. “You make a better Sakura than me, anyway.”

“I’m Y/N,” you smiled. “And it’s fine. But you make a very pretty Sakura, too.”

Taehyung laughed at this, his rectangular grin returning to his face. Suddenly, his genuine smile transitioned into a mischievous one.

“Ready?” he asked the growing crowd, to which they all raised their cameras. Taehyung turned back to you, determination in his eyes.

Suddenly, you were suspended in the air. Squealing, you clung to Taehyung’s shoulders as he lifted you bridal style from off the ground. He laughed at your surprise, opting to keep his gaze fixed on you instead of the flashing cameras in front of you.

“Hey, want to make these photos even better?” Taehyung asked cheekily.

“It depends on what you’re suggesting,” you countered apprehensively, feeling a bit flustered by Taehyung’s close proximity. You could confirm he was even more handsome up close.

“Can I kiss you?” he chirped, not seeming embarrassed at all.

“I-I, you, k-kiss!?” you spluttered, feeling your cheeks burn. You wanted to die at your response to a fairly tame suggestion–what were you, twelve? Composing yourself, you cleared your throat and continued calmly, “Yeah, I guess.”

Taehyung smirked and his eyes glinted dangerously. As he leaned down, you squeezed your eyes shut. There was nothing for a moment, but then his lips met yours.

It was fleeting, but in that moment, time slowed. Taehyung’s lips were oh so soft, lingering above yours for a second once the kiss ended. You opened your eyes slightly, met with the sight of Taehyung looking down at your lips.

Around you, girls were squealing and cameras were clicking, but the noises faded and all you could focus on was the boy who was carrying you.

“That was nice,” Taehyung decided, setting you back onto your feet. “Let’s do that more often.”

The next year, you and Taehyung went to AnimeCon together. You decided to cosplay as another Sakura, this time from Naruto. Taehyung went as Sasuke, and together, you were SasuSaku: the Realest Ship™.

It was a big hit–mostly because of the great chemistry between you and Taehyung. That year, there were more staged kisses (and many more spontaneous ones).

- Girl in Luv

Can you guys tell that I’m the nerdy one? I channeled my inner weab for this. Been suppressing it since 2012. Those were some dark times…I know Tae’s a weab too, so I’ve been waiting to write that into a story. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this nerdy-ass imagine! Happy reading 💛

“Will shouldn’t you already be at the infirmary?“
“Yeah, but I don’t wanna let go of you just yet.“
“You’re a nerd.“
“I love you too Death Boy.“
In other news don’t let me watch videos of adorable Solangelo cosplayers since it will give me major shipping feels and make me wanna draw these two being cute.

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Masterlist 24/07 - 2016

So yeah while the blog is under construction I figured making a masterlist would be easier for you guys to get to our stuff ^^

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and I s2g if anyone fights me about this I will throw my fridge at you


like, really gay.  full, raging homo.  why on earth would you ship him with a girl?

- “but it’s not confirmed!” /  “he could be bi!”

“What made you want to add a gay character into the Percy Jackson series? What inspired you to write the series?” was asked and answered on Rick’s Goodreads a while ago.  Note, “gay”, with no dispute in the answer.

“Nico had once read a story from Plato, who claimed that in the ancient times all humans had been a combination of male and female.  Each person had two heads, four arms, four legs.  Supposedly, these combo-humans had been so powerful they made the gods uneasy, so Zeus split them in half - man and woman.  Ever since, humans had felt incomplete.  They spent their lives searching for their other halves.  And where does that leave me? Nico wondered.  It wasn’t his favourite story.”  (Blood of Olympus, chapter 15)  Yes.  Very bi/pan/poly.  So much fyi i like vagina.  He’s entirely into girls.  What is a dick anyway?


It’s his sexuality. Idk about you, but I’m aro/ace, and people even jokingly shipping me with anyone else makes me, like, really uncomfortable.

- “but you ship straight characters in same-gender/polyamorous relationships!”

Since we’re talking about Nico here, we’ll leave other fandoms out of it.  Not a single character in any of Rick Riordan’s mythology series has a confirmed sexuality - except for Nico.  And if you’re going to assume characters’ heteroromance/sexuality from their lack of canon attraction to their gender, you and your straight-until-proven-otherwise mindset can just leave.

“I’m only shipping it.  What’s the harm?  I think they’re cute.”

Would you vote for Donald Trump in an election?  Y’know, it’s not the nicest thing to do, but, like, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s one vote.  But you wouldn’t, would you?  (if you would, please, please just leave right now) However insignificant it might be, it’s just wrong.  Also, you’re adding to all the other people that have voted for Donald Trump - quite possibly thinking the same thing.  So don’t vote for Donald Trump, and don’t ship Nico with Thalia or Annabeth or Reyna or the bloody genderbent Will that this demonic corner of the PJO Instagram fandom is a fan of.  (don’t even ask)


I’m sorry, but I can name exactly two book series aimed at middle-grade kids that have LGBTQIA+ characters; Pretty Little Liars and The Heroes of Olympus.  (we’re not counting Harry Potter here.  saying years later that Dumbledore was gay with only minor implications in canon isn’t representation imo, sorry Jo.)  Having representation in kids’ series is so important, and wiping out that representation by ignoring his sexuality or erasing it and headcanoning him as bi/pan/poly is pretty homophobic and disgusting.  We have representation.  Respect it.


Reyna sees him as a brother??  He barely knows Thalia or Annabeth??  And as for “”Willow”” (genderbent Will.  It’s hellish, I promise), that’s straight down homophobia if you keep Nico as a boy.

The Ruby & Yang RTX Australia Q & A Panel

Watch Here:

I just finished the Twitch panel which had Ruby and Yang Skyping all the way from Remnant [how it’s done is never revealed] and it was SENSATIONAL! While a majority of the questions shed a little bit about our favorite girls [such as learning that Ruby is a messy person], what really stood out was Ruby’s response [and reaction] from a Jaune Cosplayer.

For all you Nuts N’ Dolts shippers, here is the transcript:

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Stuck in the Middle

Summary: Muggle AU where Remus and Sirius meet at a convention cosplaying as punk!Bucky and hipster!Steve (also James is black – hence his Falcon cosplay – sorry I don’t make the rules.) 

For queermarauders since we don’t talk as much as we should, and Elliot is awesome.

“Still think they should have let me take my bike in here,” Sirius says, tossing another fry into his mouth. “I mean, do you know how much more badass I look when I have it?”

“True, but you had it for the parade, at least. Besides, it’s probably hotel policy or something stupid. Bet we could sneak it in, though.” James winks at him, and Sirius tosses a fry his way. James catches it in his mouth.

“Holy crap! Can I please get a picture with you two?”

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From that thing you just Reblogged I can see why you look at your beautiful Cosplayer friend as a bro xD

Yeah thats actually how norikat and I first met, i was at a some Anime con and I bumped into this dude and I was like “sorry bro” and he was like “its cool dude” and then like I walked away and this one douche dude started a fight with him and he seemed to be holding him off then his hat flew off and the dude said “Is that all you got boy” and this long blonde hair came flowing down and then she wiped her face and stared at him and said “Im no boy” and kicked him in the nuts and I was like “woah you were chick the whole time” and then his voice lightened up and said “Yeahhhh most of the time” and then she was like
I’m Nora but they call me DJ Smackdown cause I lay the smackdown on bitches like that” her name was Dj smackdown back then
and I was like “I’m Nathaniel” and we became cool, so nowadays we give each other silent respect head nods 

True story

Nadine Lustre's Instagram Appreciation Post

Part two. Her IG account: @nadzlustre

Aside from the food itself, you would want to see how she artistically photographs them..

Even in drinking hot chocolate or coffee? Yes. 

Now that I’ve mention it..

She can also be creative on taking a photo for promotional purposes..

Which leads us to..

Her Photography Skills

But aside from her numerous talents,(e.g. acting, singing, dancing, hosting, etc.) you would also want to learn some of her abilities and hobbies through her instagram..




And eating all of these pizzas.

Her love for the beach!

Other than the sceneries

and the nature itself,

She’d also love to capture buildings.

Plus! She’s got a thing for heights..

Travel Expose

Thailand, Hongkong and so on..

It may take some time before she could travel with all of her might again because of her busy and jam packed schedule right now.. But you should anticipate for more in the near future. Besides, Nadine will have to relax every once in a while.

Her Pet Dog

Who wouldn’t love to see this cutie in homepages?

James Reid

And lastly, who would not want James to be one on the list of them reasons?

Tell me? Who? Gawd, look at this dorky guy.

How can he be a heartthrob from one second and be this adorable school boy?

Partners in crime, yeah? Cuties!

And if these reasons are still not enough..

If you’re an Anime lover,

a cosplayer,

an Otaku, (Btw, nice console, Nadine. Old school. You really are a gamer!)

a concert goer,

Or even a kpop fan.. Blackjack anyone?

You should really follow her account! Come on, I know you want to. *winks*