yeah thats right stare at him

i’m laughing cause i can imagine Aerith and Zack chillin in the lifestream and Aerith trying to make Zack jealous by talking about Cloud like

“yeah, Cloud is so hot!”

but instead of being jealous Zack in all seriousness just goes 

“i know right?? i mean.. im not really into men… but when he looks at you with that pretty face and just smiles like an angel… man i’m telling you… sometimes it was hard to hold back..”

and Aerith just stares at him for a long minute like  


before going “OMG!”  and walking away

and Zack is like

“what? WHAT? i thought we were talking about how hot Cloud is… cmon Aerith come back… look how perfect we are for eachother, we even have the same taste in men!” 

then she turns around and he’s just looking at her with a dumb smile on his face like “right?right?” so she just facepalms and zaps him back to sleep.


 `SMUT x D.O - Kyungsoo exo smut request 

You stood in the middle of the room still tying to process the words Kyungsoo had said. You took a deep breath nervously as your body trembling. You had never seen this side of him before. You were a little turned on but more afraid of what he could do to you. 

“Y/N. I dont like to be kept waiting” you heard him say from the bedroom.

You faltered towards the bedroom, still trying to figure out what you had done to make him behave this way. Your thoughts were interrupted when he roughly grabbed your wrist lunging you towards him.

“Y/N, you really dont understand do you” he chuckled, “I just dont understand why you did it”.

You had a thought. Maybe your boyfriend was insane. Yeah thats right. He hadnt taken his meds today so hes a little of the wall. You swallowed, gulping down your confidence and pride, staring into his eyes. It wasnt the man you fell in love with, it was not your precious Ksoo or D.O it was someone else- the jealous side of your boyfriend.

“I-I” but he cut you off, “Did I say you can speak”.

His eyebrows raised at attention and his face tensed up making you question everything. But obedience was the first thing on your mind. You shook your head no, as your body shook, afraid of what happens next.

“Well, just in case your brain had forgotten. Earlier I saw you and some other guy. And before you try to say anything. Looks like you guys are more than just friends. Am I right’ he questioned looking into your trembling orbs.

“Ye-yes. Hes just a close friend” you defended.

Thats the only guy you hang out with. He was your close friend. But you didnt see what the problem was, he had met him and they seemed to like each other. Besides you guys were best friends- except you didnt know he had the biggest crush on you. He would make moves on you or flirt with you and you none the wiser wouldnt think anything of it.

But Hyungsoo knew. Oh he knew, because he looks at you that way. He touches you that way and he makes you smile that way. Jealousy rises through your boyfriends bloodstreams as he decided to punish you for making him unintentionally jealous.

“Ahh. Jagi, your blinded. But after im done with you. You will see” a smirk appearing on his lips.

His lips attached to yours as you took a second to adjust to his sloppy wet rough kisses. His hands yanked at your hair pulling it back as he pressed his lips to your neck. A soft moan escaped your lips as you closed your eyed to savor the moment. He stopped and your eyes opened confused.

“I want you naked now” he groaned.

You swiftly took your shirt off hesitantly slipping it off your body. You were waiting for Ksoo to laugh and say just kidding but it never came. His facial expressions was still the same.

“Y/N” his voice so serious, making your hairs stick up.


“Why are you disobeying me. Sit down now” he demanded, you oblige right away.

You sat on the edge of the bed, staring down at your wobbly legs. You didnt understand why he would be jealous, he was your only lover.

“turn around”, his eyes observing your body language.

You did as you were told knowing exactly how he wanted you. You arched your back and felt a slap on your butt.

“Jagi, who said to do that”.

Pain flowing though your body as you processed what was happening. You quickly put your back regular, biting your lip hoping and praying he wouldnt punish you.

“n-no one”.

“Now do that again” he smirked as his lips pressed against your neck.

You arched you back again, feeling his crotch on your butt. Your hands relaxed as you felt his hands roam you body, his cold hands. Shivering from his touch. His hands stroked your hair a few times before gripping it and pulling it back.

You let out a soft scream as you bit your lip. You could feel your core burning, something about how he was handling you turned you on. Kyungsoo took the handcuffs off his pants and walking around the bed to handcuff your hands to the headboard.

“Just in case” he chuckled.

Tightening the cuffs around your wrist as you winced in pain. You tried to hold your tongue not wanting to ask him to loosing the cuffs. You heard him fumbling with his belt as it dropped on the floor.

His hands slid up your butt pressing your arch in deeper.

“Mhm good girl” he breathed before rubbing his length over your entrance.

His fingers rubbed at your clit as your legs shook and your body squirmed from his touch. He found it entertaining and continuing his movement until your screams increased. His hands quickly moved away as he rubbed his hands up and down his shaft.

He watched as your body prepared for him, as your wetness increased before shoving himself inside of you. A loud moan escaped from your lips as your body hung over him. Thrusting roughly into you as moans filled the room. He yanked a fist full of your hair as your neck bent back bobbing your head to his pace.

“Do you like it Y/N” he groaned going faster.

It took you a while before replying only coming out as a whisper.

“Do you like it” he repeated himself.

“Y-yes” you moaned out gripping the pillows.

Your core burning and your walls tightening as you felt your climax close.

“Are you close” he asked.

“Y-Yes. So c-close”.

“come for me jagi”.

His thrusts got harder, deeper and faster. You breast bouncing up and down from his rough movements. Your hands grabbing the sheets so tightly as a loud moan left your lips from release. Your eyes stinging from light tears as you let your body collapse under your boyfriend.

“Im not done” he groaned as he lifted your weak body back up.

Reentering you as you made a slight moan as his thrust sped back up. Your lips parted moaning not as loud as before. He finally came, releasing a warm liquid on your butt as he pounded into you one last time.

“Fuck. Y/N’’.

He used his shirt to wipe away his sticky liquid off your butt as he tossed it to the side. He got up uncuffing your hands as he let you turn your body around. He climbed ontop of you as he put his hands into yours, his lips slamming onto yours roughly but passionately.

His lips finding your neck as he sucked harshly at your skin. Which was sure to leave a bruise the next day.

“You are mines”.

Ok but painisjustafrenchwordforbread and I were talking about this today and
You know how Lily as a redhead probably had lots of freckles
And it is my number 1 headcanon that Remus was freckled as well
So…. what if one day while they’re working in the library Sirius overhears James talking about ‘something something freckles something’ and he chimes in, 'yeah I know right? And they come in these weird constellations, like fuckin stars or some shit, almost as if theyre bewitched… And there’re so many of them, too!? Like thats not natural anymore at this point I mean wtf where do they even come from, what bodypart is not freckled - arms, legs, chest, face, hands… heck, I’d bet he even has freckles on his –’
And at that point he looks up and sees James and Peter staring at him with bewildered faces and James says, 'uhh dude… I was talking about Lily’
And Sirius blushes and laughs nervously and goes, 'yeah, haha, me too!? I just misspoke, hahah, I meant to say she, I mean who else do we know who has freckles!!?!?’
And at that moment Remus returns to their table with a large book and sits down next to Sirius, face hidden behind his book.
The book that he’s holding in his very pale, very freckled hands.
James and Peter grin and Sirius makes secret 'I will slit your throats’-gestures at them, when Remus, without looking up from 'A Brief History of Magic’, says nonchalantly, 'You know, Sirius, I’m not deaf. And just for your information - not that it was any of your business - I do not have freckles on my cock.’