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“I call this one the blue steel,” the guy called Dean claims, pursing his lips and raising his eyebrows before the flash goes off.

You bite your lip and think back to the annoyed expression of one of your colleagues when he handed you Dean’s file. “I’m starting to get why they assigned you to me.”

“Why’s that, sweetheart?” he asks, lifting a hand and running it through his spiked hair.

You smirk, crossing your arms across your chest. “I’m new. So they give me the ones they don’t want.”

His jaw drops in mock offense. “Are you kidding me? I’m a delight to be around. Sam, this chick says they didn’t want me. I’m gonna sue.”

Sam rolls his eyes, looking immensely irritated and on edge. “Dean, that chick is your arresting officer. Shut up and let her take your mugs.”

You throw him a grateful look. Dean just flips up the collar of his jacket.

“Jeez, touchy,” he mutters, turning to the side.

“And I have no reason to be, considering we’re where again? Oh yeah, jail.

Dean considers his words, and then shrugs to himself. When the flash goes off, he glances at you and winks. “At least she thinks I’m funny.”

Rolling your eyes, you smile. “Yeah, come on, 81A3827. Your luxury suite is right this way.”

“Here that, Sam? Luxury. That’s what happens when you’re easy on the eyes,” he calls behind him, lumbering after you and the prison guard in your wake. He starts whistling obliviously. This guy was a character.

When you reach his room, the guard unlocks the door and gesture at the orange jumpsuit on his bed. “Get dressed.”

“Just as ugly as TV makes ‘em look,” he mutters.

“Make sure you bring out your clothes when you’re done,” the prison guard says gruffly before walking away.

Dean pauses and grins wolfishly at you. “Wanna come in and help?”

“Mm, nah. Don’t like to make a habit of sleeping with convicts.”

He laughs mischievously. “That’s no fun. We’re all goin’ to hell, sweetheart. Might as well enjoy the ride.”

You snort and walk away, hearing him chuckle before the door slams shut. Dean Winchester was an idiot, but at least he was entertaining.


the difference between white people and White People

white person: yeah i recognise that i have privilege and im going to try to stay in my lane and not talk over people of color on the issue of race

White Person: so if this crazy impossible circumstance were to occur, then could i say the n word? 

Something that I’ve been thinking about since yesterday, that I think people need to remember, is that this is the first proper “drama” that Jack’s community has had to deal with.

(I dont really like the word drama for this, as it’s more of a serious discussion being held, but it’s technically how it would be classified here on tumblr)

But with this in mind, as well as Jack saying in the past that he does get worried of disappointing us, it understandable that he has some regrets with how he first handled the situation. For me, i feel that it’s extremely difficult to fully convey your thoughts in a single video, especially when they’re millions of people who will form their own opinions on it. And while i said this yesterday, I’ll say it again: I am very proud of Jack with how calm, level-headed, and respectful he was with yesterday’s video.

personally, there was probably 2% of the video that I had some different feelings about,and there are a couple of things that he could’ve clarified a small bit more, but overall I feel that it was good for Jack to state that he personally didn’t agree with what Felix did, and that his friend should’ve and could’ve handled it better. But that he still very much stands by Felix and will continue to be there for him, especially now when people are directing very, very horrible things to him and whoever even slightly supports him.

i think one thing that bothers me from the whole situation is how some are having a black and white, vs-type of attitude. from my point of view, Jack in no way backstabbed felix, and he also didnt maliciously call him out either like some seem to be praising him for. Jack’s been close friends with felix for years now, so he obviously wants the best for him, even if it means not always agreeing with him. so while he does criticize him and the whole situation, he isnt treating him any less of a friend than he’s always been. (also, jack has reiterated multiple times how much of a good judge of character he has, so if he honestly didnt like felix to the point of “throwing him under the bus” i dont see how he would’ve had such a good friendship with him for so long)

like jack said, the way this situation was handled is just a bit of a mess that’s currently very difficult to take control of. and whether or not he feels the need to take down the video,or add more to the discussion, i think me and the whole community will trust whatever he decides to do. again, this is the first major disruption we’ve had here, so for that i do think it has been handled a lot better than it had the potential to be. and i hope that once all the communities settle down, we can all learn from this and carry on stronger and better than before.