yeah thats me oops

more fun taz animations! still getting the hang of looping them in just 24 frames

milagrosen  asked:

oh gosh your knock out pics are so nice hes so pretty

listen you are absolutely destroying me
but wait did you mean like my sad attempts at drawing knock out or the hd screenshots of him cause that post blew up its like everywhere so I really cant tell if you meant that or

either way spoiler alert I was actually going to paint knock out for you with my best effort like as a response to the other ask you sent but then art block hit me aND I CANT GET THE RIGHT MOTIVATION TO GET IT DONE thats why its so late Im sorry I failed you, kobb senpai
you’re too nice to me I still can’t believe

Candy Store (With JSE Egos!)
Lyrics by @schneepledidntdeservethis
Candy Store (With JSE Egos!)


So, earlier today I was doing my daily scroll through the ‘antisepticeye’ tag

and I came across @shneepledidntdeservethis ‘s post! 

And tbh, I loved it so much 

i love heathers, and the egos bOth-

so I thought, “why not?”

sooooooo heres this! 

Lyrics + Original post here!

100% Credit goes to @shneepledidntdeservethis for making the lyrics.

Hope you enjoy!

(oop before i forget- I accidentally changed a few lyrics,, sorry!!) 

(oop^2 yeah thats me singing all the parts,,, sorry im bad lmao)

omg srsly lets get this straight

  1. idgaf you add a fancy ass line or b&w effect on half of it or whatever, if you did not make the gifs themselves, they are not yours to repost
  2. gifs take time to make, yes wow people who make gifs actually have to spend time on it??? they don’t just be make themselves?!! madness!! honestly though, you have to crop, cut frames, add psds or colour them yourself, then sharpen them or add an action, lets not leave out my favourite part of where i have to rewatch a video about 6 times just to see which part has the cute gesture and they i try and usually fail to select it when selecting frames so i have to wait for all the shit to load before starting again, and just to make it clear, i’ve spent hours making gifs before but just scraping it all in the end, so it takes effort!! get that in your head you dumbnut
  3. the original gif maker has every right to be angry, too many times have i seen reposts get noticed by e.g youtubers and you don’t understand how upset it makes the actual gif maker, literally poo u if you do that to my friends grr
  4. reposting does not get the post “more out there” or whatever shitty excuse you have, get over yourself, just reblog the damn original post in the first place idiot
  5. i cannot stress this enough; if you do not make gifs, edits, arts, etc, to put on tumblr, you probably have no idea what it’s like to have them reposted, so stop making it out like you obviously know, go make an edit and have it stolen, i bet you won’t be protecting the reposter then hhmmm
Welcome to the Black Parade came on the radio and...
  • Dad: what band is this?
  • Me: My Chemical Romance
  • Dad: oh yeah. you're supposed to see them in concert soon right?
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Dad: what? what'd I say?
  • Me: they broke up a year ago. March 22nd.
  • Dad: ohhh that's right yeah I remember now. oops lol
  • Me:
  • Dad: *turns volume up*
  • Me: you're horrible