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DEAR NEMESIS - Part 1: It Begins

so uhh… i know i don’t really have a great history with writing fanfics in the past, but unlike the other times, this time i just wrote what i felt like writing and what i felt like i was capable of writing. it is trash, yes, but… hopefully it’s entertaining trash.

this is a fic about, um… i- i can’t even really describe it. it’s got red and AJ in it though, so if you like those characters, uhh, bad news for you haha ok enjoy.

(this is still one of my first fics though, and i am foreign as well, so sorry in advance for any possible grammar oopsies)

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The difference 13 months makes!

Both of these are the first pages of my summer sketchbooks from last year and this year. I’ve decided to dedicate the first pages of all my summer sketchbooks to doing a (semi)realism study with Carton.

Fanart for “Jamie

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Re: gay women fetishizing gay men, absolutely they can. I tend to give them a little more leeway when they write fic tho, because it's probably a lot easier to identify with the gay male experience than it is to identify with het experiences. The problem comes in when they speak over gay men and refuse to believe they're objectifying us. (And now I'm getting flashbacks to LJ and gay women doing EXACTLY THAT while shipping real life politicians. shudder.)

yeah tbh thats kinda how i see it

also CHRSIT they shipped politicians??? Bye,,