yeah that's what was stopping him


Silly comic I wanted to draw after seeing “ The Deadly Venom.”

When Karai kissed Casey to infect him with deadly venom, I thought FOR SURE the whole episode was going to be silly shenanigans with Karai giving everyone a “kiss of death”. The episode was funny, but no stupid clichéd cheap shot. I was kind of… disappointed XD

So I drew a silly brief comic of what it might have been like if Karai went around kissing all the turtles. Even if it’s not accurate, I hope you’re at least amused xD

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idk about you guys but i think were all just overreacting. friends get in fights about crap and they get over it- no offence to wes but he is pretty particular and they probably got into a fight about differing opinions. plus even if it it because of jamie why would wes stop talking to sonny about it. he doesnt control his life so thats why i dont really think shes the problem.. they probably will become friends again tho. no way 7+ years of friendship is going down the drain! srry rant

yeah they got in a fight about maybe what they wanted to do with Jack U, maybe about jamie, maybe about their relationship, maybe it was all??? and he doesn’t control Sonny’s life. you’re right…. that’s why hes walking away. by unfollowing him and not hanging/talking to him. if he doesn’t agree with anything going on and can’t change it, he’s getting away. s the right thing to do, no?

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To mun: Have you read a webcomic called Avialae? I swear your harpie Alfred reminds me of both Gannet and Bailey so much! (If you're into Yaoi, you should read it.)

((Oh i’ve never read it. i’ll leave this tab open and go read it right now and type my response as im reading

Early thoughts after page 4: well that’s a lot of swearing. I already ship them.

Alfred isn’t as bitchy or uh fuckboyish as this but ya know- He could be-

this gave me a whole lotta knowledge about wings

im gracie

okay so gannet is suddenly thirsty for bailey because he looked like he was gonna kiss him and he realized he looked good without his glasses and :he has no other option” wha t is that how love works or are birds just rlly thirsty–


goddammit he passed out

*lowers brightness of screen* gotta set the mood

okay yeah imma stop at the car scene

pretty good shit thanks for showin me it))


If y9u need any help telling ‘em 9ff s9me m9re, just HMU, yeah?

no one can stop me.

The Road Ahead Part 16

Connor x Reader

A/N: Okay, yeah, it’s definitely been a bit since I last updated this.

“I love you.”

Your brows furrowed, the hands that had been happily swinging stopped in your confusion.

“Des, what are you talking about?”

He had that look, the one he only had when he was about to do something really stupid. You’d seen it twice before: once when he’d strapped a parachute to you and pushed you off a building and once when he’d decked some guy at the bar that’d gotten a little too handsy. And this face was definitely not for something like either of those situations.

“Just remember that, will you?” His voice was rougher, a desperate look behind those golden eyes you’d come to know so well. Worry bubbled at the sight, your hands seeking out his shoulders so he’d be forced to look you in the eyes.

“I know that already, but why?” You inquired, searching his fretful gaze.

“You’re family, you know.” He continued, not bothering to acknowledge your question. His eyes, glowing brighter than normal, were moving rapidly, focusing on anything but you.

“Of course, Des, b-”

“Don’t ever stop fighting.” He whispered, the smallest trace of tears welling in his eyes.


He trailed off, forcefully pulling you against him like the world might fall apart if he didn’t have you to hold onto.

“I wouldn’t change a minute of it.”

His voice was barely audible, nearly cracking on the last word. He was holding onto you desperately, his lips pressed tightly against his forehead. You didn’t fight him, instead you held on tighter, not sure why he needed this, but willing to help all the same.

“It’s okay, Des.” You assured him, closing your eyes and wishing you could help more.

You could feel his heartbeat quicken in his chest, a soft puff of breath ghosting along the skin of your forehead. He was muttering something over and over again, the words nothing more than a small gust of wind against you.

“I’m sorry.”

It was unnerving, that little smile that began spreading on his lips. You didn’t want him to smile, didn’t want him to agree or feel the same way. You wanted him to tell you he didn’t love you, to go back to your own time because that way it would be easier. That way you wouldn’t want to stay with him, to cherish that sweet curve of his lips, wouldn’t want to be with him.

“I think,” he began, the turn of his mouth turning more nervous now that he was speaking. “I think I love you as well.”

There it was. The blood in your veins went cold, your heart stopping mid-beat. The air around you was too thick to breath in, your eyes widening and mind spinning.

“Connor…” You meant to warn him against the consequences, but you couldn’t. Instead you breathed his name like it was your last dying wish.

“I do not wish for you to leave.” He sighed, closing his eyes in what seemed like frustration. Your hand shot out without question, gliding your digits through his thick hair with affection.

“I don’t know if I can anymore.” You laugh mirthlessly, a sad smile making its way onto your features.

“Even if you can,” he whispered, rubbing his thumb over the apple of your cheek. His skin moved along yours effortlessly, pulling at something deep within you.

“Please do not leave me.”

Any response you might have was caught in your throat, your head burrowing into his chest. You drew as much comfort from his warmth as you could, knowing that you were completely lost to him.

“I won’t.” You promised foolishly.

As much as you tried to convince yourself it was for his benefit and not yours, you couldn’t help but feel a certain amount of pleasure from hearing the words. Would you really not leave him? Could you? Just because you loved each other didn’t make the rest of the threats go away.

But the smile he was wearing- the one that outshone the sun and could put the cutest of puppies to shame- made you not want to leave. Ever. He looked happy and carefree, something you would never wish to take from him. He had a hard enough life as it was, as did you, so why didn’t the two of you deserve this?

“Don’t you have a ship to captain?” You asked, pushing off of him so you could properly look at him. Humor was always a good fallback if your emotions were getting the best of you. He had a soft, playful smile on his lips, eyes shining gleefully.

“I think that Faulkner will take charge for a few hours.” He stated. A brow raised despite yourself, your mind too far in the gutter to even try and think of anything else.

“A few hours, huh?” You teased, running your tongue along the front of your teeth. Oh, what you wouldn’t give for his unintentional proposition to be true.

For a moment he looked lost, brow pinching in the most adorable way. You were going to correct him before his eyes widened, a heavy blush settling itself on his cheeks. His hand unconsciously went to the back of his neck, rubbing despite the awkward position.

“I-I, um, did not mean to,” he sucked in a breath, unable to grasp the right words. You rolled your eyes good naturedly, placing a calming hand on his shoulder.

“I was only teasing you,” you explained, giving him a friendly pat for good measure.

He exhaled deeply, releasing the pent up tension from embarrassment with it. It was a damn sin that a man like him hadn’t ever felt the touch of another.

“If you…” He began, not able to finish his thought as his cheeks burned bright once again.

“If I,” you prompted, questioning gaze in his direction. If possible, he looked even more flustered, his brown eyes unable to meet yours.

“Wish to,” he practically squeaked. You didn’t need to hear the rest of it to know exactly he was trying to say. You bit your lip to keep from laughing at the cuteness of his innocence.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton,” you said, holding his warm cheeks between your hands so he would look to you. He audibly gulped, his head moving down a fraction in acknowledgment. You could see the burning desire beneath the darkness of his eyes, bubbling just beneath the surface, ready to spring out at any moment.

“I can’t do anything with this leg.”

He nodded, looking almost sorry that he’d forgotten about your injury.

“Of course,” he agreed, the hands that had been holding you to him loosening a little, as if he was afraid holding any tighter would hurt you.

“Let’s just get back to the Homestead, yeah?”

“Yes,” he said quietly, voice lower and gruffer than normal. “The Homestead.”

“Good.” You smiled.

You could deal with your problems when you got back to Achilles. Until then, you could worry about fixing your leg. At least it would give you something to focus on besides Connor. Because if you had to endure one more day without a distraction, it was pretty clear that Connor himself would be the distraction.

Ok but some people weird me out so much?? Like, today I went to buy snacks and on my way home I noticed a little kid sitting on the sidewalk and crying his eyes out. What surprised me the most that there were people walking past him (including mature women and men) and not even looking at him, NO ONE EVEN STOPPED. Like, boy, I don’t like kids, I don’t want kids. Yeah, they are annoying and can cry from any reason at all. But that kid could have been SERIOUSLY HURT OR LOST or any other bad bad thing! Of course I run to him, asked whats the problem and ended up hearing that he just fell a bit and bruised his knee. I put a band ai for him and gave him my chocolate bar (as thats the best medicine, right?). Luckily it wasn’t anything serious but ayy people. Please don’t become any more cold-hearted. Asking whats the matter a crying kid won’t hurt you.

Had a really really hard day

It’s depletion for these next 12 days. I’m tired, flat, and hungry. My ex wont stop contacting me despite me blocking him from everything and knows just what to say to make me cry. I feel puffy from the heat and upset and yeah not every day is a good day, thats all.


“Look, kid.” Yeap, it was time again for one of his rants. He could already tell the kid was already zoning out on him. If there was one good thing that Russel did was being quiet while Nate was the complete opposite. Non-stop talk from him, or if he didn’t feel like talking there were the CDs he had found throughout his travels. Anything to fill the silence, really. But today felt like a talking day. things have been laying heavy in his mind and he needed to let it out. And what best way to let it out then his own little diary, called Russ. ( Not like he barely said anything back in response anyway )

He clearly his throat. “You know, people are going to come into your life but then they quickly leave you in a blink of an eye. It’s amazing, really. Did you know I had a friend before I met you. I completely forgot his name….” He remember it, he remember that day all too much and just feeling lie the worse thing ever. “Some crack head shot him and then dare to fucking escape my clutches…..the nerve!”

Those feelings he felt were hard to pin point. Sadness….even recalling such memories brought it all back. It was like ripping off a bandage and boy did that fucking hurt. “…I chased after that fucker…..” He remember feeling rage, a blind angry, murderous rage taking control. He hunted them like a blood thirsty animal. “They knew what they were getting themselves into fucking with me and my friend. I don’t give a dam what were there reasons behind that shit…that’s not cool!” Killing others, was kind of HIS thing but yet when it directly impacted him, it was wrong. He knew him!

He knew what he was doing was bad now. But at the time it felt right to him. Revenge was only so sweet. Well…you see I tracked them down. I guess that cop really helped stop them. It stop me too…just fucking hell…had to put the op down. That seemed to calm the blood thirst because fuck I just killed a cop…but still…you know me….I never stop once I start. I pursue them and let’s say….” He looked down at his hand the cut imprint was still there as clear as day. “Fucker slammed the door on my hand which just pissed me off again because fucking hurt.”

Nate sighed, “In the end couldn’t get the fucker….but! Did find his buddy, just out and wandering about. Long story short, he was the guy I was looking for…and guess what I did. Honestly, you should make a smart guess, boy. I put a bullet though his eye. A life for a life….” Was the kid even listening still? Probably not. “…I would do the same for you if some fuckboy killed your lame ass.” He actually liked the kid alive and not dead. Even if they still had their fights, he still generally cared about him. He was just really bad at expressing anything that wasn’t anger.

and you, even though you know its self inflicted, decide to go and pay them a visit with their favourite food, only for some slut to open the door dressed in his top, yeah thats grand, I really love that…so what to do you?

You march right in, push that side bitch quite literally to the side, tell him he’s worthless, give him a slap, storm out of the house (taking his cat with you because you were only really ever with him for the cat) and you march to the station stop off at the nearest patisserie and you order three, four,five however many you want of all your favourite cakes and then you go home, you run a bubble bath, you cry in it and then you put on your comfy clothes, stroke his cat and you eat your entire weight in cake because damn girl you deserve it.
—  20 Something
Confused (Jungkook Scenario // Part 3)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 4

It’s been weeks since the things that happened in private with him and it’s been weeks since his last attempts of getting in contact with me but there were still days where he ignored me. 

I don’t know what I should tell you. 
I stopped texting him or let’s just say I stopped trying.
I also changed my number and deleted his number. 
As I told you previously, I get super attached to people and it’s hard to ignore him when I see him everyday in school and much harder when I know that with one click I can have him next to me again. 

Yeah, thats the reason why I changed my number, to stop myself from texting and calling him. Also he doesn’t have my new number so it’s kind of a win win situation. 

But yeah, back to the “it’s been weeks” part. It’s honestly been weeks since the last time I had any kind of psychical or emotional contact with him. 

And I was kinda satisfied with it.. 

but everything changed so drastically. 

“(Y/N) you and Jungkook are gonna be a group for the project” 

FUCK.! No.. noooo. nononononononono NO!!!!
Why him? Out of every. FUCKING. PERSON, WHY HIM?!?!?!?

He smugly smiled at me. 

“(Y/N) explain this, I don’t understand this”, Jungkook pointed out at a thing in the book. 

I currently sat beside him, in his room. He came a bit closer with his face towards me, to close for my liking. 
I just quickly explained whatever he wanted to know and turned with my face away. 

I was kinda stressed out, like really stressed out. I started internally to sweat. 
Gosh.! Why must he be so attractive,.. Okay, STAHP. Get your fucking head straight. 

Jungkook realized my struggle and little fight with myself and came closer again,”(Y/N) everything okay?”
I turned around to look at him and FUCK he was to close again. Our noses nearly touched. 
My eyes turned really wide and for some reason I felt heat creeping up my cheeks. 

Jungkook smiled cutely at me and grabbed with both of his hands my face. 
My eyes got even more wider and I felt more heat up my cheeks. 

“I never saw you blush that hard (Y/N). When I recall, I actually never saw you blush in general”, he said with a slight smirk. 

I pushed his hands away, ready to be sarcastic with him as usual but the next thing caught me off guard. 

He kissed me, pushed me down, so he was hovering over me and continued to kiss me. 

I was shocked, I mean of course.! But I quickly tried to get him off of me, tried to slap him and punch him but he just pinned my arms down and continued to kiss me. 
I couldn’t help myself and give in to the kiss. 

As he realized, that I kissed him back, he started to deepen the kiss. I felt his tongue, asking for entrance, which I gave him. 

He let go off my arms and his hands started to roam around my body.

This intense make out session went for minutes, probably hours. 
His one hand was on my back and his other on my hips, he sat me up and pulled me towards his lap. We never lost the connections of our lips. 

I sat down on his lap and his grip on my hips tightened. 
He pushed me further down and I could feel his bulge. Good God it made me hot. 

He started to grind up against my core and I slightly moved with him. 
His hands slowly started to creep up my shirt. His lips started to move away from my lips and moved towards my neck. 
I exposed my neck more for him and I felt him bite down, felt him sucking and licking on one spot. I knew he was giving me a hickey but I had no intention to stop him. 

He pushed my shirt further up and before he could even get it off me…


We jumped in surprise by the sudden shout from one of his friends. 
He groaned in frustration, got up and walked towards the door but before he opened it ,”(Y/N) wait here! I’ll come back really fast and than… you know.. we could continue where we stopped”, he said with a light smirk on his face. 

wait, so only snow sees evil!princess!emma crushing her heart?

daddy charming being the giant marshmallow that he is, and since nothing his little girl could do would ever make him stop loving her, just sees a happy baby that he picks up and cuddles

i mean

methinks i smell a greek tragedy here