yeah that's taylor swift

I just remembered that me meeting Taylor was a real thing that happened and now I’m crying

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And if the girls were scared, it means they thought less of themselves as performers and this only made them stronger and more confident in themselves. Change is scary, no matter what but their fears are in no way Camila fault. Your love may blind you, but know that there are many sides to any story. Give everyone (not only the people you love) the benefit of the doubt

And yeah I actually don’t blind myself. When a fave of mine is in the wrong I acknowledge it. I used to LOVE Camila. This blog was originally dedicated to her, but in late 2015 when I started noticing that she was lying to the girls, I realized that nah she’s a snake. So the label was at fault for treating the girls poorly but Cashew didn’t make it any easier for them. I’m sorry but you’re the one who blinds yourself. Usually all C stans do. Y'all like to think Coconut is a victim, that she’s an underdog. And that’s fine, it’s the story she’s selling and y'all have bought it. But nope anyone with the right mind set, can see that what Campus did was wrong. And yup you’re right, they are stronger. They are finally in an environment that isn’t toxic. And the public can now truly see that they are a sisterhood. But you should take your own advice and not blind yourself. I know it’s hard not believing that your fave isn’t the nicest person but it is what it is. Have a good day💕💕💕

what I don’t get is hating someone for liking an musician or actor or show or whatever. If that person or thing is an outlet for someone then here’s an idea leave them alone. It’s not that hard to be nice it really isn’t. I’m sick and tired of people being assholes because they think their opinion or choice of who they are a fan of is better than someone else. Get over yourself and move on. If someone or something can provide happiness to their life then do you really want to be that asshole who makes them feel badly about it?


15th Sept 2009 - Owl City concert at Bowery Ballroom, New York

I love the Taylor Swift fandom on Tumblr because I can come on here and be like:


And everyone’s just like “same
It’s great

  • Kanye West right now, probably: Heyyyy, Taylor, you should sing something from Life of Pablo in your next Apple Music commercial... We're still friends right?!? I was just playin when I said you made me famous you know? You should do something from Life of Pablo yeah I think that's a good idea, don't you?
the Bad Blood remix sessions
  • Taylor Swift: hey Kendrick, I really love your song "Backseat Freestyle", especially the "money and power" line! is there any way you could work that into the remix?
  • Kendrick Lamar: I dunno, Taylor. I mean, you've had a lot of good ideas, but I can't imagine how to include that in this track without it sounding awkward and forced. I think I'm gonna have to decline.
  • Taylor Swift: yeah listen that's real fucking cute Kendrick but here's the thing: I've got friends with so much fucking power it would make your head spin. you really think it's a good idea to turn ideas from Taylor fucking Swift down? I could destroy you, pal. you don't like my idea? that's fine, but you better say your fucking prayers, Lamar. I swear to God, this will be the last decision you make in your fucking career. don't you see the power imbalance here? you're mine, Kendrick. you're mine. so you'd better make with the references, chop chop. it's what I would do if I valued my career.
  • Kendrick Lamar:
  • Kendrick Lamar: all my life I got money and power and you gotta live with the bad blood now

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whats with the shoutout? haha congrats but i'm not on tumblr so i dont get it. did you spam her with burrito jokes xD?

ok so i posted a selfie of me wrapped in a taylor swift red blanket and i said “@taylorswift I AM A BURRITO” and then she liked it and i FREAKED OUT and then i come back to tumblr AND SHE GAVE ME THE SHOUT OUT AND I FREAKED OUT so im forever known as the burrito girl to taylor swift, oh and then i posted a selfie that was just a regular selfie and the caption was “THIS IS ME… BURRITO GIRL…. NAKED…. UNWRAPPED……” AND THEN SHE LIKED THAT SO YEAH THATS THE STORY AND WHY TAYLOR SWIFT AND I ARE BEST FRIENDS NOW