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I got so many requests for a sequel I finally gave in. Thank you everyone for the support! I give you doting Lance and my attempt at not turning this into Latte(I have a problem with putting that ship everywhere)

The Paladins had all gathered at the edge of the Den, cautiously peeking in at them. Black huffed at them before turning back to the the kitten painting the Pride’s claws.

Black was getting purple. The cub rattled on about his day as he brought the giant paintbrush up and down the metal, something about the Red kitten.

Black tilted her head. The Red cub was…annoyingly attractive?

Black turned to Blue who giggled out something about kitten crushes. Black sighed, her new kitten was so much better than the Red Paladin.

Green plucked up the kitten and pulled him over to the tin of paint she wanted on her claws, squirming around excitedly. Yellow nudged her with her muzzle, trying to settle the jumping Lion to the best of her ability.

Black nodded, semi authoriative, mostly to continue the allusion that she was actually in charge, what with the Paladins peeking in and all.

Blue and Red let a few snickers out at her authoriative nod.

Black merely sniffed and turned around, ignoring the Blue kits squaking at how her nails weren’t dry yet.

Green hissed as Yellow tipped her over, her stern nuzzling quickly turning affectionate. Blue eagerly jumped in as the cuddles began while Red jumped in and claimed Lance to finish her nails while the rest of the Pride was busy.

The Blue cub adjusted quickly to the new situation, but when Black peaked she could see the rest of the Paladins of Voltron gawking.

Black purred as she remembered when they first discovered that decided on a different paladin than the smol angry cub to pilot her majesticness.

The Paladins of Voltron awkwardly shoved through the door to the Hangar, frantic to get to the emergency meeting the high pitched voiced princess had called.

Black did her best to imitate Red as she stood stoicly(Red hissed internally) Yellow snapped at Blue and Green, immediately making sure no enabling occured.

The Red Paladin stood in front of the Princess, pathetically attempting to look more leadery. He bored Black fast, so she turned her attention to her new pilot(temporary pilot, Blue reminded her. Green aniggered in the background as Yellow tried to regain order). The Blue kitten was shifting back and forth on his feet, clearly feeling out of place.

The Pride hissed in unison at the thought of the Blue cub not feeling comfortable.

A sudden barge of banging on her particle barrier brought Black back to the most likely cause of the problem. With much effort she attempted at reigning in a snarle. Green happily informed her that she failed, Blue didn’t seem to mind because she eagerly jumped in on glaring at the pest of a Paladin. Red merely mooned longingly.

The princess started prattling on about how Black should accept the cub already. Yellow informed the Pride that they were not allowed to roll their eyes. Green immediately tired to pout, but that to wad shut down.

black looked back down to see the Red pilot had finally left her alone. Hmph. Good. Red purred.

Green perked up with the brilliant suggestion that she claim the Blue kitten now, Black nodded approvingly as Yellow gave up and sought solace with Blue, who was mourning the loss of her Paladin.

Black prepared herself to roar and beckon forward the Blue cub when the kitten himself stumbled into her particle barrier. Black moved her paws to catch him. That seemed to do the trick.

Black purred at the memories before moving herself to the Hangar doors and shutting the Paladins out. The cubs could bother them later, Black paused for a moment before letting the Blue kittens Kaltenecker to come in.

Would it scar her new pilot too much if she ate his pet?

Special thanks to the two lovely anon asks and @violet-the-vulpix’s personal hc that she put in my ask for helping me to put this together, of course thanks to everyone who liked this strange concept enough to ask for more. I might turn this into a collection of one shots but I’m not sure yet. :)


ray/ryan | 3.7k words | fake ah crew!verse

Ryan doesn’t quite get it yet, but he’s learning. Geoff’s crew is the only crew he has ever had, but he understands quite a thing or two about pasts you can’t quite forget, memories that thrum underneath your skin and beat slightly out of sync with your heart, not quite dead, not quite alive. Ryan takes one look at Ray and knows that a trail of bodies lie in his wake.

And how. Ray’s previous crew is very much here, pressed in between the unfinished jokes Ray has to stop himself from making, hidden in the habits Ray tries too hard to break. It is sharpening his smile until it looks a lot like heartbreak, and when he laughs, Ryan can hear the grief in every consonant.

Ryan is learning, but Ray’s—Ray’s unlearning.

He just hopes they meet somewhere in between.

[fake ah crew; illegal box in parentheses]


this verse–where ray, michael and lindsay had a crew called illegal box before joining the fake ah crew–is as much the ib group chat’s as much it is mine, so credit when credit’s due: shoutout to @raywood, @madkingray, @raymichael​, and @homo-cidal. this fic wouldn’t have been here without our headcanons. i hope you don’t mind i’m turning it into raywood.

this fic is, ultimately, a fake ah crew fic. you don’t need to know a single thing about internet box, but there are going to be some references you’ll miss. if you ever feel like checking out the internet box, here’s a little nudge towards that direction.



Ryan has met Ray exactly once.

Wisecracking, firecracker, hellhound Ray.

That’s the short version.


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Simba during the hangout being a cutie

everyone in the widowtracer tag: lena knew amelie before she got reconditioned, and they couldve been lovers and lena will help amelie recover

me: they never knew each other and amelie will never be able to return to who she was, but lena somehow loves who amelie is right now and maybe thats what amelie needs, someone who isnt trying to change her but to accept her for who she is

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Hahaha I love that post that's going around about larry coming out tomorrow, because in the tags everyone is like, 'I mean it's not going to happen but' and you just KNOW that low-key everyone is like... but what .. if...JUST WHAT IF?? and everyone is so ready lmao. Idk why I'm telling you this it just makes me happy kind of :D It's sooo different from 2012 when there'd be this shit all the time and people would get excited and then really disappointed which lead to everyone hating it and now!:)

Yeah! Right now it’s so nice because we all know it’s kind of unlikely, but at the same time it’s not impossible. I think a large portion of us are kind of at a point right now where, yeah sure, there’s a lot of bullshit going on, but we can kind of feel that the end game is coming, and that the BS is ending before too long. So every day is a little more bearable knowing that Harry and Louis are getting more and more freedom and it is going to happen someday, you know?

It’s nice! It’s freeing. Even amidst the not so great stuff, I think it’s a fantastic time to be a fan of One Direction, personally.

This is for stbartsmolly and mollymatterrs who gave me the idea for this. :)


Sherlock: It’s a nine Molly! A nine! It been months since I’ve had something this good!

Sherlock: *absentmindedly grabs his coat and a scarf* Molly: Sherlock that’s… Sherlock: No time, I’ve got to dash! Sherlock: *gives Molly a quick kiss and rushes out the door* Molly: *giggles* Oh well, he’ll figure it out sooner or later. AT THE CRIME SCENELestrade: Glad you’re here Sherlock. The neighbor discovered the bodies this morning, she was… Lestrade: *stares at Sherlock*  Sherlock: Ugh, What is it now? Why does everyone keep doing that?  Lestrade: *eyes shift to what’s around Sherlocks neck*  Lestrade: Is that Molly’s scarf? Sherlock: *looks down and sees Molly’s pink striped scarf around his neck* Sherlock: Oh, I must have accidentally grabbed it in my rush to leave the flat. Lestrade: Wait, why was Molly’s scarf at your flat? Sherlock: *nervously* Uhh, no reason. Well this case turned out to be simpler than I first thought. I best be off.  Lestrade: What? You haven’t even done anything!  Sherlock: *backing away* It’s quite obvious really if you look close enough.  Lestrade: Not to me! Sherlock: *starts to hail a cab* It was their cousin! Check their phone records!  Lestrade: Wait! You can’t just… Sherlock: *already gone* Lestrade: Ugh. Bloody git. AT 221BSherlock: *walks in the door and tosses Molly’s scarf at her* The case was only a three. Barely worth my time. Molly: *looks at scarf* *smiles* Ah, so you finally noticed did you? Sherlock: *slumps down on the couch next to her and lays his head in her lap* *sighs contentedly as she runs her fingers through his hair* I believe our relationship is no longer a secret. Lestrade, even with his lack of observational skills, is bound I figure it out. Molly: That’s all right. It’s about time to tell everyone anyway.  Sherlock: I estimate we have about forty minutes before Lestrade informs someone else, John and Mary most likely, of his suspicions about us, and we are forced to tell them the truth. Molly: *grins* Oh yeah? And how do you propose we spend that time. Sherlock: *smiles back* *sits up* I think I have a few ideas. *takes her face in his hands and kisses her*
  • Trans Person: I feel so dysphoric right now
  • Cis Person: That's okay!! Everyone feels bad about their bodies sometimes!
  • Trans Person:
  • Trans Person:
  • Trans Person: yeah but this is a little different-
  • Cis Person: You know, we're all equal and as a Cis Person I-
  • God: Here it goes again
The Blacklist 1x19 "The Pavlovich Brothers" - Things that Need to Be Said

Can I just say that this show is frickin awesome and by far one of the best I’ve ever watched? Okay then.

*DISCLAIMER: I’ve tried to stay away from the pain in the ass known as a ship war but I’m no effing welcoming mat for people to step on. STAY AWAY LIZZINGTON SHIPPERS.

  • Tom Keen – I don’t think he’s all bad. I believe him when he said that he’s one of the “good guys” because as Red noted, it was a JOB for him and playing Liz was just a necessary evil. He’s obviously not a GOOD good guy - what with all the killing and lying and stuff - but whatever organization he works for is probably something like the CIA. He really is Tom Bond. Some want to say that he was lying but he could have killed her if he wanted and he had no reason to try and defend himself by calling himself a “good guy.” I used to think he knew the connection between Red and Liz but that’s not the case cause he accused them of having a “daddy-daughter” thing- a real prick move by him cause she lost Sam not long ago and family’s a delicate subject for her- but he doesn’t which is weird. Why else she be his target?
  • Red – I’d like to thank Tom for putting craters in the Lizzington fandom. Red’s come a long way in earning her trust and Tom has proof that he “isn’t who she thinks he is.” I’ve never believed that he had the best intentions for her or that he is her father. This show’s too complex for it to be that simple. I think Red is the person responsible for the death of Liz’s parents but that’s just me. I don’t know why he’d feel the need to make it up to her or anything like that cause he’s killed plenty of others and hasn’t thought twice about it. My guess is the photos in the safe deposit box probably show Red killing Sam which is why she calls him a monster in the promo.
  • Lizzington shippers – Back to my original point and disclaimer- 96% of Red/Liz shippers are out of control as far as rudeness and bullying are concerned- guess what all signs and spoilers point to Liz/Ressler. “Daddygate” is a cute way to disguise your choice for ignorance but it’s not a thing. And even if it were, what the hell gives you the right to push it on others who do ship something different from you? You ship what you ship, I ship what I ship, DEAL WITH IT. The only kind of relationship Red and Liz have been suspected of having is a father-daughter one.
  • Liz/Ressler – I wasn’t surprised by the spoiler about Ressler being there for Liz as the significant moment. He’s the only one she can confide in and trust that he is actually who he says he is. Yeah it’s kind of weak that the whole “we were both deeply betrayed by a loved one” thing is connecting them but I don’t care. Cooper asked Ressler what was up with her in the last episode because yeah they’re partners but he knows they trust each other. Red told Liz that she needs to wade through the filth she’s in now and that it would be a while before she could find herself again. She’s lost who she is. Liz has always been tough but Tom was right when he said she didn’t have it in her to torture him but she did because she doesn’t know what’s real anymore- not just with Tom but with Red now. Ressler is the only real thing in her life.

So just to recap-

Tom: bad but supposedly good.

Red: bad with goodish intentions (maybe).


And most importantly, everyone who thinks it’s cool to rag on people who ship other ships:

and .