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Thank you! :D I’m glad my tutorials are helpful ^^ Maybe this will help you with hair details and stuff like that (don’t overdo detail stuff though.) Basically, it’s nothing new xD



a hair extension potion made by Anna! He’ll probably lose his hair in a couple of days ahahaha

idea by @draceempressa and was drawn by me :D




Oh look, it’s the reason I didn’t have a social life in the past few months.
*cough* I mean this is the first animated short film Sarah, Maya and I worked on, I’d love to hear what you think! :D
Quite proud how it turned out, if I am being honest.


officially, i have no idea what im doing anymore but im not gonna stop

Barry: Iris I think we need some space. Westallen fandom:

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Snape Appreciation Month Day 14: Favorite Relationship

Snape and McGonagall

I know I know, I’m now going backwards, but it occurred to me today that there’s nothing stopping me from making my own gifs so I thought I’d give it a try. Anyway, my favorite platonic (or not…) relationship is Snape and McGonagall’s friendship. I mean, look at these two. Best friends don’t judge each other, best friends judge other people together, amirite. 

i'm just like so happy for myself and like so worried for you because obviously you're like fucking eight years old and like you've obviously like spent your time partying and stuff like that and it's starting to take its toll on your face and your body and like the boyfriends that you have had were like really bad for you and would come over and cum on your stomach and like yeah, no, totally, absolutely but like whatever works for you works for you and that's amazing

Guess whose birthday it is tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Draco! Here’s a drabble for you:

Draco opened the door to the Auror office. He was ready to train another batch of pain-in-the-arse young Aurors for the day. The sight that welcomed him, however, was far from what he expected.


Draco blinked in surprise once, twice, and then scowled. Everyone was silent before Ron said, “What, so you don’t like birthdays?”

Draco didn’t reply. He continued glaring at Ron.

“You actually don’t like birthdays?” he asked disbelievingly.

“I don’t dislike them; I don’t particularly care for them either,” Draco finally responded.

It was like he sucked the life out of the room. The Aurors all walked to their various offices, cubicles, and desks. After a few minutes the only ones left standing around the cake were Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco himself.

“Can I talk to you outside for a minute?” Hermione asked in a stern voice that left no room for refusal. Draco gestured with his hand for her to lead the way, and they made their way to her office.

“Did you really have to do that, Draco? Would it kill you to be nice for once?”

“Well, I didn’t ask for them to do this.”

“You don’t have to ask, Draco. It’s called being friends.”

“What are you saying I should do?”

Hermione stepped forward and put her arms on his shoulders. She pulled herself up and pecked his lips lightly and pulled away before he could manage to deepen the kiss.

“I think you should go out there and have fun on your birthday. With your friends. And be nice.”

Draco sighed dramatically even though he was secretly happy that he didn’t have to spend his birthday alone after twenty years.

“I will if you promise more than that pathetic kiss later.”

“Oh, come of it. I know you love it when I kiss you like that.”

He leant down and kissed her lips.

“I do, Hermione. I really really do.”

[Femslash February]: Asleep

lol that it’s only day 2 and im already late with this >.>

Day 2: Asleep (Chlonette)

Words: 2133

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Previous: Snow] [Next: Rescue]

The first time Chloe stayed after school to study in the library, she found Marinette sleeping over her books at a study table near the windows. 

Lycée turned out to be a lot harder than Chloe had thought, and trying to keep up with all of her homework without getting frustrated and forgoing it completely was almost impossible. It led to her bringing in half-finished homework assignments or not bringing in any assignments at all since it happened that Sabrina wasn’t in any of her classes this year. Her teachers packed her up with review sheets and extra homework every single day, and she had to use the hour study sessions at the end of every day to finish up all her work before she went home. It was absolutely deplorable stuff, but even her father was putting his foot down about it, which meant she really had no choice this time around. 

She was dragging her feet to the library and looking for a seat when she found Marinette at a study table all by herself. 

Chloe raised a brow. She didn’t really see Marinette much anymore. They were on completely different bac tracks and they were in completely different classes for any subjects they did share. She did occasionally see Marinette in the halls as they walked to their respective classes, but putting in the energy to mess with her was a lot harder now. It wasn’t the same now that they barely saw each other. 

But, apparently Marinette also stayed for the study blocks after school. And apparently she wasn’t faring too well. 

Chloe put her books on a chair two down from where Marinette was sitting. She was passed out on top of her tablet, and her right hand was still clutching the pen she was using to mark up the book they must have been reading for her French Literature class. Chloe reached over to check the page they were on and realized that Marinette was almost as far behind in the book as Chloe was. 

Huh. And she always thought that Marinette was a studious little thing. 

If Marinette was here, it was probably because she needed to be, and Chloe had far too much studying to get done to even bother with being petty. She poked Marinette in the forehead until she jerked up in her chair and rubbed at the cheek that was pressed against her tablet. She turned her head and groggily blinked up at Chloe. “What are you doing here?”

“Same as you probably,” Chloe replied. She shoved Marinette’s book closer to her. “Come on. I don’t need your snoring distracting me.” 

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Title: Just Go With it (Reader x Steve Rogers)

Summary: Natasha and Tony plan to set the reader and Steve up by putting them in coordinating outfits.

Word Count: 1751

A/N: I love Stevie my lil heart can’t take it. I hope you enjoy this, happy Sunday! :) 

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Would you mind doing number 3

I would not mind at all! Here you go, nonnie :)

3. He’s been gone for quite a while

“What are you doing?” Charity frowned at Vic and Adam as they seemed to be re-enacting a scene from the Chuckle Brothers as they tried to stick a banner up along the far wall of the pub.

“Trying to put this up,” Vic explained, as if it wasn’t already obvious. “Adam, it’s not level!”

“Jesus Vic, Aaron won’t even notice,” Adam sighed, quickly losing interest in the task he’d been set.

Charity narrowed her eyes and tilted her head as she tried to read the message on the banner with Vic and Adam both standing in her way.

W E L C O M E  H O M E

“Who’s that for?” she asked dismissively.

“Aaron and Robert,” Adam answered, sighing as Vic nudged him again to move his side of the banner up higher. “They’re back off honeymoon today,” he answered, shooting a beaming smile in Charity’s direction.

“Ahh, have you missed you little friend?” Charity teased him.

He rolled his eyes back at her, only half concentrating as Vic finished off fixing the banner to the wall.

“Well, he’s been gone for quite a while, ain’t he – ”

“And Robert has,” Vic reminded him, unsure why her brother always seemed to get forgotten about.

“Yeah, but what with this and prison I feel like I’ve hardly seen any of him for the past few months,” Adam replied.

Vic and Charity shared a look of feigned sympathy between them.

“Aw, bless,” Vic teased him; Charity joining in with her.

“Shut up, alright,” Adam moaned back. “I’m more looking forward to having a hand at the scrapyard again, to be honest.”

“Well that’s charming.”

All three of them turned to see Aaron and Robert sauntering into the pub, bags in hand, Aaron shaking his head with mock disapproval at overhearing Adam.

“Oh mate!” Adam beamed as he made his way over to him, embracing in their familiar brotherly hug. “You know I’m only joking,” he added with his arms still wrapped around Aaron’s shoulders.

“Yeah, whatever,” Aaron laughed. “Back at work tomorrow then am I!”

“Damn right,” Adam teased, pulling back and offering his hand out for Robert to shake as Vic peeled herself off her brother and hugged Aaron.

“Sort us a pint, eh, Charity,” Robert requested, smiling as he realised she’d already started pouring them one each.

“Come on then, tell us all about it,” Vic grinned as she took a seat at the bar, “What did you get up to?”

Aaron and Robert looked to one another, mouths open wide and smirking as if they were looking for something to tell her, both of them breaking into simultaneous laughter when they realised they hadn’t got much they could offer that was fit for public consumption.

“Oh, right, I get it,” Vic smirked knowingly. “I don’t wanna know! Guessing you hardly left your hotel room?”

Aaron smirked sheepishly and dropped his head, unable to hold her gaze, focusing instead on the pint that Charity had placed before him and letting Robert take the lead.

“We did,” Robert insisted. “We saw Liv and her mum, and Chas. But there wasn’t much we could do and they limited the visitors at the hospital. So we just did a lot of sunbathing…and…celebrating,” he added with a knowing laugh, placing his hand against Aaron’s shoulder as they stood next to one another at the bar.

Charity rolled her eyes at them.

“Got any pictures? It’s meant to be like paradise over there,” Vic asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, probably got a few on my phone,” Robert answered as he took his phone from his pocket, not thinking as he got his gallery up on his screen and tapped on the first image of the view from their hotel room.

He passed his phone to Vic, looking at the screen as she swiped through the images, explaining each one in turn, from the picture of Aaron on the beach, to the bar they went to for drinks most nights, and a few of the places they’d eaten in. There was one of Aaron and Liv, too, and one with Chas.

She flicked onto the next image – a blurred shot of their hotel room floor – and Robert had a moment of realisation about what image would appear next in his photo gallery.

“And that’s enough!” he let out suddenly, eyebrows raised, as he grabbed the phone back from his sister just in time.

Aaron glanced up at him, wide-eyed as the realisation hit, and he stared up at his husband in disbelief at what had almost happened. He thought he’d die of embarrassment if those images were ever seen by anyone other than his husband.

“You two are unbelievable,” Charity sighed, shaking her head as she smirked towards Vic and Adam, all three of them sharing a knowing laugh about what they’d just narrowly avoided.

“You’re just jealous,” Robert shrugged, before leaning down and placing a kiss against his husband’s temple, making a mental note to make sure those pictures got moved pretty sharpish to the hidden file on his phone where he kept the rest of them.

Aaron Dingle was for his eyes only.

Wands and Wizards.

Draco was once again off his rocker. He’d taken to the new order of heartstrings and stored them with the unicorn hairs, realized what he’d done, flew back into the storeroom to undo what he’d messed up and had gotten distracted with resorting the empty wand boxes again. See Draco had a date and when he had a date coming, Draco went a bit barmy.
Harry smiled into his bittersweet coffee, before easing back into another frown. Draco was flustered, he looked so disheveled when he was flustered, it was sort of adorable.
“What’s this one do then?” Harry sighed from the doorway.
“What?” Draco cried, breaking his attention away from the larger boxes.
“Who is he? What does he do?” Harry tried again.
Draco furrowed his brows before standing up once more, “Inter-species relations. How?-”
Harry hid his face in his cup, smirking resolutely as he returned to the front once more leaving Draco to flap about before he gave himself away.
“And how are we this fine morning Mr. Potter?” Mr. Ollivander asked from the record books at the counter top.
“Draco has a date,” Harry chuckled.
Ollivander seemed to make an ‘O’ sort of shape with his mouth in understanding, nodding reverently before arising once more and declaring himself tired. “I trust you with the repairs Harry, we won’t be making much progress with the unyielding oak anytime today anyway!”
Harry rolled his eyes in response, they’d been working on the unyielding oak wand, 13 inches, for about 3 months now and it was being quite stubborn, much like a certain coworker, this wand had a temperament.
“You just get your rest, well try it tomorrow?” Harry smiled. After the war Ollivander hadn’t quite recovered to full health, it could be attributed to his age as well as the ordeal of it all but every now and again he would take a day to himself, let Harry and Draco run things and rest in his apartment above the shop.
“I’m sure of it!” Ollivander smiled once more before making for the door that lead to his apartment stair.
Placing his cup down Harry went to the record books, looked through receiving, three new wands in for repair, every time a new one came in Harry would think of Ron’s broken wand in second year and smile to himself.
“Where’s Ollivander? Upstairs?” Draco popped his head around the corner.
Harry nodded.
“What about the oak?”
“Tomorrow he says,” Harry mumbled into the paperwork.
“Ah,” Draco sighs acceptingly. “I’m taking lunch at 11. If you want to take lunch at 1 I’ll shut up shop for you?”
A very small, bitter, selfish part of Harry, the very jealous miserable part, wanted to deny Draco of this but he was being polite about it and it was true that Harry hated closing up at the end of the day. Draco must really want this lunch date, Harry groaned.
“Yeah okay, whatever. I’ll be in the workshop till then working repairs.” Harry grabbed the repairs pile and staring down at the floor made for the workshop.
Once Harry was alone, had shut the door and locked it, only then did he put the broken wands down and relax comfortably into his shitty mood.

Three years ago Harry Potter had completed his Auror training with flying colours and actual honest to Merlin recommendations. He was in the DMLE Auditorium graduating, listening to his superiors go on about the life and duty of an Auror when he felt inexplicably bored.
He’d decided in that very moment that he didn’t want to be an Auror anymore and left the celebration feeling rather useless and a little lost. He didn’t mean to stumble into Mr. Ollivander closing up, but when he did it only made sense to chat to him for a bit, see how he was. They ended up talking about the Elder Wand for a long while and then wands in general.
After a few hours Harry had somehow gotten hired as Garrick Ollivander’s apprentice.
He remember coming into the shop the very next morning, getting a full tour of the workshop, the workfront and storeroom. It was Draco’s shock of white blonde hair nosing through the storeroom that had shocked him the most.
Draco having being pardoned of his crimes during the war had however been given community service, a chance to pay back the community or those he’d hurt. He’d chosen to help Ollivander at his shop, free of charge, to repay him of the time he’d spent at Malfoy Manor.

There was a knock at the workshop door that awoke Harry from his daydreaming.
“Ugh, Potter. It’s almost 11.” Draco spoke through the door, so clear to Harry that he could imagine him through the door.
“Fine!” Harry barked, “I’ll be there in a sec!”
He heard Draco mumbled before walking from the door.
“Just a few pots of wand polish.” Draco grumbled, refiling the receipts in the old cash drawer.
Harry was about to tell Draco to calm down, he was about to soothe him. He could make him a cup of tea. Or maybe he would just tell him to shove the date and stay at work with him, he could-
No, there was a bloke coming through the door and he was well dressed. Harry rolled his eyes and hovered by the nearest shelf, leaning against it.
“Draco!” The man cried, sounding all too happy to see him.
Harry watched with tensed jaw as Draco looked up and brightened at the man, sending the heat of jealousy to curl inside his chest.
“Alphonse!” Harry rolled his eyes back into his head at Draco’s returned cry.
The aforementioned Alphonse had slicked back brown hair and pale blue eyes, he wore the latest fashions robes, or so Harry assumes. He had a pleasant enough face and it annoyed him. He imagined them together, smiling together in photos and going for trips over the weekend.
He snorted in annoyance.
“Oh um Alphonse, this is er.. Harry.” Draco introduced him. The only time Draco ever referred to him as Harry was to other people. To his dates.
“You two better hurry along now,” Harry offered smally, wishing they’d leave already so he could revert his jealousy into a comfortable wallowing.
“My word. Harry Potter! You never told me you worked with Harry Potter. I’d heard he’d left the Aurors but Wands, of course!” Alphonse gushed and then suddenly Harry’s anger and resentment left him. The look of Draco’s face recede from happiness into a reserved acceptance made his heart go out to him.
“Ah, yes. Potter here makes the wand, or at least helps makes the wands.” Draco offered but Alphonse didn’t hear a word he said. Harry on the other hand noticed he was back to being Potter.
“You should come to lunch with us, it would be wonderful. You must share you stories with us!”
Lord, Harry thought.
Draco was biting his tongue he could see but he looked mad. “Um, I’m sure that would just bore the pants off of Draco!” Harry tried, his mind blanching at the thought of getting into Draco’s pants that way. “I’ve got to watch the shop anyway, you know, make the wands. I have a stubborn piece of oak to work on.” He gestured to the back and hoped Draco would get the gesture he was trying to make. He would however not look him in the eye.
“Oh of course, you’re perfectly right. Some other time then?” Alphonse smiled hopefully.
Harry just nodded, offering a tight smile, feeling highly uncomfortable.
“Should we go?” Alphonse returned his attentions back to Draco who in the meantime had placed his stoic face on indifference on, in an act of Lucius type diplomacy, he smiled his best fake smile and took Alphonse’s offered arm.
“Fuck.” Harry exhaled when they were out of sight down the street.

Harry had repaired the cracks in two wands, and polished the third finding nothing at all wrong with it. He had few customers, received a few invoices and tried tidying up a little before giving into the pull of the workshop.
He’d reached the oak and caressed the wood, even in it’s stasis, the magic thrumming within it pulsed. He decided he’d use some unicorn powder to help align it with the unicorn hair he’d hoped it’d take to but as soon as he sprinkled the littlest amount of it to the right spot, the magic surrounding it flared and rebelled. Getting unicorn horn flecks in his hair.
“Ah, I thought I felt the oak acting up!” Ollivander croaked from the doorway. “What have I told you about wand-making Harry?”
“Like a wand chooses a wizard, the wand chooses its core. Never force it, yes I know.” Harry groaned, “I just thought I’d tempt it or something.”
“I don’t think you should be focusing your efforts on the oak,” Ollivander smiled knowingly.
“Wha-?” Harry smiled confused before a loud bang erupted from the front.
“FUCK YOU POTTER FUCK YOU!” Draco cried, his raw magic thrusting the wand boxes from their places upon the shelves as he stormed forward.
Harry met him in the hall, recognizing the mood, not wanting Draco to ruin the workshop.
“FUCKING FUCK YOU POTTER! You win over my dates without even trying to!” Draco yelled into his face now, mere centimetres away. Harry felt light headed by the proximity.
“I- uh, What?” Harry managed.
Draco took a breath, “Alphonse. Couldn’t ruddy stop talking about the famous fucking Harry Potter, Saviour of the fucking World.”
“What did I do?” Harry winced at his own word, feeling Draco inch close if possible.
“What did you do? What did you do! He was so besotted with you, he spoke of nothing else.” Draco’s fire broke, “I don’t think. I don’t think I’ll be seeing him again.”
“Shame.” Harry accidentally let slip.
“What was that?! Do you have a problem with Alphonse?”
Shit! Harry hadn’t meant to say that last bit out loud, “Uh no?”
“OH! So it’s a problem with me dating?!” Draco snapped back, fire roaring back to life. “Big bad Death Eater should just stay at home and keep to himself is that it?”
“Fuck! No! I just- Look you seem to do well for yourself, Mark or no. Just you have to admit-” Harry fumbled.
“What?!” Draco cried incredulously. “I date too much is it?”
At this point, it would seem the straw finally broke the horse’s back, Harry snapped, Draco was just too in his face, and he wasn’t winning, he never won with Draco anymore. “You DO get around quite a bit, I have noticed!”
“I get around!? I get around?! Are you calling me a slut Harry?” Draco was yelling again.
Part of Harry realized that Draco had slipped and called him Harry to his face but for the most part Harry was mad and stupid and jealous, ignoring the slip to yell back with: “If the wand fits!”
Draco looked like the air was knocked out of him.
There was a thump behind them within the span of awkward silence. Turning to see what it was, Ollivander. Shit! Harry scrambled to the old man. And panic settled in his chest, overthrowing anything else he may have been feeling.

They’d spent the night with Ollivander at St.Mungo’s, not speaking to each other unless it was something akin to ‘Can you get him some water?’ Or ‘I’m going to talk to the nurse again.’
When morning came they took him home, to rest in his own apartment upstairs, close enough for them to keep an eye on.
Draco tidied the wands, placing them back into their places. Harry made them a cuppa, extra strong coffee for himself, extra sweet tea for Draco.
“Here,” Harry whispered, tea in hand.
“Cheers,” Draco took the cup and sipped it, his furrowed brows easing at the taste.
“I was thinking I’d take the couch upstairs, stay overnight with him. I’ll open up tomorrow, watch over him.” Harry said resolutely, waiting for Draco to fight him on this, as they’d fought stupidly the day before.
“You sure?” Draco whispered, throat husky and unused. “Maybe I can do the same the next night, depending on how he’s doing?”
Harry swallowed hard, tempering his feelings. The Mediwitch hadn’t been hopeful, this hadn’t been the first time after all, they’d told them to make him comfortable.
“Yeah, sure.” Harry croaked, making for the stairs.
Draco followed him and together they sat with their dying Maestro.
“Ollivander? Garrick?” Harry tried.
A soft Accio was whispered and a cluttered desk reshuffled itself messily in the lounge outside the door, a set of parchments came flying through the room before it landed in Draco’s hands.
“Read it my boy.” Ollivander croaked.
Draco took his time, reading over each line, eyes bulging as he reread a few of them again and then tears streaked his cheeks suddenly, leaving Harry lost.
“What is it?” Harry tried to whisper.
“He’s willed us the shop. Both of us, Ollivanders Wand Shop is ours after his. His-” Draco couldn’t finish and Harry didn’t blame him. At first he was touched by the offer and then he was confused.
“Isn’t there someone else, a family member. Why us?” Harry cried.
“There is no one. Just you two.”
“Ha! We’ll kill each other!” Harry announced manically. “In the event of our passing we’ll turn your legacy into a joke, throttling each others throats.” Ollivander smiled knowingly again and that hussed Harry up for a little while.
“I’m too impatient, I’ll try forcing all the wands. Nothing will ever get done.” He whispered smalley.
“You will Harry, you will.” Ollivander smiled.
Draco was still in shock, clutching onto the parchment with shaking hands. “Why me? I’m a, I was a- what my family did to you!” Draco cried.
“You have paid back in kind!” Ollivander smiled restfully. “And have done so even after your community service period ran out. You care for this place and everything in it, wholeheartedly. I trust the both of you to take care of the place after I am gone.”
“I wish you wouldn’t speak like that. You could get better.” Harry murmured.
“I am an old man.” Ollivander rose with passion. “No enough of this, let me rest you two. Try stop looking so sour. Save your sad faces for when I am truly gone.”
They let Ollivander sleep and descending down together.
Together. Shit, Harry thought. They were going to share this place together one day. The thought of them together in anything warmed his belly. He didn’t know how long he could watch Draco parade his lovers around him. Oh god! Forever. He’d be doomed to this forever. Watching him parade around forever whilst he sat at the shop all day going over the books to their shop- their shop.
“Wait a minute.” Harry halted them at the foot of the stair. “Ollivander mentioned your community service ending.”
“Yeah, like two years ago. Get with the program Potter,” Draco halfheartedly sneered.
“Draco I’ve seen the books, there isn’t anything in there about your salary. Actually, any type of payment for anything to you!”
Draco softened, letting his shoulders slump, “There is plenty left in the Malfoy Coifers Potter, sometimes one just enjoys having a reason to wake up in the morning. And Ollivander’s is the kind of place that deserves that attention.”
Harry’s heart soared at the happiness dusting the corners of Draco’s pointed face, he leaned in and pecked his mouth, for all his sour faces and his ill moods, Draco always surprised him and he felt himself love him more for it.
Harry stilled and stepped back. He looked down at the floor and made for the door as quick as he could, pushing through the door to apparate.

What in the fucking fuck just happened?
One minute Harry was bring on the Spanish Inquisition and the next he was kissing him. Kissing him! Then it was over and he was gone and shit!
He raced upstairs and threw about a dozen monitoring spells spells over Ollivander before racing back down. Shit.
Harry’s mug was still warm. When had he put that down?
Draco raced over to the counter and started rummaging through all the loose notes and scribbles. “Someone remind to clean this fucking thing out!” He roared to himself. “Ah ha!”
He clutched at the piece of paper, reading it before making for the door. He locks it behind him and apparates to number 12 Grimmauld Place.

When Draco gets there, he takes a moment to acclimate to being indoor after being in the bright outdoors of Diagon Alley.
Then he hears noises, clinking sounds and follows the noise into a room. It seems like a sitting room, or a parlour. What he notices most about it is Harry, pouring himself a glass of Ogden’s.
“Why did you do it?” He wills himself to say eventually.
Harry didn’t seem surprised by his presence and yet he still wouldn’t turn around.
“I said, why did you do it?” Draco felt his own voice break and opted for silence instead of further embarrassment.
“Does it matter?” Harry sneered, gulping down his Firewhiskey. “I kissed you, I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry. We’ll drop it okay? I’ll head in later and sit with Ollivander. I promise.”
“It matters to me Potter!” Draco pushed. “Why did you kiss me?”
Harry ducked his head down and braced himself using the bar as an anchor. “I couldn’t help it alright. I’m usually much better at controlling myself. It won’t happen again alright?”
Draco couldn’t believe his ears. He wouldn’t find anything to say. Potter made it seem very convincingly that he felt- that he…
“Look, I don’t want it to affect our work okay. If you feel uncomfortable, I’ll. I don’t know, I might be able to find somewhere else to finish my apprenticeship okay? Its- fuck!” Harry inhaled yet another few fingers of whiskey.
Draco managed a few steps and then, “Fuck this! And fuck you!”
That broke Harry out of his self pity party. “What?”
“I said fuck you! Fuck Potter, I didn’t even know you liked men! Let alone, could like me!” Draco pulled at the sides of his hair. “Fuck! All those stupid dates, Pansy said I needed to get over you. Said I should move on with someone else. I just kept comparing them to you and FUCK!”
Harry faced him fully now, “What?” His voice almost threatening.
“I didn’t mean to. I was late, and that guy, forget his name-”
“Marcus, his name was Marcus.” Harry said.
Draco almost stopped, “Right. He comes to the shop to pick me up, I got caught up reshelving. I didn’t notice the time. He comes in and I’m excited and nervous and then suddenly he isn’t worth it anymore. Because he doesn’t compare to you. No one does.”
He eyed Harry cautiously, he hadn’t read anything wrong had he? What if it wasn’t Potter had meant at all? It could have just been a lonely kind of kiss, one made out of the desperation born from such a sad situation.
Harry pounced on him, leading with his hips and holding onto each side of Draco’s face, pushing them together as their lips met. Draco let himself be kissed for a moment, reveling in the warm of Harry’s soft lips, the passion behind the desperate rise and fall of Harry’s chest. He felt Harry’s face contort in anguish and lept into action, kissing back with equal force, pulling at Harry, clawing at his sides, his hips, his arse anything to encourage him. Letting Harry slip his tongue into his mouth.
Harry gave the smallest chuckled before falling back into the kiss, running his big strong hands up Draco’s back his excitement pushing them against the doorway he’d just come through.
“Fuck.” Draco grunted as his back hit the frame, eliciting a groan from Harry who started making his way down his jaw and up to the lobe of his ear. “Fuuccck!” Draco groaned.
Harry chuckled.
“You have no idea how long I’ve imagined all the different ways I’ve wanted to kiss you over the years!” Harry returned to kiss Draco’s mouth.
“Years?” Draco mumbled through the assault, nipping and sucking on Harry’s lips in return.
Harry nodded, thrusting his hips, slow and hard into Draco’s ever ready erection. “Years.”
Draco whined at both the action and the implication.
Harry rolled his hips into his again, keeping his forehead plastered to Draco’s watching for each reaction, each gasp. He watched as the third roll of his hips made Draco’s eyes roll back and his mouth hang open and watched with hunger as Draco panted, pushing back with his own little hip thrusts.
“Oh fuck!” Draco gasped as Harry went back to suckling his neck.
Then suddenly Harry stilled, and Draco through the haze of lust couldn’t figure out why. If this was some sort of game to drive Draco completely mental it was working.
“Potter. Harry, come here.” He wrapped his arms around Harry’s neck and drew him in again, “Speak Merlin, Harry.”
Harry looked at him with scrutiny, making him nervous.
“Harry?” Draco was worried.
Harry shook his head and went into kiss him again but Draco pushed him back with the flat of his palm.
“You have that look on your face Potter. The kind where you let me steal the last of the chocolate biscuits and are stuck with all the plain ones. Don’t think I didn’t notice. I just-” Draco tried to joke but Harry’s focus was hard and all humour left with him.
“I’m sorry I just, I’m wondering how many of those men touched you, how much they touched you.” Harry swallowed as he fingered the hollow of Draco’s collarbone. “I know it’s shit of me, so jealous, it’s pathetic.”
Draco rubbed a hand over his face and sighed, “Years Potter really? Years and you did nothing about it? And you’re stewing over what? How many men you think I’ve slept with? Merlin, the ‘slut’ thing from the other day. Right. Shit.”
Draco pushed from the doorframe and went to find the nearest, what Floo? He was going to Floo out? He was so close to what he’d always, always wanted, and he was going to leave?
Harry caught his wrist and tugged him back.
“I asked you out you prat! Or at least…”Harry offered an earnest smile. “I thought I did until just now.”
“Potter. What the fuck are you talking about? I’m pretty sure I’d remember Harry fucking Potter asking me out.” Draco tried his trademark sneer, his heart not really in it.
“About six months on the job, we closed up together. I asked you out for drinks and you acted really shady about saying no. I thought. At first I thought you were upset I liked men but a few months later you bring in Marcus. Fuck, I thought Marcus was you rubbing it in. I-”
“FUCK!” Draco threw his hands into the air. Ruffling his own hair out frustration. “I thought- I thought you were being nice. I thought you were being friendly, I didn’t know you- No. I didn’t think you could feel that way about me.” Draco explained.
Harry pulled him in again, this time by the waist, resting his forehead against Draco’s giving him a wicked smile before giving him another kiss, this one softer but full of need. Desire and lust poured out of his pores and covered Draco in it, he felt Harry’s heat, felt his cock hard again in his pants.
“Harry,” Draco broke the kiss urgently. “About the other men.”
“It doesn’t matter Draco, I love you, I don’t care about the others.”
Draco blinked, he waited, but Harry didn’t take it back.
Draco pounced on Harry, forcing himself into Harry’s arms, kissing him with open eager mouth, running his tongue along his swollen bottom lip, clutching him, running his hands eager over Harry like a canvas, kneading his flesh, exploring him.
“There were no others, just maybe a few mutual misplaced handjobs but that’s it. I told you Harry,they wouldn’t pass the grade. Most never made it to a second date, the rest not even after-” Draco explained with the broadest smile plastered to his face.
“Draco, shut up and kiss me.” Harry was laughing, squeezing his hold on Draco’s hips.
“Hey, how about instead you give me the grand tour?” Draco smirked at Harry’s momentary confusion. “Starting with your bedroom?”

Harry apparated them to his bedroom out of excitement.
Shit. This was real, this wasn’t a wank fantasy, Draco was here and he wanted him.
“Harry, you’re shaking.” Draco whispered, so tenderly that he almost didn’t recognize his ex high school nemesis.
“I’m just overwhelmed, must be the alcohol finally catching up with me.” He lied, and by the glint in his eye Draco knew it but let him have it.
“Harry,” Draco leaned in close, nuzzling against his neck, whispering in his ear. “I want you. I need you inside me Harry, you have no idea!”
Harry’s knees almost buckled. “Oh god!”
Draco smothered his chuckles into the crook of his neck, placing delicate kisses there. “Off.” Draco ordered, tugging at the hem of his shirt.
Within seconds neither of them were wearing shirts, and as Draco pulled himself up onto the bed removing the rest of his clothes, Harry followed divesting himself of his own pants and trousers.
Harry climbed up to Draco, kissing his knee, his hip, the inside of his wrist and his throat as he made his way to him. “I won’t do anything by half Draco, I’m yours, I can’t be one of those guys who don’t make it past the first date. I meant what I said before. I can find somewhere else to train, it’d be hard but I’d do it.”
Draco reached up and caught his lips in a kiss, “Potter shut up and kiss me?”
Harry smiled down at him, leaning down over him using his arms as support. He kissed Draco slow, shutting his eyes soundly, listening to Draco’s breathing, focusing on his own heartbeat. He caressed Draco’s neck, ran his fingers through his hair.
“I swear if you ask me if I’m sure about this at any point I am hexing you through to next week,” Draco laughed out of breath.
“I won’t I swear,” Harry laughed, kissing the corner of Draco’s mouth, his jaw, his neck. Harry’s own stubble scraped across Draco’s skin and sent a ripple of goosebumps run across his flesh,
Harry rolled his hips, meeting Draco’s cock with his own. Feeling him bare against him. Finally! Part of his brain supplied. He repeated the motion and watched Draco as his eyes rolled back into his head again.
Draco gripped onto the sheets as Harry continued his ministrations, that wasn’t good enough for Harry, who took both arms and held them above Draco’s head, intertwining their hands together.
“Aqua Lubricates.” Draco whispered to himself, “Extendes..” He moaned his body arching up with a shout.
“What is it, what’s wrong?” Harry began.
“Preparation spell I read about,” Draco chuckled.
The idea thrilled Harry’s skin alight with desire. He ran his hands up and down Draco’s body, resting just below his balls, dipping below to find that indeed Draco was open and fully prepared. “How long have you been practising that one?” Harry chuckled throatily, his cock bobbing in eager anticipation.
“You’ll be surprised what you can get away with, with a spellbook and the right dildo.”
“Oh fuck!” Harry cried, he couldn’t wait any longer. He lined himself up and gripped onto Draco’s hips, leaning in to kiss him as he breached his hole with the head of his swollen cock.
Draco winced a fraction and Harry stilled, kissing the tip of his nose, the point of his cheekbone, finding his mouth and showing him exactly how much he wanted him.
Harry held onto to Draco as he pushed his way inside and felt a terrifying feeling churn in his chest, feeling so close to Draco, feeling so connected. He pulled out a little and pushed back in, “Okay?”
Draco nodded a bit too enthusiastically but Harry let it pass. Pulling out all the way experimentally and driving in again.
“Oh!” Draco gasped and Harry was completely lost. Between the tightness and the friction and the delicious noises that started falling out of Draco’s mouth he was lost, giving in to his baser need to quicken his pace and pound into Draco mercilessly hard.
It wasn’t very long until Draco’s head was butting against the headboard in rhythm to Harry’s movements. He tried to adjust them, pull them both back down but slipped out.
“Harry, Harry I need you!” Draco pushed him back and rolled them around. Draco stroked Harry a little before sinking himself back onto Harry’s cock. “I need you. I fuck- Oh! I need you Harry, I need AHH!”
Draco spasmed a little and Harry knew exactly what to do, using his heels balance himself and drive his pelvis up and into Draco, impaling him further. Draco bounced a little at the force before grinding himself down onto Harry moaning louder than any of his fantasies had ever allowed. “Fuck Harry yes!” Draco cried and Harry thrust up again to meet Draco’s push down. It was hotter and the feel more delicious than before. “Yes! Oh yes!”
He fucked him faster and harder than before, feeling the strain in his leg muscles but ignoring it over the pleasure rising in his belly and threatening the tightness of his ballsack.
“Fuck Draco, Draco- fuck, fuck, fuck.” He whispered, much anything else lost in moans and gasping sighs.
Then Draco exploded with a shout, still bouncing on Harry’s cock he ejaculated, spraying his come all over the sheets and down Harry’s chest. The sight alone would have done it but the clamping sensation of Draco’s ecstasy on his cock sent him straight over the edge until he was shooting ropes of come up inside of Draco. Harry gripped onto Draco’s hips, wishing to fill him, keep him there as the last of it milked from his body.
Draco fell into the bed beside Harry with a wince as Harry slipped from him.
They lay in the crumpled, stained sheets covered with sweat, breathing painfully but smiling together fully sated.
“Draco,” Harry gasped. “Want to get a drink with me some time?”
Draco laughed with drowsy eyes, swatting at Harry’s chest. “Yes! You prat.”

They walked into work together the next morning a little sore and very tired. They found the store already open and Ollivander shuffling around the shop.
They turned to each other in confusion before making their way behind the counter to inspect the situation further.
“Ah Harry m’boy! I sorted out the issue with the stubborn oak!” Ollivander cheered.
“Oh?” Was all Harry could say.
“Yes, it seems it was a misunderstanding, the oak wasn’t set on unicorn hair at all, mermaid hair in the end.” Ollivander smiled, “I see our other misunderstandings have worked themselves out.”
They were caught, smirking Draco took Harry’s hand and squeezed it.
“I’ve got stock to straighten up,” Draco whispered giving Harry’s cheek a quick peck.
Harry tapped Draco’s arse with a smirk as he followed Ollivander down into the workshop and all was well again.


“It was nice seeing her again. She looked truly lovely this evening. I haven’t seen her in anything but her school uniform for a very long time, and tonight she wore this enchanting dress, a pale, spring green. It had all these airy layers of chiffon that floated around her, and she had her hair up.” Eriol sighed softly. “That girl has the most beautiful neck I’ve ever seen, slim and pale and…”

“Yeah, you’ve got it bad,” Spinel told him.

A Capella - Kit Spooner