yeah that happens *shrugs*


Anon said: i love ur fusion art!!!! if u have time/want to you should do a bakushima fusion

You’re not the only one that asked, but actually I already did draw it! It’s the first one I’ve drawn haha I felt like drawing it again tho, so here’s a doodled comic of the first time they fused accidentally ✌️

Do you ever wonder why there’s always this push for everyone working with the boys becoming instant best friends with them? I mean, we know they’re lovely boys (that’s why we’re here) but… you don’t have to be somebody’s closest friend just because you have to work with them. Also remember that this fandom is so quick to “adopt” anyone that says any flowery words about the boys and we know that often doesn’t end up well. Keep in mind that we’re a huge and engaged fanbase of the biggest boy band on the planet. Everybody wants to tap on that spring ($$$). And y’all make it far too easy.

The Friendly Wager (Part 7)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,855

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, confrontation, drinking, cheesy romance, kissing, implied sexytimes, somewhat nsfw but not really, a potentially wasted beautiful meal

A/N: This is my last submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. I did it! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

This was the sixth rewrite! LOL….The End! :)

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Sweet Dreams **

Request- Hi! Could u do a Bucky imagine where the reader is Tony’s daughter and she had a wet dream about Bucky and tells Wanda and Nat about it and the boys hear the conversation and Tony gets all protective and all? You can choose the final!!I love your blog btw♡ from @awesomebrokenangelworldus-blog

Bucky Barnes X Stark!Reader

Word Count: 1763

Warnings: There’s a wet dream! that’s pretty NSFW.

A/N: Hello! I’m sorry this took a while! I hope this is alright!! Please let me know :) xo 

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Before It’s Too Late (part 12)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: idk man

A/N: I’M BAAAAACCCKKKKKKK!! FINALLY, RIGHT? I had the worst case of writers block ever. Anyways I hope ya enjoy this part, it’s been a while.

Bucky had been afraid to stop by your apartment again, fearing that he’d end up with another black eye, courtesy of Wanda. So, he stayed away and would try to find you around campus but it seemed as if you weren’t attending classes which was false because he had asked Clint if you were attending creative writing and he said yes.

You had been avoiding Bucky. You knew the places he went when on campus so you stayed away from those spots. It was better this way. You didn’t think you’d have the strength to see Bucky face-to-face after hearing all the harsh words he spat at you.

It was silly to even think the handsome man would ever reciprocate your feelings.

As you’re packing up, taking your sweet time so that you wouldn’t run into Bucky on the way out, your professor calls you to her.

“Yes?” you question, holding onto the strap of your bag.

“I graded your make-up paper last night and might I say, it has been the best paper you’ve ever submitted so far.” she smiled, handing you your paper. “It had so much emotion to it, I felt like I was there, feeling everything. You’ve really outdone yourself, Y/N.”

You smile. “Thank you so much.”

Your professor nods. “Keep it up. Your writing is outstanding.”

You thank her once more before leaving the building. Once the sun hits you, you pull out your phone and call Clint.

“Yeah, hi, if this isn’t the president saying I get the key to the city then goodbye.” he spoke and you roll your eyes.

“You’re never gonna get the key to the city, you’re not that special.” you respond.

He scoffs. “You’re not special either. In fact, I took your picture out of my car a few days ago.”

“Clint, I saw the picture in your car yesterday when you took me to the store.”

“…. Whatever.”

“Anyways, I called to tell you that I received my make-up paper today.”

“What’d you get?”

You see your car coming into view and pull your keys out from your bag. “A perfect score. She said it’s the best paper I’ve submitted so far.”

“See, I knew you had it in you.”

You roll your eyes. “Shut up.”

Clint laughs. “Hey, so I got this thing. It’s for-”

You stop listening to him and focus on Bucky who had just opened the door to your creative writing class. You obviously couldn’t tell what he was saying but panic set in and you quickly unlocked your car.

“Shit, Clint I have to go. Talk to you later.” you hang up right in the middle of his protests. You buckle up and start your car just as he shuts the building door with a frown etched on his face.

You back out of the parking lot, not looking back once.

Knocking on Steve’s door, you hope and pray Bucky doesn’t answer and you let out a sigh of relief when you see Sam.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?”

You enter the apartment and look around, half to see if Bucky was there and half for Steve.

“You guys got lemons to spare? Wanda’s been watching some cooking channel and she wants to try and make something from it but she needs lemons and I’m too lazy to drive all the way to the store.” You say.

“Ummm… I think so. Let me see.” you watch Sam go into the kitchen and open the fridge. At this time, you hear a door open from the hallway and your heart starts beating fast. You’re expecting to see Bucky but instead you see Steve and you start to calm down.

“Hey, Y/N. What’re you doing here?”

“Came for some lemons.” you respond.

Steve nods and Sam comes back with a bag full of 4 lemons. “Here ya go.”

You take the bag and smile at your friend. “Thanks Sammy.”

“No problem. I’m coming by to eat. Need to see if Wanda put my lemons to good use.” he says and you chuckle.

“Alright, I’ll tell her.” you say then turn to Steve. “See you later, Blondie.”

Steve playfully rolls his eyes and bids you goodbye before you exit their apartment.

Bucky, who had been painting in his room, heard muffled noises over his music that was playing but he brushed it off as Steve and Sam talking or watching a movie. It wasn’t until he heard a familiar laugh that he turned down his music and listened carefully.

The brunette heard ‘alright, I’ll tell her’ and jumped up, placing his paint palette on his desk before busting out of his room and running into the living room. He came to a halt when he saw only Steve and Sam.

“Where’s Y/N?” Bucky questioned, frowning.

“She just left.” Sam says, flopping down on the couch with the remote in his hand.

“Buck…” Steve frowned, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“I gotta get back to painting.” he says, shrugging the blonde off before heading back to his room.

A couple of days pass and Bucky’s about had it. He needed to talk to you which was why he was standing at the door, looking through the peephole as he waited for you to get back from your classes.

“What’re you doing?” Sam questioned as he walked into the room.

“Waiting for Y/N.” was his response.

“Okay… that’s not creepy at all.” Sam checked his phone before nudging Bucky. “Move, I gotta go meet Cynthia at that coffee shop.”

Bucky steps back and looks at his friend. “Cynthia, huh? You two a thing now?”

“Yeah, it just kind of happened.” He shrugged with a smile.

Bucky pats his friend on his shoulder. “I’m happy for you, man.”

“Thanks.” Sam says goodbye to the brunette before leaving the apartment.

He goes back to looking through the peephole and when he does, he sees you passing the door. Immediately, he pulls the door open and steps out, calling your name.

He hadn’t rehearsed what he was going to say to you so when you turned around and he saw your face for the first time in weeks, his mind went blank.

You stood there, slightly panicking as the two of you stared at each other awkwardly. Breathing in sharply, you take a step back and Bucky reaches for you.

“Wait! Please…”

You stare at his outstretched hand before looking up at him and sighing. “What do you want, James?”

Bucky’s heart shattered.



You would jokingly call him James but this… this was nowhere near being a joke.

“Please, don’t call me James, Y/N…” it came out as a whimper.

You sighed again. “What do you want?”

Bucky took a deep breath. “I’m sorry for the way I reacted when you told me how you felt. I-” he sighed. “I was mad that you waited so long to tell me. I was mad because you waited till I moved on to tell me how you felt. It’s not an excuse, what I did and how I responded was completely unnecessary. I just thought that you were saying all that because Vis told you how I felt. I didn’t think you were being sincere and I acted out. But I’m sorry. It hurt seeing you cry and it hurt when I got punched twice and it hurt even worse when you started avoiding me.” he takes a cautious step towards you. “I just want to make things right.”

The fact that he just said he thought Vis told you how he felt completely flew over your head.

Your eyebrows knit together. “You got punched twice?” Bucky nods. “By who?”

“Nat and Wanda… don’t worry, I deserved it.”

You think back to when Wanda held ice to her fist, saying she punched a wall and you shake your head.

Silence filled the air as you stared at the charm bracelet on your wrist, playing with the angel wings locket that had Bucky’s picture in it while Bucky stared at you. He opened his mouth a couple of times, wanting to speak but not knowing what to say so he just closed his mouth.

Finally, he sighed. “I broke up with Kristen.”

Your eyes snap up to meet his. “Oh… sorry to hear that.”

“It’s fine. It wasn’t a bad break up or anything. We… we broke up because of you.” Your eyes widen and once Bucky plays back exactly what he just said in his head, his eyes widen too. “I didn’t mean it like that! I just- I mean-” he stops talking and takes a deep breath to calm himself. “I’m in love with you, Y/N. I have been for a while but I’ve never said anything.”


“You have a specific type. I’ve caught onto it throughout the years of us being friends. You like high-classed guys. Guys who clean up nicely and play golf and do all of that boring shit… but that’s not me. I don’t fit into that. I didn’t think I was your type so I never said anything. I thought if I waited it out that my feelings would go away. Obviously, I was wrong.” Bucky takes your hand in his, never taking his eyes off yours. “Please, Y/N… please.”

Your eyes start to water as you shake your head, pulling your hand away from Bucky.

“I can’t.” you say. “I’m sorry Bucky, but I can’t. You hurt me.”

You take a step back but he follows.

“Let me fix this. I don’t want to lose you. I can’t lose you.” His eyes filled with tears. “Please let me fix this.”

“Bucky,” you sighed.


“Bucky just… give me some time, alright? I need time.” You say and he nods, wiping his eyes before his tears could fall.

“Okay, I’ll give you time.” the handsome brunette runs his fingers through his hair as he steps back. “I know this is a stretch but will you, uh, come to my art show? It’s this Friday.” you give him a hesitant look and he licks his bottom lip. “I’m not asking as the guy who’s madly in love with you. I’m asking as your friend.”

You exhale loudly before nodding. “I’ll think about it.”

A/N: I’ll fix any mistakes in the morning. I hope ya like this part :) tell me what ya think!


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I’m Feeling You Breathing Slow

A/N: I haven’t written anything in a minute (read: since peak 1D, gawd), so forgive me if it’s plain and boring. However, if you like it for some reason, please please tell me! Or what you maybe didn’t like. Constructive criticism is good too! Either way, hopefully someone likes it. 

This is really just slightly needy, fluffy Shawn.

Thanks to @sourshawn for encouraging this to happen (maybe you won’t appreciate the thanks after? idk!). She’s the best tho.

(Title from Lights Down Low, if anyone cared)

She finally gives in around 11:30 at night and starts to shut things down, getting ready for bed. She knows Shawn is busy, has been for the whole week with recording. She’d gotten lucky when he agreed to stay in Toronto to do it this time. She may be the only one who loved that city more than he did. Doors get locked, wine glass rinsed out and set by the sink, and she’s shutting off the lights on the way down the hall. The condo is beautiful, of course, but it’s a little less exciting with him not home to enjoy it with.

She climbs under the big duvet, snuggling in. ‘It’s why you’ve got a ceiling fan, babe,’ she’d told him the one night they’d gotten too warm, cuddled up under the blankets. She smiles a little every time she flicks the switch to turn it on. She steals a shirt he’s left out from the day before and hugs it close, still smells him on it. She rolls towards the big windows, some of the downtown lights twinkling through the closed curtains. She feels herself start to fade off quickly, not even checking her phone before falling asleep.

The bed dips suddenly, and she wakes with a small gasp. She peaks over her shoulder and sees the dark outline.

“Shh, baby, it’s just me,” Shawn says quietly, his voice rough from the studio.

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It’s About Time

Request: More video related imagines! Do one about jealousy or Justin hurting Y/N!

A/N: You got it honey!

The laughs of the interviewers slowly died down into small but gaspy breaths. Not only Justin’s but a smile of my own very much evident at the terribly witty but hilarious answers Justin has come with so far.

He really did know how to make a person laugh - and that was just another reason why I had fallen completely and utterly head over heels for him. 

But, even from where I stood behind the scenes of this interview could I see you probably wandering the rather complicated answer to a very simple question. One that the world as I know has been asking for as long as the internet can remember. 

Do I - Y/N L/N - have feelings for the one and only Justin Bieber? 

And to answer your question the long way …

Justin Drew Bieber - the pop star heartthrob who has robbed the hearts of millions, is none other then my best friend. 

And despite our constant reminders that we are nothing less - nothing more, the media has made it there number one priority to prove us wrong. They think they have us all figured out. That we put on a best friend act for the cameras but are secretly dating behind the scenes.

Though the reality is they could not be any more wrong. And I could not wish anymore for them to be right.

But it wasn’t always like this - feelings wise. There was a time when Justin could touch me and not  send shivers up my spine. There was a time when he complimented me and I wouldn’t turn beat red. There was a time when we were nothing other then best friends.

And back then, when we would announce that we were best friends to other’s - they would think we were crazy. There was never not one friend that spoke differently, and every single one of them always said the same thing. 

You can’t be best friends with someone of the opposite gender and not feel something.

Back then, I laughed in their faces, flicked my hair over my shoulders and smirked the words ‘Just watch me.’ 

Now? I only wish I listened to them.

Because here I am - 4 years later doing exactly what I laughed at people for predicting. I’m falling in love with my best friend and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

You ask, why don’t you tell him how you feel?! Maybe he’ll feel the same way - smile at my shyness and announce his undying love for me just the way I had for him. 

But I have. And sadly, life isn’t a fairy tale with happily ever after endings. He knew of my feeling’s - or suspected it in the least - and told me that as much as he loved me as a sister, he hadn’t seen me any other way.

You could only imagine how devastated I had become but none the less I kept a straight face and nodded. There wasn’t much I could do, if he didn’t like me like that - he didn’t like me like that.

That was over 4 months ago and everything between Justin and I is normal. It wasn’t awkward like you would see in the movies - in fact Justin went on to make jokes about it and tease me for it.

Not that it bothered me … too much.

“Is Selena Gomez fighting back at Justin Bieber with her latest Instagram picture?” The interviewer read of the sheet in front of her.

At the mention of the woman who broke my best friends heart, my ears perked in interest. Scooter began to shift besides me, becoming nervous with the situation all of a sudden.

We all knew when Selena is mentioned Justin becomes all love struck and says regrettable things. This could not end well.

Justin’s head snapped over towards the woman, interest peeking his tone. “I haven’t seen it. Can I see it?” And a smile over came his face as he reached forward to take the print out picture of Selena from the girl.

“I wanna see that.” He exclaimed, leaving the interviewers to all burst out with laughter.

Wasn’t even funny. 

I scowled subconsciously. 

As the interviewer stopped laughing, Justin was quick to talk, already having his own joke on the matter. “What’s she trying to do to my heart right now?” He smiled as if impressed at his own joke. This was beginning to sting.

One glance at the picture was all it took and the sadness that flashed across his face wasn’t gone unnoticed, sending a pang through my chest. 

“Right, right.” The guy interviewer commented sarcastically with an eye roll as the woman once again laughed. What a suck up.

Justin shook his head with the same smile. “I’m kidding.”

”You guy’s can’t escape from each other.” The guy began, using his hands to gesture on his Jelena opinion. “She can’t escape from you, you can’t escape from her.” 

Justin hummed an approval.

“Right?” The interviewer finished.

And if the previous words weren’t a blow to the chest - then the next were only as unsuspected as the last - if not more. But the hurt and pain surging through my body at his words left me rigid with feels.

“She loves me.” Justin stated. 

“She loves you.” The guy repeated.

The girl jumped in, and with every said word, Justin smiled continued to grow, his eyes trained down at the picture of Selena before him. “There will always be love there. It’s like one of your first major loves, it’s like, It’s always going to be there.”

Scooter’s body became tense, and although my eyes were trained on Justin, it was not hard to sense Scooter’s constant glances over at me. He knew of my feelings and could only imagine the amount of pain I felt.

A sudden hand on my back, slowly soothing back and forth was easy to be reckoned as Scooter’s. But no amount of comfort could have prepared me for words about to be said … Nothing was ready to hold my heart for the pain it felt.

Justin was quick - no hesitance in his words - but obviously no thought either as he announced, “No I love her too.”

“Yeah.” Both interviews echoed.

“Always.” Justin continued - only adding to the pain and misery in my chest. It was moment’s like these when I really felt like an idiot, like the one to be put up for blame. It was my fault I had these feelings in the first place. 

I’m supposed to be his best friend and here I was sulking over what? The truth.

But above all the pain, the guilt, the fault. I felt one emotion overpowering the latter. Sorrow. Sorrow for myself that I had ever had to fall for someone as unrealistic as Justin. 

He may me my best friend but the reality is - he was an artist and I was nothing but the girl who got famous from him talent. At least Selena had talent also and wasn’t a reject to the world.  Not to mention she was stunning.

What was I doing sulking, when the answer was so clearly written in front of me.

I’m just simply not good enough.

But that’s when I noticed Justin’s smile drop - almost as if just realising something. Then his eyes snapped over to me. And his gaze held so much emotion - to much for me to read.

It’s like everything around me had stopped and it was only so long before I couldn’t take it much longer, and my gaze dropped to the floor.

And it stayed there as Justin began talking again. “But I mean, we were on and off for years and then we left on good terms - so like, I think it was just that we needed time to grow for ourselves and we were like, you know, ‘maybe we’ll come back together in the future.’”

He continued, “And then it ended up being like- . . so long and we just grew apart and we’re just not the same people anymore.”

“Right.” The guy nodded.

“So what does that mean?” The girl asked. “Is there … someone new?”

He paused. His lip latched tight between his teeth. 

The interviewers smirked at his lack of an answer. “There is isn’t there?”

“Maybe.” He shrugged. 

Are you kidding me?! He met another girl?

“Well spill the beans! Who is it? What’s her name?”

Justin was hesitant. “I-I don’t wanna say too much.”

“Then tell us what you can.”

The smile on his face was too hard to miss, especially with that gold tooth of his. “A’ight, well. I’ve known her for a while-”

And at the one sentence,  the woman was quick to jump in. “It’s Y/N Isn’t it!” 

No no! Don’t say that! Now he’s gonna go through this massive explanation of how we’re just friends and how he could never date me because it would just be weird and-

“Yeah, actually. It is.”

I paused, and watched slowly as he turned to look at me wide eyed in shock. His face held a look of worry, almost expectant of me to lash out and storm with a fury, but I stood shocked. 

“Shut up! Are you serious?!” The girl yelled.

“Yeah.” Justin nodded. 

“How’d it happen?!” 

He shrugged. “She told me a while ago that her feelings where stronger then they should have been. She pulled me off to the side after a show and asked me to talk. She told me that she really liked me, more then just my best friend.”


“And I told her I didn’t feel the same way.” He frowned. “I was an idiot. I lied because I was scared to lose my best friend but now, It just hit me. If someone loves me, why sit back and hurt them with words and actions when you feel the same way?”

“Wait?’ the guy paused. “Are you confessing your love to her now?! Like, for the first time?!”

Justin nodded, glancing over at me where his eyes trained. “Yeah. I did… Y/N?” 

I was shocked, stunned, but somehow still managed to nod a response. “Y-Yeah?”

“I’m sorry for being a dick. Let me make up to you and go out with me tonight?”

My heart stopped, skipping beats repeatedly. Was this real? A quick glance at Scooter and his smile had me mimicking his expression, and with a nod, I yelped. 


Jeremy was quick to snort from the other side of me, Jaxon running forward to jump into Justin’s lap with a smile. Justin chuckled, rubbing his head with a fisted hand, leaving Jaxon to heave a sigh and glance at me, then stare up at Justin with a look of relief. “It’s about time!” 


Its really messy but give me a couple of days to get back in touch with my writing skills. It’ll get there.

That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out Pt. 2 (Jason Todd x Reader)

AU/Prompt Used In Pt. 1 : “I’m your neighbor and I can hear you fucking someone who shares my name” AU by @mewlink

A/N: I go back to school on Monday and I want to scream. Italics are just your thoughts. 

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @avengerdragoness @queen-of-all-the-fandoms 

Pt. 1 Pt. 3 Pt. 4


You ended up accepting Jason’s request. It’s been so long since you’ve felt this nervous. He told you that the restaurant is very formal so you picked out the best outfit you can find. 

Last night was weird. After walking back into your apartment, you heard the person Jason was screwing yelling, some glass objects breaking, and the sound of them storming out of his apartment. You made a mental note to ask him during dinner about last night.

Once you finished with all the final touches of your look, you heard a knock on your door. “Coming!”

You walked out of your room to open your door, but Jason was already in your living room, “Uhh, how’d you get in?” You asked, feeling alarmed.

He was sitting on your couch, hands crossed behind his head. You were expecting him to be wearing a tux but instead, he was wearing a white button down shirt, a black loose tie, dress pants, and a leather jacket, “Hmm? Oh I picked your lock.” He said, nonchalant.

You blinked, “I..I’m not even going to ask.” Nope, my neighbor picking my lock is not strange at all.

He stood up, chuckling, “You look amazing by the way. Exquisite. So you’re ready to go?”

You gulped, nodding, “Thanks, yeah lets go.” You can tell your lungs didn’t want to cooperate with you again.

The two of you made it outside the apartment building, walking up the block, “So, where’s your car?” You asked.

“I didn’t tell you? I don’t have a car I have a motorcycle.”


Before you started to complain, the two of you finally reached his motorcycle. He hopped on and handed you a helmet, “You alright?” He noticed how hesitant you are, “Don’t worry, it’s not that bad.” He said, reassuringly.

You shook your head and tried to sound as determined as you can be, “I’m not scared.” He grinned as you put on his helmet, good thing the helmet will hide your blushing. You got on, sitting behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist. Jason smirked when he felt you shake slightly in fear.

“Hold on tight, babe!” He revved up the engine and started to speed off. You squealed, holding on to him for dear life. 

The ride was only around 15 minutes but it felt like a life time. When you both arrived, you still didn’t let go of Jason, “Uhh, (Y/N), you can let go of me now, we’re here.”

Jason had to peel your arms off of him and help you walk inside the restaurant. The adrenaline made your legs feel like spaghetti.

Ugh, embarrassing. 

The two of you finally made it inside. Jason already made reservations so he just nodded his head once at the man sitting at the reservations desk.

The two of you sat down at a table under a small chandelier. This is one of those restaurants that costs a fortune. And by fortune, that means a small piece of steak with one slice of lettuce on top would cost $250. You looked at your surroundings. Woman were wearing expensive clothing, the furniture was luxurious, the walls were probably made out of gold, and even the plates and eating utensils were gilded. It doesn’t even feel like a Gotham restaurant.

You leaned in slightly across the table and whispered loud enough for Jason to hear, “Jason, I don’t think I have enough money for this place.” 

He handed you a menu, “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m paying.”

Your jaw dropped, “How do you have enough money for this place?”

He was about to answer when the waiter arrived asking for what type of drinks the both of you want. You ordered your favorite drink and so did Jason.

Jason finally answered your question when the waiter left to get your drinks, “Well, as I was going to say, before we were rudely interrupted, I run my own…business.”

Oh, dear lord, I’m having dinner with a rich man, “Wow! What kind?”

Jason frowned, clenching his jaw, “I guess you could call it a…a trading company.” He seems agitated, not giving you any eye contact. I guess he doesn’t like his job.

He cleared his throat, trying to relax his body, “So um, look about last night, I’m truly sorry about the whole name thing.”

The waiter came back with your drinks. You and Jason ordered your food, but of course you tried to order something cheap so he wouldn’t have to pay a high amount. 

“Yeah about that, what happened? I heard them screaming at you.”

He shrugged, “Remember when I said how I had a friends with benefits thing going on with them?”

You nodded, “Let me guess, you called it off and they got pissed?”

He pointed at you and nodded, “Exactly.”

You were going to ask why when the waiter came back with your food. Jason changed the subject to your job. You told him what you do and how much you loved working. The two of talked about random things like aliens, books, movies. And then at one point, the conversation led to crime.

“What do you think about the Red Hood?” He asked out of no where.

“Hm well, I wouldn’t say he’s a bad guy. Sure, he kills and he runs a drug organization but I don’t know, I kind of like him.” You said, munching on your food.

Your words stopped Jason from eating, “W-why would you say that?”

You picked up your drink and shrugged, “I don’t necessarily agree with his ways but I believe he’s helping this city,” You peered up from your cup as you started to drink and saw Jason looking amazed, almost like he’s staring at you lovingly. Your heart skipped a beat, but you quickly ignored it, “What?”

He let out a shaking breath, “Nothing, it’s nothing.”

The both of you kept talking about other random topics until it was time for the two of you to leave. It started to get very chilly outside so Jason gave you his leather jacket. The ride back home wasn’t as scary as the first, this time it was a lot more fun.

Once the both of you arrived, you both had to walk up the stairs towards your apartments. Apparently the elevators weren’t working. Jason carried you on his back because of the long way up, but you asked him to put you down when you only had to walk up only one flight of stairs.

You were both joking around and laughing, but that all stopped when you saw a (girl/guy) waiting in front of Jason’s door.

You heard Jason swear under his breath, “(Y/N), what the fuck do you want?” He asked aggressively. 

You were confused, but realized right away that he didn’t mean you. Wait a minute is this-

They turned their head towards Jason, but scowled when they saw you, “Jason, who the hell is this?”

Imagine... Protective Stark Tony Stark x Reader

Originally posted by sam-kaulitz

I love writting, and I love writting in english even when I am not a native english speaker, so I thought I would give it a go here. I hope you like it and if you do and have any request you can ask for them. Meanwhile, I will post imagines everynow and them. They will be about all of the Avengers, the Winter Soldier, Game of Thones, Once Upon A Time, One Direction, The Vampire Diaries and… I think that would be all for now haha if i think of anyone else, I will let you know in case you are interested :) xx


You had been working at the Stark Tower for two years now. At the beginning it was a trial period but when it was over, you got a call from Tony Stark’s assistant and girlfriend, Pepper Pots. Apparently, Mr. Stark wanted you back. It was a surprise, a really good one. That happened almost 3 years ago and not much had changed since then. The Stark Tower had turned into the Avengers Tower, they all lived in there, yourself included, since there was plenty space for everyone.

At the beginning you weren’t living there and your job was being Pepper’s assistant. But after a few weeks, something happened between Pepper and Mr Stark and you all saw how she left the tower, taking all her belongings with her. After that, you started your new job as Tony Stark’s personal assistant. It was weird at the beginning since he was a bit hurt and sad without Miss Pots and the only way he had to hide those feelings was being an absolute asshole to everyone. Luckily it was a phase and after some weeks, he asked you to move into the Tower with everyone else.

Living there was always funny. Seeing the Avengers training was captivating and after a few weeks, Clint started your training as well since he saw some potential in you. You used to train everyone with all of them for a while. You loved it with Nat, you hated it with Thor since he wasn’t good at controlling his own strength, and you feared it with Tony. Not because he was too strong or he would hurt you, but because of the feelings you had developed towards your boss.

Plus, now you weren’t just Tony’s assistant, you were also a SHIELD agent, which was helpful since it gave you some time away from Tony so you could clear your head off his arrogance but sweetness and the same time, and you were about to go to your first mission with Natasha and Clint.

“You don’t need her!” Tony told Nat for the eleventh time as we were getting the quinjet ready to go.

“Yes, we do, Tony”, Natasha said. Her voice let everyone know how tired she was of this conversation with Stark.

“I am going, Tony”, you said, “I am sure you can handle your paperwork for a few hours.”

“What if I can’t?” He said as you get into the quinjet with a bag full of weapons.

“Tony, all of you are too known and easy to recognise. We need someone nobody knows. And that’s her. She’s ready for this.” Clint said while he was checking his bow and his arrows.

“She’s not! I have seen her training and she’s not ready.” Tony said.

You frowned as you heard him saying such thing. You got out of the quinjet and stood in front of him with your arm crossed. You thought it was sweet that way he tried to protect you but at the same time you couldn’t understand why he tried so hard. You were just an assistant, he could get another one if something happened to you.

“I kicked your ass just yesterday, Tony.” You said making Nat laugh. She had seen the whole boxing fight, along with Steve.

Tony looked at you and crossed his arms as well, locking his eyes with yours, death serious. He didn’t want you to go. What if something happened to you? He was your boss and if he let you go, the fault would be his.

“Don’t go, please…” He finally said.

You sighed and walked to the chair where you had your bag with some clothes in case you needed them. You took it and walked to the quinjet, before getting in it you turned to look at Tony.

“You have a meeting in an hour. Your suit is ready, hanged into the closet and your shoes are next to your bed, Mr Stark. I will be back in a few hours.” Was the last thing you said before getting into the quinjet.

“I am your fucking boss (Y/N) and I command you to come back here now!”

But the gates were already closing and there was nothing he could do. All he wanted to was putting on his Iron Man suit and following you but he couldn’t do such a thing. Once you were gone and the quinjet was nowhere to be seen he took a deep breath.

“Damn it!”


“They left five hours ago! Where are they?” Tony asked.

He was in the common room of the Tower with Bruce and Steve. They haven’t heard of any of you since you left and it wasn’t a long mission. You should have already come back but where were you?

“Calm down, Tony, they are alright”, Steve said.

“We don’t know that. I’m getting the suit”, he said.

But just when he was about to go down to his lab, the sound of the quinjet filled the room. They all looked at each other and got up, running to the elevator to go to the roof where the three of you would be landing. Once the elevator’s door opened when it got the roof, Tony’s colour left his face as he saw Clint carrying you out of the quinjet.

“No, no, no, no!” Tony started saying as he ran towards Clint.

“Tony, let me through, she’s loosing too much blood.” Clint said running to the elevator.

“What the hell happened out there!?” Tony yelled at Natasha as she was walking slowly. “You were supposed to take care of her, fuck!” He yelled. Natasha sighed and looked at him, worry feeling her eyes.

“She got a shot in her stomach. I didn’t get to her in time to protect her”, Natasha explained.

“I told you. I told you she wasn’t ready”, Tony hissed. He turned around and ran into the Tower again, after Clint, Bruce and you while Steve stayed with Nat.


You opened your eyes feeling them quite heavy, just like you felt your head dizzy. When you looked around you didn’t know where you were at the beginning but you recognised the nursery of the Avengers Tower. Its’s not like you remembered much of what happened, but you knew you had been shot in the stomach, you remembered the pain, the blood and blacking out. At least you were alive.

You sighed and finally your vision got clear enough to see your boss, Tony, slept on the chair next to the bed. You smiled warmly at the image but it also confused you. It’s not like you didn’t have a good relationship with your boss but you couldn’t understand why he was there, looking like he hadn’t showered in days, instead of Steve or Nat.

“Tony?” You said loud enough to wake him up. He looked around and then at you.

“(Y/N)!” He said and hurried towards the bed, taking your face in his hands gently. “Are you ok? How are you feeling? Does it hurt?” He started saying, not even giving you time to answer.

“Tony stop!” You said shutting him up, “I’m fine, just a bit dizzy. How long have I been asleep?” You asked.

“Three days. You lost…so much blood. We had to give you some, which wasn’t easy since you have a very rare blood type”, he explained. You chuckled a bit, knowing how true that was.

“So who saved my life?” You said smiling. He smiled a bit more and looked down, like he was blushing but that wasn’t possible. It was Tony Stark we were talking about. Then it hit you “You?”

“Yeah… It happens we have the same type and stuff…” He shrugged.

“Thank you.” You said taking his hand in yours. He looked at your hands and sighed before looking at you.

“You are not going back to the field. Ever again.” He said which made you frown.

“Like hell. Of course I am!” You replied.

“You almost died out there! I’m not taking any risks. Not with you!” He exclaimed.

“What’s wrong with you!? Do you have any idea about the times I have healed you!? How many times have I told you to rest but you didn’t listen?”

“It’s different! I…” He closed his eyes and shook his head, “you are not going back out again. Period.” Before you had the chance to reply he had already left the room.

What the fuck was wrong with him?


Finally you were able to leave the stupid white bed and you could move back to your room. You hadn’t seen Tony since you woke up and you had that argument but, being honest, you didn’t even feel like seeing him. You missed him. All of him. His jokes, his sarcasm, his ego, but still… you didn’t feel like seeing him.

“How is Mr Stark?” You asked Steve, who was helping you to get to your room.

“He has been locked up in his lab since you woke up,” he informed you.

“What? What is wrong with him?” You asked walking into your room. Steve sat you down on the bed and then he sat next to you, “I just don’t get why he is so stubborn. I liked it out there. Yeah, it didn’t have a nice outcome for me but still… I liked it. What is the problem?” You said looking at the Steve.

“You really don’t see it, do you?” He asked with a small smile as he looked at you. Confused, you shook your head. What was he talking about? “He…” He chuckled and looked down, “I should not be the one saying this, you know?”

“Obviously, he is not going to do it so…tell me”, you asked him. He nodded and sighed before looking at you.

“He loves you, (Y/N).” He said simply. Leaving you shocked at what he said. That wasn’t possible.


After an hour talking to Steve about it, you finally admitted that you loved him, that you had loved him for a very long time. Steve said you really should talk to him but what were you supposed to say?

“Just go!” Steve said. “But slowly, you know…the stomach and all…” he said looking at you worried.

It still took you half an hour but finally you were standing in front of the lab’s door. You could hear him inside, talking to FRIDAY and also working you guessed.

“Hello, Miss (Y/L/N), Mr Stark doesn’t want to be disturbed at the moment”, FRIDAY said. You sighed but knocked on the door anyway.

“Tony! Can we talk?”

Nobody said anything but soon you heard the door being unlocked so you walked in. After looking around, you saw him down on the floor, fixing something from his suit. You had always loved seeing working with his hands, it was hypnotizing. You walked closer to him and stood in front of him silently.

“Can we talk?” You asked. Since he said nothing you bit your lip knowing you would be the one doing all the talking. “I was talking to Steve about…your…protective behaviour towards me. He told me he knew why it was but…” You closed your eyes, trying to put some order into your head which was a complete mess.

“So the Cap is now able to look into my head?” Tony said without looking up.

“He told me you have…feelings for me.” You finally managed to say. This time, Tony stopped working and looked at you seriously. You bit your lip and looked away. You had been so stupid. Of course it wasn’t possible. “And of course I told him that was impossible since I am just your assistant but I had to…ask.”

You felt like you were going to start crying anytime soon so you turned around and started walking to the door. You wished you could run, though, but the wound wouldn’t let you.

“FRIDAY, lock the door”, you heard Tony and then the door being locked. No. “Are you serious?” You heard him. “Just my assistant?” Now you could hear him closer to you. Taking a deep breath, you turned around finding him walking towards you. “Do you really think I would let someone who is just my assistant live here? I would let her become a SHIELD agent or an Avenger? I would help her with her training? Do you think I would spend three days sleeping next to the bed of someone who is just an assistant?”

By the time he finished talking you were already against the wall and he was just in front of you. You didn’t know where this was going, or you did but you were too scared to think about it.

“As much as I hate to say it, Cap is right.” He finally said locking his dark eyes with yours, taking your breath away with every single word he said. “I don’t want you to back out again because I can’t live without you, I can’t lose you, because I love you.”

You were completely speechless which was something rare in you, but you had no idea what to say even when it was obvious. All you had to say was that you loved him too but the words were just stuck.

“And it’s ok if you don’t feel the same, I will be just your boss, but I don’t want you to go around thinking you’re just my assistant because you are much more than that to me”, he added and turned around to go back to his work.

“I don’t want you to be just my boss…” He stopped and turned around again to look at you, a light appearing in his eyes. “I…I love you too, Tony. I have loved you for a very long time…”

He looked too shock to say anything but he moved quickly and pinned you against the wall, kissing you all of sudden, with his tongue all around your mouth and his hand on your hair. You sighed into the kiss and kissed him back. He was the first pulling away and with a sigh he rested his forehead on yours.

“Next time you go on a mission… You are going with me”, he whispered with his eyes closed.

You smiled a little and took his face in yours to kiss him softly once again.

What’s Up, Doc? (Peter Parker One Shot)

Request“So many imagines have Peter taking care of the reader. How about one where he’s injured/sick and the reader takes care of him?” - anon

A/N: Kinda got my inspiration from the Amazing Spider-Man lool I also took inspiration from a quick fire one shot I wrote a few months ago found here. This was intended to be one part only but I got kinda carried away so I need to split it into two. Let me know if you’d like me to post PART TWO by telling me here. Sorry this took so long to put out! Thanks for the request and thank you for your patience!

Summary: Peter Parker is a regular at the Nurse’s Office.

Warnings: Mentions of injury! Also it’s kind of long so… grab a drink, a snack, relax, and enjoy!

Part Two | Part Three

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  • Joey: ...and here's my resume.
  • Disney Exec. 1: Camp Chapel?
  • Joey: I wore a pizza box as pants.
  • Disney Exec. 2: Starship?
  • Joey: It's like the Little Mermaid but in space with bugs.
  • Disney Exec. 1: A Very Potter Musical?
  • Joey: Good ol' copyright infringement!
  • Disney Exec 2: Me And My Dick?
  • Joey: It's exactly what it sounds like.
  • Disney Execs 1 & 2: *shrug* Yeah, ok.

Joannah: Hi there! My name’s Joannah Gallagher, I was told to meet here for a photoshoot around one?

Jacob: Yes, hello, I’ve been expecting you! You’re right on time. I’m Jacob, I’m the one that’ll be taking the pictures this afternoon.

Joannah: It’s really nice to meet you. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Jacob: Oh no, I should be the one thanking you. You’re really saving my ass here. (chuckles) My model got an unexpected case of llama flu.

Joannah: That’s horrible!

Jacob: (shrugs) Yeah but, things happen. What can you really do, ya know?

anonymous asked:

If you could please write some smutty hcs with my fave bean Connor Murphy I'd give you my firstborn - ❤

Of course, my sinner! ~🐳

  • Connor has a vvvvvv lowkey daddy kink (me and 🐙 have agreed to this)
  • It’s a very very very IN-THE-MOMENT type of kink with Con and you won’t get him to admit it outside of sex, like it just won’t happen
  • This all started one day when he got super jealous because your childhood friend (be it boy or girl) was lowkey flirting with you during lunch
  • Like your friend had their hands on your hand, arm and shoulder and Connor SAW THE LOOK they were giving you and it pissed him off—you were his

  • So after school, he speeds to his house and the moment he gets home, he is dragging you to his room
  • When both get into his door, he kicks it closed violently
  • Connor’s hands are ripping off your shirt and fumbling pull off your pants, lips on yours with a fierce dominating passion
  • He gets sick of stumbling towards his bed so he PICKS YOU UP and throws you across his bed
  • Connor’s tearing off his clothes and once all his are off, he’s on you!
  • His hands are pulling off your pants and throwing them somewhere over his shoulder

  • “You belong to me,” he growls into your neck
  • Note, you’re still confused as to why any of this is even happening so you shrug and say, “Yeah? And? You’re telling me this why?”
  • He snarls at you, ripping off your panties, “Because you were fucking letting your best friend flirt AND touch you! And you belong to daddy, understand?”
  • Your eyebrows furrow together and you ask, “Daddy?”
  • Connor smacks your inner thigh and growls, “Yeah! Did I fucking stutter, angel?”

  • OH, OH, OH!
  • This was NEW and you wouldn’t lie to yourself and say you didn’t find this new thing attractive and sexy
  • “O-okay… d-daddy…?” you say, testing out the new word you’ve never used before
  • Connor’s growl was your response, as was him slamming his cock into you without the slightest warning
  • You throw your head back and let out the loudest moan that seemingly spurs Connor on

  • Soon this boy is slamming into you, growling into your ear “You belong to me, baby girl! Don’t you ever fucking forget that again!”
  • Connor is just abusing your clit at this point and he doesn’t give a fuck, he knows you’re enjoying this because of the lewd moans falling from your mouth
  • “D-daddy!!” you mewl, surprised that you find yourself incredibly turned on by the act of calling him this
  • Hearing you mewl this made Connor lose it, he starts going harder and he’s abusing your clit more
  • Soon, your body is shaking and he knows your about to cum so he growls into your ear, “That’s right, baby girl, cum around my cock!”
  • Of course you throw your head back and give into his growling command, because you find his growling so sexy

  • After you cum, he’s still hammering into you, in fact by this point he has found your g-spot and was now abusing that as well as still abusing your clit
  • “N-no! D-daddy! I can’t take it,” you moan, covering your face
  • “Shut the fuck up and take it and my cock, baby girl,” he snarls into your ear.
  • You almost cum again just at the snarl and you moan loudly, “FUCK! C-connor!!”
  • “You gonna cum again?” he smirks into your neck
  • You nod and cum for a second time in about ten minutes
  • Connor doesn’t stop, he’s no where near cumming and he was still ramming into you at an almost inhuman speed

  • Connor ends up making you cum 4 times before he cums
  • You swear jealous, daddy Connor was the hottest thing ever
  • You look at Connor while the cuddly aftercare and say, “So? You have a daddy kink?”
  • His face contorts and he’s like denying it, “NO! MAYBE? SHUT THE FUCK UP, BABE!”

“So, you and Snart are a thing…?” Barry asked quietly before running a hand through his hair; his eyes flicking toward Leonard, who was standing a respectable distance off in order to give you and Barry a minute.

Yeah. It just sort of happened.” You shrugged and bit your lip. “I’m sorry if this is….” You gestured between the three of you. “I’m sorry if this is weird. I was kind of waiting for the right time to tell you.”

“You do realize he’s Captain Cold, right?”

“I know but…” You shook your head. “Barry, he’s not all bad.”

Barry let out a defeated sigh. “Does he treat you okay?”

“Like royalty.” You smiled. “He’s really something.”

“Well, that’s surprising.” Barry laughed. “I didn’t know Leonard actually had a social life. Never really thought of him as relationship material either…”

“I can hear you, Allen.” Leonard started, rolling his head in Barry’s direction. “But thanks for the vote of confidence.”

Barry shrugged and gave an awkward smile. “Sorry.”

“I date.” Leonard snarked. “Sometimes…”

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)

anonymous asked:

May we have another RexObiCody? It's been too long and they're so good for each other. Like the first morning they wake up together?

The Gene-no, not the general, Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan is still asleep between them, cuddled up quietly between their bodies as he seems to make himself as small as possible between their bulks, soft puffs of breath hitting Rex in the chest with his legs tangled into Cody’s.

He looks comfortable.

Looks like he’s been sleeping properly for once.

Between them he has slept properly.

Cody presses a soft kiss to a freckled shoulder. “…Seems smaller in the morning doesn’t he.” He murmured quietly, hand gently petting the redhead’s hip, smiling at the collection of freckles he could feel beneath his callused touch.

“That’s because he’s not General Kenobi right now. He’s Obi-Wan.” Rex mumbled tiredly, eyes still closed with his nose buried in Obi-Wan’s tussled red hair.

‘Vod has a point there.’ Cody mused as he continued to nuzzle gently at the nude body in front of him, still too tired and sated from the night before to even consider moving, especially with Obi-Wan tucked up in front of him.

Obi-Wan never sleeps enough, he doesn’t eat enough and he doesn’t hydrate enough.

He works until he collapses some days and Cody swears he’ll go bald some day from the amount of stress and frustration his General drives him through, its going to kill him one day.

But in this moment…after weeks and weeks of skirting around each others, Cody and Rex finally managed to corner and coax the hesitant Jedi into their beds.

Hesitant and unsure, worried about taking advantage even when Cody and Rex had been the ones to pursue him. And Koth the conversations about regs…

But slowly, carefully and oh so gently they had coaxed Obi-Wan into careful kisses.

And here they were now.

Sharing a bed on a backward moon, bright and early in the morning before anyone but the first guards and patrols are awake.

They should leave but neither Rex nor Cody want to.

They don’t like leaving sleeping bed partners and they certainly will not leave Obi-Wan’s bed empty when he’s finally wakes and stars knew when that was considering he was actually getting some decent sleep for once.

So they stay, Cody gently caressing Obi-Wan’s hips with his fingers as he traces the freckles of the shoulder with his eyes and Rex with his eyes shut, fully awake and nuzzling into the red hair to get the scent of their Jedi with his arms around the Force user.

“Hey Master Obi-W-” The tent flap was pulled aside and Rex sat up as Obi-Wan mumbled, Ahsoka freezing in the flap opening as she looked over them with wide eyes.

And then they curved with happiness even as Cody covered his burning face, rubbing his scar lightly before quickly shifting his touch back to soothing the almost waking Jedi in the bed.

“Commander…” Rex trailed off, licking his lips nervously.

Pulling her fingers over her lips in a zipper motion, Ahsoka winked. “No ones gonna learn from me.” She whispered and backed out, letting the flap fall down.

“…I’ll give it half an hour and then Fives knows.” Cody sighed.

“Fifteen minutes.” Rex grunted but laid back down, joining Cody in soothing the squirming man between them. “And then everyone else.”

“…Yeah.” Cody hummed then shrugged. “Bound to happen…but lets not tell Obi-Wan.”

“Hey, if Skywalker is oblivious to us knowing about his relationship, then Obi-Wan can be oblivious to the vods knowing about ours.” Rex chuckled quietly and pressed a soft kiss to Obi-Wan’s temple.

A Fire To Keep You Warm

Summary: Werewolves don’t get sick, or at least, say they don’t, if they’re stubborn. Hanzo won’t humor him.
Tags/warnings: Monster AU, Werewolf!McCree, demon!Hanzo, sickfic, mild body horror, lots of fluff

McCree was usually pretty easy going. He prided himself on his ability to roll with the punches, to adapt to any situation, to think fast on the fly. It kept him alive.

But there was one thing that really, really got on his every last nerve.


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24 - Kai Parker pt3

[Hey! I need 24 part 3 pleeeeease, it’s so addictive]


“Don’t you look cute.” Kai smiles, squeezing my cheeks.

I scowl, a blank expression on my face. “I hate you.”

He sighs. “Why? Y/N this is so you.”

“Kai, I look like an emo barbie.” I say. “Why did I let you dye my hair?”

“Because I’d kill you if you disagreed.” He shrugs and I stick out my tongue. “Anyway, we need to go.”

“You never dyed your hair.”

Kai shrugs. “I’m aware.”

“My hair was better brown.” I say, pulling a strand of my now dirty blonde hair. Kai dyed it because he kidnapping me with him as he leaves Mystic Falls.

“I know but you’re still cute, Y/N.” He says, patting my head. I glare and grab a pair of scissors, going to stab him when he catches my wrist. Kai laughs. “Y/N, that’s just rude.”

“Kai let me go.” I snap. “I’m done with this.”

His smile goes. “Y/N, I’m quite offended I’ve showed you nothing but kindness-”

“Kindness?” I laugh, moving back. “You’re threatened my life at least every half an hour.”


“I’m leaving now.”

“No you’re not-”

Interrupting Kai, I knee him where no man likes being kneed and jam the scissors in his neck. “Yes I am.” I reply, throwing the scissors aside.

“Y/N.” Kai splutters, blood in his mouth. I smile.

“Bye.” I kiss his cheek before leaving.


“Here you are.” The waitress says, setting a plate of waffles in front of me. “Enjoy.”

“Thank you.” I reply, before she walks off. I smell the food and hum in delight.

“Well that smells delicious.” I tense and Kai laughs, sitting down next to me. “Y/N, what a surprise?”

I roll my eyes. “Leave me alone Kai.”

“Never.” He says. “Especially since I’m mad at you for killing me.”

“Such a shame you didn’t stay dead.” I spat. “Look Kai, I don’t get what you want from me.”

“Y/N, I love to annoy you.”

I sigh, eating my waffles. “Can’t you let me go, my friends must be worried.”

“No need to fear, I called them through your phone explaining.”

“Doesn’t it seem weird you calling from my phone.”

“Not when you use a spell to change you voice.” Kai smiles, pinching my cheek as I chew. “Cutie.”

I move back and frown. “Why?”

“Because we’re leaving Y/N, I was thinking of Hawaii but you can choose since I’m feeling generous.”

I raise my eyebrows. “I want to go home to my bed.”

“I knew you wanted to get me in your bed, Y/N.”

I roll my eyes at his comment. “No, Kai. Just take me home, please. I won’t tell the others about you.”

“Why?” He whines, pouting. “I haven’t even gotten to kill you yet.”

“Please.” I pout. “Pretty please Kai.”

He stares at me, studying my expression. “Fine.” He signs and I smile. “But only if I can stay with you.”

I let out a deep breath. “No, you’ll have to ask Damon.”

Kai rolls his eyes. “Unfair.”


“How does it feel being back Y/N?” Damon asks me, I shrug.

“The same, I just miss my bed.” I say, laying down on it with a smile.

He scoffs. “Thanks.” He replies before leaving my room. I laugh and hear my window open.

Lifting my head up, I raise a brow. “What do you want?”

“I want to speak Y/N.” Kai says with a smile as he joins me on my bed. “I hoped to catch you in less clothing.”

I slap his arm and he laughs. “Disgusting.” I say. “And what do you want to talk about Kai?”

“Not much, I got bored.” He replies, looking at me. “And I have a weird feeling in my stomach.”

“Like what?”

“It’s making me feel sick but I’m a vampire now so I don’t get sick.” Kai says. “And it gets worse when you’re around.”

I raise a brow. “Well that’s strange. Do you feel sick now?”

“Yeah. Y/N, what is happening?” He wonders, truly looking confused.

I shrug, laughing. “You’re feeling.”

“Y/N, this is serious.”

I smile. “Well, maybe it is feelings.” I sit up and straddle Kai. “How about now? Do you feel sick?”

“A little.”

“Oh my god, Kai Parker, the big bad vampire witch has butterflies from me.” I coo, patting his cheek. He rolls his eyes and scowls.

I laugh. “Funny but very untrue.” Using his speed and strength, Kai flips us so I’m laying under him. I bite my lip and he chuckles. “Little Y/N getting shy.”

“Shut up.” I say, shoving his arm. “You’re so annoying Kai.”

“Well you did try to kill me, me annoying you is the nicest things in the world.”

I roll my eyes. “You did kidnap me.”

“I cooked and fed for you.”

“The spaghetti was horrible.” I lie.

Kai gasps. “Take that back.”


“Y/N, take that back.”

I shake my head and he frowns. “Well the I’ll keep doing this.”

“What?” I squeal as Kai tickles my sides. I laugh and shift while Kai laughs. “Kai stop.”

“Then take it back.”


“Take it back.”


This argument continues for ages until I give in. “Ok, ok.” I say and Kai stops, grinning. “Your spaghetti was good.”

“How good?”

“Amazingly delicious.” I exaggerate. Kai nods. “Kai-”

He interrupts me with his lips covering mine. My eyes widen for a second but slowly close them as I kiss back.

“Y/N, what the hell is with-why is there the weasel here?” I jump and our kiss ends because of Damon’s voice. “Care to explain?”

“I…”. I trail off.

“Damon go away.” Kai says, using his magic to the lock the door. Damon whacks the door and Kai laughs, I laugh too.

“Go away Damon.” I call.

“Y/N, stay awake from the weasel.” Damon yells.

“Yes sir.” I reply, kissing Kai again. He kisses me back and Damon continues to whack the door.

“Kai get off her! You weasel! Why are you two kissing?”

I laugh against Kai’s lips and he grins. “Someone’s a little protective.”

I hum. “I know and I called you annoying.”

“I heard that!”

Kai and I laugh and he kisses me once more.


[End of imagine, hope you enjoy it and no more parts will be added]

(Natasha x reader) Secrets

Request:  “Can I please have a Natasha Romanoff one shot? Something fun, fluffy, humorous with a little bit of badassery and kindness/whole lotta love from the reader that impresses and totally makes Nat swoon/fall in love with them even more? Would love to include a display of affection in front of the team that is initiated by Nat to not only show the reader that she is now ready for the team to know but also a kind of ‘announcement’ of the relationship too? If that makes any sense! Love your work! Xx”  @labyrinth-of-thoughts

A/N: Okay so this can be a part two to another one shot I did which can be read here but it can also be its own thing. I also tried to add all the elements you listed but I kinda got on a roll and I didn’t want to add too much so it wouldn’t feel forced, so I hope you like it!

Words: 2,010

Warnings: minor swearing

“Y/N! Wake up!” Natasha’s silent but tense voice woke you up from a peaceful sleep. You were hugging the soft pillow on your bed and you were still groggy and tired, trying to register what was going on.

“Y/N, it’s eleven thirty!” she exclaimed again, shaking you gently and you rolled over to look at her. You blushed a little when you noticed that she was getting dressed, putting on a pair of jeans and wearing a cute lacy black bra.

“Nat…what’s wrong?” you muttered, rubbing your eyes and sitting up a little.

“Y/N! We slept in! They’re going to know something’s wrong!” she said as she put her shirt on and walked over to the bed. You suddenly panicked and sat up quickly, looking around at the scene before you. The two of you were in your room, which was messy as always. Nat was running around, rummaging through the clothes on the floor. The bed sheets were ruffled and you looked at the clock, still rubbing your eyes. You suddenly snapped awake when you realised what time it was.

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saint-patties-girls19  asked:

Number 18 for the soulmate AUs please :)

[the one where whenever you get a song stuck in your head, it’s because your soulmate is singing it.]

Of all the insubordinate habits Eleven displayed, by far the most difficult to break was the humming. Like most children, she would improvise and hum little tunes under her breath. That alone would be grounds for discouragement as it was a distraction from her tasks. However, when she started humming songs it would be impossible for her to know, popular songs on the radio and traditional children’s songs, the first assumption was that supervisors were careless and exposing her to them, but increased surveillance proved it false. Perhaps it was a demonstration of a new ability to pick up radio waves. Such a capability could prove useful, yet investigations of local radio stations were inconclusive; the songs she hummed were never being played at the same time. Since they could not control the habit, it had to be terminated.
However, despite their most concentrated efforts, Eleven continued to hum.
They tried rebukes and scolding.
They tried withholding privileges, such as recreational time or mealtimes.
They even tried locking her in the detention room.
Questions could be ignored and silenced. Disobedience could be punished.
But humming?
Naturally, after so many punishments, it was quieter, but not nonexistent. Eleven would only hum when she was completely alone, in her sleeping area or even the detention room.
The punishments continued, for surveillance never left her truly alone. But her humming continued until the day she disappeared.

Mike had always been a singer. He never sang in public, was never in the choir or Glee club at school, and rarely even sang in church. But in moments when he thought he was by himself, he would sing quietly under his breath, usually songs from the radio or, when he was younger, nursery rhymes. But there were other times when Karen would happen to walk in on him singing a new song, one without words. When she’d ask him what it was, he would shrug and say it just came to him. For a while, she’d hoped that meant he was a musician, but piano lessons crashed and burned, guitar lessons lasted barely a month, and the only writing he seemed interested in was writing campaigns, not compositions.
But his singing continued. She’d catch him in little moments, doing his homework, cleaning his room, all the while a song under his breath. She supposed it comforted him. He often came home from school discouraged, but always explained it as just being tired, although she noticed any exhaustion disappeared when the boys arrived for another campaign. She didn’t ask. He needed his space and if music gave him some comfort, she wasn’t going to discourage it.

For a long time, it hadn’t seemed like things would ever go back to normal. Everyone knew it was impossible after everything that had happened over the past two years, but there was still that lingering hope and yearning for calm and comfort. And it came. Eventually. There were days of tears and pain that would never completely leave, but there were also days of peace, where the pain wasn’t quite so sharp. It was on those days that Joyce would notice a faint melody coming from El’s room at the end of the hallway and she’d turn the television or radio down a few notches just to take that breath of relief because today was a good day. It was on these days that Karen would smile quietly to herself as Mike swung downstairs into the basement, another song on his lips, the days of dark circles and sleepless red eyes over.
It was on one of these days that Mike woke up with a song stuck in his head. It happened to everybody from time to time. His grandma used to joke that it meant his soulmate was actually singing it, that they were connected by the beauty of music blah blah blah. He thought it was corny, since most of the time it was just a song from the radio or a crummy commercial jingle. But some days, like today, it was a song he’d never heard before but couldn’t seem to shake. He didn’t know if it was his soulmate (and he couldn’t help how his mind went directly to El on that point) or if he was secretly a musician, like his mom had thought for the first ten years of his life. Either way, it stayed with him all morning, through lunch, and was still repeating in his head when the bell rang for the end of the school day. He raced Lucas home and then kept on riding all the way out to the Byers’, since it was his day to see El. When he got there, Jonathan answered the door.
“Hey Jonathan. Hey Mrs. By-”
“Shh!” she pushed herself up out of her chair just enough to poke her head over the top and wave her hand to quiet them, simultaneously pointing down the hall toward El’s room. Mike strained to hear and when he could finally make it out, he could swear his heart stopped.
She was singing the song.
There weren’t any words, but she was humming it all the same. He felt the familiar warmth of a blush creeping up his neck and ducked his head, faking a cough to hide it.
“Can I go-?” he mouthed, pointing down the hall toward El’s room and after she nodded, he stepped quietly down the hall and poked his head in the doorway. El was sitting cross-legged on her bed, a textbook on one knee and a notebook on the other in which she was calmly penciling in an answer. He was now even more sure that the song she was humming was the one that had been stuck in his head all day and suddenly he wondered if all those other unexplained ones had stuck with him for the same reason. He gently cleared his throat and El looked up.
“Mike!” she said with a smile.
“What were you singing?”
For a millisecond, her smile faltered, a tiny fracture, and she looked down and shrugged.
“It was nice,” he offered, hoping she knew that the lopsided smile on his face was proof that he meant it. She looked back up and the fracture was gone.
He stood awkwardly in the doorway for a moment before he remembered she had no idea what he was thinking and was probably wondering why he was just standing there staring at her. He sat on the foot of her bed and chuckled.
“Okay, so this is going to sound really weird, but that song you were just humming? It’s been stuck in my head all day.”
Mike nodded. “Yeah. It happens a lot,” he shrugged, smiling at her thoughtful expression.
“Me too,” she smiled.
“You too?”
El nodded, a sparkle in her warm brown eyes. “You were singing that song yesterday. It was…” she paused, trying out the expression. “Stuck in my head, too.”
His stomach flipped and he had a crazy thought about telling her what his grandma said. No, he thought, it’s too corny. But the words were already out of his mouth:
“My grandma used to say that’s what happens when people are soulmates.”
He watched El raise her eyebrows and inwardly groaned. The words had come bubbling out, like when someone shook a bottle of soda and took off the lid before the carbonation had settled so that a stream of foam and soda spurted out of the bottle, covering the counter and floor in a wet sticky mess.
“Soulmates?” El repeated.
“Yeah, I know, it- it’s corny,” he said, sighing and running a hand over the back of his neck.
El shook her head, smiling in that heartmeltingly gentle way of hers. “It’s not corny.”
Mike looked down, struggling to keep the smile off his face. “Okay.”
“I like being your soulmate.”
He looked back up and didn’t even try to stop smiling, especially since seeing El’s smile and not smiling was pretty much impossible.
“Me too.”