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could you possibly do a short piece based on the quote in your baby story "she’d comforted him almost absentmindedly, remembering another time her mother had screamed like that because someone had stabbed Father and he’d nearly bled out all over their dinner table." I am a huge fan of angst and would love to see a story where Daenerys is very protective of Jon. I also wanted to thank you so much for all you do. I know you must be busy with life, so thank you so much for all the work you do :) <3

Yeah I’ll definitely write that! Although I’m thinking that particular assassination attempt might be something that I save for a longer oneshot (when I finally get around to finishing all of the prompts lol), I’ll definitely write a (shorter) oneshot about protective Dany. I would love to write that story :) Deal? 

And thank you so much for that. Not surprisingly, this blog is my life at the moment but soon school will be starting and I’ll have to get back to ‘real’ life. But I really appreciate it because it does get a bit overwhelming at times. 

If people want my stories, I’m more than happy to write them :) 

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nurseydex accidently meeting in a coffeeshop a few years after they break up

’“Holy shit!”

Derek ducks down behind the partition of the coffee bar.

“Shit? Shit! Wait – why shit?” Ginny ducks down behind the partition with him, peeking carefully around from their spot on the floor to scan the seating area.

“Who we hiding from, D?”

And thank Bittle for having Ginny with him. She’s the only person he knows besides maybe Chris who would actually hide out with him.

“My ex.”

“Ooh, yeah. Which one?”

And bless sweet Gin’s heart. They’d met in grad school post-Epic-Heartbreak. She can’t know that there’s only ever been one ex to break Derek’s chill.

“The one from Samwell.”

“Oh well, yeah, that I figured. No way you’d go ducking around corners for August or Victor. I meant, which one is he?”

And, huh, maybe she did know.

“Is it the buff blonde? Nah - he’s too buff. And blonde. What about tall, dark and hipster with the skateboard? Mmm - nah, that’d be too much hipster in one relationship.”

“I’m not a hipster.”

“You keep telling yourself that, bud. But maybe it’s….ooooooh. Please, please, please tell me it’s the redhead giving mad arm porn right now!”


“Daaaaamn, Derek.”

And yeah, while Will’s always been beautiful, his post-grad glow-up was undeniable.

He’d grown his hair out up top and actually styled it into something soft and modern. He’d clearly still been working out if the arm porn was any indication. And sweet Bittle he’d apparently been spending real time out in the southern California sun because his freckles were popping.

“You let him go? Shit. Alright. So, what’s the game plan here? We gonna try sneaking past? Or - I could cause a commotion and you can run out. Or –”

“You could actually pick up your ‘venti iced skinny hazelnut macchiato, sugar-free syrup, extra shot, light ice, no whip’ monstrosity and just come say hi.”

Will’s gorgeously freckled face peaks over the partition where he’s waving Derek’s order.

“Hi, Dexy.”

“I knew no one else actually ordered this thing.”

“Oh wow. He knows you, man.”

Did Derek say he loved Ginny?

“Dex, Ginny. Ginny, Dex.”

Derek watches as Will’s old guard goes up as he takes Ginny in. He gets it, she’s gorgeous: dark skin and darker hair, open smile, miles of leg visible even while they’re both crouched on the ground.

“Hi Dex, wow! This is incredibly awkward.” Ginny whirls as she gets up, trips a bit, as she tries to keep Dex in her line of sight. “So nice to meet you, though! Heard tons about you. Great things! Wonderful. I’m just gonna wait outside. Ok, bye!”

“She’s cute.”

And Derek can’t tell what that tone is trying to communicate, but he breathes deeply as he pushes himself to his feet. It may have been a few years, but he hasn’t completely forgotten how to do this.

“She is, and also in a pretty committed relationship with her library and law school, right now.”


“Will, we’re just friends.”

Who knew watching him blush would still send butterflies dancing in Derek’s gut.

“That’s not actually my business anymore. You’re not my – Gah. Do-over.”

Do-overs had become an essential part of their relationship: a way to keep conversations from devolving into a circle of blunders.

“What brings you out to Cali, Derek?”

“Uh, just one last hurrah! I, uh, I’ve got some pretty big deadlines coming up this fall, and yeah, just wanted a chance to get away before things get intense.”

“Intense? You’re writing!”

“Yeah. Found a publisher and everything.”

“Of course you would.”

“Alright, Mr. Tech-Wunderkind.”

“I’m just a programmer, Derek.”

“For Google.”

“Yeah, well.” And he does that Country-Boy hand to his neck thing as the sun flashes through the window behind him, and Derek’s heart does something complicated in his chest.

“Well it was good seeing you, Dex. I should, uh, catch up with Ginny, though, so uh, yeah. Thanks for grabbing my drink.”

With one last wave, Derek turns and exits the shop without doing anything embarassing like knocking over someone’s drink or stumbling over someone’s backpack.

Ginny bounces on the balls of her feet when he comes out.

“Wow, so he was definitely hot. Was that ok? Was he cool?”

“He is. It was. He was.”

“Cool, cool, cool.”

“Very chill.”


“Derek!” He turns and finds Will barrelling out the door behind  them.


“Stop calling me that.”

“What difference does it make what I –”

“I just – What’re the chances we just run into each other again. I don’t know. I just wanted to hear –”


Will looks like Derek feels. A little bit punch-drunk, a little bit hopeful.

“Come to dinner with me.”

“Oooh! Go to dinner with him!”


“It just seems like a good idea!” Her whisper-shout is equal parts adorable and unchill.


“Yeah, ok.”


“I’m just gonna go drop her off. Somewhere. Anywhere.”

“Alright, I’ll text you the location.”

Sitting across from Will again is just as intense as Derek remembers it.

Will’s intentional, direct, interested, challenging in a way that leaves Nursey both breathless and keyed up.

It’s like being at Samwell again and not at all. None of the impatience, much more understanding, and so much hope.

“What’re we doing, Will?”

Brown eyes twinkle at him mischievously. “Eating dinner, Derek.”


Will’s chuckle is warm and low and utterly devoid of anything defensive. Derek loves it.

“What do you want us to be doing?”

“It didn’t work out last time.”

“Yeah, but we were scared. And idiots.”

“We kinda were.”

“Me especially.”

“Will, no.”

“Derek, yes. I couldn’t see how you could possibly want me, especially when I wasn’t even there to remind you that I’m your favorite idiot to argue with. It drove me crazy to think about you with someon–”

The benefit of eating at the bar is not having a pesky table to stop you from cutting off dumb, beautiful, redheads ridiculousness with a long overdue kiss.

“I just wanted you.”

“I just want you, if that’s still an option.”

Definitely, still an option.”

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Hi! could you do friends to lovers for jaehyun too? I really like your aus <333 thank youuu :D

a lot of people asked for him ^^ (im also working on his college au~)
find others: ten | sicheng | mark

  • you actually don’t know jaehyun at first,,,,,but he knows you
  • because you work part-time at this restaurant that he and mark always go to and for some reason,,,,even though they’ve been there like 1354484 times you,,,,,never remember his name
  • you remember mark tho,,,,really well????? and every time he comes in you’re like “canada!! whats up?” and jaehyun is like ???? canada??? they have a nickname for you
  • and mark is like yeah, i have a nickname for them too they’re really cool
  • and jaehyun is like ?!??! because,,,,,,,he wants a nickname too what,,,,i mean no he just wonders how mark got to know you so well
  • and mark explains that its just because he comes here with other members too so you see him more and he’s like “jaehyun,,,i can introduce you if you want?”
  • and jaehyun is like,,,,,,,s-sure,,,,not that i wanT To bE TheIR FrIEND or anything,,,
  • and mark is just like mhmm anyway the next time we go ill do it~
  • mark keeps his promise,,,, the next time they stop by the place for some food you’re like grinning when you see mark,,,high fiving him and giving jaehyun a polite nod
  • and marks like “btw this is jaehyun,,,he comes here a lot but you always mix him up with doyoung and taeyong and taeil so remember him ok??” 
  • and you’re like laughing into your hand and you’re like im sorry jaehyun,,,,i have terrible memory i only remember people by their nicknames
  • and jaehyun quietly mumbles that it’s ok,, and mark is just like “hey! you can call him jeffery. that was his name when he was in america” and you’re like cool!!! jeffery and canada then
  • and jaehyun is like !!! they gave me a nickname
  • mark: actually i-
  • jaehyun: sh
  • but,,,from that day on you keep saying jaehyun’s nickname and he even works up the courage to come without mark and you’re like !!!!! hey jeffrey 
  • and he’s like,,,,,,,oh my god they remember me now
  • you guys get closer too because sometimes he’ll come in and you’ll take a little break to sit and talk and jaehyun tells you embarrassing stories about mark that you later tease him for just a bit,,, or you guys talk about the fact that you both like movies and sports and whatnot
  • jaehyun always asks if you’ll give him the recipe to the restaurants spicy pork and you’re like the owner would kill me so,,,,,no
  • and its nice,,,,,because jaehyun finally feels like he’s your friend the way mark was and mark assumes jaehyun wants to be more than just ur friend
  • but jaehyun is like !!! what???? haha no ive never had a crush in my life
  • and mark is like ok,,,,dude,,,,sure
  • until one day jaehyun comes to eat with mark and you don’t greet them with the usual smile and joke,,,to be honest the look on your face is pure exhaustion and before mark can ask jaehyun takes a hold of your wrist as you set down the water for them and asks,,,concern laced in his voice,,,,about whats going on
  • and you look at him,,, try to muster a smile and say that it’s nothing. work and school have just got too much too handle and you’re only running on 2 hours of sleep
  • when you disappear into the kitchen mark looks at jaehyun and is like “,,,,,hey are you listening?” but jaehyun’s eyes are glued to the kitchen door,,,,,,,waiting for you
  • and mark just chuckles to himself and when you come back out he tells you that he can’t order - he needs to get back home really quickly but that jaehyun will stay
  • confused, both you and jaehyun look at him but mark winks at jaehyun before slinging his bag over his shoulder and waving goodbye
  • and you rub your eyes,,,still tired before asking what jaehyun wants and he orders the usual but he’s also like “do you think you can sit down for a bit,,,you look like you might pass out”
  • and you’re like im fine jeffery,,,it’s all good and you even try to laugh but jaehyun can hear the strain in your voice
  • and when you get his order,,, he notices you almost trip and instinctively gets out of his seat and when you’re about to set down the plate,,,you wobble a bit and it almost slips off the tray but jaehyun catches it
  • and you apologize and jaehyun,,,,cant take it 
  • he calls out to the owner that you’re going to go with him outside
  • the owner makes a face but jaehyun says its urgent - he’ll come back and pay for the food and everything so the owner waves their hands and says that it needs to be quick
  • with jaehyuns arm around your waist he helps you outside and tells you to sit down outside the restaurant while he runs to the grocery nearby to get you some drinks and snacks and you whisper that he shouldn’t have done that,,,
  • tell your boss you needed a break you were fine and for the first time you see jaehyun frown,,,like really frown and he opens the drink for you and is like “here. eat this too, and stop talking nonsense. no one is fine on 2 hours of sleep.”
  • you try to protest but jaehyun is like “drink. eat. dont argue.” and you do it,,,,sighing and getting up because you need to get back to work
  • but jaehyun stops you and he’s like “if you need help, you can lean on me. really.”
  • and you’re like “jef- jaehyun?”
  • and he shyly looks away but after chewing his lip he looks back at you,,,,,and your heart does a little spin because ??? was he always this handsome/??
  • and he goes “mark was right, you know i never just wanted to be a friend to you. i want to be,,,,,,something more,,,,,,,so if that’s ok -”
  • swallowing he pulls you into his arms and against your hair whispers “if that’s ok,,,let me take care of you ok?”
  • the moment is,,,,heart touching and you feel your face flush red,,,but being in his arms is so comfortable
  • it feels,,,,right
  • and you hear your boss open the door and yell for you to come back but jaehyun is like “owner!!! id like to order 7 more sets of the lunch special!!”
  • that gets the owner smiling and they’re like ooo coming right up,,,,7???? that’s like more than a hundred dollars-
  • and you pull away and you’re like ??? jaehyun 7 sets??? can you eat that much
  • and he’s like “i can eat a lot more than you expect, also ill share with the other guys, but um -”
  • he looks around and then suddenly pecks your lips and he’s like 
  • “sorry,,,i wanted to do that before your boss makes you go back in”
  • giggling,,,you touch your lips and you’re like it’s ok ,,,,,,,,, jaehyun
  • and he’s like no more jeffery? and you’re im not gonna call my boyfriend a nickname,,,ill call him jaehyun or,,,,,,do you like my baby more??
  • jaehyun blushing: i,,,um,,,oh,,,, 

Prompt: (Prinxiety) Can you do something with like Prince going and doing his thang you know fighting and stuff and he said hed come back in like 2 days but he downst come back until like a week later am it’s just a bunch of fluff and yeah please? Thank you :) ~Anon

Notes: Yep. Yep I can. 

Pairing: Prinxiety

Warnings: Pure romantic sappy fluff with a side dose of angst

“Virgil? Sweetie?” 

Virgil lifted his head and blinked up at Patton. The other side was peering down at him, concern and sympathy on his kind face, and Virgil realized he’d drifted off again. He cringed, sitting up in the chair and stretching. His spine popped loudly in protest, and he winced. “Time s’it?” 

Patton sighed. “It’s after midnight. Sweetheart, I’m sorry, but I…I don’t think it’s going to be tonight.” 

Virgil slumped, looking back out of the window beside which he’d stationed his chair. The world beyond was dark, the only sound the wind whispering through the dry leaves, and Patton was right. It was late, and the night was chilly, and…and if Roman was on his way back, he had probably stopped for the evening to take shelter, like any good adventurer would know to do. Traveling at night was dangerous, after all. 

Virgil swallowed, and huddled deeper into his hoodie. “He said a couple days, Patton. A couple of days, max.” 

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Gil Dating Ben’s Sibling Would Include:
  • Going to save your brother after he gets captured
  • getting yourself captured
  • Ben telling you he doesn’t think the trio are that bad
  • “They kidnapped you” “yeah but…”
  • Gil flirting with you (Trying way to hard to act Confident, cause that’s how his dad was such a heartthrob)
  • You telling him to fuck off
  • Ben joking about how beast technically kidnapped Belle
  • Harry giving advice to Gil on how to actually talk to you (“Dude your dad didn’t get Belle by being cocky. I don’t care that it works for me, that’s different. Listen”)
  • Refusing to admit you think he’s cute
  • But like he’s so sweet, an angel
  • He brings you a flower and your heart melts at how nervous he is once he’s not faking narcissism
  • You know Evie said there weren’t many flowers on the Isle and what little there were, were old and wilted
  • The flower’s not perfect but its prettier than what Evie described and you know he had to have worked really hard to get it
  • That’s when you learn awkward flirting must be a genetic trait
  • “Thanks, I mean we never really keep single roses around at home because of the curse that witch put on my dad-”
  • “Oh my god I’m so sorry I didn’t think-”
  • “Oh no it’s fine really. Its beautiful thank you. I love it.” You d smiled at him reassuringly
  • Ben tried to tease you, but you shut him down by reminding him that he ate a love potion cookie for almost the exact same reason
  • By the time you escape the isle you’re completely smitten and absolutely devastated that you can’t take him with you
  • “You know since were bringing more Isle kids over to Auradon…”
  • “Ben, dad will never let you do that.”
  • “Yeah, but I’m king now”
  • “I love you, you’re the best brother ever”

  • The next group  is Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dizzy
  • You and Gil are so happy to see each other again and everyone around you is making gagging noises at how you’re both like love sick puppies
  • You try to keep the relationship on the dl because of your parents
  • Well your dad really, you told your mother within a week of you officially dating
  • She loves Gil, the second she met him she basically adopted him
  • She also agreed to not tell your Dad as long as you promised to do it yourself
  • You were terrified and tried to put it off for as long as possible
  • You didn’t last long until you realized that it was hurting Gil to not be able to be open about your relationship
  • You know what the worst time to tell your parents your dating a villains kid is? Parents Day. You know when you decided to tell your parents? Parents Day.
  • You’re a bit more subtle than Ben
  • And to his credit Beast takes the news much better than you thought he would
  • But he’s still not thrilled you’re dating the son of the man who tried to kill him (and belles dad)
  • Beast is completely stunned when he actually meets Gil
  • Like the boy is so much like his father and yet so different
  • like he’s buff and he knows it but some princess try’s to flirt with him and he doesn’t even realize it
  • he’s fairly confident in your relationship but he doesn’t think you should be grateful he likes you
  • He loves cooking and will make things for you on a special occasion or if you’re having a bad day or just cause
  • the thing that made Beast accept him completely was when someone posted a video of you reading to Gil on some Auradon social media site and he saw how Gil looked at you
  • Also did I mention Ben gives Gil unsolicited relationship advice
  • He jokes about how he puts as much effort into the relationship as you and Gil do
  • The same could be said about Harry
  • He’s basically like a second boyfriend
  • That takes a bit of getting used to
  • At first you’re a bit envious of Gils loyalty to Uma, but when you get to know her you understand completely
  • “Yeah, I’d probably follow her to certain doom if she asked me to.”
  • You get so close to Uma and Harry people cant really tell who’s dating who (Polyamory Probably)
  • Him thinking he’s not good enough for you
  • “Umm why would you not think your good enough??????Im gonna go back to the isle and kick Gastons ass”
  • Alternating who is the big/little spoon
  • being in his arms is comfy but the boy is soft and should be held like the angel he is

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Everyone's family comes to visit for parents' weekend. Including Dex's and Nursey's. But Dex's is late and so after their game a little boy comes running up to Dex, but instead of yelling Billy like the team expects, he yells daddy. Let the team see soft Dex interacting with his son. Let Dex see how amazing Nursey is with kids. Let Nursey lose his chill over adorable baby Dex. Let Bitty bake with this baby! And let Dex see how truly supportive and amazing Nursey is. & backstory for baby plz

i love love love love love this prompt.  Its mostly a bullet point fic, but its pretty long…

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy! :-) xxxx


* Dex leaves the Haus early every night.  Usually a few hours earlier than anyone else.  On roadies he heads up to his room at 7 o’clock sometimes, or goes for a walk.

- The team don’t want to pry, but were confused, concerned, and a little nosy.  They have found out he’s on the phone to someone he’s close to, because they’ve overheard him saying “love you lots” a few times.

- So they figure he’s probably talking to a girlfriend.

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Okokok picture the scene:

Morty coming out to his family as trans, he’s super nervous, shaking, terrified that Rick is going to start teasing him about it and not taking him seriously

He gathers everyone in the living room. He stammers out the words, almost near tears. Everyone is silent for a few moments, and then Rick stands up. He takes a few steps forward and Morty flinches, preparing for a cruel joke.

But Rick lifts up his shirt, showing two surgery scars, faded but still visible. He drops the shirt and takes a swig from his flask. “Thought you were special, huh kid?” He slurs, “Beth, take him shopping soon, okay? Boy can’t go out in public looking like that.”

And then he leaves. Morty almost cries again, happy tears. Summer asks if she can give him a haircut because she could totally give him, like, a new look. He says no.

Later on, Rick asks what he’d like to be called. “It was a brave thing you did there, Morty.” He says, “I wouldn’t have had the balls to just say it like that.”
“Aw, thanks, Rick,”
“Yeah, shut up. Come on, I know a reality where they sell binders real cheap.”

Ravi composed a song 'So Romantic' for Ken

might as well write him a confession letter that is titled “I Love You”

big credit to: c i n d y ☆ 항상레오편 ✧‏ @taekwoonies - more stuff <spoilers if you may> to know about the ongoing concert

Stiles ‘Scared’ Stilinksi

Originally posted by trickthekick

Prompt List Request-
Stiles x Reader
Request #s:
1. “How long have you been standing there?”
43. “Are you scared, yet?”
46. “Stop talking.”

Stiles clutched his bat, bringing it up to his shoulder in striking position. Walking slowly through the locker room he made his way to the showers, one of which was still on. Stiles held his breath as the steam curled out from under the curtain and around his feet, the only sound coming from the pelting of water on the tile floor and his racing heartbeat.

Throwing the curtain back Stiles lunged forward, bat swinging wildly at the being hiding inside- and he instantly crashed into the shower, hitting the wall and getting soaked. 
“God d-” Stiles turned off the water and exited the empty shower. “DAMN!” He jumped, seeing you leaned up against the lockers smirking at the state of him.
“How long have you been standing there?”
“Long enough to see you successfully attack the shower.”
Stiles glared and lowered his bat. “Yeah, thanks for the help. You could’ve said something.”
Suddenly a sound caught your ears. You couldn’t tell how far off it was, but you knew it was’t Scott. 
“Really, I know you’re new to the pack but we work together-human and werewolf.” Stiles said continuing to give you a piece of his mind. But you weren’t listening. All you could hear were the heavy footsteps. The Hunt. They were coming, and they were getting closer. “I’m just as brave as you and I don’t need claws to make me that way-”
“Stiles, Shut up.”
“What Y/N, too close to home-”
“Stop talking!” In a flash you grabbed him, hand clasped firm over his mouth, and pulled him into the equipment closet.

His brown eyes were inches from yours, his eyebrows moving to show his confusion and alarm. You flashed your yellow eyes at him to show you were serious. When he got the message you slowly removed your hand feeling his breath against your cheek as you stayed still, scared to turn around and alert the Hunt to your hiding place. Outside the door you could hear the rustling of leaves and click of spurs hitting the ground. It wasn’t until the shadow of two boots appeared under the door that Stiles wrapped his free arm around your waist. You could smell the worry on him, but you also knew the arm was protective. Reeking of determination Stiles was intending to turn you around and switch positions with you if the Hunt busted in. You tried to catch his eye to silently tell him off but he just kept staring at the door.
Then the shadows moved on. 

You waited several moments listening to the retreating footsteps before looking up at Stiles, and whispering “Ok they’re gone. We can make a run for it.”
Stiles looked down at you and nodded, still holding you and his bat tightly.
“Ok,” he said with a shaky voice.
You cocked your head at the boy who had just moments before given you a speech on bravery. “Are you scared, yet?”
Stiles swallowed hard and looked at you defiantly. “No.”
“Then why are you still holding me?”

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From the OTP list, #5. Tucking their lover’s hair behind their ear, with Bruce? Thanks!

5. Tucking their lover’s hair behind their ear

“Okay okay, let’s just sit you right here-”

“-I’m fine, Bruce!”

“I know you are but I want you to be extra fine.” He helped me inside of Wayne Manor and sat me on the giant staircase to remove my heels. We’d just left a particularly boring dinner that I found myself having to champagne my way through, so we left before I passed out under the dinner table. “You certainly kept yourself occupied tonight…”

“This… is very shiny wood,” I said in awe as I stroked the banister of the stairs.

Bruce huffed a chuckle and smiled slightly. “Yes it is. Alfred does a good job keeping things in shape around here, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes he does. You should say thank you,” I spoke as I rose to begin walking up the stairs, admiring the wood on my way upward.

“I thank him,” he stated, following me carefully, probably making sure I don’t trip and tumble down the stairs.


“No one thanks me for doing my job everyday.”

“Yeah, ‘cuz you’re the boss. You d-don’t get to be thanked for… for running things.”

“Oh, so you’re saying I should say a personal thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people employed by Wayne Enterprises, too?”

“Why not?” I asked before whipping around.

His hands shot out quickly before him as if to catch me. “Careful! Y/N…”

“Relax! I’ll have you know I am a pro at walking backwards.”

“Backwards up spiraling stairs in a floor-length gown?”

“Es-Especially in those conditions.” He continued watching me like a hawk as I made my way up the staircase, of course tripping and stumbling to the point where Bruce’s arm never left my waist. When we went to his bedroom I immediately reached for the back zipper of the gown. After watching me struggle and spin in circles like a dog chasing its tail Bruce helped me out of the dress. Like a gentlemen he turned his back to me as I slipped out and went to his massive walk in closet to retrieve a t-shirt. He kept his eyes on the floor as he returned to my side, handing me the grey cotton shirt.

“Ya know somethin’, Bruce?”

“What’s that?”

“A-As many times as you gave me a shirt, I can’t think of one s-single time I’ve seen you in one.” I chuckled to myself, hiccups interrupting me here and there.

“They just look better on you.” He gathered the gown from the floor and draped it over the ottoman at the foot of the bed. He pulled back the fluffy grey down comforter before ordering me to get in. “How are you feeling?”

I shrugged. “Right as rain,” I sang, holding up the okay gesture with my hand as I climbed the mountain of pillows to get comfortable. “… Can I have one of these pillows?”

He smiled to himself, pulling the blanket up to cover me. “You want to take one of my pillows home? Are you going to remember when you wake up?”

“Such a wiseass. If I remember, which I will, can I take it?”

“If you remember I’ll let you take two.”

“Wait, you aren’t getting in?”

“I’ve got some things to tie up in the study-”

“-Nooooo, c’mon! Y-You’re gonna make me stay in here by myself?”

He grabbed the remote to his TV from his nightstand and turned it on before tossing me the remote. “I won’t take long.”

I rolled my eyes and pouted. “Fine.” He turned to walk away but I grabbed the sleeve of his tux, redirecting his attention back to me. “Did I… I didn’t embarrass you tonight or anything, did I?”

He paused with the briefest glimpse of confusion on his face before he leaned forward with half a grin on his face and kissed my forehead, looking at my lips before tucking loose strands of hair behind my ear. “No, Y/N, you did not embarrass me.” His thumb gently stroked the bottom of my lip before he retrieved his hand and stood straight.

“Are you just being nice?”

“When have I ever been nice? I don’t even thank my employees every day.” He grinned again before turning to exit the room. “Get some rest, Y/N.”

“I’ll be up when you come back.” Which we both knew would be nowhere near the case. The moment he dimmed his light and left, closing the door behind him, my lids were too heavy to even flip through channels and I was KO’d.

~Yes Daddy~: Roman-X-Female Reader

HI~! welcome to my first story! this is going to be smut in here so there’s the first warring and there is some hard cursing as well. 

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(l/o/h) length of hair. (c/o/h) color of hair, (y/f/c) your favorite color, (y/n) your name, (y/f/m) your favorite music.

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What was it like to kiss Dylan O'Brien?“

H: […] He has great breath, he’s a very good kisser.

D: Holland has a very nice lips to kiss.

H: They, you know, are so in love with this young man - Dylan O’brien and I kind of get it now. Dylan is Dylan O’brien, I don’t know, he’s a very cute guy.

“Dylan, did you enjoy seeing Holland walking around naked?”

D: Yeah! That was great.

“What was it like watching her in that make out scene?”   D: With jackson?

“Yeah, did it turn you on?   D: As Dylan it turned me on.

D: I’m so excited to be with holland roden.

H: Dylan is a good guy to work with and he’s a good friend of mine off screen.

D: I love her.

H: My scenes with dylan are my favourite, we just have this chemistry and we don’t know why.

@hollandroden: Congrats Dyl @dylanobrien on a heart racing trailer for Maze Runner:)

@dylanobrien: thanks holl!!!!!

@hollandroden: i love doing scenes w/ @dylanobrien i miss him!! Stiles and Lydia 4eva

H: Have fun tonight. I love you, babe.

D: Thanks, Holl. I love you, too.

17th january

REQUESTS AND STORIES: Puffs and bets (Simon D x Black Reader)

none of these pictures and gifs are mine! Credits to the owners (everything found on google; if I took your picture without credits by mistake, or you didn’t want it edited, let me know so I can fix it). Please don’t remove the captions.


Tags: request / reader’s pov (black woman) x idol / relationship and motherhood / mixed raced daughter / fluff / funny / slightest smut innuendo (it’s very subtle) / 
Featuring: Jung Kiseok (Simon D, AOMG).
Writer: CL
Word count: 1,2k words
Requested by: @novocainelaced “Hi! 😊 I really love your writing and I saw that request are open, so I was wondering if you could do some fluff/comedy with Simon D trying to do his daughters super curly mixed hair while the reader is busy or something and she comes backs to see her child’s hair?“
Comments: I tried to make it as funny as I could, I don’t know if it’s any good, please excuse me if it wasn’t (it’s my first funny story!). I’d like some feedback on this, if you can, I’m not very sure about the story. / PS: I am in love with the little girl from the moodboard, what a cutie!

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think this fandom ( PxS ) is going to survive after what D&D are going to do to it? The leaks about this season, and especially the last one about how episode 7 is going to play out, make me fearful. And the books are taking too long. D&D are hacks, GRRM should have never trusted them with something so precious as his life work. They are fanservicing all the casual fans who don't care about complex characters and relationships but only want the boring and conventional hollywood stuff.

Ultimately, fans shouldn’t be judged on whether they stay or leave this fandom for their own reasons. I honestly don’t care if only a handful of us are left. People ship a lot of non-canon stuff in many fandoms. Does that mean I’m not upset with what the show has done? Oh noooo…. I’m very disappointed. I can see this is going to be a long rant…

You’re absolutely right about the pathetic fan servicing rather than exploring interesting and complex characters. Littlefinger has been made to act so wimpy, it’s astounding to me. He’s so OOC. And I don’t like what’s happened to Sansa either. If she’s supposed to have ‘bested the master’ she’s learned nothing from LF. Hell, I don’t like Jon but I was siding with him over her. I even sided with Jon when he met Dany. Drop your long-ass titles and “I will rule” bs attitude and move on, girl.

I’m all for Girl Power and feminism but it seems to be at the expense of Sansa’s own character. D&D have Mary Sue’d her this season, trying too hard to make her a badass. I thought she was a smart badass last season. She tried to warn Jon about Ramsay. She knew LF would still be there for her and he was and used it to save her ass. AND she rightfully called his dumbass out for Ramsay (never forgive D&D for that dumb as fuck plot). I applauded her for executing Ramsay in the best way (that little smile at the end).  I loved her last season.

But now she suddenly knows everything and lectures Jon, undermines him in public like an idiot, and goes full bitch mode on the one guy that she knows will do anything for her and has money (probably the richest man in Westeros by now AND would have sway with the Iron Bank – if she was smart enough to ask him) and power for her to use? Um, okay.

I like Sansa but when did she learn about armory more than a seasoned soldier like Royce or blacksmiths? She suddenly knows about supplies, etc. Knows more about Cersei than the guy that was in KL while she was dreaming of being a princess? I had to roll my eyes at that last episode. Sansa is acting like a know-it-all teen and refusing advice from those that DO know more than her. If we’re supposed to believe she’s a master manipulator now, and bested LF….sorry, I don’t.

LF fucked up. I will always hate that D&D threw Sansa in with Ramsay for that sick ass plotline. Book!LF would never have done that. LF and Varys’ characters have been sacrificed for years and dumbed down. The two smartest characters in the show. At least Dany called him out and then accepted his loyalty (on conditions of death of course). Sansa called LF out in S6 and then needed his help which he provided, proving his loyalty to HER not Jon. I wish he would have said that in the crypt scene with Jon. “You should thank you sister then, if not me. I wouldn’t have come to help you”

He fucked up and they both know it. I refuse to believe he knew about Ramsay. Come for me. Don’t care. Told her he loves her and wants him and her ruling the country. What she SHOULD do is use him with this knowledge. LF is still the smartest guy in the damn room. Shutting him out, telling him she knows more than him is so stupid. Yeah, she’s mad at him but USE that and manipulate him instead. That’s why she’s not smarter or besting him. If D&D hadn’t dumbed down his character, there’s no way anyone would believe Sansa had learned shit from him to best him. LF would not have called Jon out in front of the northern lords like she did. She is acting just like her father and brother. You know, the crap she lectured Jon on ? She needs to take a heaping spoonful of that advice herself.

Plus, LF is STILL Lord Protector and control of Sweetrobin and the Vale. She will need his army, grain and supplies. If LF was acting like LF, he would try and convince Royce this is a fools errand and return to the Vale. Have the Vale protect themselves like they’ve always done. Royce would probably agree! At this point, I wish LF would just walk away or burn it down **mic drop** That would be IN CHARACTER for him.

It’s one thing for him to be defeated by something (white walkers) that he has no control over and manipulation will not aid him. Having Petyr bring down the Wall and give everyone the middle finger would be fucking EPIC. “Bye bitches… taking the next ship to Braavos. Have fun!”

I mean I root for Sansa considering all she’s been put through but she’s acting stupidly in my opinion which is a disservice to her character. Don’t Mary Sue her to make it fit because of shitty writing over 7 seasons. They should have stuck to the Vale storyline (in the books) where she LEARNS how to manipulate and use politics FROM BAELISH.

I just hate that they’ve dumbed down Baelish to fit a stupid and hasty narrative and WORSE to give fan service to build up other characters that are at most, dull and predictable. You don’t create a character that is 10 steps ahead of everyone, knows everyones secrets, that doesn’t get to his position without knowing the game inside and out, manipulation, intelligence and out-witting everyone while still staying in the shadows AND bringing down an empire (the show made him obvious as a neon sign)…then at the end make him a complete idiot and throw his game away. Yea, Sansa is his weakness but somehow I still can’t believe he’d sacrifice everything for her.

Jamie, Tyrion and Varys have fallen under the same problem. To build up Dany, Sansa, Jon….(Cersei is a different story  but it still makes Jamie look stupid with zero character development…) they were sacrificed as interesting and compelling characters to make the ‘heros’ look better. Olenna was my fav female character because of her badassery! Even in death she looked Jamie in the eye and told him she murdered his son! LOLLLLLL…on the same note, I find it odd that she didn’t use her threat against LF that if she goes down she’ll take him down with her. No mention of LF involved in the plot. Maybe at the end, she hopes he’ll fuck everyone over for spite is okay with that! QUEEN OLENNA! I’ll miss her. Now, I pretty much root for Cersei to fuck everything up because she can. Clearly, Dany’s advantage is lost by the looks of the teaser for the next episode. Hehehee…maybe Cersei isn’t as reckless as everyone thought?

I’m not saying LF wasn’t meant to die, or deserves to. I would have been really surprised to see him make it to the end. It would have been a great twist to have him as some really fucked up dark horse but I digress. I hate perfect little happy endings with the obvious hero winning the day.

Sadly, I do see fans leaving the fandom after this season if the leaks are true. It wouldn’t shock me. I love this ship and I’m not going anywhere. Some may not want to wait for the books, but I love the PxS storyline in the books over the show.

The shows gives us Aidan Gillen who is perfect as LF and I feel so bad for him. He clearly knows his character inside and out and to have to deal with his character being destroyed after S4 is sad. All that wit, snark, smarts, devious, manipulating, mystery and such is sorely missing with him. He started the war and so much is because of him in the storylines. To see his character reduced to some pathetic lovesick boy is ….ugh. Just kill him already than keep him as a useless, shell of his own character. Book!LF would have called her out on her know-it-all bs. “Gurl, you really want to play this chess match with me? Good luck!” or go “Okay… you seem to have everything under control I’ll head home” start walking away and throw a zinger or some hint that he knows something no one else does *cough Jon’s parentage cough* *mic drop* *oh you know everything do you? Clearly you don’t… bye bye*

Like I said, I think some fans will leave. It happens in every fandom. Their ship doesn’t happen so they jump and move on to something else. That’s ok. I still love this ship and I’m sticking with it. I hope others do too. This ship has so many awesome possibilities even if it doesn’t happen in canon. We love characters/ships for a reason. I still ship non-canon stuff all the time. If fans leave, it’s no big deal. I hold no ill will towards them.

I still love these characters/ship regardless of how the show has ruined it. PxS gave me some amazing fanfiction and I never started writing fiction until this ship. I love all the people I’ve met because of this ship and/or LF/Aidan. That is more important to me than it becoming canon (I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t scream like a madwoman if it DID happen). Fans need to do what works for them. No judging.

anonymous asked:

i'm so in love with your space shuuneki au... could i request shuu and kaneki maybe just staring at the stars together? i feel like kaneki might like shuu best when they both just sit and look quietly outside together, enjoying each other's company... maybe he even manages to catch a glimpse of earth? do you think he'd miss home, or want to stay on the ship where he can get away from his problems and explore space with shuu? or maybe both?

ohh thank u! :’D yeah that’s probably be good esp when they’re first getting 2 know each other. I think it’d be a little bit of both, where he misses home but he’d also feel myb some relief. plus it’d probably be a sense of wonder to see all sorts of new things/feeling small. and then some sadness, wondering if anyone rly waiting/misses him (hide does)

he’d def miss/worry abt hide :P since they’d still be friends. and i feel like he’d be worrying abt his apt and all his books at home lol.

I feel lke he’d also say to himself like “welp, …on an up side…being stuck w a beautiful alien isn’t really the worst thing in the world to happen ;;; …even if he’s a bit strange sometimes” lmaoooo

anyways, here’s a lil dodle! (so many stars!!)

Victuuri Week Day 1 - Firsts & Surprises

when he began to dance with me - a Viktuuri fanmix that’s like a soundtrack for the memorable night, their first dance, where Yuuri Katsuki surprises Viktor with his relentless desires, treating him like he’s not the legendary skater atop the lonely pedestal

Listen at 8tracks | playmoss

01. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough Michael Jackson // 02. HandClap Fitz & The Tantrums / 03. Shut Up and Dance Walk the Moon // 04. Only Girl (in the World) Rihanna // 05. Sway Pussycat Dolls // 06. El Tango de Roxanne Moulin Rouge OST // 07. Don’t Stop the Music Jamie Cullum //
08. Take A Chance On Me
ABBA // 09. Marry You Bruno Mars //
(Bonus) I Could Have Danced All Night
My Fair Lady OST

Annotations under cut

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tied & true (pt. 3 & 4)

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood
a/n: and that’s the conclusion of the soulmate au! thank you for sticking with this all the way through <3 (part 1) (part 2)

The parchment in front of him is taunting - Marcus’ quill is poised, but he doesn’t know what to say. His mother’s heard, apparently, from the Warringtons, who work with Mrs. Greengrass, who had overheard Mrs. Wood talking to her sister about her son’s soulmate and it’d all been very hush-hush except all hints lead to Marcus.

What does he say?

Yeah Mum, I’ve already fucked everything up enough that you and Father don’t have to worry about it.

Sorry, I don’t think I can be you and ignore the thread, but that’s not my choice anymore.

Yeah, I really want Oliver Wood, but that’s dead, so maybe you can offer your sympathies by letting me play Quidditch?

Instead, he writes the formal style of apology that will hopefully make his father hate him a little less, and asks for advice. Marcus pretends the situation is untouched, even though it’s pretty much been obliterated under his feet.

Potter had fallen off his broom, and Marcus feels guilty - almost, because how the fuck was he supposed to know the dementors would invade the pitch? It doesn’t do anything to make seeing Wood, all pale and sullen the week after the match, any easier. He’d been a reason for that.

He thinks, even if he and Wood were a thing, that he’d probably always be a reason for that.

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Love Affair Part 5

Beginning: Love Affair Part 1

Warning: Cussing

Love Affair Part 5

Chapter 8

God, it was felt so good waking up in Negan’s arms this morning. I didn’t know I could be happy again, but thanks to Negan, I had it again. Happiness that I thought was long gone. He always made me happy, without even trying. 

Hell I was so happy this morning I didn’t care about the text messages that Ana sent me last night. I guess later on that night, Danny went to the strip club to talk to Ruby. He was trying to get a little sex in the champagne room from her. A course that didn’t work out for him at all. Speaking of Ruby, I got to thank her, she slap the shit out of Danny.

Afterwards he got thrown out and he headed to another strip club, which was own by one of Ana’s friends. Danny was in there drinking and throwing his money at any of the dancers that would pay attention to him. He was there till they close up. It didn’t surprise me at all, had a finally that’s what he was going to do.

Once me and Negan finish our breakfast he took off to work. I stayed at his place for awhile to clean up and make room for my stuff. Once I was done I got a taxi and head back to the house. I had to get my clothes for the weekend and my work clothes, since I had to work a mid shift today. 

When we pulled up to the house, I saw Danny’s truck was in the drive way. Which was weird, since he worked Monday through Friday. Soon as I got out of the taxi, the front door of the house swung open. Danny was standing there, waiting for me. 

I paid the taxi driver and send him on the way. I was going to have him wait, but no doubt it was going to take longer now since Danny was home. I walked up to the house and Danny just kept staring at me.

“Can I come in?” I said, when he didn’t move.

“Yeah.” Danny said, nodding his head and stepping aside. “Come in babe.”

“Thanks.” I said, stepping inside. I headed upstairs and to the bedroom. I could hear Danny right behind me. “Do you need something Danny?”

“I’ve been worried about you since you weren’t home when I got back.” Danny said as I started getting my stuff together. “Where have you been?”

“You could have called if you were that worried” I said and he didn’t say anything. “I was at a friends house. I’ll be heading back over there and spending the weekend, when I get off of work.”

“Your… working again?” Danny said, as I started putting my clothes in the duffel bag. “When did you start working again?”

“About a year ago.” I said, looking over at him. “It’s just mid shifts right now, til I can adjust. They don’t want me to overwhelmed myself with… you know.”

“Yeah.” Danny said, clearing his throat. “Yeah, that’s good though. That your working again.”

“Yeah. Speaking of which..” I said, grabbing my work clothes and heading into bathroom. “ I got to get ready for work.”

“Want me to join you?” Danny said,smiling at me as he leaning on the bathroom door frame. “We haven’t done it in a shower for a couple of months.”

“Won’t you call Ruby and see if she’ll join you.” I said and his smile fade. “That’s right, she bitch slap you last night when you showed up and try to have sex with her. How’s your face by the way?” His just stared at me, not knowing what to say. “Next time when you go to a strip club, make sure my friend doesn’t own it. Then make sure when you go to another strip club, it’s not own by someone that’s friends with my friend. Now, I need to take a shower. So can you move please. Move.” He moved back. “There you go. Thank you.”

I close the door and started the shower. I could hear him yelling fuck as he storm downstairs. I couldn’t help but laugh about it as I started texting Negan, to let him know what happened. In a few seconds I got his reply back.

“LMFAO. You too fucken much doll. Now get your fine ass in the fucken shower before your late for work. Also, send me a fucken pic of you in the shower. Please and thank you ;).

I sent him a picture of me in the shower, with a towel wrapped around me.

“You fucken tease. Wait till I fucken get home tonight. I’ll make love to you in the fucken shower and have your legs shaking for days.”

“Promise? ;)”

“Fuck yeah. :D. Talk to you later doll. XOXOXO”

Chapter 9

“Hey babe.” Danny said right as I was about to head out. I turned around to see him standing in the kitchen. “Come here please, we need to talk.”

“Danny, can we do this another time?” I said, putting my duffel bag down and walking into the kitchen. “I need to get a taxi so I’m not late for work.”

“Don’t worry I’ll take you to work.” Danny said, as he lean against the kitchen counter. “Sit down babe.” I let out a sigh as I sat down at the kitchen table. “I’m sorry about last night. I’m sorry about the strip clubs. I’m sorry that I’m out drinking. I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you and forgetting plans we have. I’m sorry for being shitty ass husband. I’m sorry that I’ve been… I’ve been…”

“Cheating on me.” I said and slowing nodded his head. “I figure that out back at the restaurant, when that girl walked up to us. Plus the waiters.” He rise an eyebrow. “I over heard them talking when I was coming back from the bathroom. They call you numbers by the way. Because how many girls you bring in there.” He let out a sigh as he looked down and shook his head. “But you know what?” He looked over at me. “You know what’s sad about all this?”

“What?” Danny said, in a low voice.

“What’s sad is, I don’t care anymore.” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “In the beginning, when you first started changing. When you decided to take off and not come home. When you decided to come home drunk or forgot plans with me. I was sad, hell I cried myself to sleep every single night because of you.”

I could see pain in Danny’s eyes and his face when I told him this. He couldn’t even look at me, so he turned away from me as the guilt set in.

“Then I got to the point that I expected it out of you.” I said and he looked back at me. “I would get dress, sit on the couch and wait for you. I would keep looking at the clock, once I saw the time, I did what I normally do. I would go upstairs, get dress for bed, go to sleep. Then..” I let out a sigh. “You’ll come home, say you were sorry and you’ll make it up to me. But like always, you never did. But, like a dumbass I believed you and forgive you, every time.” 

“Babe I…fuck.” Danny said, pushing himself off the counter as he stared to pace. “I know I fucked up, but..”

“Danny, I don’t care.” I said he stopped and looked at me. “That’s what’s really sad about all this. I don’t care anymore. Can you image how much a person goes through to feel that way? How much they have to endure before they just stop caring?” I got up as he just looked at me. “You telling me that you cheated on me, didn’t hurt me Danny. Because I don’t care anymore. I could have came home and saw you fucking some girl, and I won’t have care. How sad is that?”

“Fuck.” Danny said as his breathing got heavier. “Fuck babe. I just..” He started rubbing the back of his head. He always did that when he started to get upset and frustrated. “Look babe, I know I fucked up. I know I’m a fuck up. Things haven’t been the same since all that shit happened.” He went over to me and took my hands in his. “But please, just give me another chance. I swear I’ll change babe, I swear. Just don’t leave me okay? I need you. I need you.”

“I needed you two years ago.” I said, taking my hands from his. “I needed you and what did you do Danny?” He walked over to the kitchen sink and hanged his head down. “What did you do?” He lifted his head up and looked out the window, still not saying anything. “You abounded me when I needed you the most. I suffer alone when I never should have. You abounded me, Danny. Now, now your standing here, telling me you need me. But the truth is Danny.” He turned to me. “You don’t need me. Because you never need me Danny. Never.”

“We should get going.” Danny said, grabbing his key. “I don’t want you late for work.” We head to the door and I went to grab my duffel bag, but he picked it up. “I’ll carry it for you.”

We got into his truck and he drove me to work. The whole ride we just stayed quite, not even trying to talk. There was no point in talking about it now. He knows he mess up and he knows now I’m not going to forgive him. But knowing Danny, he’ll let his stubbornness and pride get in the way. He’ll end up putting up a fight to keep me with him. Sure enough, what he said next confirm it.

“I’ll give you space you need” Danny said as he parked the truck and turn to look at me. “For now.” He reach in the back seat and grabbed my duffel bag for me. “We still need to talk about this and try to work it out.” He handed me the back. “I love you (y/n) and I’m sorry for everything.”

I just looked at him. He doesn’t know what love is, not like Negan does. 

“Doll there’s something I need you to fucken know. But before I tell you what it fucken is, I wanted to fucken say, you don’t need to say it back. Not til your fucken ready, hell, it’s fine if you don’t ever say it. But  I just fucken want you to know it. And what I want you to fucken know is, I love you.”

“Goodbye Danny.” I said, getting out of the truck and closing the door behind me. 

“(y/n)” Danny said, rolling down the window. “I love you and I’ll fight for you. I’ll fight to make this work.”

“You can try.” I said, turning around and walking away.“Bye Danny.”

Danny peeled out of the driveway and spend down the road. My morning buzz just got killed right now. Then I heard a text message alert go off on my phone. I expected to be Danny, still trying to get a word in. But it wasn’t, it was Negan.

“So my fucken dumbass baby fucken brother did this a few minutes ago. We’re okay, but he fucken won’t be when I beat his fucken ass. Bad news is, the parts won’t fucken come in till Thursday. Good news, that means I don’t just get the fucken weekend with you, but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So I’ll be pick you up from fucken work when you get off. And we get hop in the fucken shower and work on getting those legs fucken shaking. LOL. See you after fucken work doll. XOXOXO” 

“What do you know?” I said, smiling. “My buzz is back.”

Love Affair Part 6 

Gif pros to my girl Bri for making some of the gifs in this part for me, others I made. Last pic found on google, isn’t that crazy? lol. Thank you guys for the likes and comments. Thrilled you guys are loving this story,that was once a one shot request and is now a series lol. Anyone need to be tag in this? Just message me or comment below. Much love to you guys. :D

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7 minutes in heaven with Ha Sungwoon

Requested by anon  ♡ I write it in bullet points because I find it easier for me. |NO SMUT|

  • “Which dress should I wear?” you asked to your bestfriend
  • “What do you think Sungwoon would like?” she laughed
  • “Shut up! I already told you that Sungwoon is just my friend” you playfully hit her
  • “But he invited you for prom! He may have feelings for you” she winked at you
  • you just rolled your eyes and wear the purple dress
  • after 45 minutes you and your bestfriend got out the house
  • Sungwoon was standing in front of your house with a bouquet of flowers and a flower bracelet
  • you waved at him with a bright smile
  • he put the bracelet on your wrist
  • “You’re so pretty” he smiled timidly
  • you saw your dumbass bestfriend giving you 23 winks
  • so when you arrived at your school
  • there was already a lot of people partying
  • “(y/n) let’s go there” Sunwoon said as he pointed two empty chairs
  • during 2 hours you laughed a lot, talked with people
  • that was very fun
  • “I’ll have to go now” Sungwoon stood up
  • “Wai-wait are you coming back home already” you grabbed his arm
  • “ahah no I don’t” he chuckled “don’t you know that I have to sing?”
  • “uhm?” you looked at him, raising an eyebrow
  • “yeah, since I’m in the art club. My teacher asked me to do a little presentation and I chose to sing” he smiled
  • “Oh really? I didn’t know about that… And I haven’t heard you sing yet”
  • “See you!” he left the room
  • “And now Art club’s student Ha Sungwoon” everyone applaused
  • As soon as you heard the song your heart stopped
  • It was Dean - D (Half Moon) aka your favorite song of all time
  • he then started to sing
  • you were totally captivated by his honey vocals
  • you couldn’t take your eyes off him
  • “Thank you for this presentation!” the teacher said
  • this moment past like a shooting star
  • you went “backstage” to see Sungwoon
  • “Wow Sungwoon you did really well~~” you smiled at him
  • “Oh you liked it?” he smiled shyly at you, schratching the back of his neck
  • “Should we walk around a bit? There are a lot of stands here” you asked
  • “I saw games over there! Let’s play some!” he took your arm, smiling like a kid
  • you walked around a bit
  • he bought you a cookie tho
  • then you finally arrived at the ‘games stand’
  • “(y/n) let’s play 7 minutes in heaven!” Sungwoon proposed
  • “what is this?” you asked
  • “uhm it’s a game where 2 people goes into a closet and they kiss or JUST NOTHING LIKE TALK” he corrected himself after seeing your weird expression
  • “uhm ok let’s play” you winked
  • “really?” he asked with a baby-like smile
  • “Excuse me, can we participate? Where is the bottle?” Sungwoon asked to the stand’s owner
  • “There is no bottle here. You just go in with the person you want to go with” she said
  • you and Sungwoon looked at each other
  • he was feeling a bit uneasy to ask you to go in a closet with him wtf(?)
  • “uhm okay let’s go” you smiled at Sungwoon’s surprised face
  • you entered in the closet first
  • then Sungwoon
  • “Ahhh what is this really” he entered the closet saying this like it’s a punishment (I can hear Sungwoon saying this in Korean in my head lmao)
  • “7 minutes in heaven start!” the door is now locked
  • Sungwoon cleared his throat
  • “So…what can we talk about” he asked seriously
  • “How can we talk in a place like this” you two started to laugh out loud
  • this was followed by a 2 minutes long awkward silence
  • “hey (y/n) what’s your favorite fruit?” Sungwoon asked you out of nowhere
  • “me? I like pineapples”
  • “oh really because if you were one, you’d be a fine-apple”
  • “what is this” you chuckled, blushing a little
  • “yeah thank you” Sungwoon chuckled and applauded at his cheesy pick-up line
  • “hey Sungwoon”
  • “yeah?”
  • “You must be a banana because I find you a peeling” you chuckled
  • Sungwwon laughed
  • “You got something here” you pointed at Sungwoon’s lips
  • “oh really” he become uneasy
  • “Let me remove it for you~~”
  • you then softly pressed your lips on his
  • you pulled away from Sungwoon’s blank, surprised and blushy face
  • “I like you” you whispers
  • Sungwoon hid his wide opened mouth with his right hand
  • “please say it again! that was so cute” he whispers, being excited like a kid who got a lollipop
  • you laughed
  • “I love you too” he whispered
  • “Time’s up” Someone opened the door
  • you both got out the closet and went outside to watch the stars
  • you sat on a bench while holding hands
  • “(y/n) did I really get something on my lips or did you just flirt with me?” he winked
  • “I’m not flirting! you really got something on your lips!” you pouted
  • “then what?”
  • “my lipstick.”

this ending is the best ending I’ve ever thought in my life lmao

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