yeah sorry its not that great

this is pretty late but I got help from kalyssa for ideas and this awesome fucking banner they made it themselves!! please give them lots of love I can’t tag them and idk why but I can link you this is their blog their blog is just filled with gay shit and nsfw they dont tag so beware if that makes you uncomfy 

when they showed me this banner I fucking laughed so fucking hard compliment them please!! they did so well on this and just overall amazing of a person I’d appreciate it myself if you could do that for me <3 

anyways time for the post!!
this is gonna be a mutual blog rate but p much me talking about how nice your blog is rather than giving out numbers for the special 100 even if im far beyond that and still behind aaaaa 

this isn’t going to be in any particular order just going from recent to oldest and this is gonna be long sooo yeah…. also follower like all of my mutuals if you aren’t already they’re all perfect  


we only talked about you making up an excuse to go piss instead of kissing your crush like in my au post which is still the best story but i still love your blog when i went to go check it out your fucking mobile bg is funny af and just good klance shit 


we haven’t talked but i like the gravity falls url and mac and cheese icon you make me hungry lots of voltron here and also kevin 


youre a reaaallly fucking funny person seriously and great artist as well im??? seriously if you get a chance to talk to this amazing person in skype and see their art there will be no ragrets 


title of blog fcienvkne cause s am e poor lance is i dont even know on your mobile bg but such awesome material there seriously good funny shit along with voltron 


randomness with voltron but still love your blog!!! 


i krenvinewi ewv am the worst i fucking forgot to send you a message but seriously i know i said this before but your description is fucking A+ shit made me laugh please youre really great 


i got distracted on your blog oh my fucking goodness i was gonna say though that you have great klance shit that i haven’t seen before on there and i really love that 


i love the voltron posts that you reblog and that url… it makes me laugh


you post a lot of klance.  that’s why I love your blog <3


we talked a bit and seriously youre super kind and then i checked out your blog and loved it 


ok but your dave strider icon is the best i can never stray too far from homestuck ughh i love it sm but you give great and hilarious posts all the time


i still remember you being just a cutie when you reblogged my selfie and i still remember you thanking me for making your dash a better place and vekrnvend <3333 it still gets to me i love your blog you have good taste lol


your url makes me laugh as well it confuses me but i love it but i know when i go here there’s not a lot of repeats of posts that i see on others with i appreciate 


i just saw the post you reblogged of keith as a cheerleader and lance as a jock and shiro in a snapback and i almost fainted you seriously have a wonderful blog and content


i always enjoy the klance posts you reblog im like getting distracted rn by liking the posts to reblog later 


you are a cutie!!!! you always give my blog attention and comment and really helpful and i always enjoy seeing you in my notifications and on my dash seriously love your blog!!


shouto is my boy so your icon is amazing and your blog is put together really well you also helped me out with the about me situation it helped me to go off of your page for the basic info so thank you for that!!


i really love your posts and what you contribute to my dash and your tags can be entertaining :)


i really actually like seeing you as well in my notifications being validated is my shit and just awesome posts over there


your ffu cking icon!!! whenever i see it i always laugh like sugawara is such a beautiful boy but omg the fucking memes you include always make me wanna scream


i love the icon of the gay boy in sunglasses i respect and care about your blog its so funny and nice really


you also keep me up to date with goood posts i enjoy it sm also your url is perfect 


we’ve talked before as well youre super sweet!!! i love talking to you and going on your blog


url yes blog and content y E S i really love and can get distracted there easily 


icon of hunk is just fuck… also the cat post of shiro is also kinda my shit so thank you so fucking much your blog is great i love reading the tags 


don’t let anyone tell you you dont have a great blog because you seriously do!!! i enjoy the shit posts and everything 


read your tags of the lance in a dress post and just.. dont worry i wont kink shame you cause i got a thing for guys in dresses and thigh high s and im gonna top before i continue ok i think im worse so dont worry but really your blog is a treasure keep up with the good tags


your url is amazing omfg and i always get excited seeing that you’re also a gender fluid pansexual 


your description is amazing keep that im also seeing kaichou wa maid-sama and dont make me see those posts im gonna swoon over usui takumi i still remember his gotdam fucking name fuck me im gonna go back to watching that amazing anime i love him sm im like getting middle school flashbacks but anyways!!! love the voltron posts you DO reblog


i actually really love your blog and the mobile bg you have it’s seriously awesome


really wonderful url!! i really enjoy following you


i don’t get your url but i still love your blog because voltron. youre amazing


you’re adorable!! i seriously love interacting with ya  


your url is fun to say so i like seeing you on my dash cause of this and just general great posts


i’m also an infj who loves keith but seriously glad to follow you


i love reading your tags omfg just please keep it up with the wonderful posts


ah yeah youre also a gender fluid pansexual!!!! i ararely get to meet people who are gender fluid in general or pansexual (i know so many people say genderfluid but also gender fluid and it’s like??? and if that doesnt describe how i feel when people ask me about my gne d er) but ok yeah i love seeing you on my dash!!! 


I actually really love your blog all around of your url and title and content just beautiful 


please i love the supply of pidge from your blog and just great gay posts holy shit 

really great blog!!! i would love to talk to you more because i’m just such a fucking shit head for klance


i knew from your url that it was gonna be a great blog and boy howdy i was right fucking love it


you supply good fucking shit too loving your blog <3


we’ve been talking and honestly you’re hilarious and sweet such a great mutual and blog 


you have a fuck load of klance here and its so good?? keep it up please

really you have such a great blog do i even need to remind you? its too many good posts here love your everything <3 

you’re my first follower!!! i have no clue how the HECK you found me but i squealed so much when i saw you follow me just <3333 you’re great and so is your blog ily 

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hi! you're one of my fave exo blogs, but i don't follow many, so could you rec me some of yours?

Aahh thank you, this means so much <3

As for blog recoms, I love all the blogs we follow but here are some of my favs @galaxy-sicanova @steamrikaplastyc @dayafterdae @exo–sexo @baekmine @jongdae-andnight @asshun @themonstersinmind @xiumins-buttcrack @kimjunnoodle @krismehard

gonna be honest looking at @thatsthat24 ’s snapchat, i can say without a doubt is pure and puts a small smirk on my face when im not feelin too great. So like, thank u for that. Keep it up pls im staying tuned in for positivity.

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I'm just thinking of this now sorry I don't wanna bother you lol But you once mentioned how Matty makes you feel when you're around him, I "met"him after a gig. And I can't even explain it he so so lovely and makes you feel so good and idk important (this is so random sorry but I never got this "feeing" with other people from other bands Matty is just so grEAT )

yeah he always makes me feel very special and comfortable he has a wonderful presence about him and energy with fans its lovely. glad you felt the same :) x

BNHA Personality Swap Headcanons ? !

this post is killing me man i had to do it  

[ so yeah. its bakugou swapping with uraraka and deku swapping with todoroki ] 

  • Okay so canonically deku and kacchan are friends, aye?? personality swap kacchan tries to cheer deku up cuz he doesnt have a quirk so he’s just : “aah im sorry u don’t have a quirk!! you can still become a great person.. just don’t try to become better than me, okay??”
  • personality swap deku is salty so he gave the name ‘deku’ to himself bc he probs thinks he’s useless for the fact he has no quirk and therefore can’t become a hero 
  • i dont know if the whole nickname deku/kacchan would be the same
  • okay but their childhood is sort of the same except when deku finds out he doesnt have a quirk, he goes negative and bakugou tries to cheer him up
  • deku is still a fanboy but its more closeted
  • dekus mom worries so much about deku bc his personality is so much more distant and aloof. when he was younger he was probably bubbly n’ cute
  • first day of school, everyone thought bakugou was scary and mean bc when hes not smiling, he looks like same ol’ meanie bakugou who still rests his legs on the desk
  • so when iida went to confront him, everyone is just like ‘oh shit. glasses dude is screwed’ but then bakugou just gasps, “aah!! im sorry!! I didnt mean to offend you!!” he gives the sheepish but most bubbly smile and everyones like ‘wtf’
  • but when bakugou notices deku he like blinks. ‘oh!! h-hey!! we’re in the same class again!! how nice!!”
  • deku fucking ignores him and goes to sit down
  • uraraka is the opposite of what i claimed above with bakugou . everyones like ‘what a cute girl!! she looks like a nice person’ but no. she’s not. she does the same putting legs up on the desk thing and fights with iida about it
  • okay enough bakugous. todoroki trying to be friends with deku. hes all like ‘w-wow. looks like you’ve got the attention of all might. that’s so cool!! w-when i was younger, i used to admire all might too–” he stops to notice deku’s expression hasnt changed.its just completely cold and uncaring looking so todoroki is nervous to continue
  • deku is both grateful about having all might’s power but he’s totally fucking salty that the powers aren’t even his own and he doesn’t know how to control them yet
  • every time deku breaks a limb, he gets even more salty. hes like ‘all might. im sorry i failed you’
  • deku and todoroki have that dramatica talk during the ua sports festivals thing– deku vaguely mentions something among the lines of ‘these powers aren’t my own’ which todoroki catches
  • so when they do the combat thing, todoroki just says ‘im not sure what you meant by those powers aren’t your own. but.. everyone’s quirk is their own right? im not sure if your mom or your dad had the same quirk.. but. you’re you. not them. right? so it’s your quirk!!” and then cue inspirational shit, etc, etc..
  • todoroki is a crybaby bcuz his dad’s an ass
  • every time mineta tries to take a peek at the girl’s changing room or bath, uraraka like punches his ass “hEEH? ? !! yOU WANNA TAKE A LOOK AT ME, EH?? ! WELL GUESS WHAT FUCKMUNCH, I DONT THINK U DESERVE TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!”
  • all the boys fear her
  • the girls think she needs to chill but they treat her nicely
  • uraraka knows shes good looking
  • during the entrance exam ; uraraka still gets stuck under the thing and deku saves her but after its just
  • “i didnt ask for your fucking help but okay’
  • ‘u looked like u were asking for help’
  • ‘whAT THE HELL DO U KNOW, HUH ? ? ? !!! ! “
  • ok but the friend groups being the same. iida has to deal with both uraraka and deku
  • uraraka wants to be the best heroine bc she thinks that all the male heroes get attention. she doesnt like mount lady either because she thinks mount lady’s only there for the attention of male fans/popularity and it pisses her off.
  • she probably also still wants to help her family with the money problems but half of that dream is also just above ^
  • uraraka calls todoroki names like ‘peppermint’ mainly bc his hair
  • bakugous friend group [ this is my lockscreen ok ; sero, kaminari, kirishima ] is all like ‘gotta keep a good positive attitude like bakugou!!” which embarrasses the hell out of bakugou 
  • bakugou fears accidentally hurting his friends with his quirk
  • same goes for todoroki
  • so like during that test thing where they pretend one team is villains ; the two of them just sob and apologize for ‘hurting’ the other team
  • deku and momo get voted for class president
  • deku however, doesnt care and passes the title to iida bcuz he doesnt wanna do it

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How is your Japan trip? I hope its a great one. I do want to go there too. c:

it was amazing ty for asking!!! It legit was the most fun trip… experience… anything I’ve done in my life. I’m not saying it was absolutely perfect, or like everyone’s gonna love going to Japan, but I had The Time Of My Life there and I already really really wanna go back. for so many reasons. aaahuhghg

sorry if this is vague/generic, i feel like if i go into more detail I’ll just talk about the entire trip and it will be 20 pages long ahah;; 

I was tagged by @swiggity-swag-its-sasuke​ and I feel really bad cause I haven’t done anything I was tagged in since meh lets say forever so this is for you Dylan cause I love you.

Rules- Put your music on Shuffle, list the first ten songs then tag 10 people.

1. 花になれ by Flumpool

2. Tous Les Mêmes by Stromae

3. DMMD BGM (great this just had to make it to the list didn’t it lol I hate myself. jk I’m the shit. The best kind of shit. Premium shit.)

4. Alice e il blu by Annalisa

5. Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement by Ludwig van Beethoven

6. Yura Yura by Hearts Grow (That Naruto op 9 nice)


8. Canon (in C) by Johann Pachelbel (a piano and violin duet aughhh best)

9. Hello, world! by BUMP OF CHICKEN

10. 7 years by Lukas Graham

But honestly I’m disappointed my current song obsession didn’t come up so I’m cheating and adding an eleventh. ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ᵈᵃ ʳᵘᶫᵉˢ

11. Que Bonito Es lo Bonito by Carlos Ponce

I have no idea who to taaaaaaaaaaaag….. shoot I’m bad at this… hahah

@letsusura @narusasunaruheadcanons @noranb @fangirlandiknowit101 @shherie @solochely @sasunaru4ever @50shadesofnarusasu

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hey 🌻

Thank you! Sorry this is so late.

1. First impression: Book nerd with a great blog and shares a common interest with me.
2. Truth is: Pretty much as above, but much, much more, as well.
3. How old do you look: 14-15 I suppose?
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Ummmm hell yeah! You make me laugh a lot and its Fantastic.
5. Have you ever made me mad: Not at all.
6. Best feature: Your kindness and personality 🌸
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: …..yeah…
8. You’re my: Friend
9. Name in my phone: ???
10. Should you post this too?: Sure! If you want to. (I’m not sure if you have already.)

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hey! im rly sorry for asking but.. do you take ship art requests?

hey its okay! 

yeah! ill draw any ship! i mean (im not the biggest shipper anyway) even if i dont really ship it ill still draw it (bc that means you enjoy it, right? and thats great! so im glad you enjoy that ship and ill be more than happy to draw it!)

just no nsfw please bc im only 15 (with the appearance of an 11 year old) but yeah! thanks for asking!!

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also, now im curious, people talk about how homophobic the split attraction thing is but its really useful for kids? like i hate calling myself anything with the word sexual, including asexual, because it feels weird im just a kid, so isnt it great to let kids be able to ONLY describe their romantic attraction? sorry dfshffgj

Yeah, idk much abt the split-attraction model discourse so i don’t have an opinion there, but i rly hate giving myself a label to my sexuality bc ???? idk the entire concept of my identity is confusing to me, i just call myself a lesbian, i don’t need all that demi-reciprosexual stuff ? Not trying to bash on people who do use those labels, but they just confuse me?

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hi sorry to bother you but um i wrote a poem on being lithsexual and i was wondering if you would read it (/maybe even post it?) i know its a lot to ask but uh yeah thats all, thanks! (ill send it as a separate ask because its long. thanks again!!

Yes! Sounds great! That’s really cool!