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we’ve established that julian is 110% slytherin so what about the other blackthorns?

newsies prep school au

this is kinda based off of my school so yeah this is really long sorry in advance lol
- jack always has some mysterious stains on his uniforms and honestly some of the guys are scared to ask what they’re from
- davey literally irons his shirts and pants every morning and he never forgets to wear his lanyard with his student id
- race never tucks his shirt in, his shoe laces are always untied, he never wears his belt, and he forgets his lanyard practically everyday and is broke because everyday he has to pay $5 to replace it
- katherine is always complaining to the guys because she has to wear a skirt, sweater vest, and tights in the spring. and the guys hear the same speech every day about how hard it is to put those damn tights back on after pe when it’s 85° out
- the guys in their group are the only ones in the school who wear the sweater vests in the winter unlike the other guys in school who just wear the regular sweaters
- davey is on the soccer team and he’s fairly good
- jack plays basketball and he’s captain of the boy’s lacrosse team and he’s so aggressive on field. he gets yellow carded every 5 minutes but the time he’s actually on the field he always manages to score
- spot wrestles and he’s the quarterback of the football team and they haven’t lost a game since he joined the team. other schools are terrified to play their school because they know how spot will stop at nothing to win
- race is on the dance team and the cheer team, he’s the only boy on the cheer team. sometimes he gets shit for it but ever since everyone found out that spot conlon is his boyfriend nobody bothered him
- crutchie doesn’t play sports but he’s the manager of the football and basketball teams. at least he’s involved
- katherine’s part of the field hockey team, crew team, and the girls lacrosse team
- alberts on the swim team, baseball team, basketball team, crew team, and he’s on the dance team, no one knows how he manages to get his homework done
- davey is so organized it hurts
- jacks lockers a mess and he’s always putting some strange object in davey’s to mess with him. so far the strangest thing he’s put in davey’s locker is an uncooked chicken
- race and spot share their lockers because their lockers are in different buildings on the opposite sides of the campus so they don’t have to walk all the way back to get their books
- katherine is always slipping little notes in sarah’s locker and sarah saves every single one
- davey’s in all honors/ap classes and he’s the best german student. the other guys are always trying to get him to do their homework but davey refuses. his reason: “if i do your homework you’ll never learn! learning is great! also fuck you guys i have my own work to do”
- jack takes ap art history. he takes french and always tries to say cliche things to davey in french but he always pronounces them wrong. he loves when davey speaks german to him. his notebooks are about 10% notes and 90% doodles
- kath is amazing at english she’s at the top of her class
- race takes honors us history and to everyone’s dismay, he does very well. he’s very loud in his classes and will constantly start arguments with anyone who has a different opinion than him. he sleeps on the quad during his free periods

- jack takes art and excels in it. the school asked him to do a mural and he did one by himself in the span of 3 days. he paints every set for the school musical
- davey is the student body president and he’s an officer for the national honor society, teachers love him
- crutchie stands next to davey as student body vice president and he’s part of the school’s morning announcements
- spot and race take photography together (honestly when are they not together) but they mostly spend their time taking pictures of each other
- race is also on the debate team, he loves arguing
- davey and katherine are the heads of the creative writing club. kath’s also part of the yearbook club
- crutchie, race, katherine and albert all do the play. davey does the tech work, spot does stage crew, jack paints the sets and helps with makeup, and sarah does the costumes
student life
- when it’s nice out during their free period they all sit on the quad together
- davey and kath always try to do their homework but they give up because their friends are too loud
- everyone’s always playing with a frisbee, they used to play football on the quad but spot got too aggressive and accidentally gave albert a concussion.
- there’s a lot of trump supporters in their school and the school broadcasted the inauguration on every tv in the school. jack was in lunch when it started so he threw his slice of pizza at the tv. he got detention for a week and had to each lunch in the principal’s office but he said it was “totally worth it”
- for 3 weeks there were these geese that walked around campus and they would chase people and hiss at people. every single time race came remotely close to one, it would hiss and chase him. he spent a lot of time in the nurses office from getting bitten by geese
- spot once got suspended for 2 days for beating up the delancey brothers because they were making fun of race
- crutchie is so popular in school there’s not a single person who doesn’t walk by him and not say hi.
- albert and race like to pick on the freshmen but they don’t actually hurt them
- jack tries to go all out in pe and is so competitive with albert but albert always does better than him
- during school mass and assemblies jack can’t sit still for so long so he starts doing things like playing with davey’s hair, touching his leg, etc and davey just gets annoyed and smacks his hand away
- spot and race usually “go to the bathroom” during mass and assemblies and just make out the whole time

a lot of this is based on my school js. also the goose thing actually happened. those geese were terrifying.

Yours. (Tom Holland x Reader)

Requested: Yup; maybe they are in the mall buying clothes for the reader, the men look at you and Tom gets jealous and he’s like “come here, baby girl” but in a fluffy way.

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: Non, just fluff, kind of?

A/N: I know this is pretty short compared to my last story, I’m sorry if you don’t like it or if it isn’t fluffy enough, and obviously for taking so goddamn long, I had some serious writing block and I tend to procrastinate a lot so yeah, sorry in advance.

I loved going to stores and buying new things, but Tom, well, he disliked going with me. He would always be complaining about how I take so long, how there isn’t a seat to wait, how the ladies in charge would always be looking at him weirdly because of how he was the only man there, between other things.

The plan today wasn’t really going shopping, it was around 6 p.m. and Tom had just arrived from shooting, so we decided to get something to eat. And we both decided to eat at the restaurant inside the mall, where we have been a few times before, but the food was just so good that we wanted to go back. So we did, we ate at the restaurant until we were full to the point where no other bite would fit.

We paid the bill and walked through the mall to get to the car, and for that, we had to walk through most of the mall.

I couldn’t help but glance at the display windows every now and then, and just decided that I would come another day, by myself, to make it easier for Tom.

But when we were just a few stores away from the doors, I saw the most beautiful dress on a manikin, it was a short, a black and white checkered dress with squared opening and small straps.

I stopped on my tracks in awe, I felt Tom do a little pull on my hand when he didn’t noticed I had stopped, making him stumble back a little, he then saw where I was looking and I could feel him roll his eyes, “are you going to be fast?” He looked at me sternly and I nodded my head instantly, grinning widely, “okay, fine, but please, don’t take long,” he said with a pout.

I took him inside of the store still holding his hand, basically dragging him, and looked between the racks of clothing for the dress that caught my eye until I found it, on the top rack. I tried getting it down, stepping on my tip toes, but still couldn’t reach it, neither could Tom, so we had to ask someone to get it down for us.

“Excuse me,” said Tom, waving his hand lightly to a man standing behind the counter, the man heard and came closer to us, he was way taller than us, and could easily get the dress down for me, “could you get that dress down for her, please?” Tom asked the man, he replied with a ‘yes, no problem’ and felt his hand on the bottom of my back while he extended his hand to grab the dress. I’m sure Tom noticed, because he then furrowed his eyebrows and locked his arms on his chest.

“Here you go, is this size okay?” The mam said, glaring down at me with a smile, I just nodded out of courtesy with a smile, the guy chuckled, the smirk not leaving his face and went back to his place.

“I’m going to try this, wait here,” I murmured to Tom, he just sighed loudly, obviously annoyed and just sat on the small stools that were there in the middle.

I tried the dress on and it fit beautifully, I checked myself out in mirror of the fitting room and smiled. I opened the door so Tom could give me his approval on how the dress fits. I got out and Tom glanced at me from his phone and I did a quick turn just so he could get the full view.

I shrugged and asked him, “how does it look?” I had always felt embarrassed from all the attention coming from him and could feel myself moving back and forth on my soles awkwardly, a manner that had always stayed with me, coming just before a blushing face.

“You look great, darling,” he marveled with a smile on his face, he turned to the register and his smile suddenly turned and formed a thin line on his lips, “I think you should change, we gotta go.” His voice was deeper and his eyes didn’t turn away from there. I got curious and looked at the same direction and saw everyone watching me, including the guy that helped me. Feeling more embarrassed I quickly got inside and changed to the clothes I was first using, going outside with dress in hand and motioned Tom to get up and follow me.

We got there and I gave the dress to the girl behind the counter so we could pay, she pressed the barcode to the scanner and released the clip from the fabric so she could give it to us. She said the total and I was looking for my wallet but Tom was faster and said, “I’ll do it, love.” He paid the total and grabbed the dress that was now on a red bag and swung it over his wrist by the hole and belted before leaving, “Come here, baby girl, let’s go home.” He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers, I caught the look of superiority that Tom gave the guy that was behind the counter while walking out of the store and a smile crept on my face, finally getting what was going on.

“What was all that about in there?” I said putting a strand of hair behind my ear with my free hand.

“Didn’t you saw them Y/N? They were raking their eyes all over you, plus I saw that dudes’ hand on your back, thinking he could make a move on you,” he whispered-yelled at me, frustration clear on his voice, “they didn’t even seemed to care that I was there with you, how dare them?” He looked back, reassuring that they weren’t looking anymore.

I tightened the grip on his hand and giggled, then speaking, “I knew so much affection wasn’t because of anything,” I joked.

“Only I am supposed to do that, because you’re my girlfriend, basically mine,” he emphasized the ‘I’ in the sentence, not caring about what I said before, finally exiting the mall through the automatic glass doors.

I chuckled and then pulled closer to give him a quick kiss on his cheek, lingering a bit then admitting, “Of course, love, basically yours.”

To the lovely girl who requested this: I hope this story was of your liking! Feedback is much appreciated and if you’re planning on requesting something please describe your scenario just so I have a better idea of what you want so I can fulfill your request, thank you for reading, and again, sorry for the wait, love y’all x.

There are no good words to say to someone when they’ve lost a person who’s been incredibly dear to them. All of a sudden, as life as you know it comes crashing to a halt, it seems there isn’t a single word in any of the world’s estimated 6,909 languages that can make things all right again.

part iv of Checkpoints, coming soon

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Reggie Mantle x Reader: The Set Up


I love your writing!!! Could you write a Reggie x reader imagine where the reader and Reggie are secretly dating so b&v set the reader up on a blind date and Reggie gets jealous and what not!

Hellooo, so I love your imagines and I’ve never done a request before (yeah this is my first) and sorry in advance if I misspell something, I’m from Spain. Here goes my request: Reggie and the reader have been dating in secret during the summer and they keep it that way when classes start, but somehow Jughead finds out and he tells the rest of the gang, they don’t like her dating Reg but she defends how Reggie is and not how everyone thinks he is. All the fluff is up to you, thaaank you 💜

If you’re taking requests, can I get an imagine where the reader is like smol, innocent bean and the whole gang just treats her like a kitten? Reggie finds her adorable and the gang tries to keep him away from the reader, but he tends to sneak into her room through the window & cuddle w/ her and stuff? Thank you!!❤

A/N: Okay so I was going to do all of these separately, but then I got this idea in my head and this came out. Hopefully you guys enjoy this and to the people who requested these I hope I did justice. Unless like you really don’t like how I did this you are welcome to request your prompt again and I’ll see what I can do. I know I was supposed to post this morning, but my Wi-Fi went out.  I don’t know how I feel about this, but I hope you guys actually like it.

Words: 2584

Summary: You start dating Reggie during the summer going into your Junior year.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Like one swear word.

One day you decide to go on a walk because the clouds and the sun ratio was perfect. You ended up in Sweetwater River enjoying the smell of the flowers during the summer. Although as you were enjoying your day you saw him sitting in a rock, eyes puffy from crying. He looked sad and you weren’t a person to ignore that. You approached him sitting next to him and handed him a sunflower you found.

“Do you need someone to talk to?” you shot him a small smile rubbing your thumb in his face to clean up the last residue of his tears a bit shocked by your motion he grabbed your hand against his cheek and you both just looked in each other’s eyes for a while. You could see the hurt in his eyes, so you pulled him for a hug and he held you tight like he never wanted you to leave.

You guys got to talking and Reggie confided to you things you were pretty sure he’d never say to anyone else. He told you about the troubles in his family, his best friend Jason who was murdered last year and how that sometimes affected the way he played thinking he could never amount to how Jason played. You reassured he was great since you’d seen him play as you went to every single game and supported your friends.

For two weeks you both met up near Sweetwater River and just talked about anything and everything. For those two weeks you saw the real Reggie, the one he didn’t allow anyone to see. You were delighted that Reggie would let you see that side of him. Soon your friendship would end and the relationship started when he asked you out on a date to Pops to keep it simple. Although at the very end of your date your friends arrived to Pops and disrupted your date because they thought he was bothering you not letting either of you speak a word they dragged you out of there.

They had always been your protectors against the bad world. They claimed you were too sweet and innocent and the world didn’t deserve a person like you, but were elated you existed in their lives. Anytime anyone that wasn’t them would try to talk you they directed them to an exit because your pureness was not to be corrupted by anything or anyone. Sometimes they would be so strict as to only watch PG-13 movies and were certainly surprised when they caught you watching a horror film once. They made you swear to only watch those kind of movies on their turf and you gave in pleasing your best friends.

Although your new found friendship that was blooming into a relationship may catch them off guard you decided to keep quiet about it until you and Reggie spoke further about where it was going.

To: Reggie

Hey, I’m sorry I got dragged out of our date. They can be a little over protective when they want.

To: (Y/N)

A little?

To: Reggie

What can I say I have good friends, although I was quite enjoying myself this time. 😉

To: (Y/N)

Can I stop by or is the police still hogging you?

To: Reggie

Police is gone lol, window is open Mantle.

To: (Y/N)

Be right there 🙈

It all became routine, when you were not the gang and their over-protectiveness during the summer you were with Reggie on dates as you made your relationship official, but you hadn’t told any of your friends because you weren’t sure how they would react. He would climb your window and into your heart every day. Because of your overprotective friends you found it quite surprising you didn’t get caught especially because he was your first boyfriend and kiss. You wished to tell the details to Betty and Veronica but your lips were sealed for now until you and Reggie could find the perfect moment.

One day Betty and Veronica tried setting you up with the new kid Jake, but you denied it and told them you weren’t ready for a relationship because you were with Reggie and they stopped insisting after a while because as always maybe he wasn’t the best for you. Nobody would ever be enough for them to choose. They just wanted you to find someone so that you four could go on double dates. Though to you, you had the prefect guy, he was sweet, tough, cheesy, and he loved you back; so you texted Reggie to meet you in your house to talk about your status.

“Hey baby” he spoke climbing through your window “what happened?” he saw the nervous expression plastered on your face.

“B and V keep insisting I go out with the new kid” you sighed as he sat down next to you and put his arm around you.

“Well he’s gonna have to wait forever because your mine” was all he said as he placed his lips on yours a sensation so close to home, yet every time he did it the butterflies in your stomach would go crazy.

The next day though someone was about to reveal your secret relationship with Reggie.

The brooding writer who’d never leave anywhere without his beanie gathered your friends without you to tell them his new findings.

“Hey Jug, what are you big news?” Archie spoke across the booth at Pops.

“(Y/N)” he spoke a bit out of breath from rushing to Pops.

“What about our kitten?” Ronnie smiled.

“Well yesterday I was walking home and saw Reggie Mantle leaving her room through the window” he confessed.

“No way” Kevin gasped.

“That can’t be true Juggie” the blonde protected.

“You must have seen something in another house, but certainly not our girl” Archie reassured.

“Pics or it didn’t happen Jones” the raven haired girl challenged.

Thank god no one believed Jughead, but this also meant they didn’t think Reggie was good enough for you and that hurt a bit when Ronnie and Betty told you about their secret meeting and you laughed it off not wanting to blow your cover.

After you hangout session, you couldn’t risk Reggie meeting you in your room so you texted him to meet you at your spot in Sweetwater River.

“Hey (Y/N/N) what happened this time?”

“Jughead saw you leaving my room last night and he almost blew our cover” you answered with a small smile “they’re getting pretty close why don’t we just tell them.”

“Anything for you babe, why don’t we tell them this weekend” he kissed you and you nodded “You wanna know something princess?”

“What?” you smiled in his arms.

“Sweetwater River is named after you because you’re sweet” he grinned at his cheesy line.

“That was terrible” you chuckled as he kissed you again.

Except now he had finally caught you both. Jughead Jones in his regular sleuthing routine spotted you two, and did a double take and then he saw you kiss and he really freaked. He realized his friends weren’t going to believe him without evidence so this time he took his phone out as fast as he could and got a picture of the two of you kissing, thankfully though he hadn’t paid his phone and he couldn’t send it to your friends and it was far too late to show them so he’d have to wait till the next day.

Thankfully though Jughead Jones was nowhere to be found during the school day and since he had the reputation for sleeping in none of you bothered but go look for him, just texted him on what he was “missing out” that always bothered him.

“Hey (Y/N)” a familiar voice spoke to you as you peeked out of your locker.

“I was just wondering if you could help me with our American Government homework” Trev announced.

“Sure when?” you noted.

“Today afterschool at Pops” he paused “if you can of course” he stammered.

“Sure yeah, I’ll move things around” and you texted Reggie you had to cancel since you were an assigned tutor for that class and had to help the students if they asked for help.

Later Trev met up with Betty and Veronica in the student lounge.

“So did she fall for the tutoring thing?” they squealed at Trev.

“Yeah were meeting today at Pops” he gave a small smile.

“Yay! Okay well don’t forget your homework or else it will be so obvious” Betty grinned hoping you both would hit it off.

Later you were sitting across Trev in a booth at Pops with your textbook in front of you.

From: Reggie

Just ditch the guy and come with me babe😍

Babe please😧

Answer me!

We’ve been dating for like 3 months and you still don’t understand I’m needy.😍😍

Kitten please don’t ignore me 😋

Fine princess, I guess imma have to go see he keeps to himself 😉

Those were all the messages your boyfriend Reggie bombarded you with on his way to Pops. You ignored them as you apologized to Trev and put your phone on silent reassuring him you were there to help him. In this moment Jughead finally resurfaced trying to get the gang to meet him to reveal the news.

“Okay how about we start with some definitions, they usually help me out the best” you directed at Trev.

“Sounds good” he smiled “thank for this, you are an angel” he smiled.

“It’s no problem really” and continued “so electoral college, do you know their part in the presidential election?”

“No sorry, they help with the votes don’t they?” he placed his hand and yours which made you a bit confused.

“No actually, they’re the ones who choose the president, the government likes to make the people think it’s their choice; but that’s not true. The people actually didn’t even start to vote until like our 3rd or 4th president which is understandable because we were a beginning nation, but I just laugh it off when people get mad over the election because our votes are practically pointless.” You blabbed removing your hand from his and tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Oh, well see I wouldn’t have known that without you” he smirked.

“Right, okay onto the next word is Legal Standing which is pretty much you must pass a two-step test which says you have to be able to present that you were harmed and that there is a remedy. If you can’t prove either your case or you has no legal standing” you answered as he started writing down everything you said and you were soon distracted by a bit of commotion outside, but you kept your eyes on your textbook ignoring the voices who sounded familiar.

“Why can’t we go inside to talk about this?” Jughead asked Betty and Veronica who were blocking the entrance to Pops.

“Because sweet sweet Jones, we finally got (Y/N) on a date” Veronica proclaimed.

“What?” Archie peeked and saw you sitting in a booth across Trev.

“No offense babes, but it looks like just another study session” Kevin addressed.

“Oh c’mon soon Trev will turn on his sweet charm and she’ll fall for him and we will finally have a couple to go on double dates” Betty chimed in.

“Well sorry to be a buzzkill, but she’s not into Trev” Jughead rang back.

“What do you mean Jones?” Veronica rang back at the beanie obsessed boy.

“She’s with Reggie, I’ve been trying to tell you, I saw them kissing at Sweetwater River” Jughead stated triumphantly while showing the group the picture he took of you both last night.

“Is this photoshopped?” Archie questioned mad that their sweet girl would pick Reggie.

“Omg our kitten with the biggest jock” Betty confused about their sweet girls choice of first boyfriend as well.

“Damn she beat all of us” Kevin was struck by your friends for encouraging the relationship.

“Well here comes the man of the hour” Veronica pointed at Reggie arriving at Pops.

“Hey Reggie” Archie gave him an annoyed look.

“Hey Andrews, can you let me through” Reggie ignored the death looks shooted at him.

“Nope I’m sorry, you might ruin (Y/N)’s date” Veronica sassed.

“What?” Reggie gritted his teeth.

“Why do you care so much?” Betty challenged.

“My man” Kevin patted his back, and the group pushed him again.

“It’s just tutoring” Reggie tried to contain his temper knowing how you felt about him acting like a jerk.

“How do you know she had tutoring?” Jughead asked.

Inside Pops Trev moved to sit aside you, he claimed it would help him better as he looked through your notes.

Reggie just stared at you through the window, his blood boiling from not being able to go in and get him away from you. Though something broke it, inside there sat his girl laughing at a joke Trev had just told her. He broke, pushed your friend’s barricade and swooped into Pops all you saw was Trev being forcefully removed from his spot next to you.

Your friends rushed in as Archie tried to remove Reggie away from Trev.

“Reggie what the fuck?” was what came out of your mouth and it shook everyone, they had never heard a swear word come out of your innocent mouth.

“He had his arm around you! You were giggling at him, I couldn’t take the police keeping me away from you, I- I- I was jealous you’re my girl!” Reggie let out.

“Oh my god” Kevin gasped.

“I was just tutoring him Reg” you exclaimed oblivious to the set up Betty and Veronica planned.

“Oh c’mon he’s a guy, to him this was a date, B and V set it up” he confessed coming closer to you.

“What?! You did what?!” you looked at the couple who gave you a shy smile “and you, you agreed with them?” Trev scratched his head.

“I can’t believe you guys, this is why we never told you anything” you confessed which caused them all to gasp and Reggie just wore the biggest smile as he held your hand.

They all had wide eyes plastered on their faces so you continued “I like him, he makes me happy, and I hope you guys can accept that because I’m not letting him go.”

“If you hurt her Reggie I swear…” Archie gave in.

“I don’t have the heart to hurt the most amazing girl in the planet” he added as you blushed.

“Swoon” was all Veronica said.

“We’re sorry (Y/N/N), you guys are adorable” Betty pulled you in a hug.

“Does this mean you’ll leave me alone” Jughead directed at Reggie.

“My girl wouldn’t have it any other way” Reggie pulled Jughead in for a small bro hug.

“For the record I was all for this” Kevin smiled.

“Okay so can we go on a double date this weekend” Veronica smiled at you both.

“Sorry after what you pulled you’re gonna have to wait a while” you sassed at them.

“Oh c’mon” Betty and Veronica groaned.

You were so caught up with your friends and revealing to your friends your secret relationships you didn’t realize when Trev left, but you honestly didn’t care. Your friends welcomed Reggie with open arms which is what you were hoping for. You all were the loudest group in Pops that day squeezed in a booth. You sat on Reggie’s lap happy about how it all turned out.


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Little Helper(Namjoon Smut)

{Hi, could I please make a request? [I joined tumblr not too long ago and I’m actually nervous putting forward a request since this is my first. I’ve ready your work and it’s amazing] A smut where there is an British exchange student and Namjoon helps her out around school because her Korean isn’t perfect and she’s very awkward and shy around everyone besides him. He likes speaking to her in English and after a while she opens up to him and wants to thank him by giving herself to him. He’s hesitant to have sex with her though, but she says it’s okay and they do the deed. She seems innocent but has a very kinky and rough side which she shows to Namjoon one day after school. After a while she discovers his daddy kink and yeah something like that. Sorry if it’s weird. Thank you in advance :) }

Your name: submit What is this?

Here you go!<3 @kxxkiemonsterx I hope you enjoy!

 Namjoon’s POV:

Sitting there I watched as the multitude of the student body glided across the campus. Everyone in their little clicks and gangs or the cute little nerds that decided to stay alone. It always made me feel a bit saddened to see some people walk alone but then I remembered that some people prefer to be alone and that I, myself have sometimes experienced the joys of a quiet walk by myself. Just to focus on an important test or performance that I may have to deal with that day. But lately I haven’t been able to have me time. It’s not that I dislike it, in fact I think it’s the complete opposite. Chuckling to myself I lifted a hand up to comb through my freshly dyed purple hair blue contacted eyes looking around the main campus for her.

“Looking for Y/N again?” A familiar voice asked me. Turning my head back I looked at Jin smiling sheepishly.

“Don’t sneak up on me.” I avoided the question and he clapped my back before he walked off.

“I know you’re waiting for her because you avoided my question. Have fun Namjoon. Don’t drool too much.”

Rolling my eyes, I stretched out my legs hands moving down to straighten out the lines on my crisp dark black skinny jeans. It was a bit windy today so I had to dress in warm clothes but I think I overdid it at first and I had to change out of it. Ever since she came into my life, I’ve been overthinking my outfits and instead of being myself she had me as a nervous flustered fool. Playing with my black cardigan I heard her melodic voice shaking me to my core.

“I’m sure if no one has noticed you by now they never will.” Her voice shook me right down to the core. How she addressed me in English because we both knew her Korean wasn’t that great. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face hearing the accent of her native home come out of her tongue. Biting on my bottom lip I did my best to give her a full dimpled smile because it always charmed her. “Oh put it away.” She teased moving to sit beside me. I let myself drink in the beautiful sight before me. How her beautiful hair feel down her face. How the simple white shirt and black skinny jeans fit her body not too tight or too lose just perfect accompanied by her leather jacket. She was smiling at me, and fucking hell it made me weak. Her strong scent hitting my nostrils and driving me deeper into a world of bliss. I couldn’t stop taking her in everything was breathtaking and her she was before me utterly perfect.

“Are you just going to stare at me?” She asked in Korean this time, causing a soft frown to etch across my features before I responded in English.

“Ah, is it weird that I stare at you so much? I’m sorry let’s get going then.” Of course it was fucking weird to be gawking at an exchange student. I should have known better but it was just something about her that made my heart speed up a little bit even if it was only for some seconds upon a time. Standing up I grabbed at my backpack slinging it over my left shoulder pushing my right hand into the confines of my pocket walking beside her. I could see how everyone looked at her, with curiosity or hatred. They wanted to know her story, what was she about and above all if we were a thing. At first when I saw how they glanced at us I must admit I was nervous for a few seconds, but then I decided fuck them and their judgment. I’m better off without it.

“So how was homework?” I asked Y/N. She gave me a sheepish smile jumping a bit and it seems like she was out of it too. I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty like I was the reason she was acting that way. She responded back to my question though with her own answers. I know it must have been hard on her to be so far away from home. But she had come so far and she had done so much in this short little time span of a couple of months. I was one proud teacher of her growth. I continued to smile at her as she explained the things going on with her and how she still kind of fumbles with some speech things and her homework. I had to do my best to motivate her and encourage her because we all make fumbles and falls but the most important part is that we keep going, which she did. We had always decided to talk in English for her sake but I didn’t mind the different language because it helped me make sure I kept up on my language skills as well.

“Namjoon.” Y/N addressed me as we made our way into the building close to her first class. Humming to show I was listening I looked down at her, seeing her pull out a slip of folded white paper with a deep shade of lovely red painting her features. Wordlessly I took the slip of paper from her freezing as she stood on her tip toes and kissed my right dimple. Opening her mouth, I could feel her heat on my skin causing my eyes to flutter. I was pretty sure my own face was burning at this point. “I love it when you stare at me.” Those simple words she spoke to me as she ran into her class with a nervous chuckle waving goodbye.  I stood there like an idiot for some time after until it dawned on me that I had college algebra and I knew my ass would be handed to me if I were late again. Picking up my feet I glided myself through the crowds arriving to the class at a perfect timing. The teacher looked down her nose at me and I bowed my head apologetically moving to the back of my class to my seat.

I sat in class thinking about her. The sound of her voice when she laughed or just simply talked. When she made little squealing noises or random noises of approval as she ate. How she was so full of life and all the energy around her. My perfect little bundle of happiness. I knew deep down inside of me, I would be sad when she had to leave and maybe that was part of the reasons I never tried to be overly friendly. Just then, my mind snapped and with quick fingers I was pulling the slip of paper open that she had given to me in the hallway. My eyes feeling like they were going to pop out at any moment.

Dear Namjoon,

               I will have to leave in the next month or so, and I have been really grateful of all the things you have done for me. I wanted to give you a present but not knowing what you would really like or how to ask for it in Korean I have decided to give you my body instead. If you want this offer, please come to my address stated below. I promise I will make it worth your wild. I just want to show you how thankful I am.


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My heart was beating out loud! I was sure the teacher would look at me. She would notice I wasn’t paying attention. Was the room hot or was it just me? I couldn’t contain all the feelings inside of me. Because yes, I wanted her too, it should’ve been obvious how bad she captivated me! It was no secret I’ve snuck glances at her body especially if she had to bend over to get something and it just so happens her ass is right there to view. I tried to be discreet. Holding my notebook over my raging hard on just so that she would be comfortable. And as soon as I would get to my dorm room, I’d almost die every day trying to get my boxers off and dick in my hand to get myself off. So many tissues had been used I was surprised the cleaning ladies didn’t tell me off for it. But Y/N was leaving! So, what could I do? I didn’t want a few moments with her. If I indulged in her I know that I would want her more. I would want to be in her every waking moment, I would want to hear my name roll of her pretty pink lips. I would want to pull her hair and make sure with every snap of my hips she was a fucking puddle under me not remembering any man but me. No other name but mine. Sighing, I slipped the paper into my pocket jotting down the notes I had so carelessly forgot to take while I was caught up in my own self turmoil.

Standing in front of her apartment I didn’t know what to do. Pacing back and forth I was hesitant, to want it and to go for it. But why deny her of something she wanted to do for me? Especially when I wasn’t the only one feeling things. At least this way I could have some kind of moment with her before she left my life for a while and hopefully not for good. Squaring my shoulders and giving myself a short macho man prep talk I walked up to the door letting my fist knock against it lightly. Standing there I shoved my hands back into my pocket keeping my eyes down on my feet. After a few minutes, I got worried that this was just some joke. She was fucking with me! But before I could get too paranoid about my own thoughts the door opened. Slowly she was revealed to me, standing there with nothing but a towel around her waist. Her hair was wet, the water droplets leaving trails on her body that I just wanted to lick up so bad. My tongue darting out to lick my lips, I had no words for her. And what she did next would probably stay in my wet dreams forever. She dropped her towel revealing her body to me, everything that I had called myself imagining was nothing compared to the real deal. My mouth went dry I was too flustered to even say something beyond ‘damn.’

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck me?” She questioned pulling me into her place with her hand on my belt. My body went forward, seeming to snap out of the trance I was in, I slammed the door with my foot picking her up and carrying her to her bedroom. Our lips pressing together it felt so good to finally feel her soft lips against mine. Biting down on the flesh I tried to mold our faces together kissing her with every ounce of passion I had. We knocked against some things before I had her in her bedroom and on her back on the small bed. My hands were roaming her flesh touching the wet skin and loving the feeling of it under my fingertips. She was already reacting to me arching upwards and sighing into my mouth. She bit harshly on my top lip and when I reacted with a gasp her tongue slid into my mouth. Battling me for dominance she was grabbing at my shirt, ripping at it a bit trying to get it off. I was so shocked, dizzy almost from the surprised pleasure coursing through my body. She broke the kiss first moving to slam me on the bed, I couldn’t believe my eyes and if my dick was to get any harder I felt I wouldn’t have one left. She undressed me and I let her not going against anything she wanted to do to me. Usually I took the lead and I took pride in it, but today I knew that I could let her have her fun. At least for the first round that was. She gripped onto my raging member, pressing her breast on either side of my shaft she let her mouth take me in. I groaned grabbing at her sheets knowing if I grabbed her hair I was going to bury my dick until she was crying. I watched her move her breast up and down along with her mouth, the tight suction and space had my head rolling back. Loud moans of her name rolled of my tongue slowly the room getting hotter by the second. My vision blurred it felt too good. The walls seemed to be listening to how my voice rose louder in volume and fuck her neighbors let them hear. My chest rising and falling I almost stayed there but then I remembered she said she was giving herself to me.

Leaning up, I grabbed at her hair pulling her off of my dick with a wet pop, spit trailing from her lips to my shaft. I crashed my lips against hers picking her up and slamming her lightly on the bed. Crawling in between her legs I let my lips trail down her neck wetly and towards her ear whispering hotly. “You’re my present remember? Mine to do with what I want. And right now, I want to fuck you.” I admitted ghosting my lips down her body to place more kisses on her skin. Cupping her breast, I couldn’t tease them too much, sucking on each I gave them attention before my mind wanted more of her. Moving to her heat I spread her legs wider, pressing them down against the bed I flicked my tongue up and down her slit before burying it in her tight pussy. She was so warm and she felt snug around my tongue. I was quick with my movements, I wanted to stretch her out for me, but I knew we could play after this. The heat in the air was too thick for us to waste any more time. But fuck she tasted so good, almost close to water with a sweet taste to it. How she grabbed at my hair and moaned my name had my tongue flicking every direction until I was finding her spot and abusing it. Pulling back after a few moments, I licked my lips aligning myself with her entrance. My hands moving to grab her hips, slowly I pushed inside of her, digging my nails into her skin her name rolling off my lips as I filled her up.

“Y/N..” My voice trembled out. My dick buried to the hilt inside of her warm pussy. She was so wet for me, it was sucking me in. How she squeezed around my shaft and wiggled her hips had me snapping mine forward just to feel more. Letting my hooded eyes meet her gaze I was slow to fuck her at first just wanting to stretch her out and really feel her. I wanted my mind to remember how snug her walls were around me. How she moaned out my name softly, her tiny hands gripping at my biceps. How I leaned over her and she gasped from feeling my hit a deeper angle. My hips circling to snap harder against hers and create pleasure that she would always remember. I was gone and so was she. I could feel some of her juices drip down onto my balls and it only made me loose myself more. Building up my speed slowly until I was pounding into her. The bed shaking under us as I gave her everything I had to give. My hard dick sliding inside of her wet walls creating the wet sloppy sounds of skin on skin contact.

“Slap me.” She moaned weakly and I opened my eyes wide growling.

“Excuse me?” I asked her switching my hips to angle away from her spot.

“Slap me.. Daddy.” That was it, any control I had left went out the window for this little vixen under me. One hand reaching up to grab at her throat I used it to pin her down. Shifting my hips once more to deeply fuck her pussy I lifted my hand up slapping her cheek lightly not wanting to hurt her.

“Harder!” She shouted out and I slapped her again just a tad bit harder. “You fucking hit like a girl.” She teased smirking up at me. I don’t know what felt more insulting the phrase itself of the fact that it was said in English with her accent.

Lifting my hand up to land another slap on her cheek to turn the skin red she gave a cry of yes and I smirked. She thought I was done with her. Pulling out of her I flipped her on her stomach entering her from behind without mercy. My hand swooped around her body to grab at her neck pulling her body back against mine. I slammed her down on my dick abusing her sweet little cunt with every thrust of my hips burying my dick forward. She was trying to moan but she could barely get it out, her eyelids dropping closed as my hand clamped down on her airways more. I waited until she was almost out to let her go, releasing her neck my hand went to grab at her hair, my free hand moving down to rub her clit fast and hard. I knew she was going to cum by the way she kept gasping for breath, her voice hitching and body trembling against mine. It was like her juices were a river overflowing and pouring out all for me. She cried my name out loud, hanging on by a thread as she gave me her orgasm, and I took it all delighted to say the least at the state I put her in. Kissing along her shoulder blade, I created a few more hickeys that I knew would be visible tomorrow, while she was here she was mine and everyone would know that I was the one fucking her from behind. Looking down I could see my dick entering in and out of her heat, her ass clapping back against my hips. It was too much for me, without warning I pulled out of her pushing her down on the bed, gripping at my dick I jerked it off quickly cumming thick ropes of cum in the dip of her lower back. Releasing all my pent up want for her (though there was still more) I kissed along her skin up to her shoulder blades and then the back of her head. I left the bed searching for a small wash cloth in the bathroom. Warming it with warm water I went back in the room to clean her off watching as she took deep breaths. She was glowing and she looked so flustered with her hands clinging onto the sheets. After I made sure I was cleaned up a bit I scooped her in my arms kissing her temple as she avoided my gaze.

“You didn’t want it?” I asked after a few moments of silence feeling my heart sink.

“No. NO! Of course I wanted it!” She slapped at my shoulders repeatedly and I winced squirming. “It’s just that.. Was I good enough for you?” You asked looking down at my hands. I couldn’t believe it, the girl I was so head over heels for was insecure about one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

“It was all perfect, because it was with you. But of course, if you want to try your luck again.” I teased flipping her over on her back with a crooked smirk. “I’m sure I could give you a lesson on bondage and toys if you’re into learning that kind of stuff.”

Sometimes I’ll come up with random equations then solve for the derivative. It’s honestly A LOT of fun especially when I’m waiting somewhere. 

For the first 3 years after initially learning calculus I’d come up with something that had a bunch of sin/cos/tan and log and e functions and whatnot and just keep going down to figure out the 2nd/3rd/4th derivatives. 

So, this is going to sound like highkey projecting and sue me if it is BUT

I do headcanon that Ford has done the same throughout all his life. Progressing from long division when he was really small and up to high level physics and theory-based equations throughout and well past college. 

This habit was probably especially big during his college years when he’d be in a class that was so easy for him that he’d get bored and end up just littering his notes with tons of equations and drawings. 

Featured above: Some in-canon support. Check out that page there. Doodles AND seriously complicated equations. 

Which, even for a highly advanced child, that’s not homework that would ever be assigned to him at that age. Brief personal experience mention in tags if you don’t trust me on that.

Granted, the creators could have put those equations to paint Ford as a genius child (while still intending it to be his classwork), but they could have easily put down Calc work which would have been at least semi-believable homework assigned to him. 

Also considering that a generic high school course doesn’t require calculus classes, it would have achieved the same effect for most people watching the show. The assumed effect being ‘holy moses he was SUCH a smart nerd child.’

Could someone please explain to me, how my page got this gay. It went from, “Oh yeah I like bechloe and cophine. I read their fanfiction some times. (All the fucking time)” To, “Fuck yeah women are hot! Especially when their half naked!” I’m sorry in advance.

This is my paricipation in the @klancesecretsanta and i’m a bit late so it didn’t get in today’s masterlist (i drew this like one week ago and still managed to be late amazing) 

So since this is late anyways and the the list has already been revealed i guess i can tag you? So @altean-keith i’m your secret santa!! Here’s some fluffy klance for you! I hope you like this this little drawing (sorry this isn’t much) and have fantastic holidays!!! :D

i fudged up, i fudged up

phil’s next. hopefully he turns out better. sorry danyul.

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[if anyone wants to use this as their header, feel free to, i’d be honoured lmao just give credits in your description thingy]

Est-ce Que Tu M'aimes? [Wrench/Reader]

Originally posted by mrjasontodd

Hey, Yeah. I’m sorry in advance. If you’re not familiar with my previous work, I specialize in playing with emotions… But there was this situation in the game that I just felt the overwhelming need to address.

Also, thank you Anon for your recommendation/request! It’ll play very well to future parts.

This fic was largely influenced by a plan for another part of the game… but the scenario was influenced from my rather depressing song playlist.

Est-ce Que Tu M'aimes? by Maître Gims

Est-ce Que Tu M’aimes?” is French for “Do you love me?”

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anonymous asked:

Hey! It's hislips! Just wanted to say that you AO3 fic Cipher is one of my ultimate favorites! ^^ You should post it on FFnet. :) Also, I'm a ShinRan fan and since it's okay to give a prompt... Uhm... Can you make something about Ran having a revenge for the bath time Shinichi shared with her as Conan? If it's not too much. ^^ Thank you so much for the awesome Cipher Author-sama!

I can write this for you dude! It’s probably more romantic, fluff than I’m used to writing. So… Yeah. Sorry in advance xD

Warning(s): A bit of nakedness, but nothing descriptive.

“Seriously, Ran, you need to cut this out.”

Shinichi sits, face above water level in the bath, steam from his freshly drawn bath rising from the water, glancing over at his best friend and ‘sort-of-girlfriend’. They haven’t talked it over, their relationship status, but Shinichi likes to think that with Ran standing at the door to his bathroom looking in, she’ll be his girlfriend sooner than later.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Ran says, walking into the bathroom as if Shinichi’s not bathing, trying to take a relaxing bath after the stressful double murder he’d had to solve earlier today. Instead, she sends him a soft smile - almost a smirk.

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didifeynman  asked:

What exactly is Ivy? I keep seeing your comics about her but I didn't find anything explaining who/ what she is and why is she always driving that lady nuts. Would you mind say a little? Thanks in advance!

Yeah! Sorry I’ve been cryptic. I’m trying to develop a world with these characters so I can make comics and other stories with them.
It’s an outlet for me to draw my own stuff when I have free time.
Pat is 11 years old with dreams of working in a big city and being independent and grown up as soon as possible. She is an only child until one day, seemingly out of the blue, a weird looking younger girl falls into her life and is adopted by her family. Pat hates this situation at first, but her life actually starts to get more fun and meaningful with this little kid around. The girl, named Ivy, doesn’t know her own past. She absorbs everything around her like every day her first day on Earth. She has a special, magical connection with nature that allows her to communicate with organic things, and influence the growth of flora and fauna, like a super power. You want a daisy? She’ll whip you up a daisy.
And that’s Pay & Ivy 101.

Ten Favorite Characters from different fandoms

So I got tagged by @rivela to do this so yeah.

Rules are as follows, ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms, afterwards you send it to ten different people (considering I only know like three or four this will be…interesting) here goes nothing

  • Doctor Who: The 9th Doctor
  • DC: Batman/ The Joker
  • Marvel: Phil Coulson
  • Sherlock: Moriarty
  • Gravity Falls: Bill Cypher
  • Supernatural: Bobbly Singer/Jo
  • Wrestling: Three way tie between Marty Scurll, Mark Haskins, and Jimmy Havoc
  • FMA: Riza Hawkeye/ Armstrong
  • Firefly: Hoban
  • Star Wars: Boba Fett
  • Harry Potter: Remus Lupin

So yeah sorry in advance because I know about not many people on this site and One person was already taken by @rivela I’m forced to send to people I like but don’t know I exist here goes I’m tagging in @riddlemefuckingthis @nyxdoms @spot-of-bother @spacenightwing @just-a-girl-maybe @mikethemizisawiz @bushitetsuya @devitt-fergal @kazuchika @llowkeys

None of you need to do this (especially the half that don’t know me) but it’s just a cool little this so yeah

Sorry guys qwq

I have been so busy this week that i might be really inactive ….being an adult now i gotta face the fact time pinches are really a real scenario and i can’t force myself harshly to meet said standards without harm to myself and my health

With my birthday coming up this a very busy bee

Piano practise has also..taken most of my time…

And usually after school…I AM VERY TIRED…and i apologize but yeah..

So sorry in advance but…yanno..reality really sucks sometimes man

BUT! As long as i have a computer with me i will still answer my asks, reblogs, and any requests of my muses i may have forgotten
(which are still open people! Im still taking new ideas and ocs that if you want inserted in the requests.
Just remember FULL REF..k?)

With this noted..i hope y'all have a nice evening, morning, night ect..ect

so yeah sorry in advance if i keep that Pidge cosplay post up here a lot, it’s my… it’s my first time I’ve been confident about a cosplay of mine and I’m really proud of the hard work that @shittyninja and I put into that darned thing