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Babysitter (Part 4)

Summary: While Tae is stuck at work you decided to hangout with your friends.

Pairings: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Angst / Smutish

Words: 3k

A/N: This one is a little sad :(, but I promise that part 5 will be fun :)

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You woke up with the sun glazing on your face. You felt Taehyung nuzzle more into your neck tickling you. You knew he was still sleeping by the way his soft snores filled up the quiet room.

You smiled just thinking about waking up with him. With no worry about Dara bursting through the door or your parents. You can actually act like a couple, no secrets. You loved this feeling.

He slightly moved from you turning around to face him. He looked so peaceful when he was asleep. You gently kissed his nose and snuggled deeper into his neck while wrapping his arms around you.

You intertwined your legs with his. “Tae.” You whispered.

No movement. He must be in a deeper sleep then you thought.

“Taehyung.” You attempted again, but no movement. You slowly slid your hand down his chest until you reached the waist line of his boxer briefs. You honestly couldn’t help yourself. You and Taehyung finally admitted that you loved each other, he was all yours, and you just wanted to make him feel good.

You slipped your hand underneath his boxers as you touched him up lower. He groaned but he didn’t open his eyes. You quickly made your way underneath the blanket so you were right in front of him.

You quietly pulled down his boxers exposing his limb member. You grabbed him and brought him to your mouth. It didn’t take him long to stiffen up. You heard him moan through each pump until he finally opened his eyes full alert.

“What are you-” He tried to say as he noticed that you were sucking him off and that it wasn’t a dream. He started to enjoy the pleasure you were giving him as he tilted his head back moaning uncontrollably. You smirked from the process. It was adorable watching him squirm.

You licked the cherry red tip, he wasn’t going to last much longer. Just as you brought your mouth back down you heard a quick two knocks and the door opening.

Taehyung pushed himself up so he was leaning on his elbows looking towards the door.

“Hey I’m going to pick up Jimin, do you need anything while I’m out.” You heard Yoongi’s voice.

“No thanks.” Taehyung tried to get his breathing together.

“You alright?” Yoongi asked suspicious.

“Yeah.” Tae nervously smiled.

“Are you masturbating again?” Yoongi looked at him disgusted.

Taehyung blushed, but before he could answer Yoongi closed the door with a simple ‘ew’.

You pulled the blanket down looking at Taehyung. “Masturbate?” You smirked.

He stuttered. “U-um- oh shut up, everyone does it.” He defended.

You laughed and put your mouth down his length. You bobbed your head quickly to build up his release once again from the previous mood kill. You loved the way he moaned your name, it made you feel wet yourself.

As you tasted his release you smiled from the way he collapse against his bed. He was trying to steady his breathing as you crawled back up closer to him.

His eyes were closed again when you were back in his arms. Just then a ringing broke the steady sound of silence. He turned towards his phone and groaned. “Sorry.” You shook your head saying you understood. He sat up and answered the phone as he got dressed into sweats.

“Hey mom.” He answered.

You got up yourself and just grabbed one of his dress shirts. He walked out to the living room as you got dressed.

“Please, just a few days.” You overheard him.

He groaned more into the phone. “Okay fine.” Then he hung up.

“You okay?” You asked.

“Yeah….its just that my parents-” He turned around to finally look at you but stumbled over his words from you only wearing his shirt.

“Yes.” You smirked.

He shook his head. “My parents want me to help out with market today.” He looked stressed out. You walked up to him wrapping your arms around his waist.

“That’s okay….I can actually hang out with my friends for real.” You giggled.

“But I wanted you all to myself.” He pouted.

You leaned in kissing him passionately. “You will tomorrow.” You smiled into the kiss.

“Maybe we should take your friends offer?” He smiled. “This morning was kind of embarrassing.”

You covered your mouth laughing remembering every detail. “It’s not funny, Yoongi already thinks I’m weird.” He whined.

“Don’t blame me…that’s all you.” You laughed.

“C'mon let’s make a beautiful mess together.” He looked at you confused.

“Breakfast Tae.” You confirmed.


You figured out that Taehyung couldn’t cook either so you both settled on frozen waffles. You decided to do the dishes after you both finished, but you had to put up with a small fight. Taehyung was too much of a gentleman for his own good.

As you were finishing up he hugged you from behind and started kissing your cheek. You loved that he was so playful.

“When do you have to leave?” You asked.

“I have to be there by noon.” He nuzzled into your neck making you giggle.

“So that gives us about an hour.” You looked at him. He just arched his eyebrows.

“You’re full of surprises aren’t you.” You bit your lip.

“It has to be quick I don’t know when Yoongi will be back.”

You grabbed his hand and led him down to wear you needed him. He slightly jumped from the fact that you weren’t wearing anything under his shirt.

He was leaning up right behind you creating no space between you. You could feel his erection through his sweats. He kissed your neck gently as you forced him to touch you. You whimpered feeling his fingers dance through your folds.

“Tae.” You moaned. “Can we hurry this up.”

Before you know it he gently pushed you so you were leaning on the counter. You felt him lift his shirt up that you were wearing to get full assess. Then he pushed into you from behind immensely. You screeched from the pain. You were tighter then you thought.

“You okay?” He stopped.

“Yes, faster.” You whined.

Then he quickened his pace already stirring up the pleasure in your stomach. You felt like each time you were with him you were falling deeper for him, and you didn’t mind.

He was pounding into you at a steady pace, enjoying your time together, but just as you felt like were going to release you both alerted yourself towards the door.

Taehyung pulled out of you quickly and pulled his pants back up cursing to himself as you ducked behind the kitchen counter.

“Hey guys.” Yoongi greeted.

Tae just leaned on the counter with his head in his hands.

“Oh so that explains why you were acting weird this morning.” Yoongi laughed.

“I told you before that you do have a bedroom that you could do that in right.” Yoongi was enjoying his friend’s embarrassment.

You got up when they made there way over to the kitchen. Tae quickly rushed you out of the kitchen to his room so you could properly change.

“I’m so sorry.” Taehyung apologized and shut the door behind him.

When Tae went back to the kitchen Yoongi wasn’t alone, his other friend Jimin was there unloading the groceries as his other friend Jungkook was just entering with a few more things.

Jungkook noticed the awkward tension and the smile that was shown on his friends faces. “Did I miss something?” He asked.

Yoongi was still laughing to himself enjoying every moment.

“What was going on Tae?” Yoongi asked smiling.

“Whatever, I’ve caught you too.” Taehyung defended himself.

“Yeah but in my room that you still don’t know how to knock…..but I’ve caught you twice now.” Yoongi said annoyed.

“Technically the first time we weren’t doing anything.”

“What weren’t you doing?” Jungkook asked piecing the puzzle together. Jimin was just enjoying the show laughing.

“You would of if I didn’t catch you.” Yoongi just continued, ignoring Jungkook.

“What?” Jungkook spoke up louder.

“That’s not the point-” Taehyung was fighting back with Yoongi.

Jimin whispered into Jungkooks ear revealing the truth.

“Taehyung my man.” Jungkook quickly hugged Tae and patted him on the back.

They all made their attention towards you as you made your way out of Taehyung’s bedroom fully dressed.

You shyly walked over to Taehyung. “Hi, I’m Jungkook and this is Jimin.” He kindly greeted you.

“We’re sorry.” Jimin apologized. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”


You didn’t get to spend much time with Taehyungs friends but they did seem like generally good guys. Even Yoongi who seemed to always be sleepy and groggy every time you encountered him, but he was more playful today, especially making fun of the both of you which you came to realize that it was an awkward mess but you could live with it.

Taehyung drove you to your friends lodge and said his goodbyes. He said he should be able to pick you up later.

As soon as you knocked on the door you were greeted by your friends cousin Mark. He was quiet but very humorous, much different from his cousin. You made your way around to the back of the house and saw your friends in the hot tub.

“Hey girl, you made it.” Sana said.

“Where’s your bae?” Liz asked.

“He has to work.” They sensed your sadness.

“Come join us.”

After you changed into your bathing suit you joined in, you were glad it was just the two of them and not their boyfriends because you would feel like a third wheel.

“So…..where is…..Changkyung is it?” You asked not really knowing anything about your friends boyfriends.

“Yeah….we broke up.” Sana answered hesitantly.

“I’m sorry.”

“Good ridden right?” She smiled falsely. “Does your boyfriend have any friends who are single?” She smiled.

“I don’t know….he has a lot of friends.”

“Even better.” She smirked. “You should invite them over tonight…..we can throw a beach party.” Again with the parties.

“Maybe.” You nervously smiled.


You have texted Tae and told him about tonight. You basically told him that he didn’t have to come with his friends only to pick you up but he was still at work so he didn’t answer.

He didn’t seem like a party type of guy and you couldn’t really say for his friends.

“(Y/N) come on its just us…your allowed to have fun.” Liz handed you a drink.


You grabbed the drink and sipped it. You didn’t want to get drunk so you just slowly stayed with the one cup.

A few hours later and your one drink became a couple. You felt a little tipsy but you were still aware of your surroundings.

The small party with just you and your friends turned out to be another party you didn’t want to be apart of. Lucky for you the party stayed on the beach and never reached the house. You didn’t know any of these people, they were probably crashers who were on the beach.

“Guess who.” Someone whispered from behind you. He wrapped his arms around you hugging you from behind. Your first thought was Tae but he didn’t smell like Tae. He smelled like stale cigarettes and alcohol. You quickly got out of his embrace and turned around.


“Hey babe.” He winked at you.

“Get away from me.” You snapped.

Youngjin pinned you up against the wall glaring at you. “You know you want me.” Before you could answer his lips were on yours forcing you up the wall. You couldn’t move, he had you trapped between him and the wall. Youngjin slipped his hand up your shirt aggressively. You felt tears fall from eyes, you couldn’t break free.

You tried to push him off of you but he wouldn’t budge. Before you could process what was happening Youngjin was pulled from you.

Everything felt like it was in slow motion. You looked towards where Youngjin went as you saw him on the ground with someone punching him to a pulp. Taehyung.

Youngjin was tough so he was doing everything to fight back but he was no match against how angry you saw your boyfriend. You were traumatized about the whole thing, you couldn’t move.

“Tae stop!” You saw his friends hold him back, but he didn’t want to stop.

“Who the fuck are you?” Youngjin spat.

“Her fucking boyfriend.” He noticed you on the ground as your face was swollen from all the tears. He grabbed your hand and led you inside towards the kitchen. You sat on the bar stool as he desperately tried to find you some water and tissues.

“Tae stop.” You finally came to your senses. He wasn’t listening to you, he was frustrated. You never seen him like this.

You looked at his friends who were peeking from the other room. You gave them a look so you could have your privacy.

You walked up to Taehyung. “Tae stop and look at me.” You grabbed onto his face. “Calm down.” He took a deep breath as he look at you. His face was flushed, almost like he was about to cry.

“I’m okay.” You wrapped your arms around his waist bringing him into you. You felt him loosen up around you. You led him over to the bar stool this time. You took out several ice packs and took out the first aid kit from the cupboard.

Under his left eye was a little swollen and you could see a bruise forming. You made him put an ice pack under his eye and his left hand from his knuckles being swollen and bloody.

“Thank you.” You sniffed your tears back up.

“You sure you’re okay?” He softly asked.

“I am now.” You smiled.

“I didn’t know he was going to be here unless I wouldn’t have come. Liz and Sana said it would be just us and few of her cousins friends. I’m not surprised he showed up.” You rolled your eyes.

“Who is he?” Tae asked annoyed.

“He’s my ex.”

“Your ex….and he treats you like that?” You can sense him getting angry again.

“Lets not talk about him okay.” You caressed Taehyung’s cheek.

“(Y/N) are you okay….we heard what happened.” Liz and Sana burst through the door.

“I’m fine.” You smiled at Tae.

“Good, Youngjin looks awful….hes crying outside.” They laughed.

“Guys can we be alone please.” You politely asked.

They nodded and left. “I think we should leave.” Tae got up and started towards the door.

You grabbed his arm making him face you. “I love you.” You felt your eyes getting watery again.

He responded by pulling you in with a deep kiss. It felt emotional.

“I love you too.” He whispered. You both made your way outside. Taehyungs hand was locked with yours so he wouldn’t lose you again. You saw Youngjin make his way over to you guys but Jungkook stopped him.

“Stay away from her.” He told him.

“You can’t tell me what to do.” Youngjin tried to pass through again but Jungkook pushed him hard enough that he fell into the pool. Everyone burst out with laughter as you all made your way towards Tae’s car. He asked if Yoongi would drive so he can comfort you in the back seat.

You were lucky he showed up when he did. You saw that Taehyung would go to extreme measures to keep you safe, he even told you that you were band from going to parties with out him. After seeing you helpless against Youngjin made him scared for you, he couldn’t imagine how you were feeling.

He squeezed your hand tighter and kiss the back of it. You smiled from the gesture.


As soon as you reached his apartment you both excused yourselves to his room with a side bickering from Yoongi.

“I swear if I hear you guys, I will most likely vomit.” He laughed. Jimin and Jungkook just gave you both a thumbs up. Yoongi turned around. “Stop it, you’re encouraging them.”

“No worries Suga, I’m a little tired so he won’t be having fun tonight.” You smiled. Yoongi was thrown off from you knowing his nickname.

But nothing happened the rest of the night. Tae gave you a set of boxers and his button up dress shirt that you loved so much. You crawled into bed with with, he held you against his chest tightly so he wouldn’t lose you. You wanted him to know everything.


He mumbled something to let you know he was listening.

“This isn’t the first time he’s done this.” He looked at you seriously.

“When we were together he used to be in more then one relationship. I broke things off as soon as I found out.”

“But one night he made me so drunk that I don’t remember anything that happened….like I blacked out the whole night…..all I know is that I woke up next to him the next morning.” You continued.

“I didn’t know how but I know he forced himself on me because I wasn’t wearing anything when I woke up.” Tears fell.

“I went to the doctor afterwards and she said that I was lucky that I didn’t catch anything or even get pregnant.”

“He raped you?” Tae whispered.

“I hate hearing that.” You looked away from him. “More of took advantage.”

“You need to do something.” He raised his voice.

“There’s no proof. I just wish he would leave me alone.”

“He will, I’ll make sure of it.” He kissed your forehead.

“No more surprise wake ups, my friends are here.” He blushed.

“Are you that embarrassed.” You laughed.

“They will never let this one go, trust me.”

You leaned up and kissed him. “Goodnight Tae.”

“Night.” You felt him bring you closer into his chest. You stayed wrapped up in his arms until you eventually fell asleep.

Taehyung promised that he would make tomorrow a day you wouldn’t forget.


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Prompt: Angsty sansby

Thank you for the prompt, @wellmaybesomenerds!  

The first idea I came up for this prompt was a continuation of the idea I wrote something for a while ago where Sans and Grillby were married for like 40 years and then Frisk resets.  Neither of them remembers being married directly, but when they meet again after the reset, they both have sudden strong feelings for each other.  I always figured there would be a breakup some point after they got together.  I hope you like breakup fics?  

Hopefully, that summarizes the idea well enough that no one has to read the other stuff first.

Rating: T

Warnings: angst, breakups, depression

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Originally posted by mayfifolle

It’s Mark’s 18th birthday and you have just the right gift for him. 

Warnings: Fluff

Pairings: Mark Lee x reader

Word Count: 1.4 K

Requested: Everyone loving and supporting Mark for the cutie he is (AND HE IS A CUTIE OML LOOK AT HIM).

Mark Lee was the sweetest person you knew. When you first met him, it was a gloomy, rainy, school night and you were umbrella-less in the pouring rain. He offered his to you, putting it into your hands, insisting that you take it, then without another word, ran under the umbrella of his friend, (who you now know as Jeno). You thought he was crazy for doing so, but his simple gesture made you smile the entire walk home. 

He also had this aura around him. When you looked at him, his eyes held a strength to them, never seeming to lose focus. His hands never rested, feet never stood still and mind never ran out of words to say. He had this innate ability to make others put their trust into him, and no one so far has regretted that decision. 

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Okay so this is the new “everyone” picture that I will use! 

So when you request “everyone and (food),” I’m gonna use this, because this covers pretty much every character <3

Of course we’ve got all the Iwatobi and Samezuka characters, complete with big bro/former captain Sei coming to check out the party. Look at Nao and Natsuya and Ikuya (and his roomie) and Asahi all grown up, I’m gonna cry. :’) And Kisumi visiting his friends with little Hayato in tow. One of my favorite things about Free! are all the character. All of them. Like every single one. I adore them all. So I’m glad there’s finally one official art that includes everybody. 

So yeah, this will be the “everyone/everybody” picture.

You can request other, smaller group names too! For example:

-1st years/2nd years/3rd years
-Style Five
-Season 1 cast
-Season 2 cast
-High Speed boys
-Listing off specific, individual characters
-Etc. whatever floats your boat

Also… I finally caught up with requests! OTL 

(if you mentioned/tagged/@ me in something the last few weeks and I still haven’t posted it, please do it again or PM the post because I probably missed it)

I’m so sorry for the delay in responses recently. I haven’t been in the best mental place for the last couple years, and 2017 is really taking a toll on me especially the last few months, so on my bad days/weeks even fun things like this blog seem like a chore unfortunately. I’m still in a bit of a funk, it comes and goes, so I may still be a little slow to respond, but please keep sending in requests and submissions! I’ll get to them eventually, because I do enjoy doing them! ^.^ 

You’re all so sweet and I appreciate your little messages added on to asks, wishing me a good day and stuff, and even the simple “please and thank you”s, it means so much. Thank you all for being so kind and patient and just overall wonderful people.💕

That said, my inbox is empty now, as are my mentions so if you’ve got any requests or submissions, feel free to send them in! ^.^

Once Casca's Senses Return
  • Guts: Bae, I'm so glad you're back!
  • Casca: Guts? You lost an eye? What the hell happened to your arm?! Also, you're looking a lot older than I remember you being...
  • Guts: Uhh... how much do you remember, exactly?
  • Casca: There was that... well, *that* hellish thing with the a-hole-formerly-known-as-Griffith, and then nothing. Who are all these people?
  • Guts: They've been taking care of you. This is Farnese, she's basically been your permanent carer ever since... uh, well ever since I abandoned you that second time and then had to rescue you from another eclipse which turned Griffith back into his pretty version.
  • Farnese: Hi.
  • Casca: You what now?
  • Guts: And this is her brother Serpic-
  • Casca: No, no. Go back to that last part. You know, the part about abandoning me all over again.
  • Farnese: Please don't be too mad at Guts, he saved you in the end, and he learned his lesson. He hasn't left your side since. As for why *I* was taking care of you, you hated it whenever he went near you so I was the only one who could help, and besides, I was happy to.
  • Casca: Wait, what? Why wouldn't I go near Guts?
  • Guts: Uhh...
  • Casca: ...
  • Guts: So... I may have tried to sexually assault you.
  • Casca: ...
  • Casca: ...
  • Guts: I'm sorry. It was just after everything that had happened with Griffith, I was young, selfish and full of anger. I realise what I did was wrong and Schierke's really been helping me through my anger issues.
  • Casca: *Punches Guts in the gonads*
  • Guts: *Crumples to the floor* I deserved that.
  • Casca: Yeah you did. Suck it up, though, because I'm probably going to sucker-punch you again the next dozen times I think about what you just told me.
  • Guts: *Still crumpled on the floor* Fair.
  • Isidro: Woah, lady you're awesome!
  • Casca: Who's the kid? He looks just like you, is he yours?
  • Guts: No, but speaking of kids...
  • Casca: *glares suspiciously*
  • Guts: So remember that one time we had sex? Well, apparently you got pregnant but then Griffith's attack on you corrupted the baby somehow and you gave birth really pre-maturely and it turned out to be a demon baby with special powers who disappeared but then used to pop up every so often to help me.
  • Casca: ...
  • Guts: Come to think about it, I haven't seen the demon baby ever since that second eclipse, but there's this new little kid that kind of looks like you and me who appears at random and helps us out from time to time. I have no idea who he is, though. He could be anybody.
  • Casca: ...
  • Casca: ...
  • Casca: This is going to take a while to process. Also, why the hell am I so white?!
  • Guts: Uhh... you know, I have no idea. Your skin just sort of lightened over time?
  • Casca: Aaand, this was not a cause for concern for you?
  • Guts: I was too busy being self-absorbed and angsty to notice.
  • Casca: *sigh* Whatever. I'm going to sit on top of that hill and try to get a tan, at least. Don't bother me for about an hour.
  • Guts: Whatever you need to do, Casca. I'm glad you're back, I missed you so much.
  • Casca: I missed you too, babe. I'm sorry you lost your arm and eye, that sucks. If it helps, you've really grown into that jaw of yours. You're even hotter now than I remember.
  • Guts: Aw! Thanks, bae.
  • Casca: Oh, before I forget... Guts?
  • Guts: Yeah?
  • Casca: *Sucker-punches him in the gonads again*.
  • Guts: *Crumples to the floor* These next few weeks are gonna be painful, I can tell.
  • Roderick: Has, uh, has she always been like that?
  • Guts: *Dreamily (and still on the floor)* Yeah, it's pretty hot, isn't it?
  • Farnese: *Equally dreamily* She's amazing...
  • Guts: Right?!
Spain Vacation (Cameron Dallas smut)

I am currently on vacation with a few of my closest friends. We decided to go to Spain because none of us never been, and most of us knew Spanish. Spain is beautiful; the scenery is great, the beaches are incredible, and my friends say the guys are to die for. Well I had a boyfriend back home, and I miss him very much. His name’s Cameron, and he is perfect. I just wish he was here with me. I invited him to come with us, but he said his schedule was too filled up for a two week vacation. I understood, but I just knew I would miss him a lot and I do.

My friends were going out to a club, but I said no to their request.

“Are you sure?” One of my friends asks.

“Yeah. You guys have fun, I’ll be fine,” I smile.

“Okay, we’ll be back around 1 or 2.”

“Kay, have fun and try not to get wasted,” I laugh.

“We know. See ya,” then they closed the door behind them.

I sat down, and started to read part of my book. After about an hour, I began to get hungry, so I figured I should order something to eat. I went to get my phone then I heard a knock on my door. I walked to it, and opened the door.

“Te amo,” the person said with flowers covering their face.

“Excuse me?” I said.

“I said,” they lowered the flowers, “I love you.” It was Cameron. My face lit up with joy, and I hugged him tightly.

“Oh my god! Why are you here? I thought you were busy.”

“I cleared a few days. I couldn’t wait four more days for you to get home,” and he roughly kissed my lips.

It felt good feeling his lips on mine again. We backed ourselves into the hotel room, and he pushed me against the door.

“Did you miss me baby?” he asked.

“Yea- yes.”

“What do you want baby girl?”

“I want you to fuck me,” I whispered.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

“I said,” I wrapped my arms and legs around him, “I want you to fuck me.”

“Good girl,” then we went back to kissing.

“You know I really missed you?”

“Of course. Now shoo shoo, stop talking. Let our bodies to do the talking,” he said unbuttoning my flannel shirt that he gave me.

We made our way to the couch, with never but our undergarments on. His hands felt their way down my bare body until they reached my underwear. Cameron’s mouth slowly lowered to my area. I felt his lips on my hip then his teeth, pulling down my panties till they are off me. He looked into my eyes with pure estasty then he smiled, leaning towards my face, kissing me softly. His hips grinded against mine, we were so close that I could feel his bulge against my entrance like he was practically thrusting in me. I moved my hands to his boxer briefs and slowly tried to remove them until grabbed my hands.

“Careful there,” he smirked removing them for me.

“Just fuck me, Cam,” I whispered in his ear.

He smiled and entered me roughly; rougher than usual. I screamed his name then let out a sigh. He was holding my hips as guidance. He was thrusting so deep I could feel a tingle in my lower stomach. Then I felt two fingers on my clitt, rubbing aggressively.

“Fuck Cam!”

“That’s right princess,” he thrusted deeper in me, “scream my name.”

“Sh-shit!” I hit my first orgasm.

“Good girl,” he kissed lightly.


“Excuse me?”

“Cam, we haven’t fucked in a month. Shut the fuck up and keep going.”

“Whatever you say,” he flipped me to my side and started fucking me from the back. “There?”

“Yes fuck!” I bit down on my lip.

“I miss this,” he whispered.

“Miss what?”

“Us. I missed your beautiful naked body, me **deep thrust** pleasuring you. It’s nice, I love you, you know.”

“Yeah, and I love you.” We kissed before hitting our orgasms.

He carried me to my bed and laid with me under the covers.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered

“Hah thanks,” I giggled.


“Sarah, wake up!”

“Huh?” I opened my eyes to see one of my friends.

“Why is there clothes on the floor, and you’re naked?”

“What?” I sat up to see that Cam was gone. “Um, I had a party for one,” I giggled.

“Whatever, this was left for you. Don’t tell Cam.”

“Heh yeah, you got me.” I opened the letter to it was from Cam.

Sorry, Sarah, but I could on stay for a few hours. I needed to get back to LA ASAP. When you get back, we’ll go our own vacation; just the two of us. Hope you understand that. I love you, and can’t wait to see you when you get back. Xxxx Cameron.

I’m gonna miss that goofball, but he’s my goofball.

A/N: sorry it sucks


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And we continue with number four, which is a prompt I received a while back, and decided to follow up on. NSFW, 1.295 words.



It’s a dreary Wednesday morning, and she is bored. She woke up around eight, walked around aimlessly in the flat for a good half an hour, making herself a cup of tea and flicking on the television, then watched the news. News broadcasts turn out to be rather depressing, so instead she decides to do the dishes from the evening before, and then she walks around for another while, sighing deeply before watering the plants.

It’s almost ten in the morning and apart from reblogging some funny GIFs and doing some household chores, there’s nothing left to do. Laundry’s in the washing machine, her kitchen counter is neat and clean, and she’s curled up on her couch, with a mug of her favourite tea. Life is good. And boring. She sighs as she reaches for her iPhone on the coffee table, and swipes to unlock the screen. One new message. It’s from Grace. You awake yet? Going in at ten, give me a call if you read this before. She glances at the time, pleased to see that she’s got a couple of minutes to spare. She grins and taps the screen a few times, before lodging the phone between her shoulder and ear as she holds onto her mug with both hands.

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anonymous asked:

Jimin in fishnet stockings + lingerie as a welcome home present to his husband. Jikook headcanons plsss!

+ Jungkook is a artist and has become popular among art collectors.

+ Jimin loves it! Loves that Jungkook can live his dream. But it sucks when it rips him away to other countries for art galleries.

+ “You can come with me you know.” “I know baby but if I don’t get this dance down by Thursday we’ll be in huge trouble for the showcase.”

+ Jimin kisses Jungkook’s pout away.

+ so since Jimin couldn’t be there he wanted to do something nice for his husband.

+ Like dressing up in red hot lacey panties in a equally lacey bra while wearing a fake crown and fishnest stockings.

+ Jimin even wore a belly ring that looks like a bow. Jungkook might fun himself on the spot.

+ He didn’t but almost did by the gaping look from Jungkook’s face.

+ “Welcome back Jungkook.” “Fuck Hyung I’m suppose to be tired from jet lag but now I’m all horny and shit.” “Don’t worry baby, I’ll take good care of you.”

+ Jungkook gets the luxuary to lay down while Jimin does all the work.

+ Jimin gives Jungkook the best head in a while and deep throats the whole shaft. Jungkook moans loudly while gripping Jimin’s hair.

+ Once he cums Jimin has Jungkook finger him at whatever pace Jungkoo wants (Which is slow as fuck cause Jungkook is lazy but also likes how Jimin cheeks dust pink when he gets fuck slow. It’s like art.)

+ Jimin rides Jungkook at whatever pace Jungkook wants. This time fast because Jungkook wants Jimin to cum so they can cuddle.

+ once they both cum Jimin cleans up before snuggling with his husband.

“Sorry I missed your gallery.” “It’s ok Hyung. Did you finish your dance?” “Yeah, it’s amazing.”

+ they share a few more kisses before dozing off.

Detention Part 6

I woke up with Liam next to me. Sunlight poured through my window, filling my whole room with bright light and it took me a moment or two to realize that it was morning. It was morning and Liam was still in my bed, sleeping next to me. We had slept together in the same bed. All I could wonder was, “How did that happen?” His face was buried sideways on the pillow, his eyes lightly closed, and his mouth slightly open. I studied his perfect, beautiful face for a minute before I looked over at my alarm clock; it was ten minutes to eight. “Oh, shit! Liam wake up now!” I yelled. 

Liam’s eyes popped open. He looked at me at first as though he couldn’t remember who I was and then he sat up in bed. “What am I still doin’ here?” he asked.

Quickly, I jumped out of bed, not wearing a damn thing, and found some underwear to put on. “We gotta hurry up. We’re supposed to be at school in like ten minutes.”

Liam didn’t move from the bed at all. He just stretched his powerfully muscular arms over his head, arched his back, causing all of the muscles in his upper body to flex and ripple. “Fuck school. Let’s just not go.”

“No, we gotta go. We’ll get detention again if we miss school.”

Sighing, Liam said, “We’ll probably get detention anyway.” He stepped out of bed, fully naked, the light illuminating his god-like body, and his giant, semi-hard dick swinging around like a pendulum. He picked up his shirt and put it on. “Where the fuck are my pants at?” he asked.

“Think you left `em in the living room. Let me go get them. I don’t know if my mother is home or not.” I left my room, went into the living room, and found Liam’s baggy jeans in a pile on the carpet beside the couch. Picking them up, I sniffed the crotch area of Liam’s jeans a few times, and I could smell his sweet, pungent scent through the denim. It made my dick harden a little bit in my boxer shorts. I jogged back to my room and handed Liam his jeans. “Liam we gotta hurry up and get to school. If we’re late, then we gotta go to detention…again. I’m not tryin to have detention on a fuckin Friday.”

Liam lazily stepped into his jeans. His dick was poking out of the zipper hole. He stuffed it back in and zipped them up. I was surprised to see how good Liam looked in the morning. He looked so fresh as though he didn’t just wake up. Me on the other hand, I knew that I probably looked like a big mess. “It’s already eight o’clock, Ni.” I checked the clock and saw that he was right. Fuck.

After he was finished dressing, Liam said, “I’ll see you later.”

“Wait a second, I’m almost dressed.”

“No. I need to go home and take a shower and put on some different clothes,” Liam told me.

“Why don’t you just wear what you got on now?”

“`Cause it’s musty, and I hate wearin’ the same thing twice.”

“You can just wear somethin of mine,” I told him. “We’re basically almost the same size.”

Chris looked at me as if I was stupid. “No offense. But I wouldn’t be caught fuckin dead wearin any of your shit.” He scoffed and walked out of the room. “I’ll see you later.”
I caught up with him in the living room just as he was about to open the front door, and grabbed him by the arm spinning around. I leaned my face in close to kiss him but Liam pulled back. “I’m cool, Ni. Your breath stinks.” He grinned, tugged open the door and left. I couldn’t believe he just said that to me–I mean I could believe he said that, because Liam always said shit like that, but that fuckin annoyed me. It just proved to me that the closer that I thought the two of us got, the more Liam proved to me that I wasn’t worth shit to him. 

Since I didn’t have much time, I just put on a slightly wrinkled T-shirt and the same jeans I wore the day before. It was fifteen minutes after eight when I finally got out of the house. As I was getting on the bus, searching for my fare, I found the letter that Zayn Malik had written me last night. I paid the dollar fare, found a seat, and reread the note again.

Hey Niall,

This is Zayn. Came by your house around nine-fifteen, but nobody answered the door when I rang the doorbell…I’m kinda disappointed that I didn’t get spend time with you tonight…

As I thought about it, I realized that I was disappointed too.
I reported to the main office where the bitter old receptionist, Ms. Grayson grimaced at me from behind her desk. “You’re an hour late, Mr. Horan,” she said.

“Um…my bus ran late…”

“Next time,” she said as she filled out a pink slip for me, “Wake up earlier.” Ms. Grayson handed the note to me. “Report to Mr.Devine’s room at three-fifteen for detention. Next!”

So obviously I could see that this was already gonna be the worst fuckin day of my life. I snatched the slip away from her and stormed out of the office.

Later, during lunch, I saw Zayn walking in my direction as I sat under my favorite tree. 
As he came closer, I was just so mesmerized by how attractive he was; and not just the way he looked. There just seemed to be a confidence about him, a maturity about him that set him apart from most high school boys our age. Zayn sat next to, smiling. “Hey,” he said. “Did you get that note I left you last night?”

“Yeah, I did…um…my mother wanted me to go somewhere with her at that last minute. I told her that you were comin over, but she didn’t care. I’m sorry I missed you.” 

Zayn looked at me intently with his dark hazel eyes for a few seconds, as if he were trying to decide if I was telling the truth or not. He just said, “It’s OK. That’s cool. Well, what are you doin after school?” 

I sighed. “Got detention again. But afterwards I free to do whatever.”

“Good,” Zayn said. He stood up. “Come to the library after you get out. I’ll be there.” Zayn winked at me and walked away. I watched his ass through his semi-tight fitting jeans as he strode off. It was really tight and round-looking. I was still amazed that somebody as good-looking and sophisticated as he was would be interested in me. I looked around to see if Liam was spying on me as he had been the other day. When I didn’t see him, I gathered my stuff and headed to class. 

I reported to room 738 after school for detention. The bad thing was that this wasn’t going to be like Ms. Navarro’s detention, where all we had to do was sit in our desks and look like idiots for forty-five minutes. Mr. Davine, the detention teacher for the whole school, was an unnecessarily cruel asshole that made us actually do things as part of detention, like clean all the bathrooms or pick up trash all over campus. This was really not about to be fun.

There was only four other people in detention other than myself: this extremely good-looking, tall and muscular sophomore fifteen-year-old named Harry Styles, Eleanor Calder who was in my Physics class, and of course, the two people I really wasn’t all too excited to see: Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. When Liam saw me, he smiled; I couldn’t really tell if it was an insulting smile, or a genuine smile. Just as I sat in my seat, I heard Mr. Davine say to me in his extremely deep voice, “Five minutes late, Horan.” 

I checked my watch. “It’s three fifteen now.”

Mr. Davine pointed to the wall clock. “Not on that clock it isn’t.” He walked over to my desk, and as he came closer to me, I could smell the sweet scent of the cologne he wore. Mr. Davine gripped both sides of my desk and lowered himself down so that our faces were at the same level. He stared at me deeply with his piercing ice-blue eyes. Very deliberately with his sexy lips moving slowly, Mr. Davine said to me, “Don’t ever be late again, Horan.”

With my heart beating at rapid speed, I answered, “I won’t be.”

I heard Liam, Louis and Harry snickering at me. Mr. Devine looked in their direction. “Did I tell any of you to make any fuckin noise?” he asked.

“No, sir,” all three said at once. I had forgotten that Mr. Devine had been head coach for the football team in the fall and their Track and Field coach. That’s why Liam, Louis, and Harry respected (or were intimidated by) him so much. Mr. Devine looked at me again, for a few seconds. And there was something in the way he looked at me, that was not just anger, but also a look of lust, like he wanted to fuck me right there. It was the same look Liam always gave me. I looked at the wedding band on Mr. Devine’s finger and then I looked him directly in the eyes. Mr. Devine arched one of his eyebrows slightly, stood up and headed back toward his desk. Like I had done with Zayn, I watched Mr. Devine’s firm-looking round ass in the snug-fitted brown slacks he wore. I could tell from Mr. Devine’s body shape that he worked out a lot and had a nice physique. He probably had a giant dick like Louis and Liam. It’s been my experience that football players–and their coaches probably–all though I have only fucked three so far (football players, not coaches)–have massive dicks. 

“Tomlinson and Payne,” Mr. Devine said to Louis and Liam, “I want all the trash in the main courtyard and the bleachers on the football field cleaned up.” To Harry, he said, “Styles, you go clean up the men’s locker room. It should be empty by now. All three of you should be back in less than half an hour. Ms. Calder you can leave now. I don’t have anything for you to do today.” Eleanor looked very happy when Mr. Devine told her this. She was out of the classroom in two seconds. I didn’t dare think to tell him that was unfair that she got to go while the rest of us stayed. But I, as well as Louis, Liam, and Harry knew that was a bad idea to challenge Mr. Devine. The three boys left the classroom, leaving Mr. Devine and I alone. “And you, Horan…” Mr. Devine reached into one the drawers in his desk and pulled out one of the biggest stacks of papers that I had ever seen in my life. He saw the shocked look on my face and this made him smirk. Mr. Devine carried the papers over to my desk and placed them on my desk. “I want you to grade each one of these. And if you make any mistakes, I’ll be seein your ass everyday in detention for the next two weeks.” Now I was beginning to see where Liam and Louis got their arrogant, fucked up attitudes from. And I hated to admit that it was actually turning me on. 

Half an hour later, when Liam, Louis, and Harry returned, I was only half-way finished with the papers. They were all grinning and their clothes looked a lot more wrinkled and dirty than before they had left. I knew that hadn’t cleaned any up at all. They had probably just finished having a fuckin threesome in the locker room or some place. “We’re finished, coach,” Liam said. He looked at me, flashing one of his taunting, cocky grins. “Can we go now?”

“Yes,” Mr. Devine said. “All of you can go.” Mr. Devine turned to me. “Except for you, Horan.”

“Why do I gotta stay?” I asked.

“Because I fuckin said so,” Mr. Devine said sharply. Harry and Louis quietly left the classroom. Liam remained behind for two seconds, giving me this “too bad for you” look and left as well.

As soon as Liam left the classroom, Mr. Devine walked over to me, his crotch a few inches away from my face and asked, “Why aren’t you fuckin finished with those papers yet?”

“`Cause there’s like a thousand of them. There’s no way in hell that I’m gonna be able to finish all of these papers in ten minutes.”

“Well,” Mr. Devine said moving in a little bit closer to me, “guess you’re gonna have to stay a little bit longer.” I looked over at his crotch, because by that time it was obvious that he wanted me to, and saw his cock growing within his pants. My own dick started to grow within my jeans. 

“I’m supposed to be meeting somebody at four o’ clock,” I told Mr. Devine. “I can’t stay that much longer.”

Mr. Devine’s dick continued to harden inside his slacks. It snacked down his left thigh and swelled to its fullest degree, which appeared to be at least a good ten inches. So I guess my whole football player/coach-big dick theory was proving to be accurate. Mr. Devine gave his cock a few squeezes though his pants. My dick was rock hard now, poking against the denim of my jeans. A good part of me wanted to see what Mr. Devine’s dick looked like, and even how it would taste like going in my mouth. But then there was another part that felt bad and guilty about suckin off a teacher. “I’ve been hearin some things about you, Horan,” Mr. Devine said to me. 

My heart skipped. “Things like what?”

Mr. Devine unbuckled his belt slowly and unbuttoned his slacks. “I’ve heard that you been doin things with my Quarterback.”

I swallowed. My dick was still pulsating. “I don’t know what you’re talkin about.”

Chuckling, Mr. Devine lowered his zipper down a little bit, just enough for me to see that he was not wearing any underwear. He had shiny brown pubes. “Oh, I think you know what I’m talkin about, Horan.”

“Actually I don’t. And I don’t think it’s really appropriate for you to be doin’ that in front of me.”

“Appropriate?” Mr. Devine asked with a smirk. “What do you know about appropriate, Horan? You’ve been caught fuckin in Ms. Navarro’s classroom, the boy’s bathroom–and I know about what’s been goin on in the gym and the football field–now is that what you call ‘appropriate’?” Mr. Devine put one hand into the hole in his zipper and massaged his dick inside of his pants. “I guess the two of you aren’t even tryin to keep it a secret.”

I glared at him. “What do you want?”

Mr. Devine gave me a coy look that I read as: “You know what I want.” I thought he was going to whip out his dick and try to stick it into my mouth, but instead he rose his zipper and fastened the button to his pants, “Not today. This will have to wait for another time. You can go now, Horan,” Mr. Devine said. 

I waited until my boner deflated a little and then I responded, “But what about these papers you wanted me to grade?”

“Toss `em in the trash. They’re just a bunch of old papers from last year.” Mr. Devine smiled at me, a very taunting and cruel smile.

That was just another reason for me to hate his fucking guts. I grabbed the pile of papers and dumped them in the recycling bin. Mr. Devine sat behind his desk and began to write something on a piece of paper. As I was ready to exit the classroom, Mr. Devine asked me, without looking up from his paper, “You’re not gonna tell anybody about this are you?”

It was basically the same exact question Ms. Navarro had asked me only a week earlier. When she had asked, I didn’t have an answer, but I had one now: “No. But maybe you should be careful. I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone telling your wife.” Mr. Devine lifted his head from his paper and gave me a look of surprise, as if he hadn’t expected me to say that. Smiling to myself, I stepped out of the classroom and into the empty hallway.

The library would be closing in under twenty-five minutes. I jogged halfway across campus, hoping that Zayn hadn’t left yet. Entering the library doors, I saw that the place was mostly empty. The librarian typed away on his computer at his desk, and when he saw me, he said, “We’re closing in fifteen minutes.”

I checked the computer area, and Zayn wasn’t there; I checked the study area, he wasn’t there either, I checked the book stacks, and I still didn’t see him. I went down one narrow book aisle and called out his name. “Zayn? Are you still here?”
From the opposite side of the bookshelf, I heard a deep voice say, “No, but I am.” I removed one of the books from the shelf to see Liam’s handsome, grinning face on the other side. “So he let you outta detention huh? I thought you woulda been in there for a least a half hour longer, gettin the ‘special treatment’.” Liam walked around the shelf and joined me in the narrow aisle.

“So I guess the special treatment involves jackin off right in front of my face?”

Liam’s eyebrows arched and he chuckled. “Devine pulled out his dick? Did he make you jack him off? Suck him off?”

“No!” I pushed my way past him and walked out of the library. Liam followed behind me.

“He left ten minutes ago,” Liam said. 

I turned around. “Who?”

“That pretty boy you was chattin up with yesterday. Think he said his name was Zayn.”

It felt like my heart had plummeted down to my feet. “Zayn? You didn’t talk to him did you?”

Liam shrugged. “For a quick second.”

“Did you say anything about me?”

“You came up a few times.”

I got really nervous. “What did you tell him, Liam?”

Liam had this amused look on his face. “Nothin too bad. Don’t get all stressed. Your forehead is all wrinkled.” 

“You never get tired of fuckin around with me.” I stuffed the piece of paper into my pocket and walked away.

I heard Liam say from behind me, “I was just tryin to help you out.”

“I don’t need your help.” 

Liam followed me as I made my way back across campus toward the main gates. He caught up with me. “Ni, wait up. Let me take you home.”

“That’s okay, I’ll take the bus.” Seizing me by the hand, Liam dragged me off into the direction of his truck. I tried struggling with him, but either he was stronger than I expected him to be, or I just wasn’t in the mood to really struggle with him. As I calmed down, Liam loosened his grip on me, but he didn’t let go of my hand until we reached his truck. 

“Get in,” he said as he unlocked the door. I stepped into the truck reluctantly. Liam turned on the engine and we were cruising down the street in seconds. 

I asked “How long are we gonna do this?”

“What?” Liam questioned.

“You know what I’m talkin about. We go to detention, and then we fuck, and then we go to school the next day and pretend like we don’t like each other, like we don’t even know who each other are. It’s gettin kinda boring now. When is it gonna stop?” 

“Who said anything about me wantin to fuck you today?” Liam asked. “I’m just takin you home. Besides, you’re probably gonna go and fuck that dude, Zayn, or whatever the fuck his name is.”

“Who said anything about me fuckin anybody?” I questioned back. “And speakin of fucking, what were you and Louis and that other freshman boy–Harry–or whatever his name is doin’?

“It’s not what you think,” Liam said. He took one hand off the steering wheel and used the other hand to tug at his crotch. “I didn’t fuck either one of them.”

“Yeah right.”

“Niall, of all people, you should know that it takes longer than twenty minutes for me to get off. It woulda took me a hour and a half at least to bone them. And like I told you yesterday, the only person I’m fuckin is you. Probably can’t say the same thing bout you though.”

“What are you talkin about? You the only one I’m…” I stopped talking before I ended the sentence. “I haven’t done anything with Zayn yet–”

“Did you just hear yourself?” Liam took his hand off his dick, which I assumed was hard now, and placed it back on the steering wheel. “You said you haven’t done anything with him ‘yet’.”

“I don’t plan on doin anything with him.” That part wasn’t necessarily true. “I don’t even know him all that much yet.”

“There goes that ‘yet’ word again, Niall. And `sides, you don’t need to know somebody to fuck `em. You just need to be horny enough.” 

“So what’s your point?” I asked, annoyed.

“I want you to admit that you wanna fuck that boy,” Liam said. 


Liam didn’t answer. 

I looked out my window, watching all the houses and trees that passed by. My heart was fluttering in my chest and my stomach felt like it was bouncing all over the place. “I like being with you,” I whispered. I was hoping that Liam didn’t hear me.

“What did you say?” Liam asked.

“Nothin.” I said.

“No,” Liam responded, looking at me. “I wanna hear what you just said.”

My heart was beating like a jackhammer in my chest; I took a deep breath, and without looking at him, I said a little bit louder, “I said I like being with you.” There was an extended moment of awkward silence and I regretted ever saying anything at all. I wish I could’ve just taken it–

“I like bein with you too…” Liam said. His voice shook a little when he said that, as though it was the hardest thing in the world for him to say. Another moment of silence past and Liam asked, “Do you like me?” I really couldn’t believe he was asking me that, and I could tell by the way his voice was still shaking that he couldn’t believe he asked me either.

“…I don’t know… sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. What about you?”

Liam hesitated for a moment, and then he answered, “More than I should.”

“More than you should, what?” I asked.

Liam kept his eyes straight on the road. “I like you more than I should. Didn’t think that shit would ever happen.”


“`Cause I don’t wanna like you,” Liam said bluntly. “You and me don’t go together. We’re hella opposite.” Though what he was saying was true, his words still stung.

“I know…” I said.

Liam turned down my street. I hadn’t even realized that we were so close to my house. “That dude likes you, the one I was talkin to in the library–Liam.” 

“How do you know?” I was interested in hearing his explanation.

“`Cause I can just tell. When I said your name, his face lit up and shit. He was just sittin there, lookin around like he was waitin for somebody to come. Figured he was waitin for you and all, since I saw you talkin to him the other day. Told him you was still in detention and wouldn’t be out for like another half hour. And then he said he didn’t mind waitin, that he was gonna sit there until you came.”

I was kinda bewildered by all of this. “Did he really say that?”

Liam pulled up into my driveway. He shut off the engine and looked at me. For the first time in the four years that I had known him, Liam actually looked serious; he didn’t have that stupid cocky-ass smile on his face that he usually wore, he just looked really sincere. I was almost amazed. 

“If Zayn said he was gonna wait for me,” I said, “then how come he wasn’t there when I went to the library?”

Liam turned his face away from me. “Told `im to leave. I told him that he might as well just take his ass home, `cause you wasn’t gonna come.”

“Why did you tell him that?”

Taking a deep breath, Liam said, “`Cause I didn’t want you to go off with him…I wanted you to go with me. And that’s what I’m talkin about, I’m not supposed to care…” He stopped talking. 

I didn’t really know what to feel. I didn’t know if I should’ve been angry at Liam for making Zayn leave, mad at Zayn for not waiting for me like he said he would, or should I be happy that Liam waited for me, and that whether he meant to or not, he had shown that there was a part of him that actually did care about me. I felt a mixture of all those emotions and I didn’t know what to say back to Liam. Again, we sat in awkward silence. 

“Are you gonna get out?” Liam asked. 

“Do you want me to?”

“Yeah and no.” Liam folded his arms around the steering wheel and rested his head gently against the horn, with his face turned toward me. “You’re right,” he said. 

“Right about what?”

“All we do is fight, fuck, and go to detention.” I laughed a little and Liam did the same. “We don’t talk, we don’t hang out. We basically don’t even really like each other. But for the past two weeks we’ve been fuckin nearly everyday. That shit is crazy,” Liam said. “I usually don’t give a fuck about who I’m fuckin…but you…I fuckin didn’t think this shit was gonna end up like this.”

“Me either,” I said. “But I’m kinda glad it did.”

“Why?” Liam asked. “You probably have more in common with that pretty dude than you have with me. You can probably talk to him bout all kinda shit, you’ll laugh at his stupid ass jokes and he’ll laugh at yours; you’ll take corny-ass walks through the park; when you go to school you don’t gotta worry bout if he’s gonna ignore you, and when you fuck him, you don’t gotta worry that he might not like you after. You can’t have that with me.”

“And maybe I’m stupid as fuck,” I said, “but that’s the reason why I like bein with you, `cause you don’t do all those things. You’re right, you do ignore me and when we’re fuckin I’m sure most of the time that you don’t feel anything emotional about it, you just wanna get off. But sometimes I know that when we…have sex…that it kinda means somethin to you. It means somethin to me. Like you told me one time, if I really wanted to, I can always find somebody to fuck. I mean it’s not really hard to find so-called straight football players that would probably love me to suck their dick, but I don’t. If I wanted to be with Zayn, I wouldn’t be here with you right now.”

Liam didn’t say anything, he just looked at me. “You’re a fuckin dumb-ass,” he said, bursting out into one of his cocky grins. “All this Hallmark bullshit is about to make me fuckin throw up.”

“Fuck, Liam. You always gotta fuck up the mood.” 

“Just playin,” Liam said, “don’t get all PMS-ish.”

Slightly annoyed, I opened the door to the truck and was about to step out, when Liam pulled me back in. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me onto his lips. The kiss started off hard but soon it became gentle, and our tongues brushed up against each other. Liam’s grip on the back of my neck loosened, but he still held on to me, sucking my bottom lip and brushing my hair with his fingers. It was like every nerve in my body was tingling at once, and my body heated up like I had just stepped into an inferno. I didn’t want him to let go of me. But after three minutes–it felt like three hours–Liam gently pulled away from me. I could barely breathe and warm sweat rolled down my back. “That was for this mornin’,” Liam told me. He leaned forward and kissed me again, this time longer than the first, and he rubbed my dick through my jeans. 

“Let’s go to my room,” I told him. “My mother isn’t home.”

Gently biting the side of my neck, Liam said, “I can’t. Got somethin I gotta do. Later.”

I wanted him to fuck me right there in that truck, but I managed to use a little self-control. Reluctantly, I pulled away from Liam and stepped out of the car. As I was about to get out the second time, Liam said to me, “Don’t fuck him, Niall.”


“Zayn. I don’t want you to fuck him. I don’t care if you chill with him, but I don’t want him diggin you out.” Liam had this very serious face on his face.

Before I really had a chance to think about my answer, I said, “I won’t.”

Liam nodded his head slightly. “Promise me.”

Wow, he was really serious about it. “I don’t make promises, Liam.”

“Make one for me.”

It was hard for me to say it, not because I didn’t want to say it, but because I didn’t know if what I was about to say would be the complete truth. “I won’t do anything with him.”

Liam just stared at me as though he was probing my mind with his eyes. After a while he said, “Okay.”

I stepped out of the truck and watched as Liam drove away down the street; I waited until his truck was out of sight and then went inside. I went into my bedroom and plopped on my unmade bed. The sheets still smelled like sweat and cum from when Liam and I had fucked the day before. As I sniffed the sheets, my dick got hard, wishing that Liam was here now in my bed, that I had his eleven inch dick in my mouth. Unbuckling my jeans, I pulled out my dick and started to jerk myself off slowly. Suddenly images of Mr. Devine came into my head; I don’t know why I thought of him, but I thought about his big dick throbbing against the tight pants he wore; I wondered what it would’ve tasted like. And then I thought of Zayn. I wondered how big his dick was and how he looked like naked. I imagined him on top of me, his sweaty, slender, muscular toned body grinding against mine, his dick grazing against my asscrack. Images of him fucking me hard and fast entered my head and I couldn’t get them out–and I kinda didn’t want to get them out. As I jerked off, I tried to think of Liam only, but it didn’t work. Zayn kept popping up. I told Liam that I wasn’t going to do anything with Zayn, but I didn’t know if I was going to be able to keep that promise. Seconds before I was about to cum, the doorbell rang. 

Quickly I stuffed my dick back into my pants, zipped them up. As I jogged into the living room, I assumed that Liam had changed his mind and come back. However, when I reached the door and opened it, I almost screamed in shock–
Zayn was on the other side of the door and he looked so fuckin incredible, like a fuckin supermodel, that I thought I was gonna cum right there in my jeans. “Hey, Niall. Can I come in?”

It was really hard for me to believe that was really happening, that Zayn was really standing on the other side of the door. He smiled at me, that perfect, dazzling white smile that my skin tingle. His hazel eyes glimmered in the remaining sunlight. “Zayn, what are you doin here?”

Zayn took a step toward me. His scent was a lot sweeter than Lian’s but just as hypnotic, if not slightly more. “Came to see you. This a bad time or something?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was stunned. And then I finally regained my senses. “No, come in.” I stepped aside and Zayn entered my house. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. I knew that things were really about to get a lot more complicated than I needed them to be.

sorry it took so long and i know this isn’t a lot of smut like the other ones but i wanted to put some fluff in it