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Summer of Love Chapter 1: Cute

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Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!Stark!reader, Tony Stark x Reader (father-daughter relationship)

Warnings: Light cussing, tons of fluff :)

Summary: Over the Summer Tony decides to have Peter come to the Avengers facility for a little “Summer camp” to help train him to be a hero. Peter comes ready to become an Avenger, but he didn’t expect to fall in love with with his mentor’s adopted daughter along the way…

A/N: Yes I know another Peter series! Don’t worry I’m still working on Partner’s in (Fighting) Crime, but I’m having a little bit of writers block for it at the moment, and I had this idea rattling around in my head and thought it might be nice to write so I thought I’d give it a shot! Please read and let me know what you think!

“This is so amazing this is going to be the best Summer ever!” Peter exclaims as he runs out of the car and Happy gets his bags out of the trunk of the car. 

“Yeah it sure will be.” Happy grunts and Peter rushes over and helps Happy out with the bags. “A whole Summer spent with you. Good times…” He groans and walks up the steps of the Avengers facility with Peter. 

Peter was practically exploding with excitement and happiness once he was inside. Sure he had been here before and even turned down Tony’s offer to be an Avenger but this was different. He wasn’t being pressured into anything this Summer. He was just going to be training with the team to hone in on his skills a bit more before school started again. He walked by the training facility and looked inside and smiled. 

“Wow…” He says and watches Iron Man and War Machine train in the big room through the window. “This is gonna be so awesome!” He squeals and hops a little bit. Happy sighs and rolls his eyes. 

“What is awesome?” Vision asks and goes through the wall, making Peter scream and jump onto Happy, in turn making Happy scream. 

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Dex's point of veiw

I totally didn’t cry while writing this.

Summary: well, it’s basically Dex’s point of view. Obviously many details were spared, so I didn’t have to write five books that are like 500 pages each.

Warnings: like one swear words, lots of sarcasm, some memories of the torture scene, LOTS OF ANGSTY FEELS.

Word count: 2,026


My name is Dex Dizznee. If you know who Sophie Foster is, you know me. By default. Or as the one guy who happened to be with her when she was kidnapped. (When that’s mentioned, everyone seems to forget that I was there because I was the only friend that was willing to go after her- and knew where she’d be.) Either that, or I’m The One Guy With The Bad Match Parents And Rebel Mother.

I’ve never really been known as Dex.

But it’s who I am and I’m sick of keeping it all to myself.

There’s more to me than people think.

More to me than the circlet that “I made Sophie wear because I made it even though I didn’t know that was what the council was going to use it for.”

It all started when I was born. Obviously, it happened before- not that I’d be able to remember.

I didn’t really realize it at first. Why my parents hugged me so close to them when I was public. The glares that they’d get shot, the whispers and fake smiles that were meant towards me. And my parents.

The first time I heard the term “Bad Match.” It was from a very snotty man with an overdone, fancy cape- the kind my parents weren’t allowed to wear- and a small kid, around my age, that looked exactly like him. He had looked very sad- I had walked up to him in attempt to cheer him up, and his dad yelled something about my family not being “the kind his son spent time with.”

I stopped approaching people in public after that.

I didn’t really make friends- for obvious reasons. The only people I spent time with were my parents, and when they were born, the triplets. My aunt Edaline and Uncle Grady, as well. I avoided people at all costs- either at slurps and burps, helping my dad or at home. Reading. Preparing myself to be good in school- I didn’t tell my parents this, but it definitely wasn’t because I was afraid I wouldn’t manifest. It clearly wasn’t because if I was going to Foxfire, I’d have to prove my worth by being good at it.

When I turned 11 and finally was ready for Foxfire, I was so excited. Maybe… maybe I’d have a chance. Not everyone could know me as the offspring of a bad match. Not everyone would dispose of me like the trash I clearly was- maybe they’d like me. I was determined to make them like me.

Not to say much, but that backfired. On the first day of Foxfire I approached this girl. She’s was really scrawny, and about my height. I talked to her and some of her friends for a bit- then she told me her name.

“I’m Stina Heks.” She said proudly. I grinned. Stina. My first friend. And in that moment, my only friend. “Aren’t you going to say yours?” She asked, giggling. I blushed.

“Yeah! Sorry.” I didn’t really know how it worked. “I’m Dex. Dex Dizznee!” I beamed- but Stina’s expression went sour.

“You’re a Dizznee? Aren’t the most recent ones a bad match? The one with the triplets?”

“And that really weird alchemy shop? With all the bright colors?”

I gaped at her and didn’t respond. She rolled her eyes, and she and her small group of people left. I remained there until everyone left for their classes.

Away from everyone else. Especially the ones with the blue eyes.

I made it on my own that year. I ate lunch in the corner of the room every day before one of my teachers approached.

“Hey. You’re dex, right?” She asked, in a voice that was much kinder that what you would assume from all the hate she gets.


“You know, you could take your lunch up to my room. I could let you use some of the chemicals, and get you into some of the more advanced alchemy. You’re skill is obviously far better than an average first year. Besides, your alchemy session is right after this.”

I accepted her offer, because I had wanted to do more alchemy. Not because I was sitting in the corner, on the verge of tears because all the tables were taken and I was too afraid to ask to sit at any of them. Just for the chemicals. They’re better than friends anyways.

I don’t think I talked to anyone in that first year.

Except for one guy.

His eyes were teal and made me question a lot of things.

LIKE if I could make a serum for that color. Nothing else, duh.

He introduced himself.

To me.

Because we were somehow put together in a splotching match. No one went with Fitz… he’d beat them immediately. Even the older ones. Not even Keefe Sencen, his best friend, would be with him.

And of course, no one wanted to be with me.

“I’m Fitz Vacker.” Like I didn’t know that.

“I’m Dex.” I replied, very quickly. The match starts, and I wind up on the floor, covered in green. In like, two seconds flat. The older boy smiles at me, helps me up, then goes off to the next round.

I’m not sure what to feel, so I go sit on the bleachers.

A couple days later, I tried to approach him. I swear. Not like he remembered me without the green paint everywhere, so that hello ended quickly.

Nothing. All year. I shoved out every memory of the teal eyes-
And continued ignoring Stina. She grew like 5 inches, and apparently becoming tall made her attitude even worse. She taunted me every day.

Perfect world my ass.

The first little while of the next year went the same, for the most part.

Then Sophie came around.

And… I had a friend. A real friend, who… didn’t care that I was a bad match child, or that I had siblings that were triplets. And I loved her. There was no questioning that.

Sure, now I know that maybe my love for her was me trying to convince myself that she was my soulmate. Or, probably me not knowing what it felt like to have a friend- so I over exaggerated the feelings I did have for her.

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t love her.

Then, Fitz came into the picture. With his perfect hair and perfect blue eyes and perfect family. And… I couldn’t handle losing my best friend. The way she looked at him- i knew how she felt about him.

I couldn’t handle losing her.

And I definitely didn’t want to admit that I was offended he forgot my name.

I shouldn’t have been. I wasn’t all that noticeable. Even covered in neon green paint.

Not that I wanted him to notice me, of course.

It didn’t take long for things to escalate. You probably know the story from there- Biana and her friends, blah blah blah. Terrible at alchemy, blah blah blah. Keefe. Yep.

And then… Stina. Back at it again with her snide comments. And Sophie… she handled it the same way I would have. She ran.

I was the only one with the decency to follow. Well, I was also the only one who knew where she’d go.

Then the kidnapping.

I’m sure you’ve heard about how bad it was for her. The sedatives.

Maybe I sound apathetic here, but god I wish I had sedatives.

Imagine being trapped in a tiny cell. Now imagine who you believed to be the love of your life was in the next room, possibly being tortured. You know that the people here could easily kill you both.

Most of what I remember is them telling me not to move as they burned my arms. And my stomach. Them telling me they’d hurt her if I made a sound. A ragged voice laughing at me when I showed the fact that I was in pain. A thumb searing my skin. The smell of my own cooking flesh.

The constant knowledge that I most likely wouldn’t make it out alive.

But we did. We made it out together, and it was because of her. Because of Sophie.

I mean, the melder wasn’t fun.

And the fact that Sophie almost died (again) to protect me isn’t fun.

But hey! I manifested not long after that. And I’ve learned to love my ability.

The next year… well, you know what took place. Alden, Alicorn, Exile, cave, another ability, cave, Kenric, the list goes on.

Then there was the request.

From the council.

I was surprised. And so I did it.

Because finally, I was going to be something. Someone. I was going to get something out of my talent, I was going to be recognized for… something other than being the child of a bad match.

I was going to be appreciated by the society that showed me nothing but hate. I was going to prove them wrong- that I was better than they’re expectations.

Or… maybe I wouldn’t.

As soon as I realized who the circlet would be for, I knew… I regretted everything. Sophie didn’t deserve that.

The pain in her eyes was enough to break my heart.

Shatter it.

Burn it in everblaze.

Then repair it just to stomp on it again.

Sophie… she was in so much pain because of my selfishness.

And to make matters worse, she still blamed me for it. I’m not saying I didn’t deserve it, but it didn’t make me happy.

She didn’t jut blame me, though. She hated me.

I’m surprised she forgave me.

I didn’t really deserve her forgiveness.

I took it off so she could warn the others, and boy was I excited for what the council would say about that.

Not that I cared. I didn’t need their acceptance. I didn’t need to change- the society did.

And after that we left for The Black Swan, so I didn’t need to worry. I hate to admit, but I constantly felt I the background. Out of the picture- except for when convenient. Like when I had to hack into the files.

Meeting Tam and Linh was nice. They understood that the way society treated people wasn’t right. I needed that.

Sophie didn’t really put a lot of acknowledgement into things she couldn’t fix.

I continued to sneer and pretend to hate Mr. Perfect though. Wondeboy. He stole my best friend. The one I thought I loved. He took her and left me in the background.

That’s obviously why I hated those beau- teal eyes of his. And his perfectly styled hair. And perfect teeth, skin, body, jawline, etc.

Then he was impaled by a giant bug. And I… couldn’t hate him anymore. I was so sick of it.

Admitting that to a sweat and puke soaked Fitz wasn’t easy. Apologizing to a Vacker… wasn’t easy.

But I did it.

Keefe left and came back.

Sophie forgave him, even though he didn’t deserve it.

Forkle died.

And long after that, the Neverseen did too.

The Council realized a lot of the ways that the society was broken.

Released the ban on pyrokinetics.

Stopped discriminating families who chose to have multiple children, and families who had twins.

I kept getting pushed to the background, until I realized that I needed to use the voice I didn’t think I had when I was younger.

It completely stopped after others realized that I was stronger than them considering me “the child of a bad match”. There’s nothing wrong with being the child of a bad match. What was wrong was them saying my parents were a bad match.

I say I’m married because I am. I say I’m short because I am. I say my parents were considered bad match because they were.

They’re fixing the system now.

Love is no longer discriminated by genetics.

You can still get your list, but it’s merely a suggestion now.

That discrimination will take a long time to change, but it will.

Especially if me and my husband Fitz have anything to say about it.

Kakegurui Meta: Moonbunny.

Today, we’re going to talk about a character I have literally never done on this blog: Runa. 

Yeah, kinda weird that I haven’t covered her, huh? Is it because her eyes are purple, a color that always gives me trouble? Is it a data deficiency? None of the above, actually, although those are both somewhat true. I puzzled over this using the manga before the answer flamethrower’d me in the face: 

Runa is from the Moon. 

No, no, I’m not saying that because of the weird mouth she had (what was that, though?). There’s actually decent evidence in her design, but let’s first answer one question: What does Runa do? 

Anime-only people might wonder. Manga people, however, know she’s one awesome dealer. As such, she pledges neutrality, albeit of a rather twisted sort.  

This should have been my first red flag. It wasn’t. In fact, given how she worked in the game with Suzui and the Inbami (all Water, as far as I can tell), I had some confidence that she was another Earth. Her thing for sweets (the guilty pleasure of every Earth-Type personality) and Earth sometimes being seen as a central or neutral element made me want to lean that way, too. 

But I was wrong. Runa Yomozuki is 100% lunar. 

Let’s start with her name. Asian languages are notorious for confusing the letters “r” and “l.” This has led to some not so nice misinterpretations - has the infamous “flog” frog. In our case, “Runa” is one Engrish swap away from “Luna” - the Latin word for “moon” and, to some people, best princess.

Her last name has another “tsuki,” “moon”, in there. I’ve rarely judged on names before, but this one is literally “Moon HellMoon.” Oh gods, help, I’ve invoked a meme! (N.B. that the “Hell,” “Yomi,” is literally “Yellow Spring.” Again, more evidence towards Earth-typing with that color, if you must put her on the chart.)

But that’s not the clincher. Her design is all about the moon, just by being a bunny. Yes, her kigurumi is a rabbit, despite a lot of us assuming it’s a dog. Don’t believe me? It has a bunny tail, and so does her chair in the dubious ending episode. 

Rabbits are very heavily linked to the Moon in Japan. In the West, we see a face or Man in the Moon. Japan sees a bunny, usually pounding rice for mochi (a sort of rice paste sweet). China sees the rabbit as making an elixir of life for the Moon goddess. Elixir of life, and we have the immortal peach already….hmmmm. 

Buddhist legend has it that the rabbit got to the moon by sacrificing itself. A number of animals, including a jackal, monkey, and otter alongside the rabbit, decided to do a good deed on the night of a full moon. They saw an elderly man with a fire in need of food. All of the animals except the rabbit were able to offer something: the monkey gathered fruit, the otter gathered fish, and the jackal brought things like a lizard and pilfered cheese. 

The rabbit, unable to gather anything except grass, tossed himself upon the man’s fire. (Bunny, some ultra-healthy people would loooove a rabbit to bring them grass. Make it a diet trend!) He did not burn; the old man was the god Śakra, Lord of the Devas, in disguise. He then honored the rabbit’s sacrifice by painting his image upon the Moon. (Maybe the video games came after the rabbit got very, very bored.)

This rabbit is often conflated with the Hare of Inaba. This bunny is more of a trickster: in order to cross from island to island, the rabbit talked a bunch of sharks into lining up. When he had crossed successfully, and revealed his trick, one of the sharks ripped his fur off. 

A troupe of gods came upon the shivering rabbit. Many of them told him to go bathe in saltwater and air-dry, making his wounds even worse. Only the god Okuninushi tells the hare to bathe in freshwater and roll in pollen. Thus, Okuninushi wins the hand of Princess Yakami. Fair enough. Still not the same rabbit. 

Really, Runa makes most sense as the Chinese lunar rabbit. She’s almost always in the council room with Kirari, who we’ve already confirmed as some kind of divine being. This rabbit just button mashes on her Vita instead of making medicine, and the heavenly beings are okay with that. She’s the only KG character who’s literally off the chart. 

Older Damian x Male Reader (Ugh Roomates)

You and Damian are at college and are stuck as roomates. With the son of Batman being who he is it will not be easy, sadly.

Sorry that its short though.

DC characters are NOT mine but plot and other charas yes.
Hope you enjoy

“No but seriously he was like the epitome of a rich brat! All that was missing was the pastel polo and those khaki shorts and a sweater tied around his neck. Oh and that weird laugh that they do. His entire being screams “say something and my daddy will sue you.”” You finished slouching on the restaurant booth. A snicker was heard behind you. Suddenly you heard a light “Ow, rude.”  Making you slightly smirk at the react you received of whoever was behind you, since your father probably might not fully understand what you meant. Right now he looks at you with amazement. Before you could react to that he spoke.
“You know” He started while graving one of your fries. “It might be that he testing the waters with you” He smirked then proceeded to eat the fry.
“So you’re implying that he wants to know if he can be top dog or something?” You asked raising a brow.
“I guess or he could just simply be a dick. But who knows son; just try not kill him please.”

On the booth behind you behind you a light smack can be heard. “Ow!” A man with short black hair, a large build, and wearing a leather jacket complained while rubbing his right hand. He yelled “Rude!”
“Well next time don’t butt in on a strangers conversations.” The man in front of him said while crossing his arms. His hair was the color but light longer and a slightly smaller build.
“One I did not butt in, but commented. Two I’m sorry Dick for thinking that I could relate or found it funny. I literally pictured it in my head. Suddenly it felt like I was watching those weird college comedy movies.”
“Still Jay.” The other was about to counter but decided not knowing that the conversation will not end if he continued.
“I just feel sorry for him. Being stuck with such acidic character.” Said the youngest. The other two give him a look and a sudden scoff was hear.
“Psh yeah, like you’re the one to talk.” Said the one who scoffed. All three of them look him with somewhat amused or shocked faces. He had almost middle length hair with the same color as the others Before the youngest could retort the other gave crossed his arms and gave him a look, as if daring him to speak. Then turned to others and spoke again.
“Do you really think it’s a good idea to leave Bruce alone and order our food and bring it here?” They all look at each other and the oldest answers: “Tim, Bruce will be fine. Besides he is a grown man, he can handle a small and simple task.”
“Yeah B will be fine he is not old yet.” Continued the one with the leather jacket.
“Father is a strong man Drake.” Finished the smallest.
“I know that but none of us told him what we wanted.” Tim said.
“It’s fine.” they all said. He decided to go and check on Bruce or help him bring the order. But before he left he said: “Oh By the way and believe it or not I agree with Jason.” Leaving all of them in shock. While you and your dad continue talking about college and trivial things. He looks behind you and points to your left and says quietly: “He’s cute no?” You discretely turn around and nod. “Yeah. Wait since when did you-” “Swing the other way? Well-” “Actually I play for both tems but continue.” “[Name] somehow I’ve always had a feeling none of my sons are fully straigh. Well actually Micheal, Mason and you. Kaliel and Aron are not that aware of these things yet; even though they are 16 now.”
“Dad remember who was the one who was there through their childhood.” You said and he sighs. “Anyway [N/Name] Im going to buy dessert do you want something.”
“If you want or can old man.” You chuckle while shrugging. Your father chuckles too and says: “Smartass.”
“Love ya.”
“Love ya too.” With that he leaves but buy desserts.

oh yeah and a big heck you to anyone who’s ever fetishized the color of my skin

f/f Blue/Adam fic

I wrote Blue and Adam’s first meeting if every character in the books was a girl. There’s some canon divergence [obviously] and there’s some thoughts that are probably kinda offensive about the LGBT community, because it’s from girl!Adam’s POV and she doesn’t know everything.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy it!

Rose was talking shit about someone at school and Noa was cracking up, while Gansey was trying to point the conversation back to Glendower work.

“I think this could be a real breakthrough,” she said, looking irritated, since Rose and Noa were still laughing uproariously.

“That’s what Carruthers said when she discovered that you can wash your face,” Rose added, and Noa doubled over again.

“This coming from you,” Noa said. “Fucking… dirt goblin.”

“Yeah, but I can get away with it, I’m hot as fuck. Right, Gansey?”

Gansey let out a long sigh. “How about we focus more on the recording I found of my own voice on the ley line, and less on the washing habits of our classmates?”

“You’re no fun.”

“At least Addy’s paying attention. Right, Addy?”

Addy had not been paying attention, actually. She was going through the Latin terms in her head again, because there was a test tomorrow, and if Rose got the top score again, she was gonna fucking lose it.

“Uh, what did you say again, Gansey?” she said, a beat too late, and Rose said, “See? Even goody-two-shoes Parrish isn’t paying attention.”

Addy rolled her eyes. She wasn’t going to start shit with Rose today. Well, not again.

Gansey was looking disappointed, which set off a slight pang in Addy’s chest. It was just so hard to constantly focus on whatever was going on. Sometimes Glendower things had to take a backseat to schoolwork, didn’t they?

“I was saying,” Gansey said, “that I found the number of a local psychic, and I think we should ask them about the voice on the ley line.”

“A psychic?” Rose said. “Are we really going to waste our time there?”

“Hey, I’ve talked to legit psychics before.”

Rose folded her arms, but Addy knew damn well that she would go along with anything Gansey said.

“I think we should go,” Noa said. “It sounds fun.”

“Well, of course you’d want to go, weirdo,” Rose said, and Noa flicked their straw wrapper at her.

Addy began to drift off again. She hadn’t gotten enough sleep last night. There’d been a late shift, and then a metric ton of homework. When did she ever get enough sleep?

The Latin vocab. Fuck. She needed to get back to…

There was that waitress again. She was new, or she’d switched to the dinner shift recently, and Addy had seen her a few times. She didn’t know why the waitress was so fascinating, except that she wore weird clothes under her Nino’s apron, and her short choppy hair was covered in glittery hair-clips. And there was something fierce about the way she looked. She was just… really pretty. Addy guessed that meant she was jealous of the waitress, if she cared about her appearance, but this wasn’t really a look she wanted for herself. If anything, Rose should have been jealous of the waitress for pulling off the “edgy-not-giving-a-fuck” look so well.

She was glaring at a couple of Aglionby girls sitting in the corner of the room- Addy didn’t know them personally but she knew they were seniors and that they were insufferable about their wealth. One of them had brought a Starbucks cup with her into Nino’s, even though Nino’s sold perfectly good coffee. The waitress made a remark about the girls to one of her coworkers, and judging by the coworker’s dirty laugh, it wasn’t a pleasant remark. Addy’s face quirked into a smile.

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anonymous asked:

I disagree with about how there can be white roles. I think if the story is about a racial issue and the oppressor needs to be white because for example a slave owner needs to be white. But I think that's the only situation in which a role should only be for white actors. (Sorry if this was worded weird I mean no disrespect I absolutely love you and your blog ❤️)

Oh, yeah!! I get what you’re laying down. Definitely. If it is a character who does something bad particularly because of their access to white privilege, I do think that they should be white! I did not think about that; thank you for pointing it out to me.
Other than that, there should not really be roles that are exclusively for white people for characters who have no defined racial identity. (AKA Jack Kelly. Let Jack Kelly be played by actors of color. It’s really gross that there is backlash about saying that an actor of color should have the opportunity to play him because he’s a “white character”.) I hope this makes sense. Basically what I’m saying is: let👏actors👏of👏color👏play👏the👏role👏they👏want👏. A protagonist being written down as “caucasian” on the casting call is… eugh.
Anyways!!! I’m super duper white and I really strive to learn what I can. Please let me know if I’ve said anything wrong. I really want to correct myself if so. Thank you!!!

anonymous asked:

can you maybe go over how you color your gifs? they're so pretty

first of all, thank you! you are the sweetest!! <3

so im assuming you’re just talking about just like regular gifs? rather than specific fancy colour-y type gifs? (if you mean the latter just shoot me another ask and i’ll go over those too lol)

but for just your average garden-variety gif, my process is actually ridiculously simple that im almost ashamed to tell it lmao

but let me use this gif from this last set i made as an example (i’m choosing this one, of course, for Important Gif-Maker Reasons™ and i have no ulterior reason whatsoever):

and a side-by-side to see the effect of the colouring:

aaaand i’ll put the rest under the cut

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Who Am I This Time? [Jin]

Pairing:Jin x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 3723
Description: Actors act to earn a living and this actor acts to find a life of his own.

Author’s Note: III PUT A READ MooRE are u proud of me @annoyed anon WhehW! altho this is no 5k beauty…u wont have to move ur fingers to scroll ily also this is based off of kurt vonnegut’s short story of the same title from his collection Welcome to the Monkey House.

You first know of him as Tybalt, the short-tempered Capulet, the first cousin to dear Lady Juliet, whom everybody knows of. Tybalt doesn’t show for much of the play, and he still somehow outshines both Romeo and Juliet, hero and heroine.

Romeo stands on a stage with a foil sword in hand, his dear friend Mercutio gathered in his arms as a liquid too bright to be blood seeps from under his shirt; Tybalt stands tall, panting hard after a fight in a square of sixteenth century Verona, hand gripping his heavy sword so hard his knuckles are white. The hate in his eyes is real, the sword in his hand is real, his death, as Romeo plunges his weapon into his chest, is as real as real can be.

And then the lights dim, the curtains swing shut, the next scene of the act begins. The rest of the play does not hold the same sense of reality as it did when Tybalt had strutted his way confidently across the dusty town square of Italy.

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This is the starting comic for spoopyspaniard and I’s Assassin’s Creed AU~

(Now for some apologies: I’m sorry about the weird messiness in the first 3 pages because I used the wrong colored pencil to sketch with ;3; and I’m sorry if the story doesn’t make sense. I honestly tried. Oh yeah, and sorry for the art. I don’t know what happened. I guess my hand wasn’t working.)

And sorry about that ending. I kind of put you in a tough spot for the next comic aaahhhh ;A; (and I was assuming that Grandpa lost his arm after Romano became an assassin??? And I’m was also assuming Romano didn’t wear assassin robes yet?? .3.)

Luke Bad Boy *PART 8* imagine

“W-What?” you stuttered, being quite shocked of what he said. 

Luke looked around and took your hand. Dragging you inside the school, and then in the school’s janitor closet. No one goes in there anyways. It was just a room with cleaning stuff.

“You heard me,” he crossed his arms.

“Luke.. W-Why were you crying because of me?” you asked. “Because you were fucking kissing Ashton, and you broke up with me. And then when I left… I didn’t actually.. I saw you kissing Ashton in his bedroom..” he turned around and bit his lip. 

“Luke you kissed another gir-”

“Stop.” you looked at him weirdly. “I didn’t want the kiss,” he sighed. “Stop lying..” you groaned. “I’m not lying!” he yelled quietly. “Yes you are! Ashton told me you always said the things to girls so they would date you! And then you eventually cheat on them! He told me you were a liar,” you eyes began being a little watery. “He’s lyin-”

“No he isn’t. I trust him. I like him. But you? No.. I liked you. And now you broke my heart. I’m not giving you a second chance because I know you’ll break my heart. And I don’t want that. Don’t ever talk to me again Luke Hemmings,” you turned around and opened the door. Walking away fastly, crying.

You wiped your tears and bumped into someone. 

“Hey whoa.. You alright?” you looked up. He looked quite cute. He had some weird hair color. Guessing blonde? He had amazing eyes. His hair was all spiked around. “U-Uh yeah.. Sorry..” you blushed. “Hey whats your name?” he smiled. “Y/N Y/L/N, you?” you smiled. “Michael. Michael Clifford,” he winked. 

“Hey do you by any chance… know Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings?” you asked. He nodded. “OH yeah. They’re my best friends,” he laughed. You nearly choked. “R-Really?” you stuttered. He nodded. “I heard you dated Luke..” “Oh god..” you mumbled. “O-Oh sorry..” he blushed. “It’s fine. We’re over,” you sighed. 

“He keeps talking about you lately…” he murmured. “Really?” you asked. He nodded. 

“A lot. He can’t even stop talking about you when you guys broke up.” he laughed. 

“He must’ve been real annoying huh?” you chuckled. “Yeah,” he giggled. 

“He can’t stop though Y/N… He won’t even talk to any girls anymore. Like none,” Michael wasn’t lying. 

You sighed. “He’s lying to you…” you mumbled.

“Hmm no he isn’t..” you looked up. “I was with him the whole time. He isn’t with girls anymore. He keeps mumbling your name, talking about you, just keeps talking about you everywhere we go." 

Your feelings were confused now. You didn’t know what to do. Go back out with Luke or not. I mean.. you like Ashton too. Were you guys going out? Thats a question you needed to ask. "I’ll talk to you later Michael..” you said. He nodded and said bye.

You looked for Ashton and saw him by his locker. You ran to him. “Ashton! Ashton! Ashton!” you panted. “What?” he laughed. “I have to ask you something..” you said. “Sure what is it?” he asked, closing his locker. “Are we… going out?” you blushed. He blushed. “Y/N! Y/N!” Y/F/N yelled. “What?” you asked. “Luke-Luke-” “JUST SAY IT ALREADY!” you yelled. “Luke got hurt,” you widened your eyes.


Ok there u guys want it. I KNOW ITS SHORT. PART 9???? THINGS ARE GETTING GOOODD.

-Kelly :] x


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So, Chara, Frisk, what are your favorite JoJo poses?

Well I don’t know if it’s our favorite overall, but it’s our favorite one to pull off in front of people!

Everyone loves the gay cowboy pose.

We couldn’t find our wigs so this looks a little weird, sorry!

I wasn’t about to do Gyro’s dumb face squares for one photo anyway. I put on the lipstick though. Almost completes the look.

((normal Frisk and Chara have not read the manga. They don’t have particular favorites but Frisk has been known to do Jonathan, Caesar, and Kakyoin poses during Mettaton’s fight. Chara, to no one’s surprise, likes Dio poses. They also like the dramatic Jotaro point though.))

Can’t Wait | Michael Clifford

Author: Alec

Request: Michael imagine where the reader meets 5 Seconds of Summer


You weren’t going to lie, you had never been more relaxed in your life. You sat in a rugged up leather chair the corner of your favorite coffee shop. It was dark but the small stained glass windows covered with draping red velvet curtains which matched the deep brown walls let enough natural light in. There were also small chandeliers hanging, the bulbs nice and dim. There were plants hanging from the ceiling as well as some in the corners, partially dead but still very alive.

You had a coffee placed in front of you, taking a few sips from the rose gold cup which held it as you read your book. Your headphones played a few instrumentals which matched perfectly with the background music and talking that was going on in the small shop.

You were a regular at that place, you knew everyone who worked there and you loved the way they knew your order and questioned you about the new drinks they were releasing. They also knew about your small talent of singing and let you perform their every Saturday night.

The book you were reading had you fully intrigued and although you had read it a million times before, you always missed out a few details and you saw everything differently in the book every time you read it.

You were just about to flip the yellow tinted page when someone tapped you on the shoulder; they tapped you softly but hard enough so that you could still tell someone was tapping you. The book you held was placed onto the table as you made a mental note of the page you were on.

You took your earphones out and looked up.

There stood a dark skinned boy, dressed in a navy blue shirt which said Maine that hugged nicely to his body. A pair of black skinny jeans also clung to his legs with a matching pair of formal Dr. Martens shoes. You definitely recognized him. Calum Hood.

He scratched the back of his neck, “Mind if i sit?” He asked. You couldn’t do anything but nod as he sat opposite you in another leather chair that was less worn than yours.

You were far beyond confused. You honestly wondered why he was talking to you and more importantly what was he doing in a coffee shop like this. He looks like he belongs in a sky tower cafe that is coated in pure white marble.

“Sorry if I interrupted anything,” He referenced with his hand to your book, “but Michael over there showed me a video of you covering one of our songs, i mean it is you, right? You did the cover of Invisible.” He pressed, his plump lips holding a slight smile.

He was right, you did make that cover but it hadn’t even gotten 1,000 views yet and here you were, sat having a one person conversation about a cover of one of 5 Seconds of Summer’s songs. You were a little bit shocked… okay, maybe really shocked.

You smiled a little, “Yeah, i’m assuming that was me. Uhm, sorry to sound weird but how exactly did you find it? It didn’t get a lot of views.” You questioned, trying to remain calm, there was definitely a light blush appearing onto your face..

Just as you asked that Michael, Ashton and Luke came over.

Michael was showing off his freshly died red hair. His Harley Davidson shirt hanging loosely on his body, the grey colors matching the dark undertones of the coffee shop. 

Ashton was wearing a skin tight, long sleeved black shirt along with a pair of glasses. You must admit, if their was a human embodiment of male hipster, he was it.

Luke was shying away slightly behind Ashton and Michael. The tall blond had his hair down. the dirty blonde looking brown in the shop. He was dressed in all black and pretty much blended in with the room.

“You should ask me that,” Michael’s smooth voice said. He adjusted his red hair just a little and took a seat beside you as Luke and Ashton squished next to Calum.

You secretly pinched yourself. There was no way this was actually happening.

“Okay, then,” You said maneuvering yourself so you were still facing the guys but mainly Michael, “How did you find the cover? Not to sound rude, but aren’t you guys really busy?” Your voice was remaining neutral but begging to let out a squeak of excitement.

Michael let out a small chuckle, “Well, we are busy but we don’t have anything to do while traveling and you tweeted it to me…” He said boastfully, as though he was trying to make the others jealous.

“What Michael is trying to say,” Ashton interrupted, “Is that he likes the cover, like a lot.”

Luke also butted in, coming out of his shy bubble, “I don’t think there hasn’t been a day where he hasn’t listened to it and a few of your other covers to be honest.”

You glanced at Michael for a split second to see he went a light shade of pink and his eyes were wide, silently telling Luke to shut up.

You had relaxed a little as the boys sat with you and drank their coffee whilst you all talked about music.

“Sorry to ask, but how come you are at this little place? I never thought of you guys to come to a place like this.” You spoke taking another sip of your coffee, finishing it.

Michael kicked Luke in the leg just as Ashton spoke up, “We wanted to get out of the bus for a bit to a small space where no one knew us and as we walked through the doors to this little place Michael went full fangirl,” Ashton said, laughing lightly.

“Wait, why?” You questioned not understanding.

“You,” Calum said.

You looked at Michael but he was looking out of the window.

“I’m gonna go order some tea, anyone want anything?” You spoke. You honestly felt so comfortable around them and it was great.

They all shook their heads and you walked away to the counter. You ordered a fruit tea and as you were waiting, overheard a conversation between the boys.

“What the fuck guys?” Michael said, slight anger to his voice. “She thinks i’m a weirdo now.”

“Does she fuck, mate,” Calum replied.

“Cal’s right, you need to ask her out or at least get her number.” Luke said.

“Fine,” Michael said, slightly huffed.

You were completely freaking out now. You stanned Michael harder than life since you heard their song ‘Gotta Get Out’ and now he was gonna ask for your number. What. The. Fuck.

You got your tea and sat back down placing it on the table.

“Sorry, Y/N, but us three have to go but Michael’s gonna stay for a bit. Hopefully we will see you again, it would be lovely to,” Luke said as you felt Michael tense up beside you.

“Oh, uh, okay, bye guys,” you said waving to them.

“So,” you began but you were interrupted by a fast talking Michael.

“Look, Y/N, i really wanna get to know you so ugh, could you, i mean, could I get your number?” He spoke. Michael’s voice went high pitched in places and you found it so adorable.

He was looking everywhere but you right now.

“Sure,” you said, taking his phone off the table and putting it in his contact list.

You both stood up at the same time, “By the way, as seen as you like my singing so much i’m going to be back here tonight singing a few things if you want to come along, it’s at 8,” you said as you hugged each other.

He looked you in the eye and then kissed you on the cheek, “Wouldn’t want to miss it,” he whispered before walking away.

Did that really just happen? You thought to yourself when you got a text:

Can’t wait for tonight, babe xx M

shit said in johnson room 314: sentence meme edition

❛  is wake me up inside by evanescence a sexual metaphor?
❛  sometimes you just need to sleep in your day clothes.
❛  you know it’s not your high school when they give you condoms at the door.
❛  it’s like when you turn the shower off, but the water keeps going.
❛  shhhh! the window’s open.
❛  can you whistle without vocal chords?
❛  you can whistle with grass and it doesn’t have vocal chords.
❛  that’s a squishy cheese.
❛  well technically, EVERYONE’S hair is colored.
❛  i’m sorry, i hate pasta.
❛  we could have another lincoln as president!!
❛  it looks like what buttered popcorn jellybeans would look like if they were actual food.
❛  yeah, so it looks like ______ lost a tentacle.
❛  oh my god who put harpoons on the floor.
❛  they were soggy!
❛  we are NOT watching avatar. they have sex with weird tail things.
❛  i forgot about the sex tail!
❛  are you proud of me? i just ate 240 individual smarties!
❛  how many calories is a person?
❛  i’ve seen so many babies this week.
❛  wow, isn’t this silence super nice? it’s almost like we’re never not talking.
❛  were those bikers in cosplay?
❛  i’ve had the ‘we just got a letter’ song from blues clues stuck in my head all day.
❛  i didn’t know it was possible to have a sexual experience while bagging food.
❛  put things on a board that make sounds and then touch them! it’ll be like you’re in a band!
❛  and also make it a maraca.
❛  did you just put half and half in microwavable potatoes?
❛  don’t judge me, i know what i’m about!
❛  college debt is the boogieman of american millennials.
❛  it’s ____’s fault. fuck ____.
❛  that was NOT a knock.
❛  it was my personal knock. so you know it’s me and not your roommates.
❛  my roommates usually just open the door. since it’s, you know, their room.
❛  what am i ever going to use a welcoming pineapple for?
❛  why are pineapples considered welcoming? they have spines on them.
❛  you could kill someone with a pineapple.
❛  don’t you dare turn my guitar into a social justice issue.
❛  yeah? well my headband’s louder than yours.
❛  i fucking hate art kids.
❛  you can’t hate art kids, you are one.
❛  the mystery shower girl has listened to both country and rap. the two worst musical genres.
❛  dude, there’s a UK version of the mail song from blues clues.
❛ who the fuck says ‘post.’ are they too good for mail?
❛  just write ‘fuck ___’ in puffy paint.

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Hey, I'm really getting curious about what your maps in rpg maker look like ewe could you make us a quick rtp map maybe? So we can get an idea of how it will be in the game too?

Sorry about not having any maps done! I’m still working on the graphics so I just made a quick map mockup! Some stuff looks weird (like that super tall table haha) but this is how the maps are pretty much gonna look! I mean the coloring style may be different and of course it’ll look better but yeah! This is the basic idea! ;u;/

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Ayo can I get a Cecil 28?

Ayyyy! Okay so if there’s one thing people should know about me and Cecil: I change my headcanon for him like every month. So sorry if it’s not what you were expecting. I do however like the idea of Cecil being some non binary celestial being, hope that’s all good with you