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I don't even know if I should bother being upset over the use of Jay's wife as a trigger for him...I'm honestly jut happy that we're finally looking into his past. The promo and summary for 4x18 has a lot of focus on Voight though, so I hope the writers don't delay a Linstead conversation for too long.

I’m giving myself a couple of days to be upset but, yeah, eventually I am going to have to accept the fact that it’s canon. And, by “accept”, I mean that I will forever recognize it was a poor decision that the writers made (as was Erin’s recovery arc, Hank possibly being Erin’s bio-dad, the fallout from Burgess’ trial, the whole murder and moving a body thing, etc.), but it was their decision nonetheless and it is not something I can change at this point. 

Trying to adopt your more positive attitude because you’re absolutely right. We should be happy the writers are finally exploring his past, including the drama with his dad. 

Yeah, the promo and summary are focused on Voight, but we know Linstead filmed a scene in the break room for the next episode so that should (hopefully) touch on what happened. And I’ve heard rumblings about Voight stepping in to tell them to get it together. 

Not sure how long it will take for Jay to sort himself out or to let Erin in, but I’m okay with the writers taking their time and slowly building it up. Jay having some serious trauma in background has been teased for four seasons now so I’d rather have it done right than rushed. Not that I have faith the writers won’t do that.

  • Me: It's always so weird swapping from a sorcerer back to a fighter, because there's nothing to cross off. There isn't a limited number of hits I can make with my rapier, I can just fucking hit the thing all day.
  • Steve: When I played a fighter, I used to make the joke that, alright, I'm making my spell list for today: Stab, Cut, Slice.
  • DM: Dagger, hammer...
  • Steve: Yeah, exactly. I cast Sword on it.
  • Doug: Rain of Heavy Blunt Objects.
  • Steve: I seriously made a character like that one time.
  • Me: What, who cast Rain of Heavy Blunt Objects and then just threw marbles at people?
  • Doug: He was a dwarf, wasn't he?
  • Steve: Yeah. He would just make up random names and then hit people. That was one of my favorite characters, too.
  • Me: It's a dwarf with delusions of casting, or at least who likes to mock casters all the time?
  • Steve: And also he hated real spellcasters. That was the trait that I picked: he hated magic.
  • Me: So was anybody in his party magical?
  • Steve: Yeah.
  • Me: Was he the only non-magical entity?
  • Steve: Pretty much.

Jensen Hiatus Love | Favorite Jensen Quote – JIBcon 2014 (x)

“I like where it’s gone. It could’ve gone a thousand different ways, sure. I think where it’s gone has fit the story well. I think there’ve been turns and twists that maybe may have not been necessary, but… Look, everybody’s done things in their past that they’re like, ‘Yeah, I could’ve done that differently.’ And I’m sure there are decisions that Dean made in the past that he may have looked back on and be like, 'Maybe I didn’t make the right decision. But it’s made me who I am today and that’s what I have to live with.’ So… I like where Dean is today, so my impression of his evolution is positive.”

When the good part ends

Hey, guys! I received couple of messages from you asking me where I am and if everything is alright with me so I’ll just answer here because I really don’t want to tell this story over and over again, I hope you don’t mind it. Thank you for thinking of me and caring about me, I’m deeply touched by your concern ♥ The thing is my life took a rather unexpected turn a week ago when my mother decided to quit her job. She hasn’t done it yet, but the decision has been made. The main consequence of that decision is me becoming the one that provides for the family (we don’t live together but we still are tightly connected). It means that I will have to leave my beloved job and find another one that will provide me with more money and give up a lot of things I’m used to have in my life to save money for my mom and her mom. So yeah, basically I’m in constant panic because I don’t know what to do and how to make it work because I’m used to provide for myself but not for three people at once. It feels like the end of the world right now, and as you can imagine I don’t really feel like simming. I need time to precede this and calm down a bit. Hope your days have been much better than mine though *sad smile*.

Miss you! ♥

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Warning: spoilers for season 6 teen wolf

A/N: please guys send in requests. let me know what you would want to read so i can wright it up i need ideas


“Peter it’s been 3 months” stiles tells a confused peter

“What? I’ve been here for 3 months?” peter replies in disbelief

“Yeah, actually we all kind of forgot about you” stiles confesses

“Even (y/n)?” not wanting to believe that the one person who stuck by him even when he made horrible decisions

“Actually, now that I think about it she was always mentioning your name, so I think she remembered you” stiles confesses


“Peter?” you question in hope, walking into the sealed off area where peter laid covered in burns

“(Y/n)? Is that you?” not being able to turn his head to see you. You huff out a laugh of disbelief

“Yeah Pete it’s me” you whisper

“I love you” peter replied needing to get it out

“I know”


It’s very decisive. I wanna be a superhero. Say what? Like you. With a name and an outfit, maybe a cape. You want the suit. No. No. I mean, yes. I want the suit, but no, no, I wanna… I wanna get my hands dirty, you know, like… I wanna do something. You’re serious? Yeah. If you take this road, easy is over. Well, I don’t want easy. Cape can get heavy sometimes. I want a heavy cape. Come on. I wanna help you keep the world spinning.

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Great post on Sony. I work in PR and digital marketing in a different industry and this is standard practice. Audience segmentation, we have our own analytics tool that monitors key audience. We scrape the social media content and then profile the audience. Also identify Digital Online Influencers... they will be who they sponsor 😉

Thank you. Yeah, I work in PR too, also in another industry, and I expected them to use a tool because as you said it’s standard practice. I found the segmentations really interesting though, as well as the fact that they built the tool in-house. I’m a sucker for big data and the opportunities this brings so hearing how they leverage all these informations in order to make better business decisions made me a bit excited if I’m honest. We can say what we want about the way they’ve done it, but they made 1D incredibly successful with their engagement-driven approach. From a business perspective they did a fantastic job. And I hate to say it but we’ve probably played way more often into their hands with our reactions to specific things than not.

I love Miranda Lawson so FUCKING much because she’s a woman who was genetically modified to be perfect and talks about her mistakes with a hint of pride and doesn’t apologize for doing so (such as putting up the facade that she IS perfect and for making decision/choices that she thinks are right for her reasons while others may see them as being too aggressive.)

Not in a “I fucked up its been done whatever we’re all human” but in a “I was picked and prodded at to be a perfect specimen of humanity via someone else’s ideals but here I am doing things that I was made not to do and I appreciate/acknowledge the fact that there is some biological and emotional factors that are of my own volition and making. Decisions I make that FEEL personal/real/right to me.” ESPECIALLY love how it’s revealed as your relationship develops and becomes more open and intimate once you take the time to ask about her and when Miranda is comfortable enough to do so.

So yeah I fucking love her.

I am still angry at the so called ‘secrettimes’ that cyberbullied Zinger (Hana) back in 2012, after the accident. Yeah, changing her stage name and plastic surgery were her decision, but those were obviously influenced by the 'hamburger’, 'ugliest of the group’, 'worthless’, 'glad it was her and not the others’, etc comments made by people who were supposed to like Secret. Talk about toxic fans (btw, most were k-netz)

Toothy flirting

Based on this prompt

Pairing: Sterek (Stiles Stilinski x Derek Hale)

Notes: I’m really sorry for this unbeta’d and messy thing, but yeah. Mistakes were made, enjoy it.

@roseszain you said you wanted it, so you have it

Maybe appearing out of nowhere in Stiles’ room wasn’t his best decision. But after calling him and not getting any answer, he felt restless. What if something happened to him? What if there was a threat he didn’t know about? What if a rogue werewolf attacked? Or something natural and human that he can stop nor prevent like a crash or a fire or…? So he asked Scott, wich just gave place to a bit more of a panic after getting just a simple text with lack of information just saying ‘Stiles’ house’.

So it was actually Scott’s fault for not being more clear.

And his not so good judgement at the moment of taking decisions based on his over-thinking panic.

Was this actually a bad decision? The lanky body sprawled on the bed could tell otherwise if it wasn’t for the excent of clothes and the giggles that filled the place. That without having in mind the smell of chemicals and endorphine and also a bit of blood. Derek scrunched his nose; tooth removal wasn’t exactly what he expected.

“Who are you?”, the slurring voice of Stiles followed by a bony finger trying to point at him but doing vague circles in the air. “You’re hot!”, long and bad coordinated limbs trying to arrange his body in what tried to be a sexy pose. He obviously hadn’t succeeded; his body contorted to a side trying to maintain stability with his legs rearranged in a strange semi-open way.

Derek tried really hard not to laugh at that sight; Stiles was gonna be mortified by this until the end of times. “I’m Derek. Derek Hale.”

“Well, Derek Hale..”. Was he drooling? A slurping noise confirmed that indeed Stiles was drooling all over his own bed. “… you must have cleaned your pants with Windex, cause I can see my self in them latter tonight.” Derek saw him squint his eyes a couple of times before blinking really slowly while trying to smirk. Was he…? Yes, Stiles was trying to wink. And no, he hadn’t succeed in that either.

Forgotten the way his boyfriend was gonna feel embarrased for life, Derek gave place to a fit of laughter, making him bend down on himself and put his arms around on his own stomach in what felt like a disarming shake of muscles. Derek couldn’t remember when was the last time that he felt his lungs burn and his stomach pain in such a healthy way, in such a non-mortal way. He couldn’t remember but it wasn’t weird that Stiles was the one who would make him laugh again.

Taking big breaths and trying to calm down. “You– you realize– we are already dating!”, Derek look up with his face flushed at Stiles again, who was smiling widely with puffy cheeks splattered in moles and a bit of drool still falling from his swollen lower lip. He rolled his eyes fondly after calming down, walking towards de bed and sitting on the edge. Was it weird if he found Stiles somehow adorable in the actual mess he was being?

Stiles smile got a bit wider, like if he knew. He most certainly knew, the witty bastard.

“Yes! Worked like a charm!”

I don't understand why some people decide to dislike Jung Hoseok aka the sun

This is somewhat similar to the Namjoon post and I made that post on an impulse decision and yeah LOL.
But anyway.
Here we go.
I just don’t?????
What made yourself so bitter and negative to hate on such a loving person such as Jung Hoseok??? Like what happen to you all that made you like this??? Do you do it because you wanna feel better about yourself????? That not a very good and healthy way to do that to make yourself feel better by hating on others???you just like getting shittier and shitter….by doing that, if you wanna feel good about yourself, you can like idk do positive things and live your life instead of trying to ruin others like put yourself before others.
Haters that hate on Jung Hoseok aka the sun the golden hyung…are the people who choose the shitty potato salad at parties and such, and just eat it anyway, cuz they feel just as shitty as the shitty potato salad.
However you are always welcome to change your ways and choose the lovely wonderful homemade potato salad that your grandma makes when she comes over.
Basically what I’m saying is choose the amazing potato salad that your grandma makes and stop hating on Jung Hoseok and telling him to leave BTS and making death threat tags etc.

He is such a loving person and he doesn’t deserve this bullshit.
Love Jung Hoseok.
Also support his next mixtape and keep listening to 1Verse.He is gonna burn us all alive and we shall enjoy.


  • Aaron: You're going to school tomorrow and ignore those lads. if they do start with Gabby again, look after her, but you don't need to kick off, okay?
  • Liv: Yeah, all right, as long as you buy the Mill.
  • Robert: So you made a decision?
  • Aaron: As soon as I work out how to afford it, yeah.
  • Rebecca: But it's worth hundreds of thousands. It'll cost you thousands more. It's a wreck, a money pit.
  • Liv: We'd still have change from the cash in the bank.
  • Rebecca: Whoever you had to sleep with to get your hands on that kind of cash must've had deep pockets.
  • Aaron: What?
  • Liv: She doesn't know.
  • Aaron: Just get out.
  • Rebecca: I've obviously said something really offensive.
  • Robert: You have no idea.
  • Aaron: Yeah, and we don't explain ourselves to her.
  • Rebecca: I'm sorry if I've spoken out of turn. (gets up) Thank you for your advice, I'll organise the cash. it'll all be in place in time for my meeting tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck.
  • Robert: Trust me, you won't need it.
  • Aaron: What was all that about?
  • Robert: Nothing, she just made a joke.
  • Liv: Yeah, and you went for her.
  • Robert: Seriously, mate, she's not what you think, you've got her all wrong.

A letter full of regrets. So I played dragon age and here is a small tribute for a decision I had to make.

“I’m not a specialist in writing feely stuff. Despite being completely sure drama was my thing. Whatever…
I used to recall our life in Kirkwall pretty often. Every single day actually. Sitting in tavern with that good old smile and openly saying nonsense like “Oh yeah, that joke of him was perfectly timed” or “Never gonna forget such stupid faces those sons of nags made”. I didn’t care if someone’d heard me. Memories were too fresh to shut them up. All that adventures, no wonder nobody believes my books. Come on, kicking tons of asses, getting wealthy, killing few dragons, robbing a castle. Sounds astonishing, right? And what’s the coolest part - I remember it all. Every tiny detail. Bet I can even recall how Rivainy’s burnt hair smelled after one of slavery market’s clean ups. She looked like a well cooked vivern and screamed furiously. Hawke had to buy every single shiny Jewell from all the Hightown stores just to be sure he won’t be stubbed harshly later on.
Hawke…you remember that bloody champion never played cards well? I still can see his eyes glittering with glory and pride at the day the victory was finally his. Once and for all, I guess. Odd man. You know, despite being damn serious in business and battles, he never said names in such rude and harsh way. He was all like “Hey, Varric, buddy how’s life going?”, “Aveline, you, woman of honor, get out of your desk, lets get some drinks”, “Fenris, I owe you an elvenage-sized box of vine for saving my poor ass!”. It never resembled metal cold “Die” he addressed every piece of crap standing against us. He called us family. We all had dark temptations, odd weaknesses but he saw the light in shadows. And even when our bodies tried to betray him, Hawk…believed. He cared for us so freacking much my own mother never did. Though he wasn’t even the oldest of us. Did anyone really felt older? Doubt that.
So….what I’m trying to say…
Danm, I can’t. Why is it so difficult to operate with simple words. Or don’t I still believe it?
You remember our nights in the Hanged Man? Alcohol, games, face punching. Although Saint boy barely held cards, Hawke still was loosing. Daisy got knocked out from the first glass and all gang unwillingly had to carry her home. And of course there were bandits on the way, and of course they got screwed. After a huge lightning show party had to skedaddle not to bump into bunch of templars. Grumpy argued about “stupid magic” and Blondie just had to answer. Captain talked in commands and Daisy hiccuped so loudly I was aware knights would track us by sounds. Hawke remained silent. And then burst in laughing. Hugged everyone tightly in the giant arms of his. And said he’s happy. He thanked us for all we were. That was a long time ago…
Hawke is gone, guys. I wasn’t there to help him. Wasn’t there to save. I didn’t even had a chance to make up to him. For all he did. I was the one who dragged him into it. It’s on me. But…he wouldn’t want me to blame myself, would he? Guess I still can hear his voice.
Hawke would have said something…supportive. It won’t help anyway. When he lost an important part of him words barely worked. And Hawke wasn’t just a part. He changed people from the inside. Made them better. He made us better. Without him…I don’t even need to know, what would I be like. Life did its best in challenging him. He never fell, never surrender. Beating Arishoc to stand up for Pirat Queen? Sure, why not, he only was five times bigger. Fighting mad templar empress? Living statues? Beams of fire and energy? Oh, okay, everything so that Blondie won’t cry over and blow up something else. Ghosts, spirits, blood mages? No problem. He ripped his ass for our sake. I owed him life I live. I still do.
I want nothing, but promise. From you all. Hawke…was a person worth following. Do not forget it. Do not forget him. Keep that memory. Save it. We had known him long before he became the champion, before he became refugee. We knew him out of those titles, out of history pages. We knew real him. Knew and loved.
Hawke will always be with us….
In our hearts”

When the day met the Night - Part 2, Chapter Five

Thank you all for continuing to read and like and comment you guys are the best 😘


I sat on the window seat in my bedroom looking out over London. I couldn’t bear the thought that I wouldn’t be there, wouldn’t see it every morning when I got up. I felt hands on my shoulders and a kiss on my cheek, “do you want to go out for dinner?” said Jared, sitting down next to me. I shrugged, “yeah sure” I said quietly. We had come back to London briefly so I could take some of my things back with me. I’d made the decision to stay with him in LA. I never said it out aloud, never announced it. That would have made it too final, but I had made it clear that I would live there. I loved my home, but I couldn’t keep living without him, I couldn’t stand to be apart from him anymore. I needed him like I needed air and so did Bluebell. Seeing how happy she was living there, had made me see it was the only way. “You okay?” he asked with a small frown, “I’m fine” I said. “C'mon, tell me what’s wrong” he urged. “What do you think is wrong? I’m leaving my home, I can’t bear the thought that I won’t be here, that I won’t see this everyday” I said motioning to the view. “But we’ll be together, you two are everything I love, don’t you feel the same way, isn’t that more important” he said, it was so black and white to him, maybe it should have been to me as well, but I couldn’t feel that just now. I turned to face him, “don’t say that, you know I love you, I’m crazy about you, I’m just sad to give this up” I said, “it’s not like that, you talk as though you’ll never be back” he said reasonably. “It won’t be the same” I murmured. He exhaled in impatience, “I don’t know what to say or do to make this easier” I stood up, “there’s nothing to say, do you want to go?” I said rubbing my forehead, dismissing the subject. “Sure” he said not wanting to argue any further.

That night I climbed into bed, Jared came in a few minutes later. “She was out, she didn’t even want a story” he said smiling as he got into bed, I nodded with a small smile. He slid his arm over my waist, his lips kissing my neck lightly. “Don’t” I said softly, he lifted his head up to look at me. “Why?” he said frowning, I didn’t speak. “How long are you gonna be mad at me, you’ve been pushing me away since we got here, is this my punishment for making you move?” he said frustratedly lying back. “I’m not punishing you” I said sitting up. “Well it sure feels like it” he said bitterly. I finally spoke. “I never imagined this would happen, never thought I’d be here, having this discussion and I’m just having a hard time dealing with it” I said quietly. He nodded, “I didn’t either, I didn’t ever believe it would be so hard to be apart from you, from Bluebell, I just wanted you so much, nothing else mattered, I thought it would just sort itself out somehow” he said quietly, “and now here we are..” I said. “Would you change anything?” he said moving around and sitting in front of me. I bit my lip, “What would I change? Bluebell, you? Of course not, I couldn’t imagine my life without you both in it, I just wish we both wanted to live in the same part of the world, well my part of the world” I sighed lying back onto the pillows. “I want you in my world, always” he said, leaning down to kiss me softly, my hand came up to touch his cheek softly. “I do too” I whispered nodding. My entire body clenched and I felt my stomach quiver as he ran his fingers lightly over it. “Do you think anything is happening in there?” he murmured. “I don’t know, I hope so” I whispered, he looked up at me and smiled. His hand slid up under my singlet, reaching my breast and squeezing it gently. His fingers then grasping my nipple, rolling and pulling it in turns, I sighed closing my eyes enjoying the sensation. He pulled it harder now, eliciting a moan from me. His lips started trailing kisses along my neck, without warning he sank his teeth into the soft flesh, biting sharply. At the same time his fingers, pinched my nipple roughly. I gasped in surprise at the pain, his tongue laved the bite quickly, soothing it, his fingers letting go. I could feel his hardness pressed firmly on my thigh and he instinctively rubbed against me. “God I want you all the time” he said with a soft growl, I giggled as I watched him get up on his knees. He reached for the hem of my singlet pulling it up and off me in an instant. Then grabbing the waistband of my shorts he pulled them down roughly. He spread my thighs exposing my pussy to him, I knew my arousal was evident and I could feel myself throbbing. As he stared hungrily, I felt my insides clenching and I became slick with need. Just one look from him was enough, “you’re dripping baby” he said in a knowing voice. I nodded eagerly, “I want you, always” I said. He dipped his head down between my legs, his tongue sliding up between my wet soft folds, lapping up my desire. Teasing the sensitive bundle of nerves that were now pulsing. I groaned, my hands slipped into his hair gripping it tightly as he continued to tease me. I could feel my body rushing towards my climax, desperately trying to stop it, I pulled at his hair so he would release me. He looked up questioningly, “I don’t want to cum yet” I gasped, he nodded and reluctantly his mouth let me go. He moved up to hover over me, his lips crashing down on mine. I could taste myself on him as his tongue invaded my mouth. “I want you, in my mouth” I whispered against his lips. He closed his eyes for a moment savoring my words, then they flashed open and he gave me a sensual smile. “I’m all yours” he said in a sultry sexy voice. I shivered. He gracefully hopped off the bed and stood beside it waiting expectantly. I moved to the edge of the bed, my hands reaching up grabbing his jockeys and I slowly pulled them down, freeing his cock. I grasped it firmly before giving the tip a few swipes of my tongue, then greedily sucking him, taking his shaft deep into my throat. “Woah, fuck Harper slow down” he moaned through gritted teeth, his hands twisted in my hair gripping tight. I let him slide out of my mouth sucking hard as I released him. He gave me a moment before thrusting back into my throat, I fought the urge to gag as his hips moved. The grip in my hair got tighter and his movements became more erratic, he suddenly pulled out of my mouth, breathing hard in an effort to bring his body under control. “No, please cum, I want it” I begged, grasping his hips trying to pull him back. He shook his head, “no, not this time, turn around” he said, I knew he was fighting the urge to fuck my mouth and make me gag until he poured himself down my throat. I let out a small frustrated growl and stood up, I gave a small stomp before leaning forward over the side of the bed. He suddenly gave me a stinging slap on the ass! I gasped! “Don’t stomp and growl at me” he snapped, but he was amused, I turned my head to look at him, I frowned and pulled my tongue out at him. I saw him pull his hand back and I bit my lip, closing my eyes bracing for another sting. Instead I felt his arms grab me, gathering me up against his chest. “I’d never hurt you” he whispered against my ear. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “what are you talking about, I know you won’t hurt me, you never have” I said leaning back to look up at him, “whatever gave you that idea?” I said, thoroughly confused by his actions. He lifted his hands and ran them down my cheeks, then down my neck and collar bone. His fingers, slowly, making a path to my breasts. He was silent as he traced lines around my nipples causing me to shiver, but carefully avoiding touching the rosy tips. “You looked afraid” he said in explanation, “sometimes when I look at you, your skin is so pale and perfect and you talk in your soft, posh accent I feel like I might break you” he murmured, finally looking up to meet my eyes. I was surprised by this sudden admission, I lifted a hand to touch his cheek. “Is that when I’m not screaming like a banshee?” I said giggling “Jared, you’ve never hurt me before and I know you never will, please stop worrying” I said with a small frown. “I wasn’t afraid, I was waiting, patiently, to feel your hand on my ass” I smirked. His face broke into a grin and finally his fingers flicked over my nipple, causing me to moan softly. “Don’t stop, please” I urged him. I turned back around leaning over the side of the bed again, I moved my legs apart, “please” I murmured biting my lip. He wasted no time then, he moved in next to me, his cock sliding into me at last. I groaned as he thrust into me, hard and fast, quickly driving me to ecstasy. As I shuddered he gave a few final thrusts, and found his own release, collapsing on top of my back. He lay there for a few moments before pulling out of me and lifting me up. We lay down, both sleepy and sated now. I moved my head against his chest and threw a leg over his waist bringing him in close to me. I wondered what had brought on his sudden fear of hurting me. A thought came to me, fleeting, but before I had a chance to analyze it any further I fell asleep.

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