yeah so this is how i'm spending my life now

the signs as Rick and Morty quotes
  • Aries: I've got about a thousand memories of your dumb little ass and about six of them are pleasant, the rest is annoying garbage!
  • Taurus: Get your shit together. Get it all together and put it in a backpack, all your shit, so it's together. And if you gotta take it somewhere, take it somewhere, you know? Take it to the Shit Store and sell it, or put it in a Shit Museum, I don't care what you do, you just gotta get it together. Get your shit together.
  • Gemini: Listen, I'm not the nicest guy in the universe because I'm the smartest, and being nice is something stupid people do to hedge their bets.
  • Cancer: Aw, man. I really liked this life. Well, at least I didn't really crap my pants.
  • Leo: Whatever you're asking, the answer is I'm amazing.
  • Virgo: What, so everyone's supposed to sleep every single night now? You realize that nighttime makes up half of all time?
  • Libra: Yeah sure, I mean, if you spend all day shuffling words around, you can make anything sound bad.
  • Scorpio: I thought the whole point of having a dog was to feel superior. If I were you I wouldn't pull that thread.
  • Sagittarius: You gotta flip 'em off, I told them it means "peace among worlds", how hilarious is that!
  • Capricorn: Don't waste your brain on those weirdos... They just put you at the center of their lives because you're powerful, and then because they put you there, they want you to be less powerful.
  • Aquarius: Okay, well...sometimes science is more art than science. Lot of people don't get that.
  • Pisces: Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV?

anonymous asked:

My mom showed me this picture of a cupcake with a ring in it and i was like "my future s/o cant do that because ill eat it" and she was like "s/o? Dont you mean husband?" And i was like "yeah if thats how it ends up" and she was like "yeah hopefully" I'm just so tired of her making those kinds of comments. Like i know she and my dad and 99% of my family wont accept me but it hurts for her to constantly say stuff like that. -c

-c i just dont know what to do because i identify as bisexual and currently have a girlfriend who as of now i plan on marrying. My moms the only person in my family that knows and i just dont know what to do. I dont want to spend my adult life avoiding my family because i do love them but i see no way that would happen if i marry my girlfriend. She thinks that its just a phase. I dont like talking to her about it because it makes me emotional. I guess i dont need advice just some one to rant to.

You are completely valid, and I can totally understand why you’re frustrated and upset. If it’s any consolation, so many parents do eventually come around (though they often take their time).

In all likilihood though, even if they don’t, one day you’re going to move out and get your own place and you’ll be able to spend time with whoever you want without fear of judgement, and you won’t *need* their approval. 

  • me: I really love the colour black
  • you know who you are: Fuck you! Because you've posted this I've now had to go to your blog and send you a message anonymously. You are evil, I hope everything in your life sucks!!!!!! Why would you even post that biased information when you know how many followers you have?? Just because it's your own blog doesn't mean you can post what you want. Get a fucking life. I bet you're just a lazy piece of shit. Because unlike you, I took time out of my busy schedule to send this - It's that important. AND what about white? and every single other colour ever?? why only black?? It's just rude. You're pathetic. AND black isn't even a colour so I think you need to finish second grade again omfg. Another thing, I once had a really, really itchy black sweater and now I hate that colour. I can't believe you couldn't even take that into account. So inconsiderate!! Do you know how tired I am right now?? I spend my whole life walking on eggshells because I'm afraid of everything (aka myself) so I bet you can understand how I feel now? Yeah, that's right. I feel like shit. I hope you die, you little bitch. Please get hit by a bus. P.S delete your blog, or I will be forced to take more time out of my clearly busy and better life and send you more messages like this on anonymous. Thanks.