yeah so this ep is the best

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x14:

  • Oh, the family drama.
  • Dean’s “I never was a child” line omggggggg MY HEART. 
  • Dean calling his mom “Mary” OH LORD.
  • Dean kicking Mary out *I’m shook* 
  • Dean. You need Sam as the peacemaker. That’s the whole reason you two work. DON’T BITCH ABOUT ONE OF SAM’S BEST QUALITIES.
  • How appropriate. The BML seduce Sam with technology and Dean with scotch. Makes sense. 
  • The Colt returns. Sam is shook. Rightfully so. 
  • Sam is so badass it hurts. 
  • YAAASSSSSSS Bobby shout out. I miss Bobby. Wonder what happened to him in heaven once the angels got hold of him that one ep…
  • Why would you nOT CLOSE THE DOOR IMMEDIATELY!!?????!!!!
  • Sam. Fucking. Winchester. 
  • Yeah, Ketch, you sure did “make a play for Dean” LOL
  • Welp guess the Winchesters are one big happy family again. So that’s something. 
  • Is Sam… going to tell Dean about his new found alliance? 

In conclusion: Sam is a badass motherfucker. 


On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

Maybe you should have rethought that statement, David.

so i wrote some jarchie stuff that’s semi-canon compliant even with regards for the ep 8 leak. anyway. here you go

Archie was fine with it. Really. He was doing great. He was doing awesome he was so so goddamn happy for his best friends. So fucking happy and not at all jealous. Just… worried. Yeah. Worried.

Jughead wasn’t expressive most of the time and Betty was, well, Betty but something seemed off with them together. Betty seemed to be trying too hard, like she was covering something up, and Jughead seemed to be completely detached from the situation whenever he was around her. Or maybe Archie was just a little too hopeful.

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college yoongi
  • min yoongi, the college’s resident music theory major (see also: genius)
  • seriously though, almost everyone thinks he’s a genius and his professors gush over him but not when he’s around bc they think he’s indifferent
  • but he’s not indifferent bc it’s easy to notice the little smile on his face whenever he overhears someone mention that he has mad skills or something and he just shakes his head and continues to walk
  • and if anyone ever stops him to talk about something of his that they heard he just shrugs and it’s good-naturedly and replies with “ah, i was only messing around you know”
  • so he’s obviously very humble which kinda gives people whiplash bc they didn’t that at all like most people just thought he knew how amazing he is but nope he’s actually really chill
  • there’s always flyers in like every department saying that people should listen to his soundcloud and follow him
  • the number of followers and plays that his tracks have is insane but not really bc he’s a genius and his username is min genius so i mean yeah
  • he has this really nice, chill style that’s kinda a hybrid of tomppabeats and it’s great and sometimes he uploads remixes and they’re also great
  • even uploads some of his soft rapping tracks to keep like this chill theme but if you’re into like hardcore rapping, he has another account for that
  • like the baristas in the café on campus asked if it was cool to play some (all) of his tracks and he’s like yeah sure why not
  • he even has a few eps on itunes and the ratings always surprise bc “wow people actually like my stuff??” and it’s one source of income so
  • but more about his rapping tracks. like, the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and are one of the main reasons people enjoy them
  • bc he talks about a lot of relevant stuff that he felt like he wasn’t able to talk about and they really add on to the “only few will understand” idea
  • yeah twenty one pilots are one of his many inspirations amazing i know
  • another thing that confuses people is the fact that he’s best friends with the kinda hyper sophomore & kinesiology major, junghoseok
  • like they’re kinda opposites but they’ve known each other since like middle school and they’re still really close
  • hoseok was the one they helped yoongi decide what to minor in bc he knows how much his best pal loves photography so it was a pretty easy decision to make
  • he also helped yoongi with his major bc there’s always those majors that people don’t see as being stable but yoongi defied all the odds that were stacked against him bc he already has companies reaching out to him about his composing skills
  • it was mentioned on the music theroy’s major website about students having things published and having companies contact them before graduation and he didn’t really believe it until it happened to him and it’s so cool but he doesn’t brag about it bc he’s super humble
  • okay about him minoring in photography
  • he loves taking nature pics bc it’s so nice and has such a nice aesthetic that you can’t find anywhere else
  • he studied abroad the year before in florence, italy and took a thousand pictures there bc everything was so captivating
  • so when he’s not making music or playing basketball (which he also does), he’s snapping some quality pictures of forests and sunsets and etc. and those that know him are like wow he’s so multi-talented
  • sometimes you see him sitting under a tree in the park not too far from campus with his headphones on while he works on his laptop and you can see his camera peeking out of his backpack
  • he calls the camera his life bc he was saving up forever to buy it but people buying his eps on itunes helped out a lot
  • yeah so you see him a lot in the park when you’re studying or whatever and it’s nice to watch him work even though you feel kinda creepy when you do but he’s really nice to look at and his mannerisms are so gentle idk if that makes sense but yeah
  • so you make it a habit to go to the park a few times a week and sometimes yoongi’s playing basketball with his friends and that kid jungkook tries to throw the ball a bit too hard and you’re kinda close by so it almost hits you
  • and yoongi’s rushing over to make sure you’re okay an dyou’re yeah i’m fine while clutching your chest and jungkook just stands there wide-eyed before he apologizes 20 times
  • and yoongi notices that the ball knocked over your coffee and even though he’s not all that sociable, he offers to buy you another one and you’re like nah it’s fine and he’s like okay and you’re :/ ?? bc you kinda hoped he would insist but nope
  • one of his friends, hoseok, calls him back over to finish the game but he doesn’t call him yoongi but min genius and the cogs are turning in your head bc that sounds familiar and yoongi checks that you’re okay before he gets the ball and continues playing
  • and after that you grab your things and head to your class but it’s hard to concentrate bc you know that you saw min genius somewhere so when you get back to your dorm you look it up and yoongi’ssoundcloud and itunes comes up and it clicks bc you remember seeing flyers with min genius on them
  • when you see him again a few days later you tell him that you really like his stuff and he just smiles and thanks you and he shyly asks if you’d want to grab a coffee with him bc hoseok gave him a lecture the night before about him asking you out or something
  • yeah so you agree and while the two of you are waiting for your coffee, you realize that his music is playing and you’re like wow and yoongi just smiles his gummy smile and it’s cute and he finds you cute and it turns out that you’re taking intro to digital photography and he’s like i took it last semester and i can help if you ever need it
  • the two of you hang out sometimes whether that’s meeting up in the café or at the park when he’s editing some of his music and he shows you his pictures and tricks to help you with class and they’re really amazing
  • esp the ones from florence and you think it’s so cool that he studied abroad and he tells you about it and it sounded like a lot of fun
  • he even made these little short films and they’re so nice and aesthetic with some of his tracks playing in the background and it’s so chill
  • then sometimes you find yourself making playlists for him bc the way he talks about music, you know it’s important to him and when you meet up again you let him listen to them and he has a smile on his face bc it’s good music
  • before either of you can really process it, you realize how deep the feelings you have for each other run like it’s way past just friends
  • when he realized that he likes you he wasn’t !! it was just okay so like i them in that way and it took him a while to mull it over and he doesn’t tell you right away or at all
  • since he’s been helping you with photography, you take pictures of him when he’s working on music or playing basketball with the rest of bts and create this little collection that you posted on vsco and show him and he’s like wow these are nice without really noticing that it’s him then he’s oh and kinda blushes bc you titled it ‘i like you’
  • and within a few weeks, you’re officially a thing and the rest of bangtan are so happy for you guys
  • lots of really chill dates where you watch him edit his music and photos and your bf min yoongi, well, min genius is just that: a genius that has a soft heart and cares about you and his friends a lot
Deleted Continuity in S18

Just from these last 2 episodes, we know 3 scenes were either completely deleted or otherwise chopped up.

From Genes (18x13), which was meant to air directly after Barba’s secret was almost? revealed), we lost 2 Barba scenes:

(i.e. a scene in Barba’s office, in which he is seen accepting chocolate as a present, from an unknown sender, possibly after the events of Know It All, since that episode was supposed to air first. There’s a chance someone from the squad gave him the gift, or someone new, but mentioned in Know It All. The scene was shown, but only after it was edited to remove the chocolates. We’ll never know who sent them, or why.)


(i.e. a scene between Barba and former ADA Strauss, who is now a defense attorney. There’s a chance they talked about Strauss and his change of careers, which was never mentioned in the actual episode, with Barba sassing Strauss like he used to, in previous seasons. Or, they may have even mentioned the events of Know It All, with Strauss either taunting Barba about the secret, or telling him to come over to the dark side, because that’s where the money is. We’ll never know Barba’s reaction.)

From Net Worth (18x14) we know this moment was missing:

(i.e. a scene in which Fin tells Sonny and Amanda he passed the Sergeant’s exam, and they hug him proudly, as seen in a fan-filmed video from a tumblr post I saw and forgot to reblog dammit. Because who wants to see a sweet family moment like that, between the squad?)

Who knows what’s been cut from the previous episodes? These character-based scenes, full of potential, three in total, were cut just from the last two eps. Two of them were about Barba, who has a “personal” storyline this season, for once. The repercussions of that storyline, of his secret, have been completely erased!

I can’t imagine what else is missing (but was actually filmed!) from all the 14 episodes we’ve seen so far. And we haven’t even gotten any deleted scenes, because they would technically be spoilers for episodes which have yet to air.

disclaimer: i considered going through the stills from the previous episodes on, but i realize i wouldn’t be able to tell what aired and what didn’t, because i have forgotten pretty much everything that happened this season, and i haven’t rewatched a single ep. so yeah.

anonymous asked:

Take all the time you need of course, but I hope that anon didn't get to you too much. It's awesome that the blog went longer than expected! This story makes a lot of people happy (though I'm not trying to pressure you to continue ^^; just saying that's it's totally okay to change your mind about ending dates and all)

Sorry about that i was havin a bit of a emotional ep or somethin, its been a long awful day but im better now. Sorry for bein so rash about it, but a hiatus is probably for the best

I gotta sort out some personal stuff irl and honestly i just need a damn break from this story, i really need some space from it and tackle it properly. Im not happy with these last few arc events (both asgore and sans were supposed to have different outcomes and i blew it lol)

Anyway yeah, im exhausted and cant sleep and done as hell rn but whatever. Sorry for worryin anybody

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blythe i don't know if you've seen breaking bad but rian directed the both most controversial and critically acclamaid eps of the show with one of them called ozymandias is widely considered to be one of the best content ever aired on television and the other one (fly) caused enourmosly polarizing reactions from the audience so i don't know about you but for me personally i've never felt more reassured in my entire life

yeah i know!!!! also i have no idea why “the fly” was polarizing lmao i guess anything that breaks a narrative mold is too much for normies or something. but yes they are both probably some of the best tv eps ever so

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To be honest I'm kinda chill now. The worst has happened, she's pregnant with his baby and no doubt going to keep it. It can't get worse from here for Robron apart from a Robert/Rebecca affair which is clearly not the direction they are taking. Things can only get better. Of course will still have the reveal to Aaron but it will be better once things are out in the open and they can start moving forward again. We've hit rock bottom so the only way is up. Never going to give up on them.

Did i ghostwrite this?

I totally agree. 

The only way is up. 

(baby, for you and me nooowww. (ahem. sorry))

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I can imagine sabo totally just not understanding sexism/misogyny. I mean his main female role models as a kid were makino - runs her own bar and serves pirates and criminals - and dandan - leader of a group of bandits. Even after he lost his memories his best friend was koala (who eats marines for breakfast) and I totally accept your hc that he looks up to robin a lot so??? I just think whenever somebody says that somebody can't do something cause of their gender he's just so confused

aww yeah, i definitely like to think so!  and not only that, but if the filler eps are to be believed one of his main teachers as a kid was inazuma, a genderfluid person.  i love how many different types of…non-male?? people sabo’s had to look up to while growing up, as mentors and friends and parent figures etc.  i can’t imagine he has anything but the utmost respect for them.  he obviously has a lot respect for koala’s strength- i love his response to her being “yo get your ass here i need your help” lol; he was basically like “why??  i know u can handle shit yourself you don’t need me”

which makes his “you’re a man, you can take care of yourself” line to bartolomeo (which was implying that rebecca couldn’t take care of herself bc she’s a woman) look all the more ridiculous and ooc, but you know;;;…..

  • *Magnus and Merle have both refused the Chalice's offer to change time*
  • Chalice: Taako?
  • Taako: So here's the thing for me. Here's where I'm at. The vision revealed to me was chill as hell. Here's how it shook out for Taako, (and we can get into this a bit more if you guys want) but as it turns out, remember the thing that I've spent so long feeling kind of bad about? Not super bad, but like pretty darn bad?
  • Magnus: Yeah.
  • Taako: Get this: Not my fault! Like I have nothing to change! I didn't do anything wrong! This is- It was a VERY chill vision for me. I'm feeling like, amazing. And I feel no obligation to go back and change anything, 'cause it was like best possible- I'm in the best possible timeline for Taako. Personally, just from my vantage point, it is very good for Taako.
  • Magnus: So it kind of sounds like it's a no all around, cup lady.

So I’m finally back and right now between watching 12x22 and 12x23 and just wanted to say this because in about 40 minutes I will have other topics: I loved this ep. Sam taking on the leadership role, voicing his motives and respecting Dean’s decision! And Dean!!! That scene with Mary in her head was all I ever wanted for him to be able to say to her. One of Jensen’s best perfomances ever imo, I’m still crying…. so yeah, no real review, but that whole ep was such a perfect example for what this show is capable of in terms of character development and tackling deep layered themes - all the kudos.

everyone in s3: we love the delinquents!!! that’s what the show is!!! the 100 not the grounders show!!! please give us more delinquents eps!!!
me: hell yeah!!!
everyone after 4x09, a delinquents centric ep: this ep was so lame and shitty???
everyone after 4x10, very little delinquents plot ep: THIS EP WAS THE BEST EP OF THE SHOW
me: ????

Got Game?

Summary: Who would’ve thought that the chain of events that led to Dan getting a date with a guy completely out of his league started with a bucket of popcorn dropped on the ground and a broken down car? [Ft. Pj and Punk!Phil if you look hard enough]

Genre: fluff | AU

Warnings: none unless you’re scared of slight cockiness and dropping popcorn on the floor

Word Count: 1.3k

Authors Note: I POSTED THIS A WEEK LATE IM SO SORRY. Im finishing up school for the year so thats gross and tumblr is blocked at school so thats even worse but please forgive me. Also Dodie’s ep and Yuri!!! On Ice are my new favourite things, okay enough rambling this was v v fun to write but it has the shittiest description ever but yeah I hope you enjoy :D [oh yeah incase you can’t tell its based in 2013 okokok coolios]

part three of “The Ways I Met You”

part one here

part two here

part four here

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Hey! Apologies for using your askbox as a shouting board but I've just finished 1x10 and there's no going back for me! So much interaction between them, they are so good with each other *crying* thank you Room, it's already so worth it!

omg anon, you reached 110!!! that is def a MILESTONE EP and yeah, who knew a decomposing pig w/ maggots would make for the best date accessory ever? and the rest of the ep… lordeee. the interrogation room scenes? like

asswipe: like i said, i’ve wrestled her off me, but i never ever laid a hand on her
sara: how about a gun?
asswipe to griss: you have your hands full with her
grissom: so do you

i mean, fuck this is the best of the best kind of otp shit right there. that piece of garbage was counting on some “bros before hoes amiright” comradery but boy did he miscalculate like griss would be the last one to join in on that vile shit and even then you would have to coerce him. instead he’s radiating those “it’s not me you have to worry about, dickhead, it’s my wife” vibes and they fuck him up with glorious science. GOOD TIMES

Carl Grimes - I Believe In You (Part 3 - final)

Originally posted by clutterbucky

Hi guys! So here is Part 3 of the Carl imagine I did that so many of you requested it! This is the last one, so I hope you enjoy! ♥

You can read the other ones here> Part 1 and Part 2

Summary: After having an argument with Carl, you still have to survive the rest of the day in Alexandria with Negan and his Saviors doing whatever they please (Based on ep 7x04 “Service”)

Warnings: just a savior being an asshole, as per usual

Word count: 1,758 (oh yeah) 

After the little scene with Carl at the garage, I was back at our house with Judith. She was one of the few people that I wanted to be around right now. I also could really use a talk with Michonne at the moment. She was always so understanding, like a second mom to me. I always went to her whenever me and Carl had problems, she always gave the best advices. But I just I realized I hadn’t seen her since this morning.

Sighing, I sat on the bed, with Judy on my lap. I was exhausted. Not only physically but just exhausted in general. I wanted this all over. I started daydreaming  of an alternative reality where none of this shit was happening. Me and Carl strolling through the streets of Alexandria, hand in hand, while Judith giggled happily next to us. Glenn and Maggie with their baby, Sasha and Abraham together, Rick and Michonne making pancakes at our kitchen, on a sunny sunday morning. And Negan didn’t even exist. I smiled to myself just thinking about it.

But all of that was never going to happen, never. It felt like a nightmare that I could never wake up from. Reality hurts like a bitch.

Suddenly, jolting me out of my thoughts, I heard three knocks on the door. It was Aaron telling me that Rick needed everyone at the church, that we had a problem with the guns. Oh, how exciting.

I placed Judith back on her crib and followed Aaron to the church. Everyone was sitting on the pews while Rick was standing up in front of a cross stained glass. I sat beside Aaron and Eric, who coincidentally were sitting right behind Carl. This day just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?

“I thought about hiding some of the guns, I did it before. But what if the Saviors find those guns? One of us dies. Or maybe more than that. We don’t have to like it, but we need to give ‘em over. A Glock 9 and a 22. That’s what they’re looking for. Who has it?” Rick announced staring at us, searching for some kind of answer in our expressions.

What? Someone stole the guns? What was happening?

“Someone has them. If we don’t find them they’re gonna kill Olivia.”

Of course. Of course someone would die. I sighed and just thought to myself that I wanted to punch the asshole that hid the goddamn guns.

We just stared at each other and no one said a word. Maybe the person that did it was too scared to admit.

“Let me put this to you as clearly as I can. I’m not in charge anymore,” Rick stated, looking down, “Negan is. Now who has the guns?”

As much as I knew that Rick was not the guy who called the shots anymore, it was still hard hearing him say it out loud. It made everything feel more real.

Again, we just stared at each other. I was beginning to think that this was just a misunderstanding and that nobody had really hidden any of the guns. Just as I was about to say that to Aaron, Eugene said from behind us:

“Not everyone is here.”

He was right, a lot of people were missing. Michonne, Spencer, Rosita…

Spencer. My mind immediately went to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who started all this mess. He had already done this before and I didn’t trust him one bit.

“Yeah, you’re right. Maybe we should search the houses then, see if we could find something?” I suggested, turning my head to look at Rick.

“Yeah…” he replied, thinking for a second, “maybe that could work.  Let’s go then.”

Nodding my head quickly, I got up and walked towards the church exit, with Aaron and Eric behind me. I said a quick bye to them and just as I was about to turn left and go back to my house, I heard a distant voice calling my name. I didn’t even need to look to know who it was.

“(Y/N), wait!” Carl shouted from behind me.

“What do you want?” I replied, slowing my pace and turning my body so I was able to face him.

“Can we talk, please?” He begged with a low voice.

“Yeah, I guess. But make it quick, we have work to do.”

I didn’t want him to think that everything was alright just because I agreed to talk to him. But I also didn’t want to fight with him anymore. I knew well enough that nowadays, staying in bad terms with someone you love was stupid. You never knew when it would be your last moment with them.

“I just… I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry I was so stupid. But it’s hard for me, being so powerless, seeing them taking everything we fought so hard to have, and not being able to do anything to stop it. I promise I will try to control myself. At least near you, so I don’t put you in danger as well.”

I sighed and looked at him, trying to find my words. I knew this was very hard for him.

“I know how you feel, believe me I know. I know how brave you can be and how strong your personality is, how you don’t take shit from anyone. That’s who you are. And I love that, I really do. It’s one of my favorite things about you. But you can’t let this anger take the best of you everytime. It’s not worth it.”

“I know. You’re right, as always.” He said and I laughed. He always knew how to calm me down and how to make me less angry with him.

“Yes, sir. I am” I said playfully and stepped closer to him. “I’m sorry too.” I murmured, my smile fading.

“Sorry for what?” He asked, confused.

“I think I overreacted a little back there. I was stressed and anyway, it was too much to deal with all at once. I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“It’s okay.” He smiled and put his hands around my waist, while I put my arms around his neck. Our noses almost touching. I was fully aware that we were almost kissing in the middle of the street, with a bunch of Saviors walking around us, but I couldn’t care less.

“Okay sheriff, we got work to do. We can finish this later.” I smirked and grabbed his hand, walking towards the houses so we could search some of them.

When we were about a block away from our house, I saw them. Two saviors going in and out, taking all kinds of things away. Our furniture, cushions, clothes and even our matress. I couldn’t believe it. Taking all our guns and medicine wasn’t enough?

I tried to ignore it but then I saw one of the men holding something in his hand that was reflecting the sunlight. Please no.

It was my necklace. The necklace Glenn brought to me from a run. It was all I had left from him.

It was still so fresh in my memory, me and him by the gates, just chatting about nothing in particular, until he asked what was the thing I missed the most besides my family. “My cat”, I answered laughing. And he laughed even more. He left saying he would try to bring a present to me. And later he came back with a silver necklace, with the little silhouette of a cat. He said it was for me to use it so I could remember both of them, not only my cat but Glenn too.

Before I could think properly I was already running towards the man.

“Hey! You’re not taking that!” I screamed at him, anger clear in my voice.

“Or what? You gonna stop me, little girl?” He said laughing, a gross smirk on his face.

“Why do you even need a necklace?”

“I don’t need it but a lady back at the Sanctuary might like it.” He replied, the creepy smirk still on his face.

“Please,” I begged, looking down, “just let me keep it. It’s all I have left” I couldn’t believe I was actually saying please to this fucker. But it was worth it.

“What was that, girl? You’re gonna have to say it again.” He said, stepping closer to me and stroking my face with his index finger. I held my breath and tried to hide how disgusted I was.

“Please.” I repeated, louder this time. It was humiliating.

He tossed the necklace at my face and leaned closer to me, eyeing me up and down.

Looking over his shoulder I could see Carl and Rick next to a tree, watching from afar. Probably making sure the man wouldn’t do anything to me. Carl had his arms crossed over his chest and a scowl on his face. It probably took everything in him to not come here and punch this son of a bitch right in the face. But I was glad he didn’t. That meant he was really serious about not being reckless anymore.

“Be careful, little girl. Be careful.”  he murmured next to my ear, sending shivers down my back.

He finally walked away and I ran back to Carl, looking for some sense of protection, hugging him tightly and burying my head in the crook of his neck. I inhaled his scent and immediately felt safe again.

“Are you okay? Did he say anything to you?” He asked, stroking my hair.

“No, no. I’m fine. I’m okay.” I answered, looking up at him and giving him a reassuring smile. At least I got my necklace back.

Carl and I went inside to check on Judith and by the time we were back, Negan and his men were already leaving. I leaned on Carl’s shoulder as I saw Daryl disappearing in the horizon, along with the trucks.

“We will get back at them, sooner or later. This is not our life.” Carl said, more to himself than to me. I looked up at him and clutched at the necklace in my hand, trying to hold on to the last piece of good memories I still had. From the friends we lost and from our life before all of this.

“We will. If there’s one thing that I learned with Glenn is that hope is the one thing they can’t take away from us. I believe in him. And I believe in you.

(A/N): There you go, guys! I hope this was what you were waiting for.
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ok but like i love michaela and asher?? like fuck me up they’re so hot and even hotter together and that sex scene?? and like yeah he’s an ass in the beginning of the show bUR SONT WVEN TWLL ME THERES NO CHARACRER DEVELOPMENR and he genuinely cares about her and wants to be there to help her even if he can’t and i KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST

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heeey! can you do a tutorial on your latest tw coloring that you use in your top 20 stydia eps?

Okay, first of all I feel like I should warn you that I’m the worst person e v e r on explaining these kinds of things, and yeah I know everybody says that but I swear on pizza so you know I mean it. Secondly, I’ll give you some pointers first to try and help out but if you still want a full-on tutorial let me know and I’ll do my best :)

Okay so:

  • don’t use too much vibrace, I had mine at 50 and no saturation
  • levels were about 15-17 and if you want it more black use selective color and increase the blacks and maybe the neutrals too
  • I also used gradience map at soft light, 60% opacity
  • color balance is your new best friend, I used one at the bottom of all the layers and one on top, as you’ll see the one on the bottom has a much bigger effect so go easy on it and play around with the other one as well
  • I used very little brightness (around 5-6 I think) and contrast at 40/40+
  • curves and levels instead of brightness
  • also I used some different layers for stiles and lydia cause the caps had different lighting and stuff, so just adjust your layers for the caps, adjust lydia’s first for example and then select all the caps stiles is in (with shift) and make some of lydia’s layers not apply to him (by clicking the eye next to the layer, like color balance for example) this can be a bit annoying but you need to figure out what works for each and then do the same for every gif
  • last but not least don’t be afraid to use different layers, like use more than one color balance for sure, maybe more than one levels etc. and move them around to see what looks best
  • I hope that made sense, if not feel free to ask anything you want!

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Thanks for the reply. And yeah, true. I really don't know how they can fit so much content into one final episode. Though, I bet it'll still be awesome! I just figured since SJ episodes are about 22 mins long; you could fit 13 episodes into the span of 5 hours? I don't know. I'm just hoping for more! Lol! (Also, YES!! I'd love an Aku spinoff!! :D)

No problemo! And yeah, no matter what it’s gunna be fun! That’s the best part!

Hm, I guess? But on the [as] schedule it still says the ep is only a “half hour”…then again they did do that April Fools prank…

But I still doubt it. As much as I would like there to be more, I’d rather not get my hopes up too high. I’m not sure I can handle that kind of disappointment rn

I sincerely hope it happens, preferably made by someone who loves the show as much as we do so they can do it right. That would be a whole other dream come true.

“Yeah, Sir and Charles are fuckin’ gay. I said it.”
- Lemony Snicket, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Ep 7

The show’s good, by the way. I’m binging all the episodes in one sitting. So far the Reptile Room episodes were the best.