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Death is your art. You make it with your hands day after day.

      -  Sooner or later, you’re gonna want it. And the second — the second— that happens, you know I’ll be there. I’ll slip in, have myself a real good day.

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But what is the ship???

Spuffy. >_>

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I was a hardcore Buffy x Spike shipper when I was a teen. It was my first real ship. I had multiple notebooks filled with fan fics. They were terrible. XD

In fact, the way they totally mishandled the majority of that relationship in season 6 nearly got me to stop watching the show altogether. The episode Seeing Red was my ultimate “WHAT THE FUCK ARE THE WRITERS DOING?!” moment. It made me so upset, for multiple reasons, that I seriously considered abandoning the show altogether. Which is saying a lot, considering that I watched it religiously. I was the kind of fan who knew every little detail, who could hold entire conversations in quotes. The two easiest essays I ever wrote in college were about Buffy and I could quote episodes and minor plot details and cite them without having to look up a single thing. And that was a few years after the show had gone off the air.

Basically the only reason I kept going was because of the final shot of season 6′s finale, which intrigued me enough that I gave it another shot just so I could see how that whole situation was going to play out. 

Though to be fair, there was a lot about season six that rubbed me the wrong way. The way they handled Spuffy was just the icing on my salt cake.

But yeah. I was a massive Buffy fan back in the day. Still am, if I’m being honest - though it’s been a while since I went back and rewatched it.

BtVS S7 (Rewatch) - Him

Yeah, right. What’re you gonna do - use magic to make him into a girl? Damn.  -Anya

Funny episode! I love the scene where Buffy is trying to kill the Principal with the rocket launcher: it’s so well done, with Wood completely unaware of what is happening outside and the music playing. And The Plan: Xander and Spike on a mission!

Willow and Anya interaction/competition is great, and Dawn dancing and making Xander go all “daddy like” - who would think that a few years ahead they will be together? And Xander remembering his experience with love spells going bad - a fond memory…

Buffy is so cute in the scene where she delivers Spike at Xander’s apartment: the way she looks, the way she talks…

It’s cool Buffy acknowledges that Anya is one of her friends, and wants her close.

An interesting bit is when Spike turns the angels on the shelf, its backs to him.

And a continuity error: when Dawn leaves Wood’s office she forgets her purse hanging in the chair and on the next scene in the corridor, she is with it.

BtVS 7x06


Make me choose:
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SPIKE As daft a notion as ‘Soulful Spike the Killer’ is, it is nothing compared to the idea that another girl could mean anything to me. This chip—they did to me. I couldn’t help it. But the soul, I got on my own—for you.

BUFFY I know.

SPIKE So, yeah. I go and pass the time… with someone. But that’s all it is, is time, 'cause—God, help me, Buffy—it’s still all about you.

Unrelated Conversations of a Domestic Nature

Title: Unrelated Conversations of a Domestic Nature
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Five unremarkable conversations that take place in the daily lives of Dan and Phil. 

Working Out

“What if I got a personal trainer?” Dan asks.

He’s sprawled out on the couch in a t-shirt and boxers, laptop on his stomach and legs over Phil’s lap. Phil’s laptop is across his shins, the discomfort of the metal surface offset by how pleasantly warming it is to his skin.

Phil gives him the saddest sad-Voldemort pout. “Don’t.”

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Why I love Seeing Red

I have recently been rewatching season 6 and the infamous bathroom scene is one of my favorite moments in the tv-show. I know that many fans hate the scene and argue that it is out of character, unnecessary and that kind of stuff. I find that the scene is amazing and a great narrative tool, a risqué that the writers took that paid of very well and really illustrated the magical mechanisms of the BtVS universe.
So, I do not as such enjoy watching Spike trying to rape Buffy, it’s a raw and embarrassing scene to watch (yeah, I react with embarrassment, I’m weird that way), but I enjoy the character development and plot that springs from the scene. No matter now much I like Buffy and Spike, they are fictional characters and the attempted rape of a fictional character does very little to move me except in the moments I watch the scene. If the scene is too disturbing, I start wondering about the intensions and mindset of the writer of the scene instead. I am a fan of BtVS mostly because of how the show works as a whole. The characters (some more than others) are quite well done and I can’t help but finding Spike a huge turn-on. I’m weak that way. The characters contrast each other well and have the chemistry that drives the tv-show. However, except for Spike’s abs, I mostly enjoy the show as a whole, and as long as what happens to the characters makes sense in the context of the show, I am a happy watcher.
To me, the rape scene perfectly illustrates what the lack of a soul means - Spike is not actually trying to hurt Buffy, but because he lacks the moral compass of a soul, he is unable to modulate his actions. He is like an untethered pendulum that swings wildly from mood to mood. He’s not trustworthy. I think that Spike had come as far as he could as a “good character” without a soul. The attempted rape just illustrates what can happen when he does not have a soul to moderate his actions, and it was a necessary event to drive him to his next stage of character development: Getting a soul on his own. The price to pay for getting a soul is pretty high and to me, it would be unrealistic if he went and paid that price without an equally steep motivator.
In this context, I do not see the rape scene as a metaphor for something else - while plenty of symbolism can be read into BtVS, often with hilarious results - BtVS takes place in a universe where magic is real and the soul is a real thing that affects the behavior of people. There is no way to equate Spike’s soullessness to real life, just as there is no way to equate Buffy being the Slayer to real life. So pain and misery as drivers for character development, bring it on in rational doses.


btvs rewatch ✞ 2x14 Innocence

MTVS Epic Rewatch: Random Post

So before I start rambling about some of the random thoughts that go through my mind when I watch an episode for the gazillionth time, I need to refresh your memory. 

Do you remember the oranges

You know, my OT3, Joyorangelus? (Thanks, oncemorewithwalkers, for naming it!)

Yeah, well, this post is gonna be something like that. It won’t be funny, though, just random. 

When She Was Bad, much like Passion, is an emotional episode. It’s supposed to paint Buffy as going to this really dark side within herself, isolating herself and treating the people she loves really badly because she’s not in a good place. Post-traumatic stuff, you know? Death is kind of a bitch. And the climax for us as viewers is the scene at the Bronze. The Scoobies had noticed Buffy’s odd behaviour, how she had been acting like such a bitca and everything, pushing Angel away, dissing her best friends, you know the rest. 

So we get to the Bronze. Willow, Xander and Cordelia are there. And Buffy shows up and she has this one-on-one with Angel in which he basically tells her: “Are you like super sad because I’m such a hunk and you want me badly and our story is supposed to be epic and stuff?” and she’s pretty much: “Fuck off, I’ve got my own personal deathly stuff to deal with. And give me back my eyeliner, thank you very much” And then she asks Xander to dance, and Buffy does this super slow sexy shoulder-dancing thingy, which btw I didn’t know shoulder-dancing was a thing until I watched Sarah pull it off, and Xander is all hot and bothered until he realizes he’s being played, and Angel is supposedly watching this whole scene and getting all jealous like he always does. Emphasis on SUPPOSEDLY. Because ever since the fifth time I watched this episode (I’m guessing, it’s been a long time) every single time I watch this scene ALL I CAN SEE IS HOW ANGEL DOES NOT GIVE ANY FLYING FUCKS ABOUT BUFFY DANCING WITH XANDER BECAUSE HE’S TOO INTO CIBO MATTO’S TUNES. 




Do you see it? Of course you see it, how can you not now? THIS IS ALL I SEE. Like every single time the camera shows him standing in the background, supposedly getting all jealousy and mopey the way Angel always does, he’s like: “Nah, this music is too good, emo just like myself. This is the rhythm of the night, the rhythm of my life. Oh, yeah.” He was fangirling so hard! And of course he would, he was always such a dork!

So now whenever I watch this scene I’m not really watching what’s happening, I’m not getting into it, I’m not thinking: “Oh, Buffy, you’re such a bitca! Spank your inner moppet!” because my eyes are fixated on Angel, standing like the dork he is in the background, transfixed by the music. Of course he didn’t run after Buffy when she left the Bronze. CIBO MATTO HADN’T FINISHED PLAYING!

You’re welcome. Now this is all you’ll see when you watch this scene.

MTVS Epic Rewatch #94

BTVS 4x10 Hush

This is one of the episodes I’d been looking forward to rewatching the most, it is one of my favorites in the whole series and I truly think it is a masterpiece. I honestly think Hush should go down as one of the best episodes in television history. So yeah, I guess you can tell from the way I’m gushing over it that “looking forward to rewatching it” is a bit of an understatement… (I actually ended up watching it twice last night, oops!)

I think most Buffy fans know by now the why of this episode, but I’ll try to briefly explain it anyhow Joss Whedon had received a lot of criticism arguing that the only reason behind Buffy’s success was its dialogue (as if that could be really considered criticism, but whatever.) At the same time, he felt he had been relying too much on formulaic writing and directing and was therefore stagnating as a director. That’s how he came up with the idea of writing an episode that would heavily rely on visuals for its storytelling instead of the classic snappy Buffy-speak. At the same time, he also wanted to create a monster-of-the-week so creepy and terrifying that would traumatize people for generations to come. Well, mission accomplished on all fronts, dude. 

If you have a minute, watch the WB promo for Hush, which looks like an awesome movie trailer for a horror movie that I would totally go see. 

Anyway, as much as I wanted to rewatch the episode, I honestly didn’t know how to recap it. So I decided to recap it a Hush kind of way. Also, if you feel like rewatching the episode but don’t have the time, this recap might do the trick. On with it, then.

Suggested soundtrack to listen to as you read this recap: Hush score

Stray thoughts

 1) Did you know that Andy Hallet was an extra in this episode? 

2) What was Buffy wearing, though? More importantly, WHY?

3) The opening scene is clearly one of Buffy’s trademark prophetic dreams, and not only because of the little girl’s cryptic song about the Gentlemen. The scene also suggests Walsh’s manipulation of both Riley and Buffy (her demanding Buffy to do a demonstration for her - in the same way she would later ask Buffy to prove her slayer skills, and her controlling Riley - “be a good boy.”), there’s the obvious foreshadowing of their kiss and the darkness settling down after it probably suggests something Buffy knew all along: their relationship was doomed. 

I was reading the shooting script for this episode and read something that blew my mind in a “HOW HAVEN’T I NOTICED THIS BEFORE?” kind of way. Then i realized it had been cut, but I wish they had kept it because I love me some good foreshadowing. So here it is:

Does it ring any bells? 

I’ll leave this here and let you all figure it out, if you haven’t already…

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider
Who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away

4) I love this line so much:

Fortune favors the brave.

5) Children singing a capella are always the creepiest. 

6) This is Joss’s description for the Gentlemen, taken from the shooting script:

He’s old, bone white, bald – Nosferatu meets Hellraiser by way of the Joker. Actually, he looks kind of like Mr. Burns, except he can’t stop his rictus-grin, and his teeth are gleaming metal. As he grins with satisfaction…

Accurate AF, right?


Riley: So what have you got going on for tonight?
Buffy: Oh, patrolling
Riley: Patrolling?
Buffy: Eh, petroleum.
Riley: Petroleum?
Buffy: Uh huh…
Riley: Tonight you have crude oil…

8) This might be a dumb question, but are TAs allowed to date students who are taking classes they are working in? Is it okay, frowned upon or downright illegal?

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Know what would rock as a Netflix feature? A “fuck this episode” option. For example, during Buffy rewatches, I will FOREVER skip “Seeing Red” because I can’t fucking handle that episode. A lot of people I know who’ve lost their mothers can’t handle “The Body”. So Netflix offering to let you “black out” an episode, where it just auto-skips it during rewatches and removes the anxiety of remembering to do it before it’s too late or something. Yeah. That’d be cool.