yeah she's my favorite ok

so i’m rereading trc and here are some pee funfacts:
  • listen, peeing outdoors is a 100% pynch thing,, it’s their couple thing
  • gansey and adam  were making fun of ronan for peeing outdoors in trb:
  • but then in bllb adam once peed outside
  • and gansey was fucking inspired by it:
  • “Adam went into the woods a bit further to pee, an action that always made Gansey wish that he was not too inhibited to do the same.
  • beautiful.
  • and later at barns ronan,out of the blue, asked if adam needed to piss (“Ha.”) (“No. Seriously.”) (“I’m good.”), without any particular reason..? i see u ronan
  • overall, peeing seems to be an important thing in the books.

Steve Rogers and his response to strong women.

I feel like all of Shield has such as soft spot for their defrosted Capsicle, and they’re all trying to shepherd him into the modern era… Steve’s gotten used to it, you know? People are always willing to help him.