yeah she's getting annoying :

“Don’t leave!”

Request: A Jimin angst please? + Can Jimin be like a really close friend but I somehow find out that he talks behind my back + idk do you do chat imagines? Maybe a Jimin one if you do?

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: angst (idk if it counts as angst)

Warnings: bad language

A/N: Many grammar/spelling mistakes (I’m really sorry!)

Also I don’t really do chat imagines but decided to inclued one because why not?

part 1

You and Jimin were really close friends. Or that’s what you thought. You and Jimin were going to meet up at the dorm in 30 minutes but you arrived early and Jimin wasn’t home yet. At least that’s what Jin had told you as he opened the door for you.

“Alright, I’m just gonna wait til he gets here.” You sat on the comfy couch and decided to watch Tv to kill some time. 10 minutes felt like 10 years and you skipped through the boring movies and stupid reality shows. Gosh, where the hell was Jimin?

“Oh, Y/n. I didn’t even know you were here.”, Namjoon said as he walked past you with a smile on his face. Namjoon was such a nice guy. You really liked him and if you wouldn’t be waiting for Jimin you probably would’ve just asked him if he wanted to go grab food or something. But right now, you really just wanted Jimin to come home.

You waited 5 more minutes, then another 5 minutes. Time passes so slowly, gosh.

You felt the unpleasant feeling of needing to pee so you got up and quickly went to the bathroom. When you were finished and left the bathroom you could hear Jimin’s voice. Happily you started making your way to the door when you suddenly heard another person.

Are you really hanging out with this girl? Y/n?”, a male voice said.

“Erm..” That was clearly Jimin’s voice.

I’m just asking because I really don’t like her. She’s just.. so weird. Y’know what I mean? No one really likes her and I heard that you hang out with her, is that true?

“I-I mean.. kinda. But It’s not like I really want to! She’s pretty annoying but won’t leave me alone! I think she likes me too much. I feel bad for her, you know? So sometimes I would just say yes to a meetup so she doesn’t annoy me any longer.”

You covered your mouth, afraid that a gasp could give away your presence. This was not true, was it? You must’ve understood it wrong! No way was Jimin talking about you like that. He liked you too… or did he maybe not? Did he really just meet up with you because he felt bad? It was true that you weren’t the most popular girl at school. You were like the normal, average student. You were there, but noone (besides your friends and classmates of course) would really care about your presence. You were just another student.

Good! I almost thought you really liked her, I saw you guys talking a few times. She’s such a weirdo. How could you be friends with her? I think you would be better off without her!

“Yeah, you’re probably right about that. She gets really annoying.”

The male laughed and you felt your stomach clench. There were no doubts now. Why did he lie to you? If he really didn’t like you at all, why didn’t he just tell you? Your heart was hurting and you teared up.

“Well, I’m sorry to throw you out like this but I really need to go back to.. work”

Yeah, work. Right. So you were work? Good to know. You suddenly felt tears running down your cheeks. You didn’t even notice you were crying. Your chest hurt so bad and sobs started to leave your mouth. You couldn’t take it anymore. As soon as you heard the man leave you walked torwards the door, wanting to leave as well. You saw Jimin standing in the middle of the room staring at you. Shock, was written all over his face.

“o-oh. Y/n you’re already here? How a-are you?” You were sure he knew that you had heard the conversation.

“I’m great, thanks! But - oh wow- I better get going. I think you would be better off without such a weirdo.”, you said in a bitter tone trying to sound mad but right now, you were just heartbroken. You walked past him and he tried to grab your arm but you moved away before he could even touch it.

“Don’t leave!”, Jimin yelled but you didn’t listen.

He really fucked up, and he knew it.


As soon as you arrived at your apartment you noticed that Jimin had tried calling you more than six times already. Your tears had started to dry but now that you were in the comfort of your own home you couldn’t hold it any longer.

You weren’t sure why Jimin would say such things. And the things he had said weren’t even true. Of course you sometimes sked him to hang out but he did as well! He would often ask you if you wanted to come over for an anime marathon or a movie night.

Jimin cared alot about what others thought about him but would he really talk shit behind your back just to be accepted? Jimin was such a caring and loving person. He would never want you to be upset or mad. Like that one time you broke up with your boyfriend. Jimin had called you but you didn’t answer the calls so he just came over with some ice cream and a lot of cuddles. He always cared so much and would do anything he could just to cheer you up again.

“Fuck you, Park Jimin.”, you mumbled to yourself and grabbed your phone to read the messages he had sent you.

You weren’t gonna answer him that’s for sure.


Fuck me. Like really, just stab me with a fork. I wrote this late at night and that’s exactly how it looks like. All those mistakes I’ll have to correct later. Ouff…

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Hey ^-^ what are some Trimberly headcanons you have?

- Trini and Kim fight over whose house they’re gonna go over for dinner because they love each other’s ethnic foods. 

- Kim managed to convince Trini’s brother that the pink ranger is the best one. Trini has brawls with them over who loves her the most. They don’t understand why she’s so obsessed with a random superhero she never met…

- When she can’t stand her mom, Trini will often sneak out and stay over with Kim’s family. They might love her more than they love their own daughter, honestly.

- Kim is a brilliant artist. Trini thinks she is as well, though she isn’t… The Harts have Trini’s scribbly stick figure people hung up all over their fridge. 

- As cool and unaffected as she tries to act, Trini is the total sap in the relationship. She knows the exact date and time they started dating, and posts “Happy _ week anniversary” snaps on her story every week. Almost all her instagram posts are of Kim. Her followers are getting annoyed. She doesn’t care.

- “Are you okay?” “Yeah, duh.” “Trini, last night you texted me a video of you crying because you saw a dog on tv.”

- Trini likes to embarrass Kim by dancing in public to literally any song that plays. Kim changed her ringtone from a beep to a song because she secretly loves it.

- Kim loves photography. She’s been hoarding polaroids of them in a drawer for ages, and gives them to Trini as a birthday gift. “To decorate the wall you finished.” Trini is less scared of being alone in her room now that the damage from Rita’s attack has been replaced with hundreds of pictures of happy moments with her favorite person. 

- They take so many naps together.

- Will Trini ever go one night without sending a really long, sappy goodnight text? no.

- Kim’s family brings Trini on family vacations a lot. Trini thanks them every five seconds for it.

- Kim takes spanish classes, and always tries to impress Trini by speaking her language. This is always followed by a lecture about Kim’s failure to understand how to pronounce “ll”s and “goddamnit Kimmy, it’s not called a ‘squiggly thingy’ it’s a fuckin’ tilde”

- Kim meets Trini’s extended family, and it takes everything in her to not throw a fit when Trini introduces her to her Lita as “my friend.” 

- Every time someone thinks Kim is gay, Trini gets really defensive about how she’s actually bi. Kim doesn’t even mind it, though.

(I could go on forever but I’m tired)

The best part on having a cousin that went evil is that you can always use it against him, no matter the situation.

Sophie: Hey, Cronan, can I borrow Ashwing?

Cronan: No?? You’re too young to ride a dragon on your own??

Sophie: Remember when you kidnapped me and kept me on a cage? :/ 


Sophie: So do I, now, where is Ashwing?

Cronan: Your sister can really get on my nerves sometimes.

Emily: Yeah, she can be annoying sometimes, but at least she didn’t try to conquer the worlds nor brainwashed a bunch of goblins into thinking she is their queen :/

Cronan: I already apologized! 

Emily: It was my turn to help Aira on her newest invention, but my mom asked me to help Sophie with her homework. Can you assist Aira for me?

Cronan: Sorry, but I already have things to-

Emily: Amulet :/ 

Cronan: *deep sigh* Just tell me where to find her.


Naida: Sophie? What happened to your hair?

Sophie: *pretends not to hear*

Emily: Don’t mind her. She’s going through a phase. Teenagers. 

Sophie: I may be on “a phase”, but at least I don’t kidnap cousins nor try to use their family heirloom to conquer the world ://

Cronan, in the distance: It’s been years! I already did everything on my power to fix it! Will I ever know peace??

"I won't let you get hurt" || Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N – hey guys, I’m so excited to write this ahah 😂 thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope I did ok, please let me know what you think!. Sorry it’s really short, but I did my best. You are all amazing❤️

- E x

Requested: Yep✌🏻️
Key: Y/N - your name. Y/E/C - your eye colour. Y/C/C - your celebrity crush.
Y/H/C - your hair colour.

— Jacks POV —

Since I hit a million subscribers, most places I go I get quite a few fans saying hello. Don’t get me wrong, I love them - but I like my space.

Then it comes to my girlfriend - Y/N. She has just under a million subscribers, so she’s slightly behind me but she’s doing really well. Most of them are men/boys, meaning a lot of them flirt with her, which yeah I’ll admit it gets annoying sometimes but she doesn’t need to know that. Some are horrible to her, that’s when the rest of the story comes in.

— Flashback —

We were walking into the airport on our way to LA for vidcon when a lot of fans came running towards us, most being teenage girls screaming my name, but some being boys screaming Y/N’s name. I place my hands on her waist as she puts her head down and pushes back into my body to ensure safety, when it happened.

Someone screamed “Fat bitch”. My blood started to boil when before I knew it I was over there.

He was at the front, and he also very clearly knew who i was by the flustered look on his face. He goes bright red as soon as I lift my finger to point at him.

“Who the hell do you think you are talking to her like that?” I spit at him, squaring him in the face and making sure he knew he couldn’t speak to her like that.

“Oooh big man protecting his girl eh?” He says, holding his hands up in a ‘surrendering motion’ , trying to hide his very clear regret for what he just said.

She’s beautiful, she always thought she was either too big, not pretty enough, not enough. But she was. She was always enough, and she’s all i ever wanted.

The way her Y/E/C eyes sparkle if you talk about Y/C/C, or the way she gets annoyed when her Y/H/C gets in her face in the wind.

Just who she is is amazing.

“Yeah, I am protecting her from idiots like you. You don’t know her so stop being such a tit.” I say, and this ladies and gentlemen is when it all kicks off.

He pushes me.

My blood was already boiling, and my skin was already crawling but this made it worse… So I hit him.

“Don’t you dare speak to her like that, she’s perfect.” I say, after punching him at full strength as she runs after me and starts to pull me away.

“Jack, you idiot no. Stop. Let’s go. Now.” She says quickly, being so flustered that she can’t think of a full sentence to say.

She tugs me away quickly, and pushes me into the bathroom. He got one hit in, but it wasn’t nearly as hard as I hit him. Good.

“Why did you do that? You should have just left him.” She says, as I sit on the side of the sink and she runs a paper towel under cold water, tending to the slight bruise just under my eye.

I wince at the sting the cold paper brings to my face, as I look at her. She’s so amazing, I’ve just gotten in a fight and probably let her down, yet she’s still making sure I was ok. I was so lucky to have her.

“He can’t speak to you like that. No one can.” I say, using my voice to portray that I was still annoyed at what had happened.

“Yeah but you have to just leave it, you can’t get in fights.” She says, drying off my face by gently rubbing her thumb over it and smiling warmly at me. How is she still being so nice to me after I’ve just embarrassed her?.

“I don’t want you get hurt.” I say, cupping her face in my hands and bringing her to stand in between my legs and kissing her forehead.

“You’ll get yourself hurt in turn though.” She says, placing her hands on my thighs, sending chills up my body just like every time she touched me.

“I’ll never let you get hurt.” I say, hopping down off the side and hugging her tightly.


I’m the real you.
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~.* “ WHAT DOES A girl have to do to get some concert tickets around here ? “, charlie groaned as she smashed her laptop shut, annoyed by the fact that the campus’ terrible internet connection had screwed her over once more. “ a little bit of reception, that’s all i’m asking for. “, she continued her little rant.

tfw ur mom gets angrily passive-aggressive at u for not letting her finish answering ur question

but u never actually asked a question

Please, Don’t Say Things Like That.-Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf Imagine:#7 Prompt:#69

Word Count: 811

Warnings: Sadness, Talking bad about one’s self (Stiles)

A/n: This is short. Also please don’t say bad things about yourself because honestly you are such an amazing person and you don’t deserve to be talked about in such a way; especially by the person who should love you the most…you. If you ever need anyone to talk to I always am up to listen :) Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes and it feels like the world is just crashing down around you but I promise everything is going to be okay.


Coming Soon


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Confession from @idealshoujo to be honest, i think mitsuba is highly underrated and i love her just as much as shinoa and krul. she’s a tsun, and yeah it gets annoying. but, i just think she deserves a bit more. i hope we get to see some sort of backstory on her other than what we have so far. (seeing her partner die in front of her in battle)

Alice Cooper is my queen

Yeah, I sometimes get annoyed of her bc she has some prejudices against Jughead and sometimes she act like a really shitty mother

But on the other side, she cares about her children

She always tries to think of what’s best for them

And the way she speaks her mind like she’s not afraid of what people’s gonna think about her as long as she’s being herself? Iconic.

also uhh today i found out why irl person blocked me and stopped talking to me and you wanna know why? you wanna know fucking why?

because i said “kakashi’s fat nuts slapping on the table”

literally like i Dont even fucking care bc thats such a fucking dumbass reason to stop being friends with someone. like the other reason was bc she found me annoying which is like. yeah i get it (altho ur missing out bc im actually rlly great thx) BUT IMAGINE BEING THE PERSON WHO BLOCKS AN IRL BC THEY SAID KAKASHIS FAT NUTS HFDJSKJDHFGHDJSK

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“why are you using banners??? LMAO DUMB TUMBLR” well buddy littles will reblog literally anything they deem childish. and they consider stimming childish. they sexualize it all the time. (not to mention once one gets ahold of it they ALL have it. I made a userbox about dogs. my notes is full of littles. too many to block. because one fucking little got to it.)

yeah it’s really annoying, i don’t think she really gets how invasive and disrespectful littles can be. i mean i don’t rly care what she thinks (or what the person who originally started questioning this thinks) but hey, maybe this answers her question. and ur right, once one gets it they all do, which is why my block list is miles long and i don’t post videos anymore.

Charlie X Reader

Request: an imagine where TFW plus Bobby tease y/n all the time about her crush on Charlie and they always try to embarrass her and make her blush in front of Charlie who eventually overhears. Y/n is blushy and embarrassed, but Charlie loves her too <3 please

Request: Can you write one where Charlie and the reader love each other and it’s painfully obvious to everyone but ourselves. TFW, Crowley, Gabriel, and Balthazar (I’m in denial over their deaths) try to get them together.

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My perfect Bleach ending would’ve been Ichigo and Rukia getting married, all of Seireitei being there and then Ywach’s reiatsu shows up and then everyone goes full shinigami mode, and it’s basically All vs. Ywach. The Karakura five get the final strike, and he finally gets destroyed. It all goes silent and then, as Ywach reiatsu fades aways, it starts raining.

Rukia freaks out big time. But then Ichigo raises a hand as if to stop her and says “I’m okay, the rain…is not that bad after all.”

And Urahara yells “to the happy couple” and they all clap and everything is perfect and bye.