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I think almost every time I’ve written a situation where I planned for a character to get killed off, when I thought like “well what if I didn’t do that” the prospect of them just dying seemed like the lazy way out, or something I was just writing because “that’s how stories like this go”.

Like, years ago when I thought I was going to be on an extended hiatus I was planning to do a MGDMT graphic novel that had nothing to do with video games and just focused on the original super soldier characters. Mostly the idea was the same theme, Macho Action Dude Reacting to Movie Tropes Like A Reasonably Normal Guy, so it was gonna have all the motions of those same old conventions, but play out differently. At one point the idea was “the girlfriend character dies and he has to deal with it like an emotionally believable person and not a larger than life action guy”. But when I thought about it, that didn’t sit well with me, because even if it was trying to comment on a trope, it was still “female character gets killed for no reason other than the male lead to have a character arc about it” and that rubbed me the wrong way. So I thought, okay, what if she still gets kinda messed up, so they build her some cool robot parts and she’s like Shit Yeah! This is the best! And she thinks it’s so rad having robot parts it kinda throws off the course her life was going down because suddenly the idea of being Robocop seems a lot more exciting than nesting with her high school sweetheart. And he doesn’t have to go have emotions about a dead girlfriend, he has to learn to come to terms with someone he was very close to having a life experience he can’t exactly empathize with that put her on a road to becoming the person she’s decided she wants to be, but not the person he ever planned on her becoming. So his arc is sort of dealing with the grief of a lost hypothetical person, and learning to respect her autonomy to make decisions that he might consider “a bad idea” but improve her quality of life as she wants to live it. Which, in the end, felt like a lot more of an interesting story than “the girl dies so the main character can have emotions about it. But I only got to that point by recognizing the original idea was stale and racking my brain to do something different.

I guess what I’m saying is, when I see professional TV writers get excited about what a twist it is that they kill a beloved character in something to shake up the snowglobe so to speak, I can’t help but think that they fell into that rut of thinking “this is the convention I have been trained to attach to this story”, and didn’t even stop to think there may have been a more interesting and unique route they could have gone. Intrigue comes from giving the audience something they don’t expect to see. It’s easy to think that killing a character for shock value suits that task, but that’s become such a normal device to throw out there that it doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. It’s always worth at least considering what would happen to the story if you didn’t just go down the first path that came into your mind, because the first will almost certainly be the most well-trodden with the least surprises along the way.

The Things She Carried

Part 1. Robots live among us. 

Dean x Reader (eventually)

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her… 

Word Count: 1400+

Tag List: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @driverpicksthemuusic @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @jensen-jarpad @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt @mangasia @27bmm @sharkeeshark @maui137  

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So, my grandma recorded AoS for me on Tuesday & decided to watch it...

So I thought I’d share her reactions to the episode with you. (FYI she has never seen a single episode of SHIELD so she didn’t know anyone’s name or what was going on)

Me: “So what did you think of it?”

Gma: “It sure is action packed, isn’t it? Wow! They made you think everything was okay but then flipped it!”

Me: “Yeah, that’s the way SHIELD always is.”

Gma: “Who was that real pretty, sweet girl who went crazy?”

Me: “Oh, you mean Aida?”

Gma: “Yeah! She was a sweetheart but then she became a villain. She really didn’t like that the boy didn’t wanna date her, huh? She was kind of scary!”

Me: “Yeah, she used to be a robot but made herself a human body and became obsessed with Fitz. He’s the Scottish one. My favorite character.”

Gma: “Oh yeah, you’ve mentioned him before. I felt really bad for him, poor guy. He just wanted to be with the English lady.”

Me: “Yeah, I ship him and Jemma.”

Gma: “Are they married?”

Me: “Not yet!”

Gma: “Aw, too bad.”

Me: “So, are you gonna watch it next week?”

Gma: “I think I will! The pretty robot said she was gonna kill the Scottish boy’s friends, so I gotta see what happens next!”

(no source because it’s mine, submitted one before but maybe eaten??)

SO HEY, remember that pony oc Numberone who was lit just a bunch of mangled ponies sewn together (+plus a robot leg for some reason??)? yeah she may be a trash oc but DAMN is she good for body horror

This is actually really cool! Mangled parts sewn together always makes a pretty cool horror concept.


@ultrachaoticsymmetry said:  “ A prompt:  Balloon squad witnesses Noora joking again, how Sana is so lucky. “Sana can just marry a nice muslim boy and avoid all the hard stuff like crushing on someone, falling in love and having her heart broken”. How do the boys react? I’m specially interested what Elias and Yousef will say/do, naturally :). “


Well here it is. I really hope you like it.

Like I told you, I’ve set it at the time of the last clip, like if I was rewriting what happened. So the fight never happened and the kiss (the hideous kiss) never happened either. I started after Noora tells Sana about William. Also I’ve focused on Yousef and Elias because it was what made sense to me. I hope you don’t mind. 

I really realy hope you like it and that you don’t hate me for changing it a little bit

Thank you for trusting me with your idea


“William has a new girlfriend”

Sana stayed quiet for a moment. How was she supposed to tell Noora that she already knew that? Maybe if she didn’t say anything…

“You knew that?” Noora asked noticing Sana’s silence.

Again, Sana didn’t know what to say.

“You knew that?” Noora repeated

“I’m sorry, I wanted to tell you but…”

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me” The blonde girl said

“I’m sorry, we all wanted to tell you but we didn’t want to hurt you…we thought he was the one that needed to tell you…”

Noora thought for a moment. As angry as she was in that moment at her friends for not telling her, she could understand it. She had been in that same situation last year when she found out that Jonas was dating someone and she hadn’t told Eva because she felt like Jonas was the one that needed to tell her.

“It’s okay…” she sighed “I get it…It just…hurts”

“I know, come here” Sana said hugging her friend

“I feel so stupid right now, you know?” Noora said almost crying.

“You’re not stupid Noora, he is. You’re better than him and if he can’t see that then it’s his loss, okay?” Sana said pulling away from the hug and making her friend look at her.

“Thank you” Noora said

“Now, you can stand there and talk shit about him all you want, I’ll be here to listen” Sana said

“I’d really love that” Noora laughed.

Start then” she said nodding.

“Well…I…” Noora started but was interrupted by two intruders.

“Hey, girls!” Elias said approaching them with a smile

Next to him there was Yousef adjusting his snapback self-consciously. Sana looked at him and he smiled instantly making her heart jump.

“Elias, we are talking” Sana told her brother

“It’s okay Sana, they can stay” Noora said smiling at the boys.

“See, sis? The girl wants us here” Elias teased his sister

“Whatever” Sana said rolling her eyes

“We can leave if you want to talk” Yousef offered

“It’s fine. I was complaining about my ex-boyfriend” Noora said.

“Interesting, continue” Elias said nodding

“I just found out he has a new girlfriend and well, Sana was comforting me like the great friend she is”

“Good, old, Sana” Elias said putting an arm around his sister but she pulled away from his embrace quickly rolling her eyes

“You’re always there for everyone, aren’t you?” Yousef asked with a smile

Sana just shrugged and blushed.

“Anyway, let’s talk about something else. I don’t want to keep digging in my heartbreak.” Noora said, then she added looking at Sana “Maybe I should start to consider the Islam idea again”

Sana’s answer was only a forced smile, she didn’t like that topic and especially not in front of her brother.

“What idea?” Yousef asked confused

“Oh, I was telling Sana the other day how lucky she is because she doesn’t have to worry about heartbreak and that maybe I should become muslim too to avoid it” Noora said chuckling.

“Wow, ignorant, much?” Elias asked raising his eyebrows

“Elias…” Sana warned him, she didn’t want to start a fight.

“You seriously are not going to say anything about that comment?” he asked her confused, his sister would always call out everyone on their bullshit.

“I’m sorry, have I said something wrong?” Noora asked confused

“You really think that because she’s muslim she doesn’t suffer?” Yousef asked bitterly

“Yeah, like what do you think she is? A robot? She has feelings just like everybody else” Elias added

“Oh, that wasn’t what I meant. I was just saying that you know since she’s not really into the dating thing she doesn’t have to go through crushes and heartbreaks. I was only joking, like maybe I could be muslim too and find a good muslim boy for me and avoid all the suffering.” Noora tried to explain herself.

Yousef closed his eyes in disbelief and shook his head lightly.

“It’s okay, Noora, I get it” Sana said hoping that her brother would just drop the topic

“It’s not okay” but of course, he didn’t “Do you really think it’s that easy? Just go find a good muslim boy and she doesn’t have to suffer at all. Seriously? What if she falls in love with a bad guy, even if he’s muslim? What if she doesn’t fall in love at all? Or, what if she falls in love with a non-muslim guy?” Unconsciously, Elias pointed at Yousef with his hands in the last question. The conversation he had had the previous day about his sister liking his best friend was still in the back of his head.

“Elias!!” Sana yelled at him noticing what he had done.

Yousef, who had also seen Elias’ hands pointing at him, looked from Sana to his friend and back to Sana trying to find an explanation.

The scream made Elias look at his sister and then at his hands, realizing that he was in fact, still pointing at Yousef. He quickly dropped his arms by his sides and widened his eyes.

I’m sorry, Sana I…” Elias started but was interrupted by Noora, who was oblivious to the whole thing

“Sana, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you with my comment. Of course I know you have feelings and that you can also suffer. I was just joking but it was definitely a bad and ignorant joke. I’m sorry” Noora said

“It’s okay…I just…I need some air” Sana said leaving the club without looking at anyone.

“Sana…” Noora called her and was about to follow her but Elias stopped her.

“I think she wants to be alone now” Elias told her

“I’m sorry, Elias. I really am, it wasn’t my intention to hurt anybody”

“I know, and I’m sorry too for getting that angry. It just pisses me off when people assume things about us” he apologized

“It’s okay, I totally understand it, I just…” she stopped when she noticed that someone else was missing “Where’s Yousef?”

Elias looked around and saw him going outside the club.

“Hopefully, where I want him to be”

Noora looked at him confused not knowing what he meant with that

“It’s okay. Why don’t we start over? Let’s sit and talk about love. It seems like you need some lessons” he said

“And you’re going to teach me?” she asked raising her eyebrows

“I’m an expert in love” he said winking at her “come on”

She laughed and followed him to the back of the club where the couches were.

She was sitting on a bench outside the club. She was trying to calm herself but so far it wasn’t working. How stupid could Elias be? He basically told Yousef that she liked him. Well, maybe he hadn’t told him but he pointed at him suggesting that she was in love with a non-muslim. She rolled her eyes and shook her head remembering it.

Maybe Yousef hadn’t realized it though, maybe he hadn’t noticed how Elias was pointing at him, maybe he wouldn’t think anything of it, maybe…


She looked up and there he was, standing in front of her, hands in his pockets and his permanent smile on his lips.

“Hi” she said

“Are you okay?” he asked

“Yeah, just wanted to take some fresh air”

“Can I sit?” he asked

She just nodded without looking at him. Sana felt him sitting next to her, leaving enough space between them so they wouldn’t touch each other.

“Are you sure you’re okay? That comment was so out of order”

“It’s okay, I’m used to it by now” she said shrugging like it wasn’t a big deal

“Do you have to deal with comments like that often?”


“And you don’t say anything about it? I mean, you have a right to fight back”

“You know, I used to fight back. Last year every time someone would say something ignorant I would call them out but lately…I’m just tired, you know? Like it reaches a point when you are just tired of fighting back…”

“It shouldn’t be like that” he whispered

“But it is…”

They both stayed quiet for a moment until Yousef broke the silence

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure…” she said afraid of where the conversation could go

“What Elias said back there, about you falling in love with a non-muslim…do you think that could work?” he looked at her biting his lip nervously.

Sana looked back at him and thought about her answer for a moment. She smiled and stood up.

“I don’t know…I’ll tell you if that ever happens to me” she said shrugging and turning around to leave.

She started to walk away but then stopped, considering whether she should ask the question she had in mind or not. She turned around and looked at him. The look in his eyes was all she needed to take the plunge and ask him

“What about you? Do you think you could ever fall in love with a muslim girl?”

A smiles spread on his face as he stood up and walked towards her stopping far enough to respect her personal space but close enough to make sure she would pay attention to his next words

“Maybe I already have”

A smile as wide as his appeared on Sana’s face, showing her dimples. They both stood there, looking at each other and smiling, knowing that no more words were needed in that moment to understand what was going on between them.


So this is it, as you can see I’ve added some yousana because well, I can’t help myself. 

I really hope you’ve liked it

Please know that I’m not trying to demonize Noora, just following the prompt and also I hope you don’t think this fic is disrespectful in any way

Thank you so much for reading!!


so this is my fic for @hunkandpidgeweek day one, lions/elements! this fic is completely platonic; do not tag as h//idge.


Over the few months Pidge had known Hunk, she had come to realize that he fit the role of guardian spirit of earth that the yellow lion entailed more than well.

When she had first met him, her initial thought had been, “Wow. He’s a boulder.” Then she had seen his kind face, and she thought, “Or maybe a teddy bear.” But then Pidge saw Hunk’s eyes.

Below a thin mask of welcoming was an undertone of something…judgemental. It was faint, and any onlooker would have missed it, but yup, Hunk was judging her, almost looking into her soul. It made Pidge uncomfortable, that a guy could make her take so many double-takes (well, technically, a single triple-take. But whatever.) Pidge could only wonder what Hunk was judging when he reached out his hand with a, “Hi, I’m Hunk.”

Then Commander Iverson had come over, and she, Hunk, and a lanky and talkative boy named Lance, all saluted, which gave Pidge the perfect chance to walk away and do what she had come to the garrison for: find her family (and Shiro).

As she went into the commander’s office, Pidge felt the unsettling prick of eyes on her back. She was being watched - and judged. She didn’t like it.

Later that night, after a long day of sorting through information on Kerberos and her family and Shiro, dodging Lance’s attempts of conversations, and feeling the unsettling weight of eyes on her, Pidge was staring up at her ceiling from her bed, just thinking over everything.

When her mind came to Hunk, she thought of the different thoughts she had had on him. He was a boulder - no, a teddy bear - no, something else. Hunk was a walking contradiction, someone who could be your best friend or your worst enemy with the flip of a coin. He would be endlessly kind to you, but Pidge had a sneaking suspicion that he was judgemental to the grave.

There was only one other contradiction that big, Pidge thought. The earth. Not the planet, specifically, but rather the rockiness of it - Hunk could be sharp, dry, and ready to destroy someone in an instant, like a desert, but he could also be kind, welcoming, and ready to offer all the hospitality in the world, much like the soil, the very fabric of the world, which powered all life.

Pidge rubbed her eyes. If she was psychoanalyzing her classmates to the point of metaphors, she really needed to sleep.


A few weeks later, Pidge was up in space - fucking space - with Hunk, Lance, Shiro, a mysterious kid named Keith, and two aliens. Oh, yeah, and she was the pilot of a magical green robot lion. Sure, why not?

Granted, everyone had their own lion (excluding the two aliens, Allura and Coran). Lance had the blue lion, making him the guardian spirit of water. Pidge supposed it fit well enough - she hadn’t gotten to know Lance too well, but he did make a habit of talking about the beach and swimming at any given time, so being correlated with water definitely fit.

Keith had the red lion, and was thus the guardian spirit of fire. Pidge definitely saw this. Keith had a fiery personality, always ready to fight anyone, whenever. Also, the first time she met him he had set a bunch of shit on fire, so.

Shiro had the black lion, guardian spirit of air, which Pidge thought fit a little too well. Shiro had always been strong, unwavering, and wise, much like the qualities of air demanded, and he was also a born leader - despite just escaping captivity from an evil alien species called the Galra, Shiro had squared his shoulders and led a team of teenagers through a war. Pidge admired him greatly for it.

And then, there was Hunk.

He was the paladin of the yellow lion, the guardian spirit of earth. When Pidge had first heard this, she had been confused as to how Allura and Coran knew what earth was, or why they called it that. (Was the term “earth” universal?) Then she had realized that she was right about Hunk. Pidge took delight in that. She loved being right.

Hunk needed to have a strong heart, and Pidge…was definitely sure he did. Hunk had a strong everything, really.

He had strong opinions, Pidge had found out. When Hunk had any thoughts on…anything, really, he made sure to voice them. If Hunk was suspicious of you, you were sure to find out, because he would say so right off the bat.

Hunk also, as Allura had said when assigning paladin to lion, had a strong heart. He constantly reminded everyone how much he cared for them, either by hugging them tightly or by proclaiming, with tears in his eyes, how much he just loved everyone to bits and that he would do anything to see them happy. Pidge admired his ability to be so open in caring for others - ever since her brother and her father disappeared, Pidge had closed herself off, building solid armor around her heart so she would never suffer like she had when the news first came that her family was gone.

Pidge admired Hunk for his physical strength, too. She had seen him lift up Lance in one hand and Keith in the other to shut both of them up, one time. It belonged in a book of records.

Hunk was pretty intelligent, as well. No, that was an understatement. He was really fucking smart. Sometimes, Pidge would ramble on about robots and tech, and she would expect to see everyone half-listening, but then Hunk would come in with his own ramble, and then they’d be building a robot together that served the sole purpose of playing the intro to “Careless Whisper” by George Michael, because why not.

All in all, Hunk had proven himself, on multiple occasions, to be just as strong as the earth. Pidge thought that was pretty cool.


Pidge swung her feet aimlessly off the table, listening to Hunk chatter about algorithms and the mechanics of the castle.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “Like, they’ve built a spaceship that manages to be airtight and retain an almost endless amount of oxygen, as well as being a warship, and a residential place, all wrapped up in one castle. That’s awesome, I think.”

“Not to mention that there’s literally a never ending amount of food, too,” Pidge pointed her finger at the empty plate of food goo she had been eating previously. “We haven’t had to restock on that once.”

“I wonder how that works,” Hunk asked, putting a hand to his chin. “Do they recycle our wastes?”

Pidge felt her face turn green. “Hunk,” she said, “that’s gross.”

“It’s practical,” he said.

“Ugh, aren’t you the one with the weak stomach?”

“When I’m flying upside down at extremely fast speeds, yes,” Hunk said. “Talking about logical ways to conserve and recycle food? No.”

“Blegh,” Pidge made a throwing up sound, even pretending to keel over as she did so. “You really took home those reduce, reuse, recycle messages from school, didn’t you?”

“I mean, I am the earth paladin,” Hunk said.

Pidge straightened up, nodding. “You know, you really fit that role, I think.”

“How so?” Hunk asked, quirking his head to the side.

“For starters, you’re strong as fuck. Like, remember that time you picked up Shiro by the neck of his paladin armor?” Hunk let out a hard breath of air, kind of laughing. (It was the laugh you do when you see something funny on the Internet, Pidge thought.) “Also, you have a ‘strong heart,’ credit to Allura for the quote. And strong opinions, and basically strong everything. Besides your stomach, obviously.”

“Pidge, that’s…really nice that you realized all that,” Hunk gathered her in a hug, squeezing just a little too hard. He pulled away after Pidge started to wheeze a bit. “For what it’s worth, you’re a pretty good forest paladin.”

Pidge raised her eyebrows. “Really?”

“Yeah! I mean, you’re super smart - didn’t Allura say the green lion needed an intuitive paladin? Anyway, you managed to hack into the garrison’s computers, like holy shit. That was awesome. And you’re curious, too, because I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t crawl around in the vents all day spying on people if you weren’t. You’re an awesome paladin, Pidge.” Hunk grinned as he said this, and Pidge had never been more grateful for his friendship in her life.

She crushed Hunk in a hug of her own. “Wow, Hunk, you’re an awesome friend,” she said.

Hunk nodded against her shoulder. “Yeah,” he said, “I know. Also, you too!”

Pidge laughed. “Thanks,” she said.

Hunk was just like the earth - strong, sturdy, and extremely contradictory. Pidge was so, so glad to be his friend.

frostbite883  asked:

DC Question: How would you describe Shayera Hol (from the Justice League cartoon)'s personality in one word only?

*sweats* just one?? ummm…i’d have to go with fearless

And Rich [Fogel] was saying, “Well, you know, that’s fine, but she’s a hawk. She needs to have something hawk-like about her.”  And he came up with this great gimmick for her:  for the most part she’s sweet, she’s warm, she’s friendly, and everyone likes her; but the minute she goes into battle her instincts kick in and she turns into Wolverine.  So, you know, everybody’s going into battle, suddenly Hawkgirl jumps ahead of them and she’s like slaughtering everybody, and they’re like, “Wait.  Wait!”  [Well,] not really slaughtering—maybe robots, but…yeah, she hurts a lot of bad guys.  

Thanks to @peanutbutterpidge-remade I now headcanon the Sun and Moon girl to be the daughter of Shiro and Keith.

Popplio is there because I’m slowly warming up to this cutie patootie.

Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver x Reader (fluff)

“Professor, have you seen Y/N today? I looked everywhere and I can’t find her”

Charles cleared his throat, folded his fingers and averted his eyes to the circular pattern on his desk.

“She’s um, she’s in the hospital Peter. She was admitted whilst you were running and errand this morning”

Peter’s face dropped, his heartbeat beginning to race.

“Why?” “

She hit her head in the danger room. Fell unconscious, I had to ask Kurt to bring her to the Emergency department, I left Scott, Jean and Kurt to watch over her. I’m sorry”

Peter felt rage boiling in his blood.
“Why didn’t you tell me?!?”
“I didn’t have the chance”
“Bullshit Charles. Where is she?? Which hospital??”

Charles had no longer finished speaking than a split second before Peter was speeding off as quickly as he possibly could. He searched every hospital room in the entire place until he found her’s. Scott, Jean and Kurt sitting by her bedside as she slept.

Peter appeared beside her bedside, checking her over and seeing that she had a heartbeat, running a hand through his thick silver hair.

The three mutants were startled, but quickly relaxed again once they saw it was Peter.

“What exactly happened to her” Peter said with an unusually calm voice, trying to mask his panic.

“A bot whacked her straight in the head in the danger room, she didn’t wake up do we brought her here. Nurse said she’s stable. Probably a concussion.”
Scott said quickly

“When will she wake up?”

“She already did. She’s sleeping. So keep it the hell down” Jean added.

Peter went and found a chair, quickly placing it at the other side of her bed to his three friends.

“Where were you this morning, man? You were supposed to be training with us, you might have stopped this”
Scott said, his forehead creasing as Jean slapped his arm.

“I…I went to the store to get Twinkie’s…..she asked me to get her some last night and I forgot”
Peter replied, running his hands through his hair once more.

“Yeah well, I think she’d have preferred to not be in pain than have Twinkie’s ”

“Scott!” Jean scolded.

Peter sped over and lifted him by the collar against the wall, Scott not loosing his frown.

“Where were you Scott? Huh? Why didn’t you keep her from getting hurt? Your supposed to be the team leader, supposed to keep her safe! Where were you??”
Peter almost shouted as he set him back on the ground.

Jean used her mutation to calm them both down, not wanting any more casualties for the day.

“Guys…” Y/N’s tired voice quietly spoke. “What’s going on?”

“You hit your head Y/N, remember? In the danger room?” Jean said as they all crowded around her.

“Oh yeah, damn robots. Hey Peter, did you get my Twinkie’s?” She asked with a smile.

Peter placed three from his jacket on her nightstand. “Sure did Princess”

The nurse came in, having heard the noise.

“Will you four give her some space please?” She asked

The four mutants stepped back as the nurse took your heart rate, temperature and blood pressure.

“Okay, sweetheart, you get some rest. You should be good to go home in the morning. But you’ll need to rest for about a week. Y'all need to leave soon, visiting hours ends in ten minutes. You can tell Xavier that she’ll be just fine”

The four mutants begrudgingly left after saying goodbye, leaving promises of coming back to see you in the morning.

Peter sped back after curfew in X-Mansion, took quick for the hospital security cameras to pick up as he ran to you room. Taking his place on his chair again.
He just wanted to make sure your safe, he wouldn’t be able to sleep otherwise.

“Peter…” You drawled out.

“Yeah baby cakes?”

“I love you, you know that?” Goddamn drugs the nurse had you on were making you ditsy.

“You do?”

“I do”

“Good thing I love you too” “

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It’s finally done. ;u; Was trying my hand at some Pyrrha designs and I really love @the-sun-princess ‘s Pyrrha a lots c:, also based hair off these, SUNS DRAWS THE BEST PYRRHAS YA’LL


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ALRIGHTY THEN! I’m starting this as a draft and as I continue to study the trailer in all it’s (tragic) glory I’ll keep adding on bits and pieces and by then end of this post it’ll probably be at least 48 hours before I’m completely done (It’s 9:37pm PST 12/14/16  right now).  Work and real life want to be in my way when I just want to lie back and enjoy The 100. 

In this post, I’ll be going through every clip and every piece of dialogue, giving you guys my theories and questions on what will be happening in S4 including what episodes I believe everything will be in (or at least TRY to).  This is in no particular order and things will get SUPER messy but please bare with me. I pray that it all makes sense in the end.  We have A LOT to cover so let’s just dive in now okay?

***FAIR WARNING*** This is my first time doing a full on analysis of ANYTHING so if you read this and have some constructive tips or pointers, PLEASE let me know so I can improve my writing skills!***FAIR WARNING OVER*** 

We kick off with “The end is coming.”  I feel like that quote COULD be in the season. The voice sounds kind of robotic and ALIE as we know her, doesn’t sound robotic. Is it a recording?  Something left behind in case she was ever destroyed? So yeah, robotic voice then we get the Earth’s nuclear plants melting.  I was trying to figure out which continents were which and I pulled up 3x7 to compare but with the narrative, I got confused. The Commander had said the ICBM’s were coming from China but I’m seeing missiles come from everywhere so….. yep, confused. I could guess part of what we see could be Africa because next, ALIE’s normal voice begins to reiterate the end of S3 and we see…

The Great Pyramids!!!!  I don’t know if this is “trailer only” content or if the pyramids will actually be in the season. IF they are in the show, then I’d probably say this would be somewhere before the acid rain comes. Maybe it’ll be in ep3? Going for ep 3 or 4. And who is that woman who just got incinerated? Do we know her or is she a random? More than anything, I’m just trying to figure out how Egypt ties into our story. I feel something biblical here. Vital information I must have. 

Black Rain/No Drinkable Water  You see Harper in the center and she’s screaming out, “Bellamy!”  It’s raining. This is obviously going to be the first experience of acid rain. They’re all panicked and running for cover.  Next, Bellamy comes out wearing a HAZMAT suit?!?!?!  

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anonymous asked:

AU Where Robots take over the earth, Caleo and Percabeth Fluff please!! (Ps love your work!)

Aww, thanks anon! But I’m going to make this more centered around Caleo.

  • Leo sighed as he looked at his two friends. Being in hiding was tough but it was tougher on Leo.
  • His two friends, Percy and Annabeth, were dating each other. And they were always cuddling or snuggling when their lives weren’t in immediate danger.
  • Percy looked up at him. “You okay?”
  • “Yeah. I think I’m going to go for a walk.” Leo told him. 
  • Annabeth looked at him. “Just be careful, alright?”
  • He nodded before heading out. 
  • Being in hiding was starting to drive him crazy. 
  • Robots took over the earth about six months ago by brutal force. Lots of humans were in hiding, afraid to get killed. Some fought, but most died if they did. 
  • The robots got smart. They took dead bodies and hosted them to look more human like. 
  • Leo didn’t know the mechanics of how that worked, but he was interested. Did they just use the skin to cover up their robotic internals? That was his guess.
  • He carefully walked out to the sunlight. He looked around before he started walking. Leo has studied how robots walked and almost perfected it. 
  • Leo walked around, trying to clear his head as he saw someone sitting in a deserted ally, holding their arm.
  • “Please help me.” The person begged when they saw Leo.
  • Leo slowly walked over to the person, not sure if they were a robot or hurt human.
  • As he got closer, the person was a girl. She was beautiful, no doubt. But something was wrong. She was hurt but she wasn’t crying.
  • “What’s wrong?” Leo asked.
  • The girl looked up and trembled a bit. “I hurt my exoskeleten and my healing software is broken.”
  • Leo blinked as he realized this beautiful girl was a robot. 
  • Her eyes opened wide. “Y-You’re a human, aren’t you! You’re going to kill me!” 
  • “What? No! No. I’m not going to kill you.” Leo promised.
  • “R-Really?” She asked. “Y-You’re not?”
  • “No. But I can help you. I’m pretty good at mechanics, but I need space.”
  • She just looked at him as he helped her up. 
  • “Can you walk? Your legs should be functioning.”
  • She shook her head. “I got jumped by some humans earlier and…they hurt my weaponry system and my healing system. I tried contacting the repair hospital but they hurt a lot of my software.”
  • “Uh, well, I can try to help you.” Leo said. “I’m not too sure about the robot autonomy.”
  • “I’ll tell you once we’re safe.” She whispered.
  • He nodded and helped her back to his safe place. 
  • When Percy and Annabeth saw her, they jumped up, swords at the ready.
  • “Don’t hurt her!” Leo told them. “She needs help.”
  • “Leo, she’s a robot!” Percy glared. “I can see her wires and circuitry from here.”
  • “She’s injured and won’t hurt us.” Leo looked at her for help.
  • “I promise I won’t hurt you.” She told them. “I’m only a day old.”
  • Annabeth eyed her. “Day old, months old, doesn’t matter. All robots are the same.”
  • “Guys, just back off. I’m going to help her, okay?” Leo took her to his room.
  • He sighed and went to get some of his welding stuff.
  • “Are those your friends?” She asked.
  • “Yeah.” He replied. “We all had bad experiences with robots.”
  • “Oh…I’m sorry.” She looked down. “Not all robots are bad.”
  • “But it’s just…humans have bad experience and they focus on it.” Leo told her.
  • She looked down, trying to process it. “I don’t want you to have a bad experience with me.”
  • Leo heated up his welding material. “Okay. Do I get a name?” 
  • She sat there, thinking. “Calypso.” She said after a while. “My name is Calypso, like the Titaness at Ogygia.”
  • “Well, Calypso, my name is Leo.” He told her as he started to work.
  • “Leo.” She repeated. “That’s a nice name. Did you create it?”
  • “No, my mom did.” He replied.
  • She nodded as she watched. “The point of break is here.” She pointed to her wrist.”
  • “I see. But how do I fix it?”
  • She told him specific instructions. And Leo fixed her up in an hour with minor burns.
  • Calypso smiled at him. “Thank you, Leo.” 
  • “You’re welcome.” He smiled as he wiped some sweat off his brow.
  • “For your gratitude, I’m pretty sure humans give a kiss on the cheek.” She said before doing it. 
  • Leo blushed. Her lips were soft, like a humans. “You’re welcome.” 
  • She smiled at him. “Mind if I stay here for a bit? I want to know about humans more besides what’s in my database.” 
  • “Sure. I’m okay with it. It’s my friends you have to convince.”
  • She grinned. “Okay. I will try my hardest.”
  • He chuckled. “I think they might like you once they realize you aren’t evil.”
  • She smiled, ready to learn about humans and Leo even more.