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Home for Christmas

Merry Christmas to @salazar-is-a-fluffy-bunny from your @pjosecretsanta!!! i hope you enjoy this HP AU fic and are having the merriest of holiday seasons :D

Jason was used to seeing the Great Hall packed full of students, the four house tables crowded with friends and acquaintances shouting to be heard over the general din. He liked it when it was busy and slightly chaotic - it was what he was used to, and having that many people talking at once meant that he never had to work to keep a conversation going. Now, however… Now the Great Hall was empty.

Everyone had gone home for Christmas. Everyone. 

Okay, that was a slight exaggeration. But only a slight one! Practically everyone had left. Percy and Annabeth had gone back to Sally and Paul’s for Christmas, Leo and Frank had both gone home to their mums, most of Gryffindor house had left him… Even Thalia had gone away for the break, on an impromptu road trip with her girlfriends. 

The only one left was Reyna, and she was avoiding Jason after she’d come to the awkward realisation that he was aware of her crush on him. She’d come back around after a few days, once she’d cooled off enough to let their friendship settle back into normalcy, but for now Jason was alone.

He took a seat at the very end of the single table in the middle of the hall and prodded his dinner sadly. What a way to spend Christmas Eve. He was considering skipping the food and heading up to bed to re-read Quidditch Through the Ages when the doors opened, and all thoughts of leaving disappeared from Jason’s head.

A girl in baggy jeans and a ski jacket stepped inside, pulling a beanie off her head to reveal choppy, dark hair that fell just past her shoulders. She shivered, as though shaking off the cold from outside, and scanned the room. When her eyes landed on Jason they widened in surprise. He couldn’t decide what colour they were, which he decided would be his excuse when she inevitably asked him why he was staring at her.

“Down to one table?” she asked.

Jason went into autopilot. “Yeah, they’ve downsized for the holidays.”

“As if it wasn’t sad enough as it was,” she said, and while the words were scathing she smiled around them.

He laughed lightly. “Ha, yeah.”

She slid onto the bench beside him and a plate appeared in front of her. She stabbed a broccoli and pointed it at Jason. “I know you. You’re Jason, right? Gryffindor Quidditch Captain?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” He felt more than a bit chuffed that she recognised him, but then felt dumb for that: everyone knew him. He was Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, even the first years knew who he was. Percy was the only one more famous than him. 

He searched the girl’s face, trying to recall a name or a time where they’d bumped into each other in the halls. None came to mind. He was sure he would have remembered if he’d seen a face as beautiful as hers before.

She noticed his searching gaze and her smile got a little sharper. “I’m Piper.”

“Piper,” he repeated. “Nice to meet you.”

She ate the broccoli before replying, “So why are you stuck here for the holidays, Jason?”

“No family to go back to,” he said simply. It wasn’t a lie - his dad was busy being Minister for Magic, and his mum was long gone, and this year he felt like he’d rather spend Christmas alone than with his childhood nanny, Lupa. Piper didn’t need to know all that though. “How about you?”

“Same,” she said. “Well, I mean, I have a family. But Dad’s on a press tour, so here I am.”

“Press tour?”

She scrunched her face up, annoyed. “Yeah,” she said simply, not offering an explanation.

Jason decided not to press the matter. “Well. Cheers to that.”

When he raised his goblet she grinned and lifted her own to clink against it. “Cheers.”

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There’s So Much More (If You’d Only Look) (6/?)

Summary: She met him second. The question that is always in the back of her mind is what if she’d met him first. Not that it matters. Because  Killan Jones looked right through Emma as if she wasn’t the vital beauty she knew she was.

Chapters 1234, 5

She woke up with a dull ache throbbing right at her temple. It wasn’t too bad, but she figured she’d known where it had come from.

What time is it?

It was Saturday. Neal wasn’t beside her like he normally would have been.

He went in for some overtime.

Emma turned on her side towards her nightstand. Her phone wasn’t sitting there like she had hoped. Instead, she did find a bottle of water and two aspirin sitting there seemingly waiting on her.


Emma moved to sit up in the bed. It was just a moment before she stood up. She was only a bit surprised by the fact that she was still in her clothes from the other night. But only a little.

A thought dawned on her, and she patted down her pockets. She was correct. Her phone was there, and nearly dead. She also saw that it was pretty late. At least for her usual Saturday routine of her gym workout.

No text messages. No missed calls. She would have thought that Killian would have tried to contact her to make sure she was going to be on time or what was the holdup. Because she couldn’t even recall how she had made it home. Had she drove? She doubted it somewhat because he wouldn’t have let her go on her own.

Emma bit down on her lip as she began to move. She didn’t have time to sit there and question things about last night.

She picked up the thoughtfully laid out aspirin and popped them in her mouth. It was the note that been underneath those pills that drew her attention. Before she could get to it, she opened the bottled water and took a sip, forcing down the medication.

I heard that you had a pretty wild night. Think about staying in bed for a little while. Don’t force yourself out just to go to the gym. I will see you later.

I love you!

The sweet note made her smile. She tossed it back down to the table and began to move quickly. She wasn’t going to be able to do what Neal had suggested. She wasn’t going to be able to stay in bed for a couple of extra hours. She had to get to the gym.

She expected the dull ache to be gone by the time she got out of the shower. It wasn’t even that bad.

It made her curious though. The night was such a blur. Emma had gotten to the bar first. She had waited for the guys to get there. It was Killian who had shown up and had mentioned that Neal wasn’t going to be able to make it because of work this morning.

She was going to have a night alone with Killian. It had excited her and saddened her at the same time. Her feelings had a way of running away from her those times they were alone together. But then he just had to remind her of… that woman…

Emma wasn’t sure how much time he had spent with Ariel in that week since their double date. It couldn’t have been much. But why had he needed to bring her up? What did he see in her?

She remembered tequila. She remembered lots of tequila. And she didn’t remember much after that.

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