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honestly my biggest pet peeve in fic AND in canon is everyone forgetting that kara is more than just a musclehead with the emotional range of a puppy and is actually a refugee, with her entire culture and language and religion wiped out, everyone she’s ever met dead, not simply a human with powers but a Kryptonian, always.

Who comes from a family of universe-renowned scientists, and was considered a genius by the standards of the extremely technologically advanced society that aren’t simply american humans in a few thousand years but people who probably have very different brains–along with also being created via the Codex and genetic manipulation (so it’s probably phased out any junk DNA, or vestigial structures–so, Kara probably doesn’t actually have an appendix or wisdom teeth tbh). If Kara had actually lived her life on Krypton, there’s a very high chance she would have went into the Science guild tbh

Really, imagine if you had gone through the equivalent of a rigorous phD program, and then all of a sudden put in a kindergarten science class. In the comics Kara was about to become the youngest person on the Kryptonian science counsel, ever

Yeah, of course Kara’s going to be bored with Earth level science, those science fairs that Alex dragged her along to are, to her, probably rudimentary at best, wildly off the mark at worst (and really–she’s been told to keep hidden. Genius children make news, genius children are noticed. Alex probably had a bit more leeway as the daughter of two world renowned scientists, already noticed by her teachers to be gifted but kara’s already the new adopted kid with the funny accent and mannerisms in a small town. That would be the exact opposite of laying low).

Lena’s probably a better tactician than Kara–a life as a Luthor would be a constant practice in tactics, long term planning. She’s definitely a brilliant scientist, but out of the two of them? Kara’s probably better.

And honestly? Lena realizing just how brilliant Kara really is, a fully fleshed three dimensional character, would be such a better story than just pretending that kara is an idiot with maybe 3 emotions.

Part of what makes Kara such a compelling character is that she’s been through so much, has so much anger and rage and sorrow but still manages to be a light and inspiration for others, intelligent, someone with a gift with words, a genius–someone who thinks of herself–Kara Zor-El, the powerless Kryptonian–as ordinary, someone not yet worthwhile, but she wants to be. She defeated Myriad through her words, through her sincerity and optimism, simply as herself. As Astra said, Kara “has the heart of a hero,” regardless of powers.Her heart is what makes her a hero.

tl;dr: kara is more than just a “puppy” who is incapable of intelligent thought


all of you, keep your eyes forward. i’ll guard your backs. ins.
Thanks to Trump, Scientists Are Planning to Run For Office
And they’ve got help.
By Ed Yong

For American science, the next four years look to be challenging. The newly inaugurated President Trump, and many of his Cabinet picks, have repeatedly cast doubt upon the reality of human-made climate change, questioned the repeatedly proven safety of vaccines. Since the inauguration, the administration has already frozen grants and contracts by the Environmental Protection Agency and gagged researchers at the US Department of Agriculture. Many scientists are asking themselves: What can I do?

And the answer from a newly formed group called 314 Action is: Get elected.

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Why is energy always quantized ?

You ask a very interesting question!

The fact that energy is quantized probably feels weird to you because you are looking at it from the real domain. We must expand our horizon to the Complex plane.

Energy is a continuous analytic function

When you move from one energy level to another, you are basically move from one Riemann surface to another and it is continuous !!!

Imagine it like those those swirling car parking places that go round and round. You get from one floor to the another rather smoothly right ?

BUT when you look at it from the outside, it feels as if you have jumped from one floor to the other, but in reality you just moved from one Reimann surface to another.

The same thing applies to energy as well.

I understand that’s a lot math. But I hope it helps :D

i don’t think star trek really got how revolutionary its replicators are

you could be lactose intolerant with celiac disease and allergic to a million different things and you could get a replicator to make you a delicious milk chocolate peanut butter cake that wouldn’t trigger any of your dietary sensitivities whatsoever

it just has to mimic the flavors and textures of the milk chocolate, the peanut butter, and the cake to achieve the dessert

no one said it had to include any of the exact ingredients - the replicator uses otherworldly substitutes and non-triggering chemical compounds to automatically tailor things to whatever dietary requirements you, or the ship’s doctor, put into the system

honestly you could even order a chocolate sundae and specify it include all the nutrition of a balanced meal and it could still taste like a chocolate sundae BECAUSE SCIENCE (yeah deanna u can eat all the chocolate sundaes u want. TREAT YO SELF.)

like just imagine being able to eat WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT with NO PAINFUL CONSEQUENCES i mean geez just slingshot me to the 24th century right nOW

Things that confuse me about Star Trek:

The Enterprise-D doesn’t have a Chief Science Officer. It’s a massive ship with exploratory purposes and there’s no Chief Science Officer. Even DS9 had a Science Officer, who was assigned before anyone even knew there were new scientific opportunities there. For a ship whose purpose is finding new scientific stuff, you would think there would be a Science Officer

Why is 1+1 =2 ?

This might seem arbitrary to most people, even intuitive. But, This is one of the deepest questions to have been answered in the entirety of mathematics. 

In the thresholds of common day experience one might also find ‘things’ that do not seem to obey this proposition:

  • 1 drop of water + 1 drop of water = 1 drop of water.  1 + 1 = 1.
  • 1 cup of water + 1 cup of alcohol = about 1 ¾ cups of 100 proof alcohol.  So 1 + 1 = 1 ¾
  • 01 + 01 = 10 ( In binary )
  • 1+1 =0 ( Modular addition by 2 )
  • 1+1=11 ( concatenation of two strings )

But hey, 1 + 1 is 2. Conflicts arise due to improper usage of ‘1′, ‘+’ and ‘2′.

So, What does ‘1′, ‘+’ and ‘2′ mean?

Peanos axioms :

1) 1 is a natural number. *
2) Every natural number has a successor. *
3) No natural number has successor 1 (or 1 has no predecessor) *
4) Every natural number has a predecessor except for 1. *
5) You don’t need to know this one right now. * 

Defining Addition.

We define addition a+b, for a,b natural numbers, as follows:

If a is 1, then a + b is b’s successor. * 

Otherwise, a has a predecessor, denoted a’. Then, a+b equals the successor of a’ + b. * (Axiom 4) 

For example : 

3+2 = > successor ( 2+2 ) = > successor ( 1+2 ) = > successor( 2 ).

2 = > predecessor ( 3 ) = > predecessor ( 4 ) = > predecessor ( 5 ) .

Defining Equality.

If a is 1, and b is 1, then a = b is true.

If either a or b is 1, but the other is not, then a = b is false.

Otherwise, there exist a’ and b’, predecessors of a and b, respectively (Axiom 4). Then, if a’ = b’ is true, a = b is true, otherwise a = b is false.

The decimal number system and Arabic numerals are not part of this theory - they simply represent natural numbers. In any case, the successor of “1” is denoted “2”, the successor of “2” is denoted “3”, and so on. *

So given these definitions, it is clear that 1 + 1 = 2. 

The Russel and Whitehead proof.

Believe it or not, it took Mathematicians Russel and Whitehead hundreds of pages to get to this result in the Principia Mathematica. This is considered to be a more rigorous proof for the proposition.

Going down that road is something only a truly dedicated mathematician would dare to endure. 

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Technically speaking, isn’t the use of teleportation lowkey murder? Bc ur basically cloning someone, reassembling atoms on the other side to form the person, and then destroying the original. Bc obviously it’s p impossible to transport the exact same atoms and energy over a wide distance unless using wormholes or something. That being said, would anyone be down for using a transporter knowing that you as /you/ will be killed while a clone of you lives on?

I still can’t believe how amazingly accurate Send Them Off! is in describing the layers of Othello’s jealousy regarding Desdemona. I think it’s amazing that Dan wrote a whole song based off of a Shakespearean play. Dan, you are such a poetic freaking English lit nerd.​


NASA just flew the New Horizons spacecraft by Pluto. PLUTO. 

We’re going to have HELLA pictures of Pluto very soon. P. L. U. T. O. Even more HELLA than the “teaser” picture right before the flyby:


You know where that picture was taken from? 476,000 MILES AWAY (766,048 KILOMETERS) You know what the closest approach distance was for New Horizons? 7,800 MILES (12,600 KILOMETERS) FROM THE SURFACE OF PLUTO.

That’s right. That means YOU AINT EVEN SEEN SHIT YET, SON.

It took us over 9 years to get to our solar system buddy 31.9 AU away. 

Do you know how far away an AU is? 93 MILLION GODDAMN MILES or 149.6 MILLION HOLY SHIT KILOMETERS. Multiplied by over 30. With a (dwarf) planet flying around in some CATAWAMPAS ASS orbit.


Because of this distance, the New Horizons spacecraft will take 16 MONTHS to transfer all the data from the encounter back to Earth.

In conclusion: